Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 02, 1911, Page 10, Image 10

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Southwest Development Men
Promote Harbor' Route.
Resolutions lo Be Drafted to Open
Peninsula From South Craji
Harbor and Aberdeen Ac
ttre Id Coming Meeting.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. Oct. 1. (Spe
clal.) Development of the Olympic
peninsula from the south by way of
Urays Harbor. Ita natural outlet, and
not from the eaat by wajr of Pu;et
Mound, probably will be the demand of
the Southwest Washington Develop
ment Association when It meets here
ttctober IS to It. This'ls expected to
be one of the blK features of the meet
In:, which la to be attended by promi
nent members of the Olympic Develop
ment League and prominent men
throughout Western Washtnsrton-
The Idea of the development of the
peninsula from the south Is to make
Aberdeen and Orays Harbor the avowed
trading renter of the southwest,
and to thla territory the peninsula la
declared lo be attached naturally. The
ame question la to come up before the
meet Ins: of the Olympic League at
Bremerton nest week, and a larsre dele
gation of harbor realdents and the
southwest will probably attend that
meeting with the expectation of laying
the matter before the leaaue and out
lining the plan of development, which
the harbor proposes.
PLeate Advantage I'raea.
It will be pointed out to the Olym
pic boosters that three transconti
nental roads already have their ter
mini on the harbor, and that all three
have surveys Into the Olympic region.
One of the main objects. It will be
shown, for the building here of the
lines of the Oregon-Washington Rail
road A Navigation Company and the
Chicago. .Milwaukee Puaet Sound,
wss to reach the Olympic peninsula.
It alao will be urged that about the
only land rail route Into the Olympics
la through the hsrbor. all other projects
from another direction Involving ferry
The southwest argues that If the
Olympic people tie up to the develop
ment Idea from the Sound side, the
entrance through Grays Harbor may
be neglected, and It Is proposed to
svert this. If posslbre. though It la
recognised that the railroads will pro
ceed with their own plana despite the
course that may be taken by the
peninsula towns along the straits.
Hettlesaeat Plaa Kentnre.
Both the Olympic League and the
development association are expected
to draft resolutlona calling for the
opening of the peninsula and both are
expected to give their hearty Indorse
ment to the bill, fathered by Congress
man Humphrey and now pending In
Congress, providing for the opening
of the monument to mining prospec
tors. Another feature of the development
association meeting will be the presen
tation of the completed plans for the
settling of longed-off landa through
ut the aouthwest. The corporation
providing for that object has been
organised tentatively and It will ask
Ihe association to approve Its plana
and widen Its scope so that Seattle
wtll be represented on the board of
trustees. Thla will undoubtedly be
done. J. E- Barnes, secretary of the
association, who returned here today
from Heattle. reporting that the Sound
city wae anxloua to have such repre
sentation and would be glad to co
operate with the aouthwest In the
Sheridan Man Pay Ilonus to Pick
er lor Better Product,
SHERIDAN. Or, Oct. 1. (Special.)
E. V. IX Paul, who broke Into the ranks
of trie Oregon hopgrowers this year,
declares that Oregon hops. In order to
compete with foreign and California
hope, must be clean, a condition which
has been Ignored In the past, and
which still prevail. In nearly every
hop yard lu the state. Mr. Paul paid a
10-cent " bonus on every box of hops
picked In hl yard this year In ordet
that the product be clean.
Mr. Paul owna two large hopyarda at
Buell. near this place. At a recent hop
growers' meeting It wss agreed upon
that all growers who had not contract
ed their hops, would ptck dirty hops,
paring a cent a pound for plrklng.
Mr. Paul opposed such an attitude,
and refused to agree to any such com
pact. He Immediately offered a bonus
for clean plrklng. and It ss his Idea to
educate the Sheridan hop fraternity to
the future harvesting of the clean
product of hops.
School System of County Owes) Much
lo Late J. P. Xelson.
LTLE. Wash.. Oct. 1 tSpeelal- la
the death of J. P. Nels-m. one of the
earliest settlers of Ooldendate. thla
county Is reminded tl at ha was one of
the most Influential cltiscna In the
upbuilding of the schools. Mr. Nelson
came to iiollenda!s 21 years ago and
was active not only In aiding In echooi
work but helped to build the first brick
bul'dlng In Uoldendale.
Mr. .Nelson was born near Copen
hagen. Denmark. In 1J. where he
married Miss Anna tlahrteson when he
was IT veers old. He came to this
country In !.
Ha Is survived bv a widow and five
children. The children are-: Mrs. Kather
Armstrong. Mrs. Oeorge H. Klsher. of
Portland: Mrs. Herman McKee. Oscar
Nelson, of Ooldenda!e. and Mllea D.
Nelson, a ranger on the Maimer Re
serve. Kail Service to Continue.
ELGIN. Or.. Oct. 1 (Special.) The
south end of t'nlon County Is up tn the
air aa to the future action of the Cen
tral Railroad of Oregon. This com
pany has Just completed a eul-off.
which. It waa rumored some time ago,
would put I'nloa Junction off the msp
and Instead run all trains from Hot
Lake on the main line. However. It
la now reported that I'nlon has won the
day In her proteet against such an
arrangement and that Manager Eng
land, of the Central Railroad, la now in
tla East buying better steel for the
road, which connects I'nlon with the
mala line of the O..W. R. at K. at Union
I, 03 - il
. - :,. f' 7 .ei ? ; .:rv
r..r .
w a
Cereal Adapted for Feeding to
Growing Pigs.
I.ane Connljr Farmers Demonstrate
That Cultivation Is Practicable
and Crops Raised Are
Made to Pay.
EUGENE. Or.. Oct. 1. (Special.)
Community advertisers of Oregon and
other 'Weeiern states, have frequently
been accused of inflation of actual fact
In their desire to make an attractive
presentation of the resources of their
particular section. Charges of under
statement have at least, been Infre
quent. Understatements, however have been
actually, and somewhat frequently.
made as to the versatility and produc
tiveness of Oregon soil and climate.
It has been often said that com will
not grow profitably In Oregon. It haa
been the general opinion that the
bights are too cold and the Autumn
frosts too early to allow proper ripen
ing. Community advertising booklets
have frequently borne the statement
that corn cannot be profitably grown
In the Willamette Valley.
Actual crops In the upper valley at
the rresent time disprove this. Corn
Is grown In considerable quantities In
Lane County along the bottom lands of
the Willamette and McKenxle Klvera.
As high as 20 acres are often seen In
a fVnld. and the color and sis of the
growing plants, and the Wigth. filling
and weight of the ears compares fa
vorably with the corn of Iowa ana
Many farmers of this county are
CORN 6000
. i
e ,
.-. j
C ',, J e- 4 i ' . -
a - ? r ' w r
sa a tf P
..1 $
X .v- ;
fcrf .... A-rs-
' :SV.
. y-x
m-m- 'Mill ft. ISllll " 4
raising corn, not as an experiment,
but as a crop that pays. W. O. Star
buck, who lives on the McKenxle River
seven miles east of Eugene, has grown
corn for several years. Thla year he
has more than IS acres planted, and
the yield and slxe of the ears compare
favorably with that of states in the
Mississippi Valley. Mr. Starbuck is an
Iowa farmer. ' who came here four
years ago. He feeds his crop to hogs,
turning them into the field, and letting
them fatten. Pumpkins are grown In
the same field. 'He considers corn one
of his most profitable crops.
Wllluun Kerr, who lives on the River
Road, along the Willamette, has a
flnld of SO acres that compares .very
favorably with Eastern cornfields Mr.
Kerr Is a dairyman, and cuts the green
corn Into ensilage. A. Qualf, aJso liv
ing on , the River Road, has made a
success of corn growing. LaBt year
he secured the astonishing- yield of 100
bushels to the acre from one of his
fields, and his prospects are equally
good thla year. Sixty bushels are a
good average crop In the corn country.
There are many smaller growers
along the bottoms of both rivers who
husk their crop, and find a ready sale
for It at 50 to 60 cents a bushel for
putting the finishing touches to fat
hogs. It makes a profitable crop when
grown between the rows In peach and
walnut orchards.
Owing to early frosts and lack of
dry. cold weather later In the Fall,
corn does not harden as much as in the
Middle West. Its feeding value, how
ever, is not impaired by this fact, al
though Ita shipping and keeping qual
ities are affepted, "Corn and hogs"
are always associated. Nothing fat
tens a hog so quickly, or gives so fine
a flavor to bacon, as does corn. Nor
can It be done as cheaply with any
other feed.
One of the reasons why so few hogs
are raised In Oregon is that fattening
is expensivs. Farmers who have had
experience say that Increased growing
of corn on river bottom lands that are
ulted to It will not only make it pos
sible to lower the price of pork to the
consumer, but to Increase materially
the profits of the producer. With a
little Increased attention given to corn
growing. "Made In Oregon" bacon will
not be so rare.
Falla City Store Is Sold..
FALLS CTTT. Or.. Oct. 1. (Spe
cial.) O. M. Mahr, of Texarkana. Texas,
haa purchased the general merchandise
store of a. Sowers, snd will move his
family of nine to this city. .
vjS V " i
; - -,v..-. i V' ;
- f far" -. - C
South Bend Enters on Era of!
Marked Progression. v
Three-Cornered Klection Probable.
Xenr High School Planned Bank
and Oilier Buildings' AMI I
Be Built Shortly.
sSOCTH BEND,' Wash Sept. 28.
(Special.) At a largely-attended meet
ing of business men and citizens of this
city Tuesday night, the personnel of
the 'Progressive" city ticket to be nom
inated in December was thoroughly
discussed and the following candidates ,
agreed upon:
Mayor; John L. Myers; Councilman
at large. A. M. McGee; Councilmen, E.
C. Lawler, S. W. Sturdevant and O. O.
Hicks. D. J. Olds. C. K. Flerson and H.
L. Gerwlg, present councilmen, are
holdovers. .
Pressure was brought to bear upon
Councilman Lawler to accept the place i
at the head of the ticket, but he de- ,
cllned. maintaining that he can be of j
election as councilman. Mr. Lawler re
sided formerly In Portland and haa a
host of friends there. John T. Welsh,
present City Attorney, was urged to
run. but haa declined.
D. J. Olda is another former Portland
The "Progressives" have adopted as
their slogan "Progression vs. Retrogres
sion." and will make a spirited cam
paign to elect their ticket. Mr. Sturde
vant Is an extensive property owner
and Mr. McGee is a shingle mill owner.
Mr. Hicks Is a meat dealer.
The W. C T. U. and local optionlsts
have been circulating petitions and de
clare they will place a ticket In the
field, but as yet have .been unable o
find a woman candidate for mayor. They
have made overtures to P. W. Rhodes,
an ardent "dry," who Is a real estate
man, bat he has declined.
Reformers May Hast Ticket.
The Socialists will put a ticket In the
field, and should the reform element do
likewise, there will be a three-cornered
contest. This city now has eight sa
loons, but no complaint Is found against
them by business men.
An attempt will be made by the
"drys to place Raymond and Ilwaco.
the two other Incorporated towns, in
the dry column. Petitions have been
signed freely In Raymond, but It Is be
lieved the fight wUl be a losing one for
the "drys" there. Both Raymond and
South Bend are enjoying now unpre
cedented prosperity, despite the demor
alized condition of the lumber market.
Mr. Myers, who heads the "Progres
sive" ticket, has resided here a quarter
of a century. He Is a heavy property
owner, present councilman and leading
druggist. He Is one of the organizers
of the Wlllapa Harbor Fish Company
and other enterprises.
South Bend is laying a mile of as
phalt paving which replaces planked
streets, concrete sidewalks, curb and
gutter, a new $30,000 trunk sewer and
other needed Improvements.
The new Commercial Club building,
built on the bungalow style, will be
opened formally with a public recep
tion. It cost with the site about (16,000.
New High School Planned.
Plans for the public library have been
accepted by the Carnegie Library As
sociation and a $10,000 library build
ing will be started in the Spring. The
citizens by public subscription donated
the site.- A new $30,000 cannery has
been installed and In operation since
September 1. This cannery was -organized
as the Wfllapa Harbor Fish
Company and the entrle season's pack
has been contracted for In advance by
a Portland broker.
The school board Is contemplating the
erection of a new high school building.
The school enrollment shows an In
crease of 10 per cent over the enroll
ment of last school year. A new $100,
000 corporation has taken over the A.
A. Werley stock of dry goods. This
company haa a chain of stores in Cen
tral Washington. '
The Mountain Spring Company and
the South Bend Electric Company have
expended $15,000 in Improving the light
and water plants to meet the progress,
and healthy growth of the city. The
real estate market has been healthy
and active and some big sales have been
reported In business, residence and
acreage In and near the city.
South Bend la going ahead faster than
It has since the boom In the early '90'a
Every business man and merchant re
ports Increased business with collec
tions better than before. Wlllapa Har
bor's chief Industries are lumbering,
fishing, oysterlng and dairying. Every
mill Is running to capacity and every
day from one to three lumber schoon
ers leave from this harbor for -San
Francisco or foreign porta
Much BuUdlna Planned.
The Twin City Rapid Transit Com
pany, which has a franchise for an
electric railway between South Bend
and Raymond, has Its right-of-way
grading completed and will soon begin
laying steel.- The United States Gov
ernment baa granted an appropriation
of $223,000 to dredge Wlllapa River, and
the dirt will be uaed to fill the lowlands
and streets here and In Raymond. Work
will begin on this contract about Octo
ber 16.
S. W. Sturdevant has purchased two
business lots for $10,000 snd In the
early Spring will build a $26,000 con
crete building. The Pacific State Bank
Is contemplating Improving Its hand
some comer with a modern concrete
building. The Kleeb mill has Installed
Its mill with electrical equipment at a
cost of $40,000, and the South Bend
Mill Timber Company, Columbia Box
Lumber Company and other big mills
have made large expenditures In mi
proving their plants to care for In
creased business.
Cash Had for Building for Feeble
Mlnded; None for TTpkeep.
SALEM. Or- Oct L (Special.) The
State Board is In a peculiar position
relative to the Institute for the Feeble
Minded. Plans are now being drawn
for a new dormitory at the school, the
number this dormitory will accommo
date depending upon the result of
these plana The Board haa $26,000 to
expend for thla purpose.
With the completion of the dormi
tory it will mean considerable more
room, wbich Is badly needed as there is
a large waiting list made up of appli- l
cants from all parts of the state. But
the completion of the dormitory will do
absolutely no good until the next Leg
islature meets, as the last Legislature
cut the maintenance appropriation
Every woman's heart responds to
the charm and sweetness of a baby's
voice, because nature intended her
for motherhood. But even the
loving nature of a mother shrinks
from the ordeal because such a time
is regarded aa a period of suffering
and danger. Women who use
Mnt.her'a Friend are saved much
discomfort and suffering, and their J
systems, being thoroughly prepared
by this great remedy, are , in a
healthy condition to meet the time
with the least possible suffering
and danger. Mother's Friend is
recommended only for the relief
and comfort of expectant mothers;
it is in no sense a remedy for vari
ous ills, but its many years of suc
cess, and the thousands of endorse
ments received from women who
have used it are a guarantee of the
benefit to be derived from its use.
This remedy does not accomplish
wonders but simply assists nature
to perfect its. work. Mother's
Friend allays nausea, prevents cak
ing of the
breasts, and in
every way con
tributes to
BtronR, healthy
motherhood. Mother's Friend i3
sold at drug stores. Write for our
free - book for expectant mothers.
Atlanta, Ga.
down so lew that It Is considered
scarcely possible to run through the
two years with those who. are now
In the school. .
Consequently, when the dormitory Is
finished. It will probably stand Idle
until another session can furnish suf
ficient funds to maintain those who are
placed therein. By that time the new
Eastern Oregon Insane Hospital will
probably be completed and a large
number of patients from the central
asylum will be transferred. As a large
percentage of those now In the Insti
tute for the Feeble Minded were orig
inally transferred from the asyTum It
wlU allow a transfer back, and prob
ably all of the applicants will then be
allowed to enter the Institute.
Farmers In Slierman, Gilliam and
Wasco Counties to Use Electric
ity in Irrigation Work.
THE DALLES, Or.. Oct 1. (Spe
cial.) The development of the ' water
power at the mouth of the Deschutes
River by the Deschutes " Rlmrock
Power Company, which was capitalised
at Portland last " week for $1,000,000
assures for The Dalles a big growth
and development of this city and sur
rounding country. Work Is to be
started on the project within 90 days
and It '111 be but a comparatively
short time until The Dalles will have
an immense amount of electrical power,
as one of the main power lines will be
extended here.
The company plans to tap- Sherman,
Gilliam and lower Wasco counties
with its electrical transmission lines.
Ranchers and city residents all along
the lines will be supplied with electric
ity for lights and pumping water for
irrigation purposes, and general farm
use. Already application uu
made for power to be used In supply
ing water for the irrigation of the
land adjacent to Granddalles, across the
Columbia River from The Dalles.
Irrigation projects along ne Colum
bia above this city are already taking
form, it being expected to use the
power from the Deschutes for pump
ing water from the Columbia. The
Rlmrock Company has secured options
on several thousands of acres that will
be developed and irrigated by a num
ber of pumping stations along the Co
lumbia. Ex-United States Representative
Malcolm A. Moody of this city, presi
dent of the Rlmrock Company, says his
concern will not promote a townslte
on the Deschutes, and will confine its
efforts to furnishing electrical . power
and developing Irrigation projects.
They Grow Hair
Certain Ingredients, if Prop
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Human Hair Growth.
Resorcln is one of the most effective
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naphthol is a most powerful, yet abso
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matter, and creates a clean, healthy
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matter or dye. is an ingredient well
established for its power to restore
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Borax, because of its weU-developed
softening and cleansing properties. Is
most useful in the treatment of scalp
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soothing, healing and nourishing In
fluence. Alcohol Is Indispensable In
medicine because of Its antiseptic
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skillfully administered If pre
ferred) ; NERVO-V1T At. DEBILITY
without stimulative remedies;
BLADDER and KIDN'EY troubles:
PILKti and all RECTAL, ailments of
Out- offer PAT
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i o I u t e protection.
Consultation, exam
ination and diagnosis-
free. Wb
you want is a cure.
Come to us and get
it. Onc under our
treatment, you will
quickly realise how
simple a thlnr It Is
to geti well Tn the
hands of a special
ist who know his
business. Our cures
add not only years
to life, but life to,
years. Office hours
daily, 9 to 5- Even
ings. 7 to 8. Sun
days, 10 to 1.
362 Washington St., Portland, Or.
I publish my own photograph, per
sonally conduct my own office, have
no connection with any "medical
company." "institute" or "museum,"
but am a- thoroughly reliable up-to-date
scientific specialist in all ail
ments of men. No hired substitutes
to treat you. If I accept your case
for treatment and do not effect a
quick and lasting cure, you need not
pay one cent of my small fee. Let
me prove to you, without cost or
obligation, that I will cure you to
stay cured, before paying out one
"606" $25.00
to 6 7 to 8 Daily) Sunday. 10 to 1.
Examinations-Advice Free.
313a Washington St.
Portland, Oregon.
O.. Ua S Chan til
Chinese Medical Co.
n; iff
rflZ WnwtMMt St.. Portland. Or. K . I. n
..V . -''-
I am 83 years old and have suffered
from weakness and nervousness for three
months from a tumor on my face. At first
I went to some doctors but they told me
that it was impossible to cure, so upon the
advice of my relatives. ' who had been cured
by these Chinese doctors, I went to them.
After talcing two weeks of their herbs and
roots compounded end other medicines, the
tumor was completely cured without the
uss of a knife. I feel so grateful toward
them and I recommend anybody who Is
111 and wants to get well soon, to go to see
or write to them- and secure some medi
cine which I am sure will bring results,
j. A. Zlmmermann. Albany. Or.
Are effected by the use of
roots and herbs. No opera
tions, no poisonous drugs.
TV. ham made a life study
In this line and you will re
ceive the benefit or our re
search. Men and women
cured of private ailments.
N e r v o u sness. rheumatism,
asthma, pneumonia. blood
poison, lung trouble and dis
eases of all kinds. Consul
tation FREE.
lsSfaii aiorriaoa St., Portland Or.