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SIgfer and Black Near Fight
ing Point Over Charge Al
leging Partiality.
Official "Would Permit Assessment
Qompartsoa and Submit All to
fury of Realty Men !o
Decision la Reached.
Conoty AMMior flljler and 0ors
Black, outftr of tn Hawthorn -tat,
almost cam to blows tn County
Jule Claaion a offle yastarday after
noon, whan an Eaat Bids commute
waa dlacuealne; with membera of th
Board of Equalization tha alteration
that property on tha Eaat Bids had
feaan dlacrlmlnatad etralnat In maklm
Tha claah rama aft.r Mr. Black had
inalnuatad that It mlarht ba poaalbl
that Mr. Sillier dropped elphar In
. traneferrlne; tiurtt from th block
book to th aaaeaament roll proper,
and had aaked Mr. Staler If ba had dla
rlmlnated asalnat any part of tha city
tn (lain; value.
1 conatder that ona of th moil uncalled-for
and Inaultlnir queatlona that
I have Tr been called upon to an
swer." almoat shouted th Aaor.
Howerr. 1 will anawer It. I bar
triad conaclentloualy to arrlv at th
true cash value of every plec of prop
erty la th city, and hav dona my
level beat to treat everyone with per
fect fairness. If any mlatake hav
been made they are mlatake of th
head and not of tna heart. I preaam.
Mr. Black, that that anawer your ques
tion." Mr. Black Instated that Mr. "tiler
had not answered bis question, and th
Aaaeasor threw up bla hands, exclaim
ing that ha could civ no better or
mor concise reply.
Oaapartaoa la Invited.
"I am willing; that you should usa
th block book or th aaaeasment rolla
but I do Inatst that you do not us
both." said Mr. Blglar. -pick out th
districts on th East and West sides
which you wish compared and I will
lather th Oerurea at which they are
aaseaaed for you. Realty experte can
then aay whether or not I have been
fair, and I am willing; to abide by th
decision of an Impartial jury of real
a tat men."
-It 1 vldnt.- tntrpod County
Clark Melda, -that Mr. SlsjleY doea not
trust Mr. Black and that Mr. Black
doea not trust Mr. Klgler. Each seems
afraid that tha other would cnanae
rt auras. I will supplement what Mr.
Staler has said by aaylns; that I wtll
arte- Mr. Black a man to a;o over Mr.
fclgler's nit urea and compare them with
both th block book and tha aaaeaa
ment rolla."
-Will you then. Mr. 8irlr," asked
Mr. Black, "tell us where w can Cnd
discrepancies r
Bewk-Marklaar PrablblteaV
-Mr. Black. I bellev there are no
discriminations." replied Mr. Klarler. -I
underatood that your committee was
her to complain of such, and If such
Is tha caaa I believe you would And no
dlfdculty In preeentlns; svldnc In up
port of your ailraatlona"
County Clsrk Fields refussd to allow
Mr. Black th prlvllec of marking last
year's saaeaamenf opposite those of 111
In penclL a
-Why. I couldn't consent to any such
thine." eald Mr. Fields. "The very Idea
Is absurd. Allow you to mark up th
public records? Well. I rues not."
"But the flarure could be rubbed out
later." pleaded Mr. Black.
"I wouldn't allow you to do It In any
circumstances." replied Mr. Fields.
Coanty JudKS Cleeton sought In vain
to make tha members of th Eaat Side
committee Ian Kellaher. doors;
Black. M. O. Collins and L M. Leppsr
agree with htm that th only fair way
la to S'lect pieces of property on both
sides of the river, hav their cash
valuea decided by disinterested real ea
tate men. and then consult the tax
rolls to determine whether Mr. Blgler
has been kullty of discrimination.
West aid Advaared First.
"Tou gentlemen must remember."
said th JuJa. -that tt la not good
policy tn mak arbitrary advance in
value. The rul has been -to advance
Gradually. If ths East Bids valuss
hav been Increased thts year it Is be
cause th West Side has been advanced
heretofore. It 1 Imposslbl to mak
assessment with mathematical pre
cision." Judge Cleeton Insisted that tha only
way th Board of Equalluiton can as
sist th East Side complainants Is by
hivlnir It proved that that section of
the city haa been discriminated against
tn making this year's assessment. It
would do no good, he said, to compare
th 111 Eaat Side valuea with those
of 110. however Interesting such a
comparlaon mlcht b to th public
Nothing detlnll relative to a mod
of procedure In determining th truth
or falsity of th ailegatlona of the
Eaat Old committee had been deter
mined upon when tha oemmltte de
parted. s
Braxton Engineer-In; company to
Build Struct tiro IVailnjr Beg-lna.
roTt. Patterson aV Beach announced
yesterday morning that the contract
f.-r th construction of th Holts de
partment ator building had been let
to th Brayton Engineering Company.
Th coot of th tructur was not
mad public but It I understood that
the building complete wtll coat about
Tn building will occupy th quarter
block at th northwest corner of Fifth
and Waehlogton street and will ba
even stone high, with a deep base
ment. Th structure will b of class
-A" construction and fully -fireproof.
It ! expected to have th building
ready for us about June 1. IMS.
Work of raxing tha frame buildings
on th lt wtll b started this morn
Will E. Purdy. of Newberg. la at th
C T. Beach, of Baaeldale, la at tha
W. IL Parkwood. ef Baker, la at tha
A. V. Raeau. of Seattle, la at th
IL w. Augustine, of Feattl. la at th
j. F. Klly. of th Booth-Kelly Lum-
at th
at th
br Company, of Eugene, la
Wlllard. Caee, of Xalama, la
John 6tulL of Salem, la registered at
th Lenox.
Oeorg Chamber, of Rainier, la at th
L. & Jonas, of Calgary. Is at th
R. Bursa of Walla Walla, la at th
J. L. Underwood, ef Lebanon, la at
th Perklna
W. C. Mora, a Seattle contractor, la
at tha Oregon.
R. IX Bhelly. oa? Carsoa. la resists red
at th Carlton.
C E. V. Wbar. of Underwood, la at
th Cornellua
A. A. Jayna a Hood Rrver attorney,
la at tha Imperial.
E. r. Wear, of Baker, la raglatered
at tha Cornellua
Dr. Henry A. Uttleneld. of New berg,
la at tha Cornellua
W. E. Trlbble. a Marshfleld oontrae-
tor, is at th Imperial.
U B. Wallaca of Roaatmrc U rg1a-
tered at th ImpertsX
F. W. Davla of Mlnneapolla. la ragle-
tared at th Kamapo.
J. V. Hunt, a Hood P.lvsr merchant, la
registered at tha Perklna
B. J. Johnson, of Fergus Falla la
registered at th Oregon.
Alex Karlnen. customs inspector of
Astoria, Is at tha Perklna
John T. Fogarty, of Ban Francisco,
Is registered at tha Portland.
Service Slay Be Extended Cntll liSO
A. 3C Trial of 10 Day Suggest
ed by Company Head.
B. a Josaelyn. president of th Port
land Railway. Light A Power Company,
yesterday Issued a statement relative
to th proposed owl car service. H
declare, that tha eorapany la willing
to operate cars until 1:19 A. M-. but
believes that a oharge of 10 cents
ahould be mad for axtra trip after
11:10 A. M. His statement follows:
Th company la perfectly wilting to
put on axtra night service if th earn
ings will equal tha operating expensea
In most cities a charge of 10 cents ta
mad aftar a certain hour, aay -12:14,
and car are run hourly or half hourly,
all depending upon th else of th city,
In Portland there 1 vary little trafflo
after 11:10 midnight, but we are will
ing as sn Institution to go as far aa wa
possibly can In meeting every situation
that arts In th Interest of bstter
service and accommodations for our
"I am nerfectlr willing to make a
trial of running each present last car
on mor round trip, which in tnoct ln
stance would extend tha time of leav
ing for tha last oar to about 1:10 A. M,
providing we are permitted to oharge a
10-cent fare on this extra trip, in or
der that th small travel would com
pensate tha extra expense. Our fran
chise provides that cars shall be run
during certain hours and no provision
la made for an owl car servloa I be
llev it would be necessary for an ordi.
nanc to b passed to permit tha oora
pasy to charge a 10-cent far for this
extra run In order to prevent any mis
understanding between tha company
and Its patrons and enable th company
to collect th 10 cent In consideration
of th later service.
-It may be that this addition to our
present servlc would aolv th prob
lem, and. If, so. th company la not
avers to making a fair trial of tha
matter, say for 10 daya keeping a rec
ord of receipt and xpne so as to
how th wisdom of gllvng the extra
Atfnrnev LatonrettA Holds Tlmt
Council Has Right to Regulate
Storage and Change Law.
In tha opinion of Acting City Attor.
ney Latourett neither tha city nor Its
officers have laid themselves liable to
lecal action tn rescinding tha permits
granted under th oil storage ordlnanoa
permitting the Union Oil Company to
build tanks in South Portland. Mr.
Latourette, In a letter yesterday to
Mayor Rushlight, says tha City Council
haa tha power to regulat or prevent
th storsc of oil and to change tha
m ordinance and rescind permit
granted under Ita provisiona im opin
ion say in part:
Section "a subdivision IS, . glvee the
Council power to regulate or prevent the
manufacture or sale of daneeroue
exploelve. combustible materia:. Including
sun powder, dynamite, oil and (aa. and
to provide for the Inspection or me Bame.
The ordinance under consideration reoltea
that the prior ordinance waa adopted under
a mlaappreheneloB of the facta and with
the enderetaadlns that oil tanka ware not
to be eo located aa to be danserona but thai
proceedlnsa are bow under way for the
construction of en oil tank tn the vicinity
of residences, xnilla etc. at a danseroue
p:ace. if these facta are true, as they ap
pear to be from tbe Information which haa
come to na I am of the opinion that there
ran be no doubt about the city having a
right te edopt aa ordinance repealing the
former ordinance and rescind perm Ita grant
ed thereunder.
Aa to tbe poealblllty of a claim for dara
esea asanat tha city for taking thla action,
the city la acting In Ita governmental ea-
f.aclty. and neither It nor Ita officers are
labia for damasee where they act In good
faith, attempting to exercise the govern
mental power Invested In them.
Dr. Moe'e Orthopedic Gymnaedura
for Infantile paraiyala and all nervous
disorders, meumntlsm. gout, bladder
and kldnev trouhlea Maat modern
methoda No drum. K- lath at.
This Hair Remover
Works Like Magic
(Toilet Talka)
A paste made with water and plain
powdered delatona and applied to a
hairy eurfsce will remove every trace
of hair or fuxa The past should b
left on th skin two or three minutes,
then removed and tha surface washed.
This will leave th akin hairless, firm
and whlta If tha growth la vary thick
or stubborn. It may require a second
Druggists charg on dollar for an
original one-ounce package of dela
tona but to those afflicted with su
perfluous growths thla will prove far
cheaper than tha electric needle, whit
tha absence of th attending pain, and
tlme-con-iumlng trlpa to the beauty
parlor will be appreciated. Adv.
Beautiful Oil Paintings Free With S5.QO and $10.00 Purchases for This WeeK Oxily
Psychological Class ZSZZZfSZ ZZT?&'n?ZJ S'mZt2 Lesson by Mrs. Weinstein
y"- a. P1 an eaaa tm esse at
TTrVT H Y m a I mm e-dra & a-K s-N tf&J f TITTV
ye Y 1 1 V a V Jf - V V eCi J, hi ViWa aaa efcs W'aaer etaaa a e-a. ess. efae
Reliable MercHaiadiseReliable Methods-Where the Word "Sale" Has a Meaning
The Sanitary Store
Shop here in perfect ease and comfort, where the alalee
re broad, the ceilings high, with perfect daylight on
siaei, wee re ail me air in me ouiiaing anaergtes
an entire change every 20 minute, making it healthful,
invigorating and pleasant. "Truly a Sanitary Store."
50c Suspenders 29c
In the men's, corner on the main floor a sale of high-grade
onion-made Suspenders in light, medium and heavyweight
lisle webs in the mercerited and jacqnard elastio webs.
Fitted with heavy buckles, leather ends, eto. All OQ
new, clean stock, a factory clean-up, special lot LlXjC
Optical Department
Main Floor Dr. Dayton, Optometrist.
Our Optical Work is accurate. Glasses are not fitted
by guess work. The most scientific methods are em
ployed. We prove in plain language the neoessity of
any lens we prescribe and, best of all, our guarantee.
Three Days' Sale of Men's an
d Boys
d Shoes
Reductions that are reductions We will not quote meaningless figures. Our past record for integrity and honesty
is your guarantee of low prices. Pursuant to our custom in past years we give the men a great sale cf wearing ap
parel just before the opening of the Holiday season. This sale will surpass all others for bargains in men's apparel
Sale Men's Raincoats
Men's Hig'H-Grade Suits
Worth Up to $27.50
for $18.45
Here's a sale for'ade-to-Measure" enthu
siasts. Every Suit we sell will be a silent adver
tisement; for when the "Made-to-Measure"
fellow gets one on he will whisper his satisfac
tion to his "Made-to-Measure" friend. For
three days only you may choose any of our
high-grade Suits marKed $22.50, $25.00 or
$27.50 EXCEPT BLUES AND t -i o A C
BLACKS, for the low price of plO.'tO
Choose Any Suit Worth
Up to $40 for $27.50
Discriminating fellows Men who buy by com-
riarison will appreciate this opportunity to se
ed any Suit in the house marKed $30, $32.50,
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AND BLACKS for only, per suit .OU
Men's or Youths' $15 Suits $10.85
These Suits were selected with unusual care and with an eye to quality. Our clothing
man wanted the best f 15.00 suits in Portland ; than the ad man persuaded him to cut the
price for this sale. All the popular shades of brown and gray are included CI H
in good, dependable materials; suits actually worth $15; specialized at'P'"iJ
$1.50 Gloves
$1.10 Pair
Eee the window display of these good
Gloves, for men's street wear, the
one-clasp styles in the tan cape stock;
Paris point backs, Prix seams; regu
lar and short fingers; tP"! "1 C
good $L50 values at only V'"
$1.25 Gauntlet
Gloves 95c
Men's Gauntlet 01 ores, made of
heavy California calf skin, soft and
pliable ; suitable for driving, for auto,
lor motormen, conductors, etc. J gloves
worth $1.23 a pair placed onQC.
sale at the low price of only7"
"English Gabardines
$20 Grades $15
A sale of Men's Raincoats which were se
lected by a man who has studied Oregon
weather conditions and who Knows what
is best English Gabardine in light and
darK tan shades: sizes 36 to 44: cut full
52 inches long; each coat bears the Eng- f
lish label and is made with the Raglan
sleeve; full sweep sKirt coats 1 C flfl
worth $20 each; special at V
"Slip Over" Coats
S12.50 Grades $7.45
And here is the popular "Slip-Over" Coat; extra good
quality, rubberized Rain Coat, with the full raglan sleeves,
cut full in the skirt and 52 inches long; all sizes from
34 up to 48; neat drab color; eoata worth
$12.50; specialized for this sale at only, each r
Men's Trousers
34.00 Grades $2.95
Three days' sale of men's Trousers, in a broad range of
patterns; also blue serges; there is every size in the lot
and the values are unusually good at $3.50 ttn QC
and $4.00 the pair. Specialized for this sale M6
7 'tf MWVT,
en s nais
In Late Fall BlocKs
S3 Grades S1.95
Here's the Hat for the stylish young fellow.
ItB the imported English wool hat; rough
finish, storm-proof; colore are brown, mixed
and gray mixed ; all sizes in the Q? 1 QC
a a w
$2.50 Hats
for $1.50
In the exclusive hat store in the men's comer,
a sale of the popular felt Hats in telescopes, Al
pine and crusher shapes, light colors and dark
grays, tans, browns and blacks ; $2.50 t 1 C f
grades; placed on special sale at only P eJV
lot and good values at $3; spl
31.50 Hat
for $1.15
Men who fancy those English wool Hats,' rough
scratch-up effects, will appreciate this offer
enough to buy two or three different colors.
We have brown mixed, gray mixed CI 1C
and blacks; all; $1.50 grades at r
75c Gloves at
45c Pair
Here's the good, substantial Glove
for the man who "works; they are
made of heavy, soft, pliable leather,
laced at the wrist; all sizes i AtZ
worth 75o regular; special at
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In the men 's store, on the main floor,
a sale of Butchers' Regulation Frpoks,
made of heavy grade white or cheeked
materials in the double-breasted styles
with 3 large pockets and pocket open
at each side; turn-down fi-l CC
collars ; sizes up to 44, for P u
$2.50 Heavy Wool Sweaters $145
A great sale of men's heavy "Wool Sweaters In the coat stylo cardigan knit, with
Bide pockets, large pearl buttons, well made and fast colors in ma- (J- A
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Men's $1.50 Pajamas for Omly 95c
In the men's corner, on the main floor, a sale of 300 suits of pajamas in the flan
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oee Window JJisplay
Another special purchase of Men's Sample Shirts, picked up at
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dark patterns in stripes and figures ; made of the
best shirting materials such as French percales,
woven Madras, Russian cords, etc; all QC
fast colors; sizes 14 to 17; to $2 vals. a7Jt
"Eagle" SHirts
$1.25 Grades 65c
A great three days' sale of Jacob Miller & Son's
famous "Eagle" brand Shirts, which is a guar
antee of good workmanship and satisfactory fit.
They are made of fast colors, blue obambray, with
starehed collar bands, eoat styles, with separate
pair of cuffs; all sizes, 14 to 18; our CC
regular $1-25 grades; special at only, each "a-
Mail UJV
Men's $7,$8 Shoes $5.85
A - very special sale of the Bannister . and Edwin
Clapp bench-made shoes ; wax calf, velour calf, Rus
sia calf and gunmetal, and viai; regular TC QC
$7.00 and $S.00 grades; placed on sale at PJ.OaJ
Men's Loggers, with the heavy oak soles, tA (ZQ
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Men's DressSHoesi542
Late style Dress Shoes for men and young men,
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Men's $LOO Underwear 75c
See Window Display
A sale of the genuine "Winsted Hosiery Co.'s natural gray merino
Shirts and Drawers, sold the world over at $1.00 a garment;
"Winsted" tag on every garment; sizes up to 48. For these
"Bradford" Underwear
Special 95c
The genuine "Bradford" Shirts and Drawers, in the
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natural gray and tan color; sizes up to 50 chest QC
measure; special for this sale, the garment, only awU
$2.00 Union Suits $1.65
Genuine "Bradford" Union Suits, in the ribbed,
natural gray color, half wool; heavy Winter weight;
regular sizes and stouts, for tall or short Q1 f C
men; all sizes from 34 to 50; regular $2, ? .UJ
jB Mail
argjaiffn Circle
Main Floor Today
Boys' Coat Sweaters special at only $1-19
Boys' Night Gowns special for this sale 38c
Boys' Pajamas, at this sale for low price of 69c
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Boys' Felt Hats special for low price of 83c
Basket 5
ale of
Another of our popular, orinal sales of high-grade groceries by the
basket. Fhone your orders. A great saving for the housewife, here.
20 pounds of Granulated Sugar
3 p o n n d package of Pearllne
1 pound ofE n g 1 i s h Walnuts
1 can of Maine Sweet Corn
1 bottle of Snider V Catsup
5 cakes of 20 -Mule-Team Soap
1 package of Pearls of Wheat
1 package of new stock Raisins
1 can of the best Dimple Peas
1 package of onrpure Jello
And a good Market AO (f
Basket, all for only PJ. W
Saleoi Rogers
and all Table Hollow Ware.
Tea Sets, Sugars, Creams,
Trays, Casseroles, Baking
Dishes, etc
and Fire Sets
Boys' $4 Suits for $2.85
Boys' all-wool Suits, with two pairs of pants, the
knickerbocker styles, full peg, taped seams, brown
and gray colors; sizes 8 to 17 years; our OC
regular $4.00 values; specialized at only VefcieOeJ
Boys $5 .Suits for $2.95
Children's Buster Brown Suits; sizes 2Va to 7 years;
good material; in pretty browns, grays and fancy
mixtures; regular $4.00 and $5.00 grades, PO QC
specialized for this sale at only; the suit P",ee7eJ
Heavy Winter-weight, ribbed cotton Union Suits, in
the silver gray color, splendid finish, with French
neck, covered seams, pearl buttons, sizes 34 to 46.
Boys' $10 Overcoats $6.95
Boys' School Overcoats in ages 10 to 10 years; cut full to the shoe
tops; combination collar effects; all-wool materials; ex- Qlt QC
tra well made; values to $10.00; great bargains at only pv.aJ
Boys' $4 Shoes for $3.39
Boys' and youths' high-cut Loggers; made of heavy, water-tight,
damp-proof stock, rock oak soles, extra channel nailed; d0 OQ
sizes 1 to 6V6; regular $4.00 values; specialized for, pair SJeJ7
Boys' $1.00 Pants, pair . . . 79c
Boys' J51.00 Union Suits . . 59c
Boys' 32.00 Felt Hats . . .$1.59
Boys $1.50 Sweaters .... 98c