Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 14, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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OCTOBER 14. 1911. '
I i "Hilda Lesswiys" by Arnold Bennettt "Rebellion " by Joseph
Latest patters0n The Life Everlasting " by Marie Corelli-7Aree P ays by
Me dill
ays by Brieux
FAiiiiY rOS PlVUittii Al Uftiuu-' wiii.
riCtlOn J A member of the French Academy.l
First Act Leads to Introduc
tions to Financiers by .
Obliging Swains. .
Suits for Divorce Filed at Ore
gon City Making Man and
Spouse Defendants.
Merchandise of teril OvXy.- -
Saturday Miliinery Specials
t -
: J : . . . ;
: i
iwnrn TP. v Ci
ult Money $3000. Aiti.rno ' I'm
1000 and $210 .Monthly All
mortjr I All lornwr Portland
Man "IV.ur Half"
f'RK'-iOM riTT. rm. I1.-iS;T(IjM-Tn
of th rrr:tal irouM" of
Cr.r W. Al'.pkr. pn of r. A. Almky.
a ral-r:y r"tir1 rrrtlan1 corif-cti'npr.
an I ti!m.!f a prwi r"'n theater own--r.
ml il-t IVprl A!!jdv. rl.-tPr r.f
!.;: (MlTin foray. 1-avo. atilfVii
frym n yrr.rtu-o to Orjon. Thir
rom:r wap by f.vft f'Vr.a a
ait acaln'f tr o-hrr hrr ;f:rv.
FjII 1ra:la r.f th a-itta ar ti"t avail
able fr inr rp"n that trt au'riort-l-.r
at Orxnn Oty tiiv rfup1 to
mk the complaints puM!c until frr
re has b-n oiain1 on the
but the a.tion. In wrhl.-h Mrp. All
ky lp plaintiff l known to twin artlon
Jr dlrorro. in whirh h a.ka for
pull nionev. I MOO attorneys fr
an-1 1 10 a month alimony.
Tha "uit In wi her huahand t
plaintiff an'! p1"- iW-nriant l. .r.PtitnI
to he al.o a Hivorr. arln. The hu
br.U l retreente. by J.irm-a K F"i
t -n. formerly an attortny of fortland.
but Bow of yan Krirrhr .
I n te aroan-1 Inst pummort and
rPl"I.1lnl l-.l not brrn errred in
arl W. AU-ky. h ilefemlan t n one
a. t n. Jv T. J:fr). rM-reap-ntina: Sin.
Al;jk. refu-l lt meni to make pub
it. any of the de'all. uf hrr dlvoroe
r..mi,Uml. but It l rreume.t that the
rlarce are piir..!anuallv tha pam- as
Ihnw contlr.-. In a almllar putt filed
In San Krn. i.oi on S-.t.Tnr.-r II.
The lrouM.. of the Allpky family
firpt flared Into print In Krn.-ipco
.n Aueu 1. when Mrs. Allr-ky ttava.
out an Interview In whlr-h phe an
nounced her Intention of fillnK atilt for
d yntrp and alio- of putnir her husband
I .rent- for l!00.0 on the irround tht
they had altrnatrd Ma afr.cll.-np and
bad aoueht to pe.arate r.rr.rlf and her
husband by threat of dlp'.nherttanca
and by other mean., bhe paid that el'
and her huponn.l bad at on time en
tered Into a conilrary by whlrh ar
waa to pecure a dlrorve an. I he waa to
arlva ber I10 0' and remarry her as
oon aa HU father bad "pet Mm up In
In her diyorre complaint Mrp. Allpky
a- t,rl her huhand of cruelty and In
f'elfy and named Theo Willip a.p bla
afr.nlty. II" bad. aba n!d. written lier
tnat ha no lonirer bad any ov or af-f.-et"on
for her and had fre,.ienlly ap
plied abusive 111.1 off.npivo rlt!eta to
' TNe transfer of the cllToree action of
Mra. All-kr t lreon I" believed to be
riii to difficulty in tr-ttlnj crl on
tli bUPband In that elate.
Ir!f.rl to Ward tut Attack of IVr
nU'Iou lt-rtbr.
M KIKi 'KI. CVt. !3. tSiKt
If M ! tvr.l Ti"t iurf fi04l.
p ir. tr. iurf rni.k am! urr lr It
; : r t ! t;i- fu:t if '.vlc .-Ith
c r r .ttrc. .Mt'.i ml l Prst n.r tine.
v.iir .i .. t--c!'!-".l t crrv in rm
li.ti r. t.murr t-ir ttilniriium f ml
,( nii,l tr nuilmum i'f uncm
I I-: !r .t -I p 1 1 ! f . t t n ( f'r th rrl-,.-rt
f tI- rir.
I ,! It l- V- TN-krl. c! 'airman
i f : r l.-.r.t. i: wan .Vri.l. to crrluit
rrcu r ir 'I Mi of I if t.tlrifA. rr.
rrrt tr-i. riJirkt mp) iiirct
f t w itr pp' " I ntm ki r. ;'rt
r It" (.rtfwp n til ' oril i-i.
Ar ir -r f-ntur i f t' wrk will
t', i-T-ti:.ti"n of roi'tttln -f
trr trrth n.l rp"1 of t' tIE thP
,trri M' a iiT-rHtiin aicatr.t t
.r 1 f rr t'irarr kr- ;r and
hni,-' rf I op 'f 1 ' i " plr.c r-fu ar.1
frathrr In ta-k s''ip !!t br wacrtt.
lnalll Sit of J. Jin ll.nry Snillh
Ma Ilie at ll.-arlnic r.
Mlta. I-KAKI. .II.Mt .tl.KV.
Opponents in California Or
ganize for Repeal.
SALT L.KK Cir. ivi. 13. No ar-r"-nirr
tn-nt t i fnp.iral of Jolin
Jlmry Snvtn,. ! t -nnnn ltr of ti
Mormon thur-h, who -1 I hr en r! v
tA lav. will rr..'!- ur:;t x arrival of
h! tlmt if'. Ir. :irn r'jirr Sriul.
from 'hUMi-.. M " 11.11:1. rxpr-ta
Na of h finhfr d.-ati n pivn
t-xlar to ApiM Oori! AlV-rt t-vuTh.
mho i- nrr:oulv t;t brr. 1 h- -.h-io-
cant an Immr.Ha ri-Iap. art! ho is
a.1 to In a rri' cordition.
XrrrUk ltill Cornpan j" Pl.tnt
-trojed tr firr.
TAOniK. Vih, 0.-1. II. i.-ne-
rlt.( The awmlll of the M-rrlck &
l;obr Uumher I'ompary at Ar;ine. thrre
ml. cp ouihtt of South I'ralrla. on
t he Huckley b-anch oi the N..rtlier:i
I'aclf.c w:ip i1e.troed' by fir. car.y I
Tte Iopp wl ! be 3S.r'ft. wl'h Inpur
ance of 1S.0 hoUt l.Q- f
of lumher In the rp wap ive.1. with
the axcepllon vf ah-oit 40.001) fet. The
Hr s'.aricd In the bo.ler ron.-n.
( anvasp for Mnnturra to IVp Bccun
at Orwf Now York Ilofldquar
Irra Urllcd l'n to filvo
MrtniR Snj'ort.
bU ANGELICA rl.. (vt. IS. Spe-
clnl.i An antl-aufl nice nppoclnt ion.
rompoped rntire'v r.f worn" n. a
at rone uii:i iry of men ar.l alni".t un
limited l.i.-kli'it frcpi I New Y'.rk
h.aliuartrrp. Is to Ne ..r.'nnUrd inune
itl.ttrly In every county In fallfornta.
alth f:ie o . '-ct f r-jiealinif woman
purfraise ti.lolih l! -ect lc I t loll.
Th- tlrpt n retLP)C !""k l to t!i end
pi1! be I eld lirte nit .M.'ti'lay.
Tie o;.j'orert of piiflrnse believe
Hat fo a' ' l-ve ro ,i!cu:ty l oh
talrlniT te rccpary number of pli:
natur.p to ln"ke tie of ti e new
amendment alttiin 9' !' "1
brcln tl-elr canva. at op re. They
bae : .i oil p:i aa;lulle here, and
li e tren p nnt'-pi !Tr - ora .titration la
rr.t to put in two or three iltr.rp pp
mucX It i un l-r ptoii'. n t to mpntlon
..for trrrl a' ten would prefer tl at
women p'ioulti not vote.
Tliouh KiifratH-hlM-d. ' NfI Xt
Pay I nilor t'.ltin: Law.
SAN I'KANl'ISi'i'. i"'t. 11 (Special.)
i I'oa.-r. Atinrtiey-Gen-
eni. and II Vbb. of Attorney,
tieneral Wet.l.'p offlco. .n the abpenee
of H;at o.'f.clul to. lac fcavr l'i rln
ton ap to tiie effect of tm adoption of
rert iln ( oii. tuull n..l am-n.lmcntp. tiie reservation that un off-ttand
opinion pl oall noi lie rejar.le.l as of
ficial. Th v botn bold t" :il the .(uep
tlon.s rait-i ere u.-h aa iroull r
uutre careful Ptudc.
The j'i-tion bv tbe adoption
of llie. j.uffr.i- amendment are nianv.
rr.d pome are .llfl .a'.t l anpeer. To
tne quorv. "lo a omen l.vir.e liable
t a roll tax alonn with tie votlnit
trlvtWe?" Attorney v'obb rei'l'erl. "No.
I h law aayp that every male, between
the acea of :i and " IP llabl. to the
t ix The law would have to be amend
ed to read malo and female In order to
f rce wom-n to pay poll tax "
Vi to the- ciueptlon a hetver women
would Ik. re.julred to P. rvc aa jurors.
ol.b pai.l: I riw noi u..-
tlon, 1 -ave riven !t merely a rapuul
1 invopfaat'on ar.l I am not a.uipfie.1 In
' m own mind hp to h" that law
one of the f. uurea which la Inter
etinr t-e elo tlon eommiplon of San
Krar.clpco p how to meet the emergency
t.f a doubled vote.
j Joy P.uns i:iot at SnffrBiC lleml-
lNalnant irralor lo JS0.000
Hiroucl LoulpIIIc Hellenic
XF.w Toi:k. i
learned tc.Kv of
1 : I.h. Inir men
cniutiic wlre-l.n-lp
reported to I ave
- ...-ceppf u ; I .i;.ri jJ cre jileriay
wltri a lop to ro. .room oneralont of
mora than Ji'i.i. . .. The p. heme w
inan'""-t4- " ' hy ,"l'
telegraph alro from the LoutPvll'.e.
Ky.. JJckey rrcj--.ip
Ilomh-rrxpiri: Arroa to Kf Tr-trl.
ROME. 'VI. IX. Kour aeroplanea
have arrived here from Kranoe. Tiler
will be aent to Tripoli, where It l
,,.,! to make experlrncntp In the
Cpe of flyln mn.hirep In actual
fpr. Thev will be p lated by Ital .-.n
.fficera. ho will un iert.ike to dr..p
bu'mba Into the curmy a encampment.
nintrlrt-p In Now York.
NKW iniiK. Oct. 13 The National
hca. bin I'tcrp of ti e woman ruffrace
nuar .- n on are .In cala .Ireps todav
over the news of the victory In fa'.l
f -r.'a. v
-We are Klorlo'-.y h.ippy. tie
clarc.l rr. Anna Slim, National prel-d.-r.t
if t puf? parte Thl.p l
the h Klvmnir f t' e end,. The v ictory
In Calif .rnui ci.p to the cause
many voters In the five other
pl.'.tcp. wh.-re we rae won.
fPs. iirfj.m finl other Western
Plates are hound to follow the lead at
the next election"
Mrp Panki.ur.t. the Knir'.lsh uf-fr.ti.-e
leader said:
"The nep 1p worths of creat re-
oicmir. Knaaph will be par
ticularly :.!. becau-e It will be a
very -treat help In o''r campaiBn."
MoiIwhU of lntructlon artl Sew Lw
Arc Ipx-ti--HTt at InMitoU-.
vt iivvil.l.K."iir.. Oct 1. Sre-
,ial. School trachera to Itt number
of 110 are In attendance at the annual
Yamhill County tearliera" Institute, now
In pepslon at the Lincoln Hlnh School
In thla city. The unusually larite at
temlance and the wide distribution of
aub.'ei :a make this the moat Important
Katherlnr of pedmronues ever held In
tins county. A thorough tllscusslon of
tho new state course of study, and also
of the new law relatlnar to toacners
certificates, waa a feature of the first
day of the session.
The work of the Institute Is divided
up into sections, representing the pri
mary, intermediate ami hiKh school
(trades, and in addition to the local
teachers of the county there are able
Instructor from other counties for
each of the three divisions. Among;
those in attendance from other counties
are Slate Superintendent L. it. Alder
man, of Sale-m ; ex-State Superintendent
J. 11. Arkerman; Miss Montana llas
ttnes. from the University of Ornun,
Kucne; K. K. VanCourt. exponent ol
tl.a 1-almer method of penmanship: K.
S Kvenden. of the Monmouth State
Normal: Mips Kuby Shearer, of the Mon
mouth State Normal. Instructor In pri
mary methods, and Mis Harlan, of
Monmouth, professor of music.
A resolution ha linen prepared and
will be offered for adoption asking that
when the new state textbook commis
sion shall be appointed there shall be
no less thnn three lea.-iiers appointed to
membership on tiie commission.
I lea rill; of At-tts-tl Slayer of Kansas
City Man Kiillfenetl by
Clnlit. of LayerH.
KANSAS CITT. Oct. 1 J. While
I'ntted States Senator llecd wna mak
ing; an tmiiini'tit for the slate In the
I. eartni; of I r. It. O. Hyde, chanced with
the murder -f Colonel Thomas H.
Swope. today, the physician, utterfha; a
threat, sprune toward the Senator.
Mrs. Hyde pulled 1.1m Imck into his
seat and the hearing; proceeded.
Senator llee.l. who H actlnir as spe
cial attorney for the Swope family, was
attemptl-iK to impeach Hyde a affidavit
In wMch he rharpred that a Deputy
Marshal bad approached Mm with an
orer to - tlx" a member of the Jury at
the first trial. The deputy had Hied
a counter afthliivlt. Jenylna; the allnga
tlon. Whose word is the court to taker
demanded Senator Heed. "This man
II, j... wnose history' you all know, and
ti ls woman oneanlna; Mrs. Hyde, who
sat beside lier husband!, who "
Mr. Reed was standlna; with his back
to Hyde and did not see Hyde's move
ment toward him. Apparently, how
ever, he saw J he look of alarm on
i.. 1..- Ur.eterAel.Cp face. Itecd tUTned
about Just In time to see Hyde belnp
pulled into tus seau
Today's hearlne; was enlivened Jy
' t'rpnW P. Walsh.
chief counsel for Dr. Hde. shaking his
tina-er In the faces of Prosecuting At
torney ConklinK and Assistant Prose
cutor Pane, declaring: that he retarded
the prosecutors, personally, "with the
greatest possible contempt."
Pctettlve-.' Itoports "Throw Further
Light on Mcthotls of "Mies Pull
man," of ritt.-burg. Wanted
In Many Stales.
N'F.W ORLEANS. Oct. IS. A man
arlvlna; the name of Francis Mohier.
who says he Is a member of a wealthy
Pittsburg; family, a ftraduate of Prlnre
ton University and a second-year stu
dent at West Point, now on furloush.
and his companion of three months.
Alice Black, IS years old. of Colorado
Sprlnss. were held In bonds of llO.ino
each here today on charjres of fernery.
They were arrested In Now Haven and
brnuaht here to answer charges of
swindling; a bank. '
The reports of the detectives em
ployed In the case show that the (rlrl.
who was known as "Miss Pullman, of
rittshurR. used her fan as an acces
sory to her swindles, and that the
r.lAv-A m.nlnnlntlnn of tiie fan WAS A3
essentially a part of her success as tho
subsequent passing; or me cnecK nui
...... v. . . ....... .'... f . ii at nsveho-
locical times and .places, the youns wo
man. Wno IS DCaUllIUl as wen
shrewd, paved the way to obtaining
Introductions to bankers who were
victims of her enterprise.
.The detective aaency in question
asslarned to the case more tnan a
month ago by the American Bankers
Protective Association. The reports of
the operatives say that the .New Or
leans swindle was typical of many.
Young; Ie Drarr I.o.
The youni. woman dined In tho
Italian garden of the Hotel St. Charles.
Her fan fell to the floor, seemingly
unnoticed by her. but not unobserved
by three rich youtis men who were
seated at an adjoining table. One of
the youths started to leave his seat,
but the others restrained him, insist
ing that all must draw lots for the
high privilege of restoring the fan.
The choice was made and the o-e
whom fortune favored did his plain
duty, then and there.
The glrl smiled entrancingly. The
young man tarried. The girl prefaced
her chat by some remarks on how un
conventional she had become as a
globetrotter, was Introduced to the
other youns men and struck up an ac
quaintance that led. Inevitably, to a
request for advice on matters of a
financial natuie.
"Could you," she asked, "recommend
me to some good, safe bank?"
The young men could and did, pre
senting her to the cashier of tho
Whitney-Oriental Bank. She deposited
some cas'.i and a check for MoO and
subsequently drew out all her account.
The following day she presented an
other check, but was told that the
bank would wait nntil it had heard
from the first one.
Tclecmm t'-nsea l'llabt.
"We shall not keep you waiting."
said the cashier. "We can telegraph."
"Ves. do so." said the girl, "and send
the answer to the St. Charles."
But when the answer, "forgery," ar
rived, she had flown.
The operatives' reports are that sub
stantially the same tactics were pur
sued in other cities. After her arrest
in Bridgeport.' Conn., the girl con
fessed that her name was Alice Black
and said that her home was in Colo
rado Springs, Colo. She said that be
sides New tirleans, she huA visited und
swindled banks in the same manner in
Ligden and Salt Lake City. Utah: Sa
cramento, Los Angeles and San I 'lego.
Cal., and LI Paso. Tex. She said that
she was a graduate of u fashionable
school In Colorado Springs, that she
had hecome Infatuated with Mohlor,
who had introduced-her to the check
swindling game, rtfd that, after find
ing out his real character, he had
continued with him because she was
ashamed to go home.
Phillip Yerrlll Mihe!s Dies as Re
sult of Aivlilenlal Shooting.
WINXEMI'TA. New. Oct. IS. Phil
lip Verrill Mighels, the author and
playwright, died here last night as the
result of an accidental gunshot wound
self-inflicted. The accident occurred
last Friday while Mighels was hunt
ing quail near Oolionda. Me was
brought to a hospital here, and for f
time it wns thought he would recover.
A turn for the worse occurred late
yesterday, however, and death fol
lowed several hours later.
Mighels. who was 42 years old, was
born la Cnrson City. Nev., where he
studied law and was admitted to the
tar. He went to San Francisco in
1?2. where he was engaged for a
while In Journalism, later going to
Kw Tork to reside. He was the au
thor of numerous short stories and a
number of poems and plays.
Have you rllnet nt th Carlton?
Innocent of Stealing 'I lpht" She Is
Awarded $2220 Damtipres.
S CATTLE. Wash.. tV-t. 13. (Spe
cial i A judgment for :::0 in favor
of Mrs Mi M. Anderson against the
Seattle Ltchtlng Company was entered
todav In tne Superior Court.
Mrs. Anderson was arrested last
Januarv on a charge of stealing gas.
he'was tried before a woman jury in
justice Brown's court ami acquitted.
I.ater she brought a suit for $..000
damages. ,
Bv witnesses in Judge Meyers de
partment of the Superior Court, she
proved that she did not know that the
gas she was using was not pOsing
through the meter until so informed
by an Inspector of the gas company.
Coiiiire Candidate In Vaneouver.
VANCOl-VKR. Wash.. OcL 13. (Spe
cial.) H. B. Iewey, State Superintend
ent of Public Instruction, of Olympla.
was in the city today. He announced
that he Is a candidate for Congreps
from this district, to succeed Congress
man Warburton. Mr. Dewey went to
Stevenson. Wash., from here, to speak
before a county teachers' institute
Have you dined at tno Carlton?
Its Beneficial Effects;
Always djy tha Canulne
a iiur
xSoId by ell leading
OneS'ize Only, 50 a Boitle
Offering the Finest of Untrimmed White Beavers
At Two Special Prices, $6.50, $7.50
The beaver hats offered in this sale are of the finest quality obtainable, and at other stores you
will find they ask from $ 1 0.00 to $ 1 2.00 for the same identical hats.
This is the greatest bargain in untrimmed beavers it has ever been our good fortune to present to
the women of Portland. In the assortment you will find shapes suitable for girls, misses and women.
A hood style with a round crown mushroom shape broad, flat picture shape with flat crown
a semi-sailor style a 'new hood shape that ha's not been shown before, and many other distinctive
styles that will at once appeal to you. as they are most original and graceful in every line,
This sale starts Saturday morning. See window display.
$2.48 pf
A Special Sale of Fancy Ostrich Feathers
Special $1.25, $1.98, $2.48
Ostrich fancies, made of good regular stock, in entirely new and novel shapes that
have never before, been seen. Each' one in itself is complete, and you would neea
nothing else in the trimming of a hat.
There are three distinctly different styles. One piece is a yard long, formed cf small, sort feath
ers eight inches in length that can be used as a wreath around the crown, either standing up or
lying down. Another piece is a very handsome spray of feathers that measures a half yard in
length, and would certainly add greatly to any hat. The other piece is a large pompon of small
ostrich with an upstanding aigrette.
These ostrich fancies come in black, brown, pu-ple, navy, green and royal. Feathers exactly as
pictured. . .
se-3. ji.r.a
, '1
fLi aa-W IR
Pisa, Italy.
TKl noted and Interesting landmark
in thia interesting country vras beffun in
the year 1 174 and was built to rival the
famed CaOpanaile of Venice. ,
It im the finest example known of the
round tower, it is 51 feet in diameter and
172 feet high. The tower overhangs its
base 13 feet.
For a long period it was supposed that
T it was purposely built as a leaning
tower. In its building when 35 feet
high the piling on which Ua
foundation rested began to
settle to one side, pro-
ei&&&X ducing an effect not
WmZmm Placed.
TrT " no more pmrj.fying " -z "' l 'y
fc-rfsiS beverage than a cup oi 7 &j i ",SV
GhirardelU's Cocoa JfO
A prodact known to three generationa S ''l
of Westerners. , jgrT: - " .. . ''Umi
Since 1SS2 - San Francisco
A jrttty hocllrt of Jarnty iJiSiJ. free.
P IJ fil'i A irttty hooVet ef Jarnty dt'ihes. free. : ."i" r- 5