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Colombian Bitterly Resents
Colonel's Statement About
Canal Purchase.
Consul-General FYoiu South Ameri
can Repabllo 6a js ex-President
Insnlts Country Be Kobbed
of Isthmus.
NEW TOEK. Oct. 11. Francisco Es
cobar. Consul-General of Colombia. In
a letter to Colonel Theodore Roosevelt,
questions the accuracy of aome of the
latter atatementa made In a el filed ar
ticle on "How th United States Ac
quired the Rlftt to Build tba Panama
Canal." The letter wii made public
vesterdar and la In reply to the article
tr Colonel Koomt.11, recently pub
lished. The Conaul-GeneraJ'a letter reads In
'1 am addressing you aa an Individual
and do not visa to reflect either upon
tae Government or the people of the
Vnlted State, for whom I have the
deepest respect and regard.
"In a ained article purporting to
hoar how the United States acquired
the rUfct to build the Panama Canal,
you ay "Colombia had shown herself
utterly incompetent to perform the or
dinary governmental duties expected of
a civilised cation.
irlhu fiamel I's.
"In summing; up your actions as Pres
ident, you declare Tfi did harm to
no one save as harm was done to a
bandit by a .policeman who deprives
him of his chance of blackmail.'
In default of argument to refute the
oft-rpeated chares that 70a dealt un
fairly with Colombia, that yea violated
a treaty In which the United Etates had
pledged Its honor as a Nation to fur
antee the eorerelnty of Colombia over
the Isthmus, that you rece mixed the
fak Republic of Panama In defiance
of the accepted people of International
law. yeu hurl your lnaulta and slanders
at the unfortunate country you robbed
of her most valuable possession.
"When you speak of blackmail and
bandits. Mr. Roosevelt, have you for-a-otten
the ultimatum you aent to Co
lombia threatening her -with dire re
sults if her Senate did not ratify with
out amendment the 'treaty written by
the attorney for the Panama Canal
Company T
Laatdtaa; Martaea Cltee.
'Have you forrotten the American
martnea landed by Admiral Glass and
sent Into the, Atrato region to Tavlaa
Ions; desire that the mystery of the
afterlife shall be revealed.
Dr. Hyslop declined to give details of
bis communication with Dr. James off
hand. He said that be was preparing;
port. In which he would
every detail. It was not a
said.- to be handled pro-
htlnarly. He waa abso
lutely sure of his fafta. he said.
"I could write a volume about It,
said Professor HyslopA "I have proved
absolutely. I believe, that the souls of
men and women even little children
are capable of coming; to ua as they
please. In a greater or less degree they
are capable of making us know their
presence. This Is not spiritualism; It
la spiritism.
"To Illustrate how the souls establish
their earthly Identity with us, let me
say that It Is accomplished In a man
ner similar to our way. I might go
to London and wire you, a, year after,
that I wanted to borrow $50. But you
might say that I waa dead and I would
have to establish my Identity. I could
easily do this by telling you what we
had done the last time we met.
"You. for Instance, have Just offered
me a cigar. ' I might mention that or
other facta.
"Souls or spirits of the departed
take a similar course. They may turn
somersaults. So do we. We are sur
rounded all the time by millions and
billions of souls freed from their earth
ly casings. Not all of them are al
ways present, yet any of them can come
to us at will and make known their
presence: some of them In a manner
that seems laughable. It Is true, to
those who cannot or will not under
"But It required years of research
for me to prove conclusively that the
soul Is material: that It lives after the
body has returned to dust. That the
soul has material weight, as some say,
has no claim In reason."
Dr. Hyslop Is trying to perfect hi
system of communication so that it can
be utilised by others not so well versed
as he. Then, he believes. It will be
possible for any mortal to communt
cate with any of those who have passed
Bathrobe Worn by Boston Girl
Buried With Her; Pockets
Reported Empty.
Church Official Think Congregation
Should B Relieved of Notoriety
Fiancee Is Reported to Be
Seriously 111.
Failure of Conference to Come
Agreement Further Cap we for
British Alarm.
and Real de Santa Maria? Wh waa
the blackmailer and bandit then! Who
has told the truth about thla matter
all along?
"Waa It you. when you told Congress
that the people of Panama rose liter
ally as one man? Waa It you, when
you boasted that you took Panama and
let Congress debate? Or was It you.
when you wrote that your actions In
this matter were as free from scandal
aa the public acta of George Washing
ton and Abraham Lincoln, and that
every action taken waa not only proper,
but was carried out In accordance with
the finest standards of publio and gov.
ernmental ethics?
"I think Colombia can safely leave
these questions to be answered by the
conscience of the American people,"
Thief Breaks Into 334 First Street.
Clothing; Only I.oss.
. 1
A cardrase. handkerchiefs and other
tokens of remembrance of Dr. J. 8.
GUtner, of 34 First street, who died
two years ago, were taken either Fri
day night of Saturday night by a thief
who broke Into the house where Dr.
GUtner once lived. Relatives of Dr.
Olltner. not wishing to dispose of the
personal property of the deceaaed. had
tored It all in a bureau drawer, and
this drawer was ruieo.
The burglar gained entrance to the
house through a bsck window while
the family waa absent and went
through the house thoroughly, taking
blankets, canvas, and articles of per
sonal apparel. The theft was discov
ered last night. The total loss waa
about HO In Intrinsic value.
LONDON. Oot. (Special.) Great
Britain Is threatened with a great coaj
strike. Several factora are combining
to produce a situation In the coal mar
ket, which promises serious results to
consumers and to the country general
ly. The possibility of a national strike
of miners In the near future hangs
like a cloud over the market, and thla
possibility waa by no means lessened
by the failure of a conference of mas
iers ana men held a few days ago on
the troubled question c of "abnormal
places" to arrive at any agreement.
In the past few weeka there have
been eeveral grave warnings of the
probability of a strike from people ac
quainiea witn the circumstances; aa a
result Of which householders and large
commercial eonaumera of coal are rush
tng to get In stores In order that they
may be protected from an anticipated
rise of prices. Simultaneously with thla
eziraorainary demand, there la abnor
inal difficulty In getting out the sup
ply or coal, owing Indirectly to the
railway strike.
The question of abnormal places has
been a cause of unrest among miners
over a great part of the kingdom for
some time. An "abnormal place" is
spot In a eoal seam where, owing to
rauna or otner local circumstances.
coal la difficult to get. Miners, who
are paid according to the amount of
coai extracted, say that when set to
work on euch places they find It dif
ficult to make anything like the aver
age rate of wages, and they ask that
mey snan oe guaranteed a minimum,
Tne question bristles with difflrul
ties. In different districts it haa been
dealt with by masters and men in
varying ways dependent on local con
ditions. In some cases the settlements
arrived at appear to have worked fair
ly eatlsfactorlly. but they have been
only local settlements, and in many
coal fields the question haa been a
continual source of friction, notably In
iniB jomi meeting or coal owners
and miners' representatives recognizes
the right of a miner working at the
coai lace at tne rixed tonnage rate to
receive fun wages If employed in an
aonormai piace. the rate to be the av
rage rate of wages previously earned
by the workman under normal ni-
tlons. which shall not be less than the
recognized minimum or average rate
paiu in eacn aisT.nct.
The chief point of difference In these
e owners, while rec
""'"i miners right to pay com
.u won aone, pro
pose to leave each locality entirely
free to make it. own settlement, and
tne miners wish for an understanding
- j "vuaMoui me country.
BOSTON. Oct. 2J. In their efforts
to clear up the death of Avis Llnnell.
the Hyarnla Sunday school teacher
and muslo student, wltb whose murder
Rev. Clarence V. T. ' Rlcheaon la
charged, the police have been unable.
It Is raid, to find the receptacle which
held the poison.
When the girl took the dose of cya
nide of potassium which cauaed her
death, she. waa in the bathroom of the
YouniC Women's Christian Aasoclatlon
home, and though the bouse waa
searched immediately after she died,
the poison receptacle could not be
It was said at first that a piece of
paper found beside the body had con
tained the poison, but this la now de
nied by the police. ,
Bathrobe Clew la Lost.
At the time of her death Miss Llnnell
wore a bathrobe over her nigntaress,
but this was burled with her. When
the police learned of thla fact they
surmised that the cyanide container
had been thrust Into the pocket of the
bathrobe and It waa believed that or
ders wculd be given .to exhume tne
body. Inaulrv. however, has revealed
that the medical examiner's "assistant
examined the bathrobe carefully and
be declared there was nothing In the
pockets of the garment. f
Deputy Superintendent Watts aald
today be bad information of a direct
character that Mr. , Kicheaon dined
with Miss Llnnell the afternoon of the
day on which the girl took the fatal
dose. This information, he said, came
from a young woman who is not
member of the Young Women's Chris
tian Association household. bhe met
Mlsa I.innell on the street late Satur
day afternoon.
Girl Telia ef ntaaer.
"Miss Llnnell told me," said Deputy
Watts' Informant, "that she bad Just
dined with Rlcheson and that she was
going home, as she was suffering from
a headache."
The morning service at the Immanual
Baptist Church, Cambridge, was with
out Information of any kind as to the
plight of Rlcheson. the congregation's
pastor. It had been reported that Mr.
Rlcheson would resign his pastorate
yesterday, but no letter from him was
It was the expressed opinion of
Thomas M. Rumney, chairman of the
finance committee, today, that Mr.
Rlcheson should resign and the church
be relieved of notoriety.
The theory that Mr. Rlcheson would
not resign his -pastorate or Issue any
statement to the publio or to his parish
ioners was expressed by his counsel.
Philip R. Dunbar, today. Mr. Dunbar
aald he had advised the minister to
make no statement of any kind, and
.further that be would advise Mr. Rlche
son against banding in his resigna
Flaaeee III From Shock.
Miss Violet Edmanda, the fiancee of
Rlcheaon. ia said to be ill as a result
of the shock she received when her
clergyman sweetheart was taken to
Jail. The Edmanda' family physician
has made frequent visits to the Ed
manda' home during the last few days.
It has also been reported that Mr.
Rlcheaon has released his fiancee from
the engagement, but when the father
questioned he refused to discuss
It. Nor would Mr. Kdmands say wheth
er the wealth of his daughter or him
self was behind the retention of coun
sel for Mr. Rlcheson.
It haa been said that Mlsa Edmanda
assured the minister before parting ,
with him Friday that he could com
mand all her property, if necessary, for
his defense. She is heiress to severs
hundred thousand dollars.
sold, cut and fitted by our-
sajesmen whose wages de-
All clothes made by this firm are
selves. We employ no percentage
pend on how much they can induce, you to pay. It is our en
deavor at all times to maintain our high standard of style, fit
arid workmanship. Our stock is new and so large and varied
that the most fastidious can not fail to be suited. We have all
the latest shades and weaves, nobby patterns for young men
and a large line of staples for dress and evening wear. In fact
our line at $25.00 is larger than the full stock of most tailors.
322 Morrison; Near 6th .
Portland Hotel Block
nine inches too long In the back when
they fall back Into an every-day poal
tlon. But just get a woman Interested
In something besides herself and she
will forget to pose.
seeming disregard of human life, yet
few accidents A uniformed po
liceman is stationed at each street in
tersection where traffic Is congested
and assists in the protection of foot
passengers and drivers. This police
force, made up of men with Indian
blood in their veins, impresses the vis
itor as most efficient.
South American Republic Fortiric fTORPEDOBOAT IS DISABLED!
uw. on -ngey Blow Out and Two
of Crew Are Injured.
Southwestern Fortress.
PANAMA. Oct. II. Recent advices
confirm the report that Colombia is
preparing for war. The Colombian Con
gress has unanimously voted a credit of
tl.iOO.000 to fortify Tunaco. a port la
the southwestern part of tba republic
and Vista fur the purchase
ef arms and ammunition.
The government Is reported to be
raialnfwmon.y throughout the country
by subscription. t
Incidentally. Visitors Consnme 300,.
000 Foaming; Beakers.
CHICAGO. Oct M. The International
Brewers Congress and Exposition
closed last night after more than 14.009
persons bad paid admission to see
"what beer is and bow It is made.
According to records kept these 4.
tct visitors consumed mora thsa eO.
00 g'.assea of beer.
Government Refnse to Negotiate
With Deputation of Employes,
and Situation I Strained.
n a t . w n
.h. Kn . J" C- 00 " Two of
..... OI lne torpedo boat
LONDON. Oct. tS A special dis
patch from Pekla sajre that strong
rebel detachments attacked the
aerthara arm? twice once Thursday
and one Friday.
The are entrenching every
where. Th.r ear th.v have enlisted
18.000 former soldlsrs.
Ichanc has fallen late the hands
of a separate revolutionary organisa
tion called The Washes-
reb.1 asnta mm at ghang
aha. Tec how aad other towns, t.
men are organising a southern con
federacy and are willing to par the
"'" s'so reports hsary fighting.
Hotv Menage Were Authenticated
to Be Reported.
BOSTON". Oct. IJThat he has talked
with the spirit of Professor William
James, of Harvard, who was himself aa
ardent and patient Investigator of th
phenomena of the spirit world. Is the
assertion of James H. Hyslop. of New
York, secretary of the American So
ciety of Psychical Research. Thla an
nouncement Is regarded by spiritualists
of Boston as especially significant,- In
view of the efforts that have been made
bv English spiritualists to acoomplleh
th sama thing, although, so far as is
now known, their efforts have been
Professor James Is reported to have
told several of his friends, before bs
died, that he would, if possible, com
municate wit a them from the world of
th spirit, in furtherance of his ilfe-
Engey blew out while the vessel was
IS miles off Charleston lightship yes
terday, painfully Injuring J. J Myers,
a fireman, ana J. li. uiODes, a negro
water tenaer.
Th disabled boat waa towed back
Into pert. Th accident was the sea
ond of the sort in the last four days,
th torpedo boat Wilkes' boiler tubes
having blown out Thursday.
Clemency Shown Xavj Captain.
WASHINGTON. Oct. JJ. Although he
was convicted by court-martial of
neglect in the grounding of th bat
tleship Nebraska, near Cap Cod. Mass..
In July, Captain James IL Parker's
sentence of a public reprimand has
been remitted by Rear Admiral Oster
hause. commander-in-chief of th
Atlantic fleet, because every member
of the court united in an appeal for
VIENNA. Austria. Oct. .1. (BpeclaL)
The danger of a general strike on
thu Austrian state railways, which has
been threatening for some time, has
now become acuta owing to the refusal
of the Minister of Railways to reeog
nla th men's 'organisations or nego
taite with their leaders.
Th railway employes In Austria are
organised in bodies corresponding to
trad unions according to their nation
llty but there Is a central body called
th National Coalition, which is con
stituted of th German. Czech, Polish
and Sloven organisations.
A deputation representing this coal
ition went to the Railway Ministry to
lay their demands before Dr. von Roll
the Permanent Under-Secretary, who
acts temporarily as Minister sine th
last reconstruction of the Cabinet. Dr.
von Roll, however, declined -to se the
deputation on the ground that a mem
bar of th Relchsrath. though not aa
a railway employe, but as an official
of a Czech trad union, accompanied it
aa spokesman, and declared that ha
could only negotiate with the state
railway employes direct
After consulting with the Prime Min
ister he renewed his refusal, and th
deputation departed in high dudgeon.
having refused .to appear without their
Women Forget to Pose.
I New Tork Times. '
For a long time people wondered why
the tailor's wife came into the shop ss
soon aa a customer came in to try on
a skirt and sat around telling funny
stories till the fitting was over. On
dsy th tailor explained.
"She does that to make women stand
naturally," he said. "Unless something
is going on to take their minds off
themselves, they strike a perfectly ri
diculous attitude. Every few minutes
I caution them to stand natural, but
their self-consciousness won't let them.
They throw their waist forward and
their hips back, until a skirt fitted th
way they are then standing Is about
A City of Narrow Streets.
Travel Magazine.
Buenos Aire Is very unlike our
American cities. In the first place there
are no skyscrapers. The highest build
ing does not exceed seven "or eight
stories. Then there are miles upon
miles of streets with buildings of one
story predominating. It is laid out in
rectangular blocks, averaging about 400
feet on each aid. The streets are nar
row, and even In the residence sections
they are generally built clear up to th ,
street line. The principal business ,
streets, such as Florida. Cuyo, Cangallo, ,
Bartolome Mlltre, San Martin, 26th of ;
May, etc., are only 83 feet wide, and ',
you will wonder how the traffic is man-
aged. It Is done in this wise: Street- i
cars and vehicles are allowed to move
only on way. On th adjoining street
they move in the opposite direction. It
is surprising bow this plan helps to
solve a serious nroblem of congestion
Cabs and motorcari dash alonar with
Clean collars and shirts are necessities, not
Walker. In a Chicago Municipal Court. Th
queytlun came bejore the Court In a case
Involving a bankrupt, where a laundry com.
pany contended that clean linen warn a lux
ury. The Judge held the opposite view.
Four and one-half per cent of German unl-
Records show that monkeys were kept
as pots as early aw the year 123ft B. C.
It's Good for the
Whole Family.
May be promoter by those who
gently cleanse the system, now and
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only family laxative generally ap
proved by the most eminent phy
sicians because it acts in a natural,
strengthening way and warms and
tones up the internal organs without
weakening them. It is equally benefi- i
facial tor the very younz and the mid-
die aged, as it is always efficient and
free from all harmful ineredients. To
get its benehaal effects it u always
a s
necessary to buy the cenume. bear
ing the name of the Company
California Fig Syrup Co. plainly
printed on tne trontot everypackage.
XX 4
Don't think that we take such pains to
make a good brew solely for the .men
and don't think that it's only good for
the men.
Every member of the family can be
benefited by drinking a glass of pure,
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the mild, domestic cigars you
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but the quality that hurts you.
Even one rich, black Havana
cigar will irritate you. But you
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any number of the light
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