Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 06, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Banker Convict. Recalled to
Penitentiary, May Return
to Portland Soon.
TVIeonrr Scajs at rashlaoabl Ilotcl
While Prlmln Himself In Prrp
a rat Ion for Coming; Trial
of I-ooli J. Wilde.
Although W. Coopsr Morris. Trader
sentencs of all years tn tna l'oo
Flats Penitentiary for tha part es had
In wrecking tha Oroa Truat Sav-Ina-a
Bank, probably will return to hla
prlaoa quarters at EsJem today aftar
passing 31 days at a laanionaoia mmu-Ington-street
hostelry, hla detention at
tha penttantlary will not ba Ions; b
fora ha will aaln anjoy another ra
prlevw. It la officially announced that ha la
non to return to Portland, probably
again to reside In quarters that provMe
a striking contrast to thoss In which
his nrr- unfortunate fellow-convicts
are detained.
AMlbrr Vlaif rreaable.
T1trlct Attorney Cameron' said laat
r!;M that Morrla might complete hla
Investigation of the hooka of tha
wrecked bank In time to return to
Salem today, but that "It would be nee
e.sery IVr tha ex-cahler to coma to
I'ortland again" before tha trial of
Iula J. Wilde, which baa been sent for
January 3.
At thla trial Morrla la expected to
ttlfy for tha prosecution aralnat
Wlirte. with whom he haa been Inrllcted
Jointly for tha alleged larceny by em
fcesslement of $JO.Ou of tha funda of
the suspend. d bank. It la In order to
rrtrre himself up for this case that
Morris, by special dispensation of Oor.
ernor West, vAis permitted to leave hla
prison quarters, where ha had com
menced serving; hla sentence and coma
to thla city.
Morrla left tha fete Penitentiary
three weeks aa-o last Saturday after
noon and reached Portland over tha
Oregon E.'ertrtc at t o'clock that night.
The ensuing four or fire hour wcra
pas.ed In a conference with District
Attorney Cameron, vlsttlns; a number
or saloons and one or more of tha best
rrll.s. Mortis waa accompanied to thla
ilty by Warden Curtis, of tha pentten
t'arjr. who returned to Sa!m In a few
dajs. learlnc the convicted cashier to
ci about at ris pleasure and unat
tended. On tha night of hla arrival
he took up hla r. iluence at a Washington-street
Wars." KftH Morris Hera.
When Morrla came to Portland It waa
announced that he would be In tha city
f-r a "tew days' to look over tha
tcok of the banktrc Institution ha
assisted to wrack. The few daya wera
stretched Into three weeks, when the
public waa apprised from Salem that
Morris had been "recalled" and would
return to tha penitentiary last Satur
day. But Morris did not "recall." It
waa explained that soma "odJ and
en1s attached to Ms work here re
mained to he attended to, making; It
tmnoestble f'r him to go back to prison
jrarb and prtaon menu. lfa la cow
scheduled to leave for Salem aoma Uma
How Ion Morris will ha detained at
tue penitentiary before he will b al
le. again to return to this city ar.d
nt of time he will be permitted to
rnnaln here and parade tha atreets
unescorted by prison guard and unre
strained from tha prlv.ieges ordinarily
denied by a penitentiary entence la
difficult of conjecture. The general
pi:tl!c cannot refrain from speculating
to trhrtner or not Morrla la allowed
tuble time' ott Ms sis-years' sen
tence during hla residence of mora than
trce weeks at tha Washington-street
hotel or It ha la allowed only a day
(or a day.
faction. Or.a of tha oldest and wealthi
est statea In tha couatry haa found It
practicable to regulate business, to
safeguard the Interests of tha people,
and at the same time not to repress
tha arrowtb of manufacturea and other
undertaking a.
It aeeina to bo tha fashion In cer
tain portlona of tha West to conalder
Maaaachueetta ultraconservatlva. but
the seekers after honestly progressiva
leslaijon will find a great deal that
la prontable and Illuminating In a
at jjy 5( tha atatuta hooks and admin
istrative policlea of tha old Puritan
qomroin wealth.
Capital Sba-ald Ba Real.
A Federal Incorporation law for ona
thing ahojld make osrtain that the
Investora In great companlea may
know that every dollar of tha capital
la repreaented by esual valna tn prop
erty. Such a law should also recog
nise unmistakably the vital difference
between corporations that do bualness
In an open mercantile way. buying
their raw materials tn an open mar
ket under the competition of tha en
tire world, and the corporatlona that
control and enjoy partial or substan
tial monopolies of natural resources
such aa coat, oil. or Iron.
These letter corporations might pro
perly be held subject to a more com
plete control by tha Government than
concerna which have no euch advan
tages. Corporatlona of either kind
might assuraa proportions that would
make them In affect objectionable
monopolies, dominating a major por
tion of any given Induatry, but there
can ba no doubt that euch monopolies
are much easier of attainment whan
there la control of the baalo materlala
In few forms of preaent manufac
turing la such control feasible or at
tempted. Olven equality of acceas to
natural reaourcaa and equality In
transportation, and tha danger of
actual, harmful monopoly of any Una
of Induatry la reduced to a minimum.
The right kind of a Federal Incor
poration law. ao that men of buainaea
will knfiw what they can do and cannot
do. la the fundamental need of Ameri
can trade and commerce. A great cor
poration properly organised within tha
law and started right ought not there
after to ta Interfered with beyond tha
requirement of reasonable periodical
reporta of Ita actual bualneaa opera
tions Anything Ilka a constant In
quisitorial surveillance la cot merely
Irritating to business men. but Is un
just to them and harmful to tha legiti
mate growth and advancement of tha
country. A large part of tha bualneaa
of a great corporation, no leaa than
a email corporation, a firm, or an In
dividual merchant la necessarily and
properly of a confidential character.
Petty Eealoaag Intolerable.
No dry sroods dealer, or grocer, or
lawyer, or physician would relish tha
liability of having a Government In
spector run In at any time with a
demand for an examination of hla pri
vate books or an arbitrary mandate
to change the methods of hla bualneaa
Curb petty espionage la alike unneces
sary and Intolerable In a free country
like the United Ptatee.
A traveler along a road can advance
with apeed and certainty only when ha
haa a reasonable knowledge of tha
way before him. Bo It Is with a great
business corporation. The path along
which It proceeds can be clearly de
fined ty the Federal Government In Ita
terms of Incorporation. It la possible
by law and charter to Indicate clearly
what the corporation can do and can
not do.
And when tha Government haa dona
thla It ahould frankly acknowledge
that the majority of great business
corporations, aa well aa the majority
of smaller business men are honest In
their purpose to obey the law aa they
sea and understand It- Tha trouble
now Is not that tha corporatlona do not
Intend to obey the law. but that they
do not know what tha law actually Is.
The Sherman act la now II yeara old.
Purlng the greater part of Ita Ufa Ita
vaat potentlalltlea for good or harm
seem to have been forgotten alike by
tha corporatlona and tha Government.
Tha 21 years that have elapsed have
witnessed revolutionary changes In tha
underlying business conditions of tha
United B tales. It ought not to be too
much to ask of the American CongTesa
to urge it to recognise In eome new.
precise, and effective legislation that
the country and the world have moved.
Changing Sentiment Brings
Hope That Frothingham
May Beat Foss.
Concentration of Effort In frti-oe and
Textile Manufacturing Centers
Gives ncmocratlo Man
agers Much Concern.
but tha Democrata aay they will turn
tha tables.
In half of what la known aa tha wn
aon law counties, trick ballota have
been issued. The names are so ar
ranged that it will be eaay for Illiter
ate whites to mark properly, while tha
Intelligent Republicana and Prohibi
tionists would And it exceedingly dif
ficult to pick out their candidates. To
overcome thla handicap. Republicans
have been establishing acboola to in
struct their voters.
Tha Republicans are united for the
first time In yeara and In PhllUpa Lea
Goldshorough they have a popular can
didate. The Democrata are badly split.
Prominent men In their party, led by
ex-Govainor Warfleld, are denouncing
State Senator Gorman, aon of the late
United States Senator Gorman, as a
reactionary, and refuse to support
him. The Legislature, It Is believed,
will remain Democratic
Mew York No atate ticket. In
terest centers In etate Assembly,
which Republicana are likely o re
capture. - New Jersey No state ticket. Leg
islature to be elected.
Massachusetts For Governor,
Lou la A. Frothingham (Republican);
Eugene N. Foea (Democrat).
Maryland For Governor. Phtlltpe '
Lee Ooldsborough (Republican); Ar
thur P. Oormaa (Democrat).
Pennsylvania No atate ticket.
BOSTON. Nov. 8. (Special.) Gov
ernor Foes tonight predicted his own
re-election Tueaday by 50,000 plurality.
Lieutenant-Governor frothingham. Re
publican candidate for Governor, at tha
aams time expressed the opinion ha
would win by not less than 30.000.
Until a week ago, opinion throughout
tha atate strongly indicated Fobs' re
election by about 30,000., but within that
time careful observera think they have
seen a shifting of sentiment, and to
night tha Republicans were In a mora
confident mood than at any other time
since the campaign opened.
Enormous efforts have been mads In
tha textile and shoe centers of Massa
chusetts In behalf of Frothingham. and
the effect of this on votes normally
Democratic Is causing that party soma
concern. The closing of mills In New
Bedford and the feeling of uncertainty
tn other textile cities and the fear of
tariff legislation in the shoo cities
probably means mora rotes for Ftoth
Ballot So Arranged to Give Ad-
vantaire to Illiterates.
niTTnlflRff Td Kov. B. (Soeclal.)
After a bitter campaign, both par
ties ara claiming toe eiocwuu ui ur
t,.k. rim fie ettrfare the Renub-
llc. ir-r-near to have the advantage.
Gorernor Fromlfcs Immunity to In
formers, Causing; Sensation.
IXUISVILLE. Nov. 5. (Special.)
Estimates made tooay by the managers
of both the Republican and Demo
cratic parties contend that each Is sura
of a victory on Tuesday, when all state
officers and one-half the General As
sembly are to be elected. Democrats
claim the atate by tl.000. while the Re
publicana are predicting victory by
Indications are that James B. Mc-
Crary. Democrat, will bo elected by
small majority. During' tha laat week
of the campaign Democratlo leaders
have shown much activity, while there
haa been more or leas lassitude on the
part of Republicana Republican lead
ers assert that thousands of dollars
have been thrown Into Eastern Ken
tucky by the Democrats In an effort to
buy the state.
Governor Wlllson has promised Im
munity to the man who Informs against
vote buying or vote selling. This has
created a sensation all over Kentucky.
Xegro Youth Has to Be Resetted
From Angry Neighbors by Po
lice Previous Record Bad.
Because, he said, little 10-year-old
Frances Hay. of 181 North Twelfth
street, would not get out of his way
when he was playing; horse, Otha Mills,
a negro boy. aged 11 years, of 175
Twelfth street North, lashed her over
the eyes with a horsewhip, lacerating
her eyes and raising a welt
The quarrel between the children and
the action of the negro boy caused such
a furore In the vicinity that there were
threats of beating him to death, and
Patrolman Henneasy was summoned to
quiet the disturbance. Legal action
looking to the commitment of the boy
to a Juvenile detention horns Is expect
ed to be taken today.
The boy, according to neighbors, has
been several times before the Juvenile
court, and his father wishes to have
him sent to a school of correction,
which his mother will not permit. The
girl's eyesight Is not Injured.
rre!niie.l f-o-n Ftrt Vara.
j-.l.c op'nlcn will c.-mie to recognise
r -t tt thec grr.i? corporations
canrtt be ?.pened vMtt". h it tat te
r.cj?e ought not to dispense with them
f they coulil
CeeMBilea Made roaalblst
They have their part, and a great
ore. In the economltnl production and
clitrihntlon of mercpsndtse. T!:ere can
b. no question cf the truth of the gen
eral rrtnclple that l.irg producing
oiipanles. administered with proper
!nt.-arltv ant sagacity. can deliver
wirrt to consumera mre chearly than
wouM be po!Me tinder the forma of
nvnutelv divided Individual, small-scale
.o-tipetltln of JO yeara ago.
In these dave of enlightenment It la
Intolerable that business men at tha
head of great corporatlona should have
no rr.enr.a of knowing whether they
v, ere doing bua?nes honestly and law
fuVy urcr the provisions of legisla
tion nl the possible decisions of the
.-.lurt.. It would eeem to be the Im-n-rat've
duty of Congress not to abol
U1 but so to amend the Sherman law
or dofr.e and amplify the new lawa
ttiat busnesa men may go ahead with
c -nf.Jence In the new and broader un
lrtakms which are all the time es
.entiil to the wholesome growth of a
Nation like the Vntted Statea
To tlite end I earneatly favor the
enactment of a Federal Incorporation
lav controlling the organization of
Kreat ct rporatlona and carefully defln
liik' their actual rlrhta and privileges.
T'.s matter of definition I recard as
f the utmost Importance. the
Na'l nal lawmakers make plain and
unmistakable at tha atart what the
rreat corporation can do and cannot
. so that Ita managers may not be
cnstantly embarrassed aa to what
course they can legitimately follow.
K"r several years, and particularly In
:.!. doubt and nervousness over what
tlie Federal authorities may consider
Umf jl and what not have been a long-drawn-out
nightmare to American
iM.ainess men.
l arvrtalaty Mast He Fseri.
It Is time to put an end to this fir-r-ing
and costly uncertainty for tha
beneSt not only of the corporatlona
t-ut of the Nation aa a whole. The
head of great business enterprises will
ir have abundant occaalon to con
sult their legal advi.ers. bat the Gov
ernment ha no r!r.t to perretuate a
ct lltion vrhtrh require tne head of
a rreit corporation ti have his coun
sel aa permanent fixturee at his el
bow. That Is not Just or advantageous
for either party concerned.
For a general model or foundation
of a Federal Incorporation law, 1 doubt
If there ta anything better than tha
-!d Incorporation law of Masachu
setts. In this state legislation gov
erning business waa genuinely -pro-grea!ve
long before that terra was
d scovered and aourht to be patented
and xduatvely applied by a political
Thomas Jefferson Is Declared to
Have Been First Great Ameri
n Anarchist.
"Thomas Jefferson was the first
great American anarchist." declared
C. K. b. Wood, a prominent Fortland
lawyer, speaking on the subject of an
archy at the First I'nltarlan Church
last nltrht. "Jefferson said, that gov
ernment la the hest that governs
least. and on that theory ho worked.
Rut. as Thoreau points out. this the
ory puhed to Its ultimate conclusion,
means that the heat Is no government
at all. and that la anarchy. If the
American Government Is going to de.
port anarchists. It will have to begin
bv deporting the bones of Jefferson."
Mr. Wood explained snsrchy as m
svstem whlcb. In recognition of the
Individual rights of every one, was
opposed to all government by force.
He denied that anarchy used force in
any way to attain Its end. saying that
such a method was opposed to the very
f unrfatnentala of anarchy.
"Anarchy," he said, "does not hope to
attain Its end by revolutions. Anarch
ists are pntlent. Tliey are willing to
wait a million years for a practical
tranalatlon of their theory. They know
that condltlone will not adjust them
selves Immediately to their system, and
they believe that society Is even now
In a process of evolution which has
anarchy as Its ultimata end.".
lie defined anarchy aa "the right of
every Individual to live hla own lite In
peace, without encroaching upon the
rights of others, and the right of each
individual to resist by fores all In
vasions by force of his own rights,
-Withdrawal of the right of any man
to make a law for any other man." bs
aald. "will necessarily abolish lawless
ness. There Is not a mors corrupt
thing on earth that I know of than
law. There la no law In China for tha
collection of debta. and the conse
quence la the Chinese have no debts.
Why thla country Is full of anarchistic
Anto la Hurled Down Embankment
at Crossing Near Seattle.
FEATTT-n. TVsah.. N'ov. J. (Special.)
rr. Clarence K- Warden, of ito May
nard avenue South, aaa fatally In
jured this afternoon when his
autonioM was struck br an engine at
the Andover-street crossing at Arco.
He died at 11:15 tonight.
The doctor and the engine, which was
running light and waa gotrg Into tha
roundhouse, reached the Andover-atreet
rrosslnr simultaneously. The engine,
which was hacking, struck the auto,
hurling It down a l o-font embankment.
Pianos renf-d. I. $s per month, free
d.-ayaxe Konl.r ai Chase. ITS Wash
ington street
An Opera Booffe tat Two Acta, Pro
seated at the HelUg Theater.
Paboueh John Wheeler
Vantnka Florence Rother
all Robert Kastlnga
Kaasaa Paul Frenaa
Maboul Florenoe Kolb
Clarlaae .....Laura Burt
PrtBoe Caaslm Edward Mara
Flrat Friend of the Prince
Barry Murphy
Second Friend of the Prince v
Robert Latah
Becraltne Oraoe Van Studdlford
Noras Vale John J. McCowaa
Baaklr Hudson Freeborn
Narestaa Arthur Hook
Nome ......Eleanor Haacot
Zellna Bessie Baker
Alphonaa Harry F. Smith
NOT all unmelodloua song nor a dry
moment Is there In "The Paradlss
of Mahomet," a combination of comlo
opera and musical comedy which Grace
van Studdlford brought to the Helllc
last night.
"Tha Paradise of Mahomet" Is an
aural and ocular revelation. The mu
sical methods of earlier days fits mar
velously well Into tha present day
methods of comedy and chatter, and
few rough edges are discernible in the
workmunsblp. Add then to the alto
gether delightful song-story a prima
donna who has a bird voice, add also
two bona fide comedians, masculine
and ona slmon-purs comedienne. a
saucy soubretts and an aggregation of
chorus maidens, not forgetting an ex
cellent mala chorus and a leading man
whose voice Is a bit better than the
average, tenor, pour over all these In
gredients a richly-costumed and gorg
eously mounted production and you'll
agree that an almost brimful measure
of entertainment ta given.
Tho music Is of Itself haunting and
persistently beautiful. In a bewilder
ing succession of melodious themes
treated brilliantly, songs follow each
other In rapid succession. Of them all
probably the most beautiful is tho
finale of the first act wherein all tha
character made drowsy by the
drugged punch served at the wedding
feast. sink Into slumber. Oddly
enough the thema In this particular
part of the rauslo suggests tnstsntane
oualy Frans Lahar a Merry Widow
waits, though it Is of course possible
that the similarity of Mr. Lahar's mu
slo to this little-known score by Plan
quette may be not an appropriation but
a coincidence.
Miss Van Studdlford, a trifle more ma
ture In face and figure, but Just as
lovely of voice as In the days of "Red
Feather" and "The Golden Butterfly."
sang right Into the hearts of her hear
ers laat night. The remarkable purity
and flexibility of her high soprano was
triumphantly brought forth when she
trilled with the clarinet In her big
number. "Rose of tha Orient." which,
hy the way. Is an Interpolation tha
work of Silvio Hern.
Comedy honors are divided by Laura
Burt In an eccentric Katisha role.
Florenx Kolb aa a musical Mr. - Hen
peck, and John J. McCowan aa a chauf
feur. The big song hit Is a duet between
j Mr. Cowan and Mias Burt, called
There'e Something About You That
Appeals to Me." which was brought
back on a dosen recalla
Edward Mora. In the leading mala
role, sings pleasingly.
"The Paradlae of Mahomet" will end
Ita engagement on Werineeday evening.
There will be no matinee during? the
A Musical Comedy In t Acta, Pre
sented at the Baker Theater.
Dorothy Marry Ma Collins
Uncle Rudolph Cattermole
. Jack Tralnor
George Livingstone
Edward C Clifford .
Fl-FI ...Lol Marlowe
Mra Elsie Merry
WUhelmlna Bowman
tr. Harry Merry Bud Bremen
Charlie Porter
Billy "Single" Clifford
so glad he Isn't a henedlct that he
advertises It In the midst of his names
and then tacks on a "himself" lest we
forget, has come again to visit Port
land. So well liked has William found
his vehicle of two seasons, "Tha Girl,
the Man and the Game." that be is
loath to part with It, and the publlo
evidences a similar desire for him to
keep It as an entertainment, if only
as a means for exploiting bis Indi
vidual talents.
A full house at ths Baker yesterday
attested vociferously that the star,
near-stars and twingllng starettos
were acceptable.
Certainly there's no rhyme or reason
In tho story, one of those everlasting
cases of an uncle, rich aa Croesus,
about to descend on a spendthrift
nephew, who, in order to bear out the
tales he has recited, needs must bor
row a wife and baby from somewhere
during tha few hours of uncle's visit.
Which all provide situations for mirth
In plenty. By tho grace of "Billy" and
Jack Tralnor, as the old uncle, tha
humor Is kept going.
Many musical interpretations are
gladly welcomed and one singer. Ed-
Nechaco Valley Lands
British Columbia
Now Is the tima to buy.
Get in on the ground
floor. All our land is
situated close to the
main line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway.
Oor price is right and
our terms are very easy.
For further particulars, k
write to the
Where thorough
of all the differ
ent kinds of street
pavement is made
by cities contem
plating the laying
of street pave
ment, bitulithic is
Invariably award
ed the contract.
ward C. Clifford, who takes a small
part In tha play to serve merely as his
Introduction, has a remarkably pleas
ing, rich bass voice.
This Mr. Clifford is a big brother of
"Billy Single," and walks right away
with the musical attractions of the
piece. His solo, "I Want a Girl Just
Like the Girl Who Married Dear Old
Dad," swept the place into enthusiasm
and the singer was recalled nine times.
Jack Tralnor, In appearance 'and
"business" as a somewhat passe grouch.
Is really excellent. His comedy bops
nimbly on the toes of burlesque, and
everybody was glad when he came on
for It meant lots of smiles.
Billy Clifford is unchanged, his soft-
shoe dancing number hasn't been
added to nor subtracted from, his
crinkly smile still crinkles all over his
face and he still "fools" along with his
audience, to Its delight. Especially
liked was his "Billy" song and bis
Texas Tommy's Dance." The chorus
graduates In slse and sings Indiffer
ently, but In a painstaking way. An
occasional girl is pretty.
"The GtrL the Man and the Game"
will run all week at the Baker with
the usual matinees.
Spokane Man Grief-Stricken Because
Nurses Are Only Ones) to See Him
in Suffering Hour.
SPOKANE. Wash Nov. 5. (Special.)
With father and daughter as princi
pals and two Spokane hospitals ss the
scenes, a tragedy In real life Is being
enacted in Spokane. The plot of the
tragic enactment centers around a
struggle between life and death.
Alvi Stewart is the father. He Ilea at
the Sacred Heart Hospital, a victim of
appendicitis, while the daughter, Mrs.
I C. Shultz, la at St. Luke's Hospital,
slowly recovering from an operation
for tho same malady. When his daugh
ter was stricken with the same dis
ease Friday she waa sent to St. Luke's
Hospital as an extra precaution against
news of ber condition reaching her
In the time she has been 111 no word
of It has been permitted to tha father,
who underwent an operation Wednes
day, though he has often asked why
she haa not visited him and expressed
bitterness that his daughter should fall
to show her love at a time when ha was
not expected to live.
Strike while the
iron is hot.
Western Union
"Day Letters"
and "Hight Let
ters" are the
forging blows of.
National Bank
CAPITAL $1,000,0TO
4 per cent
on savings
Corner Fiftli
and Stark
First National Bank
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus 750,000
Oldest National Bank West of tho
Rocky Mountains
Every nan and woman should make a trill, and the advan
tages of a Trust Company acting as Executor or Trustee will be
generally conceded. WILLS may be drawn and filed with this
company, which is authorized under the state banking law to
act as Administrator.
Security Savings & Trust Company
Capital $1,000,000.
Portland, Oregon.
Surplus, $400,000
ickdudc I American Association of Pnblio Accountants
MfcMBfcK3 Oregon State Society of Pablio Accountants
Auditors, Business Economist and Systematizera
812 Lewis Building, Portland, Or. Phone Main 59 IS
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office Toronta, Canada. Raw York IS Exchange Flaea,
London 4 Lombard Street.
Over two hundred other branches In the United States and Canada.
Every care taken of collections. Lrafts on all foreign countries and prin
cipal cities In United States and Canada bought and sold, and a sreneral
banking- business transacted.
Interest allowed on Time and Special Deposits.
F. C. MALPAS, Mauser.
Two Grand Cruises
Nov. 1912 I Feb. 1913
(From New York) I (From San Francisco)
Bt ths palatial cruising steamer
Will follow same itinerary as .
n, lncludIns' all necessary es-
OOtlup I penses aboard and ashore.
X few accommodations available for
Second Crulee of the 8. S. Cleveland
from San Frsnclsco. Feb. . 1912
Duration of Each Cruise. 110 Days.
Also Cruises to the Orient, West Indies,
South America. Italy and Egypt, etc
HAMBriUI-AMEIUCAN LI"B, 160 Powell 6t, Ban Francisco, CaL, or O.-W. R. A N.
Co Northern Pacific, D. & B. G., Burlington Route, etc Ticket offices also, C. F.
Pfl'user Mulkey bldg., D. B. Smith, 69 6th St., Portland, Oregon.
PRES. IJXCOUf Itwv. 11, 10 A. M.
PRES. GRANT Kov 11, 1 A. tt
tAMERIKA Kov. tL 10 A. M.
MOITKK . . .Nov. ta. 9 A. M.
tUnexeelled Rlts-Carlton a la Carte
Restaurant, Oymnaslum, Electric Baths,
Elevator, Palm Garden. 'Will call at
Plymouth and Cherbours,
Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, Genoa
8. 8. HAMBURG Kov. 15, 1P.M.
8. 6. CINCINNATI Deo. 7
8. 8. HAMBURG Jon. 4
Write for booklets of all cruises.
Constructs Asphalt and othsr Bitu
minous Pavements. OCXS -60S Bleetrlo
bide. Portland, Or. Oakar Huser,
Freight reeelved
dally at Oak-st, dock
for The Dalles.
Hood River, Walts
Salmon, Uma 1 1 1 1 o,
Kennewlck. Paso;.
Richland, Hanford.
White Bluffs, ana
Intermediate DOUlta
' Eteamer leaves Portland Sunday. Toes day.
Thursday. 7 A. M. Returning 1. The
Dalles Monday. F rl ,ay' L. . " '"
arrlvingat Portland about B P-.1""!0, "1
W. 8. Buchanan, B"lt-; : J .527
Gn'l Mgr. Phone Main '80. A am. ,
San Francisco and Lob Angelas
a. S BEAVER Sails 4 P. M. Kerr S.
Ticket Office. 14S Third. St.
Fbones Main 40 and A 10.
San Franclcso. Los Angeles
and San Pedro Direct
Korth Paelflo B. S. Co.'. 8. B. Roaneko
and B. a Elder sail every Wedneday alter
caiely at 6 P. M. Ticket office IZi Third
et. near Alder. . .
MAR TIN i. HIT, LEY. Paeeeogsr Ageat,
W. E. 8LI SS2B. Freight Ageab
- Phones M. 1314. A 114,
' Express Service via
Less Than 4 Days at Sea by the
Weekly Ballings to Europe.
Flrit-class. IU2.B0; Winter months, $85.00,
feecond-class. $53.75: One-claa. cabin (II) $1,0
Friday, Deo. 1. Empress of Britain.
Saturday, Deo. 9, Lake Manitoba.
Friday. Dec. 15, Empress of Ireland,
Berthing plans now open. Boole Early.
Hamburg. Antwerp, Bremen, etc, $80. $81.00
Liverpool,, London, Glasgow, Bel
fast .. 3LaS. $8X50
Korway. Denmark, Sweden. .. ,$o4.70, $30.26
Special rail rates on request.
F. K. Johnson, G. A., 142 Third St.
All agent. ell Can. Pqc tlcketq
'The most delightful spot on entire -world
tour for your vacations. Delightful sea bat
ing at the famous beach of WalklkL The
splendid 6S. 8ierre, (10,000 tons displace
ment) makes the round trip In 16 days, one
can visit on a side trip the living volcano
of Kllauea which Is tremendously active,
and see for himself the process of world
creation. No other trip compares with this
for the marvelous and wonderful In nature.
Visit the Islands now, while you can do It
o easily ond quickly and while the vol
cano Is active. Prompt attention to tele
grams for bertha. Sailings: November 4.
November 85. December 16. etc.
678 Market Street, San Francisco.
Sails from Alnsworth Dock. Portland, S
p M every Tuesday. Freight received at
AID. worth Dock dally up to 5 P. M. P
eengor lore, flrst-cl&aa. (10; second-class. $7.
Including meals and berth. Ticket office
Alnsworth Dock. Phones Main KOs. Main
170. A 12S.
Low Rates. Schedule Tim.
JUa Kallvray Exchange Bids,
ranlosii or.
Mala ears.