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Provisional Cabinet Minister
Hustled by Mob " and
Rescued by Guards.
That Ilrport at Leas Wa Prenia
tare Is Shown by 'ot That
Senate W Mill In freloii.
Plotter to I.oe Salarle.
LISBON. Oct. 22. tSpectal.) A ru
mor in circulation yeaterday to the ef
fect that tha Cabinet of Premier Cha
iii had rsalgned started rioting which
continued all night. Tba disturbances
centered about Dom Fedro 8juara.
rnv well-known men were hustled
about, among them being Dr. Antonio
d'Almeida. who waa Minuter or tna
Interior la the prortslonal Cabinet. He
waa compelled to take refuge In
tore, from which he waa reecued by
mounted republican guards, who
-barged and dispersed the moo ana es
corted him to hi home.
Many seditious leaflet were scat
tered broadcast. The Chamber of Pep-
itis reniainen in session an ikb"'.
Th can of the rumor was an in
terview between President d'Arrlaga
rd Premier rhagas in regard to tae
siit .aUmr -irh ih trial of mon
archist conspirator, whlrh passed tha
fRit yesteriay. aa r rwiw r,
with a majority of only three votes.
Hepnrt'of Crl.l Premature.
The Senate was ronllnuina the dis
union of the hill at the time of the
outbreak, hence the report or tne
resignation of the fablnet ws at least
Te bill was finally adopted In Its
-ntirtv and a clause was adopted prn
rldlng for the refusal of the salaries
-t cfrt.-!al wio were Implicated In the
-nenarchlet plot.
An itfrni't to save the Portuguese
-rolaer Sao lUfael. which was wrecked
the rorks near Villa do Conde. has
n unayallinir. All of tne crew were
rescued, bnt everything on board waa
Inet. Klfte of the crew of the 8 swam ashore.
As the failure of the Hoyall.t cam
paign becomes more apparent, the peo
ple In general continue completely In
different to the Koyalisl propaganda.
An additional reason for their quiescent
attitude Is to be found la a proclamation
met Issued by the carabineers that
ny Inhabitants discovered conspiring
against the republic shall be Instantly
shut. The P.oralite have suffered fur
ther discouragement on the frontier,
for the Spanish government apparently
has decided to take active measures
igalnst them.
Vroad lacwraloa Threatened.
Ieiplte these obstacles, the Royalists
re reported as preparing for a second
nrrblnerf incursion Into Portusal. They
il! divided Into three columns
'50 men under Captain foiiclore. the
;ovi'Kt leader, near Port Tortel Illn
lomon; M under Camacho. near ln
ioi. anil no tinder Chagas near Pe
.. These will await the snbsldence
f i!.e flooda, and the arrival of a Iloy
.'lt cruiser, and. It Is said, then will
tlark Oporto.
There is a report that Captain Cou
iere has been stabbed, but no definite
.MaiIs are given.
Tlie IMarto Noticlas publishes a
fnm Abrante.-. SO miles from I II
oti. to the effect that last night a
and. arm.-. I m It h rifles and revolvers.
vs surprised by a military force In
he act of tearing up the railroad
racks. The plan was to derail and
. ttaclt a train. Several volleys were
charia-ed and the attackers fled, leav
ng three dead. It Is reported an at
ck has been made upon the govern
ment ammunition stores at Parrarona,
ut the soldiers fired upon the attack
ng party, who Immediately dlsap-ea-ed.
Spnin Disarm MonarrhlM.
MoXTALKflRF, Portucal. Oct. 22.
SperlaLl The Spanish authorities
ave disarmed 20 Monarchists at 8am-
ralo d'Araulo. pear the frontier. Many
Lhers escaped.
I.ot RlTPr PlrcrMon Pant and Trib
utaries, to Cot $130,000.
KLAMATH FAI.L5. Or.. Oct. 22.
Special. Work on the lost lUver fil
er 91 on dam and miscellaneous di
version channels, together with cul
erts and bridge, being done by
'.eorre ". (lark A- Co.. contractors,
robahlv will be completed by recem
er 1. The cost of the work done bv
ie company la In the neighborhood of
IttO.nno. while a large amount of ma
rlal Is furnished by the Government.
T which the work Is being done, and
r.overnmeot also h.s paid for the
nglneerlng In connection with the
ri1e-t. The whole cost Is said to run
lose to SlSO.OO't.
v. v. Patch, engineer, advertised
ftr bids some time ago for a cottar
k be built for the gatekeeper of the
ew dam. but all the bids were too
.Igh. so the Government will do the
rork Itself. The bids were nearly twice
h:gh. Mr. Patch save, as the work
vould have cnt two years ago. It Is
.roposed to have the cottage by
wember 1!. The diversion work will
eclalm Tule Uke
li'.ltamlnoaa Pnxlnct Found on Land
of IVrnrdlc-tine Fathers. -
MT. ASOfX. Or, Oct. 22. I Special.)
n elght-foot Teln of bituminous cok
ni coal was uncovered on the prop
erty of the. Benedictine. Fathers, li
nllea east of Mount Ansel, last Fatur
. ay. There has been no development
vork. and very little prospecting done.
ut the. surface outcropping of an
laht-foot vein and two other undev
eloped reins have attracted the atten
lon of mining experts.
The. property Is leased by 1L H. Brln
y. of Portland. The coal was tested
y an expert and found to be of super
r quality.
Cnoa Cranberry Crop flood.
FIFLP. Or.. Oct. 22. Fpe-
cranberry crop tnis rear in
'oci Co
nlT win ire B"mi. - -
i has a cranberry marsh on
1st. where most of the berrlea
on. who
Jorth In
re gro
H. lies . n ... . .
lilch are said to be the finest
errlea w
lever teen
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heave 14 Tk ' . - A
&' X ':
f . i'rw ,- ..'-r (
Priestess' Revelations Lead
to Arrest of Beauty Expert.
Prominent Cltlrena of wark Will
Ilo Askrtl to Trll of Institution
W hrre Hotnajre Waa Paid
to Woman.
NEWARK. N. J, Oct. 22. (Special.)
Desertion of tha cult by the "prlest
aa" baa led to tha disruption of a
health and beauty achool for men and
the detention of pr. Reno II. Krana
on a technical charge of misdemeanor.
The Essex County grand Jury la con
ducting an Investigation of the school
and the student, many of whom are
wealthy and prominent cltlaens. with
families, are much worried.
The priestess .whose defection led to
the arrest of "Dr." Krana. la Mary T.
Hofla. 31 years old. She was found by
the police In the company of a "strong
man" at a local TaudevlUe theater and
her disclosures In connection with the
school of health and beauty form tho
basis of the case against Krana and
his Institution of learning, tine Is now
at the Detention Home In this city.
ehool Is Advertised.
Krana obtained pupils for hla achool
by advertising for men who wished to
meet a lady of refinement. Miss Sofia
waa the lady. "Dr." Krana separated
the wheat from the chaff, among those
who responded to his notices, and the
elect were admitted to the "Inner cir
cle." In classes at the school of nealtn
and beauty. Miss Sofia stood upon a
pedestal, while Krsnx. at her feet, re
cited weird Incantations -which were
a part of the rites. The students could
not fathom the meaning of tha mas
ter's" talk. Miss Hofla said tnai an
ex-Qovemor of the state and otner
men of prominence received Instruc
tion at the achool and oeciarea iney
were much benefited by It.
rrieateaa Paid Hesaaa-e.
Some of the students have confided
to the police that Mlsa Sofia was paiJ
great homage by all tha students.
Krana referred to her aa "the great
Oom" and requested the pupils aa they
looked upon her, to concentrate tneir
minds upon the highest Ideal of tha
The police learned or tne scnooia
existence through the appearance In
the chiefs ofnee more than a wee
ago of Krana himself. Krana reported
that Miss SoUa. a relative, waa
Ing from his home In Broad street.
He requested the police to find her.
When they did the young woman de
clined to return to the school and
Tlgorously denounced the Institution.
The names of the atuaenis nave
not Seen made public. It is known.
however, that snbpenas hare been pra-
psred and they will be aummonea De
fore the grand Jury soon.
Miss Sofia's parents live in tne
Bronx. New Vork. They said the girl
met Kranx some place In the West
nd thst they were essociatea in eau-
catlonal work In various cities.
.ontlnued From First ra. Ten Station, they did not re
ply to the rehel fire. The rebels ad
vanced, cheering, but their allots for
the most part fell, short. Great num
Kers of rebels proceeded back of the
concessions to the riverside railway
ymri r Ire wareaiea.
Th. Chinese cruisers, at o'clock to
night, opened fire on the rebels who
were attacking the Chinese town. The
rehels retired after the third shot. The
rrulsers freely shelled the rebel posi
tion east of the race course, ana appar
ently succeeded In scaring them, for
within a short time tney were in tuu
At tl o'clock Thursday morning a
large body of rebels advanced past the
race course, tha Chinese crulsera hav
ing taken up a position farther down
the river. i nere wm uuw unua
this time, but the Wushang forts
opened on the warships, which began
to maneuver to prevent the forts from
taking sure aim. Thousands of coolies
followed the advancing rebels.
The ftrst gun fired was posted on
the embankment, and the cruisers with
drew to the Peven-Mlle Creek. The
rebels shelled the north Chinese town,
and continued the advance, and the
crulsera retired around tha bend of the
liver. The march on tha station met
with no opposition
There was only ona casualty among
tha foreigners. A German marina of
a landing party was shot through tha
It Is probably true that fighting oc
curred two days ago at Nanchang, CO
miles south of Kluklang
Lata reports from reliable sources
say that fighting Vs now going on at
Nanking and Manchang.
Chlueee ItrolnUonLtts Put 20.000
Soldiers to Flight-
PAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 22. The Tat
Tun Tat Bo (Chinese free press) re
ceived the following cables this morn
ing from Shanghai:
"Shanghai. Oct. 22 (7 A. M.)
Tilg engagement yesterday between the
revolutionary forces and the Imperial
army. Fifteen thousand revolutionists
attacked the army of General Tin
Tchang. 20.000 men. In the mountain
pass at Kwang Sul In the mountain
range between Ho Pan and Ho Nan,
where General Tin had made his head
quarters. "The Imperial army waa defeated
with great slaughter. The army re
treated In rout 20 miles north. All
stores, artillery, guns and ammunition
which General Tin Tchang had atored
there were left behind and captured by
the revolutionists. It was a great vic
tory for Commander-in-Chief LI Hung
Huen. who led the rebel army.
"The rebels occupy the Sha Gat dis
trict and control every mountain pass."
"Hong Kong. Oct. 22 (8 A. M.)
Viceroy Chang ilin Chi, of Quan Tong
Province, has Issued an edict forbidding
all newspapers to publish any reports
of the revolution. The people of Can
ton are greatly aroused at this antag
onistic measure. Viceroy Chlng has
taken extreme precautions and Is an
able leader. The Inside walls of the
city are well fortified and Imperialists
do not fear an uprising for some time."
The following was received today by
the Young China., a Chinese paper of
this city:
'Shanghai. Oct. 22. Revolutionists
control 21 mountain passes. Pekln in
Governor Sun Po Kee, of the province
of Shan Tung. Is reported to have nar
rowly escaped death yesterday and Is
now In hiding In Chlng Tao. Revolu
tionists burned the Governor's resi
dence at Tsl Nan Fu. according to
calbes to the Free Press.
Orator Refer to Dr. Sun Yat Sen aa
George Washington of Orient.
NEW TORK. Oct. 22. Th Msg of
the "New Republic of China" waa dis
played today fct a public meeting of
too Chinese hold In aid of the revolu
tion, urder the ausplnes of the New
York branch of the Young China As
sociation. Jus Checkman. a leader of
the young Chinese In this country, who
came from San Francisco to promote
the revolutionary cause here, referred
to Dr. Sun Yst Sen aa "the George
Washington of China and soon to oc
cupy the Emperor's throne as Presi
dent of the new empire."
"Dr. Sun has some new political
Ideas." he continued, "which will not
only revolutionise China and the Chi
nese ecple, but will open the eyes of
the world. He has taken the best of
the American form of government and
has sccepted the best of Socialism.
First of all. there v.-ot.'t be any graft.
There won't be any trusts like those
In America and no rich man will rule
and wn politicians. The new China
is going to be real republic."
Chinese Falling to Visit Barber Not
Regarded as Citizens.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 22. Intense
excitement was created In Chinatown
today when the residents awoke to
find a big revolutionary proclamation
signed by Commsnder-ln-Chlef LI Tuen
Hlng posted on the Imperial Consulate
building on Clsy street, near Stockton.
Hundreds gathered In front of the
building to resd the edict of the leader
of the rebels, which commanded that all
Chinese who expected to become cltl
aena of the Chung Hwa Republic must
at once chop off their queues. The proc
lamation read:
"From our President of the Republic:
All people, beginning today, must have
their queues chopped off. Not doing so
at once, they are not to be regarded as
cltlxena of the Republic.
The cable waa received by the Kwos.
Mln bureau.
All Kafe, Presbyterlnn Hear.
NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Oct. 22. The
Southern Presbyterian Foreign Mla-
slon committee hss received a cable
message from Rev. P. I. Woodbrldge.
of Shanghai, esylng: "All safe, excite
ment Increasing. Government protect-
Ing us."
Old-Fashioned Guardian Asked
to Turn Over Fortune.
Carlotta Heath Dearly Ixves Trus
tee, but Just the Same She
Prefers to Spend ,h
Money ller-elf.
NEW YORK. Oct. 22. (Special.)
Miss Carlotta Heath dearly loves Fred
erick R. Maddock. her guardian snd
trustee of her estate, valued at 136,
000 but she believes that she has a
right to spend her money as she sees
fit and has begun suit to have Maddock
relieved of hla dntlea In handling her
fortune. She wants an accounting.
M1ss Heath is 20 years old.
Mr Maddock is the sole surviving
member of the manufacturing firm of
Edmund J. Heatu & Son. He promised
Carlotta's grandparents and parents on
their deathbeds that he would look af
ter the girl. He Is not a young man.
Carlotta says he Is too old-fashioned.
Oaardlaa Girl Part.
The parting has come. Maddock and
Ms wife have left the handsome
Heath home at S00 Rosevllle avenue.
Newark, and Carlotta Is looking for
ward to the handling of her own
money when her auit Is decided,
Carlotta and Mr. Maddock' disagreed
upon the amonnt of money a young
girl Just out of boarding school ought
to spend. By the terms of his trus
teeship Maddock Is not to turn the
fortune over to the young woman un
til she is 24 years old.
"Carlotta is but a child." said Mr.
Maddcck "I do not feel I would be
fulfilling my pledge to Carlotta's
grandmother If I ahould allow her to
dispose of her fortune as she sees fit.
A young girl of her temperament is
unable to assume the responsibilities
of a large fortune."
Carlotta'a Views Different.
Carlotta'a views on this subject are
exactly opposite. She Is not bitter,
however. Neither is Mr. Maddock.
Carlotta lovea her old-fashioned guar
dian dearly. She has told him so,
over the breskfast table, on several
occasions since the began her suit.
Bnt she Is determined to manage her
own affairs. So Mr. Maddock and his
wife have left the Heath home and a
housekeeper has been installed In
tbelr stead. .
Mr. Maddock has prepared an ac
counting of hla stewardship, which he
will present to the court.
"As ;ou can see from this," he said,
"Carlotta's grandmother, Mrs. Marga
ret C. Heath, left her 111 1.885.91. while
at the present time this portion of the
estate is worth $115,052.11, an Increase,
after all tlie expenses of the household
and Carlotta have been paid, o(
$318.20. The rest of Carlotta's estate
at the time of the appraisal was valued
at $21,181.08. It Is now worth $23,221.47.
an increase of $1040.39."
Estimated Shipments From Hawaii
Total $.1,000,000..
HONOLULU. Oct. 23. (Special.)
This season's export of pineapples Is
something stupendous when previous
figures are considered. The value of
the exported pines for the season now
closing Is estimated by Manager
Frledly. of the Hawaiian Preserving
Company, at between $2,500,000 and
$3,000,000. representing something over
800.000 cases of the canned fruit sent
awav from the ports of this territory.
The great export stirs the thoughts
of the earnest men Interested In the
big Industry and all concerned are con
templatlng Improvements against the
bea-innlng of the next busy season,
June. 1912. The Hawaiian Preserving
Company alone estimates an output
this season, of between 160,000 and
170.000 cases. This company has four
or five weeks more to run on tne can
Tillamook County Seeks Best Way
to Expend Money.
BAY CITY, Or.. Oct. 22. (Special.)
Tillamook County Is golnff through a
period of agitation for good roads, but
at the same time there Is much contro
versy over the manner of accomplishing
the desired results, where they should
be located and as to the manner In
which the money should be raised and
The Orsnges are opposed to the lay
ing of a heavier tax than that of last
year, namely 9 mills, also to the ex
penditure of the county's money for
roads that would be of use to only a
few. The county has spent over $75,
000 on Its roads. $28,000 of which was
expended In the purchase of machinery,
most of which has not been used. The
complement of machinery now owned
by the county is equal In size to that
owned by tha County of Multnomah,
including the City of Portland.
A bond Issue Is seriously agitated;
and with the assurance that the money
to be realised by the Issue would be
Judiciously and economically spent,
little doubt is felt as to the outcome of
any election that might be called to
authorize the same. All eyes are turned
to Polk County to see how the election
there will result.
Work will be started soon on comple- '
ierdiand of tVoriL Only..
tlon of the Neah-kan-nie Mountains
road, which will connect with the shore
road already built by Clatsop County.
This piece of road Is not only an ex
pensive one to construct, but a difficult
one from an engineering view point.
With the completion of this road, and
with the splendid county road running
from the south line of the county far
In the northern part, Portland auto
Ists will have s trip before them that
for ease of travel and scenic attraction
will be hard to excel anywhere in the
count ry.
Glavis Ranch Worked.
WHITE SALMON. Wash.. Oct. 22.
(Special.) Armed with forks, a small
army of Japs moved on the Glavis
ranch, pitched their camp and are now
tearing up the earth, throwing out big
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"A Conservatire Custodian"
Tells How to Get Bid of the
Worst Cold and All Grippe
Misery in Just a Few
Nothing else that you can take will
t.e.v wine cold or end grippe o
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sore throat, mucooa catarrhal dis
charges, soreness, stiffness, rheuma
potatoes. The patch is 100 acres in
extent, the tubers being planted be
tween the rows of year-old apple trees
as fillers. The crop is good in quality
and fair In yield, it has been demon
strated that potatoes may be grown
as fillers, but many of the orchardists
claim they attract the field mice and
so are injurious to the trees.
William Ha wire j- Gravely 111.
ANDERSON, Ind.. Oct. 21. William
Hawtrey the actor, while preparing for
a performance here last night, sudden
ly collapsed. Physicians said the actor
was suffering from hardening of the
arteries and that his condition wss
critical. " .
Th- work of changing snd enlsrglns
the Sues Canal has bn In Prr"
most roralantlv since Its opening. In IS"'.
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fective in the treatment of colds or
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cure your cold or end Grippe misery
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