Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 03, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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Oregon Party Men Favor
Bryan as Director Wil
son and Harmon Factors.
Chamberlain and ffnl nllT-d to
II Certain Choice to RcpreM-nt
6 La to at National ConTcntlon.
Portland Leader Actlrev
Or.rnn Pemoerat ta tfc primary
!! I on nt April will tiara a chole
btw.n thr.a rr.-I'1ate for the l"re
Id.nry Brran. Wilson and Harmon.
friends of IS Nebraskan two waak
aa-o aiinouncd that tner would
that bla namo appears on tha
official ballot. They ara now
tannine tha flJ for racatcats
friendly to Bryan, who will run for
taction drlrcatra to tS Imo
cratto National conrantton-
J. K. Ocxlfrey. 'tnmrratte candidal
for Btata Printer In the tat election
Uat year, waa la Portland yeetertlay
from Sel-ra on h! war to Canyon City,
where he will lr.tltuta a Masonic
lod.-a. Hffre tearing for Eastern
Oreon Uat Blunt ha announced mat
ha would be a randldata for election
aa one of tha tan delecataa Orrvoa
Imocrt ara entitled to nam for
their National convention.
Brraa Fararad Leader.
"I am not neceaaarily for Bryan aa
th remx-ratlc nomtnea for resi
dent." explained Mr. ll.idfrey. "but 1
hall (upport for PrenMrnt In th con
vention only that candidal whom Bry
an want If ha la hlmaelf not a can
didate. re moo rata feel that they will
next year har a chance to elect
a President and. In my opinion. Mr.
Bryan la entitled to Brat consideration
In determining upon tha party a nomi
ne. "If Bryan doe not want to ba th
nominee himo'lf. hla choice ahould b
accepted the logical candidate, aa
wa ran only expect to win by naming
a tha eandl.'.at a man who la ac
ceptable to Bryan and who can count
on tha enthutlaatlo support of th Ne
braska n.M
It la understood that C. I Reamra.
of Hertford, a prominent Southern Ore
gon Democrat, will alao be a candi
date for election aa delegate to hli
party' National convention. Although
h haa not announced hla position. It
la reported that Mr. Ileamea entertalna
Imtlar views to those of Mr. Godfrey.
Lmocrata are pretty much screed
that Senator Chamberlain and Gover
nor West will ba two of their dele
gate to th National convention, re
gardlera of th chpl.e of the Oregon
I 'emocrary for th Presidency. Cham
berlain and West ara understood to
favor Wllaon for th Presidency.
Other prominent Democrat who
namee undoubtedly will appear on th
ballot aa candidates for delrgatea are:
rr. Harry Lane, Alex Sweek. John
B. Ryan. John H. Btevenson. C. K. I
Wood. F. V. llolman. Oglesby Toong
and R. P. Inman. of this cltr. and Dr.
C. J. Smith, of Pendleton. These men
ara about equally divided between
Wllaon and Harmon, although soma of
th Wilson advocate har no hesi
tancy In expressing favor for Bryan
aa egalnat Harmon.
Harmon Iwmocrata ara eagerly con
templating the vistt to Portland tha
latter part of this month of Governor
Harmon. Tha will be In Baa
Francis.?) on November II for th pur
pose of selecting a alt for tha Ohio
building and exhibit at th Panaroa
1'aclHc Exposition.
Harass) FanUass Basy.
r.etumlng home, ha wttl visit Port
land and other Northwest cities. Just
a soon a th data of his arrival here
la Bird def.r.itele. local lemocrat will
make arrangement for hla reception
and entertainment.
In thes activities, prominent re -no-era
t a who were given the go-by when
Wi:son Vetted Portland several week
go wilt be especially alert In showing
Harmon attention. It was evidently
tha purpose of Wilson, during his brief
sojourn here, to create a favorable
Impression among representative cltl
aan. resrardiesa of political affiliation,
at any rate, h fought shy of any par
tisan demonstration.
Harmon expects to meet Pe mocra ta
and talk Democracy. Wllaon re
quested that the main part of bis en
tertainment while In the city should
ba under the auspice of th commer
cial bodlee. This wa dona. Harmon
frtentl her will sea to It that he 1
given every opportunity to meet Democrat.
.i- ... f tha East Eld Business
Men's Club. Indorsed th movement to
locate the auditorium on the East Bide,
and also pasaed a reaolutlon approving
th position of T. B, Wilcox, chairman
of tha Auditorium Commission, that th
HOO.000 act. passed by th vot of th
ctty b resubmitted to th pecpl.
Jame W. Conway. Frank Motter and
J. B. Zlegler wer appointed an udl"
torlum commute to eo-oprt wlta
th other committees from th East
Sid on this movement.
A resolution waa adopted arprBTne
the location and propoeed rctlon of
th hospital on the Peninsula. Th as
sociation approved the extension of
Kerby street through th Montgomery
tract, and passed a resolution asking
the Council to complete th proceeding
for th extension.
A communication waa received from
th Grtcrs" and Merchants Associa
tion calling attention to th expo
sition to be bold In Deoetnber. which
wa indorsed and th association will
aa a i wa m w v ten -....,. -
position. M. O. Collins called attention I
to th effort mad to examine th tax 1
roll and th association Indorsed th
Delegatee wer present from 10 push I
clubs and it. O. Collins presided at th
MMtlne There waa axtended dlsous- I
ston on all th topic considered. It
was th sentiment of the delegate that
th new federation ahould b supported
and mad a permanent organisation.
Olds, Wortmam
Oldest Retail Store in the Northwest-Established in Portland in 1851
Friday ."Ecoinomy
Nora Walsh in Jail for Larceny to
Return to Parent In Spokane.
Nora Walsh, a young woman who
waa convicted of larceny last bummer,
and ha been serving a six months
sentence In th County Jail here, wa
pardoned Wednesday by Governor West,
trne had been In Jail since August IS.
The parenta of tha young woman,
who are wealthy hotel people In fr-po-aene.
hav not been made aware of
her plight, and have been led to belter
all th time that shs was sick her.
F-n baa been a model prisoner alnc
her Incarceration. She ts only 20 year
old. (Several years ago she was mar
ried, although sine she has been sepa
rated from her husband. Sb I th
mother of a S-year-old child.
Two week before her arrest she
came to Portland with another woman.
It waa her purpose to seek work here.
Ph and her companion met a man
two weeks after their arrival, and wer
Induced to go Joy riding with him.
After th rid th man discovered that
be had been relieved of a sum of money
and some valuables, and the arrest of
the Walsh girl followed. The other
woman was not molested.
After the Walsh woman bad been
convicted her companion Is said to hav
absconded with her trunk, clothes and
other personal property. She baa con
tinually maintained her Innocence and
th authorities have been Inclined to
believe her. Her record shows that she
had always borne a good reputation.
the will be permitted to go to her
parenta. but will be required to keep
In touch with Mr a. Baldwin, of the De
partment of Public safety for Women.
Raslne) Men's Club Indor More,
for Auditorium Location.
Th Cnltd Improvement Club Asso
ciation. In session Wednesday sight. In
Activity Against Gambling- Show.
Inorease With Total of US
Caught In October.
Figures tending to show wither that
th moral health of tha city Is com
paratively good or that tha police hav
slackened their paca ar exmtmaa in
the monthly record of arrests, com
pleted yesterday. Th record show
that 11 place wer allewed to be dis
orderly, a against X th preceding
month: ten Inmate wer arrested, a
against 11 In September, while threw
men charged with being paraalte and
two with taking th earnings of im
moral woman war rn custody, oom
pared with ten arrests for th of
fensee In September.
Activity against gambling snowea an
Increase, there being 12S arrests, com
pared wits 7S In r-eptember. moet of
the defendant being Chinese. Discip
lining of law-breaking saloonkepera
remained at a high mark, there being
S arrests under th liquor ordinance
In September there wer IL'
Tha figure aa to drunkenness con
tinue to show the efficacy of prosecut
ing man who sell to th Intoxicated.
"Plain drunks" remain less than one
third of the total case. In which ratio
they hav stood ever sine tha police
began campaigning against thos who
sell to such men. Ther were seven
arreets for this offense during tha
month. .
Total arrests wer lltl. of whom II
wer women. Th receipts of th Mu
nicipal Court wr 15001.50.
Park Ctommlaal cm era. Asked to Re
move Beasta, Are in Quandary.
What to do with lions, tiger, wild
cats, bear, monkeys and othar beasts
of th Jungle, now comprising th aoo
at th City Park. Is a problem con
fronting the Park Board.
Following th report of th Board
that It would Investigate condition at
th too. which haa been declared a
nuisance by resident of th City Park
neighborhood, many proposals hav
ben received for site for th soo. Th
Hoard I In receipt of communication
from various parts of th city and
county, several suggesting that th n
tlre collection of animal be sent to
Pulton Park, south of th ctty. An
other proposal I that th ctty buy a
tract of S acre outside the city for
th animals. Th person making this
proposal offers such a tract for 10.00.
Ptlll another propeal la that th too
be taken to Rosa Island, If that prop
erty Is purchased by th ctty.
Mayor Rushlight and members of th
Park Board hav arranged to visit th
soo. It is said It may b possible to ao
Chang the location of th cage that
the objectionable feature will be
eliminated. The main complaints are
that th too building are unsightly,
and that th lion roars In tha early
Mount Hood Firm Aakg $115.50
Damage) From Street Rai I way.
"Th plaintiff (th Mount Rood
Brewing Company) wa proceeding
north on Seventh street In It auto
mobile when a car operated by the de
fendant In a recklea manner truck
It." says a complaint f led In Justlc
Court yesterday by th brewing com
pany aaainst th Portland Hallway,
Llcht A Power Company.
Suit for ftlS.EJ Is mad by th com
plaint, which relate th circumstances
of an accident which happened at Sev
enth and Washington streets last Feb
ruary. Th brewing company' motor
truck wa moving slowly, says th
complaint, and when It first entered
the Intersection there was no streetcar
within 150 feet, but before It could
get across, one cam up so fast that It
struck th truck and damaged It to
the STionnt demanded.
75c Fancy NecRw'r 12c
At the Neckwear counter, on the main floor, a great clean-tip sale
of Women's Neckwear; some are slightly mussed or soiled, but a
littlo effort will make them pood as new; there are many - c
styles to choose from. Regular 75o grades, sale price only lat-Le
50c Muffler 37c
Cold weather is close at hand.
Here Is a sale of Bradley's
Phoenix Knit Mufflers in a com
plete line of sizes and colors
the kind that sells q
everywhere at 50c, spl 3 C
$2 Lace Veils Only 98c
Economy Sale of "Women's Lace Veils in a great variety of QO
daintv desigms and extra large sizes; values to $2.00 for 70iy
LINEN COLLARS Odds and ends in Embroidered Linen Col-Q
lae. clio-Mlv soiled from handlinz: worth up to $1.00, foriV
cm in
Tailored Splits
Vp2s5 at $16.49
Here's a lesson In economy for all thrifty women. A sale of
fine tailor-made Suits every one new right up to the
minute in style. Fashioned on neat tailored lines, pleasing In
effect and cut to fit. Positively no "back numbers' at this
store. The bi? "Fashion Shop" has only the new season
able Suits; couldn't show an old style if we wanted to. 1 his
lot comprises, tweeds, serges and novelty .suitings. Coats
are the regulation length, lined with Skinner's satin. Skirts
are gored and plaited, many have loose panels, "" from
34 up. Also Misses' Norfolk Suits in the mixed materials,
with velvet collars and panel skirts; sizes 15, 17 and 19
for misses and little women; values tp Jo f1 C ACk
$32.50. Special Economy sale price only A VJXS .
Women's Aprons at 39c
vmiu v -w r- '
For today', economy sale the apron .tora offer, a ladies'
Sing-ham or Percale Apron, in th. JJ
string, .No whit, lawn .prons, very neatly mad.j wd
ceedingly pood 60o sellers, too, for the very low price of
CHILDREN'S Gingham Aprons styled in the box effect, wxth
turndown collars, .trap back, long df "J,.?. " 49c
years. These aprons ar. our regular 65o value. Special at"
Child's $4 Dresses $3
Child's $15 Dresses $9.S5
A .ale of Children's Dresses in
Wool Dresi
Cl O Q.50 -3 rv 021 i
TVe think every woman in the vicinity of . Portland is
familiar with the class of wearing apparel which we
carry. This lot of Dresses proclaim themselves best
because of the superior quality of material, splendid
workmanship and perfect fit. They come in navy blue,
brown, black, delft blue, blacK ana wmte novemes, em.
Also Peter Thompson styles for misses high and low necks,
with sailor collar effects, with revers and cuff J of satin and
broadcloth, or trimmed in braids, piping, Bilk and cord and
tassels. Sizes from 14 years up to 40 bust measures. Regular
values up to $28.50, specialized for this ttjl C QC
Economy Sale at the exceptionally low price Olwatv
10 Petticoats Now $4.29
Come now and pick out that Christmas Petticoat while the selec
tion is good; this lot comprises mes6alines and taffetas in the perfect
finish, stvled with deep flounces, tucked, accordion plaited, some
trimmed with pin tucks and bands; colors are pale blue, pink, rose,
tan, alice and royal blue, light gray, changeables, black and white. Skirts
worth to $10.00, bargainized during this sale at the special price of only
Children's Wool Middles in whit,
serge, with dark blue flannel col
lars and cuffs or in solid blue
flannel; sizes 8 to 14 years; our
regular grades to iRO AQ
$4.50, special at only yee-x-
Children's Coats.
Children's high-grade Coats in
strictly tailored effects, or black
caracul, sizes 4 to 14 years. All
of which are marked to sell at
orer $13.50, at O NX-FIFTH OFF
plain colors or plaid patterns,
splendid materials, good sensible
school dresses, well made and
late styles, sizes 6 to 14 years,
worth np to $15.00 Q QC
each, special at only 'i'
Children's Bonnets
Children's Bonnets in velvet, silk
and felt, all colors and sizes,
priced at $1.85 up to $8.00, ar.
now yours at a FOTJETH OFF
argaiiie Circle
Sale of laras 01
$1, 31.25 Silfes 59c
Uer. is economy that will appeal to every thrifty woman in Portland.
2500 yards of Fancy Silks in taffetas, fancy messalines and crystal oords
in a good rang, of colors, suitable for waists, dresses, trimmings, etc,;
also for evening wear. Many are suitable for foundations under voiles,
grenadines and marquisettes. Thes. silks sell regularly at from CQ,
$1.00 to .$1.25 the yard, bargainized at special price, the yard,'''
Money Back
Hyomei is Guaranteed to End
the Misery of Catarrh, Colds,
Sore Throat and Croup.
Get a ITTOMEI (pronounce tt High- !
o-me) outfit today.
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lm-neJIste'y yon will know that HT
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But HYOMEI does mors than sooth
and h a L
It 1 1 1 i i II I
th rml
- thos
p s ta
that a r
the root
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t a r r b a 1
Aoo m-
p 1 t a
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UuXtalo, N. T.
1 jt
CKildren's fiose
50c. 65c. 75c Q Tp
Grades at Only iJ iT JL
A great cleanup of Children's Hof, for boys, girls and misses; black
worsteds, black cashmeres, 2x1 rib and 111 narrow rib; some with
seamle.s foot, others are full-fashioned, heavy and medium weights,
merino heels and toes and extra spliced knee; all sizes in th. O
lot; regular stock 60c, 65o and 75c grades, bargainized at, pr,
S1.50 Kid Gloves Now 95c
$3.50 Long' Gloves $2.85
2000 pairs of Women's Pique
Lambskin Gloves, one-clasp styles
in every wanted color and size,
regular $1.50 grades, 47? 1 1C
special at, the pair V A
Women's two-clasp Kid Gloves
in th. overseam style, in black,
whit, and colors. Our regular
$1.50 grades, good, re- QC
liable quality, the pair
Women's 16-button German Lamb Skin Gloves, taken CO QC
from our regular stock values to $3.50 pair and offered at --
After-Dimmer Mimts
Rea;. o
Grade at
The bewt ever. See window display at Morrison-street lobby.
You will love these dolicious mints. Just like all th. rest of our
good confections, they have no equal. Regular 40o grade, 27J
Sale Drug's
Main Floor.
Witch HazeL 16-oz. bot, "f-Sc
nlar 35e size, special at only"
Witch HazeL 8-oz. bottle, reg- 1C.
nlar 25c size, special at only
Lavoria, large 50e size, only 40
Iiisterine, medium 50c size, only 33
Glyco-Thymolin., $1.00 size, for 79
Peroxide, -lb. 25o bottle for 15
Peroxide, i-lb. 15o bottle, only 7$
Swamp-Root, large $1.00 size, 79
Mentholatom, small, 25c size, at 16
Bromo Seltzer, large $1.00 size, 73
Sal Hepatica, small 25o size, for 19
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Bnssel's Emulsion, $1.00 size, 85
Anglers' Emulsion, $1.00 size, 83
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Absorbent Cotton, 1 lb, 35c size, 29f
Dodd's Kidney Pills, special at 39
Doan's Kidney Fills, special at 39
Fernna, in the $1.00 size, for 83
Peptonized Beef, Iron and ?Q
Wine, regular $1.00 size, for vJVC
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$1.00 size, specially priced at 79?
50o medium size, special at only 39
50o tablets, specially priced at 39
Toilet Needs at Econo
my Sale Prices.
Febeoo Tooth Paste, special at 40
Qanitol Tooth Pasta, special at 19
Rubifoam, bargainized at only 19
$1.00 Pompeian Cream at only 67
75o Pompeian Cream, special at 59
60c Pompeian Cream, special at 391
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Java Rioe Fac. Powder at only 35
10c Witch Hazel Soap at only
5c Fairy Toilet Soap, the cake, 3?
lOo Toilet Soaps, assorted, at 3
$1.00 Rubber Gloves 75c
For household use maroon rubber.
Every pair of them is guaranteed.
$1 Fountain Syring'e 89c
White rubber, with three hard rub
ber pipes. Com. in the 2-quart size,
$1.75 Water Bags $1.10
Beat red rubber Hot Water Bags in
the 3-quart size. These are guaranteed.
emarKable Sale
TrimmecS fiats
gsto $187 at 12 priCe
Model oats
15 to $67.50 a4 l3 Q
Pattern, oats
Now for the great sale of high-class models in Millinery-r-Imported
creations in fur set of hat and muff and bag to match, also velvet set
of hat and muff to match, and 300 hats of the very latest and best
styles of the season just received, all will go in this disposal; pat
terns originated by Lichtenstein, BendeL, Joseph,vKurzman, Gearhart,
Rawak, Gage, Hyland and French modistes. A genuine bona fide Bale.
Choose any Hat at U P-.!- II Choose any Hat at 1- f fff
$75 to $187.00 at -TrlCe $15.00 to $67.50 at . VU
Three Great Specials
in Trimmed Hats
$5, $7.50 and $10
Three of the most extraordinary bargains in mod
erate priced Hats. Many are actually worth-
.(TWICE THE PRICE ASKED. Many have only
'been in the house a few days every hat is good,
NO TRASH. All we ask is that you come and
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New Undermuslins
$1.75 Combinations $149
$1.50 Combinations 98c
$1.50 Gowns Now for 98c
Economy sale of Women's Com
bination Suits, made of long
oloth, corset cover effects, cir
cular cut drawers, trimmed in
linen and VaL laces, allover em
broideries, beading, ribbon, etc;
regular values np to Cj 1 AQ
$L75, special at only V X
WOMEN'S GOWNS Made of longcloth in the slip-over style with
round or square neck, short Bleeves; others with high neck and long
sleeves, trimmed in lace and insertions, ribbons, tucks, em- QO
broidery, etc; garments which sell regularly to $1.50, special, OC
Women's Combinations in the
corset cover and drawers, in long
cloth, trimmed in embroidery and
insertions, edged with lace, the
favorite style garment, worth to
$1.50 each, on sale at the QO.
special economy price of fOC
Specials in
&. Fire Sets
In the big hardware store, 3d floor,
w. specialize many Winter need at
great reductions. Look this list over:
$ 4.50 Brass Andirons for S 3. GO
$ 8.00 Brass Andirons for S 6.40
$10.00 Brass Andirons for 8 S.OO
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$ 2.00 Spark Guards at only 8
$ 2.75 Spark Guards at only S
$ 3.00 Spark Guards at only S
$ 5.50 Fire Screens for only S
New lines Andirons just received.
William Rogers' Silver
ware and All Table Hollow-ware
Silver Tea Sets.
Sugars and Creams.
Trays, Casseroles,
BaKing Dishes, Etc
Two Low-Priced Wonders
TheStandard Rotary
Machine 638
Sold on the $1.00 a Week Club Plan.
A famous machine, the Standard, drop-tead, auto
matic lift, style 14A Rotary. It makes either the two
thread lock stitch or 6ingle-thread chain stitch. Spe
cial instructions for using the machine will be given
at your home or at tha store. Sold oaCQQ fiCl
$1.00 a week club nlan while they last ?JOuu
ieh sewing
TheNorwood $22.50
Machine $19.75
Sold on the $1.00 a Week Clnb Plan.
The Norwood Automatia Lift Drop-Head Machine,
swell front pattern, strictly new style carved wood
work. It will make an elegant Christmas gift. You
can join the club now, have the machine delivered in
time for Christmas and continue to pay fl Q "71?
np th. bill at $L0O a week this week, P 1 -
$1.75 French Net
Curtains $1.23.
French Net Curtains with 2-inch
hem and attractive wide lace edge,
Arabian color or white curtains, 40
inches wide, 2Vi yards fljl OO
long; (L75 values at
$2.75 Lounge Drapes
now $1.85.
Attractive and serviceable Lounge
Drape, in artistic Oriental designs
and rich colorings; splendid qual
ity, full size, $2.75 If 1 OS
f atV sW
Reg. 65c Curtain Swiss
now 39c
Best quality Curtain Swiss in
fancy check designs, full 50 inches
wide, in ecru and white, very good
for many different PQc
poses; 65o grade, special at
grades, special at only
Great Sale of Men's and Boys' Apparel
Continues Today '
See Wednesday night and Thursday morning papers for particulars
of the great saving opportunities. Come if you have to come a 100 miles
r Tj-: f c i A
nee vuuiuiig ocnooi.
Lecture by Mrs. Hawley.
Come and learn how to make Holiday
Goodies. For today's lesson, "Christ
mas Cookies," the kind that will keep
if you leave them alone. "But yon
can't let-'em-alonc" All women
are invited. 2:30 P. M. today, on th.
4th floor. Women, taker advantage.
Best guaranteed sugar-cured Hams.
English style sugar-cured Bacon.
"Glenwood," 2"lb. square for 73
Clover Leaf, 2-lb. square only 70
O. W. EL Special 2 pounds for 67
Queen Lil brand, Hawaiian siloed.
Grand Island brand; the doz., $2.25
$1.25 BOX PETJNES $1.00.
Best Oregon Fine large ones, too.
25o CATSUP 18o
Snider 's Best, put up in bottles.
Best imported stock, put np in cans.