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Heavy Hitting and "Scrap
z ping" With Umpire Mark
? Contest With Oaks.
Zarkrr, MrCrrdlc. Uolfrrton and
Retting Baled Off Torf by Fin- .
ney Both Sides Require Serv
- Ire of Two Pitcher.
t w. j. rrTRArv.
Harry Wolverton introduced hla
at Ian I left-hander. Harry Ablea. to
"-Portland yesterday, and for four tu
rnings the southpaw mad those
'bitvm of ours at out of tils hand.
Ttut a "sot hla" In th Bfth. which re
.aulted In tha etarttng of a bom bard --merit
which lasted th rest of th cam.
7 .and Portland won I to 1
- Both teams had to ua two pitcher,
.for th ) want , aftar timer
avKoeetnsr Ilka a lot of ( In tha
'wightn and Benny Henderson waa
.'called upon to stave off th onslaught,
and Just aa h did on Tuesday after
noon, h mad good. When Benny went
,ul the hill th Oaks wr ripping;
vbaaa hlti through th Portland InOeld
f.mi:h considerable eclat, and Mr. Zarher
ewaa tha batsman to fac Bnny with
two out.
Zacaer la aom hitter sometimes,
but yesterday waa hardly on of tba
l.mea. for h fanned a couple of time
against Koestncr. and when Benny
Henderson sat "hlra down on thre
e-strtaea, ha objected o atrenouMy that
-Implr Finney chaaed him from th
aScsds of action.
'- - Mt-Crvdle It Banished.
In fact Finney waa- tha ral artlcla
Tin wielding th sklddoo sign. II first
' -tied a can" to Matufrr McCredte be
cause "Mac" thought, and waa unkind
"enough to think out loud, that Finney
wss suffering from defect!- eyesight
. in call i tit Uert Coy grounder to right
; a fair hit. Later on. Harry Wolverton
.did not ilk th umpire's decision call-ins;
"Kitty Knight out at first, and
" was so strenuous about It that Finney
decided h needed a shower bath to
cool off so banished bun after ilo-
" Cua Hetllns;. soon sfterwerds.- (rot a
.'notion that Finney waa a robber chief,
-and. after Informing th umplr of his
opinion. Ous waa likewise ezpuritated
tram th Kent of action. The canning;
"of Helling aent th Oaks skyrocket
ing. Tortland profiled by a txlo of
' run buns up la th eighth, which
evened up for what tb Oaka had
don to Koestaer In th same session.
Game I Scrappy."
.' It was a "scrappy" game throughout
" and th horn team bad all th luck In
bunches. Jack Barry also enlivened
trie gam by bi work at th bat and
r-an th bases. Bill Rapps waa sufTer--j
Ing from a sprain, and Barry -atllltled"
- -tti hla place. Th vote-ran distinguished
. . himself by scoring thre times, and
each time b led off In tb batting;
Kostnr pitched great ball for
seven Innings, but In th eighth tb
Oaka lammed him for fir hlta and
Threw runs which caused hla ratlrw
r snent In favor of Henderson who
finished th gam.
; Henderaon will probably pitch attain
--thla afternoon, whll Wolverton will
fkely aend Flater or Gregory agalnat
th Beavera.
i Th acor of yesterday's gam fol
, , lows:
Oakland I Portland
' - ' ia.R Po.A r- A? p.".r.
' a-frl le.. U l'f-dV.rf J I 1 J
-C.rf.... 4 I O 0 K-ds re.: t 1 1 1
' . ai fm s.if a l t a . s i a
r-kercf. J
H'llngl 1 1 4-han.Jt. 1 J I "
I Waree.. 4 t 4 i Irkpba J J
Tlma.o. 4 1 Murrav.c. J J J J J
" Ab'.e.p.. 14 13 4 k atn.r.P. J 4 1
!".-VllDr 4 O
rare.M I 4 4j
Ttal li"iMl47l' TntatL. II 14 14 11 t
l-earc out ft not batting ra turn.
Oakland - 4 a414 J
H:-s O 1 1 4 4 I
f'rr snd !! I-.!
" Karts Co" 1. "Wares, TWmao. Barry 1.
Dtieenaa J. Pe-k!npull J, Murrsy I Slrnra,
-it Rv Koeatner . by llnieron 1. by
AMea 5. lia. on bal:s ltt Koestner 1.
of Abies 1 oft K.n Mt I. To-le hits
y. IX-klrpa'ish. !heeNsn. Murray. Hou
ses plavs C4lf-sw Wares to lf-t. Ft'Xls
fr( is fisrry. ba.-rtfica bits Koeetner. Mur
ley heensn Sln t-eews v'utshaw 1,
Ft.Mgers. I'ev-k'npaucB, t'narre delist t
AMe. orellt victor la K-tneT lla'k
Kni"t- Inntngft ptlched Hf Able s. by
K'.xa'ser 1 ;-l Bae h:te ADlea . ran a
. 1. jfl Keataer T. rum Tuna of game
'Tar a-ara. Lmpira r.aAas.
Note of the Game.
Vmtr rray -wm v th J with W'U
; f- rMtvilavr. i4 whll Arn of bta d-
" e-taion min t !. ouoo4 o,aftUoo ho a
v " ' f..r is tavai of iam.
- M4r Ry- u. Artio Krar woro two
raVriNro of tho Boovor auo4 wtv wrnt
-htt:ro tbrowaia rotr4.ya fun. All of
tho ohr rwu:oro pirkvod off oao or moro J
- aW O CO O nn feaaj WamAarajv
Jocll BorTV woo vory amrh la yootorday'o
"ttomo. Taroo ttmoo Bo-rry otorted thmts
Ny o4tBr tfi4T o paw or p -votmf o oof
htf, oa 1 oot. timo Ibo voioroa Ioa44
--aorooo too rociototr.
C CoVi ooob.o to tho fourth inntn- which
i..6iiy OT-otuottd Inio tho flrot Ooktaatt
rn woo o tfrtvo i'ooc tho Brot-booo Uso.
wh kh juot yi-iT- ovor tho cornor of ibo
oo. It woo folr boll oil rttrht.
Piichor Ahtoo wHo otort4 for tHo'Ootto
Tmfra T. I tr Tooo Utft ttrr who
' ho Ho tho wof.d"o morj for sxiccoootvo
0af ttr.koo4i H fonnod 14 tottoro la row
ta cao la tho Txo Lsoojiuo la l'A-9.
t ;tr Koootaor puhod ttron4 bo:t for
ovo tooioro, but la tbo oioUtii ho oaomrd
t looo cooirol. tar tho Otvka Iomml ha
1m tvo'l to o:t Cororo Of tho lot. Moat
ytyi ttroo ooo otrmi?t ot Ko!Br n4 ho
ooucbt tt. hot tho owot otubc ourno anJ ho
rf mv4o a bo4 r tw oocoo oa a ciach ow-
. aay.
- . -Rotut Wg.r-o fmrod Bear Boadrrana
two ta th ainth tnott. Th Arot tim up
hottoal out of turn. Ho tna roturaoJ
' " m roci;or botamoa and a-PtoS a Uttio
P to rVklnpaufft. About tho tlmo tbo
Quito woro rotUo oootavc to do osr tAia..
M AMH aoaoa emmo to tho oista. Ho
w.ko4 Boxry. tho flrot mti op, ort ho
oeorod ShooAon'a two.oocvr. whlrh
vM4t4 tho oft-aoB4aro toor of duty. Kaifht
tha okountepai tbo hill on 4 rk;rMufa
ropooaod oot a hit whtoh o-ori i f .
Haio-nt oot.a owa aad dUpoo of Murroy
aa4 Kowoxaor.
w Jock Woitorm. wh forwr'T pr t
tho aVavotora looaru with "Iit HoiTmto,
oow with tho Omfta. oofoyvd yootordoy'a
ooo. Th o work la ehaio tho
payor bro2ht bA vtotooo of w.m Vo.
tr od to rt tho hook ocoaioDo!y. In
ttW-aU y WoJtor dior4 tht H0
- i ArM aJt ka Hoxry oai aoi "Isx."
f-ator Hold Angel Iaowa and Kaa I
FraaK-laro Wlna. 7 to I.
r-" SAX Fit ANCIfCO. May II fan
j - Fraoclaco bad ao trouble la wlnauagr J
n u - v. h
'k ' aJ'"!.
y -sVt- v s-ve-Tt- ..-. .---vr -.-'.T" -fr-r-y-'-'"j
. . (r,f, t Rla-kt) Twrn. Rarrr Kaddexly. Mr. W. P. atraadborK, Mrs,
H.-r,I..H.n...a MU.J., r;fld..be4,er, "
Orae 0"ell, Mr. U alter Holaaaa, Mia. Frssces Jefferr. So. 2 A FrelM
. li 7,7, T.-k. .. S l-r, ,. KtakO-M... Jeffrey.
aviev.belsaer, Mrs. Harry Kadderly, Mm. -. 1. Straadbors;. Btlaa Craea
from Loa Anirelrs today, although for
tha thre lnntnars th local fana had
their feara as l-o Anceles scored In
th Initial frame and until th fourth
th Seals failed to send a man around
tb circuit. Then they aent four. In
the alxth. th Seals retrlatered thre
mora. ...
tiutor waa stincy to th flaltor, al
lowing: thara only sn hlta. whll
th teals aaarmbled 14 off Thorsea.
Two double plays by th local lent
excitement to th affair.
Th acor:
LOS ASOrt-KS. SAX rnAsctsco.
Ab-H fo-A.Ei Ab.H.Po.A.E.
Akin. 8b. I 1 4 1 Shaw. If.. I a J 0
llw-i lb 4 I T 0 UcA-la. sa.4. 114 1
H - o. If 4 1 1 lM lc r. rf j J 1 g
M-.i r sa.4 1 4 r, K. ?
lb I J 4 CVI.l S....S I 1 0
emillt c.l O 1 1 OHerry. C..1 J J
T-i sen. p. Oil t tutor, p. .4 1 1
trmaalb 1 a JJ
Tota ..iJ"lS4U ITotals . .U 14 21 10 1
LT..,", :::::::: ? ' ? f
San J-ranclo . ... .. .0 a o 4 0 J J O-
buiiunnrV RuB lIoor. 8hw 2. -AiMl.
WTr. Tnnnl. H-ttt. hutor. Tw-w
btM hitWvrf 2. Mohlrr. T-rtinmnt.
b:..;ro -ltrnrd. rty. Shw -Weaver.
Vitt. S-..-rtf)c hlta Mohlrr. Itt. i-lrt
btf on c::hJ hii Tho r-n. Ptmck out
HutrtT 4- loubI- r'y MrAfdl to MohlT
to Tnnm. Mclrhoir lo lierry. Tim
L'mpir. IltldwDraad.
nrackenrldge Weaken In One In
ning, Which la F-nonsb to DefeaU
LOS ANCELEa May 1. In the
fourth Inning only waa Sacramento
able to do anything with the delivery
of Brackenrldg. but It waa enough to
secure ytrtory. Double plays In which
Danxlr. SMnn nl O'Rourk partici
pated helped to keep down Vernon'a to
tal In th ran column. Score:
Vernon I Sacramento
ABHPoAt' As H r A B
Car" 4 001 ?hlnn.3b. 4 0 3 4 1
kaaeas. Oil
rat B.l!. 1 0 11
llr ar :t 10 1
1 l n . m v m -m v
1 1 Van ll n.. f 4 110 0
S 1 0 T 1 1
M! us.rl a
M.Di.f 1
llur-!!.. 4
Hro(Ve. 1
S 0 0 0 )f.ihy-xf 4 10 0 0
1 1
9 1
O o I..VW..1.. a i e v v
5 o TtiomafcC 4 S 0 3 0
A O 1? Irc'eb.aa I 0 1 0
Ura'dg'e P 0 1 I'.Nourse.p. 4 10 10
o o o o oi
Tota!a T IT 10 ; Totaie 11 0 27 IT 3
Belied for fcratkenrdige in nintn.
Vemea 0 J ?
Hits 1 1 0 1 0 3 1 O 7
SaVraraeat ...1 .-
M.U. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 S-4
cm t a nr.
Rana Frunrar. Mt-Donnetl. Sbtnn. Tan
Burert atahoney. Lewis. Thomas. Two-baa
KU stlr-eoa. Sacrtnc hits O Kourke. Pin-
... Lw. atolaa baaea Kaae. Burrall.
K.aea oa bal . lS Nours a eS Bra.kea
rlUse 1. Stru.-k out 1 bourse 7. by Urack
anruie 3. loubia plajrs Ircban to I'aajig
to ebira. Shlnn ta trRourke I Danais.
Kane to Pelt.raoB. Wild pitch Bra.-kn-r.-a.
I'M.l baii Tbooaas. Hit by pitcb-d
ba ." Sheeaaa. Time 3.00. Implrt- lie
St. Loal 4-1. Cincinnati
ST. LOC14 May II ft. Loulg woa
both iwn of th doubl header from
Cincinnati. In th first th local
bunched hlta In the eighth Inning. In
the second gam th rlsltora secured
an early lead, gathering four run In
.ta. ti.i.ii three in tSe fourth and an
other In tfc fifth. Th local scored
two ta the alata and cam back with
ten In th eeTenth. Two alnglea. two
double, and two bases on baiig netted.
ii - tf i-&xy . )
th local three more In the eighth.
R H. E l R. H. E.
Cincinnati. I 6 It St. Iouls. 4 7 1
Batteries McQulllen and Clark; Har
mon and Bresn&han.
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Cincinnati. 8 list. Louis. IS IS 1
Batteries Sugg. Garpsa and Clarke;
Golden, Geyer and Bresnahan.
The Brooklyn-New York and Philadelphia-Boston
game were postponed
on account of rain.
Washington S, New Tork a.
WASHINGTON. May 31. Washing
ton defeated New Tork In a slx-lnnlng
game, a heavy thunder gtorra stopping
play after Wolter had filed to Cunning
ham at the beginning of the seventh.
R.H. E l R.H. E.
Washton.. 3 8 OiNew Tork. S 7 1
Batteries Groom and Smith; War
hop and Blair.
Flayers Vexed at Postponement of
English-American Games.
NEW YORK. May 31. Heavy mid
day showara, followed by dull, misty
conditions, caused a postponement to
day, for 14 hour at least, of the first
gam of the match between England
and America for the International polo
Gaily decked Meadowbrook looked
downcast this afternoon. Its bunting
bung limp on the wet stands. Its play
ers strolled about tha dubhous de
nouncing th weather, and a hundred
nervous little ponies tugged at their
To add to th vexation, the weather
prophets held out no encouragement for
tomorrow. As the English players are
anxious to sail for home oa Jun 10.
time Is valuable, and both teams are
anxious to start th International series.
Tfc first gam will be played tomor
row if th -weather permits. And. if
not it will b attempted on Friday.
Th second of th series is scheduled
for Saturday.
W. L.
Portland ..81 4
Fan Frea. 84 SO
Vcmon ...22 79
Oakland ..88 St
Sacram'to 1? 81
Ls Ancl's 24 X8
tv. L.
New Tork. 21 14
Phlla 28 18
Chic . . . -S 15
W. L. P.C.
.79 Ppoksn
29 12 .7"T
24 IS .571
23 1 .545
1 2" .47
17 IS .425
lO 80 .tut
W. U P.C.
.5.ti;Tacoma ...
.12.". Vancouver .
.51 H Portland .
.4 fieattie ....
.;. Victor La . .
.4iretrolt ....
.-.4 Pnlla
.e-j Boston . .. .
71 Chicago ...
81 11 .7S
23 18
22 17 .54
19 IT .52S
IS 21 .4C.2
19 23 .4 3
14 2 3.M
18 28 .817
PltLaburr 17
Ft. lmis,
.10 is
.14 1
.514 New Tork.
.4SS-C eveland
,lo waablng'a
.244 St. LOUIS. .
..10 81
Trf ilai'a faaaalta.
PaclMe Coast League Portland 8. Oak
land 4: 8aa Franciaco T, Loa Angela 1;
SaTS-nento ft. Vernon w
No-thweatei n League Tacoma 8. rort
land 1: Victoria 8. Seattle 3: Spokane 8.
"sTionsJ Lesgoa Fit. Louis 4-1 S. Cincin
nati 2-8; ether games postponed on aooount
of rain.
Amerlraa Lea sue Washington 8, Nw
Tois, J, a Lbr gaaM acAeduied,
Fear Lwwe at a Glaac.
I Viee4awea
Roadsters Seem Likely to Win
at First but Tide Turns
Score Had Previously Bean Tlo-but
Home Team Then Acquires- Two
Runs Mensor Is Back-' in
.' Portland'a Lineup.
rf k rAr A TCTaat, Mav SI ISnadal.)
Tacoma locked this afternoon's gam
Tn the big safe after eight and one-half
seeUilng innings oi oaaeoa.ii.
'tha conteat did not have the thrills
of th two holiday embroglios.- ther
was enough uncertainty to It to make
the sparsely covered stands eheer.
Th visitors had the edge on the
locals and It looked for a while as
though they were going to. capture th
game. An earned run was secured in
the third inning an looked as big a
a totem pole.
The locals evened up In the fourth,
but the Tourists were playing snappy
ball, too, and Bloomfleld was stingy
with his hits, :
It was nip and tuck up to the sixth
Inning when, after two were out, Ab
bott got -on the bases and Lynch sent
him. on to third with a sharp slngl.
Mike stole second. Siebt, who was giv
ing Burns a- rest, hit a screamer to
right field and two runs scored,
The next'lnnlng was a thriller. Port
land was waking a real bid for th
game. A single . and, a double put men
en the third and second with none out.
At this Juncture th Tigers tightened
up and tho side .was retired without a
Harris was put out of tho "game for
disputing a decision. . Mensor was back
at short for Portland today. President
Lindsay fining him fM for his portion
of tho altercation with Householder on
the local grounds Sunday, score.
Portland . . Tacoma
A8.M.P0.A.11.. .o.ri.".
Mundf.ftb 4
4 1
Caaey.b S
BtoVII.rf 4 8
8peas.ct 4
Ort.If.. .8
Harrts.0 3
1 Col'mn.3b
0 Kock'd.'Jb
1 Abbott, rf
0 Lynclucf
Olebt.c. ..
0 r'
S 0 0
3 0 4
S 0 0
4 2 1
4 10
8 14
3 1 18
.8 0 0
0 4
1 1
3 4
Bradiey.e O
aniey.c u v a v v. .
m ld.p 3 10 8 1
0 1
Totals 10 8 Zi 10 4 .
Tnrala AO 6 27 18 0
Portland 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.
Tacoma 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 X J.
Exited for Bloomfleld In ninth..
Buns Harris. Itockendald. Abbott and
Lynch. Stolen baaca Williams. Men
sor. Lynch. Double plays Rockenfle d to
Fisher to Slebt. bits Bloom
fleld, Etovall. Hairls. Sacrincs hits Harris.
BloomOeld. Morse. Struck out By Hall. 1.
by Bloomfleld. 3. Basea on bajle Oft: .
Si off Bloomfleld. 2. Passed ball eiebt.
Una ot linii 1:43. empire. Baumgartan.
Spokane' Errors Give Vancouver
Long-Drawn Oat Game.
SPOKANE. Wash, May 11. Vancou
ver won a 11-lnnlng game today, i to 4.
Spokane's errors were costly, only one
of Vancouver's runs being earned. The
winning run was made on an error by
Cooney In the twelfth, a stolen base
and a single by Harrison. Score:
Swain-.'..' 110 4 OStrand.p.". 8 18 8 8
E'kaon.p. 1 I 18 0
TotaL. 40 1184 15 l Total.. 41 110 34 It 4
Batted for Gervale In eighth Inning.
THonmr 1 4 8 8 0 0 8 1 8 8 0 18
Spokane 1 04081000000 4
Runs Adams, James. Brashest-, lwla,
NetseL Coonev. Cartwrlght, Strand. Three
base hits Harrison. Frlak. Two-base bits
Klppert Z. Sacrifice bits James. Gervala,
Zimmerman. Stolen baaea Brashear 2.
Bennett, Scbarney. Lewis. Zimmerman. Dou
ble plays Cooney to Nordyke: -Oervals to
Bennett to Brashear. Struck out By Oer
vals S. by Holm 1, by Strand . Base on
balls Oft Gervals 4. off Strand 4. Sixteen
at bat. S rune, S hits off Holm In three In
nlnra: 1J at bat. rune. 7 hlta oft Gervala
In seven Innings. Left on bases sncouver
11 Spokane 4. Time of lmi 1 hours SO
minutes. Umpires Kane and Longanecker.
Victoria Wins Contest Marked
Chiefly by Poor Pitching.
SEATTLE, Wash., May II. Poor
pitching on both sides waa responsible
for a tiresome gam today in which
Victoria came out the victor, ( to I.
Lesrd.2'b. 8
D'vld'n.lf 4
Crk-k.rt 8
Bues.3b.. 4
Weed. lb. 8 8, 4
Spenc'r.o 8
HenkeLp 0
2 1
1 1
4 18 0 0
0 Sniea'an.o
t 0
1 8
1 !
0 4
0 8
0 0
0 0
0. l'homas.p O
OiStarkelLp 4
Totals S3 7 27 13 1 Totals 13 7 27 11 0
Seattle k 1 1 0 0 O 0 0 0 18
Victoria 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 00
Buns Lesrd, Davidson. Cocash, Rarmer.
Keller. Goodman 2. MacMurdo. Two-base
bits Lesrd. Cocssh. Crulkshank. Splesmsn.
Horn runs Davidson, MacMurdo, Good
man. Stolen bases Leard 2. Two runs and
three- nils off Henkel In 2 1-3 Innings: 4
runs sad 4 bits off Dickinson In 8 1-3
tnalaga: 1 run and no hlta oft Thomas In
1 1-3 inaings; 8 runs snd 7 bits off Starkell
tn 7 2-3 innings, struck out By Henkel 1,
h rikinaitn x. bv Thomaa 1. bv rtarkell 4.
! Bases on balls Orf Henkel 2. off Thomas 4.
, off Starkell 3. Wild pilch Thomaa Hit
by pitched nan iiicjiurou pj yicmnam,
Weed and Dickinson by EtarkelL Double
pla Raymond to Weed. Left on basea
liestUa 10. Victoria 8, Umpire McCarthy.
I rT lag ton and Holladay Teams Bat
tle for Twelve Innings.
. In th best Grammar School League
gam of -the season the Irvlngton and
Holladay school teams yeaterday played ,
an 8 to 8 tie game on uuclinun t leia.
East Twelfth and Davis streets- The
gam was called at the end of th 12th
inning. Mors than 800 school children
saw the game.
The feature of th gam was the
pitching of Williams, a slender 95
pound lad, for Holladay School. Wil
liams struck out 18 Irvlngton batters
and fielded hla position nicely. Holladay
gained the lead early In th gam and
la th seventh Inning waa leading 7 to
3. Irvlngton cam to th for la th
Vancouver I Seattle
a h YT fa. A.E.I Ab.H.FO.A-ls.
Br keref. 4 4 4 4 olN'etiel.Jb. 4 1120
Adams.rf. 8 118 8 118 1
B nettlb. 4 1 8 J 0 Prlsk rf 484
K i.h 8 814 d S' I 1 J
jimn.ll. Sill 4K?'fght.2b. 81488
H rl.' 4 8 18 0 K' .. 5 J J J J
S' 4 118 Z'm'm'n.lf 8 1 4 J s
Iwla.c. 1110 CHaty.c... i 8 T X 0
eighth with five runs, Holladay tied It I
up In the ninth Inning. Th game will
1 b renlavad next week.
ILadd School -defeated Arleta School In
one of the final gamea for the aecond
division cup on Portland Academy
! Field yesterday afternoon. The score
was II to 7. Frank Bolln. Ladd short-
stoo. fielded several, cara cnances una
hit homerun with the bases full. Two j
bystanders wr -Injured by loul nail,
a policeman being felled when hit in
the mouth, while another spectator suf
fered a broken nose. Davia and Gor
h&m pitched for Ladd.
Identity of Connecticut League
Flinger Being Kept Secret.
LOS AJfGELES. Cal.. May II. (Spe
cial.) Th Angels seem In a fair way
to procure a southpaw pitcher now
working In the Connecticut League for
whom they have been dickering for sev.
eral months.
The identity of the man sought is
being kept secret for the present. Sec
retary Parker received a telegram to
day from the club owning him, asking
the Angels to make an offer.
Thla - cama as a surprise, several
earlier, offers tor the pitcher having
been answered with the statement that
be oould not be procured until the end
of the Connecticut League's season.
Secretary. Parker called Frank Dillon
up by long-distance telephone In San
Francisco, today and Dillon said that h
would talis the matter up immeaiateiy.
It is understood that the Ditcher, was
recommended by Metxger, who last year
played with the Hartford Connecticut
League team.
Ten-Inning- Contest Lasts Three
Hoars and Score Is 10 to 1.
Patterson. Fans) IS Men.
Landing on Pitcher Welch for flvo
hits and four runs in th tenth Inning,
Lincoln High School yesterday defeated
Washington High School on Multnomah
TPtuit anrf virriiAiiv clinched the cham-'
pionshlp tltl of the Interscholastlo
League, Tho score was 10 to 7. m
only feature of th contest was that
three hours and 10 minutes were used
In playing it, -
Patterson pitched some good ball,
striking out three men after three got
on bases. He fanned 13 during the
game. Worden began th game, for
Washington, but after Lincoln had
made four runs off him he retired In
favor of Welch. It was Lincoln's first
victory over Washington In three years.
Score by Innings:
Lincoln 000112100 410
vi"in,ton 0 001O410O1 7
Summary Runs Coob 2. Schllt, Peterson,
Patterson. Tuerck, Greer, Oroee Cnra
mlnea, Wilson. A. Miller. George, Cason,
Welch,' Orebe. " Three base - hits Lewis,
Oroca. Two base-bits Lewis. Peterson, Ca
son. Struck out By Patterson 13; by wor
den 8 : by Welch S. Bases on balls--Off
Psttcrson 5: off Worden 0: off Welch 4.
Wild pitches Worden 2. Balk Patterson.
Passed ball Cason. Stolen bases Lewis.
Cobb 2. Schllt. Peterson 2, Patterson 3.
Tuerclc. ; Oreer. CummJnrs S, Wilson 2.
George. Worden, Grebe. Whltten. Sacrifice
hits Whlttea. schilt, Patterson, Greer. Hit
by pitched ball Cummlngs. by Worden.
Double playa Cason to Hewitt to Cason.
Tim of gam 8 hour and 10 minutes. Um
pire, Bankln.
Collegians Vanquish Indians by -.
to-1 Score at Salem.
lem, Or.. May II. (Special.) The Wil
lamette University baseball team played
brilliant ball today defeating the Che
mawa team 8 to 1.
Beauchamp pitched a strong gam
for th collegians. Teabo, tha veteran
Indian player, was In the box for Che
mawa. and pitched good ball, but at
critical times bis support was ragged.
The collegians out-hit and out-fielded
the Indians and ran bases better. Wil
lamette made two double plays
Harrison and Homan hit for Willam
ette while McRa and Harrison played
a strong fielding game. Teabo, Kross
and Benjamin did the best work for
Chemawa. Umpire. State Treasurer
Kay. Score by Innings:
Willamette ......10100002 3
Chemawa 0 0 0 1 0 0 8 0 0 1
Willamette Varsity Students to Dig
Foundation for Addition.
Or.. May IL (Special.) Willamette Uni
versity students have requested Presi
dent Homan to urge upon the board
of trustees of the institution the nec
essity for additional gymnasium ac
commodations and. larger floor space.
This enlargement is made almost Im
perative by the large number of stu
dents that have taken to althletics at
Willamette this year.
It is planned to build a 60-foot addition
to tho south side of the present building.
This enlargement will contain the new
shower baths, dressing and locker
rooms, Tha second story will contain
storerooms and th young women's
dressing-rooms. .... ...
The students are enthusiastic over the
plan and will commence excavation for
the addition this week,
Jin Jitsn Expert and Iowan Will
Meet Hero June . '
Arrangements hav been completed
for a wrestling match at the Armory on
Friday night, June . between Professor
Ito, a Japanese jiu Jltsu expert, and
Farmer" Watson, of Iowa.
Watson was formerly a rival or
Frank Gotch, though not as a heavy
weight grappler. being much lighter
than tho champion, and Ito is rated aa
one of the greatest of Japanese experts.
Ito is at Seattle, where he conducts a
Japanese Jiu Jltsu wrestling school. He
has won many matches since coming to
America, Watson is now at BeUing
bam. Can by Races Attract Steeds.
CANBT, Or, May II. (Special.)
The race meet to be held on the course
at the Clackamas County fairgrounds
here next Saturday is attracting many
horsemen from the surrounding coun
try. Beversl strings of racers have ar
rived and others are due tomorrow.
The largest string is from the stables
of Powell Bobbins and others are from
Oregon City. Salem, is well represented
while Woodburn and other nearby
cities and towns are lining up with
many horses of more than local note.
The racetrack is In One shape. Holly
Brand. Maredlke and Cap Apperson
have been entered for the 1:15 pace.
Joe Cannon. Padlsha, Como and Hops
will try for the 2:26 trot. Six promis
ing 2-yeer-olda have entered for th
trot and It Is expected that this will
be one of the closest races of the day.
An American Consul. Julian H. Arnold,
traveled, several months In Western China
last Summer. He stopped at o native Inns
snd never did he experience tha least an
civility r unfriendly treatment.
Score Expected to Enter in
State Championships.
trophies Will be given
Portland Entries to Compete .With
Those From Boise, Los Angeles,.
Seattle and Spokane Flag
ship to Be Bayocean.
Portland women are industriously
training for the Oregon state champion
ship swimming races to be held at the
Rose Festival next week. Seven women
have already entered their names for
the two events scheduled. These races
will be the 60-yard Oregon champion
ship and the all-round swimming
championship. Trophlea will be given
th winners In each event. It is prob
able the Portland women will have to
compete with visiting swimmers among
the fair sex.
The races will be held Friday, June
. over a course off the Portland Rail
way. Light & Power Company dock, on
th East Side of the river above the
Hawthorne bridge. More than 1600
vaprth of trophies are up for the races.
This number embraces two more tro
phies for every race.
The men will swim In BO, 100 and 500
yard championship races in addition to
participating in fancy diving, obstacle
racing, high diving, costume racing,
and the team race.
Score Mar Swim.
Among tho Portland women swim
mers entering the races are some from
the Y. W. C A, Columbus Club and
Multnomah Club. The entry list to date
Includes Miss Grace O'Neill. Miss
Frances Jeffery. Miss Feldenhelmer,
Mrs. Harry Kadderly, Mrs. W. P.
Strandborir. Miss Frances Schade and
Miss Floretta Velgutb, It is thought
fully a score of women will swim on
Friday of next week. W. H. Grind-
taff has given a gold medal tor tn
women's 50-yard race, and W. H. Geartn
has given one for the women's all
around championship.
Swimming teams from Boise. Idaho;
Los Angeles. Cal., and Seattle and Spo
kane are coming to the Portland races.
Among the cups proffered for the races
are the Honeyman Hardware Company
challenge cup for the 100-yard cham
pionship; J. Wesley Ladd medal for the
winner of the 100-yard race; Edwin
Hamblett challenge cup for the 500
yard championship race; Seneca Fouts
cups for canoe tilting contest; Everding
St Farrell medal for the 500-yard swim
winner; Marx & Bloch.cup for costume
race; T. Irving Potter cup for fancy
diving contest, Clayton Fallis cup for
obstacle race, J. W. Leavitt & Company
cup for EO-yard 'championship swim
for Grammar School boys. Lane &
mini mill awna
(j - -'-' -r
i'i : - - -l- .VD. n h. fialltotMsilsTatJ III;.
( .1 . SSaaawaawam-ii I - - - I ;
You 11 Feel Delightfully Free In
B. V. D.
THESE Coat Cut Undershirts, Knee Length Drawers and
Union Suits are loose fitting, so that you're never skin-chafed
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TAra Red
B. V. D. Union Suits (Pat.
43007) 81.00. 81.50. 82.00,
S3JX) and 8o.O0 a suit.
(Trade 11 ark Rit- U. S. PaL Off. and Farcicn Countries.)
is sewed on awr B. V. D. Undergarment. Tate no undergarment
without this label.
The B. V. D. Company, New York.
""-f .-"
s'' Thirteen years ago today Lieutenant Richmond P. 1
TTofcenn mink the Merrimac in Santiago Harbor,
t i "bottling up" the Spanish fleet
-iiiraaL -' :
1 l-vsr
We're onto all the new
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taining. .
.285 Morrison St.,
Between Fourth and Fifth.
Johnson cup for four-man team race,
Oliver K. Jeffery cup for high diving
contest and trophies presented by Ivan
Humason, Stephen D. Britten and Filers
Piano House,
D. E. Keasey has tendered the use
of his palatial houseboat for a dressing
room for women. It will be moored at
the wharf where the races will be held.
The new yacht Bayocean will be the
flagship of the afternoon.
Woven Label
B. V. D. Coat Cut Under
shirts and Knee Length
Drawers, 60c. 75c. 81.00
and 81.50 a garment. ,
June 1, 1911.
WE'RE om-ojHE