Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 05, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Sample of Cheyenne's Annual
Frontier Day Interests
President." .
and yelled, with a wink In Ma eye ta
anow thai he knrw automobile aa well
a horaca: "Slip nr In the high. Bill."
In the opri-ltouM the President de
clared, anions other thlnare. that tna
priant wool tariff waa too hlah. and
announced hla intention to recommend
Its revlalon downward.
Cheyenne la In the center of tha sheep
country and the Prealdent Itot llttla
applause for that announcement.
Democrat lo Wrlromf Taft.
CHEHALIS. Waah.. Oct. 4. (Special.)
The Chehalla committee that haa In
hand the wtlroma to Prealdent Taft
In thla rltjr next Wednesday, from 1:2
to V. M.. haa aent a generous lup-
ply of advertising matter to every poat
offlr In Lewis County. east, anuth and
weet of thla city. Inviting tha people
to vlelt Chehalla and greet the. Preal
dent. Tha city council and mayor
of the incorporated towna In tha abora
action have alio been Invited, and
tha. achool children In particular, as
wll aa all the commercial boo lea. The
Chehalla scnool, children will be out
iliecotlve iHt-larra There Mul lie
gnliiir Action by Impart men I
of Interior on Matter Af
Tevtlng Public lomain.
IIAW LIN'S. Vjr, Oct. 4. Prealdent
Taft iprnt the day In Wyoming, and
left Kawllne after a 10-mlnute atop for Salt Lake City. Clan.
wnre he expects to apend tomorrow.
Governor Carry, who accompanied
trie Prealdent arrosa tha state, told Mr.
Taft that he would be backed by tha
vomlm delegation at the next He
publican ronventlon and receive tha
e troal vote of tha state In Novem
ber. Uir. Thla announcement waa of
eapeclal Intereat becauaa Governor
Curry waa elected aa an Independent
and against tha candidate for tha eo-
ui;d resular machine.
Another Item of political lotereat to
day was the receipt by the President
of a telegram announcing that Gover
nor lllraru Johnaon. inaurgent execu
"tire of California, would meet the Taft
train at the California line and arcom
pany It IhroUKlt the atale. Governor
Juhnaon will be accompanied by a par
ty of atate officials.
14 nicker Artie a eea4-
1n hi apce. .1 at Laramie President
Taft called out enthusiastic applaua
hr declaring that he waa going to aea
l.j It t.'iat the Interior Department at
Washington cave quicker action here
after on all matters affecting the pub
lic domain.
"We have had an unfortunate condi-J
tion la the department.' said tha Prea
ldent. "The controversies between the
extremists on both sides of toe conser
vation question. he added, "brought
about a bt:ter attack upon the Interior
I-eprtmeni and really Interfered with
the administration of the laws.
Tou cannot keep a lot of men under
lire, under criticism, under the muck
raking system which unfortunately
prevails, without paralslng efforta to
ward tha administration of tha law.
They become timid.
RH Tape) "sataaaee.
"It Is a good deal easier, gentlemen,
to do nothing and to assume no reapon-
Ibili'y than It la to so ahead and do
thins and then take the shafts of
criticism and the charges of bad mo
tive. It takee courage to do that and
human r.ature Is frail somettmea and
hesitate. I am glad to say that peo
ple the country over are nets taking a
much n'ore eeaaliile and philosophic
view fcf tha future."
M-. Taft said that one result of his
trip thrt-uah the West and the recent
tours of Secretary of the Interior
Kiaher and Secretary of Agriculture
Wilson would be to stimulate the de
partment at Washington to rid them-It-
of "tna't red tape and delay
whl.-h la the reeort of t.lose who are
timid in administering the law.
Senator W arre t promised the Preel
. -nt tuday to support the peace treaties
in the Senate. He declared that tha
I'resl'tent'a ,teerhee on the sobjert un
questionably had met the approval of
the people.
Puring the day the President stopped
st Cheyenne and latramle. At Cheyenne,
Charlie Irwin, of the reception com
mittee. had arrancc.l a miniature re
production of the "atunta" made fa
mous at the annual frontier day rele
hraf Ion.
Mr. Taft reviewed aeveral thousand
soldier from Port I A. Ruasell. In
spected the town from an automobile,
ind apoke on his tariff vetoes to a good
sixed crowd.
from Kort p. A. Russell. Inspected the
town from an automobile, and spoke
on his tariff vetoea to a good-sized
c ro w d.
The Prealdent waa taken for a short
automobile ride at Laramie, after which
he made a brief speech and at Ilaw
lins he made another short talk from
the rear platform of hla car.
Irwta t.eed stage Miaasrr.
In the reviewing stand at Cheyenne
today. tie President appeared to en
Joy exceedingly the riding of bucking
and out aw horses. The atanda held
only a few thousand persona outside
of the soldiers from Kort Russell, near
by, and the element of the picturesque
ness that the natives say la aeen In
tha annual affair was lacking to a
large degree.
Irwin showed that ha la a good eta,
manager, however, by renaming some
of the ponies entered In the bucking
There waa one ra'ej "Billy Taft."
another named "Archie Butt." a third
fiat but ked by the name of "Schedule
K " and another which residenta of
Cheyenne declared wa almost unrld
able, that Irwin had put down on the
programme as "Teddy Roosevelt."
"Reciprocity." "Gin Klxx." "Old Steam
boat" aid a few others under names
less pertinent to a President's recep
tion, also ran.
-Billy Taft" Balky.
Billy Taft" was the real pony to
be saddled and Jack Mantin. a buster
wtth real rhapa. with the hair on them
a foot long, tried to ride him. Martin
got about I feet beyond the Judges"
stand and then dismounted, head fore
moat, alator Archibald Butt, the Pres
ident's aide, smilingly commented to
Ms chief
Next came Arrhle Butt, ridden by
.'rank Carlrr. ex-champlon buster of
t-.e worM. Archie proved docile and
Carter rode him easily up the track and
Into the corral, while Mr. Taft turned
to hla aide and smiled.
-enator Warren." ridden by Hugh
Clark: "Aeroplane." with Bill Baker on
hla b. k; "Reciprocity." ridden by John
Kick!!, were subdued handily, and
"Schedule K gave up almost without
a struicsle. whereat those In the Pres
ident a party laughed heartily.
"Teddy Kooaevelt." manned by Paul
Heneea. inalate.t on converting htmaclf
Into a small whirlwind that revolved
at an estimated speed of not less than
3t miles an hour. Iteneen stuck on for
a couple of mlnutee. but then decided
la de-i-end and those "Teddy's" head
aa a stepping block.'
t.lrl Wlu Aeplaaa.
In the women's half-ml'e rsce. Paula
"Irwin, a little girl with golden hair
tied with a brigtit red ribbon, dressed
In a khaki riding suit, came under the
wire first, riding as well as most of
the men did. standing up In the stlrups
with a whip In one band and getting all
tue applause from the crowd.
The Prealdent left at the concluaton
of the ehow. Juat before be entered Ma
automobile, he ahook handa with Irwtn
and hla daughter and the puncher
and buster. A hla automobile puffed
away. Irwin stood up In bis stirrupa
t ' ""V . '
: fr
i (- . . i
: : 1 .
, . ..', c
Jaaeph !Nlelli.
ROSEBCRO. Or, Oct. 4. (Spe
cial.) Joseph Mlcelll. who waa
elected Mayor of Koseburg by a
majority of 30 votes. Is probably
one of the beat-known men In
this section of the state. In per
sonal business affairs, he haa
been successful and the mora con
servative property-owners believe
his service as chief executive of
Koseburg will prove Invaluable.
Mr. Mlcelll haa been a member
of the City Council for aix years,
and during moat of that time haa
acted aa chairman of the street
improvement committee. When
Mr. Mlcelll entered tha Council
Roseburg'a streets were In a de
plorable condition. Today tha
city boasts of over four miles of
pavement, all of which haa been
laid under tha direct supervision
of the Mayor-elect and the mem
bers of the street Improvement
committee. Much of the work '
fell upon M. Mlcelll and. aa a
consequence he haa been com
pelled to sacrifice both time and
la force, and the elate Training school
band will furnish music, the entire at
tendance from that institution adding
to the. throng. President Taft will be
Introduced by Mayor Olngrlch. who is
a well-known Democrat, and the wel
come, her will be nonpartisan.
Fiamplr of Elder Re-ttrr Than rrc-
rrpt Hamanr Society Told
Pe-ert Ion Int-rcae.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 4. Protection
of the child was the keynote of the
addresses delivered at the closing ses
sion of the American Humane Associa
tion's convention here today. Pr.
William O. Stlllman. of Albanj. N. T.,
waa re-elected president of the associa
tion and the delegates tacitly agreed
to hold the 1)12 convention In London.
although the final selection eras left
to the board of directors.
In the work of child protection tha
delegates were -a unit In declaring that
the greatest danger waa In the home.
E. W. NewhalU president of the Cali
fornia tjociety for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children. In hla address on
"An Uuoce of Prevention." said:
"It la the home that must be correct
ed first. Giro the child proper envi
ronments and let hla elders teach him
the right way by example rather than
by precept. Juvenile bomea are excel
lent institution, but If parents did
their duty there would be little need
for such places."
Child desertion la on the Increase. in
the Cnlted Statea. according to Rev.
w. A. Robinson, of Cincinnati, preal
dent of the Ohio Humane -Society. The
speaX-r said there was a growing ten
dency on the part of parents to turn
their children out Into the world Ill
fitted for the battle of life. He urged
the passage of lawa to correct this evIL
The fc-l'-jwlng officers were elected:
Vice-presidents, John L. Phortall. Chi
cago: Mrs. Caroline Karle White. Phil
adelphia: E. W. Newhall. 8n Fran
cisco: secretary. N. J. Walker. Albany.
N. T.: treasurer. Kditar McDonald.
Washington Ouard-nion Will Attend
;arrlan Srliool at fort Wright.
Ington. Oct. . The following officers
of the Washington National liuard are
authorised to pursue a course of In
struction at the garrison school at Fort
Wrtgr-.t. Spokane:
Major Benson Wright. Spokane: Cap
tain Bert C. Ross. Walla Walla: Cap
tain David A. Mauler. Spokane: Captain
Henry A. Wise. Spokane: First Lieuten
ant Walter C. Hinman. Spokane: Klrat
Lieutenant J.'orrt A. Miller. Spokane:
Second Lieutenant Jarer K. Anderson.
Seattle: Second Lieutenant Edward H
PrelL Spokane.
in"1 .'
With every SUIT or OYERCOAT to order during this sale, ending Saturday, October 14, 1
will make FREE of charge AN EXTRA PAIR OF TROUSERS and a FANCY VEST.
Portland, Or., Oct. 5, 1911.
you ran no risk
to patroniitnf
my o t b bail
ment I'm not
a newcomer, but
have been per
manently estab
lished In Port
land for years.
I hare- thon
sandsof promi
nent cnntomers
in Portland and
in the rtatea of
Oregon and
W a thin gton
w h o patronize
me from year to
' year.
MAXWELL, The Tailor,
Importer of Foreign Woolens,
. 246 Washington Street. ,
In making the above offers I am simply giving my friends and the public who failed to take advan
tage of my offer of two weeks ago an opportunity to now get the full benefit of the most liberal conces
sions ever granted by a merchant tailor of Portland. . t-.
My stock of IMPORTED Woolens from the leading mills of Europe, and HIGH-GRADE Domestic
Woolens is complete in all the fashionable and popular shades browns, blues, grays, etc. My f abnes
are not excelled. a
DURING THE SPECIAL SALE, ending Saturday, October 14, I will make up from the renowned
Scotch Tweeds, Bannockburns, Harris and other weaves and shades, including even the newest shades
of brown, REGULAR $35 and $40 Suits, choice for $32.50, WITH AN EXTRA PAIR OP TROUSERS
and a FANCY VEST FREE. e,r,0
MOREOVER, I will include the celebrated West of England BLUE WORSTED SERGES guaran
teed non-shrinkable, non-fading and non-shining. These can be worn the year round. My REGULAR
PRICE on these goods is $45. During the sale I will give your choice for $37.50, WITH AN EXTRA
PAIR OF TROUSERS of the same material or stripe and a FANCY VEST FREE.
I use only the highest grade lining in all my productions. Hundreds of my patrons have learned that
MAXWELL is a money-saver for them, and can testify to my ability and integrity as a tailor.
All garments are cut by myself personally, and are made under my own supervision. I keep my
patrons' clothes pressed free of charge. "
All work will be finished in order of priority, so it behooves you to make early selection.
Sincerely yours,
MAXWELL, The Tailor.
Mormon President Explains
Photograph of Bedroom.
En-ommunicatrd Elder Who Would
Sr-11 Pk-tuM-s to Church Officials
Denounced bjr Them aa
Would-Be Blackmailer.
SALT LAKE CITT. Oct. 4 It became
known today that the picture of tha
Interior of tha Mormon Temple, which
were offered for aale to the Mormon
Church recently for an enormoua mm,
were taken by Glabert L. Boseard. a
former Mormon elder, now In New
Boeaard waa "removed from fellow
ahip' In the Mormon Church, which la
equivalent to excommunication, abou:
et"ht months ao. following an attrmpt
o copvrlirht an altered photograph of
the bedroom of Prealdent Smith. The
picture ehowed four beda In the room.
Prealdent Smith declared today that
the photograph waa not a reproduction
of hla bedroom, but waa a picture of
a room occupied by hla children, who,
he aaya. had been moved there follow
ing an attempted burglary at the Fmlth
The officiate of tha church refuaed to
bay the pictures of the Temple taken
by Boseard. declaring that there waa
no aecret as to tha Interior of the Tem
ple, which had been viewed by many
non-Mormons prior to Its dedication.
They designated the offer as an at
tempt at blackmail.
Bossard Is said to be preparing: the
pictures for exhibition In movlnr-plc-ture
theaters In conjunction with the
proprietor of a local nickelodeon.
Father of Philadelphia Catcher
Gives Him' Check for $50,000.
Spencer, former catcher for the Phila
delphia Nationals, who waa sold to
Louisville a few weeks ag;o. announced
yesterday that he had retired from
baseball and crave his gloves, shoes,
sweater and uniforms to some small
boys around the park. Intending; to
leave for Scranton. his home. Imme
diately after the world aeriea.
Spencer's father presented him with
a check for $50,000 aa aoon aa he made
his decision. Spencer returns to Scran
ton to be married and then he will gi
to the Pacific Coast for the Winter.
Spencer has made the flrst olg wager
on the Athletics. He laid (6000 to 14200
In various bets, which Include two of
$1500 to 11400.
Original of Sherlock Holmes Dies.
LONDON, Oct. 4. Joseph Bell, the
eminent Scottish surgeon, who waa the
original of the character of Sherlock
Holmes, died today at Maurice Wood.
Milton Bridge. Midlothian. He was
born in Edinburgh in 1627. snd was an
Instructor of Conan Doyla at Edinburgh
University. Hla hobby was tha study
of mysterious crimes.
Nurse Sues Invalid's Husband.
After having accompanied Mrs. L- K.
Adams, an invalid, clear serosa the
continent, from Greenwich. Conn., to
Portland, aa a nurse, Gertrude, Edna
and expenses. Miss Morrison says she 1
was promised her railway fare and ex
penes by Mr. Adams, and a salary of
M a day if she would accompany his
wife to Portland. She eays that while
the agreement was carried out on the
trip to Portland, It was not fulfilled on
the return trip, as fare only was pro
vided her. She is suing for 41, of
which $13 is for sleeping-car accomroo-
dations. $8 for meals, and $20 for sal
ary for the five days required to make
the return trip.
WfflmWW You will like ttis
YMWWttwyW delicate flavor
mmw mnu
This Beer
11 Right
lr -i; S s J
rnamm Y
a-W A
a, -.a- aw x A
4?$S$$sjwyA A RATA BROS. A
Lv4i M """" V
eer Decause lr nas a. v.;a
and yet is rich and wholesome.
Tic Beer of Quality
in absolute cleanliness from Pabst
exclusive 8-lay malt by the Pabst
exclusive process perfected in
60 years of the most advanced
the most advanced AS
'f i t?3
scientific brewing. 4-$y .
Urder a case