Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 03, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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96 Fortunate Women May Share
in This Sale of
New Fall Coats
Removal $8.95
WRegular $12.50, $15.00 to $18.50
Fancy mixed Cloaking in tans, browns, gray
and navy. Cheviots in black and navy; broad
cloths in black, navy and brown, are the ma
terials used in these coats.
They are all made 54 inches long, in a.
loose or fitted style; in plain tailored and fan
cy trimmed models; some have satin linings,
others are yoke and sleeve lined.
Si'k Waists
Selling Normally at $3.75
Novelty and fancy Waists of taf
feta silk, messaline, net, chiffon and
voile in a large variety of newest
models. Some are lace and silk
trimmed, others are tucked and
In b!ack, navy, brown, whTte,
gray and evening shades.
Notions Any Felt Hood
$1 Gas Lights 34c Removal Price $1.38
iScw ah!Ttt Selling Regular to $3.50
styles, all complete. Have full bra
burners, imported globes and hjgh-gTade S-y
mantle. Each light is guaranteed in every k'' ,-ff "A;
50c Gas Mantles 29c
This self-light gas mantle is guaranteed ' y'?' i
for 60 days. It is so easy ; all you do is 'fg I
turn on the gas and it lights itself; no v '"H J- 1
waiting. V " " , " f ' J
We place on sale 5000 fine inverted Si . C
gas mantles that are unequaled for bril- t f 'If
liancy and durability. Buy all you want -wlr V
while they last for 5c
Little Needs at Little Prices '
Gilt Edge Polish 19c
Collar Supporters, card 4c -j- your choice from our immense
Fancy Hat Pins .. 4c of Wt hoods j,
CoHan 'JSTT. 1 1 S
Silver Polish 8c " satin-hnished felt hoods. In color
iron Wax at lc combinations in black, navy, brown.
Furniture Polish at 19c purple, green and every other desirable
Large size Liquid Veneer. . .39c ,,. shown this Fall.
Small size Liquid Veneer ... .19c , , i i , en
Fasso Sanitary Belts 8c Te"Y f $P
Ever-Sharp Shears, guaranteed to Removal Sale you have
keep sharp five years 35c the choice of any hood at $1.38.
If You Need Hosiery You Must Buy Here For
Every Pair of Stockings Is Reduced
Of medium weight fast black cotton. Made with double garter tops
and extra spliced soles, toes and high heels. An ideal Fall and Winter
weight. Extra fine in gauze.
Stockings of black thread silk all silk with silk lisle tops double
garter welts. Stockings that look well and wear better. Elastic, full
sized and with extra heavy heels and toes.
Hosiery of medium weight, fast black silk lisle, full-fashioned and
extra strong. Made with 6-thread toes, extra spliced soles and heels
and with double garter tops. Made of yarn that is extra fine in texture
and extra strong and durable.
Children's Dresses Removal $1.19
Two styles of dresses of black and white striped galatea. Made with
yokes and plaited skirts and side trimmed effects of plain bands.
Sizes from 2 to 6 years.
Heavy black and white Wash Dresses, trimmed with plain bands
and buttons. Hav V-shape yoke and plaited skirts.
Muslin Covered Cushions
Removal Sale
Way Mufflers
Regular Price 50c
Removal 19c
Pin cushion forms, covered with muslin and
made in the best possible manner. Now is the
time to purchase these cushions while the stock is
complete and we can give you every size.
Not to be confused with inferior articles.
Runoval Pr.ce 8c
Size 4x4. 5x5. 4x8. 4x9. 4x10. 5x9.
Removal P. ice 10c
Size 7x7. 4x12. 5x12. 4x18. 5x18.
Large satin covered bootee cushions. Removal
Sale price at 25c
Small satin covered bootee cushions. Removal
Sale price at 18c
Join the Book Lovers' Club
Offering library sets in subscription bindings
The works of the most world famous authors
at Half Regular Prices $1.00 down $1.00
a week. Send for book list.
Men's and women's way muf
flers just received. These come
in all sizes and in all colors suit
able for Winter wear, such as
white, black, brown, navy, pearl,
light blue, flesh and oxblood.
Made in a new fancy weave
with snap clasp at the neck.
These mufflers sell in all stores
for 50c all over the United States
All Linens Reduced
In the Removal Sale
The unparalleled selling lines since our Re
moval Sale commenced the increase of our
selling force to three times its normal size and
the continued patronage in our linen and do
mestic section is proof positive that we are ful
filling to the fullest measure provision upon
which this sale is based.
Day after day new customers
are making heavy purchases in
linens, realizing that the prices on
all the best Irish. French and
German linens have reached their
lowest level in this sale.
On Friday we have the fol
lowing very interesting items to
$2.50 Irish Linen
Table Cloths $1.89
Bleached Irish linen table cloths, with border on all four sides. A large variety
of neat patterns.
22x22-inch napkins to match, per dozen, removal, $2.49.
Hemstitched Lunch Cloths, Removal Prices
German linen hemstitched lunch cloths in very choice patterns, as follows:
Lunch Cloths, 32x22 inches, removal sale, 49c
85c Lunch Cloths, 36x36 inches, removal, 72c
$125 Lunch Cloths, 44x44 inches, removal, 98c
30c Hemstitched Linen Towels 23c Each
Pure linen hemstitched huck towels, full bleached, extra firm, size 36 by 1 9 inches.
Also bleached Turkish bath towels, made of two-ply cotton, size 45 by 22 inches.
Sheets at Removal Prices
i i rsy awm- .mum in
JL rexhandlae of rterll Only-.
Here Is an Embroidery Sale '
That MUST Command Attention
Nainsook, Cambric and Swiss Embroideries
Regular Price to 50c, Removal 10c
We have taken these embroideries from
out our regular stock so that yon may be sure
that the designs and patterns are comet and
that the materials are of the best
Ycti will find nainsook, cambric and Swiss
embroidered bands and insertions from the
narrowest half-inch to two and three-inch
Being resolved to clean up our entire em
broidery stock, we take this method of dispos
ing of these goods at one price. By doing
this we give you the advantage of an immense
Laces and Trimmings
to $1.00
Removal Price 33c
On our bargain square are to be found all
of the most popular styles of laces and dress
trimmings, such as bands, insertions, double
edges, nets, flounces, medallions, applique
and Venise. In black, white, ecru and colors.
These laces and trimmings vary in width
from 2 to 1 2 inches.
-Any Trimmed Hat in the Store
All Our Dress and Street Models
Selling Regularly From $10.00 to $45.00
Removal $6.50
This is not a commonplace transaction, nor an ordinary millinery sale.
It means the removal of some 400 dress and street Hats that will be sold
today and tomorrow.
There isn't the slightest doubt that by Saturday night not one of the
800 hats placed on sale yesterday will be in this house. THEY MUST
be sold.
To that end we have marked them at such a' low price that b many
instances the trimmings alone cost twice as much as the removal sale
price, to say nothing of the hat, the ornaments and the labor.
Every hat is new this Fall. They reflect in detail every fashion now
in vogue. Many of them exact copies of the finest imported French
Women's, Men's, Children's, Boys' and Misses' Knit
Cashmere, Wool and Silk Lisle Gloves
Removal Your Choice 25c the Pair .
Here's a sale that comes just in the nick of time, when the frost is on the pumpkin
and woolen gloves are in demand.
There is a nipping bite in the air that forecasts colder weather. Surely there is no
greater economy than purchasing gloves in this Removal Sale.
They are all Kayser gloves, which is in itself a guarantee of quality and worth.
la the lot can be found a great assortment of women's and misses' fancy and plain
knit cashmere wool and silk lisle gloves with Paris point and embroidered backs.
Some are silk lined.
Chamoisettes with embroidered and fancy stitched backs. Two-clasp women's
gauntlets, with silk stitched backs. Misses' and children's wool and silk mittens in
all fancy weaves and colors. Men's gloves of extra weight well made.
Removal Sale of New Xmas Dolls
Just Arrived From Germany Yesterday
DoZZs Selling Regularly to $2.00
Removal Price $1.29
It is simply impossible during our Removal Sale to give our holiday
stock of dolls the display and space required.
Yesterday an enormous shipment of holiday dolls arrived, all of
which will be sold at Removal Sale prices. To this end we have
taken about 500 dolls, ranging in size from. 21 to 24 inches, full
jointed body, bisque head, movable eyes with eyelashes, side part and
hand-sewed wig, light and dark hair. Some with shoes and stockings;
all go at one price, $ 1 .29.
Infants' Garments Half Price
Infants' long and short dresses of fine sheer materials, and
trimmed with inserion, embroidery, fine lace and tuckings.
$1.00 Dresses, Removal, 50c $2.00 Dresses, Removal; $1.00
$1.50 Dresses, Removal, 75c $2.50 Dresses, Removal, $1J25
$4.00 Dresses, Removal, $2.00 $6.00 Dresses, Removal, $3.00
Serge Dresses
For Women
and Little Women
Regular Price $ 1 3.50
Removal $9.95
One-piece Empire Dresses for
women and little women ; made of
fine all wool hard twisted Eng
lish serge, in black, navy, brown
and Copenhagen.
These dresses ire made with
either short or long sleeves; have
shawl revers, collars and deep
cuffs of satin"; lace yoke and silk
lined loose panel skirt.
Halcyon Petticoats
Regular Price $2.00
Removal $1.18
Petticoats of finest quality soft
finished Halcyon cotton messa
line, in black, navy, gray, tan,
light blue, pink and lavender.
Made with a 24-inch accordion
and knife plaited flounce, edged
with a six-inch tucked ruffle.
They look like silk, wear bet
ter than silk, and only cost $1.18.