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Seaton Allows Vernon but Two
Hits, While Beavers Get
as Many Runs.
Visiting T wirier rermlta but Five
Blnrle. but Locals Snatch Op
portnntty In Sixth and Come
Out Victorious.
Tommy Seaton wu too good tor the
Vernon crowd yesterday, for he allowed
tha Hooligans but two hits and shut
them out. while- Portland amassed two
cores against the fine tlrling of Harry
Stewart by bunching two of the five
b'.ngles he permitted with a be on
tails in the sixth Inning;.
In eplte of the threatening weather
and the chilly atmosphere which kept
many fans away from the a-a me. the
rival clubs put up a fine exhibition, and
Vernon Is especially to be commended
for the showing made In view of the
fact that Hogan's Hooligans he wants
es to call them Tigers) Jumped off the
Ehasta Limited at 1:30 o'clock and
played the Kama Immediately after
wards. .
Uap res'.Iy had an Idea that his hun
gry bunch was groin- to do things to
McCrediea league leaders, and until the
sixth inning, the visiting band had a
rood chance of getting an even break
co tha game, for Stewart had pitched
shutout ball op to that period and was
going as good as waa Seaton.
In the sixth Buddy Ryan opened op
by pulling a three-base wallop along
tha first-base line, and Tommy Sheehan
worked Stewart for a pass. Kruegefs
tap to Brashear sent Sheehan to second,
but Ryan was held at third. Then Bill
Rapps. who returned to the game yes
terday after a week's Illness, pole ona
pest Brashear which rerlstered both
Ryan and Sheehan. and tha rams was
on ice for Portland.
Featon pitched a remarkably stesdy
runt, allowing but two hits, though
Artie Rose robbed Roy Brashear of
a blnglet by being caught at second
on the latter Texas leaguer to center.
by being thrown out at mldstatlon be- j
causa he thought Ryan would catch tha ;
ball. Seaton fanned 11 or tna Hooli
gans, winding up tha game by striking
out Ross and Patterson.
Today's game will start at 3 o'clock.
Testerday's score follows: .
Ab H Pe A
. t.' Ao m re a r.
Cmr-lecf. 4
Poe.lf... 4
rst.'a ib 4
O 3
o r-h-Vne.rf 4
0 Ryan.rf . . t
t hte'n.Sb
0 fru'r.If 4
0 1 0 o
14 0 0
1 a o o
0 4X0
1 10 2 0
10 0 0
1 s
0 T
ft t
S::r. n.rf S 1 O O 1 3
sicrr.r .mm s o z
Purl 3a SOS
0 Perk'ch mm 3
Frown. e. .2
Ctewn.p 3
O 0
o Murray. c s
0 0 1 0,Satoa.p. 1
Totals 2 2 24 S! Totals I S Zt
VTnn 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0
H.m 0 0 O 0 1 0 1 O 2
Portland 0 0 0 O 0 2 0 2
. Ulls 0 1 1 0 0 3 1 0 S
Rune Ryan. 8hhan. Btrack By
F-a.oa 11. br Slewart 4. BaJ-s on bai: Off
Satoa 1. off ht.wart 2. Two-b hits
r.ttoo. Ryan. Murray, tacrine hit Kappa.
:o n bae Stlnaoo. Hit by pltcbd o.,;
J.ron F.nJ-d bill Brown. Tim nf xame
One hour. minute. Umpire Hild.brand.
fan Francisco Batters Ilave ricnlo
With Klein and Wbcclcr. .
LOS ANGELES. May S San Francis
co's batters had no trouble In solving
Klein s delivery today, and In the sixth
he waa displaced by Wheeler, who
failed to do any better.
In the fourth, iletkle had a bad ses
sion, but in the remainder of the game
he made a good showing. An unas
sisted double play by ilclchlor was a
feature. Score
San FTmne.mro I
A K tl tn AWT
los Anreles
AO. A. E.
Pbw'U If. 4
M'Ar' t
12 4 OAkln.Jb.. 4 1
2 4 M'Ue' 4 4 4
Forry.e. .
U kle.p..
2 4 4 1 BTn rd.rf. 4 2 1
14 221
12 0 H'w'rd.lf. 4 1 S
2 11 irim'ajb. 4 1
12 1 4 10
14 1 Smith. c. 2 14
4 4 0 C K!ln.p. 1
Hh'rr.n.. 22
21 12 27 11 2, Moore... 1
Total .if t 27 11 1
Los Ans.lae 4OI44440 t
Ba. hits 0 4 14 111 t
Saa rranctac II 1 1 I 1 1- I
Bi bits 1 1 2 2 1 1 212
Muore batted for Smith la ninth.
Runw MeArrflo. Twmnt. MIehtor a. Mad
den, Berry. Bernaru. lal-y. How.rrt. Stolen
baaee Powell. Weaver. Tennant. Vltt 2. U-l-y.
Svn bits (or four runs off Klein la
Jl.e and two-thirds toslnrm. Three-base
bits llinas. Bexnard. Tbw hit
ladtfea. Bernard. Wim. Pacnftre hits
Melaie. bmitn- Banes oa bail. Oft Ml
1. Klein 2. 2. Struck out By
i:kie 1. by Klein 1. by Wheeier 2. Oou
b.e plays Vltt to Tennant: Melcholr. un
ejelsted. Wild pitch Wheeler. Faesed be.ll
Smith. Hit by pitched bail Melchkor by
Kie.a. Moore. Time of same 1 aour 45
tulnutes. Umpire Finney.
I'crnoll ritches Fine) Game) Against
Sacraniento and Support Is Good. '
SA.V FRANCISCa May I. Pernoll
held Sacramento down to a 8-to-l acora
In tha gam with Oakland today. Tha
Oaks' victory waa earned. Pernoll
receiving good support In tha field.
Four runs and eight hits were gath
ered off Hunt In seven Innings. Mag
gart scored three hits out of five times
at bat. Score:
Sacramento I Oakland
. Ab.ILPo.AE l
A0.H.P0. A.E.
a Inn. So.
2 1
l'Mr'art.lf 4
1 1
llunt.p. .
l.or.rf.... 2
4 3
H' 2 4
0 '.Vares.B.. 4
t Wlv' 4
Pearre.c. 2
1 fernoll.p. 4
1 1
0 10
1 0
1 s
2 2
Total .21 S27 1 1
12 124 1 21
Urnunento 2 O 2
Oak.and llllll 4
Runs B!na. O'Ronrke. Mecrart. PfyT,
TA'UertoB. 1'earce. Pernoll. Four rone. S
hits off Hunt In 7 Inntr.ra, Two-base hits
Mahoney. HotTmaa. Wolverton. l.ny. Sao
rtflce hit Thuma. VanBuren. First bate
ci called bails Hunt 4. struck out By
Hunt 2. by Pernoll 4. Bit by pitcher
t 1 fTmao. Fearce. by Hunt.. Double plave
O Hourke to Culln. Prn.II to Wolvertnn
to Cutibte to Pernoll. Wares to Cntahaw
to PfyL Time of fame I hour ii mlnutea
U.txpire MoOreavy.
Two Games Postponed.
Only ona game waa played yesterday,
the Vancouver-Portland game, at Van
couver, being postponed on account of
rain, and the Seattle-Victoria game, at
Seattle, postponed on account of wet
I V .
I Jat-vvvp
Many Matches Will Be Made
for Big Tournament.
Multnomah' Speedily Arrangrln for
Amateur Bouts to He Held
Under Its Auspices at
Hellig Theater.
Officials for the National Amateur
Athletic Union wrestling champion
ships were choeen yesterday by the
Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club,
under whose auspices the tournament
will be held May 19 and ZO at the
Heilig Theater.
Herbert Greenland of the Multnomah
Club has been selected as referee. Mr.
Greenland probably will aJternata with
a referee yet to be chosen, as there will
be between 25 and 40 matchea a night.
Joa Adams, of Spokane, is mentioned
for the place.
Frank E. Watklns. George Parker
and W. B. Fechheimer are named as the
three timers. Each has officiated at
athletic games in Portland before and
acted in this capacity at the Pacific
Northwest Association boxing and
wrestling games held In Portland two
years ago.
The Spokane Amateur Athletic Club
promises to ba one of tha strongest
clubs represented. Harvey Donaldson.
Coast champion, will grapple the 105
pound men. Glahe and Cote will com
pete against the 115 and 125-pounders.
Glahe recently defeated all comers at
a Chicago amateur tournament at 115
pounds, while Cote won tha world's
amateur championship at tha Olympic
games. London. 1908. Chris Gesek,
whom Portland wrestling fans have
seen in action many times, and who
holds the Northwest titles at 158
pounds and the heavyweight crown as
well, will compete in both classes.
Three others complete the squad.
Under Instructor O'Connell more than
10 wrestlers have been working every
day at the Multnomah Club and the
winged M" team looks strong. Tha
lightweight division probably will be
the strongest department. The seat
sale for the two nights of wrestling
will begin next week and there prom
ises to ba a big demand as the tourney
will be the largest ever held on the
Pacific Coast.
Multnomah Club Classes Will Be
Put to Test Tomorrow Night.
The regular weekly social swim of
the members of tha Multnomah Ama
teur Athletic Club will take place at
tha Portland Swimming baths tomor
row night, and a .special feature of
tha event will be an exhibition of all
branches of swimming and diving by
Arthur Cavlll. swimming; instructor of
the club.
A special 229-yard race for the
world's tank record also la to be held
between Tom Garrett and Louis
Thomas, two of the crack amateur
swimmers of the club. The world's
tank record for this distance is two
minutes and 27 seconds and the Pa
cific Coast tank record is 2 minutes
and 57 seconds. Cavlll is confident
that either of these swimmers will be
able to break one or the other of
the marks tomorrow night.
It is announced that only swimmers
accompanied by women will be ad
mitted to the tank on this night, for
the accommodations are limited and
this rule waa adopted with a view of
making tha event an agreeable party.
Tha swim will start promptly at S
o'clock with CavlU's exhibition.
Frankfort Team of Philadelphia to
Play in Portland.
Formal announcement has been made
' "HIV W"
W 1
t i . a
t - aj m
k. aswBW
by the Portland Cricket Club that the
Frankfort Cricket Club, of Philadel
phia. Pa, will play two matches In
Portland, September 7 and 8. The Phil
adelphia club will make a tour of the
United States. Matches will be played
with Victoria and Vancouver, B. C;
Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.
The schedule for the Western tour
follows: August 24 and 25, Frankfort
vs. Winnipeg, at Winnipeg; August 29
and 30, Frankfort vs. Vancouver, at
Vancouver: September 1 and 2, Frank
fort vs. Victoria, at Victoria: Septem
ber 4 and 6. Frankfort vs. Seattle, at
Seattle: September 7 and 8, Frankfort
vs. Portland, at Portland. ,
Other out-of-town teams will also
meet the Portland Cricket Club team
on the local pitch this season, it being
understood that Victoria. Vancouver
and Seattle clubs may come to Portland
this Summer or Fall.
The cricketers will officially open
their season Thursday night with a
smoker at the clubhouse near Rose
City Park. The Portland Cricket Club
team may make a tour of the Puget
Sound and British Columbia cities dur
ing the ensuing season.
Northern Pacific Railroad Making
Arrangement for Long Trip.
Plans are being made by the North
ern Paclflo Railroad Company for an
American tour for the Hill Miliary
Academy baseball team. Just how far
east the trip will extend, when the start
will be made, what games will ba
played and other details are not yet
mature, but it Is given out by the rail
company that a trip is in prospect.
It is a certainty that a trip into the
Inland Empire will be made following
the close of tha school year, but
whether this trip which will be ex
tended the school officials are not yet
prepared to say. No Portland Academic
team has ever made an American tour,
mlthough Dallas College three years ago
sent its basketball team over the coun
try, advertising Oregon's resources as
it went.
Portland Team Shots Out Home Ag
gregation by 6-0 Score.
AURORA, Or, May L (Special.)
In the opening day game of baseball
played on the local diamond. Brooklyn,
of Portland, yesterday defeated the
Aurora club by the eoore of 8 to 0. Both
teams played good ball, and Bleberta.
the visiting pitcher, had everything on
the ball, shutting the locals out with
only one hit. Batteries Aurora, Todd
and Poller; Brooklyn, Sleberts and
Brooklyn desires out-of-town games
for Hay 7 and Sundays in June. It is
desired that Gresliam, Camas and Rai
nier be heard from. For games address
K. J. Sherrett, 254 East Sixteenth street,
or phone East 224.
The Portland Emporium team has lost
three of its best players Mlnsky, Mil
ler and Laske. They have signed with
tha American Jewelry team.
Corvallls Trip May Be Blade.
With lnvitatlona extended to Port
land high school athletes for two track
and field meets during May, at Eugene
on May 12 and at Corvallls May SO. but
with a Board of Education flat limiting
participation to one of the meets,
scholastic athletlo affairs are In a
somewhat messed-up condition. At the
Washington High School the star
point-winners had been figuring on
taking in the Eugene meet particular
ly, but under the revised arrangements
the squad probably will vote to go to
Corvallls aa mora men will b allowed
tha Journey.
"ComlteCa" Is the name given to a spir
ituous liquor manufactured In Corcltan. st&to
of Chiapas. M'llro It Is an exclusively
local product. elna In no other part of the
country la anythlns similar produced: tha
species of maguey or agave, from whlrh
It I Ol.tilleu thrives only within a radius
of 10 or 12 ml If a
Errors by Cooney Give Tacoma
Opportunity to Win.
Tigers Take Lead la Third and
Home Club Falls to Catch Up,
Although It Comes Precious
Near It in Ninth.
' SPOKANE. Wash.. May 2. Tacoma
took the second game of the series
today, 4 to 2. Errors by Cooney al-
. A . V. . T n Fulr. t)i lfld In
the third. Schmutx held the Indians J
well until the ninth whon two singles
and an error netted two runs.
The score:
'Wi'n. rf 4
o 0
Ot Net'l,
Sb 5 1 0 3 0
Ro'd. 2b 4
M"i-a. ss 4
Abb't, rf 4
Col'n. 8b 4
1 1
1 3
II Coo'y. ss 4
1 2
l! Friek. rf 4
0 0
0 4
1 0
oi x a e,
01 Zlm'n,
lb 4 1 IS
cf 4 1 0
Pev'ptt. o 4 II
Burns. If 3 2 0
Fls'r. lb 4 0 13
O T'c'er. 2b S
0' KL'p'rt. If 4
0; Hasty, c 8'enk. p 1
1 Z
1 4
0 0
Sch tx, p S
0 0
Totals S4 27 IS 2 Totals 32 7 27 15 2
Tacma 0 1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 I
Spokane 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
Runs Rockenfleld. Morse. Coleman.
Bums. Zimmerman. Toucher, Klppert. Two
baso him Burns. Rorkenfleld. Hasty. Three
base hit Devon. Sacrifice hit Tauscher.
Sacrifice flv Schwenk. Stolen bases Burns,
Klsher, Zimmerman. Struck out By
Srhmutx 3. bv Schwenk 8. Base on balls
Pv Schmuts 1. Schwenk 1. Hit by pitched
ball Schwenk 2. Cooney. Passed balls De
volt 2. Left on bases Tacoma 4, Spokane
8. Time 1:55. Umpire Kane.
Philadelphia 6, Boston 8.
PHILADELPHIA. May 2. After Her
zog's three-bagger sent two men home
and tied the score in the ninth inning
today, Philadelphia won in their half
of this inning, 6 to 5. The score:
R.H.E.I R- H. E.
Boston ....5 0Philadelp'a 6 8 0
Batteries Tyler, McTlgue, Mattern
and Sweeney: Brennan and Dooin. Um
pires Johnstone and Eaion.
New YotIc 5, Brooklyn 4.
BROOKLYN. May 2. New Tork beat
Brooklyn, 5 to 4, in a ninth-inning fin
ish today after a game In which both
teams made lineup changes. A batting
rally in the ninth won for the visitors.
R. H. E. R. H. E.
New Tork 6 7 l(Brooklyn ..4 S 1
Batteries Wlltse. Crandall and Mey
ers, Wilson; Schardt, Nltzer and Ber
gen, Erwln.
Plttsburg-Chicago game postponed;
Nevf York 2, Philadelphia 1.
NEW TORK. May 2. Ford had
shade on Bender today in a sharp game
between New York and Philadelphia,
the former winning. 2 to 1. Poor base
running kept down New York's score.
Tha weather was cold. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Phlladelp'a 1 6 lNewYork..2 7 0
Batteries Bender and Thomas; Ford
and Sweeney.
Detroit 7, St. Louis 1.
PT. LOOTS. May 2. Bailey was hit
hard, given poor support, Detroit win
ning the first game of the series. The
P H. E. I . R. H. E.
Detroit ...7 13 lSt- Louis ..1 8 6
Batteries Mullen and Stanage;
Bailey and Stephens.
Washington 3, Boston 0.
BOSTON. May 2. Boston today re
ceived her first shutout this season on
the home grounds, Washington winning
2 to 0. Two doubles and a single in
the third Inning were responsible for
the visitors' tallies. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Boston "....0 7 llWashlngton S 2
Batteries Collins and Nunamaker;
Johnson and Street-
Jefferson High Team to Meet Wash
in g ton la ns on Multnomalv. Field.
Weather conditions being favorable,
Vancouver High School and Jefferson
High School will stage their lnter
scholastlc learue baseball play this aft
ernoon at Columbus Club. Vancouver
has a victory to her credit over
lat year's champions, the Washington
High School, while Jefferson came to
the fore a week ago by winning from
Columbia University. Either Schaefer
or Marble will twirl for Vancouver,
while Anderson and Keep will be de
pended upon by Jefferson in the pitch
ing department. The game will begin
at 3:20 o'clock. Following are the
names of the players:
Vancouver. Jefferson.
tlcCluag c McAllen
J. Schaefer, Marble. p Anderson, Keep
Bishop lb Campion
Devlna J2b Brady
Miller So Murphy
Lieser si Morgan
StanUy If Llnd
Schaefer. Marble .cf .. Vosper
Knapp rf Colvm
Umpire Ed. Rankin.
Stanford Crew May Be Shut Out of
Annual Contest.
attle. May 2. (Special.) The University
of Washington eight will row the crew
representing the University of Califor
nia, and the freshmen crew will race
the Stanford first year men on Lake
Washington, Thursday, May . 25. The
contracts have to be signed, but both
institutions have agreed upon the terms
and Stanford will send her first year
men. The guarantee for the two crews
is euO.
For some unqualified reason. Stan
ford will not race the Washington
varsity under any condition. Press re
ports Just say that her men will be un
able to race here. The race with Cali
fornia's varsity eight will not give Wash
ington the championship, as Stanford
defeated the blue and gold three weeks
ago. Washington wanted to compete
for the Pacific Coast honors.
Willamette Sensation Goes South.
Willamette Sensation, the best bull
terrier bitch, as well as the best bitch
in the show at the Portland Kennel
Club's twelfth annual exhibition, loft
last night to attend the Snn Francisco
Kennel Club show this week. She is In
charge of J. T. Hubbart. of Seattle,
owner of Ch. Queen Racket IL, an Eng
lish setter bitch. At San Francisco the
x-ortland dog will meet two of the besk
bull terriers in the United States. Frank
E. Watkins, owner, hopes for victory.
Charles G. Hopton, who judged the
Portland show last week, will Judge
at San Francisco. Sound End Som
brero, the winning bull terrier dog,
was also taken to San Francisco lor
the show this week.
Portland Hunt Club Will Make In
novation, Haying Three Hares.
Next Saturday the Portland Hunt
Club wilL hold another paper chase and
this time an innovation of three hares
spreading the course will be tried for
the first time in several years. Master
of Hounds Nlcol yesterday announced
Miss Lillian O'Brien, Miss Angela. Kin
ney and Chester G. Murphy as the hares
for Saturday's run, and a large num
ber of riders are expected to partici
pate. Tha start of the cross-country ride
will be at the Jandplt at the City Park
and the riders will be sent away at
U:30 o'clock. The finish will be at the
new clubhouse and grounds of the club
at Garden Home.
Coast. I Northwestern.
W. U P.C. W. U P.C
Portland ..20 13 .eWSpokane ...13 2 .8K7
San Fran-..20J4 .MS Seattle
9 4
Oakland ...17 17 ,5ui. Vancouver
Vernon ... .10 18 .471iracoraa ...
Sacto 14 17 .453iPortland -
U Angeles. 12 20 .375, Victoria ..
7 5
6 9 .85
410 .2S6
811 Jtl
American. National.
W. L. P. CI W. U P.C.
Detroit ....15 2 .8i2 Phlla. 13 3 .813
New York.. aV 5 .tUiNew Tork.. 9 6 .643
Wash'ton ..7 7 ,K00 Pittsburg; ..8 6 .615
ChlcaKO ... 7 7 .5'IO.Chlcago 9 6 .BOO
Hoston .... 7 8 .47:Cln'tl 4 6 .400
Phlla 6 8 .42-8t. Louis... 3 7 .300
Cleveland . 8 11 ..".3 Boston .... 6 12 .2!4
St. Louis.. . 4 12 .250iBrooklyn . . 4 11 .267
Yesterday's Results.
Pacific Coast League Portland 2, Vernon
0; Han Francisco 6, Los Angeles 3; Oakland
6, Sacramento 2.
Northwestern LeaKue Tacoma 4. Spokane
8: Portland-Vancouver, rain: Seattle-Victoria,
JCatlonal League New Tork 5, Brooklyn
t: Philadelphia 0, Brooklyn 6: Plttsburg
Chicago, rain; St. Louis-ClnclnnatU not
American League Washington 8. Boston
0: New York 2. Philadelphia 1; Detroit 7,
St. Louis 1; Cleveland-Chicago, rain.
Writer Complains That Meet With
Willamette Should Be Called Tie.
Or, May 2. (To the Sporting Editor.)
According to the announcement in yes
terday's paper Willamette University
won the track meet with Pacific Uni
versity at Salem Monday by a score of
63 to 60. Though this was the result
as announced by the. Judges of the
meet, nothing was said regarding the
protest by Pacific which would make
the meet a tie 61 to 61.
Tha Judges announced Willamette
winner of third place in the high cur
dles. This man In running his course
knocked down seven hurdles, including
the last hurdle. Pacific protested that
he had disqualified on this account but
since there was no rule book on the
ground, the Judges and other officials,
who seemed In ignorance of hurdle
rules, postponed the protest until it
could be "proved by rule.
Spalding's official handbook of rules
of the Amateur Athletic Union, page
111, rule 20. section five, says regard
ing hurdling: "A competitor knock
ing down three or more hurdles or any
portion of. hurdles in a race shall be
disqualified." These are the rules un
der which the meets are conducted,
therefore the Willamette man should
have been disqualified and the Pacific
man given third place, leaving the ac
tual result of the contest a tie.
Breakfast Food for Fans
HAPPICUS HOGAN'S Hooligans-look
much better now than when the
writer saw them play against the Seals
during the opening week. The team
1 seems to have gotten together on team
work at least,
Harry Stewart pitched a nice game
yesterday, and had Roy Brashear
nagged Rapps' bounder in the sixth,
the game might have gone Into extra
innings. Harry had something on the
ball all tha time.
Shortstop McDonell, of the Vernon
team, had difficulty In gaining a foot
ing to throw on the sloppy Held and
made two bad pegs to Patterson as a
result. McDonell is a nice player and
a fairly good hitter.
Johnny Kane is with the Vernon team
this trip, but Happlcus did not use him
yesterday. "Hap" probably figured that
Johnny had been so much on the trains
recently that be is entitled to a rest.
Big Jerry Sheehan, the Vernon sub
catcher, is the same gigantic personage
who caught for the Portland North
western League team in 1909. Jerry
has been catching occasionally for Ho
gan's outfit and has been hitting the
ball in lively fashion.
Al Carson, the former Portland twlrl
er. probably will pitch for Vernon to-
J day, and against him will be pitted
Bennv Henderson or lilll steen. uen-
I derson likely will be selected as the
Artie Krueger made a great catch of
Carlisle's hard drive in the ninth, and
undoubtedly cut off a good blngle which
might have caused trouble in the last
chapter, for Walter is some dangerous
chap to allow on the paths at any time.
Bill Rapps made his debut in the
game for the first time in a week, and
played a fine game. It was "Roaring
Bill's" grasscutter past Roy Bras'iear
which won the game for Portland. The
ball took a hop away from the Vernon
fielder who was playing in for the pur
pose of getting Ryan at the plate.
Burrell, Vernon's third sacker. Is the
same gingery player he was last year,
and in the fourth inning he made a
great catch of Rodgers' foul fly near the
grandstand. Burrell is one of the best
third basemen ever introduced into the
Happy Hogan is optimistic as usual.
He imagines it is only a matter of a
couple of weeks when his team will be
heading-the league, and while he may
be slightly off on this guess, neverthe
less he has a team that will always be
Tommy Seaton has now pitched two
successive shutout victories, as he
blanked the Sacramento team last
Thursday, when he allowed but one hit,
and yesterday th,e Vernon crowd could
collect but two bingles.
v .
Nick Williams and his Roadsters had
a day off yesterday due to a surplus of
rain at Vancouver, B. C. Next week
the Canucks and the Roadsters come to
Recreation Park for the opening of the
Northwestern League season here. Wil
liams has a fairly good team which
ought to commence winning soon.
The five larser Islands of Hawaii have
telephone svntoms. Kates are about the
same aa In the united States proper. The
pontofflees number 93. Postal receipts in
1W10 nmnunted to S173,24tf, and expenses
wore f2v'J,611.
never berore Been so man mnii9
crowded IntaJhe brief space of 360 sec
onds arHFroubtful it theywM for
Garrt; ilai- t I
Roirl5.ellU!pA the 105-pound Pa
rlslanV -;. . f claim to distinction
rests on4iLsjt" as an operator of the
tiny Demoiselle monoplane, went up at
3:35 o'clock in an exhibition flight Ho
rose to a height of nearly 3500 feet an 1
wepout over the suburban country
for V iistauce of nearly two milei be
fore) 'Tmlng back to earth, Garros, as
In tSscase oJhis predecessors in the
efyw?ws alnment, pe rated a
wr' . .'i I . oarlier rivals.
i "" -,7-!''Jfr absolute control of
marked the
craft- Garros
is and forty -
.t'. '-Ji'.C, cto noa rt h fittelllDt O
r f in a. cum, -"-
..hQ Y,& frnwrl laughed it-
Bel'f hoarse. The yellow-planed Demoi
selle bounced and careened aitd rocked
and Jumped and then did It all over
again. Audemars stuck heroically to
his post: lor It did take a hero to op
erate the dangerous invention of iru
Santos Dumont. and all .flying men
know" It Around the course bounced
the. Swiss and back to the point J
Portland Man Scores 100 and
San Franoisco Man 93. '
Three-Cushion Champion of Pacific
Coast Says All Must Come to
This City if They Would
Capture His Title.
Scoring 57 against 43 for his oppo
nent.Henry Soloman, of Portland, last
night defeated Joseph Carney, of San
Francisco, in the final night's play for
the three-cushion billiard champion
ship of the Pacific Coast. Carney, for
mer title-holder, led at the middle sta
tion Monday night with a tally of 50 to
43, so the final score-is: Soloman 100,
Carney 93.
Immediately after the match Carney,
slightly nettled, challenged Soloman to
a return match for a 500 side bet. "I'll
think it over," said Soloman. "I'm
really in no shape now, but Just say
for me that they'll have to come to
Portland now if they want to play for
the Coast title." No side bet was post
ed between the two men in the match
Just concluded, although Soloman won
J200 on the outside.
Play was better than on the preced
ing night, Soloman running the 57 bil
liards In 96 innings, incidentally mak
ing the high run of the series with five
In the 71st inning. The cue wizards
ran neck and neck up to about the 35th
Inning, when Soloman gained a small
margin lead and maintained it through
out. In the 68th tne score was Solo
man 38, Carney 31, which tied up the
finals, .A3 Carey had a seven-point ad
vantage from the first night.
Carney was decidedly unsteady In
the last 20 innings, negotiating but
two caroms in that many shots. He
leaves today for Seattle to play Sibley,
later going East to Salt J-ake City
and Denver.
The scores by innings:
Boloman (43) 1 0 O 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0
210000000000120 267. Total
10Carney (50) 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 8 2 01
O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 8 0 0 201001 1 0 2
0000O0O10OOO1OO 043. Total
Ben Fenne refereed, a crowd number
ing se-veral hundred packing into Moose
Hall.-vhere the match was staged.
Sellwood Defeats Arleta.
Sellwood yesterday defeated Arleta
in a well played game of baseball In
the Grammar School League series. The
score was 11 to 3. The teams met on
the Anabel grounds. A long hit by
Pitcher Johnson, of Arleta, which Be
made good for a home run, was the
feature of the game. The players were:
Arlof A.
Proppe .
Dye ....
Pitman .
Mallett .
Martin .
Daniels .
...c ..
. . .ss. . .
. Alton
. Puuil
. Timm
. Mudge
Portland White Sox Seek Games.
The Portland White Sox defeated the
Oregon City team Sunday at Oregon
City by the score of 5 to 3. Both pitch
ers were in good fettle, neither walking
a man; but Crandall. for the White Sox,
carried off the honors, being Invincible
with men on bases. The White Sox
want an out-of-town game for next
Sunday, and also for open dates in May
and June. Address William Saub, 394
North Twentieth street, or phone Main
Illinois Allows 0-Round Bouts.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., May 2. By a
vote of 30 to 3, the Carroll bill, which
legalizes six-round bouts promoted by
Incorporated athletic clubs was passed
today in the Senate. In Its emended
form the bill permits boxing, provided
a license Is secured from the Mayor of
the city or the board of trustees in
villages and towns.
Wilsonville Percats Donalds.
Wllsonvllle defeated Donald on the
home grounds Sunday, by a score of 2 to
0. The game was a pitchers' battle with
to the materialistic, answered Vacj
--j eninr to land that 504
simoieons that the Chamber Com-
merce Isjwjajng up ir "Z-17a
taklng tneir ftviauw
el rtrOfA VtriTvin?
fh- "dirielble" wouM
without mishap. Sv.
.m, sum that thel
id among ta mo.
"Shwngs. Some evoJ
It t-i-lj A . ' er mui
ji,,. ,ov A' - . e mat ma
5 "IK:; y 'S : Ant to son
hts fOfc-v Is -r -. :
fliers"., " ?V
line v
lis, ai
-fo of th
s ra
- it-
jit sure
his self-
H. R
. .- In - -
- .-v.ViA hnnnAnilt
JI1U1.11J11C -;;
one of th
i-Vln the preseiQb, and whos4
esent mep.'r".: Scrned. too
-Ithrough-" .:. v'.assea and
i:ed tho: KrW' Val to bt
" J hoprrr.. m s ; M-o tpp
-f -Jiokiif r tirfi wasC: f oVU - J min-
? lobjeei
raj) rapid
rdThat '
w.--V)f the long-loC
gontoatong. . ,
It was with this ImpresRton that Si
mon, who had been out of the runnlni
for an hour or niore-fjaUj
long interim for the hlLlMm1
flyer" by the way lupTS"lja nil
trusty Bleriot and head"?, .,3 tht
stock exhibit building ot(i ,ol
rescue. 6imon went toqjJZlglo oi
two miles out, but could sJenouiinir ol
Thornton, of Wllsonvllle. outpltchlng
Long, of Donald; Thornton having 17
strikeouts to his credit, while Long se
cured 12. Moore's batting brought In the
runs for the locals. Batteries Wllson
vllle, Thornton and Hasselbrink; Don
ald, Long and Fellers.
HTJSTJM. Wash., May 2. (Special.) i
A soaking rain Tuesday in the White
Salmon Valley and other sections of
Klickitat County dispelled all doubt as
to any failure in small fruits, grasses
and srraln.
In the Spring a young man's fancy
Turns to clothes of latest style;
He wants to walk among his fellows
Head erect with happy smile.
In the Spring our old friend Jimmy
Gets the suits that none can beat,
Which he sells ten dollars cheaper
Than the man down on the street.
So you careful Spring suit buyers,
Take it from some one who knows
Just go up and visit Jimmy
For the latest thing in clothes.
Jimmy is "At Home" Daily from
8 A.M. until 6 P. M. Saturdays un
til 10 P. M.
Room 315, Oregonian Bldg.
Every one sees your collar.
Select it with care.
15 wctf. 2 for 25
23s tush 2'bisb
Two excellent examples
of the popular closed-front style.
Clnett. Pwibody A Company. Troy. Kfw Tork
Sparring and Wrestling
Under Auspices of Vancouver Athletic
Aaan, Inc., Auditorium, Vancouver,
Friday, May 6, 8:30 P. M.
Bub Anderson, 136 pounds vs. Danny
O'Brien, 135 pounds 15 rounds.
Chick O'Connell, 120 pounds vs. Spike
Hennessy. 120 pounds 10 iounds.
Clyde Lelser, 145 pounc.s vs. Private
nd Ho
's, Aug.
Johnson, 143 pounds.
SDecial train leaves 11th and
at 7:30 P. M., returning after perfor
ance. r are rouna trip, u cents.
Tickets on sale at Schiller's.
Eschle, Sig. Cohen, Portland, and Geo.
B. Thomas. Vancouver, Wash,
I samples!