Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 27, 1911, Page 15, Image 15

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    tiie aroitxiyG oitEGoyiAx, fripat," October 27, 1011. 15
m 1 1 . . 1
Merchandise Purchased on Credit Today and Remainder of This MonthWill Go on IX ovemper mil, rayapie -Manicuring
and Hairdressin Parlors, Second Floor-Delightful Luncheon Served in Our Tea Room on the Fourth Floor
Sale Hair Switches
In the Hair Goods Store, second floor, we offer natural
shade switches, 22 to 26 inches long, which sell $C QO
regularly at $8, for the exceedingly low price of PJ0
Switches, in all shades, natural wavy, $3 sellers J0 ft. ft
20 to 26 inches long; special economy price of PV'
Special attention given to all match Orders. Take advantags.
Perfect Eyeglasses
Olds, Wortm&ir .(EL IMinig'
Occupying Entire BlocK Bounded by Morrison. Alder. Tenth and West ParKSts.
Which will you do T Come to as for a comprehensive, scien
tific and thorough examination of your eyes or trust to
superficial tests without the aid of proper appliances f We
have every modern facility for examining eyes. We supply
you with proper glasses at moderate cost, with the guarantee
of this great institution back of every transaction.
ales" aim' All Depts
"Economy S
Women's Tailored' Suits
Worth Up to $32.50
For $17.85
Where the Word "Sale" Has a Meaning .
An extraordinary picK-up a purchase which reflects credit upon our buyer,
who has just returned from her second trip to marKet this season. They just
arrived and will be shown for the first time today- We got them way un
der price; you can do the same. Remember the word "Sale" has a meaning
p SniK are made no of cheviots, mixtures, tweeds, serges
J 'Mil and novelty salting's In neat tailored styles, the regulation length coat, lined
with Skinner's satin and wear-well satins; sKirts are gored and plaited accord
ing to the late dictates of fashion. Some have loose panels. Sizes for women
from 34 bust measure up. Also misses' NorfolK Suits in novelty cloths, satin
lined, with velvet collars and panel sKirts; sizes 15, 17, 19, and with these
splendid new'arrivals we mix in a lot of our regular stocK Suits, 17 OC
which sell regular up to $32.50. and let you picK from the lot for . P A
Beautiful New Coats in All Popular Fabrics $15 to $95
Stylish Wool Dresses Priced Reasonably at $10 to $35
Fashionable SilK Dresses Just Received, $25 to $68.50
High-grade Furs of all Kinds Imported Gowns direct from the Original Designers
Great Economy Sale of Waists
Worth Up to $7.50 for $2.98
Garment Store Second Floor South West.
Every thrifty woman should take advantage of this unusual
offering of Waists. Two lines cane in last night and will be in
cluded in the lot Beautiful messalines with heavy lace inser
tions, with long sleeves and high necKs; colored stripe chif
fons with high necKs and Kimono sleeves; net waists with
high necKs, trimmed with cluny or Irish lace medallions;
ruffled effects, etc Values range to $7.50. A splen- do no
did opportunity. Special Economy Sale Price, only pi0
$1.5.0. $1.75, $2 Suiting's at 98c Yard
54-inch Suitings will be featured in the big Dress Goods sale today, the newest and most popular
mixtures of every description, suitable for suits, Coats, etc. Thrifty women will take ad- q q
vantage of the opportunity to secure our regular $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 materials at, the yard iOC
. - -
Sale of Men's Sox by tine Box
15 Different Lines Reduced Vz to Vz
50c SilK SocKs now at $1.90 Box.
Men's Pnre Thread Silk IIose, in black, tan, pray,
navy, Trine and heliotrope, reinforced lisle thread
heels and toes and tops. Best 50-cent t "I Oft
sellers; special for box of six pairs
25c "Service SocKs" at $1.25 Box.
Men's guaranteed Hose, "Service" brand; guar
anteed hole-proof for six months; medium and
heavy weight, black and colors ; excel- 1 OC
lent 25c grade; box of six pairs for P
25c SilK SocKs now at $1.35 Box.
Ia the men's corner, on the main floor, we spe
cialize Men's Silk Hose; pure thread, with
spliced lisle thread heels and toes; black and
colors ; our regular 25-cent sellers and 31 O C
splendid values; box of six pairs for V -'-'
35c Wool SocKs now $1.65 Box.
Men's Wool Ilose, medium weight, natural gray
color, full seamless, absolutely fast; the sock for
the tender feet, socks that sell for 35
cents the pair; box of six pairs fox. vlJ
25c Lisle SocKs now $1.10 Box.
Men's French Lisle Hose, seamless, fine, light
weight, with spliced heels and toes; black or tan
colors ; oar regular 25-cent grade and O "1 1 A
splendid values at box of six pairs for
20c Wool SocKs now 75c Box.
Men's Natural Wool nose, in the heavy, soft
quality,' Oxford gray worsted, medium weight,
very exceptional grade of our regular 20c Cp
Socks, bargainized at, box of six pairs
25c Cashmere SocKs $1.25 Box.
Men's Black Cashmere Hose, in light, medium and
heavy weight, with gray merino heels and toes;
good, soft, warm socks for Winter C OC
wear; regular 25o grades; 6 pairs V '
12Vc Cotton SocKs now 55c Box.
Men's Cotton Hose in the medium weight; full
seamless, black and tan; the popular hose with
the majority of man; splendid sellers at 12V
cents and most extraordinary values; spe- CC
cialized for this sale; box six pairs fory
50c Wool SocKs now $2.00 Box.
Men's Wool nose, extra heavy black worsted,
with gray, merino heels and toes; nice medium
weight, soft, comfortable and made to (PO flfl
wear; regular 50c values; box 6 pairs
50c SilK Plaited SocKs $1.50 Box.
Men's fine imported Silk Tlaited Hose, full
fashioned ; Colors are navy, dark wine, gray, lav
ender and heliotrope ; ; splendid value CI CA
and placed on sale at box of 6ix pairs V
25c Mercerized SocKs $1.00 Box.
Men's "Bilt-to-Wear" Socks in ' the medium
weight, mercerized four-thread heel and toe, black
and colors; our regular 25c grades; (1 ff
very special; box of six pairs for
50c Cashmere SocKs $2.40 Box.
MeiTs cashmere Hose, in fast black, full fash
ioned, light and medium weights; also seamless
socks in heavy weight; fast black; tfO 40
regular 50o values; box six pairs for F""v
50c Lisle SocKs now $2.40 Box.
Men's Onyx brand, fine quality imported silk lisle
Hose; all the season's fashionable shades of tan,
smoke, heliotrope, purple, fhampagne, (Copen
hagen and burgundy; specialized for CO Af
this sale at this price, box six pairs V'"'-'
20c Lisle SocKs now at 90c Box.
Men's Lisle Thread Hose, in the medium weight ;
heel3 and toes spliced with linen; our regular,
20-eent values; specialized at the exceed- Ciff
ing low price of box of six pairs for only VC
25c Mercerized SocKs $1.25 Box.:
Men's fine mercerized "Everlasting" Socles of
good quality lisle thread, linen soles, heels and
toes; black and colors; 25-cent socks;
on sale for box of six pairs for only
Economy in Hat Shapes
$6.50 Grades $2.95
In the Millinery Store, second floor, we offer an
extraordinary sale of high-grade hat shapes in
French felt, fine fur, beaver, duchess satin and
panne velvet, French panne velvet, hatters' plush
and velvet, French felt and velvet, etc; large, me
dium or small shapes; black and all the season's
very latest and most popular colors; 6 CO QC
big tables full; values $6.50 and up P'"J
$10 Hat Shapes $7.95
Our entire stock of beautiful white beaver Hat
Shapes, the very best to be found; no chalk filling
or dressing in them, but good, unques 17 QC
tlonable quality; values at $10 each for P
Men's Shoes, Edwin Cla'pp and Jas. A. Bannister bench-made Shoes, comprising 30 complete lines; tha
highest art in shoemaking; patents, gunmetaL velours box calf and vici kids; $7.00 and CC QC
$8.00 grades and magnificent values; on special sale at the exceedingly low price, per pair PJJ
$5 JocKey Boots $3.85
Women's Shoes $3.48
Economy sale of women's 14-button, high-cut Jockey
Boots, of tan, Russia calf stock and blaclf, in gun
metal and patents, with mat kid tops and collar
and full two-inch Cuban heels, fashioned on the
latest lasts, Goodyear welts, sewed and CO OC
best oak soles; $5.00 grades for only 'P'03
Shoes, tan color, selected stocks, willow calf, button
style, on the new raised-toe last, with flJO y Q
half -wing tip; a dressy street shoe; spl. P"0
Boys' $4 Shoes $3.39
Here 's a shoe-noise for dressy boys: Our new tan
button shoes, on the "O-So-Popular" last and the
new gunmetals, with seven large buttons ; the new
short, raised toe; sizes 2V to 6; regular JO
$4.00 shoes; take advantage of this price
Children's Apparel
$7.50 Wool Dresses $4.98
store, second floor, we specialize Girls' Woolen
In the children's
Dresses, with high necks and long sleeves; ages 14 (Cx 29
.50 grades for $4.98, and $0.00 grades lor only f
$1.75 Dresses at $1.19
Children's Mother Hubbard and
$2.25 Bonnets at $1.48
Children's Velvet Bonnets in
Copenhagen, navy, cardinal and
brown colors, very attractive, well
made, values to $2.25, Cl AQ
snecial economy priee r
Buster style Dresses and lawn
and nainsook Skirts for little ones
from 6 months to 3 fl? 1 1 Q
years ; $1.75 values at P
Children's Coats in plain tailored or black caracul, sizes CO I C ft
2 to 6 years, $3.98 to $15.00; 6 to 14 years, $5.98 to PrJVr
Bargain Circle
$1.25 Taffeta SilK, Special, 98c
Very high-grade, perfect-weave taffeta, in black only; fine, light
and lustrous finish; suitable for dresses, waists, petticoats,Q O
linings, trimmings, etc Our regular $1.25 grade, at, yardt
Marquise Corsets
S6 Grade $2.69
$4 Grade $1.91
Economy sale extraordinary of the very popular
Marquise Corsets, which are made expressly for
Olds, Wort man & King. Sample lines bought low.
The materials are fine coutil, batiste, dimity stripe,
pekin stripes, etc; tops trimmed in handsome silk
embroidery, lace and ribbon and fitted ffO fiQ
with best hose supporters; vals. to $6, V'V'
AJfOTHZB LOT of the popular Marquise Corsets
in plain coutil or batiste, with tops trimmed in
embroidery and ribbon, fitted with 4 or 6 hose
supporters ; our regular values to $4.00, C 1 Q 1
special economy sale price at only P'
$3 Reng'o Belt$1.98
A special lot of Rengo Belt Corsets, modeled for
stout or abnormal figures; made of heavy weight
coutil, with reinforced abdomen, double boning, etc
Sizes 24 to 30, our regular $3.00 grade CI CZA
for only $L9S, our regular $2.50 grades P''
Ladies' and Children's BlacH Sateen Bloomers
Ladies' Black Sateen Bloomers in ('Children's Black Sateen Bloomers,
knickerbocker style, with elas
tic at knee; $1 values
elas- 7Q knickerbocker style, sizes 12 to CQ.
only 14 years, values to 75e, spl. ,;,c
Economy tSale
Table Linens
The famous Richardson's Irish lin
ens, 72 inches wide, full bleached;
20 choice patterns to pick from;
an extraordinary $L5
quality; special, yard
Dinner Napkins to match; size 24
x24; our regular $5.00 GA OC
dozen; special at only V"f
$1.25 German Damask, 31.10
$1.50 German Damask, $1.25
A rich quality of brocade Damask
in the German make, silver bleach,
all pure linen, 70 inches wide; new
designs; $1.25 grades CJ'l OP
for $1-10 and $1-50 for P l.O
Richardson's finest quality towel
ing for embroidered towels, 27 in.
wide; our regular $125QO
sellers; special pride only'OC
"Old Bleach" Cloths for round
tables, patterns run all around;
special as follows: 2x2 CC A(
yards, $6.00 cloth, only "PwV
$3.50 Art Crash
Portieres $1.75 Ea.
In the drapery store, third floor,
we offer single art crash Portieres
with artistic stenciled borders in
brown, green, red, tan and blue;
splendid for single door drapes and
couch covers; regular 7
$30 grades, special at
35c Window Scrim
23c Yard
In the big drapery store on the
third floor, we price for today's
economy, new colored "Window
Scrim, ecru and white ground with
floral and Persian borders, 20 dif
ferent patterns, 40 inches 00
wide, 35c grades, special at
12!2c SilKoline, tHe Yard 9c
Drapery Silkoline in beautiful rich floral patterns and neat, artis
tic colorings; the very best quality, full 36 inches wide and a Q.
good seller at 12c the yard, special economy sale price, yard,
35c Extension Rods 23c
Brass Extension Rods, ls-inch tubes, highly polisned ; will extend
from 30 to 54 inches; fancy polished ends to screw on and
brackets; our regular 35-cent sellers; on special sale at only"'
CooKing School
Today at 2t30 P. M.
Lecture bjr Mrs. Hawler
All women are invited to attend our
free cooking schooL Miss Hawley is
one of the most successful teachers on
the Coast. Her lessons are practical
and easily understood. For today's
lesson Savory and sweet toasts and
custards. All women are invited.
. Food
Three great Butters put up in 2-lb.
squares, all guaranteed best for price.
The Yacht Club Boneless Sardines.
These Prunes are fancy prize-winners.
The Mammoth Queen Olives in bottles.
S5c BACON 30c
Beechnut Solid Bacon in glass jars.
18c Peanut Butter at, the jar, 13c
25c Pin Money Pickles, the bottle, 20c
$1.50 Kid Gloves 95c Pair
$4.00 Gloves $2.65 .
In the Clove Store, main floor, we specialize for
today's Economy Sale, ladies' two-clasp overseam
style Hid Gloves in a great variety of colors, such
as tan, white, blacK, mode, navy, etc, qc
in all sizes; regular $1.50 grades; special Q
16-button Suede Gloves; also Cape StocK
and Suede Kid; our regular values to
$4.00 a pair. Special for ro nr
today's great Economy Sale sijD
ClarK's Make Hose 19c
Clark's make fine cotton Stockings for Misses and Children; both
black and tan, seamless foot, extra spliced heels and toes; 1 Q
guaranteed fast dye; our regular 25-cent grades for only
M e ni's Union Suits
Carter's Union Suits $3.50
Made of extra super Merino wool, non-irritating, non
shrinking, spring needle ribbed made to hold CO Kfl
their shapes; sizes 3 to 9; special per suit
Lewis Union Suits S5.00
Heavy weight, natural gray color, pure silk and Aus
tralian wool; all sizes; underwear comfort CC Cifl
at popular prices; on special sale at, suit
Staler Union Suits $3.75
Heavy ribbed gray merino Union Suits; CQ 7?
made for comfort and service; sizes, to 48 V-
Carter's" Union Suits $5.00
Pure silk and Australian wool, super weight, spring
needle ribbed; come in cream or white; all JC fft
perfect fitting; special, the suit only H'v'v'
Guaranteed pure sanitary
Suits $6.00
natural wool; CC ft A
sizes 34 to 44; very high grade, perfect fit SfJJ
Linen Mesh Suits S6.50
Pure linen heavy weight; sizes to 50 chest P? Efl
measure; Dr. Deimel's original mesh; suit
Special sizes and styles made to measure. Come early.
ale of Boys' Apparel
S5.UO, SO.OO Suits S3.85
Boys' all-wool Suits; the pants are full-lined and rein
forced; all the new popular shades in Buster Brown,
sailor blouse, .Russian blouse and double-
breasted; values $5.00 to $6.00; per suit
$7.50, $8.50 Suits $5.95
All the new shades in boys' suits; extra well made,
snappy styles; priced regularly at $7.50 QC Qff
$8.50 per suit; on special sale at only, suit v3'3
WomeiiV Underwear
$1 Underwear, 59c
One lot of the famous Merode Underwear, vests and
tights; vests with long or short sleeves; tights with
knee or ankle length; all sizes in the lot; reg- CQp
nlar $1.00 values; special at very low price,
Lot 2 White cotton fleece-lined vests and pants;
long sleeves and ankle length; well made and OQa
perfect fitting; values to 63 cents; special
$1 Union Suits 49c
$1.50 Underwr50c
Women's Union suits, with long or short sleeves,
ankle lengths ; made of fine, soft-finish cotton ; good
seasonable weight garments, neat fitting andQ
unusual values to $1; special economy price T'C
Lot 4 The celebrated Stuttgarter Underwear in
small sizes only; vests and drawers, 28, 30, Cft
32, 34; white and natural; reg. $1.50 values. OVJC
All Carter's and Merode
Underwear Reduced
All requisites for comfort In the softness and elasticity
of its fabric and its shape and finish. We carry fall lines
of the famous Carter Underwear for women, children and
infants. This underwear is made from the finest long
staple yarns, in fine invisible ribs and is guaranteed for
wear and satisfaction- Carter's Underwear is dainty,
stylish, durable and economical. It's pure white and
clean, carefully sterilized and handled by clean operatives.
Carter Vests and Pants, all cotton, 65c grade, at 59d
Carter Vests and Pants, fine rib, $1.00 grades, at 89
Carter Vests and Pants, merino, $1.25 grade, at SI. 12
Carter Vests, Pants, mercerized, $1.25 grade, at SI. 12
$1.25 Union Suits at S1.12 $2.50 Union Suits S2.23
$L75 Union Suits at S1.57 $3.50 Union Suits S3.12
$2.25 Union Suits at S1.97 $5.00 Union Suits S4.48
"Merode" Underwear
r" Merode " 65c Vests or Tights, reduced to only 59
"Merode" $1.00 Merino Vests or Tights at only 89
"Merode" $1.25 Merino or silk and wool, at SI. 12
"Merode" $1.50 silk and wool Underwear at S1.34
"Merode" $2.00 silk and wool Underwear at S1.79