Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 26, 1911, Page 14, Image 14

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rom BAL&
S-clCOND-H AND hy;fhi4
4n4 la V d ccndit.oo.
Ma. a
waxted ifiicKLi-AXEors.
H;grt prte paid for metre ad ladles
at -off clothing, iaom. furniture to, a
id-&asi, logging. CaU atau aCeV M
F.rat t- Ttit O.ob.
Naarese Army ar In need of be-ldmg
end furmtura (or the bom lor W omn
end chi.drea. Anion M r help
ft.or.f these uae ca.l up ku( tXlO 11
w.ii bo rated for prcrnpt.y.
jLRE yoa
ta trouble vr i-eJ ewtat. tun
traonai lUtttrtr can
u:ck deai. cur e stata. Adores U cc.
Wanted a neat delivery tmi
:ra horse la ucAAAt kwC
. fiurk.
Tator lioo.
w AXIti D To
a . e truaa
72 s.xth su
bur two food second-hand
k il U (O incAea loaf. Cii
ieo. High. phct paid foe ll klad a
mechanic, ioccing too:, L-svia
Hr. Co. 2J Front. Mala 8v.
'E pay tes btgbest cast price for ceroi
fcuj turaltur. setr alaruav
$.st 81J4. 84 HiwiflTDt vo
$74 E, M jrrlBoo. r&gni K. It 11.
Pay b ibtit cua price far furniture.
Jul'.D Auction Cv pay saoet c
k;rd of furniture M In 3L
a for i
ALL contract taaeci for wrecking, fiu
-LeJy'e tailor-made euit. aim $4;
cargeia. Phon B 1HL
TtiUt bO
ferr... AP 437,
tnd tan dec
Oreg on tan.
A lUAU. portaole aa arm ill van tod; writ)
G-ow Ummr Urn J City, rout 8.
v vi I r 1) I erg a econd-ha3d hardwood
roll tup aad fiat desk. Call Marshall !.
ur. qim Irn
real ulMmfta to sell our
of map aad other pe"aity
r k4-utri, our line is Q.rrtrtaw tictwm.
It land the biT bum tired of plctur
V eso utPr strong Ua loaihor aov- And t.aa: tronMt combined out
it offered: b.B mo oay Cor mea 111 saw hi.m n laced : writ fully,
g e experteno in first letter. Kenyaa
Company. De Moines, la. Uth roar.
LMTKU HTATKi NAVT has opened a K IV
CRLiTLNa PTATlOS at 214 Railway E-
ehar.s-e bulldtna. portend, w&ere inror
tr. i:.on will aladt alvoo about Navy
:-ortuntttao to youns meo ortr 17. "Th
y.:aa of a Man o Wars man.- a book
iw;ai a:i about too Navy, will bo sen I
fret to anyona who wants It.
.V K ara lnoklns; for eipertancad real ostato
iiiini m aro buias gettars; to aucn
men wo ar prepared to offer the beat
a.:utr oronoaitioa er out forward by
any firm on tha Paciflo Coast; wo band a
ra.y ciose-la Improved property, furnish
prospects and provldo traas porta Uoa. Ca.1
at 14 ruth St.
1 n:tILKiK carpenters, company work. liTi.
ftre refunded If work aim weeks; Boat her a
Of jo a.
H. K. oaoatractloa zaoa aouth and east.
f"eo far.
laborsr. etty and c?oee ta. f2.C a day.
. K HANEX A OCX. M N. id 8t.
kA.i'.NO maa Of aeat. ;eo:iaman.y appear-
net to call on prospects which w fur-
r sa : aaca.lant propoaitloa with the
lreat and llest Arm of the kind la
ie e.ty . wa pay a!l espensea. Mr. Khode
Umi; Coiumaia Trusi Company, be 4th
AVBtTIOL'a. tBte;::ant peop.e make $4 to
$Z daiiy oollcitink for us. Too civ the
pnllo boot vaiua la America, don't treat
)ou as scent, our maa will a hoar yoa
how; ft P. M. only. 10 He-y bldc
.rand Be. and Morrison St.
Want; I J aaueemea to band; businoso
chances- only those that know tha busi-r-sa
and the city need apply, producer aro
vhat la wanted. A. A. Craadolie, Iwl
Yeoa bid.
juS apportuslty for a Ur tuaa ;iiof our
guaranteed Yakima Viiey frown nursery
s ock; sc!siv territory; outfit free, cask
a-a.y; "hustle," sot experience, reguirad.
Toppenlsh Nursery Co.. Toppenlsh. Wastt.
TV A NT KU Salesman. asper1ced nifu!n
and bok man. to represent "Curreat 1.U
erature; entirely new and a euro win
ner; h is hast commissions. "Currant lUt
erlure." room 4J Maruam bids.
Ia;LOR for aiteratlona; must bo a quick
wcrhman and bo abto to bushol for tailor
d-arimant, steady position. Call At
powr.avt.le Woo.en Mt.l 8 tore
ai KoMCN wanted to sell our Una of Po
etic i' oast -crown nursery stock, east paid
weekiy. PadOo Nureary Cow COC Corbott
fiOoK BINDER I a cod blank book forward
er tnat can do sma finishing, wac
per week, a hour a V. O. Tvirt Cev. Aoer
on. V ash.
WANTED A a expert picture frame; must
bo younc snan. preferaMy oao who under
stands the waJl paper bualnaoo or wlshe
to learn It. Call Uerfer Uroo. Ill 1st at.
Cood man that want to sell land ad
ffla'rt I'ortland: salary or commission;
bo asprleaco aaeasary. AM Teon bid.
WAN TED a aaleemen who are rustlers to
sea real estate, a On propoottton. tirusal
A Zadow. tlT Bord of Trade bid- ask
rrr Mr. TBomaa
H EMPLOTkrNT res Later with the Era-
p.oymeni Department of the Employers
Association ef Urtfoa, 22 Commercial
' & t.d. No fees.
Camp biacssmitn; $lu0 mo. ; i pile
driver man. A-20 day.
I ' AririC l MPlOTaleiNT ro.. 11 N. sd gt.
SviTa CkITH. la aw town. shop, too
acd work waitinc for yoa; married maa
preferred Call (or datail at 411 Cham
ber of Commerce
live solicitors for old established
mpany; permanent poHKn; ix4 rvay.
riour. itrnaB oi'i.. to I a.
S A NTFlJ ab esperlenced installment col. j
lector; en willing to work; reference and
ama:i bond required. V 4-1. Creontan.
s?"ttr for cti
'all Last tiU
aperianced cleaner and
antng and preasiAg works.
i and Ankany.
NO,LE man. good babtta, to work a farm,
w tu nnUerst ands Oa:ry bualnaoa. Apply
t Merchants Trust bldg. alter 18 o'clock.
CK ICE boy, 18 to 14. to
and kro small Set of
tr.krnr it.
answer phone
accounts. Jv4
V NT K Invoice clerk who can operate
t v pe writer; must bo qui.-k and accural
In Ccjrpa Apply Wad.tams-Karr Hroa
i Ai.'l.N IKK, Cr: -class, lay ar. d finish oak
id Or Ce. Pb& Main 4Ji about 1
p. m. Mi;tt
V NT E r o-od
h.f Interest la
y t I.1 31H II.
snaa with bora to take
wood saw. at one. Ap
N: R ee City Park.
IAN w anid for fir ln.irac and oaq
buaiBas. comfrtfasisok only. $40 Cham
ber of Commerce.
W ANT 1 1 riJur ;y wrttera; big
weU tach youv Itctur PUy Ass
l. on. fa rrancisc
Hl-.K-OK ALE sa.eemea caa ese-c'to per
rrareAUj. Asa tt Bryant, 111$ Veon
V A N T r D-
He'. tat for
4J UcWa
cieaaing a
oainc a
a. !ota
TA NTF D Two tallora. men tailors pre
ferreU. C. Cawer A Crv. ladles' tailors.
.'imc-Hnwh b.dg room 11.
, n v i: l pn -;ci
to w.rk tn ofica
regl'tered In Ore on.
i straight saiary bast.
K , Oregonian.
a ANTED $ boya. eheA
UT4 Tavlor.
por moQLh.
ll(.TEL baker. $ and found. Pioneer Eaa
p.ey meat Co.. le N. ? J at.
a-t'H. RENT 4 room bungalow on Pth and
H'v s-s.. $;0, A14 McKay b.dg.
-Aa over 18 Wlta sabia 28
X .TEJ Oak bkr; rrst-olaas; at th
i r no a 3 bakary. r-alern. Or.
1 H O IOC. HATH roupoa and portrait aetata,
w offr. Cutrerth fitudle. Dekum b.rtg.
W a N r a -t 0o d photo coupon as a ta kul
pr.ea studio. 1S1 Washington el
jiCTS wanted, eteady wnrk and good wages.
Mu-rontsa Mohair Ma s. Meilwood.
XiaN thoroughly farr.!!Lar with pboaograk
re; a:r wora. A3 47 Oregonian.
COAT-MAKER. Brat-class
Vara. 14' 3 Plledoar bdg.
wages. Dltk-
ee.l tbaic acreage at
Isqulro T$ Lewi bdg
W ANTkD-eod bread baker: one
tomed to small shop. 44$ Waablxurton.
tt'NTH COOTKR man, 118 Week.
Lun-n. th and TamhtlL
V ASTEE Coatmsker;
xv! a Walla. Wash.
$A$e. XX L Patera.
A'.'Y cTTipoattor. $l.V day. Ap
w-Kr--r'r. atrninnv;:!.
i'AlMrK. flret-eiaaa. wanted at East 11th
and couch sts Hi
SOLICITOR, oe'.abled bualneaa sa.ary and
cram'eeiB. Ca.l 2t Alder, pel. s snd it.
W ash leg -
tV ANTED Flrot-Caas ladtesf
tJppmea, 41 1 8eitnc bidg.
yT wanted. 8i7 Tkuni P'.dg.
LUAl MAEEriaV 1eaa es CuxUasv MtaiT.a,
On of Many ,
Offlco Socrttary ap:oyoint Dtptrlmtat,
T. al. C
Tmff man. atracsar. oat of worli
bl total caan at If I pay you IS tot
apial amp.oymant mambarahlp I will
fiBhO only 4 lait batwaan mo and atar-
8crota-r If Too pay $S for pTclT
tnpioymant mambarsmp yoa ba
tha T. H. C. A. witn ita raaouraaB, Poj
Im& yoa and staxrauoa-
Racord for S
on tha avdlBs Aurt 8l-
CaKa for man..
JoaiUona fi.i4
Kiv m&bri ...........
Employment mernbaTahlp iraarantarB
mpiorroant 'or refund of membrahlp
fr; bIvob two raontaa full membrnip
rrtvllrB. lo moot ha- aortal privllaiEa
and uodTtaaaa to kaP party employed
during (ho full term of maiuborahip wlta
out furtner charca.
Wa havo constant daman 4 for men
rrada. oaparianced men. Aro yoa fitted
for a be tier position?
See sacra tar y am pi 07m ant dapartmant,
T. M. C A.
40 years of who, per h pa, has al
ways workM on a salary, but who fee'.s
he would Use to batter his condition and
connect himself with one of th best
Sropoaltlons in Portland, and ensjaira in a
u:aea where h la workinc fr himse.f.
and tha fflort reaults be accomplishes the
more ha will Increase his In coma. If auch
a man win ca;i for Mr. J one at -"o Oaic
I WANT a ertuple of flret-ctaso
nltmn to help me handle ray
Fall cempaltfn. improvement
Tk on new r'ata being runed.
"riu)tmor!aod" now at Its best.
Tall 9 to 11 A M. for Interview
with J. T. Kinder, sales man
ager. T. S. CLARK.
18-823 Kpauldkcc Bid.
API-E-ROPIED men wanted tr the U.
Marina Corps, bt weeo the are of 18 and
83. Must b native bom or bse first
papers, monthly par $15 to fU; additional
co n r-e r sa 1 1 o n yo!bJe; fcvd. clothing,
quarters and me!,cal attend an ca free;
after 2 years oervi- ran retire with 78
per cent of pay and allowances! service
on Voard ship and ashore In all parts of
th world. Arily at IT. 8, Mertos Corp
Pecmiting Off tea. predn blua Id and
WaaMngton sta.. Portland. Or.
PTE want a young man who la a bustler.
Wo bsv propoar.lon for a man of that
kind that will brine hlra $3 to 88 a day
easily, selling aa srtloe that every
worn vn oeada
This la an ascellent opportutilty to oao
that can make gsod.
Apply bet. 4 and 9 th's momtrsr. -
Grand ara. and E. btark sU
WANTED Rellab! liouaekeaper to tk
full charge of five-roomed flat f"r stiigle
fentleman. Apply 618 Henry ta.dg., bo
we0 BO and 12 A. M,
14SS WasAir.gton at., cor. Ttl. upstalra.
Phone Vain SAC
WANTED 80 demonstrator and aa
woman: larg salary and rammteslon. be
manager, offlc 415. Palling bMg.
WANTED A gtrl for genaral housevork In
suburban home; $3w a month. Apply
ii3 Ktark.
WANTED Otrl for gereraj housework;
wage $30. Phone C li'-O. Inquire mora
ines or after 9 o'clock Ten1nga
Washington bids . 4th and was a. Cta,
Main or A 92A9
WANTED Eiperlenred
housework: gd wag
quired. 787 Madison.
cook, with i
; reffr-ncea
Main 2717.
k NEAT working h'ukeper for widower's
home; one w'io llkea children; state par
ticulars A1 4- Or.'goman.
WANTED firet-claj-a
ladles" Jackets. B.
147 lHh at.
finishers to work on
Welsa, UdloaT tailor.
GiKIt mantel. steady work and
warea. Multnomah Mohair attUa,
BVPINES3 firm need a practical, rellabl
woman who IB ant hit tons: experience not
required. AH 4 -V Qrejconlan.
DRESSMAKER to handle dry goda and
notions with hair line; gnd location for
business. Phono Tabor
WANTED Olrl for general housework.
Small family. Twenty minuter ride from
center of city. Phone Main i4.
GIRL for general homework; must he good
; waves 19. iiso i norma a. wiiiam
Hetghta. WANTED Good girl for caneral house
work ; must be good cook. App.y lu N.
X2d st.
EXPERIENCED girl for general rousework
In small fsml.y; good agea es Thomp
son st. Phone East 89" '0,
WANT ED l'.perlenced second y Irl for
private family. giod ware; must nav
reference. phone Vain V401.
WANTED Exporlenced lady for cashier.
Hone aoc g Cafe, iui ik St. Call altar
10 :0.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
ASJ Myrtl st. cor or 19th. Portland
Heights. Call Hwn 10 and . A neat srhooltflrl to assist light
housework: nod h:m c .strict; ranuiy two
adutts. Phono Marshall 17SS.
COMPETENT girl for second work In small
family. i MJnnrup iu, oi en ana
WANTL"1 A girl for general housework;
good wagaa.
BJnau larau. aw xa a l tit
st. North.
W A N T ED Et perl r need help for alteration
room. R. E. Farrvil Co.. 7th and Alder.
GIRL for general housework, aleep homo at
night. 44 E. lth at. North. t
G1HL for general housework. 8S1 Schuyler
st. Phon Esst 4111.
EKIKTM Tnlshers and buttonho.a-
rr.akrra App:y t9 ti:xrte U Ehrllcb Co.
GIKL wanted fr general housework. Z-2
E- 8-d. cor M ark e u W a g es to u. B 370 L
GIKL to assist la housework; 1 In family. 604
H road way.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
$.- a month. Call Tabor AvvU.
wanted- Orand Leader. 143
roit hands
7th at.
OOOD woman co.k for private boarding
house. I hoD Main IvOt, 404 Madiaoa at.
WANTED J!rl to
Tot Marshall St..
assist with bouse work,
near 13d st.
M 1 1-11 N E RT p;.rentlc wanted. Celesta
H le. a4 TambtU at.. Masonic Bldg.
i K L. for cokmg and general housework.
7i I proadway at. East 1 1 .
WASTE l Olri or woman to a-tlat with
nr of two children. M3 Iovr Joy St.
WANTED EMeriy woman
App'y T3 Kearcay at.
fox housework.
GIKL. wanted to
work In tailor shop, lvJ
. n-ar $4th at.
A NT El l"l for general housework.
Marguerite are riawthome car.
ilKL w anted
for general housework. 848
RELIABLE girl n car Tor chUJ and
.t with Jlgt h'tiework. 7-8 Johnan
k TOLNO g rl to assist I
woric. Afply morninxa.
general hou
Irving at.
t- do light
housework La
Phoc Fast
t-Wl,T tutmahed I--room lodgicg-house; a
ta.-aln. d at.; no agents.
Card Co
-To girls. Apply Portland Post
, IIS Lumbermms bldg.
WANTED Girl for lig!
In tmTiilr.cs- 8 S'-n 1
t housework. CaU
COjK. country. 1-5: far
Howe's Ladies Agency. Si
Other help
1T0 Wash.
Yvl'NG ldy to learn go.d paing buiine
Cail 8 to 8. Morrison, room 14.
VAMt V Chooolal d Ipper.
Washington st-
Kebea, 46$
COAT-MAKER, flrat-c.
bam. 14-ki FMedner t:dg.
W ANTED Teachers fr U m!oq achooL Ap
p.y t d T o'ciock P. M.
week. Washington
S$ per
lOt NO .ady to answer phones and do
tht office work. Appy 84 Ackeny.
tt i.N TED Two g:r".a for
g!r.s for boardins ham.
,t 87 North Flxtesnth st.
HELPERS wanted, dressmaker.
lumbta bldg.
2u8 Co-
W ANTED '11 fr kitchen work at 79 Wast
park St.; $3 a month and room.
A KE LIABLE g:rl to aaaist wr.h child and
gnt housework. 7'.'8 Johrson.
OiKL far general hoLiork. tia4 bchuyler
st. Rroday car. East 40
WANTED rxperence-1 oat band. C.
Holllday Co.. 8:3 Aider, comer Park.
WAlTKEo4 wanted. Caii lal KuasoU cixwsv
Faquir cjiparlanced parcel wrappera. Ap-
pty at Oftco to uparlnttndaafB oSlca.
Ie si res ax par Ian cad aaies women In tho
trlmmlDf. Jew airy and atatlonary depart
xnexta. Apply ax au porta tanaant a ouioo
at I A. At.
OTRL0 want 4 to work tn candy Cv1
piy Pao Coast Biscuit Co, lit a
Apply Standard Factory, KO
a vs. and East Taylor u
X Oraad
RELIABLE nurso sirl to car for year an
a half old boy after lunch; Urine tox
ilth and Tsmhlli: aien home mjcnti
Mrs. a. E. Vaughn, Elton Court HoteL
It a.'erf no.
DEMO.rfTRATOR3 wanted to take orders.
house to house. Etraisht salary and oar-
faro Apply after :S0 P. AC, Baker, 167
Attn st.
WANTED A girl or middle-aged woman
for general housework and care of chili
good horn for right person. Apply 44
liall St., near 13th.; take ML Tabor car.
WANTED Experienced girl, cooking, gan
or housework; three adults; good wages.
fr" Chapman St., Portland Heights.
GIRL for eenersJ housework and nlaln
cooking: small fatally; good tragec 608
Tillamook at.
n'AMhD Good lady ae&t to sell photo
coupons. outpnsn scuaio, soi wnsning-
ion st.
WANTED Picture clsy writers; big pay
wail teach you. Plctur play Aasocia
lion, fnn Francisco.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponiibls position. Vtavl Co.. 609 Roth-
cnua bidg.. 4tn and Washington.
Vi.ui tapabi girl, family waitress; wages
tu; reierenoes requirexl. bL i-oul Jtccncy,
'-m nun. aiam .oay a a to.
at EN WANTED, ago 18-83, for tire men.
8 lOO monthly, braaamaa 840, oa nearby
fal! roads. Kiperienc unnecessary; a
strikSk Posltluns guaranteed competent
maa. ProiAotiou. Hailroad Employing
Headquarter. ZoO mea sent to poaitloos
In Auauat. tata age, send stamp. Hal-
way Association, boa W ood, Oragoalaa.
By learning to operate moving-plctures
operators earn $2i to $34 weekly; easy
lnaiue work; short bout s; learn business
la 10 days; lesoua rcasonabi. Day and
renmg ciauci; opea bun days.
S-OH Washington. Pfr 17th.
WAM ED Pay or board at start, la ara
trades, automobile. ictrlclty, piumbing.
brickiaytoc by actual work oa Jobs; ony
faw luontna required and no apprentice
ship druagery. uo students last year:
caialoguo Ire. Vnitad Trade AcaooL Loo
10.K0 POSITIONS tor graduate last year;
en ana women learn Darner iraae ii
8 weks: helo to sscur position; grsdu
atos earn frum $1 to $23 weekly; expert
inaintciors: tools free: write tor cats
locue. Mohler Sytem of Colleges, 88
'irtn h st.. Portland, or.
MllJ-lNEaY school; we taach you In six
weks; positions secured ; old cata made
w;r. jaicsi atyiea.
Plumes dyad and cleaned.
So Goodnough bldg.
Cor. Bth and UmliiiL MaJn 4572.
INSTITUTE of private Instruction, business
courses, expert course In accounting, one
half tuition for two young ladies begin
ning at once. Watch this ad. Call Hit
Crtaxnb?r of Commerce.
WANTED Number young man to learn
wireless and Mors telegraphy; good post
tion guaranteed. For full particulars,
call or address Telegraph Dept., room
o"d, lommonweann uiar.
BOOK and snort-story manuscripts criticised.
revised and typewritten. Address Manu
script Editing Bureau. 009 Maegly-Tichaer
pic g.. Kort i an a.
itC Independent, learn to drive and repair
automobiles; gooa salaries psta ana men
alB)s In demand. bee the Portland
Auto School. 00 N. 7th it
MO I lO.V-PICTLKE operating taught
theater; a f utl, practical course, tsrmt
rSitsonablt; poalUoa av cured. AH 40,
MAKE money writing short stones, or for
papers; big pay; free booklet tells how.
United Press Syndicate, ban Francisco.
guarsntee position free to those who learn
Larbcr trade in our college, ioa coucb.
t-wctland bide.
WILL, tint room for $2.50 and paint houses
at your own price. pnon East 22 Si
W RITlNtl. J5 mo..;i) 14th at. Unln lis 93.
WANTED At once; officers and solicitors
for Christian organisation, on military
system. Only couaecrated. self -denying
men ana women neea apply. AJb 44o(
BOOKKEEPERS, csshlera bill clerks, etc.:
I will guarantee your qualification to fill
positions in SO days; private Instruction
br public accountant; position secured. J
4..Q. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED guarantee agrnt for high
cma lecturer; commlaaion basis. AO 4-1,
M'H7 school teacher. Call at Christian
M :sslon, ISO H Morrison at., evening
WANTED experienced klrtmnkrs ti work
on ladles' sklrta, S. Wel.-s. 147 10th st.
28 ROOMS, $1300; $400 cash.
8T Taylor st.
See Ownor,
Bookkeeprra and Clrrka,
EAl'EKIENCED steno-riipher, correspond
ent, secrataxlal and general office work;
years of age, not afraid of responsibil
ity; ome aching and advertising experi
ence; b-at of references as to character
and habits; moderate aalary. providing op
portunities ar there; personal Interview
solicited. AH 447. Oregonian.
EXECUTIVE position by Eastern young
man; university graduate, C. E. degree,
Sa, 5 years' general buslneas experience;
assist, manager, manager, help, buying,
swung, etc; a good opening mora deair
atl than high salary to start. D 447,
CiKTlr'IEX accountant seeks permanent
position with manufacturing, mercantile
or otnor rusonsible concern. Rapid
worker, good orauuer. liest cltv ref rr
ei:ca. Mod era i a salary. A-r 4u9 ore
gonian, BANKERS.
Toting man wants position In bank; 3
years' experience; good references; no ob
jection to leavinc town. AB 41. Orego
bian. EXPERIENCED grocery and general mer
chandise man. caps hi taking oharg of
a tore; bast city and eoujitry references;
have always been aole to make good. AH
44$. Qrvgonlan.
up books, prepare balances and state
ments. Install systems. Glillngham, au
ditor. 411 Lewis bldg. Manlit.1 717.
E IERIENCED bookkeeper and general
onto man. Al reference a A IT 433, Ore
g nian.
if"A K H I K D man, 88, rood at figure, speaks
irerman, go-d buslnee know led ko, looks
for any kind of position. Marshall 17li7.
fcTENOGK APliER and bookkeeper, experi
enced and competent; age lt. AJC 48L
DItl'G clerk wishes position. 13 years' ex- .
pertenc. ran furnish best refexeacae. Jo- I
sepn jjeioit. eai n o,
EXPERIENCED stenographer desire posi
tion. Phon Marshall 1S'.9.
BOOKKEEPING or general office work; bast
of referencea W 437. Oregonian.
M tecrllaneooa.
YOUNG man. attending college, desires to
work for room, and board after schooL
Cail or address H. D. B., Commonwealth
bldg.. 4Th and Ankany sta
SINGLE all-around man. honest and sober,
wants steady Job on private place; take
nice car of garden. automoMi and mlik
row too; reference. AF 481. Oregonian,
HOTEL steward wants position of any kind
in hotel or club. Good pantryman. Salary
no object. 008 Flandera. Phon A 2o.
East 221
yx that means business
to cut SOO to ouo cords wood.
sill contract
AE 449 Ora-
EXPERIENCF.D bookkeeper and typewriter
de:res position: references. AG 4C3. Ore
gonian. MACHINIST, married, wants position In re
pair ah op of som klrd. Marshall 1727.
EXrERi ENCED-woman will do baking by
th day. aire W aialn, 84A1.
WANTED Position as circulating manager
on progreaslv daily where ther Is a
chance for lie wire to mak a record ;
field limited where now located; best ref
erence furnished, and can back them up;
risk 3-csnt stamp to se what I have done.
Address box LJv Wlr. AV 4 51. Orego
nlan. AN advertising man and manager of ex-
fierleDce and responsibility, able to handle
urge proposition, open for engagement.
If yon are looking for a cheap man. don't
answer. N 4J, Orexonian.
POSITION by stationary engineer; hav
eight years expc nence on stationary,
hoisting, donkey aud piled river engines;
can furnish best of reference. Addresa Box
834, Che halls. Wash.
IIOVINO-PICTTTRE machine operator and
pianist, husband and wife, wish position .
together; years of experience; salary eery
reasonable, R.
N? JhW 10 N. Broad-
way, Aberdeen.
TO UNO man. good habits, having had 18
years' experience In all lines of mercan
tile business, desires position of respon
sibility In the N orth west ; best of ref
erences. AV 44, Oregonian.
GROCER YM AN Competent to fill any po
sition in that line. 18 years' experience;
has handled wine and liquors. Can write
show cards; good references. AT 43S Ore
gonian. SINGLE all-around man, honest and sober,
wants steady job on private place: take
nice care of garden, automobile and milk
cows, too; references. AF 431, Oregonian.
WANTED A wood contract; must be good
green timber and good cabin; would prefer
oios to Portland; give full particulars and
prloe will pay. AK 462, Oregonian.
WANTED A position as moving-picture op
erator by an experienced man; anywhere.
Write E. E. Bantekaa, 48 Park at.. North.
Portland. Or.
POSITION as watchman, day or
sober and steadv; country or city;
In city. AJ 440, Oregonian.
WANTED, position Experienced family
cook. 225 S Alder gf. M E. Chinese Mis
sion. Room 14.
WANTED Position as city salesman, gro
ceries, candles or cigars; will give good
reference. Address AJ 441, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED chauffeur, with first-clai
references wish us poaltton with prlvat
lamuy. as 449 oregonian.
BOUSE cleaning and window washing
Janitor work. Andrew J. Jennlng, Main
EXPERIENCED carpenter finisher wishes
si t us t ton. Can give references. Phone
STENOGRAPHER with some expertaac de
sires position. pnone uaranaii a .bi.
TOL'NO Japanese wishes position as school
boy. Frank Hltashl, 88 N. 10th sL A 4998.
CHEF, flrst-clsss, wants position in town or
country. J 441. oregonian.
do housecleanlng
. Phone A 717.
for particular peo-
MAN and wife want Job In country. Frank
Hoiogh, 001 fci- Morrison st.
PAINTER wants work, day or Job; refer
ences; low price. o 4o, oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Btenotrrappers.
STENOGRAPHER, bookkeeper, five years-
experience lumber business, capaoie 01 taa
lng charge of all office work; city refer
ence. Phone Main 860i
H1CH-CLASS bookkeeper. now employed.
would like to make change, Al local ana
Eastern references. AH 448, Oregonian.
TOL'NO lady bookkeeper, well qualified la
very way, experiencea ana oei vi ref
erences, wants position.
Phone Main 341L
BY competent lerftl stenographer and ab
stractor, permanent position or piece wura.
AQ 46l. Oregooian.;
CAPABLE and reliable young lady wants
position aa stenographer or ofnee work.
Main 6133.
business ability, wishes responsiDie posi
tion. Phone Main 1372.
COMPETENT stenographer want good pos-
tlon. Main titf.y.
EXPERT stenographer, & years' experience,
3. w oooiawn - tbi.
EXPERIENCED typist and office girl wishes
permanent position. A: 443. oregonian.
EXPERIENCED stenntrrapher muft have
position at once. AH 443. oregonian.
EXPERT New York dressmaker wants work
by day In private families. Address same.
Laurer. P. O. Generul delivery.
Mrs. Davis, dressmaking parlors: work guar
anteed, reasonable prices. o.h aiaaison.
ALL kinds of p'.aln sewing. Phone Main
4S47. Kes. 412 jeneraon st.
DRESSMAKING and alterations; first-class
work. Phones A S2Gtt. Main 7 so 2.
FIRST-CLASS dreas making and tailoring by
tiny or at home. 1 aiot i4to.
YOUNG woman. Norwegian, desires position
aa cook or general house wora on biock
farm or ranch. Excellent references.
Please state wages. "Housekeeper." 1209
East 6aimon.
LADY wifhe?s position as housekeeper. Call
at 153 west parg. room i. raone ataia
2116. Bell phone.
NEAT woman, clrl 2. desires situation.
housekeeper. Main 2039. A 477o.
VERY flrt-class Swedish girl, family cook.
$ 40. M aln 2039. A 4770.
SCHOOLGIRL of 18, without parents, would
like to work lor room ana boara. w eeo.
rc gonlan.
SCANDINAVIAN girl want a washing. Iron
ing or cioaning; no nan aays; lio cents
hour. Pfrone E. 1944.
YOUNG women wants work by the day, 25o
an hour. Phone A 3m2; .no wasning or
EXPERIENCED cook, $40 up; chamber
maids, waitresses. nurses. t. ixtuis
Agency. 803 "A Wash. Main 2039. A 47 7..
GERMAN lady wants day work for Wed
nesday. Thursday and Saturday, can
vanlngs. Phone East 6476.
HOt'PEKEEPINO wanted by young, reliable
Herman woman; gooa cook, ah ho, ore
gonian. WANTED Work by day: waahlng and
cleaning, rellabl German woman. AG 4.1,
EXPERIENCED general ofdr girl with
knowledge of switennoara, wants position;
would substitute. Phone Marshall 872.
WANTED By refined, competent woman.
roomlnr-nouM to car tor in nice loca
tion. Phone M. 1912. room 7.
YOUNG woman wishes employment; office
work; doctors onieo; or position 01 trusi;
can give bond. AD 458. Oregonian.
SWEDISH woman wants work by day or
hour; laundry wora preierreo. ss7 orta
224 st.
FRENCH embroidery and fine needlework
done tor reasnaDie price, iaii or a a areas
sAfi Powell st.
GIRL wants work by
day or hour. Call
Main 8427. roomio.
LACE curtains washed and stretched by
perlenced hand. Tabor 344Q. c z7.
COLORED woman wants day work;
kind. Main 7414. Mis uorn.
DAY work wsnted by good, laundress. Pbon
Wood lawn 4S2.
la u nd ress wan ts day work ;
l Phon Tabor 8.
half day
LA DY wan
t day work. Main 8098, Mr.
by capabl woman. Phone
Main aw.
work. Reference. Mar-
1 all lJO.
GOOD, reliable laundress wlshe mors
steady work. Ellis. Tabor 2003.
EXPERIENCED woman cook, camp, board-
" . . . 11 o..ia A -m
g-HOlMI. IUIBII -' -JOtf.
COMPETE N'T Finnish woman wants day
work. w oociawn a 1 v.
DAY WORK Reliable
woman oaU Mrs.
Itrown, Main aows.
DAY work wanted.
Marshall 1318. Full day
WOMAN wants work by hour.
Phone Marshall 1028.
EXPERIENCED agents wanted; references
or bond required ; first-class opportunity
to right parties; commission only. N 442,
WANTED to rent at once by young couple
with no children, a & or 6-room modern
house on Wast Fide with flrepiaee; rent
must be reasonable; will agree to leas.
H 429. Oregonian.
BY responsible married couple with best of
referencea; small modern furnished bouse
for Winter; excellent care. B 1938.
COUPLE with 4-year-o!d boy would Ilk
to rent 8 or 4-room furnished house by
Oct. 1. E 44".. Oregonian.
A part merit a.
TWO-ROOM furnished housekeeping apart
ment: private bath, close in. outside, mod
ern and reesonabie Y 804, Oreg oniAJk,
LARGE room or two, adjoining ones,
suitable for the Municipal Fre Employ
ment Bureau; rent paid for by th city.
Call Chief Clerk J. G. Schraedar. Main
8S65. A 6624. .
FURNISHED room, by refined working-man;
home privileges, close In; state fully. AO
441. Oregonian. '
Rooms With Board.
PRIVATE home for 8-months-old baby glrL
AF 4tiu, Oregonian.
WANT place on ranch for boy: work for
board. Emma Killenny. St. Johns. Or.
Furnished Rooms.
Those thro beautifully furnished hotel.
I ..HOTEL M". V'f" -
... ri , i. OAT 1 1th mt.
On Fourth t., running from Taylor to
Sa.mon at; brand new brick, elegantly
furnished; steam heat, private baths, hot
and cold water In all rooms; strictly up
to dat In all respects, and at popular
prices. If you want something out of th
ordinary. In the heart of the city, at rea
sonable prices, give us a call, as we know
you will like 1L Rooms by the day. week
or month. Tourist trade solicited
Residential. 850 Taylor. TranslenL
Bet 7(h and Park Sts.
Opposite Heilla; Theater. Central, quiet.
Rooms from 73c dally; with private bath,
from $1 dally; special weekly and month
ly rates; suites. Sew, bondsomeiy fur
nished brick; elevator, telephones, hot
and cold running water. From Union De
pot "J" car to Taylor or 'W" car to 7th;
from Hoyt-street Depot, S" car. transfer
on Morrison to 7tb. Phone Marshall 2200.
fioife East Bumfclde.
Why not live on the Eart Side and
save money on your room rent? W can
give you better accommodations for less
money and within 15 minutes' walk of
th business center of the city. Steam
heat, hot and cold running water; rooms
ingl or en suite; rooms with private
bath, rates SOo to $3 per day; regular.
$2 to $7 per week. Phone East B
181 Eleventh Street.
New. modern hrlck build Inc. ateam-
neated, private baths, hot and cold water
in rooms, oeautnuuy rum is ne a, cozy com
fortable, rents very reasonable. Call and
see us. Regular and transient trad so-
EARGENT HOTEL, corner Grand and Haw
thorns avt;. Beautifully furnished rooms,
single or en suite, with prlvat bath; hot
and cold water, steam beat and prlvat
pbon In every room: moderate weekly or
mommy rate; criii in connection; Lra&ai
ents solicited.
106H Twelfth sl, Marshall 27801
In the heart of the business district
Steam heat, hot and cold water and free
(hone In very room. $1 per day and up;
4 per week and up.
THE PEER HOTEL. East 8d and Burnslde;
new fireproof building, steam-heated, hot
and cold water and phones In all rooms
private baths, lobby and parlor; elevator
service; rates $a per week and up; tran
sient solicited. Phone East 17L
THE REGENT. 101 H Seventh St.; beautiful
rooms, right down town ; Ideal location
for parties staying In town for business
or pleasure; rates very reasonable, by day
or week, $18 month up.
HOTEL REN WICK An Ideal horn for
business people; centrally located; ele
gant rooms; all modern conveniences; 7th
and Taylor sta, 1 block from Portland
Hotel, opposite Helljg Theater. Main 81ft,
HOTEL A EM I N It; S. cor. 11 th and Mor
rison; all outside rooms, centrally located.
Permanent guests solicited. Respectable
and very moderate prices.
LIGHT, airy rooms, modern, suite or sin
gl. $2 and $3 week; five minutes walk
to theaters and stores; free phone, Lia
dell Hotel. $28 4th.
WEAVER, 710 Washington Nicely
nisbed rooms, bath and' phone in
room; with or without board.
each COMFORTABLE, pretty front room, frrst
floor, also basement room; free phone,
baths, heat. etc. 3S7 Taylor.
CALL'.V ET Hotel Annex, under new man
agement: ciean, quit home for business
men ; prices reasonable. 145 7th st.
HOTEL HEX. 548 V4 Washington st. Steam
heated rooms, 60c per day, f-'.CK) per week
and up; also housekeeping-rooms.
HOTEL FRANKLIN. 18th and Wash.
A respectable and home-like place; mod
ern throughout. $4 and up per week.
WEFT SIDE, several well-furnished rooms.
$2.50 and up. weeKiy, pnone, bath, furnace
heat, walking distance. 655 Washington.
Fl'RMbHED sleeping rooms; running hot
and coia water; aiso single Housekeeping
rooms. 891 7th st.
strictly modern,
132 H 17th st.
$3.60 per week and up.
THE HAZEL Nicely furnished rooms at
moderate prices, cor. aa ana Montgomery.
PALMER HOTEL, 350 Alder st. Furnished
rooms by a ay or weea; reaaonapie rates,
Fnrnlshed Rooms in Private Family. "
Neatly furnished front room; light, heat,
bath; reasonable; close In; easy walking
distance. 202 McMillen.
FOR RENT Two modern we 11 -furnished
rooms; one at $8 and the other at $G per
month: gentlemen only. Main ' 867 0 or
294 16th st.
EXCEPTIONALLY desirable room In small
congenial family; home privileges; all
modern conveniences; board if desired.
709 Kearney st. Home A 4692.
IN desirable residence section, warm, pleas
ant south room, hot and cold water, larg
sleeping porch connecting, separate beds;
desirable for gentlemen, west Park. Main
TO RENT Nicely furnished room, furnace
heat and all modern conveniences Good
location. Rate $4 per week. Inquire 390
12th IL
MODERN furnished rooms, for 2 or 4 gen
tlemen; in new flat: at ?12S E. 12th st.,
apt. C; rent reasonable; take Sellwood car.
NICE, large front room, suitable for two;
also smnll room, $1.50 per week, at 85
North 18th st.. 1 block from Washington.
CHOICE basement room for family
batching: wood range, gas, phone and
linen closet; $3 per week. 547 Morrison.
$4 PER week, clean, well furnished room. 2
beds, furnace heat, gas, bath, walking dis
tance. 30 i.'in st.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, 8 blocks from
Ankeny car barn. No. 60 East 80th st
Two light rooms, modern house, new oak
furniture, Axmlnster carpets, furnace,
phone, bath: $250 and $3. 24 12th st.
LA R'iK, clean room, suitable for two gen
tlemen; all conveniences; references. 6&S
WAMLD Two gentlemen to occupy large
front room In private house, close In. AN
4J7. oregonian.
NICELY furnished front room, modern con
veniences, centrally located. 404 Clay,
near 10th.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished steam-heated
. room with board for 3 geutlemen or
ladles. Call East 1542.
NICELY furnished room In steam-heated
flat, with every convenience. Phone
FURNISHED front room for lady or young
ci'upir. wiwi um ui niitucn 11 wanted.
24J McMlMen st. Phone C-2628.
FURNISHED rooms, gentlemen only, serv
breakfast. 720 Johnson st. Pnone Main
NICELY furnished, rent reasonable. Phone
Marshall 2128. 42 Ella St.
$10 LARGE front parlor bedroom, nicely
furnished; modern, 670 Oantenbeln ave.
CALL at 268 Park sL for dandy room
nlc quiet home.
STEAM heated, furnished rooms, bath,
phone, electric lights. 565Gllsan st.
NICELY furnished room cheap: heat,
walking distance. 452 8th. A 5449.
FURNISHED sleeping rooms, bath and
phone; single bed. 460 Yamhill st.
FURNISHED housekeeping room, also sleep
ing rooms. 53 Flanders st.
NEATLY furnished bedroom, walking dis
tance; $1.76 per week. 481 6th at. -
NICELY furnished room. 67 Trinity place,
bet, 19th and 2th, near Wash, st.
month. 806 12th st.
$6 per
$10 LARGE, newly furnished front room,
walking distance. 565 E. Pine.
WANTED Girl roommate, one who works
preferred. AJ 444, Oregonian.
$L75 AND up per week; desirable location;
gentlemen preferred. 80S 12th st.
Booms ufl Board.
THE MANITOU 261 13th, pew manage
ment; thoroughly renovated; inviting
rooms; choice board. Main 1184.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 23d year;
rooms with board, use of sewing-room, li
brary. 810 Flanders. F. N. Heath, supt.
CHOICE rooms with board,
one block from Washington.
33 N. 17th.
THE CALVARD. 452 Mor.. cor. 13th. Rooms
en suite or single. Modern conveniences.
BOARD and room, 80O J eft arson. Th Caa a
Rooms With Board.
LAldBERSON, 6o4 Couch, cor. 17th Good
board and clean, well-furnished rooms;
single and double; walking distance; tabic
board also. Main 523. A 08L
DOES a home aopeal to you 7 The Whitehall,
cor. 6th and Madison, large rooms, bath,
broad verandas, quiet, close in, near car,
4 blocks from P. O. American p!an.
Rooms With Board In Private Family.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished large room with
alcove for two in modern home; board next
door; walking distance; near N. P. Dental
College. 254 East 3d at. North; southeast
cor. Multnomah.
REFINED young couple with modern home
in excellent neighborhood; would give two
or four congenial young people or man
and wife room and board, ueiepnono r.
ACCOMMODATIONS for two or three gen
tie men, with breakfast, in a newly fur
nished private home. Nob Hill district
must furnish references. Marshall 33 SS.
LARGE, well furnished front room and
board tn private family: all modern con
veniences; good home for ono or two;
close In; reasonable. Call Marshall 1019.
LARGE, beautiful, front room, for two or
three, with first-class board, all conveni
ences; two streetcar lines. 275 N. 24th sL,
corner Overton. Marsnan 30&0.
FURNISHED room and board in private
family ; board and room at 629 Everett
st. ; modern house ; home cooking; terms
reasonable. Phone Main 2974,
FIRST-CLAS3 board bv the day or week.
275 N. 24th st., cor. Overton. Marshall
EXCELLENT rooms and board In private
family; all modern conveniences; man and
wife or young man. Phone B 2138 today.
VERT pleasant front corner room for one or
two people ; also smaller room ; walking
distance. Main 8280.
REFINED adult family will give two con
genial people room and Doara; moaern
house. East Side, walking distance. C 1(33.
$o.00 PER week each, beautiful front room
for twtw, all new modern conveniences. 83
17 th st. N.
ROOM and board. German cooking; $5.50
up; free bath. 648 Upshur st., corner 20th.
ALCOVE room, with board, large enough
for three. , Main ZW41.
656 GLISAN ; pleasant homelike rooms;
board; also table board.
KTCE! room, congenial home, rjlano. cho
board, re nned neighborhood. 761 Marshall.
ROOM and board with home privileges.
706 Flanders. Marsnau J.V10.
large porch and grounda
sith best board;
Main 207L
NICE furnished room for two: good horn
cooking. 787 Gleason St., near 24th.
NEWLY furnished front room, with or wlth-
out boara. aiarsnan oouj. too ujvereit at.
NICE room with board In modern home.
292 E. 22 d uU S. East 2S91.
PRIVATE boarding-house, board and room.
3S9 Taylor at., between 9th and 10th sta
A beautifully furnished 3-room (large.
Hrht and airy) apartment, steam neat,
private nhone and bath, automatic ele
vator; the most home-like and quiet In
tne citv: must oe seen to oe appreciaieu.
624 Marshall. Main 6032. A 8191.
LUCRETIA COURT, unfurnished; a class
by themselves. See them. Lucretia at.,
near 23d and Wash. 2 to 5 rooms, all
large, light and outside; large closets
and baths; hardwood floors, free phones
In each ape pnone prop, ana mgr. aar.
1529. Janitor 3 500.
TT2 Washington, cor. 22d St.: 2. 8 md
4 -room apts.. f urnlahed or unfurnished :
up-to-date, clean and modern; prlvat
bath, telephone; rates reasonable; best
se rv Ice. Phone Mai n 713 0
ferson sts.. $ and 4-room apts., with bath,
unfurnished; all outside rooms; every con
venience ; modem : 6 miru walk from P.
O.; very reasonable rent.
CEDAR HILL APTS, Concrete bld, 187
Green eve., block south 23d and Wash.;
ofTers select three-room furnished apt. ;
city view, steam heat, hot water and
phone. A 7523. Main 72S5.
PARK APARTMENTS. Park and Harrison
sts., beautiful 3 and 4-room apartments,
fnrnlshed for housekeeping: everything
new and modern; elevator; telephone free;
$45 to $00.
EXCLUSIVE apartments, 6 large rooms and
sleeping porch; private front and back
porches; private entrance: heat, hot water
and vacuum cleaning system. 791 North
rup. phone Main 935S.
LINCOLN APTS., cor. 4th and Lincoln st;
completely furnished a-roora apartments
for housekeeping; new and modern; house
Just - opened; walking distance; no chil
dren: $22 to 830. Phone Main 1877.
4 rooms; private pains ana pnones; splen
did porches, plenty of light and ventila
tion; rents reasonable. Cor. E. 14th Yam
Corner 14th and Clay sts.. solid brick,
splendid location, electric elevator. We
have a few large 3 and 4-room suites, un
furnished. $38 to $50 per month.
WALDORF COURT, in heart of Irvington,
E 9th ana scnuyier sio. o rooms, steam
heated, furnished or unfurnished; Janitor
service, strictly modern. Just completed.
Phone C 8013.
82 Grand ave., cor. East Stark.
Nicely furnished two and three-room
apartments, modern, prices reasonable.
walking distance.
Phone East 800.
King and Wash.
8 & 4 room unfurnished apts,
room furnished, also basement
apts. ;
ctrlctly modern.
8 and 4 rooms, finely furnished apart
ments; strictly modern; every convenience;
easy walking distance. The Altamont,
407 Hall st., new 2 and 8 -room furnished
apartments, walking distance; Janitor
service, phone Main 4299.
HADDON HALL, 414 11th, cor. Hall, 2. 8
and -rouii o-i sitsiuu; ur
nlshed, private phone, bath and balcony
porches; $25 up. Marshall 117L
704 LoveJoy.
Three and four-room completely
nished apartments. Marshall 2916.
2 ROOM, completely furnished apartment for
rent; furniture for sale, $150. Call apt.
12 Lucretia court.
Marshall 1512, 10 to
12 A, M.
49 E- Morrison, corner of 7th, 2, 8 and
4room apartments, furnished up to date,
private baths, moderate price, new m'gt.
8 and 4-roora suites, elegantly furnished.
20 20th at- North. Phone Main 4038; or
ilain 1178.
THE BERYL Large rooms, large closets,
cool and airy for Summer; some fur
nished apartments. 2Lst and Lovejoy;
take W car.
Park Street. Corner Madison.
Furnished 8 and 4-room apartments;
Individual phones; convenient, downtown.
170 St- Clair; 2 nicely furnished 3-room
apart men ts and one unfurnished 8-room
apartment; free phone In each apartment.
410 $th Furnished and nn furnished,
strictly modern apartments; walking dis
tance prices reasonable; no children.
-PAGE Apartments; furnished apartments,
reasonable; -modern; private bath and
phone. Phon B 1018. E. 8tb and Burn-
si ue.
TRI"KSlON, 448 11th St., nicely furnished
a rooms- $30; line 8-room basement apart
manwithrlvate bath. $25.
i"OUR and five-room apartments; hot water,
heat" private bath; modern; reasonable.
East' 25
MODERN 6-room furnished apartment, best
location. West Side; references required.
Main 0721. ;
THE LAN DOR E. 2S8 10th St.. one com
pletely furnished apt., heat, light and hot
water, $31
THE MAJESTIC, elegantly furnished apart
ment 4 rooms; also unfurnished apart
ment. Main 4070. 392 Clay st,
BOZANTA APARTMENTS, newly furnished,
strictly modern, private halls, phones, etc,
lfe9Vi North 23d st. Marshal 2321.
ROSE-FRIEND, S- W. cor. 7th and Jeffer
son ; modern 4 and 6-room unfurnished
a p a'rtmcnts; steam heat and water.
$45 MODERN 6-room apartments; all con
veniences, walking distance, phone, sleep
ing porches. Main 400.
ONEONTA, 187 17th 1, 2 and J-room suites,
hot and cold water in every apartment.
R easona ble. Phone Main 4t97.
WELLINGTON COURT, 2. $, and 4-room
suites, an mouwu, j. w .s-v.o.
15th and Everett. Main 134a.
RE IDT apartments, furnished and unfur
nished. 1162 H Union avenue North.
Woodlawn 2379. '
LILLIAN APTS. 2 or 3 rooms. Cor. 6th and
Montgomery, -
leonce Modern apts. ; Nob Hill district;
Convenient to 2 carRnec 1; 2fld at. N
THE KING-DAVIS, cor. King and Davis
: one 4-room apartment; referencea
JJJE ELMS 2 ana o-room apartment. iur-
Apart men ta.
Cor. Park and Taylor Sta
Cor. Tenth and Salmon Sts.
- Walking Distance.
Completely furnished 2. 8 and 4-room
apartments; Buildings new and strictly
modern; service first -class.
171 King St., near Washington SL
Will open October L lfll. and will
maintain thlr former high standard of
tenancy, 4, 5 and 6-room apartments. Ap
ply on premises for reservations.
Corner of 13th and Jefferson sts.. 4 and
6-roora apartments, unfurnished, with re
ception hall, automatic elevator, Pacifio
States telephone In every apartment and
the most modern conveniences found In
the city. Phone Main 20 h 8 or call up main
office. Main 6764.
Grand ave. and East Stark sts. Brand
new four-story building, ready for occu-
. paney now; 3-room splendidly furnished
apartments, electrio automatic elevator
and every modern convenience; on the
East Eide, but closer in than most apart
ments; very reasonable rent and best of
service. Apply to Janitor on premises.
These elegant 4 and 5-roora unfurnished
apartments, situated in the heart of the
city, within 10 minutes walk of th busi
ness center.
Reservations may be made on premises)
or by phone. Main 4795. A 5725.
THE AMERICAN. 2lst and Johnson sL,
complete Sept. l.: finest, brightest and
best arranged apartment residence in th
city; 8, 4 and 5-room; all outside, day
light rooms; convenient to cars, walking
distance. prlvat telephones In every
apartment, steam heat, water, gas range,
refrigerators, laundry facilities, vacuum
cleaners, etc. Attendant on premises. Max-
shall 8360.
THE BARKER, cor. 21st and Irving sts.:
this new 4-story brick now open; fur
nished and unfurnished In 2, 3 and 4-room
suites; reception hall, electric, automatic
elevator. Holmes disappearing beds, built
in buffet and writing desk, gas range, ice
box, plenty of closet room, both phones,
vacuum cleaner free to patron. If you
want something nice, come to the Barker.
Phpnes A 1744. Marshall 296.
70S Everett,
Two, three and four-room apartmSBta,
completely furnished for housekeeping;
everything new and strictly modern;
team heat, first-class service: alo few
single rooms. A 7105. Main 62i
644 Everett SL
New and elegantly furnished apart
ments; 8 rooms, reception hall and sleep
ing porch; automatic electric elevator and
private Pacific telephone; located In on
of the choicest residence districts, sur
rounded by elegant homes; walking dis
tance. HEINZ APARTMENTS. 14th and Columbia,
4 blocks south from Morrison street; new
brick building, completely flrst-clasa. fur
nished In 2. 3 and 4-room family apart
ments; private bath, reception hall, steam
heat, hot water, elevator, free phone, com-
firessed air carpet cleaning. Janitor serv
ce; rent per month. $26. $30 and up.
Must be seen to be appreciated.
Elegant, Individual steam-heated homes
of 6 and 7 rooms, for families.
730 Everett.
New 4-story concrete building, 2, 8 and
4-room apartments, furnished and unfur
nished; new furniture, modern. Apply t
the Chetopa, 18th and Flanders sta.
Corner 20th and Kearney.
New and beautifully furnished and un
furnished 3-room apartments; large
closets; splendid location. Cail and sea
100 feet from Washington st.; new man
agement; 2. 8 and 4-room modern apts.,
furnished, steam heat, electrio elevator,
hot and cold water, private telephones
and Janitor service. Manager, apt- 26.
References required. Marshall 1950.
69 Irving st. One four and one fire
room unfurnished apartment; have gas
range, refrigerator, shades, hot and cold
water, steam heat and Janitor service;
all outside rooms, verandas; rates reason
able; references. Phone A 2522.
Place, betw. 19th and 20th sta: Just fin
ished; most magnificent apartments oa
the Pacific Coast; rentals reasonable
sleeping porches; private hallways and
every modern convenleuce: referencea re
quired. Phone Marshall 502.
and Columbia sts. First-class 8-room
unfurnished apartments; all modern con
veniences; best location in the city, front
ing the parks, and only 5 minutes' walk
from the business center. Apply to Mgr.
FOR RENT 5-room furnished apartment;
all modern conveniences, walking dis
tance; West Side; rent reasonable. Phone
Marshall 182L.
THE LETA Elegant, high-class, modern
apartments: 5 rooms, all outside; large
front balcony. 409 7th st. Marshall 326.
BRAINTflEE Elegant five-room apart
ment. West Side; walking distance; rant
reasonable. Main 774L
FOR WOMEN The Richardson Apartments.
14th and Market, every convenience. Phone
Main 2330 or A 3653 for rates.
NEW, modern, 5-room flat, large rooms and
wen arranged ; nrepiace, Dutch kitchen,
large front porch and back yard; easy
walking distance; be&t car service In city,
either Union or Williams ave.. 384 East
1st, between Schuyler and Hancock; $25.
Phone C 2793. Main 3204.
6-ROOM flat for rent; all the latest Improve-
ments; large front porch. 13th st., be
tween Clay and Market sts. Inquire
Room 212 Hamilton bldg. 131 3d St. $35.
Phone Main 2084.
WELL-ARRANGED, 5-room. new upper
flat, every modern convenience, gas range,
linoleum, furnace. fireplace, sleeping
porch; adults. 25H E. 21sL Haw
thorne car. Tabor 1597.
6-ROOM flat, 7S2 Gllsan st., new, modern,
convenient, hardwood floors, fireplace and
furnace, $32.50. Morgan, Fliedner &
Boyce. 503 Abington bldg. Main 2015, A
$16 NEW flats, overlooking beautiful Pe
ninsula Park; light, airy; sleeping porches;
near Jefferson High ; public school ; se
them today; fine' for children. L" car.
Alnsworth, Albina aves.
FOR RENT Modern 7-room flat, 24th St.,
bet. Hoyt and Irving. Apply 144 N. 24th
bet. Hoyt and Irving. Apply 144 N. 24th Bt.
MODERN upper 5-room flat, 163 E. 17th
' St.. near Belmont. Key 165 E. 17th St.;
MODERN 5-room flat with fireplace, fur
nace, porch and walking distance; rent
reasonable. Call 441 11th st.
NEW 4-room flat reasonable, near my office.
James D. Ogden, S48 Mississippi ave.
Phones. Woodlawn 202 and 2008.
I NEW upper corner 6-room flat, fireplace,
hot water heating. Cor. East 17th, Madi
son. TeL E 234.
FOR RENT Five-roomed flat, newly tinted,
nice yard, two porches, cIob in. Phone
Marshall 3197.
8-ROOM upper flat, all modern conveni
ences, newly tinted; 2 carlines; $27.50; key
on premises, 612 Hancock. Main 2494.
MODERN 6-room flat, choice location, 763
Marshall, near 23d st. ; rent $30. C
K ore 11, 5th and Stark. Lumbermen bldg.
NEW flat. 4 rooms, planty of steam heat,
hot w a ter, co rn er 3 6 th and E. Morriso n.
Phone Tabor 131.
$25 3-ROOM neatly furnished flat, desir
able; 10 minutes ride to postofflce. East
FOR RENT 5-room flat, all
veniences. E. 18th and
modern con
As . Phone
LOVELY new four-room flat, 28th and East
Irving. B 1404; East B.
4-ROOM flats, new, close In; $20 a months
no children. E- 4702.
8-ROOM modern flat, handsomely furnished,
completely equipped. 709 Kearney sL
4-room furnished flat, $20. A 1788.
6-ROOM flat with furnace, bath and wash.
53 Salmon st. Key at 800 Salmon.
UPPER 6-room flat.
Phone Tabor 19S0.
7124 Kearney st.
MODERN 5-room upper flat adulta, 68
East 15th. near Belmont,