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Censorship Gone, Press
Scores Imperialists for
Regent's Brother, Prlnc Tsal 6uun,
la Boppoaed to Have Left Conn
try Punishment of Officials
tlll People's Oy.
IfltW VST. f lanathy
patehee ssnt from Pekla and timed
early thla morning, fail to mention the
fell of the capital or the Right of the
court. The report current yesterday
la thought without foundation.
AJXOT. China. Not. I. The report of
tha renal oocur-atlon of Amor la un
founded. Tha situation bar la
but tears ara no dlaordera
PEXIX. Itov. T. (t l A. M.) The
removal of tha rigorous eanaorahlp
hi tiler to Impoaad on tha Chlnaaa praaa
la a notabia alga of tha tlmea Tha
Chinese papers today publish with tha
greatest freedom ion aocounta of tha
Hankow massacrss. giving tha datatla
and attributing to tha Imperialist lead,
ers the blama for both tha Hankow
and Shanghai outbreaks. Aa a conae
ouenre of theee oublloatlona tbara la
Increased animosity toward tha Man-
Tha fnlted States and Oraat Britain
hare decided to take effective meas
ures for tha protection of their peo-
pla In China. In event of danger to
foreigners, which, ho were r. does not
rat appear probable.
It la suspected that tha Rerenfa
brother. Prlnca Tsal Puun. has left tha
country, aa ha baa not been seen for
three dare Ha obtained leave of ab
sence from his post aa acting- Minister
of tha Narr.
A private letter from an officer of
Tuan Shi Kal'a staff sari tha rebel
leader. General Id Tuen Heng. makes
IS demand:!, tha most Important of
which la that tha Imperial household
proceed to Jehol with tha entire court.
Including the Eunuchs, and remain
there, receiving In return adequate
pensions from the new government.
which la to be republican.
A special secret meeting of the Na
tional Assembly yesterday decided to
telegraph Tuan Phi Kal explaining tha
fearfully Involved condition of tha po
litical situation at Pekln. which re
quires tha Immediate preaaaca of t
Premier. Otherwise the Assembly
would be unable to tide over the diffi
culties. A member of the Assembly
explains that this la a fair warning
and that If Tuaa does not comply, aa
ether Premier possibly may be ap
Consular reports from Mukden aay
that many Chinese are Teeing Into the
country, believing the Xanchue will
retreat to Mukden and massacre the
Chinese Inhabitants.
The only demand the people have
made lately which the throne baa not
granted Is the punishment of officials
responsible for the Hankow slaughter.
Nt!ng tnin. the Chinese In Pekln con
sider It a further proof of the throne'a
weaanesa that It baa not dared to an
ta-on.xe any faction.
Ilagh Knot Engaged to Daughter of
- fieneral MrOiok, of War Tame.
Nr.VY TORK, Nor. . The engage
ment of Miss Catherine McCook. of thla
ritr. to Hush n. Knox, the eeooad eon
ff the rWr alary of State. Is announced
here. No date baa been aet for the
VI rd'ltng.
This wsddlrg will be the third In the
Fecretsry of Mates family within ova
teara It will be the second time that
the name of Knox becomea linked with
that of McCook. Secretary Knox'a eld
est son. J. H. Meed Knox, married Miss
Kilianeth Mcfook, of Pittsburg, on
Jjnuarr 1. IHT. The marriage was
without notice except for a telephone
mae from the orlde to her grand
mother. Just before the departure of
the pair on their honeymoon.
In March of last year the you n rest
eon of the Hecretary. Philander C Knox,
Jr, ran away with Miss May Boiler,
cf ProMdence. K. I. He was aad his
brMe Jl years old.
Mies Catherine MoCook je the only
daughter of General Anson O. McCook,
ene of th family cf -fighting Alc
Cooks." General MoCook was Secretary of tha
I nlted Matee Senate for many years.
Ilakrr .Makes C.ood Promise to Resist
Rorher and la Shot.
CHICAGO. Nov. . Charles Sohulta.
' baker, made good a boost last night
that he wouM not be afraid to tackla
an armed robber, and today lias per
haps f tally wounded In a hospital aa
a sequel. Fchults bad barely apokan
the word, wken two highwayman
armed with revolvers walked Into a
tVentworth avenue saloon and ordered
the bsker. with several other men. to
throw up their hsnda. True to bis
word. Schults sprang upon one of the
thugs and tried to wrench the weapon
from him. In the struggle that fol
lowed he waa ahot twice.
Penults Uvea next door to the saloon.
Hla wife who heard the shots, running
to the p'.ace to see If her husband wss
Injured, waa knocked down by one of
ti.e thieves, both of whom escaped.
r'nae .Mine Companies) Hit.
FALFM. Or, Nov. . (Special.) R.
O Smith, of Granta Pass, who was In
the city today, commented upon the
recent statement siren out by the Sec
retary of s:ate s office warning against
"fake" n-.lntng companies, and declared
Irat such a warning waa timely. Inaa
much aa eompanlea of that description
have done much to Injure lesrtUmate
mining business In Southern Oregon.
He said t at legitimate concerns have
fund'ty In carrying on the
fVating cf their stocks owing to sus
picion which has developed because of
r-ircerns which have done a wildcat
' , - . , -
i . . v . - ' . . .v
. -- !-,.''-'
. - v- - y - -
. . . -w ' : ..
Dawes Advises That Business
Men Pass Upon Trusts.
6oof Policy Would Educate. People
aad Aid In Revealing Problem
The Sherman Law Doesn't
SoIto, Sayg Financier.
Contfrrqed from rim Pas.
recked Crew Picked t'p.
!NTON. Nov. . The British steam.
rr Vlctorlsn. ca her war from Galvee
l .n to Liverpool, sent a wireless raes
.re today saying she had on board
he arew of the waterlosged American
erneoner Stephen s. loud. of Th
tews. Ma
Into their former constitusnt corpora
11 on a, under tha theory that such sepa
ration win t'-1 to restore the former
condition of competition between them.
The result of the Government's suits
thus far brought. In thla attempt to
fly In the face of the Irresistible law of
commercial evolution, seems to bare
been a change la the form of owner
ship and control and not In tha fact
of ownership or the substancs of
Consider the Northern Securities salt.
whsre substantially the asms aet of
owners find themselves In control of
the same rallroada throngh thslr pos
session of stock oertincatee In the
Great Northern and Northern PaoiOo
rallroada lnatead of one certificate of
stock la tha Northern Seourltlea Company.
Doea any ena of business sagacity
expect that through division of the
evidences of ownership the undisturbed
ownership Itself will cease to sxsrclse
Ita rights and functions T
Will Xet Ftsht Ena other.
Wi may aa toon expect the tides to
turn backward aa to expect tha
scattered constituents of tha old Stand
ard Oil Company, owned and controlled
by the same Interests, to fight each
tber. Tou may. by law. aoattar a
family and drive the children from the
amlly home, but law cannot create
ham enemies, nor can the tie of self-
interest In these corporations be obtu
rated by nieasuree which relate aim-
ply to outward forma
Tha policy of tha Administration in
thaae eulta against consolidated cor
porations will result only In compelling
the scattered constituents, still allied
la common Interests and ownership, to
do their business at a somewhat great-
cost, which the public will chiefly
pay: but It can no more restore the old
condition of competition than It can
compel. a man to bid against himself at
publlo auction.
We are ail affected by the attitude
which the Government la now taking
upon thla question. No man who labors
with his hand can stand by In safety
and expect to ase the rich suffer and
himself escspa He may feel that ha
doea not receive hla full share of the
product of. the enterprise of which he
t a part, but he win not be helped by
having tha enterprlee crplsd.
Easier e Destroy Thaa I'pballd.
It la easier to destroy than to up-
ulld. An Iron bolt thrown by aa
Ignorant or ruthless hand Into a great
engine running at full speed may de-
troy It. One man may destroy a
uildlng upon whose energies thou
sands have tolled. Tha agents of Gov
ernment, now so active In throwing
missiles Into the grest machine of Na
tional Industry, will assuredly make
their Impression.
But It Is of llttls use to rail against
mistaken msthods of securing progreaa.
The Administration, If doing nothing
mora, la at least demonstrating the In
efficiency and inutility of tha Sherman
anti-trust law. What we aa business
men should turn our mlnda to at pres
ent Is ths proper atepa to be taken In
legislation which will be forward and
not backward.
Tha recent attacks upon bualnaaa
have frightened many Into tha ad
vocacy of Ill-considered measures. Fed
eral llcenss of corporations In tha pres
ent atata of our lawa will Increase our
dangera for It will onlnr Invite addi
tional attacks or additional restrictions
upon the proper and legitimate busi
ness of corporattona
As a matter of fact Federal license
la mainly advocated by men who eeea
to feel that thla would relieve them
from Administration attack, provided
they carry .out directions which thsy
sssume the law will In eome sir in
clude. Federal license In Itself does not
mean protection.
Cltea Case of ImU Bask,
Ths fact that tha Second Bask of tha
United Btetee was ehartsred by tha
Government waa only aa Invitation to
the Jackson Administration to destroy
It. and when It waa destroyed, among
Its chief enemies were the Government
directors of the bank, who bad acted
as spies.
Federal license msy be aa Incident
ta tha proper solution, of the problem.
but In Itself it Is no more a solution
of the fundamental principles at stake
than la the Sherman snU-truet taw.
We should, however, have a new law
UDon our statute hooka during thl
transition period, when we are aolvlng
the true relationship of the old theory
of competition with tha new condition
of co-operation while we are seeking
to find tha proper legislative expres
slon of the compromise between cut'
throat competition and unrestricted
monopoly which American business la
already recognising In practice.
While we are aeeklng a proper eolov
Mnn tha law which I nrOCOSO will al
low us to do It with the minimum of
business disaster, and It will aia us
In finding a way to the final solution
bv maklna- us. as a people, more ac
quainted with tha nature and purposes
of agreements In restraint oi u-aue.
Teraaa of gneTaeated Lave.
I suggest a law ths general terms of
whioh will nrovlde for a tribunal of
selected business men of high stand
Ins-, before which oorporatlona or Indl
Tlduaia desiring to form agreements In
restraint of trade may voluntarily ap-
rr and have such proposed agrse
ment considered In Its relation to tha
public Interest.
if anr-h agreement shall be eonsld
sred by the tribunal either beneficial
ar not inlnrlous to the public then Its
execution shall be authorised, and
those formlne- It shall be In the mean
time Immune from prosecution under
the Sherman anti-trust law.
The tribunal, however, ehall have
tha power, upon Its own Initiative, to
recall the authority granted to carry
out auch agreement. If It should prove,
after trial, to ba Injurious to ths pub
llo In ths judgment of the tribunal.
If auch proposed sgreement In the nrs
Instance be regarded by the tribune
1 aa lniurloua to the public. It snail re-
fuse to sanction 1L and If It la then
entered Into the makers shall be liable
to prosecution under tha Sherman anti
trust law.
There shall be the right of appeal
from the decision of tha tribunal to
tha courts In regard to tha reasonable
ness of a contract In reatralnt of trade
by tha proper publlo officials In tha
case of the authorisation or sucn a
contract, and on tha part of the partlea
applying In case of a refusal to sane
tlon auch a contract.
Operative) PeadlBjc Deelaloa.
Pending a decision, on appeal to the
courta by a publlo proaecutor where
an agreement haa been authorised and
haa not been recalled by the tribunal,
tha agreement shall be operative and
the contracting partlea rree irom
prosecution. If tha courts shall decide
UDon auch an appeal agalnat tha agree
ment. It ahall be canceled, and further
operatlone under It shall be aubjeot to
tha penalities or the bnerman anti
trust law.
Such a law will have the following
First It doea not Interfere with any
existing rights of ths Department of
Justice to have adjudicated, under tha
Sherman antl-truet act, the reason
ablaneaa of the bualnaaa of Interstate
Second Under the pressnt holding
of the Supreme Court, agreementa in
reatralnt of trade are now made both
at the risk of the publlo and of the
buslneaa men making them at tha
risk of tha publlo, because In tha case
of aa vnreaaonable contract It remains
la force and the publlo suffers until
after Ions- adjudication the court da
clarea It unreasonabls: at the risic oi
the men making It. for thsy cannot
know In advance whether the court
will hold such agreement reasonable or
tinreaeonable. and. whether In conee-
quence they will be held as orlmlnals
or not when the adjudication la com
Law Wowld Iavtte Publicity.
Third Thla law Invites men having
trade agreements already In affect,
which they regard as reasonable, to
make them public aad to requeat re
view of them by the tribunal In order
to relieve themaelvea or tha possl
blllty of actlona agalnat them per
aonallv under the penal coda
Fourth This publicity will educate
the public In the distinction to be maae
between reasonable and unreasonable
agreementa In restraint oi trade and
aid tn revealing the true nature and
vast Importance of the problem wnion
must be solved. '
Flffh It will gradually segregate
the men aad corporations engaging In
fair trade agreementa who are willing
to subject them to tha preliminary test
of a publlo consideration by the tri
bunal from thoae unwilling to do thla
guth It doea not Involve coercion,
for submission to tha tribunal la
Seventh Under thla law tha proper
conduct of bualness. which Is ths Im
portant thing, rather thaa the form of
lta organisation, will ba emphasised.
Impartial Public TribaaaL
To anm up. under tha proposed law
the question of ths publlo interest,
which Is of prime Importance, will be
decided by an Impartial publlo tri
bunal at tha time the contract Is
aought to be framed. If It la held
to be unreasonable It cannot go Into
effect and the publlo will not auffer
In the meantime.
At tha earns time tha men desiring
to make It have tha aame opportunity
of relief from the courta later that
they have now. If, however. It la
held by the tribunal to be reasonable,
the business man can engage In It
without fear of prosecution until the
court haa decided against htm, when
he must deal at under penalty.
Claim to Famous Controller
Bay Tract Relinquished.
Head of Alaska Railroad Corpora
tion Who AVaa Said to Have
Written' Letter That Caused
Investigation Quits.
WASHINGTON. Nov. . F.lchard 8.
Ryan, alleged author of tha famous
-Diok to Dick" letter, which started
tha Controller Bay Investigation dur
ing the extra aesslon of Congress last
Summer, relinquished today all claim
to tha (-acre traot on Controller Bay.
Alaska, known aa the Canyon Creek:
line terminal tract-
Mr. Ryan Is president of tha Con
troller Railway St Navigation Com
pany. Tha olaim whloh ha relin
quished Ilea between the claims of J.
J. Ryan and A. L. 6cheur, which It la
conceded were taken In the Interest
of tha railway and navigation oom-
The law requires that between all
claims adlolnlna- the waterfront 80
rods ehall be reserved from entry. Mr.
Rvan's claim occupied practically all
of the 80 roda between the aoldlera'
additional homeatead claims of J. J.
Ryan and Scbeur. He contended that
the law did not apply In hla case, be
cause bis application waa only for
right of way over the tract, not for
absolute possession, and that the ex
pression In the law, "reserved from
entry." need not prevent the Govern
ment granting; the use of the land for
railway or navigation terminal pur
Secretary Fisher Intimated very
strongly In a recent address that the
Government would not take Mr. Ryan'a
Interpretation of the law. The opin
ion prevails hero that Mr. Ryan saw
tha hopeleaaneaa of holding out after
he learned the rlewa entertained by
the Secretary and that this la the rea-
aon for the formal rellaaulahment re
ceived at tha Interior Department to
Secretary Fisher alao received from
tha Seward Commercial Club, of Sew
ard, Alaska, the following telegram:
"Mass meeting Seward people moat
heartily Indorses your policy advo
cated before minings oongTess. God
In bis speech before tha congress
tha Seoretary declared himself In favor
of prompt development of the re-
aouroea of Alaska. He aald ha did not
believe In Government ownership of
tha mineral reaourcea of tha peninsula.
but thought the leaalng system would
prove tha best solution of the question.
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Meaecher, Professor Charles Ttmblln
and J. I. Wherry started today for tha
wild geeea preservoa of Eastern Klick
itat, In the vicinity of Roosevelt, on
the Columbia River. The party Is out
fitted with wooden decoys, patent
goose callers and ammunition to last
10 day a
Dealer Fined $100 for Selling
Liquid 40 Per Cent Impure.
T. Schallberger, of Beaverton, who
aa arreated November 8 by State
Dairy and Food Commissioner Bailey
for selling watered milk, was found
guilty yesterday In Justice Olson's
court and fined $100. Sohallberger
waa found guilty of tha aame offense
lust a year ago and waa fined 876.
Analysis of the 160 gallons seised by
Commissioner Bailey showed that tha
milk contained 40 per cent water.
Warrants were granted Deputy Net-
ion, at Salem, yesterday to arrest tha
proprletora of tha White House res
taurant and Royal Cafe, at that place.
for selling skim milk. A warrant la
also cut for the arrest of tha proprietor
or the tnte cars, at Salem, for Bailing
llleaal cream. The law reaulrea that
cream ahall cSntain 80 per oent butter
fat. The Elite a product contained but
6.7 per cent. It la alleged.
Promoters Alleged to Hare Violated
Federal laws.
L. C Hammer, manager and treas
urer of the Lake OIL Gas Pipeline
Company, and W. H. Whlteaker were
arrested and lodged tn the County
Jail last night by Deputy United Btatea
Marshal Hamlin, Their ball waa fixed
at 12000 each. They are accused of
promoting a acheme to -defraud, and
their bearing will be In tha United
States Court.
Hammer was arrested at 838 East
Eaat Fiftieth street, and Whlteaker
at 408 Tenth street. Last April Ham
mar was under arrest on a charge of
swindling a party out of some land. A
civil ault waa alao filed by Emma A.
Smith, Cheater and Mary J. Cola al
leging that they vera buncoed out of
81.8 aores of land on the Base Line
road, tha land being worth 825,000 to
Sow President of Mexloo Formally
Takes His Or floe.
MEXICO CITY. Nov. . Franclaoo I.
Madero was Inaugurated President of
Mexico today, succeeding President de
la Barra, who filled In tha gap after
tha flight of Porflrlo Dlax.
Tha Inauguration of Vice-President
Jose Pino Guar ex haa been postponed
to a date not announced.
Goose Fields Invaded.
GOLD END ALE, Wash., Nov. (.
(Special.) A party of Goldendale nlm-
rods. Including A. L. HalL Charles
Roadhonae Bartender Who Decoyed
Girl Is Sentenced.
For his part in tha ao-oalled kid
naping of Fannla King, Edward W.
Rose, bartender at ths Seven - Mile
House, a roadhouse, waa sentenced to
serve a yeara Imprisonment by Justice
of ths Peace Olson yesterday.
Decoyed by two young men. alleged
to be members of a gang of pickpock
ets, the girl and another were con
veyed in an automobile to the resort
one night last week, and when Fanni
King demanded her release Ross forced
her to deposit $5 to cover the hire of
a taxlcab. She gave htm a $20 bill.
according to the evidence and when
she demanded tha change aha waa. told
there waa none. When tha taxlcab
came she was allowed to go, paying tha
driver 16 in addition.
The defense attempted to ahow that
the bill she gave waa Confederate
money, but when called upon to trace
It, waa unable to do so satisfactorily.
Rosa and Dick Harpole, proprietor of
tha resort, are under
the Circuit Court for
without a license.
lndiotment in
selling liquor
Representative to Be Named.
OMAHA, Neb., Nov. . The Interest
in tomorrow's election In Nebraska
chiefly concerns the county of fleas to
be filled except In the Third Congres
sional District, where a successor to
tha late Representative Latta la to ba
chosen. Daniel V. Stevens Is tha Demo
cratic candidate and J. C Elliot Is the
Republican nominee.
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