Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 03, 1911, Page 6, Image 6

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in mm JURY
Retired Tailor on Venire Es
tablishes Record for Di
vergency of Views.
Ex-Colon Official Who Emm Direct
ed Strike but Dor Sot Ap
prove of Tbera Seem to Meet
Approval of Defense
LOS ANGELES, Not. 1. Barrlnc oat
man, th third mlrt of prospective
Jarora waa axhauated at the cloa of
court tonight la the Hc.miri murder
Altogether JOS veniremen have ben
drawn ao far. Of theie. ton sat In the
larr bos tonltrht. having; been accopted
as to cause by both HJon a Rain of
one man aincs reaterdar'a eeselon. In
which no talesmen were, passed.
The newcomer U M. T. McNeelr. a
retired tailor, with a venerable beard,
who credited himself on examination
with more dlverueot sentiments than
any other talesman baa revealed.
Mew Jmwwr le Charesj Man.
He la a Presbyterian and an admirer
of the Merchant' Manufacturers
Association, of Los An '. aa
bulMer-ap of the city- l has par
ticipated In strikes, and as a union of
ficial has aided In directing; them, but
he la opposed to them at all times, ana
the state brought from him th as
earance that a wide course of martin
had not prejudiced him axalnat a ver
dict of guilty In casea where the death
penalty waa Involved. II la still euo
tecf to iwnmDtoni challenge If the
state or the defense should desire to
exercise It. It waa considered unlikely
tsnlaht that tlx defense so dnelred.
Counsel for the defense stirred op
some excitement today when Judse
Bird we 11 excused two talesmen on the
srround that they did not believe in
eonvlctlona on circumstantial evidence
where the death penalty waa involved.
In one of these easee the state asserted
that It had exercised a challencev al
though It admittedly waa not couched
In formal phrasing, but In the other
the talesman waa brougnt oaca ana re
examined over protest by the detonaet
acideat le oleeekle.
The Incident lost significance) when
o t Haves, the returned talesman.
waa oxcused for actual bias, after ha
had aald he believed ha could not giva
Mc Samara a fair trial, and Judore Bord
well aald he would refrain from ques
tioning anv more lurora on that point.
Bvroa Llsk. the talesman under ex
amination when court adjourned to
night, seemed to meet the approval of
counsel for the defense. He and H. V.
Blenktron were the only two In tha
box not accepted aa to cause, and the
defense said tonight that it naa ouij
ah more aueatlon to ask Llaa.
W. H. Andrews Is the eole talesman
Wr frum the third venire, judge uora
well aald tonight that be waa unde
cided when tha next venlra would be
Blaa Ageleet Valoaa Skews.
Earlv In the day. after the court had
excused several talesmen for varloua
reasons. O. H. Hayes waa reached. Me
aald that hie feelings and opinions had
been against unions for some time.
"From what Ive beard, read and
aeen. especially the picketing In Pan
Kranclaco, I've formed my opinions
about labor unions, explained Hayes.
He added that be believed the Times
waa blown up by ontonlsta and that
dynamite waa the agency used.
-That would Influence and bias you
towards-thla defendant, would It notr
naked Attorney Darrow.
-Tea. I think so."
-Too would be more spt to believe
the defendant guilty because he be
longed to a union r
To you believe the defendant
-1 believe be la."
"Too know you are not a fair and
Impartial Juror, then?
"I think not"
-Wo challenge the Juror," announced
Darrow, -for actual bias."
Hi resist and deny tha challenge."
mapped Morton.
-You have formed your opinion from
what you have read and beard?"
Plcfcevtag- laflaeateea Oetalesw
"Have yon seen any picketing In
Loe Angtlea
Tbo only picketing that you saw
vii that In Fan Kranclaco In 1904T
-Old not what you saw Influence
your mind with reference to what you
heard and read of the labor question?
'It made my opinion a little strong
er." To I understand that you are prej
udiced or hostile toward Individual
members of unions because they be
lone to unions?
"Well. I might say yes. because If
thev did not approve of the unions'
me hods they would not belong."
"Now. James B. M. Samara la a mem
ber of the Typographical Vnlon. Pore
that fact prejudice you agalnat him
and prevent you from trying bis case
fairly and Impartially?"
"It would "
"This challenge will be allowed." In
terrupted Judge Bordwell at this
Louis A. Wllhelm. a farmer and real
estate man. previously had asked to
be excused from Jury duty, aa be la
clerk of a School Board In a suburb
and has It children, six boys ard six
girls. He aald be formed hla opinions
about labor unions from personal ex
perience In Loe Angeles many years
-Hava you any prejudice against a
man because be belongs to a labor
-No. str"
RaeaBsrtlea Oalased tea Late.
Wllhelm said he bad visited the
Times wreckage two or three days af
ter the disaster ard had formed an
opinion that the building bad been
Mown up by gaa, because It resembled
a building he had seen two years
ago which waa wrecked In that man
ner, lie added that he did not believe
a charge of dynamite could destroy a
building of the alae of the Times, "not
shattering all the windows of tfee
The defense passed Wllhelm for
"You're a Peputy Sheriff, aren't
you?" naked District Attorney Frede
ricks. -Yes.-
Io you wish to claim exemption
on that ground V
The defense objected that Wfthelm
yesterday did not claim exemption on
that ground and moved that the an
swer be stricken out. The court sus
tained the objection of the defense,
sad District Attorney Fredericks ar
gued for a few momenta that a man
who claimed exemption ought not to be
allowed to serve. The court Inter
rogated Wllhelm further, and ha main
tained that conscientious opinions and
scruples would prevent him from Im
posing the death penalty on circum
stantial evidence. Then WUhelm was
Taleesaaa la "Wide Reader."
McXeely. the retired tailor, steered
himself safely paat the dangerous death
penalty question by saying that he had
no conscientious scruples against ver
dicts Involving death sentences, and
waa paaaed by Attorney Darrow after
a short examination.
"You're a man of wide reading?"
aaked Attorney Horton for the state.
"Fairly wide," aald McXeely.
"As the result of your reading
haven't vou reached something of a
feeling against the infliction of capital
punishment on clrcumatantlal evi
dence?" aaked Attorney Horton.
"I have not." said the talesman.
-But you bave views and opinions?"
"And you've had them a long time?"
-All my Ufa." said McXeely, who fur
ther aald he favored circumstantial evi
dence. He said he believed In the prin
ciples ef unionism and at one time, as
an omcer of the Tailors' Union, partici
pated in and directed a strike, but said
he did not believe in strikes except as a
last resort.
-You're not a Socialist?"
"No. sir: I am not."
MoXee'.y waa accepted aa to cause by
the state, making the tenth talesman so
Frlerad ef Pr-aeeeator Kacmaed.
Edward R Jeffrey, who la a brother
of ex-State Horticultural Commlsaloner
Jeffrey, sold he knew District Attorney
Fredericks personally and had aided In
Ms election. He bad known Attorney
Horton more than three years and was
associated with A. Joseph Ford, the As
sistant District Attorney In charge of
preparation of evidence.
"If men beiongea to m uni"n ir.-i
could not work for me," he said when
questioned. He entered upon this frame
of mind, he said, when traveling In
Co!ori(fc. from observation.
The atate restated a challenge by the
defenae. Answering a question by
Fredericks Jeffrey again aald he be
lieved the Tlmea waa destroyed by
union men.
"I want to knoir whers you grot the
Idee that the Times and the laoor
unions were at war with each other,
said Fredericks, and the witness aald
his Information was obtained from the
public press and common rumor, and
the same was true of labor unions' at
titude toward the Times. He anally
aald he could not give the defendant a
fair trial, and District Attorney Freder.
Icks withdrew opposition.
Talesman Llsk was examined next.
"Knowing the feeling between the
Times and the unions. I remarked to my
family." explained Llk. In giving his
views pn the cause of the disaster, "that
I hoped some otner cause man a uomu
would be found."
-Did you believe it was a dynamite
bomb?" asked Lecompte Da via, of the
-Well, aa the boya say, I had a kind
of hunch that It was."
Llsk aald he owned a flour and feed
mllL but did not employ union men.
He declared, however, that he was not
opposed to unionism and had no Idea as
to the guilt or Innocence of the defend
ant. He was passed temporarily, the
defense reserving the right to ask him
one more question tomorrow. Court
adjourned at & o'clock.
FIvts Thonsand Article Affected by
New Order to Bo Effective
About February 1.
CHICAGO. Nov. . A general re
vision of railroad rates In Western and
Southern territories bas been prepared
and will be made public early In De
cember. Work on this readjustment of the
present classifications has been in
progress the lsst three years. Numer-
oua changes nave Deen maae wun
view to securing a uniformity of de
scription of articles and also uni
formity In rulea and minimum weights
ao far as possible.
The new classifications nave Deen
arranged by the various classifica
tion committees, composed of rate ex
erts of the different railroads repre
sented In the three territories Into
which the United States has been di
vided. It Is proposed to make the
ew rates effective about February 1.
About 6000 articles are affected by
the new classifications some reduc
tions and some Increases. The In
creases are principally on minimum
weights. '
Motlicr Clings to Little Bon VhUo
nelnr Hurled Through Air.
STOCKTON. CaL. Nov. t. Crushed
beneath his mother, who clung to htm
while being burled througn tne air
from an overturning automobile, tha
r.. weeks-old son of Charles Miller, a
prominent farmer of Atlanta. CaL. was
killed shortly before noon today near
Kscalon. a small town ten south
of this city. Miller, his wire and
daughter Irene were badly Injured.
The Millers bsd almoat reached their
destination In Fscalon. when the fath-
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