Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 20, 1911, Page 18, Image 18

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    - 1 - I I vein urvT. I FOB RENT.
Hrir vc a Tri rr. aul
Waitress, a-l". rKm mixi hoard.
'ttiireaa fr I .a (iran.l. : per
tnni an4 hAnril, fare a'l.anoed.
h4tnrrm.itd. !rl ,hwMne al!.ry. a
iTimr mni irl lor I'BtiiI huuKworli;
PAi rFIi' FMrl.OTMENT CO.. npi.
i, Morrison -L.
ANTF.T Expr1tt'-1 skirt anil sralst
h..lp In alteration rm. Ths Bartholo
mew Co.. 0 Washington at.
Apple Staadard rarloTT. Ma.
a. aatf lui Tartar at.
t. Onul
I nn th. Huslna.
Fanltarr B-autj Parlora.
'W io 12 D-kura blda.
A Position Out'irnxd.
VV TSn At nnre. romil"nt IM for n-
rl Iioueeanrh. fmllv of 5. two adults
and a ililM: work not hrd. 4 Ei! 4tn
.North: lake Rm flty I'ark car. t off
iti at : first bouM south of carline.
U'lMi lad' of neat eppearsnc. and bual
nesa abllite to do sp"lal work outalda In
Tort'and o-ljr. Apply after A. U-. 120
1 eon bid.
WAMKP t'omp-tent attendants for .n
eral hatr and utr parlor work. Hnbin'a
Hair Shop. Se'.Ung bide., cor. ttih and Al
dr s'ai .
11 'N1 lad of neat appiarance. must
snte a Hood hand; for offloa work. 411
. km., loth and Aldrr. Ak for
I I.. Slan.
k Mr .to tv furnlah aood help and
tiuatlona of all klnda. R'om .V Mi
T"l. A 4T7V
H N.-r:N"! I.ADIErr AOEXfT.
541. Waahlnaton at., cor. Ttk. ITpataJra.
Phon Main J'lM.
IO V II.I.IN ER V aalad!a. rapn-n.-rd. Al-
p'r 1 1 1 T mornina ai Miniri'i
nrr. ,"u;7 Morriaon at.
f i 1 1 of lao a anl
airl to rook and do
rnral hiiawork
;'plv morrtlna.
21 Trinity Tlaca Apt.
lHuwork ;
mini ba Minwun
r.k: nnnr olhar nod apply: aooa wa(ra.
North I2d
at. arrr i"
r- v 1. u 7 L" V . f 1 I rlrl for VrnT.1 houaWork
"mini tw. a aood Plain rook. Tllla-
m-Mtk. TKkr Hroadway rar.
WaJhlngton bl1.. 4th and Waah Bta.
Mam v1d or A .tl-
V? A NTKfk RrfinKt. rapabla woman for ra-
ponlibla p.nlon. lavl t o.. ) nour
rhiid Mdc. 4th and Wanhlnalon.
LA3T lm.
pUr li to
. - . . I n r a for (1111 l' fl WOfk
or WK-k. Apply It'
ll- iv irii T lady lo rara for to
.ku... .1 montha o:d and S yrars old.
t m 4to. Orraonlan.
. . . . t l r . ormonatratora and aala-
omn: laraa aaiary and rommlaalon.
rptna:r. offio tia. rmnc p
NFT rfln. alrl for nral houarwork.
Mo i-haoman at.. Portland Hlhta. Mar-
-ail ;-;.
n n vTFn alteration hands for cloaks and
auit. Wrstarn Otitfltlln Co.. 44 l ah
"is i on at.
v vrL-t l..l lla.aaed womrn to clrrk
hik rv: ttirhi work icountryl; axpartrnca
,ltlra,rar. T H. rron!an.
K.PKKIKN'"EU woman for (nrral work
In o! ens -n oua : no "l -'''
SIT. Yamhill at.
iiti:d tiirl for general houaework;
a"s. ( all 114S Tburman at.. I.
latl'tto HalE'a.
EM F.HIK.Vi'ED aalasman wanta ood lln,
r...uhrrn orvaon. wall acquwlntad. XW.
raeoniari. '
OMAN'. sparln.d on Jarkrta. for altrr-
ation room. A pply I'l I mm ai.
HANTELi An prlncd
i-oata. r.'iv, 12h at.
tailoras n
W V SI K.f Shirt finishers. r. S. La undo.
rand ait. and Kaat yamnni
r A I. K. A t M A V. rsparlanord. for cloaks and
a j it npartrB'ni.
ynT-ri.f walat draprr. Traadaia. l4
Marotiam MdaT
til HI. lo aaatat aim houaawork In 4-room
fat ? N. l.h.
W ANTED Chocoiaia dipper at onca Writ
ir rtooi, Nook, w alla waiia. aan.
BOOKKEEPERS, cavahlara. bill clarkm. ato.1
I will cuarmntaa your aiualtAeauloa ta fill
paaltlona la S9 dayai prlyata Inatrraetlo
k publla accountaati (joaUloa aacurad. J
40. Oraarotilaa.
K'i.lClTiJRS to taka orders for Photo pil
low tops. naa work. 47 Tth at. tic how.
Be learplnc to oprta moTlnc
pictorea; operator aro $ -3 to 3
wrekiy: aay Inalda work; ahort
hours, learn buainses In two weeks,
eono rsaaoOAbia; day and evening
S'riia Wasnlnjton. n-ar 17th.
MEN waatad. aa -. for flratnea,
mootiiUr: brakamsn. t0. aa naarby rall
roada. Exparloaca onnaceaeary; so slrtaa.
posit lone guaranteed competent men.
promotion. Kail road Employing Head
quarter 4S4 men eea; "to positions la
September. Stat ace: aaad stamp. Rail
way Association. Uoa Orsaoalan. P8iriONa tor grnduatea last year;
men and women laari berber trade In
weeks; kelp to aecure position: arada
ataa earn trot U to U weekly: si part
lastracure: Ionia frea: writ for entn
leauaa. MebUr yeteam a collsfea. i
Xarth 4t! at-. Port la ad. Or.
THE RemlBarton typewriter employment
department la the atandard medium for
the p.a. inf of atenoaraphlr heip. Whsri
s o want n (Ood stsnoi rapher. Just call
up Mam 8 or A tilt -IS Stark at.
HT. MAIL. CLERK. poetoHioe clerks, mall
camera. Novsmber examlnatlona In Port
laud earn pie questions free. Franklin In-a-nutc.
Dept. 31"-J. Rochester. X. T.
1RIVAIE SClltML Bookkeeping. short
hand, typewriting, day and malt rkaeees.
14 Chamber of Commerce Phonea: Of
rto. Main its. realJenc East 144.
if Tl'j.N-rl'"Tl'UE operating tausht In the
ater: course. Iarn :t right:
prtr-e reenole: position aeenred. A3
.".10. Oregonlan.
a.AlLE money arrttlng abort atenan. r for
tapera. big pn: fro booklet telle now.
nlted press) Eradicate, tan rranjtaon.
w RITlX'e. 15 mo saw 14th at. Main .
T AN7EI Picture play writers; bi pay;
we teach you. Picture Piay Aeaocln-
Hon. San Francisco
Fast.and bloc.
SlTTATire. WtXTfn MAI J.
cVaa4koear nn) Pecks.
(.ATAB1.E, eoergetlo man with eight yaara
banalng experienca. bookkeeper to aealel
ant rashleri also farst-clae eommerclaj
bo'-kkeaper. srlth OBperlenco In handling
oojtce heip nod correstondene. wou;d Hk
poeltloa: excellent references. I. alt. Oro
goniaa. V I ' K- R" KiM beautifully furnished flat for
rtnt. rry reaaorable; furnished complete,
p-sno. gaa range, woodshed, coal range,
menogant furniture: splead'd view: ref
erences required. I'H-atlon 4t'7 Klh at., net.
Moctaomery and Hall ate. Phone A f347.
ap boa ka. prepare bainuce and atnt
meats, inartal aystema. Olilloghnnv
dnor. 411 Lewis bldg. Mareha.1 717.
VI NTEP roaitlon aa bookkeeper or cah
Irr; tls ?ara esperleme with large East
ern manufacturer. A. Parker. The Co-lon-al.
HOTEL clerk wanta position, accustomed t
handling blgh-c'asa trade: heal of refer
ence. Phone Marshall 311 or address
S 13. Oregonlan.
A NTET) Poaltlon aa draftsman, or will
v rtr.lgn and eui-erlniend construction of
tnjiMmg. d ears' eapcrlcnca in Portland.
1 1 4-sa. Qregnian.
n AME1 A ptltion aa bookkeeper and
etenocrapher by young man of A-l char
acter, city or country. O ftOI. Oregonlan.
ItiSlllOS na clerk, am familiar with all
llnee. IS year- eapenence. AP . Ort-
g -r'lll.
! ' NJ. eaperteooed bookkeeper and offl.-a
man. or clerk, wtstie position; willing I city. tl !!. tiregoilan.
li.I N'l m
to office.
n. 14 ear old. wanta poaitlon
4 years" eperlenc. good rvfer-
encea C -
SI KNtMiKAPHEK snd bookkeeper, experi
enced In lumner bus mess, deatrea poaltlon.
N 3"4. Qeeyor'an.
r fTER' young man. -" years. dnr-a
poaitto.! with logging camp. H .VmI.
r. men s fiirr.ierting sslea
ta position., a years' ekpcrlrnce
M .M t "rrrflnlan.
kf I rflTE-A' ' E I msn. handr at off t. e woik.
.art, position. Phuue MarsbaU 111, or
Aa ell. crsgooian.
jjowkke-pey. and Clerks.
TOfN'O inarrlrd man. with rt ara ex
perience in rflall and wholesale nar and
tonaceo buslnea wishes a poaltlon; steady
and tin site brt of reference. M 013.
B T RNi m; It A I'H KU. fip'rlnrtd, acll recom-m-nje.l.
Marshall 1M.
IS there no poslMop for a youna stranaer,
Z. of anod chaiaclar? I want a job.
reardlera of hours and irt. wher.
hnnfitT and cls application to duties
will brine idnnrrmrnt. i want work
and I want It qul-k. SM. Oregonlan.
rrTOMOBII.E inatT lo years' esperlenr.
In farlor. demonstrating-, ahop foreman,
salesman, electrician and road n,n' ?
open for poltirn; Interview deaired. Ad-
NEAT youtta man wama steady work In
rlar atand or clrar ftnrr. fruit or con
fectionery atore: work of any the., klnda.
A ldra A .MIT. Oraonlan.
Tl N'J man from Eat wanta poalllon: ao-
ral rrr nr.rlnr pllna. rrpalrln
and drllna automnbttaa. trurka and molor-
boaia. P. i Hoi rort'.and.
WINtxrtV trimmer and rard mrllar. b
youna man with yrare' Kporlnc In
Kaatrn ritla: boat of rrfrrancra. J
H'ANTKn Slluatlon bv man marrlod.
Ui hotol manaitrr. Middle Woat: will ac
oM an-thlna that ha" rhanca of ad-
vanonint. l J. ciraronlan.
I Mm .VV-Ti; I M M KK. . rij-r rtlwT. mn U
'round mmn, mi ties dpriinnt or rlnth
Ine i!tr po-tttrtfi in or out f Portland.
P. . Hps rnr.
AI-I.-AR'"!M rrpi-rrv njrn. - prl-nr!.
would Ilk poaithtn In cr-amrrv. K. L
fnnnH. Untml Monarch. Stark nt.. rort
lanl. r. .
iHAlTFKm. Tranr. wanta poalllon: do
own r-palrtnu : carful driver: i-tarrld.
A-idrea- E. W., 349 Weat -tlmon. T-L
Main 4J7Q.
TRri'KKRIVER. younn man. with 7 ybr
fartnry. t?tlnr and driving -Kpwrl-fic In
Kant on rrtIni trurka ancf paur rar.
wanta powi:ion. 'P. O Pox Portlanfl.
BX fariorr for-man. highly rcinimndd.
wanta atadr position; now mplov-d but
ran acr-pt .aition .Nov. 1. Koora SOI,
rhimhr of ommr.
J A PA.V KPK. irtK'd co.k. manta popttlnn In
family; have lona; time -porlrnra. J R.7.
Ina-hotiaA or take rnuklnK Jon.
V .v0.
A MII1I.F:-A.KI man with brat of rf-er-nc?.
ti arniuilntrd In city, want
wor a. K J3. r-a;nan.
HOTFI, rlrk; at preaent
with a lumb-r firm In Ma ho. AV
Orfon Ian. -
WANT pam.n as wat.-hman. underatand
at-atn heat: afrtctly a-. her. AT iy. Or
rnlan. H'TKI rhrf and if. aerond rook, want
plarea In rommrcll hotel ; heat of ref
AT ri.wv
Kl'l"' ATEL ihlnea mania an poaitlon to
work for femtly or iwp roomina;-houe
or ro4k. Applv p.iona A 44.'1.
GAS' il.INK engineer deatrea p.aitlnn on ata
tlonarv. auto trurk or marine. A S.'S. Ore
gon ian.
JAPAVKrifi, yu nit. honeat. wan'a poaltlon
aa wit-r. houaework. in family. U
IOI'NW man atienlina; Holmes Pualneaa
t'oll-f dealra a p!ara to work for hia
room and board. rail Mln 513, A 2Ck4.
vXrKKlKN'Kl all-around butcher and
aauaaaemaker wanta poaltlon- Addreaa F
5:t. irea;ontan. -
BT a CMnrae youn n.n a poaitlon; Jani
tor or waiter In apartment hoita. or aa
ioon. Phon- A .'34 or Main TPS4.
LA I'NPRVMAN. fompetcnt all-round waah
hou man. wanta a poalttun. 8 4tO. Ore
iron .i (i.
liol'SKt LKAM.NG and wlndow-waahina; or
Janitor work. Main 7-C Andrew J.
0LORED porter wanta offlra or rooming
bona work; few huurs daily. Ma rah ail
JAPA'K.E wanta poaltlon aa porter or
Janitor. 14 ft !avts ft.
XKi HANIt'AI, drafiaiian dealreB poalllon In or rtt ailing. Q .M '-. Oregonlan.
WANTED pnaltl.-n aa watrhman. and rare
taker on duck pond. AC Oregonlan.
MA and wife want" place on farm. Fred
Fitrrel. r. Gllm-n au ,
rRE.NCHMAN wlahea poaitlon at any kind
of work. L. Oregonlan.
COM TrSTKNT aefmair--a w.ah-a
menta by day. Parana. i
GoOU. young Japaneae wanta a poamon
aa porter. F ski, oregonian.
HI'JH aehool boy. with wheeL wlahea work
after arhool hour. Main ni.
Bayokkeiybera and rUeaogr-.phera.
WANTED Br experienced 5 yeara lady
gienogrmpner. poFi.iun m iwuii
will pay for ability, e ;. t and accuracy
aa well aa general eft tcienry . have eg
rellrnt refererc-a. 8 6J. Oregonlan.
XPEHIE'CKD young aienographer dealroa
poailJOa, PW- -- eaafe e-l 4. am. ...
RAPID atenographer. with aoma experience.
good apeller. accurate ana rapia typewrit
lt. deairee ponliton. Phone Marahall
IiCM.rKKEt.PEK aud atenogra-pher wanta po
alllon. aome f kpcritnc. uo-ii -
lawn Utl.
4.PEK1EN'ED book.keepr d-urea poaltlon.
rfIirVB' a IIWU" - eaai a
EXI'tKT law et-nogiapb-ir dealrea position.
Phone A frew.
fiTENOGHAPHER. monlhi' experience.
wtahea poalttun. Main
SKUINii done; dreaaea. ladles' I:; chil
dren a vc aiMi up, or won oy oour. n
bor 17.
HHS VA VIS. dreaamaktng parlora : reauwa-
aoe prlcea. aiain i..n. ataaiaoa.
DKK.ll AKIN-; at your home; expert flt-
ting and diMrting. rnone a
ibXl'r. K X tailoring and dreaamaamg. 4o
Timhlll et- fhone iiarnan um
DKKSSMAKINti by the day at your home.
M i - Whitney. afain i...t.
I It KS M A K K H from the Knui -Hl lak- day
-or r..eonar,e. fhonr .v.iranail i
M ' RSK lahea more enffacementa; aoma
houaework; doctora rererencea. .Mar
shall PRACTICAL ruree for Infanta wlahea aa-
ga getnen t. K a-1, iwjoniin.
FiK an expeclenred ' nurse," phono Mar
shall ZA7,
VIIMV j.lha position as housekeeper In
or out of rttv fr one or more gentlemen.
'nil st Front at.
gN E 4.T bouaeke-per dealrea altuatlon for
idower In rtty. H rts. Ore gonlan.
MII1'I.K-A.Er fiwedtah girl want general
hoUtwork. l'hon Kaat 5i4.
1 'nt lea.
EXTKHIKNKD (iTmin girl dealrea a good
poaltlon In a family of two adults. Call
morning- Phona A 401.
EXPEKF.N ED Hrdih co-.k wants altoa
tton In good family; flrst-rlaaa refrr-nraa.
Applv ro'onlai ave.. Overlook, phono
VY ood law n 3HT.
A RFFI.NEI. experienced marrle. woman
from the Fast would like to manage a
first -claaa rooming home: references ex-
ehan-re.. J nrfonUn.
ilAKr.IKH la fly ish-e pi are or a home;
a-ill wt.rk fr board and room for herself
and husoand. A iregonian.
WANTEITo take eharge of rooming
house or apartments; reference. Main
HOVKST young ladr. long experience, wiahea
poaltlon waning on lunoh counter or clerk
In bakerr H :2. C-regonlan.
iY mania general houeo. k In email
family. month. J. w. l.K Knoalea
a e.
EMPKOILERINO and china painting dona
to order, reasonable pricea. perfect work.
4 ? S Waah in g ion at.
IOC NO lady would Ilka poaltlon lo good
family, preferably In vicinity of Hood
B i ve r. Or. F HI. Oregonla n.
COM PETKNT niter detlres pkSttion with full
charge of workroom; beat of referencea
AO C'regonian.
fionp patrv cook, hotel or del (cat ease a.
Phone A 4"7.
PAT ork. Uundry or eooklng. In private
fm1'y. M-rahall i-'Co.
E -X P.? R I K N " ' E D s--oDd g.rl wuhe poaltlon
with private fnmiir. Main 7 a:. J.
Y f. EN "H la.l . go-i rook, a lahea at nation
In P'lt e fniii I, MA. Orgon1an.
Ji y. rii-tl- if r lr bed and aehei by -"per
M--a W. H. Kcott. Tabor :4-. C :.7.
i .'MrFTKNT woman aants day work. Ta
Nr Tl
iniA -an --k f-r iatuida, reX
trrovea Wwa.aa&
M lac-rl laneoom.
W A.N TED Scotch lady, widow, wishes po
sition aa companion, housekeeper; hag
had charge of Invalids, traveled extensive
ly Addreaa Mrs. A. Mackay, Ford P. O..
Kootenai County. Idaho,
YOl'NG girl wants pitlon aa chambermaid
snd do plain sowing In private family;
West Side preferred. AO f.Q4. tregonlan.
FHlST-4'IeASS cook, bonrdlng-houa- or hoitl;
beat of refer ncea. AD .rK'$. Or-gonlan.
ICE MACHINES A thoroughly etaMlshed
ref rlceM ting machine factory of unquea
tloned reptuarlon require immediately a
fully competent Waiern oiegnn agent;
sato exixrlemo and quallflcationa. AV
.".it. Oregorjan.
AGENTS and sollrltors wanted for good
propoajtlon ; a baolut-ly something new In
Portland. Apry Couch Birtz.
COMPETENT canvaaaer tor a book of In
terest to music, lovers and musical people,
lei be ra I commission. A V oHM. Oregonlan.
WA NTED I.lve agents to sell photo cou
pons. Boston Studio;' 342 l-i Wash. st.
question: :
How much time havo you WAPTED
trying to rent that house, flat or store of
yours by yourself
How much of your time has been
WA tTKD by Incompetent agents?
We get RESULTS try ui and see.
XT,, chamber of rommrr,
DESI RABLE t-natit wanta a sunny hotiit
or flat, ft to 7 roomi; pay cash for' furni
ture If good; south of Morrison, west of
Mh; give full particulars In letter. A J
!.oH. Ortgonian.
MAN and wife would like to take care of
home for party going to California dur
ing Winter In relurn for rooms; can give
bt-st referenew. A fi.M. Oregonlsn.
I WANT a house of ft or 6 rooms and 3 to
4 lota suitable for garden purposes; must
be cheap and not far from car. 31S By.
F.xchange. Main r.81.
WA.NTKI) 4 to 6-room plain furnish. -d
house; must be close In and reasonable;
state terms. ' V Mil, Oregonlan.
45- R m M house or apartment, partially fur
nished or unfurnished, close In; glVo loca
tion. D ftC2. Oregonlan.
t'NFUtNTSHED housekeeping apartments;
psy rent with two hours' work In morn
ing. AD iio. Oregonlan.
AVANTED By married coupie. 3 roomi, fur-ni-b
'd for light hou keeping; good
neignborhood ; moderate price. AD wlO,
Rooma With Board.
WANTED Room and board by middle-aged
gent irm-in. Writ Side, home comforts, or
will shKie eating expenses If deslrd. L
M2. ('icgonlan.
rom rent.
Fnrnlsheail Rooma.
Those three beautiful furnished hotels.
2Ut 4tU at. 21 m 41 U at. --t.T'i 4th su
On Fourth St., running from Taylor to
Salmon at. ; brand new brick, elegantly
furnlahed; steam heat, private hatha, hot
and cold water In all rooms; strictly up
to date In all respects, and at popular
prlcea. If you want aomethlng out of the
ordinary, 1n the heart of the,clty, at rea
sonable prices, give us a call, as we knor
you will like it. Roomi by the day, week
or month. Towtst trade solicited.
After October 1 JdultL ALDER. 4tli
and Alder sts. will uCer special induce
menta on weekly and monthly rates to
permanent guests during the Winter. Best
location In the city, convenient to a. I
theaters, stores, business district and poet
oCftce. A comfortable home with every
modern convenience. In the heart of the
city. Local and long-distance telephone
and hot and cold running water in every
room. The beet of be 1. boy and elevator
servloa day and night. Rooms singly
and eneuite. House thoroughly modern
and newly furnished. Kalea oo applica
tion. HOTEL t'APLES.
Residential. 30 Tayb.r. Transient.
Bet. Tth and Park Sta.
Opposite He.llg Tiieater. Central, quiet.
Rooma from ?5c dally, with private bath,
from $1 dally; special weekly and monthly
rates: aultes. New. handsomely fur
nished brick: elevator, telephones, hot and
cold running water. Prom I'nlon Depot
J" car to Taylor or "W" car to 7ih ;
from Hoyt-atreet Depot. $ car. transfer
on Morrison to 7th. Phone Marshall 2JK
317 S, EaaL Burnslde.
Why not live on tl Eaat Side and save
money on your room rentT We can give
you better accommodations for less money
and within 15 minutes' walk of the bual
neta center of the city. Steam heat, hot
and oold running water; rooms single or
en suite; ruum with private bath, rat
60c to $2 per day; regular, S2 to $7 par
week. Phone East 5940. B 1.75.
131 Eleventh Street.
New. modern brick building, steamheat
ed. private baths, hot and cold water In
rooma. beautifully furnished, corny, com
lortaiile. rent reasonable. Call and see us.
Regular and transient trade solicited.
bAlU.E.NT HOTbu, corner Grand and Haw
thorne avea. Beautifully furnlahed rooms,
ingle or en aulte, with private bath; hoc
and cold water, a team heat and private
phone In every room . moderate weekly or
monthly rates; grill In connection; transi
ents solicited.
One block from I'nlon Depot; 140 out
side rooma wltii bot and cold water and
steam heat; offura ape:ial rate to perman
ent gu)ts; rates iOc to $..00 per day;
A.SQ and up per week. Phono Mala
That quiet, select family hotel, at "It
Washington iL, near ..d ; nicely fur
nished outside rooms with private bat a
and phones; hoard If desired. Main 8631.
THE PFwF.R HOTEL. East 3J and Burnslde;
new fir proof building, steam-heated, hot
and cold water and phones in all rooms;
private baths. lobby and parlor; elevator
service; ratea 3 jper week and up; tran
sients solicited. Phone Esst 17L
II? YOU want a nUe clean room, prlcea
ranging from 93 to $5 a week, call at the
Amhurst Hotel. 40.. S Washington St.. bet.
loth and 11th; house under new manage
ment and run thoroughly respectable.
10!-H Twelfth St. Marshall
In heart of business district, steam heat,
hot and cold water, free phono In every
room. II day and up; 14 week and up.
THE REGENT. 131 S Seventh st. ; beautiful
rooma. right down town; Ideal location
for partlee staying In town for bualneaa
or pleasure: rate, very r-aeonable. by day
or week. 315 month up.
HOTEL REN WICK An Idesl home for
business people, centrally located; elegant
rooma; all modem conveniences ; 7th and
Taylor eta.. 1 block from Portland HoieL
opposite Hl"g Theater. Main tUtf.
12th and Washing toa.
Any room In the bouse for 38 a week
and nothing extra for two In a room;
thoroughly modern.
LIGHT, airy rooma. modern, aultes or aln
ft and 33 week; five mlnutaa walk
to theater and stores; free phono. Lin
dell Hotel. 3:3 4th.
HOTEL ARMlNIUe. or. 11th and ator
rtson; all outside rooms, centrally located.
Permanent guests solicited. RespoctaolS
aad eery moderate prlcea.
THE IsARR-ABKE. 227-, La rr a bee st. Un
3r new management; modern. Ratea
$2.50 up. Transient.
o"uT?IDE stean. -heated rooms, 3.i; with
bsth 33 per month. BresMn Hotel, 4-2
W-ahlrgton at.
SORRI3 HOTEL, rooms strictly modern,
3 &0 per week and up. 1324 lTth at.
THB HAZEL Nicely furnished rooms at
moderate prlcea cor. 3d and Montgomery.
AMADON Hotel; nl-e. big. front rooms,
steam heat, hot water, tti tip. 268 3d at.
Fwrnlshed Rema In Private Family.
K'KiMS In private home, with or without
board. Everett at.
ATTRACTIVE rooms, private home, walk
Ing distance. 410't Park, at.
SEVERAL weil furnlahed rooms; every convenience-
6."3 Washington. Phone A 140,
CLEAN room. $2.0 per week for one. 33
for two, tin 12th at.
NICELY furnished sleeping room; single
bed. bath and phone. 4."u Yamhill.
p LHASA fT front roo-n, every convenience.
r.M j nth at. Main
Fl'RNI S iTE D room. no other roo mrri;
bre-akfaat If dalred. Main tW2.
ROOMS In modern private home. 410 Park
st. Phone Main s;.?7.
KICK warm room, 312; beautiful largo
pari or. Nob Hill. - Flanders.
. KEAR.NET. ad bel. well furnished sun-
nv room, modern improvements: "W" car.
iFlVE ftont room. sultaM- for two; mod
ern. ?5 llth. near Tsvlor.
I.AR'iE. airy rr m. atam heat, first -rU'S
b.ilh. 71." jL'hTiaon. f'st 2.
NEAT rovuL, $Lmf per week" 2t 12lh sC
Furnlalied Hoom flp Private Family.
PI-EASAXT room Itr-ptlvate home; modern
co.t.-..nrnres. walklna; distance; g-mle-m-n
pteferred. 0M1--A Columbia at. Phone
A f.jtj3.
TWO nicelv furnished rooms, steam heat,
1ft minutes' walk from Third and Wash
ington ts.; use of piano and home privi
leges. 344 Wasco St.
264 E A JT ."D NORTH, S. K. comer Mult
nomah, front room, well furnished, suit
able 'for two. In modem, furnace-heated
1 tI.EEr'IN room, furnlisned. furnace heat.
I front room, suitable for one or two. 4l
N. Ifl-t, near Washington.
TWO handsomely furnished rooms with mod
ern conveniences; gentlemen preferred. 103
17th st.
FINE, large, light rooms, clean and new,
verv rea-onanie. 41 West Park. Thone
Marshall as.'..
COZT well furnished single room for gen
tleman; modern house, reasonable. -54
1 gf H -t.
ONE or two furnished rooms, private fam
II v. suitable for ladles; housekeeping If
desired. 12 E. 2)th. near Morrison.
VERY nicely furnished room with steam
heat and rv-ry modern convenience In
up-to-date apt. A 4"i.
IK you a ant a nice, clean room, private
bath, heat and pnone, rmi reason-urn.
call S3 North 1Uh at.
OAO HOTT FT. Wei! furnished light and
attractive roomi; take 8 or 16th-at. car.
Phone Marshall 1258.
FRONT ro4m. lis lit and airy, private en-tra.i-e;
gentlemen on ly : suitable for one
or two; cheap rnt. n't n.
BEST lorated private place in city; roomi
clean, well furnished. rso. im iitru
FINE room, fine Hose location, furnace, etc.
SO monthly. 264 1?'h st.
N ICEL.Y furnished room In private family.
'24 North 2"th st.
NICE furnished room, gentlemen, light, heat,
bath. $6 month. Fargo St., 'T" car.
KLKUANTLY furnished; hot a-.iter heat;
also housekeeping suite; grate. .q.W Hth.
no t!aetar&.
! LAMBERSON. 554 Couch, cor. 27th Good
board and clean, wen-rurn-.snea rooms;
single and double; walking distance; table
board also. Main 551. A 3081.
DOES a home appeal to you 7 The Whitehall,
cor. 6th and Madison, large rooms, bath,
broad verandas, quiet, close In, near car.
4 blocks from P. O. American plan.
THE MANITOU 2d I 13th. n-w manage
ment; thoroughly renovated: Inviting
rooms: choice hoard. Main 11 84.
LARGE front room for 2 or 8 young men,
choice table board. 33 N. 3 7th, one block
from Washington.
PORTLAND Women's Union. 23 year;
rooms with board, use of sewing-room, II
Vrsrv. 5)0 Flanders. F. N. Heath, supt.
Booms With Board In Private Family.
ROOM, with breakfast and dinner, sultabla
for two young men. easy walking dis
tance, near 5 carllnes. &i0 East Main St..
corner 13th; all modern conveniences,
hath, electric lights, phone, furnace heat.
NICELY furnished, sunny, airy room ; fur
nace best, free bath and telephone: the
beat of home cooking; a strictly respecta
ble home. 405 West Tark. Phono Main
NICE room, suitable for two, with board,
walking distance; all conveniences, in re
flaed home .M.. East Ash, corner of 15th
at. Phone EstlS43.
TWO nicely furnished rooms, flrst -clans
table board, s'l conveniences, phone, elec
tric light, furnace .heat, gentlemen only.
.".4ft Sixth st.
NICELY furnished rooms for two gentle
men, with board; references required. 193
loth si.
ROOM and board In private family, large
sunny rooms. German cooking, furnace
heat and pline. - lt st. .North.
BOARD and room with hot and cold water,
furnace heat and free phone, all very
reasonable, at 42i Mill st-
N I "ELY furnished rooms with board, suit
able for two gentlemen; references re
quire!. lSa 16th at. -
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room"" everything
modern, only two in family, walking dia
tance. R 1222. 668 East Salmon.
TWO well-furnished, coxy rooms, with nl -i-nv.
nnd xrellent board, for two or thref
rrllned ynufcg mn. Phone A S74.
LAKGE front room to 2 people. 36 each,
three meals, home cooking. 201 llth st.
Maaanall OCOt t
BOARD and room In private family for two
persons rooming ton-ether. Call Marshall
Walking distance.
WELL-FURNISHED room with best board,
large porch and grounds. Main H071.
ROOM and board, private family; two gen
t lemen. 571 I.add ave.. near Hawthorne.
FINE room with board; nice home; furnace,
fireplace. Eaat 2MU.
CONGENIAL hnie with hoard, ueat rooms,
single or doiiMe. GHsan st.
Ele.ntly furnished
2 and 3-room
Hates very moderate.
Only a few choice
apartments now vacant.
Appiy on premises.
MENTS. 410 Hawthorne ave.. near Grand are.,
brand new brick bldg.. now ready for oc
cupancy : 8 rooms, splendidly furnished
a part menta with modern conveniences, on
the Eaat Side, but closer In than most
apis. : very reasonable rent and bast of
LUCK ET1 A C-OL'KT. unfurnished, a class
by themselves. Se them. Lucretla st.,
near 3d and Wash., 2 to A rooms, all
large, light and outside; large closets
and hatha: hardwood floors, free phones
In each spt. Phone prop, and mgr. Mar
shall 1S2'.. Janitor. Marshall 15O0.
92 Grand ave., cor. Eaat Stark.
Nicely furnlahed two and three-room
apartments, modem, prices reasonable;
walking distance, phone Esst .too.
ferson sts.. 3 and 4-room apta., with batn.
unfurnished: all outside rooms: every con
venience; modern; 6 mln. walk from P.
O-; very reasonable rent.
PARK; APARTMENTS. Park and Harrtsoa
sts., beautiful 8 and 4-room apartment,
furnished for housekeeping; everything
new and modern; elevator; te Up hone Ui
346 to 180.
14th and Clay Sta.
Front corner. 4-room aulte, with vestl
buied entrance; private bath and phone;
one of the best In the city. Apply at onca
Modern building-, --d and Glle-u sta
Best of service. 8-room apartments, with
bath, every convenience and very reason
able rent. Morgan. Flledner & Boyca.
70 Lovjoy at.
Heautlfully furnished 2 and 3-room
apartments, outside rooms, walking dis
tance. B rTST apartments In the city; 8 outside
rooms; sleeping-porch, maid's room; wasa
trays, gas ranges, refrigerators, beat, hot
water, telephone. Stevens Apartments, TtH
A. Northrup st- Main 0368.
HAUSMAN APT. 7.t0 Hovt St.: new
snd elepantlv f umlshd : .1 and 4 rooms;
ants, with Bleeping porches; best rate and
location In the city. Phone Main I.V.2.
ONE furnished four-room apt., sleeping
porch, steam heat, private phone, modern
conveniences. Avalon Acta.. Rosa and
Claekamaa sts. phone East 8172J
West Side; finely furnished apartments,
every modem convenience, easy walking"
distance, low rat--.
1HE BERYL Lsrg rooma. larg closeta.
cool and airy for Summer; some f ur-
B'sbed apartmenta 21st and Lovejoy;
take W car. .
WALDORF COURT. Irvlngton, East Pth and
Schuyler: Broadway car; it rooms; steam
- hest; disappearing- beda; ref rigeratora, gas
ranges; modern. Phone East S47.
N EWLY furnished and unfurnished 1 and
3-room apartments, steam heat, reasonable
prlcaa. Phone East 2114. 18 K. 7th.
roci.-. FRIEND. 8 W. cor. 7th and Jeffer
aon modern, unfurnished 4 and. 3-room
ants; large outside roomi; referencea.
LFON' E Modern aptr.; Nob Hill dlstrlot.
oonvenient to 3 vaxllnea. Lb4 -d sU. -N,
OCTOBER 20, 1911.
171 King Street,
Corner Wayne.
4. 5 and 8-room apartments, situated
In the most select neighborhood in the
city: highest standard of tenancy main
tained. Apply on premises.
A new. four-story brick building, on
comer of Third and Montgomery sta.; all
outside rooma. five minutes- walk to busi
ness center; completely furnished two-room
apartments. automatic elevator. baro
wood floora, private bath and phono and
Janitor service; ready for occupancy Oct.
20. We also have four fine storerooms; a
fine location for barber shop, grocery fore
snd drugstore; rent very reasonable. Man
ager on premises. Phone Main 0466.
THE BARKER, cor. 21st and Irving ata.;
this new 4-story brick now open; fur
nished and unfurnished In 2. 3. and 4-room
suites; reception hall, electric, automatlo
elevator. Holmes disappearing beds, built
in buffet and writing desk, gas range, lce
Vio nifntv nf t-.lnaft room, both phones.
vacuum cleaner free to patrons. If ou
want aomethlng nice, come to the Barker.
Phones A 1744. Marshall 2WU.
T u f" a C D IP V oi.t and .Tnhnson Sta.
complete Sept. "l; finest, brightest and
pest arranged apartment resiu-nuw -city;
6-room; all outside, daylight rooms;
convenient to cars, walking distance, pri
vate telephones In every apanmen
steam heat, water, gas ranges, refrigera
tora, laundry facilitiea. vacuum cleaners,
etc Attendant on premises. Marshall SobO.
U,1NZ APARTMENTS. 14th and Columbia.
4 blocks south from Morrison street; new
brick building, completely flrst-class. fur
nished In 2. 3 and 4-room family apart
ments; private bath, reception hall, steam
heat, hot water, elevator, free phone, com-
firessed air carpet cleaning, janitor serv
ce; rent per month. 2rt. $:.0 and up.
Must be seen to be appreciated.
44S llth at., near College; take Mt. Ta
bor car west; l.'t minutes" walk to rost
nfrice; four-story brick building, two and
three-room suites; strltiv modern; auto
matic elevator and dumb waiters, private
bath, telephone and lock room for each
apartment ; laundry room with steam
dryer. Both phones.
These elegant 5-room unfurnished apart
ments, situated In the heart of the city,
within 10 minutes' walk of the business
Apply on premises for reservations.
044 Everett Et.
New and elegantly furnished apart
ments; 9 rooms, reception hall and sleep
ing porch; automatic eltctrlc elevator and
private Pacific telephone; located In one
of the choicest residence districts, sur
rounded by elegant, homes; walking dis
tance. .
Thoroughly modern 3-room unfurnished
apartments. $2; 4 rooms. 2."i: 3 rooms.
Vy this Includes slides, steam heat, hot
mil roM wnlff. brI ranees, private Pa-
rifle telephones and janitor service. Apply
on prem ises.
Place, betw. 10h and 20th sts; Just fin
ished; most magnificent apartments on the
Pacific Coast; rentals reasonable; sleeping
porches: private nallways and every mod
ern convenience; references required.
Phone Marshall 302.
A besutifully furnished 3-room (large,
light and airy) apartment, steam heat,
private phone and bath, automatic ele
vator; the most home-like and quiet in
the city, must be seen to bo appreciated.
021 Marshall. Main 6";s. A
FURNISHED apta.. 2, 3 and 4 rooms, suites
have bath, sleeping porch and Pacific
' phone. Electric elevator, good heat and
hot water. We take children and require
references; price $35 to $60. 37 Trinity
Place, near Washington
TIB Washington, cor. 22X at.; 2. 3 snd
4-room apta.. furnished or unfurnished:
ap-to-date. clean and modern; private
bath, telephone; rates reasonable; beet
service. phone Main 7180.
Ne.r. nicely furnlshtd and unfurnished
8-room spartments. Every modern con
venience. Call Marshall 3V8, A 44."-8. Ref
erence required. Corner 2tth and Kearney
streets- .----
nri rnlumblft streets First-class 8-room
unfurnished apartments; all modern eon
teniencee; best location In the city, front
ing the parks and only 5 minutes' walk
from the business center. Apply to mgr.
149 2od st N. ; newly opened, elegantly
furnished 2 and 3-room apts., private
f .hones, baths, also single room, best rate
n city. Marshall 2603.
Cor. loth and East Ash.
Very desirable 5-room, all outside, fire
places, hot water heat, good location, fur
nish ed or unfurnished. phone East 2871.
THREE SUNNY ROOMS, furnished apt,,
giving view of mountains and city, steam
heat, private phone and balcony ; 1 block
south Wash, and 23d. Cedar Hill Apts.,
lb Jreen ave.
8-ROOM furnished apts.. outside rooms, pri
vate balconv and Phone, reasonable pent
to desirable parties. The Cecilia Apta,
.'d and Gnsan.
B ADDON HALL. 414 llth. cor. Hall, S and
4-room apartment, lurnisnea ana unrur
nlshed ; private phone, bath and balcony
po re h s. U'J up. Marsnau 11 u.
THE .11 : ANITA.
tr5 1 lth. near Clay. 2-room furnished
apartment, private bath, 'modern, largo
light, outside rooms, rents reasonable.
THE COLUMBIAN, llth and Columbia ata
4-rom apt., furnished or unfurnished.
Desirable location, every convenience and
ery -a.-.-'"
mi it- DtDuivnuiu
390 12th st. New, 2 or 8 rooms, ele
gantly furnished. Janitor service. Mar
shall 44.
170 et. Clair; 2 nicely furnished 3-room
apartments and one unfurnished 3-room
ttpsrtoittnt; free phone in each apartment.
All outside 2 and 3-room suites, strictly
modern; we challenge anyone to dupiU
cate our puve-
8 and 4-room suites, elegantly furnished.
J60 20th st. North. Phone Main 03. or
Main 117
410 &th Furnished and unfurnished,
strictly modern apartments; walking dis
tance; prices reasonable, no children.
Park St., Cor. Maaiaon
Furnished S and 4-room apartments.
Individual phones; convenisnt. downtown.
429 E Morrison, corner of 7th. 2, 8 and
4-room spartments. furnished up to date;
private baths, moderate price. "wnVgt.
HARRISON COURT, 5th and Harrison, on
furnished 2-room apt., laundry, bath, etc.,
hort walking distance and reasonable
THE KINO DAVIS, corner King snd Da-la
atreets. 3 and 4-rooms modern apart
men ts, references required.
.,r, ELEGANT 3-room furnished apt.; also
50 modern, furnished 3-room fiat. East
Side B 16'U. Tabor 17QS.
eT.c- i i.-irFERSONIAN 2 and 3-room ntn
every comfort. walking distance, $.o to
$3Q; mooem. "Q .zT j. Lz. m
ON EON TA, l m." - a-room suites,
hot and cold water In every apartment;
reasonable. Phone Main 4697.
45 MODERN room apartments; all con
veniencs. walking distance, phone, sleep
ing porches. Main 4930.
BRAIN'TFE-B Elegant five-room apart
ment. West Side, walking distance, rent
reasonable. Main 7741. 295 12th at.
THE MORTON Furnished and unfurnished
apartmenta 697 Washington st,; both
FLAT four bright, pleasant rooms, private
bath, furnished or unfurnished. 231 Hall.
THE ELMS 2 and, 3-room apartments, fur
nished. 191 14th st. Main 6444.
PLAT "A." 64$ Waah Ington street Steam
heat. Phone Marshall 452.
NEW seven -room flats $..0. Inquire on
premises. 694 h Everett st.
14th and Halsey; 5 large rooma sleep
ing porch, private Jront porch, hardwood
floors, fireplace. tll bath, kitchen fur
nished with tine overhead gas range.
Among beautiful homes, and excellent car
E. 22d and Brageo it-.
New flats, irvlngton d rlct. 5 rooms,
sleeping porches, tile ba.ns. g ranges,
hardwood floors, (f replaces, built-in buf
fets: hot water heat; will be ready about
November 1.
E. 22d and B razee. E. 9.3, C 2322.
UNUSUALLY desirable furnished flat. 3 or
4 large, sunny, airy rooms; private hath,
fireplace, sleeping porch ; close In. 841
Montgomery, corner 7th St.; very reason--ahle.
. .
and Hancock; 5 and 6 rooms; all modern
conveniences; Broadway car. Frederick
M. Dempaey. 434 Chamber of Commerce.
Phnn Marshall 3321.
EXCEPTIONAL. 8-room flat. Including
hett. hot water, sleeping porch, maid's
room, wash trays, gs range, refrigerator,
telephone, vacuum cleaning system. 7A1-A
Northrup st. Main 93."8.
NEW flats, overlooking beautiful Pe
ninsula Park; light, airy ; sleeping porches;
near Jefferson High; public school; see
them today; fine for children. "L" car.
FOR RENT Strictly modern 8-room flat,
walking distance, 123 per month; also a
strictlv moaern 5-room flat with sleeping
ba 1 cony, $27.50. M. O' Brlen, 400 Y eon
bldg. ;
FINE modern 5-room flat, corner 22d and
Kearney sts.; jras stove and carpet on
stairs and bedroom; fine. Phone Main
wrtoft. Main 3.r7.
FOR RENT New modern 3-room flat, hard
wood floors and sleeping porch; center of
Irvlngton. 2 blocks from 2 carllnes. Phone
East 1761.
NEW, modern, o or 6-room flat, reason
able, furnace, fireplace. Dutch kitchen,
etc. rt4 K. lmh st. North, 1 block south
j of Sandy Boulevard.
LOWER 5-room flat, steam heat, not anu
cold water, sleeping porch. 931 Thurman
st. Phone S44-S.
$-N MONTH New 5-room modern flat, at
Kin Belmont st. E. J. Geiser, 420 Cham
ber of Commerce.
FOR RENT 4-room flat, neatly furnished;
phone, water, bath; rent S30. 230 hi N
isth st. L
WELL-FURRNISHED modern flat;- special
raia to permanent tenant; references. Main
UNFURNISHED modern five-room flat.
$27.00; gas and water heater for sale at
cost, Fhone Main 1443.
Modern 3-room apartment, newly fur
nished; very reasonable. 701 Everett st.
4-ROOM modern Hat, walking distance. In
quirc 2SS Sacramento, near Williams ave.
TWO four-mom furnished flats, 561 Daven
port st., Portland Heights car to Spring st.
6-ROOM flat, all modern conveniences. E.
lRth and Ash. Phone B 2006.
TWO new modern 6-room flats. 6S3, 635 'i
.Id st. Inquire 634 4th at.
BEAUTIFUL new strictly modern 3-room
flat. 230 Alberta, cor. Gantenbeln ave.
FOR RENT u-room flat, bath and, furnace.
60S Salmon. Key GOO Salmon.
MODERN 5-room fiat, furnace, nice attic
and basement. 473 Tth st.
NEW. modern. 5-room flat, in choice neigh
bor h ooriCallEJ63jl:
FOR RENT 5-room flat, bath and furnace.
50 Salmon. Key 00 Salmon.
SWELL, modern, 6-room lower flat. $30;
adult s. 7S9 East Yamhill, near 23d s t.
LOWER 4-room flat, near "U" carllne.
East 470 2.
Housekeeping Rooma.
TH E BEAVER. 12th and Marshall; fur
nished for housekeeping; gas range, elec
tric lights, hot water, bath, laundry, free:
$15 per month up; a clean place, best In
the cltv for the money; short distance
from Union Depot. Take "S" or lOth-st,
cars north, get off at Marshall st. No dogs.
NEW biilld.nt-, newly furnished; single and
two-room housekeeping suites; hot and
oold water, heat. Janitor service. 330 Mill
st., between Sixth and Seventh. Phone
Main 4122.
3f4 Morrison st., cor. Park.
Furnished or unfurnished apartments,
elevator, steam heat and all conveniences.
$1.50 TO $2.50 W,EK; clean, furnished
housekeeping rooms, free laundry, bath,
phone, clean linen, heat. 406 Vancouver
VO. tXUX - TJ D.BIl.uu , a. an. q v a. ..
TWO and 3-room unfurnished suites, beau
tifully, centrally looattd, saving carfare,
absolutely respectable. 30ofe Jefferson,
corner 5th.
FURNISHED housekeeping suites, very de
sirable, Cambridge bldg., 3d and Morri
son. Call room 3d.
NEW YORK, 7th and Belmont New brick
building, furnished and unfurnished apta.
$10 upj steam heat; walking distance.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms.
44 Washington "st. ; no children.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms in new concreta
bldg. Phone Woodlawn 299T or 2379.
Housekeeping Rooms In Private Family.
FOUR gentlemen to share two nicely fur
nished steam-heated rooms In private fam
ily ; $3.50 each, with breakfast; horns
privileges, walking distance. V 502, Ore
gon fan.
189 13TH. first floor, 4 rooms, completely
furnished, bath, gas and steel ranges,
water heater, lawn, fine location, adults.
Main 8R72.
BEAUTIFUL large corner, bay window
room, modern, housekeeping permitted;
square from E. Ankeny carline. 3 12 E.
llith st. Flat B.
8 CLEAN and well furnished housekeeping
rooms; 1 large front room; ground floor;
free phone; walking distance; nice neigh
borhood. Phone Mar. 2570. 375 Main.
TWO nicely furnished rooms for light house
keeping, reasonable; gas. bath and phone,
light and heat; uu of piano, desirable lo
cation. Main 3467.
lt9 ISTH, first floor, 4 rooms, completely
furnished, bath, gas and steel ranges,
water heater, lawn, fine location, adults.
Main 3672.
NICE, large, clean, modern housekeeping
rooms, front and hack yard, gus. water,
telephone and select neighborhood. Main
227. Rent $20.
TWO nice suites, two rooms each, private
hath, furnace heat, reasonable rent. 54
N. ISth st.
TWO lovely furnished housekeeping rooms:
sink, water, bath, low rent. Call 58d
Pettygrove st.
TWO housekeeping suites and front rooms,
$14 a month. Inquire at grocery store,
515 JciTcrson. -
THREE connecting housekeeping rooms;
also single room; lower floor. 450 Yam
hill. T$ FOUR furnished housekeeping rooms,
gas plate, steel range. 6:0 7th st. Main
PLEASANT furnished room and kitchen. 33
North Isth, 1 block from Washington; rea
sonable. TWO large housekeeping rooms with large
pantry, modern. West Side. Phone Main
8382. "
PLEASANT housekeeping rooms, light, bath,
shone, furnace heat, and running water.
SOT Davis, cor. 14th.
TWO Quit housekeeping rooms. Phone
Main 9053; opposite Failing school. 721
TWO 2-room housekeeping suites, modern
conveniences; no children; $20 a month.
V90 12th st
NICELY furnished housekeeping suite,
phone, bath, gas. ZSS 14th.
THREE furnished housekeeping rboms, fur
nace heat. fiK E. Burnslde.
FURNISHED housekeeping suite. 2-room,
rent reasonable. 699 Everett st.
FRONT suite, with running water, bath,
gas and phone. 340 College.
813 14TH. cor. Clay. Large 8-room fur
nished suite, south facing.
3 OR 4 furnished housekeepings rooms;
ground floor. 202 K. 40 rh st.
THREE newly furnished housekeepings rooms.
modern. 3-J h-ast istn. cor. Main.
LA ROE front furnished housekeeping room,
bath and gas. Call 540 Williams ave.
3 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.
Grand ave. North. Phone East 4r!S.
FURNISHED rooms, with housekeeping
privileges, in small family. 310 E. 9th.
6-ROOM cottage, bath , and electric lights;
first-class condition; $16. East 64th and
Ash sts. Phone Main 4924.
8-ROOM house on Kearney. Phone East
4-ROOM house for rent. 267 Sheridan st,
Inquire634 4th st, ;
$30 New. modern 7-roomed house on Haw
thorne av. ; furnace. Tabor 2270.
MODERN 6-room house; attic, basement,
furnace and lawn. 6M East Taylor.
MODERN 6-room hous. Call mornings,
S6 E. 17th. Phone East 2W.
LRV INGTON Modern 6-room house, near 2
oarlines; rent only. $30. Main 29. f
7-ROOM modern house, attic, basement, city
water, half block to car and hard sur
face street, concrete walk, electric light,
gas. large lot. large ornamental trees, at
University Park. $17 per month. Francis
I. McKenna. 77 Chamber of Commerce,
Main 42. A 5143.
6-ROOM bungalow, modern In every particu
lar; i minutes from business district, or
block from carltne; can be bought on
terms same as rent. Peabody, Cleavland
& Co.. Main 1622.
$20 6-ROOM cottage, 361 Stanton St.. nesr
Union ave.
$50 8-room modern dwelling, 36S East
9th, near Broadway.
JACKSON & PEERING. 246 Stark st.
8-room house, newly finished, f.09 Har
rison st.; fine location; key at 510 Mont
gomery, phone Main 4151. Woodlawn
12 ROOMS. 51 2 H Williams ave,, entira
2d floor. 9 rooms already rented, low rent
to steady tenant. Inquire owner. 155
3d st,
FOR KENT Strictly modern 9-room house,
7f0 Lovejoy near N. 24th at.; rent $50 per
month. Wakefield, Fries & Co.. 85
Fourth st.
TWO houses, 7 rooms each, elegant condi
tion, choicely located. East Side, one well
appointed for physician, reasonable rent.
M. S. Rentery. Stearns bldg
FOR RENT Large residences, suitable for
boarding-house or private hospital. In
quire 315 North 2 2d St.
FOR LEASE 8-room house, modern, 13."x
110 feet ground and barn 14x40 feet. K
478. Q.-egonlan.
FOR RENT 9-room modern hous S. B.
cor. 12th and Salmon ; $ H'O per month.
Applv 39 12th st. Phone A 2H7-1.
MODERN 7-room house, fine lawn, full lot.
781 Lovejoy st.. $."in. Vanduyn & Walton.
Mr, "ha tuber of Commerce.
10-ROOM modern house, close In. on West
f?lde, rent $6.".. Parrish, Watkins & Co.,
."n Alder st.
7 YORK street 1s a modern 7-room houss:
fireplace and furnace; '-a block from C3d
st. carline. $25. Call 414 Spalding bldg.
$l 5 rooms, pantry, bathroom. fireplace,
furnac. 71. E. 0th St., half block Broad
way car.
FOR RENT New six -room house, modern. to 'W-W carline. $20. 42:J5 48th
avenue S. E.
100x100, 4-ROOM cottage, barn, chicken
house, fruit trees, $10 a monLh. Phone
C 1291.
7-ROOM modern house, $-0; wood In for
Winter. 468 Mason. Sell wood 13S3.
SIX rooms and bath, good location, with
yard and view. Main 1 Sfift
MODERN 7-room house. 715 Hot St., corner
22d. Phone East 30.. 9.
Furnished Houses.
EIGHT room? and sleeping porch, with
blcck of ground: strictly modern and
completely furnished ; on Vaughn street,
Willamette Heights; $0 per month.
24S Alder st.
MODERN 7-room house, completely fur
nished, large lot. one block from car. a 5
minutes out in good neighborhood ; rent
for month to parties with references.
Call 88 H'th. Marshall 129S, A ST?..
FOR RENT Furnished cozy five-room bun
galow in Irvlngton; ail modern conve
niences. Phone East oOoo. Call 49S East
loth St. North.
8-ROOM house for rent; hardwood floors.
Turkish run down stairs, mahogany fur
niture throughout, rent $82.50. Thones
Main 4011. A 6211.
A VERY comforts hie 7-room furnished
house for If ase for six months or more.
439 East 19th North, near Tillamook.
Call ft'ternn0
5-ROOM new modern house, furnished, pi
ano, $25; no email children. 409 Emerson
t. Woodlawn car.
$l'o PER mmiih, nicely furnished -r n
horns'1, including g.ts and steel rang?. li14
Orand ave. North. Take Union-., vo. car.
ATTRACTIVE new home In Irvlngton.
handsomely furnished. hardwood floors,
sleeping porch, den, etc. East 909. m
COMPLETELY furnished 8-room modern
house. West Side, close in, $55 month.
Call 420 Chamber of Commerce.
NICELY furnished lower 5 -roomed flat with
piano, near Steel Brldtre. 2H:, i, Holladay.
Rent reasonable, adult s. Key at 2-7.
10-ROOM furnished house at 39 llth. bet.
Montgomery and Harrison sts. Inquire
Park Apta, room 100. Marshall 133.
NEW. modern 7-room house, furnished com
plete, furnace. Hawthorne ave. Tabor
MY furnished 0-room house, 1 block from
Rose citv Park car. for rent, or will sell.
Price $:iuQQ. Call C 2224.
MODERN 6-room house completely fur
nished, with piano. Call 266 12th; will
1WIOOM cottage, completely furnished, on
Broadway carline; modern; rent $45 per
month; references. Phono Main 3X27.
9-ROOM house, furnished, close In, rent
rea son a b le. M. S. Rentery. Stearns bldg.
tVROOM nicely furnished cottage; modern.
350 East 37th st.
ATTRACTIVE 8-room residence in Nob H1H;
furnished. Phone Main 1 170.
HouKf. for Kent. Furniture for Sale.
COMPLETE furnishing of a five-room
bungalow; polished quarter-sawed oak
dining set. dressers, bookcase, etc. ; low
rent and a sightly location; a nifty outfit,
for anyone who appreciates a cozy little
home. Call 4.5 Falling st.
10-ROOM modern house, close In; furnace,
lease, rent only $35. well furnished; must
sell; $425, terms. Marshall 3.'i.
FURNITURE in lO-room house for sale by
owner. Bargain. Furnace. larre yard;
rent $40; nicely furnished. 624 Flanders.
FURNITURE of six-room cottage for sale-;
rent $17; three rooms bring $11 above
rent; price $.50. 268 Mill at.
FURNITURE of 6-roora flat, close In. two
rooms rented pay rent, good condition;
terms. Main 8600.
10 ROOMS, modern, lease; can clear $50 per
month and your own rent. 363 0th. Main
NEW elegant furniture complete for 5-room
bungalow for sale cheap. Phone Main $529
12 to 5 P. M.
F CRN ITU RE 5-room flat, very cheap, ea.v
walking distance. Phone East 2144. 400
Ross st.. cor. DJxon. L car.
FIRST-CLASS furniture of a 5-room flat for
sale; grat sacrifice. 425 6th st.
NEW furniture, 6-room flat, great sacri
fice ; roomejrn pay rent. 475 7th st.
NEW, fine furniture of modern 9-room flat,
asy terms. Phone A ;2;ii. '
FURNITURE 6-room flat. $150. this week;
party leaving city. 32(Va Grand ave.
FURNITURE of 57oom flat for sale to
highest bidder. No. 73h QMaan at. t
FOR SALE Furniture of modern 6-room,
cottage. See owner. 107 13th st.
FURNITURE of 9-room modern house; easy
terms. 3S6 Park. Marshall 3.IJ4.
STORE In modern brick building, nearing
complettton. on Grand ave.. at Stark, op
posite Morgan-Atchley Furniture Co. S
atore; any size from. 20x90 ft. up; 20-fu
ceilings; for almost any kind of business
this location offers the greatest oppor
tunity of any In Portland; especially good
opening for bakery, confectionery and del
icatessen, also for electrical fixtures.
(08 Abington Bldg
NEW store, on established business corner;
one block from pentnsuia bchwi,
carline; suitable for groceries, bakery or
confectionery: size 22x50; living-rooms,
bath if wanted, or will subdivide; lease.
Phone owner, woooiawn hhj.
FOR RENT 2 stores, with brick building.
25x50 and 25x75; Just the place for com
mission house on Vancouver road; fine
opening for grocery. 250 Kllllngsworth
"BARBERS. ATTENTION." best location on
Alberta St.. room tinted, plumbed and
-wirpd for barber shop: will give lease;
rhap rn.t. Apply at 1Q44 -G. ISth ft.. N.
STORE 30x70 ft.. In automobile row. Aider
St.. near Ifith; $55 per month. H. P. Palmer-Jones
Co., 213 Commercial Club bldg.
Phones Main 89, A 2053.
SPACE for rent In front of Crystal saloon,
104 First st.; splendid location for an
ovstcr hous or an office of any kind.
$25 MONTH New, modern stores at 0
Belmont street. E. J. Geiser, 420 Cham
ber of Commerce.
SEVERAL stores at east end Madison-st.
bridge. $20 to $40, according to size. In
quire 271 Hawthorne ave.
FOR RENT Corner store, N. W. corner lflth
eprt Raleigh; $30 per month. Apply 889
12th s.. Phone A 27S.
PuKllON of drugstore, iarge show window.
63 6th. bet. Oak and Pine.
All-night elevator service; special In
ducements on yearly lease. 3G3 Swetland
bldg.. Bth and Washington.
2 LARGE rooms in new brick at 13th and
Salmon, much light, built for
!f dies' tailor, mfg.. milliner, etc Mala
5301. .
FOU RENT Desk room in a fullv equipped
office. Main 5988. 416 Abington bldg.
FURNISHED office, use of phone. Room 430,
Worcester bldg .