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Marcus Talbut Is to Take
General Charge of River
Affairs for $5000 a Year. '
orririal- lerv-lare. Trrallon of Pol I
JatifU-l liportaier of Work
ad Tba Kn6 W ill fallow.
Rate Topic Wall.
y.rroi Talbot, head of The Dalles,
Portland Astoria Navlatlon Com
pany when that line wa purchased by
the Hill Interests, former directing; head
ef the Faclflc Coast rHeamshlp Cnro
pany an.1 more recently with tha Alas
ka Pacific Cteamshlp Company, from
which be resigned a f . w month, mo,
was elected arnernl manager of tlia
port of Portland Commission yesterday.
He will preside over a new department,
which was created with
hi. emplojment. and la Jo receive $1000
a .ear.
Mr. Talbot l among the best-known
marine esecutivee on tiie Coast who
have participated In the later-day de
velopment of the trade between Cali
fornia and the Xorthwe.t porta He
brought about many Improvement In
tie river service of the Hill line In the
operation of the steamers Bailey Gat
sert. IaMe City and Regulator, besides
I minor members of that fleet, and ne
remained with the Alaska Pacific
Steam. hip Company until Ill-health led
to Ma resta-natlon. lie spent a few
weeks at Pan Pie so and passed recent
ly through the city en route to Feat
tie. It was riven out at yesterday's
meeting of the Commission that Mr.
Talbot wmild be on hand as soon as ha
rould arrange to change his residence
and It Is thought that he will assume
the responsibilities of the new position
October to.
Meed of Manager See.
In setting forth reasons why a Ken
em! manager was required, the Cora
mt.slon pointed out that the Import
ant departments under Its Jurisdiction
dredglnc pilotage, towage and the
public Hryd'ck represent equipment
Mat rest S1l3.s7S.2I- The annual ex
pense, exclusive of Interests on bonds
and new enulpment. approximates $30t.
see. and 111 persons are employed. The
members had considered the step In ad
vance of the meeting; and rave out tha
following; statement:
ecaeral manaser la required l ee
Mlitat tSe three t- anraent. u all detail.
rT rl. Tre qualified man a .torn a.
thins we bate .elected, shou'l be able to the efficiency and reduce the ex
pen., nw mora aj.tetnatlc and thorough or
gar nation.
VVe believe nitr doty I1 the ruhllc la te
cein1tict the business of the I'nrt s we
sou..! If It were our own. snd our unani
mous otnvtf-tti.n Is that ciea on a very much
lee un.tertss.tris we would nt think ef
operating without a competent, well-paid
etecu'l. In ch.rae. who, entire tlms ssd
attention eow'.l he devotee te It.
The city nf Boston haa a .lm liar rnram!s
.ion. snd lie new chsrter provMe. that the
chief eaecutlve .hall have a salary of 11.1.
eio per annarn. three times whst We shall
our belief l. that this addition to th.
.alary tlet will result In a set ..vlng te
the latpaven by mereaeed efficiency Snd
reduced espense.
rtlataare Rates Walt.
Reducing; of pilotage and towage
ratea becau.e of the cut credited to
.he I'ttget 8und Tugboat Company, was
brought op bat as Commissioners
!dge. Inmsn and lase were absent
from the city, action was deferred un
til they return.
To R. Trenkman Jk Company was
awarded a contract for constructing
fresh water tanks for the dredges
Portland and Columbia, aboard which
sickness Is said to hare originated
through faulty storage. The bid was
111 S'l each for six tank and was the
lowest of the proposals that complied
with the specifications.
Superintendent (.roves, of the dredg
ing department, showed In Ms report
that the Portland ha, I operated 313
hours during September, removed 17.
t cubic yards of material In cutting?
MIS feet of channel JOu feet wide and
leaving the average depth 17 feet. She
is working at t'pper Martin's Bar and
will finish October 1. when It is rec
ommended t!ial she shift to Double
bower s. The Columbia worked li
hours, cut 4S feet of channel loo feet
wide and removed :J.S0e cubic yards
of material. She Is .corking at Hun
ter's, where there ts ?SAi feet nf chan
nel to cut. snd Is to finish October 17,
when she will move to the Goble ranxff
to'cut 700 feet of channel.
Superintendent Johnson, of the dry
dock, reported that seven vessels had
been lifted during September. The ac
tual revenue was .'.' 4 . and with
work done tn the Interest of the Port's
vessels the charge was Increased to
; 4
barge tgalaet Bark Cat.
The Commission authorised the eras
ure of a charge of $' against the
French bark KJouard Detallle. because
.he had 4'I tops of wheat stiffening
aboard when docked and it was agreed
that a ruling ehould be made to admit
wheat stiffening under such circum
stance, as though it were ballast.
Comrl-unt male by the Star Sand
Company that material previously
dredged had worked Into the channel,
near Mount Coffin, and that It forces
vessels to head close to that point, endangering-
craft moored there, was re
ferred to tlr dredging department, fn
connection with the request of the
Multnomah Lumber at Bos 'Factory for
drriU-ing between It plant and that of
t!-e Portland Lumber Company that
rleep-draft vessels can be fully loaded. It
wss voted to have a dredge on the
ground ss sKn as possible after the
Mtr Water tepartment lowers the old
Hull Run pipeline to a depth of Jt feet.
' Major Mclnd'e. Corps of Engineers, t".
ft. A., who wrote on the same question.
wi:t be notified that the Commission
wIM do It. part toward the 10-foot
pro)ect In the harhor. It Is understood
that the pipeline will be lowered Imme
dtatelv. Captain Shaver was delegated with
authority to repiy to a communication
Irom Inspector He. k. of the Seven
teenth Lighthouse iMetrlct. objecting
to the proposed establishment of col
ored lights to mark the port and star
board si-lea of the channel. It was
agreed that such Illumination would
confuse masters, who might mistake
- the lights for a vessel.
Ire-tea Plaala Plaawed.
The l"Nmmt.lon approved the plan
suggested to drop towage charges for
the barkcntine Ceorgtna. In return for
which Captain Rrandt. her master, wilt
sign an agreement at Astoria, releas
ing the Port from all responsibility for
damage to the vessel s bowsprit and In
juries ha sustained in an encounter
with Captain Sandstrom. when Sand
Strom was master of the steamer tvk
lahama. The Culled Wireless Telegraph Com
pany Is to he s.ked for the estimated
cost of In.tslllng aero plants on the
tugs Wal!la and Oneopta and as to
Its maintenance. (
In aa opinion by Williams. Wood A
JJnthlcnm, It la set forth that even
though the Port of Portlsnd did not
tow the Russian bark Isabel Browne
Into p-.rt. the fact that one of Its pilots
was aboard gives the Commission au
thority to collect- for the pilotage.
Skipper Offer Re-ward to Sabdne
Patriot km of Trio.
Three men from tha West Indies,
natives of the Island of St. Thomas,
tried yesterday to celebrate Columbus
day because the discoverer of Amer
ica first touched foot on the soil nf
the Islsnd of San Salvador In the
Bahama group, but the trio, being
branded as stowaways on the British
steamer Heliopolls. the skipper. Cap
tain J. W. Martin, offered a reward
for their capture and tha day was
passed In hiding.
Christian Yasper. Lea Derricks and
Alfred Godfrey are the men. Being of
the negro race and arrayed In apparel
about two sixes too large for them. It
la not thought that difficulty will be
encountered In returning them to the
shin. In event they are not found Cap
taln Martin will be charged with a
misdemeanor by Immigration Inspector
Barbour and may be lined as high aa
- r . -: !!
Y i
I tl, ., , , ;
I Mams Talks.. ewly Fleeted
vww .
, t.eaeral Maaaaer at Part
I'ertlaad ('sssslaalwa.
4 '
tion. He was warned at San Francisco
and Portland to keep the stowaways In
close custody.
Mr. Barbour's stenographer has
turned out so many- papers on the
rase that his last entry wss made In
his own phonetic spelling; of what the
vessel's name should be, Hell-a-pop-olls."
Lumber Exporter Cannot Charter at
Ootng IVrlchtM.
Scarcity of tonnage at other than
prohibitive rates Is curtailing: Port
land's exportation to tha Australian
lumber market. K'xporters sfflrro
that there la an abundance of business
offered and such that they would gladly
handle, but vessels available to carry
lumber are held at prices thst cannot
be met.
One offer yesterday was for a tramp
steamer capable of reeling off about TH
knots, which the owners held at lioo
pounds a month, time charter. At that
figure It ts said that freights are double
what they have been under ordinary
conditions. Trade with the wrlent Is
said to be Insignificant compared with
the Australian demand and almost any
kind of a carrier will be accepted for
the business. f
Marine Xole.
After having- been on drydock and
her hull cleaned and painted, the can
nery ship Levi G. Burjresa will leava
St. Johns today for Goble to so Into
Winter quarters.
Captain Charles J. Anderson, of the
Columbia River Pilots Association, la
temporarily acting as master of the
steamer orklahama. vice Captain Sand
Strom, and a permanent master prob
ably will be appointed In a few daya.
lecal Inspectors Edwards and Fuller
today will pay their annuel visit to the
steamer Carlos, which will then "tart
loading and Is to sail with cargo and
passengers Tuesday.
Delivery has been made on Davis
street dock of a new shaft for the
stsamer Shaver. It will be ferried
across the stream on a barge and placed
In position aa soon as possible. Tha
broken shaft will be removed tomorrow.
Indications that work will be under
way actively on the Oswego cement
plsnt Is offered In the fact that the
stenmer Washington Is discharging 4004
sacks of the California product on a
barge at Couch-street dock, from where
It will be towed to Oswego for use In
construction purposes.
Following a voyage of 35 days from
Santa Rosalia In ballast the German
bark Barmbek arrived In tha river
early yesterday. She Is under charter
to the Portland Flouring Mills Company
to load whrat for the I'nited Kingdom.
The schooner Philippine, which sailed
from Callao. August IS. also arrived
and will load lumber.
Captain Buchanan, superintendent of
the Open River Transportation Company,
says that in his Investigation of the
steamer J. N. Teal striking; a barge at
Vancouver. Saturday, there was nothing
tn show that the steamer Dalles City
otfered fo assist the TeaL The latter'
damage wss light, being confined to the
afterguard on the portslde. He says
that the steam steering gear of the
Teal Jammed and the hand gear could
not be operated fast enough to pre
vent her striking the barge. Repairs
will be made tomorrow at tha yards of
Joseph Supple.
Movements of Ve.sela.
roRTt.ASn. Oct. IS. Arrived ateemer
Tamalpal.. from saa Francisco: Brltl.h
pte.mer strathnalra. from San;
seo-ltne schooner Anvil. from Bandoa.
I.lled Norwegian steamer Rygja. fur Ori
ental porta. s.aUrie schooner Aavlt, for
Handun and war ports.
Astoria. Oct is 'ondition at the mouth
of the rtter at 4 P. M . smooth: wind south
, set so m I re . weather, cloudy Arrived
at 1 and left up at s A. at. ttteamer Tarn. I -pats,
from an Francleco. Hailed at T A. M.
Steamer Johan poa.sen. for Pan Francl.ce.
Arrived at 11 A. M. aad left up at 12 iO
P. m. Rrltl.h .'earner Pirsthnalm. (rem
tfaa Fraaclace. Sailed at I P. at- Steamer
4jeo. w. Kluer. for S.a Llego and way porta.
Arrived at 1 .to P. M. lltrwaa bark Harm
bek. from Santa Roealla. Arrived and left
up at 41 P. M. ye.terdajr Uasullns
s. hooaer Asvtl. from Bsndon and way porta
Arrived at 14 P M- Mchoooer Philippine,
from I'allaa. Arrived down at 4 p. at.
Bri.lsb steamer .. try.
ran rraa.-l. Oct. JI Sailed at 1 A. at.
ttteamer Nome Oltv. fur Portland. Ar
rived at a A. at. r i earner Heaver, from
Port-and; at S P. M Uteamer. Roee city
and Temple E. Doer, from Saa Pedra. (tailed
last nlshl btramer OeneraJ Hubbard, fur
Kureka. Oct . 1, Failed Steamer Alli
ance, for Port lead.
Monterey. Oct. ti. Sailed at T last night
Meamer J. A. Chan. lor. for Portland.
Sac IVdrw. I let II. Sailed Steamer
ftuar.oke. for Portland.
iVs lis v. iK-t 13. Arrived Steamer
Fresh water, from INwl laad.
TieJew at Astwrta rXev.
It.a'v M'aler. Law Water.
.IO? A. V 14 fset. Im A. M 3 4 feet.
4 17 P. M....43 feat.. 11:34 V. at.. . -0.4 feel
Sharp Advance in London Hop
English and German Growers Ftorm
Holding Pools. Wlilt-h AVill
Send More BtilnefS to
Aa advance of 14 .hillings per hundred
weight took place la the Landkn hup mar
k.t yesterday. The price of English heps
Is now 15 to 310 .hillings. This Is equiv
alent to to 4 cents a pound. Since
the market opened, the English market
has sdrsnced 44 shillings a hundredweight.
Over 7 per cent of the Er.eli'h crop hss
passed out of growers hsnds.
The stiffness of th. English market Is
tsrnlng the attention of the London dealers
te the Faclna Coast. Thsrs baa bean ex
port Inquiry here for several days and soma
purchase have been made fer foreign ship
ment. It was reportsd yesterday, but not
eenflnned, that Cermlchael was In ths mar
ket. According to recent letters from sbrosd.
a considerable number of English, hops
growers hsve formed a combine and will
hold their hops for 40 cents. A union of
Oerman growers has slso been formed who
are holding out for II. To offset ths Ut
ter pool, the Oerman dealers held a meet
ing at Xuremburg and resolved to boy
cott the anion growers.
All this means that more business wilt
be thrown to the American market, par
ticularly tn Oregon, where the bulk of the
available supply exists. Ths growsrs of
Oregon have had soms nnpleaaant sxperl
ence with poo I a but will not object to their
ferelgn brethren trying the game.
Cables received from Belgium yesterdsy
noted a firmer market with more Inquiry
and few hops remaining unsold. The Baas
and Nuremburg markets were dull snd
Better Qootatloas ea roture Delivery Oats
Are Firm.
Some local business wss reportsd In the
wheat market yeaterday morning, but by
noon i"st of ths offices hsd closed. Ths
Eastern exchsnges observed the holldsy.
Club wheat for spot shipment wss quoted
at aatjat cents, aad red at tf;4 cents,
ror deferred delivery 1 cent better waa of
fered. The demand for blueatem wss light
at It 0 1.1 cents. December blurptem was
quoted- at 44 osnts.
There was a good general demand for oata
and October-November delivery was held
at 910 1 II. For future delivery $33 wss
quoted. Barley was firm at last prices.
Local receipts, in cars, were reported by
the Merchants Exchange aa follows:
Wheat Barley Flour Oata Hay
Monday 11T " 4 14
Tuesday 144 3 7 14
Wertneadsy ... '1 "
Thursdsy K 4 7 13
Tear age ... 43 4 t 3
Reason te date.taiT 1! " 3S 774
Tear ago 34l US 727 3S1 44
S '-- I .loaded a the Heart of the
Produce District.
Front street Is at last making use of the
railroad track, placed " on the street for
unlosdlng purposes. The track haa been
down for ssvaral years, but the produce
merchants have not heretofore taken ad
vantage of It- Laat night the experiment
or unloading bananas directly Into the
store was triad by the Pesrson-Page Com
pany. Two cars ware switched Into position
and the fruit waa speedily unloadsd and
put away. Not only Is cartage saved by
this method, but ths banana, are also sub
jected te less handling. It Is probable the
Front-street track will be extensively used
by the fruit Jobbers from now on.
Business wss quiet yesterday, especially
In the afternoon, owing to the holiday.
Late peaches were In large supply and
weak. The grape market was firm. Ilwaoo
cranberries were on sale at $4.54 per box.
Oranges and lemons wsre Arm aad scarce.
A carload of oranges Is dus today. 91X
cars of bananas cams In yesterdsy after
Fresh Oregon.. Thoroughly Candled. Are
Bringing 35 t'eaata.
Egg prices are gradually advancing.
Ouaraateed fresh Oregoaa. which were very
ecarce, sold up to 15 cents yesterdsy.
The poultry market was strsdy. tilth a
light demand and a moderate supply. Hens
asd Springs offered at 14 cents.
Butter and cheese were firm and un
changed. There was a good supply of country
dressed mests en the street and the mar
ket was rather wealu
tire la. FUwr. Feed. Eta.
WHEAT Export basis: BlueMem. MtMr;
club Mt4lc; red Russlsn. ;tc; Valley,
.lr: fortv-fold, v7lc-
KLOl R H.lsnla 44.50 per barrel;
straight.. Is hi; export.. I3.0: Valley, $w0;
graham. I4.t: whole wheat. 14 43.
MILLBTCFFS Bran. '-. 50li5 per ton:
middling.. 133: shorts. 1550t4. rolled
harlev. 3 5otjS4 30.
CORN Whole. $.: cracked. 134 per tea.
pi A R LET New feed. t22Q32.iO per ton;
brewing. I-1' per ton.
oath No. 1 white, fit v 31 per ton.
HAT No. 1. E. O. timothy. $17tflS;
No. 1 Vslwy. $13 10; slfslts, $12.10; clover,
$100 11; grain. Ill u 13.
Dairy aad Ceauatry Produce.
POULTRY -Hens, i 14c: Springs. 14e;
ducks, young. 13mr; geese. leVlc; tur
keys. 1Xic.
BITTKR Oregon creamery butter, sella
ps.k. $c: prints, extra.
K,4d Freeh Oregon ranch., candled, 34
4 4 per doaen.
vllKk-aE Twins, triplets snd dslslas. 1$
a;l3htc per pound: Toung Am.ricaa, ltsje.
PORK Fancy. ISalOc per pound.
VEAL Fancy. 13ul3tc per pound.
vegetables east Fruits.
4.71 per box: CaJlfornla grapefruit. $1.10;
senanaa IbISc per pounu; pin.applaa. So
per pound. lemons. lB4.3e per box;
pomes ranatea. $1.5d per box.
KRtsH FRUITS Peaches. 3i0 4SC per
box; plum. 5i d "5c per crste; prunes. 3d)
3Sc par pound: peara. 74o41.7& per box;
arepes. a5cayll.:4 per box: apples. $lx.S
per box: rraooerrlew. t O -. per barrel;
Ca.abss. I1TJW1 per doaen.
SACK VEGETABLE!! carrota. 1 1-23 per
aack: turalpa $1; beeta. $1 7$.
POTATOES Oregon. 1 we per aeund;
sweet potatoes. IVC Pr pound.
ONIONS California. $1.34 per hun
dred VKCSET X ftLES Artichokes. 75c per dosen:
besn. $010c: csbbse MrUe per pound:
cauliflower. 734) 11.33 Pr oosen: corn, 2S4
ac per dosen: cucumbers, lie 1.13 per sack:
egg-plant. 6c per pound, garlic 10 pile
per pound- lettuce. 0OI3e per dossn; hot
house lettsee. I1.2&4J173 per box: peppers,
taws per pound; radishes, 13H Per doaen.
sprouts, lo per pound; tomatoes. 44eyl5o
A LMO.t-Columbia River. 1-pound tails.
It 15 per doaea. 3-pound tails. Ilts: 1
pound flata 12.40; Alaska ptax, 1-pound
"coffeev Roasted. U drama, 34$Oe per
HONET -n"olce. 43.7 per eass; drained
k.c.y. loo par pound.
SALT Granulated. $11 per toa; batf
grouad. 100a. $3.30 per ton; SOs. $$ aer toa.
NTTS Walnut. l01o per pound,
Brsall aata. 1.0 lee; filbert.. 14c: aUrnonde,
Kf IX: l!-c: cocoanuta P"
dozen; chestnuts. 12So per pound: nlekorp.
auts. 4 01uc per pound. fc(.
BEA.VS Small white. 4tte: Urge whlta
4'wc: Lima. 4V.C; pins, Sc, Uuicaol, Sac.
earou. 5c
RICE N'o. 1 Japan. 44e: cheaper sTadee.
3 5004.53: Southern bead. 5v7e; 1m
porijd Imperial, txc. imported extra
FUUAV-Dry granulated. 17 33: fruit and
berry. IT.ii: beet. $7.35; extra &
powdered, barrels. 7 so: cubes, barrls.
"drIED FRUITS Apples, lea V,K
sprtcota 14 8 USc: peachea - 1-0 tec
prunes. Itallaa. 10W910VC: allver. lsc; ngs.
whit, snd blsck. atitTScr currin.ti,,l ?.
He: raisin.. loose MuacsteL
bleached Thompson. 11 He: unbleached Bul
taoaa. I.c; aeeded. IS.Ha
Hops, xveal aad Hides.
HOES Hill crop, 33035c; olds, nom
inal. MOHAIR Choice, 350STO per pound.
WOOL Eastern Oregon. 9014c per
round, according to shrinkage: VaUsy. 15 0
7c per pound. '
PELTS Dry. 10H: lambs. eOwOOa each.
Sfeearlns.. 25 0 4OO sach, .
HIDts salt-d hidea 10c per Pou"a
salted calf. lStJlftc; aalled kip. lJHa.
green, unaalted. lc less; dry calf. l0oo.
dry at.,.. 12(IJl,t.
CAbCAKA Par pound. So.
' LINSEED OIL Pure raw. In barrels. "Jo:
oiled. In barrel., free; raw. la cases. $L03S
boiled. In $104.
TURPENTINE Cssea, T2c wood barrels,
4Sc; Iron barrels. Vic: 10-cass lots, see
OASOL1.NE Motor gasoline. Iroa barrela
17c; cwa. 24c; 5$ gasoUne. Iroa aarrala,
81c ; cases, Ssc
COAL OIL Ordinary test, casss. lea;
bulk, la tank. 0 o.
Vtawa tn to IX nonnda. HSllHo: 11 to
14 pounds. 114$ 19c: 14 to IS pounda 19
1SU.S- ia to IN nounda 18
syiOWU. ss.e.
IVc: plcnica, llv,c: cottage roll. IS 'no.
l-HUHbU HKA1 o SMI wuaussv
dried beef sets. Bene; outside, bobs; lnsldea,
$c; knucklsa 31c
LAUD K.ttla rendered, tierces. llet
tub. Itc; standard, tlercaa. H140: tuaa,
13V,e; shortening, tierces, tto: tuba, so-
BACON Fancy. 27c; standard, 35c;
choice. I'-'c; English. l01Sc
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears,
dry salt. 12c: smoked. Use: backs. light
salt, 13 Vic; smok.d, 14 He; backs, heavy
sslL 12Hc: smoked. 14u; exports, salt,
lac; smoked. 13 Ho.
Hog Market Holds Firm at $T.50 for
Toppers, Cows Move at
Steady Price.
Receipt, of llve.tock at the North Port
land yard, were lighter yeaterday and trad
ing therefore fell o(t. fix vara of cattle
and three of hogs comprlaed the krrlvais.
In the cattle line only coal were handled.
The best ranxrd In price from $4.a3 to $4..iO.
The hug siilrs were made st $.. shoe
ing this l.ranch of the market still to be
In arm shspe. Arrivals for the dsy were
17S rsttle ar.d 23 bogs
HhU.pers were E. J. Keller. Fhsnlko. Or.,
one rsrlosd nf cattle; T. J. Brown, Baker,
or two carloads of cattle; John D. Wyers.
Whit. Salmon. Wash., two carloads of cat
tle: Joho J. End. Shearer. Or., one carload
of hog.; driven In by Dockner and Oeatey.
24 cattle: 8. B. Waits, Oakland. Or., oas
carload of cattle; F. W. Williams. Junction
City Or. one carload of hogs, and Taylor
a Comlnas., or., one carload of hogs.
The o- S sal- w.r ''ht.
i COW. 143
1 cow 110
coa-a .......
feeder cows
. l"ii
. mil
. Il7l
10 hog.
hog. - - - .
Price, auotea at mi rvxwuu
Stockyard, for tha various classes of stock
Choice ateers
Good to choice steers
Fslr to good steers
Medium steers
poor steers
Choice cows
Fslr to good cows
Common cows
Extra choice .payed heifers....
Choice heifers
Choice bull.
(rood to choice bulls
Common bulls
Choice calves
Good to choice calvea
Common calves
Choice stsgs
Good to choice stsgs
Choice light hogs
Good to choice hogs. ...... ...
Fslr to good hogs
Common hogs .......
..6.10V 5.14
. 4.75y 6-00
. 4.40'di 4.7S
. 3. 76 V 4.64
. 4.25 tr 4.00
. 4. Odd?- 4.15
, J.60'.t 3.S0
. 4.40W 4.14
. 4.26u 4.40
. $ 50 3.75
. 1.75 i 3.00
. l.OOc 1.44
. 7.2 7.50
. 7.00 0 7.73
. 4.000 9.40
. 4 60 4.7$
. 4.2.0 4.44
. T.40 3 7.50
. 7.000 7.25
. 4.71 1 7.04
. 4.00 it 4.50
Choice yearling wethers, coarse
8. 15 1(J 3.41
, . i .. , .. 1 . . 1 1 r. wethers, east of
"mountain. 00g 3 25
Cholcs ewes 8.00
Choice lamb J Is 2 121
clinlp vesrline. . 3.511 0 5. ill
Good to oholcs lamb.. . . . .
3. SOty 3.74
2.SO0 3.40
Chicago Livestock Market.
CHICAGO. Oct. 12. Cattle Receipts es
timated at 70; market etesdy. Beeves,
$t. Mtr 8 .50: Texas ateers, $4.1SVS.20: West
ern .teere, $4.25-0-10: stockers and feeders,
13 25'u5.70: corns snd heitera $20.10;
calvea $5.600 0.50.
Hog. Receipts estlmsted s 30.000: mar
ket. Re higher. Llttht. Cj0.TO; mixed.
$r! 030.75; heavy. $5.5T6.75; rough. $5.95
i-'0. good to choice heavy. $6.2006.75;
nls. $40: hulk of sales, a.30tr A.fl.V
bheep Receipts estimated at 40,0"0: mar
ket stesdv. 10c loa-er. Nstive. $2.30414;
Western. I3W4.15: yearllnsa. $3.45 j 4 Oo :
. . , U.-ae.ern .A 'JftS
lanioa, n. , e - w - - -
t'blcago Produce Market.
CHICAGO. Oct. 12. 'Butter, steady.
Creameries. 23fc2c: dslrles. l2c.
Esga, steady. Kecelpts, 2770 cases. At
mark, cases Included. 17c; Brats, 20c; prime
"'cheeee.'stesdy. Daisies. 1414t,c: Twins.
13H01-1c: young America.. m014Hc;
Long Hnrna, 14 0 14 He.
Naval Bteres.
SAVANNAH. Ga., Oct. 12. Turpeatlne,
firm. 4 H O 4tt S c ; sales. nlK; receipts. 735;
shipments, iKO barrels, stocks. 34.843 bar
rels. Hosln. firm. Bslea 2113 pounds: re
ceipts. SftSS pounda shipments, 150 pounds;
stocks. 7S.7K2 pounda. Quote: BD. 10.40;
E. 40.4CH: FGH. $0.45: I. I0.47H tt 0.50; KM.
$a.s; x. $0.70; wo. $7.10: ww. $7.40.
I.ondon nnancial Market.
IeONlON". Oct. 12. Bar silver, quiet,
24 3-10d per ounce.
Money. 1 H tt 2 per cent.
The rat of discount In ths open market
on short bills 1. 84 per cent; do on three
month.' bills. 314 Per cent.
.Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Oct. 12. Close: Wheat
December. $1.oH: Msy. $L13H01.13H: No.
1 hard. $1.10S: No. 1 Northern. I1.0,v
1.00"a: No. 3 Northern. $1.00 01.071.; No.
3 wheat. $l.t)3 4a V 1.04 S-
Duluta Flax Market.
DULUTH. Oct. 12. Flax, on track and In
store. $2.3H: to arrive. $2.36H; October,
$J30H: November. $2.33 bid; December,
$J.2u aaked: May. $2-2 bid.
Wool at St. Lanla.
. ST. LOUIS. Ott. 12. Wool. alow. Terri
tory and Western mediums. 17 0 20c; tins
mediums, 17010c: One. llI5c
Bond Klectloh to Be Held for Pur
chase of Electric Concern.
PASCO. Wash.. Oct. 1J. (Special.)
The ordinance calling for the pur
chase of the city water works system
of the Pacific Power 4k Light Company
at a maximum flRure of $16,000 and
which was vetoed by Mayor Captain
Gray two weeks afro, was passed by
.the Cfty Council over the Mayor's
veto last evening.
Mayor Gray's reason for Tetoins; the
ordinance was due to his belief that
the maximum price of $4t.000 should
be reduced. A bond election will be
held October it tp purchase the system,
extend and Improve it. It Is the be
lief of many that the bond Issue will
be defeated.
Hsve yon dined at the Carlton?
1000 Men Are at Work Be
tween Salem and Albany.
Oregon Electric Cars Likely to Enter
Hub City by First of Tear Prep
arations! Are Made to Build
Santlam Bride.
Contractor on the Oreson Electric
extension from Salem to Eugene have
been making much progress In the laat
few weeka and literally ara" "making
tha dirt fly." Wor at present is un
der way on tha entire 26 miles between
Salem and Albany. It is expected to
start operations on the remaining dis
tance between Albany and Eugene be
fore the end of this year. Bridge
crews ara putting In the structure on
Mills street. In Salem. Most of the
sub-structure already has been com
pleted. Steam shovels are working one mile
south of Salem and are making rapid
progress on the fill south of that point,
at the same time making excavations
for the grade from the one-mile post
Into Salem. Another steam shovel is
at work near the four-mile post, work
ing a long fill north toward -shovel No.
1. The team outfit under Taylor &
McGuire haa the grading well under
way between the two sets of shovels.
Track can be laid on that strip of
ground within a short time.
Maay Gaaaa at Work.
A largo team outfit is working at
mile post No. ( and virtually has com
pleted the grading for more than a
mile north from that point. The
sixth and seventh miles are covered by
station gangs. Most of the cuts over
this section have been opened and an
other shovel has been put in between
the eighth and the ninth mile posts to
handle heavy cuts on that section. The
shovels are prepared to complete such
portions of the seventh mile a? are not
completed by the station men. A
steam shovel is to be installed near the
nine-mile post to handle the heavy
work there. Another team outfit is
doing work near the 11-mile post.
The 12-mile section is covered by a
station gang. Possession of the 14
mile section south of Salem has Just
been obtained and that strip is cov
ered by a team outfit. The 15-mile
section is well along toward comple
tion, belnsr handled by a large team
outfit. This outfit is working south
from the Santtanl River and making
rapid progress.
The right of way has been cleared
over the 18-mile section and a pile
driver is installed to drive the north
approach to the Santlam River at that
point. A steel bridge will be con
structed over the Santlam River. More
than 1000 feet of the south approach
of this bridge already has been driven,
the pile-driving crew working steadily
Bridge to Spaa Santlam.
A drilling crew is at work in the
Santlam River sounding for the piers
on the Santlam crossing bridge.
From the 18-mile post south of Sa
lem into Albany, a distance of eight
miles, a large portion of the grading
has been completed. More than 200
teams are at work on this section
alone under Fuller Bayne. A shovel
soon will be Installed at the 24-mile
post to complete the work of the team
outfit. In the entire project of 26
miles between Salem and Albany more
than. 1000 men and 400 teams are at
work. Five steam shovels are In use
and eight or ten station gangs are
The general contract was awarded to
Guthrie & McDougaL of St. Paul and
Portland, who have general charge of
the work. L. B. W'lckersham, chief
engineer for the Oregon Electric, is
looking after the Interests of the com
pany. It is probable that cars will b
running into Albany before the first of
the year and that entrance into Eu
gene will not be delayed beyond early
L.09 Angeles Police Arrest Man on
Charge of Passing Worthless
-Checks In California.
Osoar A. Jackson, who was sen
tenced last January to a year in the
Penitentiary and was Immediately
paroled, is in the custody of the Lqs
Angeles police, according to a tele
gram received yesterday from p. E.
Sebastian, Chief of Police of that city,
by Sheriff Stevens' office. The Los An
geles authorities want Jackson ex
tradited to Multnomah County and
made to serve his sentence In this
The communication from Los An
geles says the honor prisoner has been
guilty of passing in that city about
ten worthless checks drawn on Port
land banks. He is not liable to prose
cution, however, as the checks were
post-dated. Obtaining money on
checks dated in advance is not in
cluded In the criminal category of the
majority of states, among them Cali
fornia and Oregon.
"If the Sheriff or District Attorney
will bring this man Jackson back to
Portland I will see that his parole Is
revoked. sSjid Judge McGinn.
One .of the conditions of a parole is
that the man sentenced must not leave
the jurisdiction of the court. In going
to California Jackson has thus violated
his parole and is liable to extradition
and the revocation of his parole.
Deputy Sheriff Holllngsworth said yes
terday that if Judge McGinn was will
ing to send Jackson to Salem he would
at once start proceedings to have the
prisoner brought here.
Jackson, wha was held on a charge
of securing money under false pre
tenses, pleaded guilty- before Judge
McGinn on January 20 to having
obtained $65 In this manner and was
then sentenced and paroled.
Conversation From Hospital Beds
Ends fn Recognition.
Lying on two adjacent bunks in the
County Hospital, two Drotners. Drougni
there by chance and at different times,
renewed an acquanitance that had been
broken for months. They had talked to
each other from their beds before the
Identity of each became known to the
ttam Mathers, sn elderly derelict, at
tempted to take his life In a rooming
house at 204V4 Washington street re-
National Bank
. CAPITAL $1,000,000
4 per cent
on savings
First National Bant
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus 750,000
Oldest National Bank West of th
Rocky Mountains
' Every man and woman should make a will, and the advan
taires of a Trust Company acting aa Executor or Trustee will be
generally conceded. WILLS may be drawn and filed wtth this
company, which ia authorized under the etate banking- law to
act aa Administrator.
Security Savings & Trust Company
Capital $1,000,000.
Around TIVorld
nor., lwia. , ..... .
(From New York.)1From San Francisco.)
Br the palatial- crul.lns steamer
W1U follow same Itinerary aa
teen and llncludlng all necesssry
2DDU up pent. aboard and ashore.
A few accommooatlons available tor
Second Cruise of the 8. 8. Cleveland from
San Francisco Fsb. 6. 1W.
Duration of Keen Cruise U
AU-, Cruises to the OrtenC
MM..!. - .
Write ror gioowtmm
isiV'KKwre saws sk? z.ssrssi?te
Mul'key bldg.. Portland. Oregon. -
cently, and waa arrested by Patrolman
Carlson on a cjibjso -
duct. He waa In the throes of death
when sent to the hospital, but re-
COjfmeMathers. of like condition, was
sent to the Hospital recently suffering
from stomach trouble and It was to
the bed beside his that the attempted
suicide was carried. When Sam was
able to sit up and talk a, little, he ad
dressed the man next to him. and after
a time the brothers recognised each
0tSam Mathers was taken back to the
station yesterday and will face trial
for trying- to kill himself.
Oregon City Store Looted.
OREGON CITY, Or, Oct. 12. (Spe
cial ) Burgiars entered the hardware
tore of Cooke Wilson Wednesday
night and stole $5 50 from the cash
register and several knives. Chief of
Police Shaw, who made an Investiga
tion, thinks that one of the men se
creted himself in at. alley at the side
of the store In the afternoon and
waited until Mr. Wilson left In the
evening before beginning operations.
"I am of the opinion
that Bitulithic is the pave
ment for automobiles, and
should you decide, to try
the pavement you will
never regret it. The citi
zens of Charleston are
very highly pleased with
the Bitulithic and want
more." W. A. Hogue,
Charleston, W. Va.
Constructs Asphalt and other Bitu
minous Pavamenta. 606-601 Klaetrte
bldg.. Portland. Or. Osaar Huber,
San Francicso. Los .Angeles
and San Pedro Direct.
North Pacino B. 8. Cos 8. 8. Roanoke
and 8. B. Elder sail every Wednesday alter
nately at P. at. Ticket office l2 Third
St.. near Alder .
MAJITIN J. BinLIT. rsssssgsr Ages.
VY. JC. SLU&StvBL, rests ASB4. Js. 1.14. A 1414.
Corner Fifth
aad Stark
Surplus, $400,000
ikaiSkbw Arc vie . a, m.
PRES. USCOLN Nov. 11, 18 A. M.
tUnsxcelled Blts-Carlton a . la Carts
Restaurant. Gymnasium, Klectrlo Bath.
Elevator, Pslm Garden. 'Will call at
Plymouth snd Cherbourg. (Second cabin
only. I Hamburg direct.
Gibraltar, Algiers, Naples, Genoa
OLJSVKLAM (World Cruise) Oct.
rrvrrWNATi '.Nov. 1, rise. 1
.8'W?ltavecommo'datloMVor ilpjlted
. a-i,.
-W. R. N. Co,
C. F. Pnuger,
A window sash waa removed by the
man, who, after entering the store,
took out another window In the rear to
allow his pal to enter.
Freight received
dally st Oak-st. doe
for TheDalles.
Hood Rlvar, White
Salmon, Uma 1 1 1 1 a
Kennewlck. Paso;,
Rlchlsnd, Hanford,
Whits Bluffs, and
Intermediate points.
Steamer leaves portlsnd fiund.T. TuK?.T.
Thursday. 7 A. M. Returning
Dslles Monday, Wednesday. Friday. T A. Mj.
striving st Portland 4kt P. It
W. 8. Buchanan, Supt.: W. 8- Bmailweod.
Oen'l Mgr. Phone Main 2960. A 852T.
Kzpress Service via
Lc. Than 4 Days at Sea by the
Weekly Sellings to Europe.
Flrst-clsss 2.50; Winter months. SS3.0O.
Hscond-class, 151.78 : One-class cabin II) 60
Friday, Dec 1, Empress of Britain.
Ssturday. Dec 8. Lake Manitoba.
Friday, Dec 15. Empress of Ireland.
i Berthing plans now open. Book Early.
Hamburg, Antwerp, Bremen, eto. 130, 431.25
Norway. Denmark. Sweden ...134.75. $37.24
Special rail rates on request.
jr. R. Johnson. O. A., 141 Third St.
All rail and 8. 8. agents sell Can. Pac
The most delightful spot on entire world
tour for your vacation. Delightful aea bath
Insist ths famous beach of WaikikL The
iplendld 63. Sierra (10.000 tons dl.plaee
lient) mskes the round trip In 16 dsys. and
on. can vUlt on a aids trip ths living vol
cano ot Rllauaa. which Is tremendously ao
tlvsT and see for himself the process of world
creation. No other trip compares with thle
for the marvslous and wonderful In satura.
Visit the Islands now. while you can do It
So esslly and quickly and wblls ths volcano
Inactive. Prompt attention to telegrams for
bertha Ballings: Oct. 14. Nov. a. Nov. 25.
Dec is. stc Book now.
g7t Market Street. Ban Fraawlsea,
Su FrAn ds co and hot AnfelM
a a. Beaver Sails 4 P. M. October Si
Ticket Office, 14S Third B4.
Phones Mala 401 aad A leea.
Low Bates. Schedule Time.
SIS Hallway Estasags Bide,
rwuaaSj Or.
Sails from Ainsworta Dock. Portland.
p af every Tuasdsy. Freight receivsd st
Alnsworth Dock dally op to 5 P. at. Pas
senger tare, first-class, $10; second-class, ft.
Including meala aad berth. Ticker, effloe
AtMwarUi Doss, rkeaes Mala aea. Mala.
170, A 1214.