Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 11, 1911, Page 13, Image 13

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101 a -- of ott 100 pr nt r-
fltortnc continued 6prMion la this In
Hm nttU mctivitr rportd tw city rl
itn, :tbotiEh !: rbi country farm
IaiuIj are In fatr
R. G. Dun & Co.'s Report
Shows Seattle, Tacoma and
Spokane Fall Behind.
iW-fail Trade and Jobbing Business
Here Gain aa Colder Weather
Come Fan Noted In
Wheat Bo Tin.
An laiproTomect In bnalnm condl
t'.nn In lha c!:I of the Pacific North
vflit and brighter prospect for the
fatnra are ihorn In a report by the
Portland orrice of R. (k Ehin Co, The
beat allowing-, by far, la made br Port
land. In which almost or err line of
trade recorde a material fain. The re
port la:
Ratal! trade haa ah own a material
lift coltfar wtbr, and lobbing; buslnae
nralty i o( aornial proportion. Con
dition vary a good dai In d.ffvrant Job-
Llnr lie. tai aucn as groceries, hard
w dry coo Ua ai.d f urniiuings are ap-
parontrt maintaining tbir otn, some firms
reporting aa lucre tn total saioa, while
o:bra admit a aiigbt Aktiam aa compared
irlib ljt year.
I'ollKtioLi in tha Una aro very fair,
but la oa. 'nstaucs are not quits up to
adrift r- r this tiraa of yaar. K ary
inir.g considered. It la thought taat daaiers
noa.d o w.l satisfied if tn tolumi of
t'uinM even. frwapeota in the inland
Lotjitr are gcd aa two aa ralna Legin.
At preaont t rmare are toe Ouay to go to
town to trade.
If usi&as in black am I the supplies and
leather goods la reported as tuity eusi to
tnt of
buiesaio boots and shoes report hi
crs.iso of 1& per cent to 2& per cent oom
parvd ith last tr, due to email mer
cntnti passing cp Eastern sollers and buy
Ing locaiiy.
There baa been a pause tn wheat buying
owing to the uusett.ement of foreign
mar eta. but wheat is coming forward freely
na former purchases. fc.&porta to October
were l.utji.7 4J bushels as compared a Un
1.1T3,2( baahels In the same month last
tor Uie reason to date exports hav
a.i.;-t2 bushels, a gatn of 7tlo,S
bushets o"fr the same period lat year.
Tn flnnr movement last month was rery
hsavy. lf.l,M tarreis going to the Orient
a against 3u.11" bar tela la October, IVlu.
Flour exports will be largo opT to the and
of the year.
Bhit meiits of oata to California are taxing
gtejiier space.
In lumber busirt ess there Is a gemernl com
plaint of over production and consequent low
prlreo. although a largo roJ ume of busl
&M Is transacted. Tne movement in Octo
ber was l-4.t2.-2 feet exnorted. and
a.iO.KM feet shipped cotiteiM. which com-
d wl
im pi
tn October last year. Tba total for October.
pared with total shipment of 3.7iWs3 feot
preceaiDf mucin, ana iv.mio.. leei
tn tho
Etr cont.
lill, was only exceeded by th movement in
Auguat. 11X, when S0t.f2S.UO0 feet were
Potatoes) are moving to California la tn
ereaeed volume, and the onion crop esti
mated at 400 care la now ready for ship
Ar-Ple price) have advanced 15
owing to the light looal crop and
Hop-baring bas b acttvw and only 10
per cent of the crop remains In growers
hands. The bulk of the purobaaea ware for
shipment to England.
A stea.1- gain Is shown In building operw
tlona Th valuation of October permits
was ll..-3V compared wtth tl. 41. 170 In
Cotober lat year. For the first ten months
of the year, t h !ncrea In Construction
evpndltures over 1910 has been 10 per cent.
The total val'ie of realty trsnTra 1at
month was $1.C07.0 as against $1.730.OvO
last year.
Ftank clenrtnss are tncress!nr steadily, the
ttal for Octot er be'ng $55.1.13 104 as eom-
Trl wffh 148 .144 n9 In fctobr, 1910. and
g4f in October. ikv..
Pales at th Port lard t'nlnn Ptockyards
lteop we:l ahead of the bustns of la.vt
year. Total recelp's In October were 44 CH
resd as acaenst aT ntd in tns aa
month of 1P10, Ttal -riYa!s for the year
to date have been 413.23 head.
Portland potoffc receipts for tha last
mon th wera $hi.imw, aa Increase of 2 per
cent over icrorr last year.
Pegarrtfnr failure, the first slg ftiontha of
true yar ahowed an Increase both m 11
aMPttes end nuTnbr fir the ptat of Wuh-
ir'gton as pomrtrM with lt ver, th last
Xortlirrn Paciric AHow SLoporrra at
Lfrlon for Colonist.
That Portland w!U 5r!v much bena
flt from a concesilon Jut jrantd br
the railroad tn which thy lva a wnt
bound rata to all passengers applying
through Lwtton as well aa Spokana.
la tha belief of Tom Richardson, who
has Just returned home from a pub
licity campaign In the Lewlston coun
try. This work resulted In the organi
sation of the Idaho-Washington De
velopment League this week, this work
being helped along by Portland excur
sion of business men to the interior.
"Traffic Director TVoodworth. of the
Northern Pacific, telegraphed the newa
to Lewlston at the time I left there.
said Mr. KIchardson yesterday. The
new rate will become effective Decern
ber and means that eolonlsta coming
West can see the Lewlston section
without extra, cost. All other passen
gera coming West can be routed
through Lewlston and when they go
there, they are likely to come to Port
land aa welL
"This is a tremendous thing for the
development of that section. Tha peo
ple there have been working for it for
10 yeara No city has ever more thor
oughly appreciated the courtesy paid
them by another than did Lewlston the
Interest Portland haa Just shown In tha
development of that section. .Lewis
ton people rot an Inspiration from
Portland's excursion, for they art now
going out to aee their own territory
and get better acquainted with the sur.
rounding country.
Store Open Until
This Evening-Toy Department and Picture Store, 4th Floor
Columbia PorK Sausage, 4tK Floor Manicuring' and Hairdressing' Parlors. 2d Floor
W. II. Lawraioe .Will Speak at V
ML C. A. Tomorrow Night.
Popular apple lectures at tha Port
land Young Men's Christian Associa
tion, which have been conducted -dur
ing tha last two Winters, will be re-
ume-J for tha present season to
night at 8 o'clock. The speaker will
be W. H. Lawrenoe. formerly fruit ex
pert at the Washington Btate College
and now employed by leading orchard
lsts at Hood River.
While at Hood River Mr. Lawrence
haa conducted a series of experiments
which he will discuss tomorrow night.
The SMbJect announced la, "Practical
Field Problems and Their Solution.
It Is anld that Mr. Lawrence has made
some very Interesting; and valuable
deductions from his work at Hood
River, which he will make known for
the first time In the course of his leo
Aa In the past, the apple lectures at
the association will be open to the
publlo and no charge will be made.
All apple growers and people who are
interested in the apple industry have
been Invited to attend them. At the
close of each lecture an opportunity
Is given the audience to aak questions.
These Inquiries usually bring forth
much information of an exceedingly
practical nature.
flee reap.
Oregon showed a de-crea not only for te
first m'.x months, but also for th
Oeeeral busfnes conditions dnrtor the
past tw9 weeks have not beoa as rood aa
expected win to th continued fair
weafher. but with th proapect of more sea
son M e weather the outlook Is r-r! enter.
Vhrlalo erot-ery houses report a fsll
tre off In files end collections below normal.
Wholesale tAt houe report business f ,lr
but the ftreater portion Is f'ir Immedlat
A 'i verv. and e f ood haJtness frr th
BMt rrontH. Whnieaa'e hardware hous r-
fort sa sMchtlr below normal. Collect
ions or. It fair and an enas'ial amount of
llquMatlnc. Sho houses r(ort huatneas
quiet, collections slow on Kali sbtpmenie
tat o!d accounts ewtllr falrl well.
Kft!l trale ceneraT'.y Is rrnrted qt:1eL
Th salmon packers report t's year
pack th lerest ever reori1ed. Th eetl
rr. st of A; .'ki pa -k Is S iw."
rTt iir1 1 S'.n via m-: OluinMt
r'v-r. -. csiee. Hi-tSh ".
e eee: n-(rtil pe'nte. C'-O.0" ca Th
fore'm Rhipmertta amount to 3.S6d.wV
pounls. th alu belnv $412 60. t
The month of October has showo a more
favoraM cndit'oa In th general trad of
this city. Mr re bents report Increasing sales
In botn wh.'lws: ar.d riail trnU at. J a
better feei:n aenerallr. In the lumber
ar-,1 sMncle I nn tus.ress continue quiet,
rail sMmnts tlnf etnaDer than th cor
responur.e mnth of i I u. hwvr the
care s; irr n t have been larT and the of bui!nni will amount to alout
the earn as l!t year. pr'.cea are nt
favor Me, parth-ularlv In th ehlrrl
market, and many contracts ar being sc
cepled at a figure which t prsctlrallv down
ti cet o; i.rvluctlon. t. J rain sa:pments
ar s:srttn s owly thlt yir. fct:t there is
'a lares cr- antt the vr:uui will. It ! be-j!-ved.
ei'sd the season of ult. Kurnl
tur f urtor'."- are him, and a r rlee ar
f-d rh line li n-.nh'ni a rood shosrir. c.
IsrJwar and hulldi traterta s ar alo
a.ead .-f Or( 'tr 11 and will show a
;ts?ant!al lnvrea-. In dry roods and
grorerv line bn;nes Is oi!et and th con
sumer are ev'.Sentl " b ling themselves to
living nce:tie. Holisr orders are still
be'rg r,' nJ everhlrg points to a
g-od txtr:-rs '-ad. The flourtng mttls
ar full ttme end find a read v
tra-h-t fo the r-rodu- t. T!e tank r,
for th rr.nrth amo'jrtei to til "'T 13
ard substan!l are report e1. and
the general tone aid fe!!nr ir much lm-
fr-tvoi over th Corresponding period of
7itallre general: jr report some tmprov
tneut in vofun-e of business th jast few
javntl-; but wt:h few exceptions. Jobbers
my a.s continue to show a decrTase, as
c-:n;ar-d wiTh last y if. Oo". -tions are
fa'r. particularly in the country, many
st it a marked lir.pruvctucnt tas teen
notel of la.
Ti gram crop n this nt1r oertlon !a
fuTly up to tie average, ard he been
mov'.ng fs'.r.y well, farmers tn mot ii:tric:s
halng so.d freely at com-nncemer.t of
th -ason. trouich l.ittrty. a dtpoi:ton
haa ten ihon tn sores localities to hold
tor further advances, du to decline In
prtca It Is est. mated tW per cent to '"-S
cer c-r t of th sc'.lis crop baa thus far
t ee n eo 1 d. dealers and m!lls renort criOt
t! -ns are pT:ll un:.sfac.ory. few rf th
latte- rurnir.g f-'.l time, although a limited
Cu:rNer of la-e concerns have of laie se
cured lars con:rat"s, which will keep them
running t full capacity for sorr. t:m to
coma Then la sa d to be comparatively
lHte Ir.q-iiry or demand fry esple product
In this line, and mills ar not anxious to
ntr Into future cortrao. based on existing
low price pre'-r-lng to tak chancaa of
brer returns Jeter cn.
r-ank c'-ar;nc duri-g July. August. Per
tmer and wro her. 10"., were MS 1
a Jcreve avaglnc 7 7 j-er cent tborth'y.
frrrr:ng -.trh a.-r. ; e-t-vi lat year.
Fi!'ur 'Ivfr.e h f 'ir r; or.-hi nanied th!
va r r. urn h r w h -n'rd asee's f
iiyS'"5 and liabilities -V3-.. a aga!-t
14 fr te s-n four m.-.Ths In mil. with
assets f5.Ji an 1 tiabtittie f;arwi.
Jij ?!ng permit fr last month wr
flsd.OSA, oocr.pared with $3,x70 la Ootobws,
State liar Association to Take Cp
Subject at Meettnf;-
Th. annual meetinc of th. Stat. Bar
Association will b. held tn th. United
States Federal Court room In this city
Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11
12. Th. attendance will not b. con
fined to members of th. association
alone, but attorneys from all parts of
he state, whether members or not.
will be Inrlted. total delegation of
mora than 150 la expected.
Tuesday morning; will b -devoted to
routine business and appointment of
committees. In th. afternoon. W. T.
Slater, of tjalem, the retiring- president,
will deliver hi. address, and W. R.
Klnr will speak on "The Reorganisa
tion of th. Courts." Kins; la a member
of th. commission that haa been ap
pointed to consider th. amendment
passed last November permitting; a re
orcanlzatlon of tha courts of th. state.
Tba annual .lection will b. held
Wednesday morning;, and th. after
noon session will be devoted to an ad
dress on "Working Nf.n's Compensa
tion for Injuries." by Harold Preston,
of Seattle, who drafted th. present em
ployers- liability law for th. Stat, of
Washington. Th. annual nanqu.i oi
th. association will be held Wednesday
night, at a plac. to be selected soon. ,
Hood III tv r Promlno Fine Display
for Governors' Special.
Hood River's Commercial Clnb noti
fied the Portland Commercial Club
that It would send a display oi zo
boxes of th. finest applea to be ob
tained In that district for tb. Oregon
exhibit In th. Governors' Special, which
will leave St- Paul. November 27. on' a
elx weeks' tour of th. Eastern states.
The Vale Commercial Club has also
sent a display of alfalfa seeds, and
commercial organlxatlons In several
others places ar. expected to contrib
ute to th. exhibit which win Da sent
from thla state.
Governor West will b. with th. Gov
ernors' Fpeclal for two weeks In th.
first part of tta tour. Th. train will
carry exhibits from ail tna states or
the Factfle Coast, and the Governors
pf the states represented will b. pas
sengers on the special during th. dif
ferent stagea of Its Itinerary.
ft Olds, Wortmairv, fLiimg' S
Portland's Oldest and Largest Retail Store Established 1851
Bfi o
f OF
The Home of HigH-Class Merchandise of Every Description "The Best Store"
II VO r .
I w 1,-.
1 I . -. tv 1
Otir Aniiriuial TKanLfesiviia Offer to Mem
3 um
. ii .w n f rn
.50 Off
The Price of All Suits
Selling' at $20 or More
J&& Price of All Suits
Under $20.00
Our annual Thanksgiving offer to men. Hundreds have asked when we were going to hold our "$5.00 off" sale of
Men's Suits. Here's the answer -TODAY WELL BE THE DAT. Let every man take advantage. Ton may
choose unrestrictedly any suit in our stock marked Cf fCC 7 8U our store marked
to sell under $20.00 regularly at a reduction o tpsd.OV Vll at $20.00 or more reduced
In the men's store, main floor, a sale of exceptionally
good Trousers in blue serges, worsteds and cassimeres, in
medium and dark patterns; many have cuffs on bottom
and cut peg style. All sizes in the lot. Cp QC
These trousers sell regularly at $4.00, pair V&ei7-I
$5.00 Off
$15 Stiits 10.85
A 6ale of men's and young men's Fall Suits, strictly all
wool, in neat patterns in shades of brown and gray mix
tures, well tailored and lined; will fit as well as the
highest price suits. In this special lot tt f QC
there are suits worth to $15.00, special at V VeOO
Free Dolls
With $1.00 Purchases in the
Children's Dept., 2d Floor
With each purchase amounting to $L00 or more,
in our infants' and children '6 department on the
second floor, we will give a beautiful Dressed
.Doll absolutely free. Mothers, take advantage.
Reduced Prices on Entire Stock
of Infants' Goods
In addition to the beautiful doll you may realize
great savings on your purchases, as everything
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sale at rejuced prices. Un the second floor,
Four Shirt-Specials
S2.00 Shirts, at only $1.35
Thrifty men will take advantage and lay in
a good supply of those Shirts. The new Fall
styles, made of the finest grades of French
percale, woven madras and Russian cords,
with white grounds with neat black and col
ored stripes. Plain or plaited bosoms; coat
styles, with cuffs attached. Reg- 1 O C
ular $2.00 shirts, special, only vJleO-1
Raintex Shirts, on sale at 85c
The President "Raintex" Shirt, made ex
pressly for the particular man. A high
grade shirt, made with double lockstitch;
best buttons, sewed on with double thread;
felled seams and gusseted. A wide range of
light and dark patterns for your se"2tf
lection. A typical sportsman ' shirt Q
$3.50 Shirts, at only $2.55
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Ocean pearl buttons, guaranteed all wool,
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faced cuffs. Ocean pearl buttons. Come in
sizes from 14 to 16. Our-best regular
$1.25 grades, offered special during 7CJ
this sale at the low pries of only Jt
lc Fair
2000 Pairs Men's
Canvas .Gloves
In the men's corner, main floor, a sale of men's heavy canvas Gloves. Well made, 1
good, substantial qualities. Limit, five pairs to a oustomer; none to dealers. A pair x
$2.00 Street Gloves, at $1.05
Men's "Kant Rip" Street Gloves, 1-clasp
style, selected tan cape stock with spear
back ; you can 't rip the seams of ' these
"Kant Rip" Gloves. They come in all
$2.00 Gauntlets, only $1.55
Men's Black Gauntlet Driving Gloves,
made of heavy, soft, pliable horsehide.
When soiled, can be washed with soap and
warm water and will dry soft and pliable.
All sizes, in our regular $2.00 C" EJC
grades, offered special, pr., only V e"aj
Waiters' 35c "French" Apron, on Sale, Each, at Only 24c
We supply all crafts and trades with their special needs in wearing apparel. Here's a
line of good, heavy Aprons, for waiters, "French style," full size; 38 to 46-inch nA
lengths. Our regular 35c grades, offered special for this sale at low price of only"
sizes. Neat, dressy street gloves, fl f C
offered special, the pair, at only P
City Attorney Tours Eastrrn Cities
to Study Civic Systems.
To net Ideas on th. leral systems
and municipal governments In Eastern
states. City Attorney Grant, of Port
land, has started on a trip through
New York. Pennsylvania. Illinois and
ot..or states before returning home af
ter completing the Broadway brldfre
hearlrs; In Washington. D. C before
the Supreme Court. A letter received
by Acting City Attorney Tomllnson yes
terday Indicates that an extensive
study of Eastern conditions Is to ba
made. Mr. Grant expects to return to
Portland about November 10.
The City Attorneys of New York.
Philadelphia. Chloifo, Kansas City.
Ies Moines and other cities will b.
vlelted and tt'etr methods will b. In
vestigated. Mr. Grant says he hopes
to set Ideas to benefit th. office In
Portland aa well as Information on th.
commlaslon form of fovsrumsnt
Sale of Women's Nechwear.
$1.25 Grade Now Only 67c
Women's fancy Keck wear, in the side frills,
large or small coat and collar effects ; tabs
and novelties, seasonable and fashionable
pieces, suitable for holiday gifts ; lace, lawn,
venise and linen ; our regular $1.25 tl "7
grade, offered special at, each, only "
$10.00 Hand Bags, at $4.98
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a good Bag for her Christmas present
Here's a line of the newest ideas in wom
en's Handbags in broad selection of shapes
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$5.00 Mesh Bag's, Only $3.89
Best quality of genuine German Silver Mesh
Bags, white kid-lined, with plain and fancy
frames, and with inside pockets. Regular
$3.50 grades for $2.37, and our QQ
regular $5.00 grades, special 8t PJiO J
Small Hat Pins, at Only 35c
A great showing of the small Hat Pins, all
the rage, decidedly new ; a large OC-
splix'tinn to chooM from; recial forJw
Burrows' Card Tables $2.70 35c Beauty Pins, at Only 19c
A very timely offering of the popular Bur- 12-carat rolled gold-plated Beauty Pins in
rows Folding Card Tables. The best and plain, chased and stone-set novelties. A
most desirable on the market; CO 7Ci very attractive new line, worth regu- - Q
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On the
Bargain Circle
40o Butterscotch Squares, the lb., only 27
'25c Old Time Chocolate Drops, special at 20
30o Hoarhound Squares, special, a pound, 18
40o Nut Pinoche, special, a pound, only 27
SOc Mint Chocolate Squares, special for 20
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30o Cream Nut Ice, on special sale, only 20 ?
4 Underwear
$5.00 Union Suits, only $3.75
$2.50 Union Suits, only $1.95
A sale of the famous "Bradford" Mills
wool Union Suits in heavy Winter weight,
fine, soft quality, spring needle ribbed, in
all sizes up to 50. Regular and stouts, to fit
tall or short men. Bradford Underwear is'
always reliable, wears well and gives per
fect satisfaction to the pur- JJ Q C
chaser. Regular $2.50 quality, Sl.vO
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Men's "Bradford" Underwear, wool shirts
and drawers, heavy Winter weight, spring
needle rib) natural gray or tan colors; splen
did soft, warm Winter garments in all sizes
up to 50. Our regular $1 grades, "7 C
offered special at, the garment, only
1000 Boxes of Men's Sox, in Christ
mas Boxes, on sale, the box, only
A great sale of 1000 boxes of men's fine mercerized Cotton
the medium weight, with double soles, heels and toes; black
sorted colors, put up in pretty lanoy Christmas boxes; i
sizes in the lot. Offered special, box of four pairs for
Everlasting Sox, Special, box $1.25
Men's "Everlasting" Socks. The thin sock 'that does
wear; made of the best mercerized yarn, with linen
heel, sole and toe, three-thread body, five-thread heel
and toe ; absorbent sole ; all colors, specialized OC-,
at $L25 the box, or the single pair for only
25c Wool Sox, on Sale at Box $1.25
In the men's store, for today, heavy soft .Winter
weight Socks in black and natural and blue mixed,
with rib tops, merino heels and toes. Our ffl OF
best 25o values, special, box of 6 pairs V-''
Free, Air Guris,
Tops, Foot Balls
In the Boys' Department on the Main Floor
With every purchase amounting to $5 or more, in our juvenile dept.,
main floor, we will give an air rifle that shoots BB. shot, or a good
pigskin football of the famous "Reach" make. With purchase of
$1 or more we will give an aerial top that won't stop spinning.
A great sale of the popular "Lewis" and
"Carter" silk and wool Union Suits.- Two
of the best-known high-grade Union Suits
for men. "Lewis" Suits in gray silk and
wool; "Carter" Suits in white silk and
wool. All sizes, regular $5.00 values, of
fered special for this sale at JJO
the low price of only, the suit P
$2.00 Union Suits, only $1.65
Men's Bradford Union Suits in the heavy
Winter weight, spring needle,' ribbed,' in all
sizes up to 50, in regulars or stouts, for tall
or -short men. Good, seasonable garments.
Oup- best regular $2.00 grades, Qj-! CC
offered special during sale, only V aOO
Hose in vslIi
Boys' Suits
$10.00 Grades $5.95
Boys' Knee Pant Suits in the
Russian Blouse or Buster Brown
styles, in sizes 2Y2 to 10 years.
Worsteds and flannel effects irf
brown, blues, tans and shepherd
effects; suits worth ffC QC
$7.50 to $8.50, only ? 0.170
Boys' Suits
$7.50 Grades at $3.98
The famous Hercules Suits in
the Knickerbocker styles, with
mannish cut coats and full peg
style pants, well lined ; 6izes 8 '
to 17 years; our regular $6.50
and $7.50 grades, of- flJO QO
fered for this sale at PO.ivO
women-s $22.50 Suits $12.95
In the basement "underprice store" for today, a sale of women's Tailored Suits, bought
as a great special. The very latest and best styles, made of plain serges and mixtures, in
smart, neat patterns. Well tailored and lined with good quality of satin. C? 1 QC
Our best regular $18.00, $20.00 and $22.50 grades, offered special for only P 6sa70
An article that ha. real merit should
In time become p That such la
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Sale of Drug's, Toilet Needs, Etc. Extraordinary Reductions Prevail
In the drug sundry aisle on the main floor, we offer a sale of many every
day needs in drugs, drug sundries and toilet needs. A saving opportunity.
$L00 bottle Swamp Root, only 79J
60e bottle Swamp Root, only 39J
60c bottle Syrup of Figs, only 35
$1.25 largei Antiphlogistine, $1.19
50o small Antiphlogistine for 45
10c bottle Peroxide, 1-4 lb., at 7?
50o bottle of Bromo Seltzer at 40J
$1.00 Sal Hepatioa, special at 79
60e Sal He pa tic a, special, only 39
25c bottle Witch Hazel, only 15
33o bottle Witch Hazel, only 25
10c Toilet Soaps, at 4c
Imported Castile Soap, Transparent
Glycerine, Oatmeal, etc,, at only 4
Demonstration of Borden's
Malted MilK
Booth on the main floor. Sample it.
$3.75 hospital size, special, $2.75
$1.00 large size, special, only SO
50o small size, special at only 40?
Hair Nets, "Sylvia," large OCp
size, silk; 10c grade, dozen
Hair Nets, silk, all shades, 1(1.
5 in an envelope; special at
Hair Nets, made of human hair;
size 38x40; all shades; OI OC
special price, the dozen v X efcisj
Hair Forms, for the Dutohoe,
hair dress; 2-hole form forOC
3-hole form for Dutch Hair 9C
Dress, offered special, onlyOOC
Hair Pins, shell or amber, 1
all shapes; 25o box at only A OC
Hair Brashes, full bristle, 7Q
solid back, asstd. $1.25 vaL
A Great Sale of Groceries
Golden Glow Butter, per square, only 75
O. W. K. Special Butter, per square, 72 $
Sweet Potatoes, special, 11 pounds for 25?
1 pound of Seeded Raisins, special for 8J
Regular 25c can of Asparagus, at only 19
40c O. W. K. Coffee, pound, special at 2S
25o Hotel Mushrooms, special at only 19
Columbia. River Salmon, special, only
25c Sliced Pineapples, spl price, can, 20
Evening Specials from 6 to 9:30 o'clocK
$6.50 Hat Shapes, on Sale at Only. $1.00
Up to $5.00 Fancy Feathers, at Only $1.00
In the Millinery store, on the second floor, a sale of splendid
quality Dress Hat Shapes, untrimmed. Ladies, take advantage.
Women's Coats, Low Sale Price at $9.75
In the big cloak store, second floor, a sale of new Coats, just re
ceived by express. Herringbone cheviots, English effect, reversi
ble, with large roll collars, deep cuffs, loose effect ; CQ H C
6izes from 16 years to 38 bust; offered special, only
Last Day's Sale of Xmas
- $1.50 Dolls at 98c.
On the bargain circle, between the ele
vators, a sale of the dearest little Doll of
all, stands 20 inches high, papier mache
body, with bisque head, curly hair, light
or dark, with sleeping eyes with lashes,,
dress of flowered dimity, with QQ
shoes, stockings,-hat to match, at 'OC
50c Dolls at 34c.
A beautiful dressed Doll, stands 16
inches high, has sleeping eyes, curly
hair, in light or dark color; dress is
of light floral patterned muslin,
with hat to match; a very unusual
grade to sell at 50c; special "2Af
for this week at low price of OtC
60c Dolls at 38c. '
Bring the little girls to see these
pretty dolls; they stand 20 inches
high; undressed; have sleeping eyes,
with blonde, dark and tosca hair;
a splendid value at 60 cents; plenty
of time to dress it; spe- 9D
cial for this week only atOle
$1.00 Dolls at 68c
Dressed Doll, stands 19 inches high,
body of papier mache, bisque head
with curly hair, light or dark;
sleeping eyes ; sheer lawn, linen or
dimity dresses, with shoes, stock
ings and hat to match the CO
dress; a regular $1.00 doll, OOC
-$1.25 Dolls at 78c
A beautiful dressed Doll, with
papier mache body and bisque head,
with sleeping eyes and curly hair,
blonde or dark; dressed in colored
lawn with hat to match; a very at
tractive Christmas doll, and "70
worth $1.25, special at only OC