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Railroad Distributes Seed Be
lieved Valuable for Use '
on Drier' Soils.
Crop Is Tended Idke Corn, but
JUrTted Mort CJwap'r Care
ful Seed Selection Kipected
to Help Resistance.
Ia an effort to Introduce a crop that
mar grown with profit In a dry soli,
the traffic department of the Harrlman
lines In the Northwest, through Its of
fice In Portland, la distributing; 1000
pounds of seed of mllo maize, a plant
of the sorghum variety, which has been
grown with much success In other dry
land territory.
A lot of selected seed was procured
from the mllo maize district of Texas
and small quantities sufficient to sow
a small tract for experimental purposes
has been sent to several farmers In
the, eastern cart of the state. They
re nrred to nlant It and care for It the
first year and to enlarge the tract de
voted to tnis purpose wun lurereum
years. If the Texas seed Is not hard
enough for the Oregon climate, in
BCWUVI J Bt l 1 . i V a am ' ....
1 1 1 i n in k r A h rtii he suffi
ciently strong- to withstand any climate.
Sed Selection Heirs Crop.
In the past four or Ave years the de
velopment of mllo raalie as a grain
crop hns Veen progressing rapidly. The
carefully selected mllo maize of today
Is a great Improvement over the com
mon. nnselected crop. Ordinarily the
stalk has been reduced, by selection,
to a uniform height of 4 to 4 4 feet In
regions lying at an altitude of 3000 to
4000 feet. Through selection of seed.
the heads have been changed from
mostly drooping to mostly erect. By
further car In choosing the seed,
branching has been almost entirely pre
vented and the growth of "suckers
has been checked. Mllo maize Is at
present the most successful Summer
grain crop for dry regions. It is ear
Her and a more drought resistant crop
than corn and makes a satisfactory
feeding substitute. The average yields
of corn under same' conditions have been
10 bushels to the acre less than those
of ml'.o.
The soil requirements for mllo maize
are about the same as those for corn.
Well worked sandy loams or clay loams
are best. The roots penetrate to depths
of three to four feet In ordinary soils.
Fair yields result on rather poor lands.
In the semi arid country mnch depends
upon how the soil Is handled to con
serve moisture.
reeding Is Profitable.
R. B. Miller, traffic manager of the
Harrlman lines, has been Instrumental
In the Introduction of mllo maize In
Oregon, lie believe that carefully se
lected seed, through a period of from
two to three years, will develop a crop
that can be easily and economically
rrown In the driest portions of the
state. The crop requires about the same
attentions as corn and can. be harvested
at much less expense. The seed con
tains the principal value and Is fed to
chickens, rattle and hogs, without being;
removed from the stalk. It has been
found best to allow the stock to thresh
out the seed for Itself. -
Mr. Miller also urges farmers to grow
It for commercial purposes, but advises
that greatest profits can be derived by
feeding It to livestock right on the
farm. Fed to hogs. It has been figured
as worth SI a bushel, which Is consider
ably more than It could bring on the
market. ""
-Our activity In this movement pri
marily Is a selfish one." he explained
recently, -but our Interest Is common
with that of the farmer. By growing
mllo maize he makes his farm more
useful, increases the products of his
property tnd enhances the value of
his land. As soon as he starts salslng
additional livestock he Is. ready to use
the transportation lines and our rev
enue Increases.
Shippers Interested in Case Xow
Reins Heard at Tacoma.
Portland shippers . and railroad men
are watching with keen interest develop
ments In the rate case now being heard
at Tacoma and which may result In the
establishment of lower class rates from
the western terminals to points west of
the CascatJes.
The case has grown' out of the appli
cation of the Spokane shippers to the
Interstate Commerce Commission for
lower commodity rates to points between
Spokane and the eastern slope of the
Cascades and the Intervention In that
case of Walla Walla. Kennewlck and
Baker for similar concessions.
After those cases had been filed Ta
coma and Seattle Instituted an action
before the Washington State Commis
sion for a rate eastward to meet the
Spokane reduction. If It Is granted by
the National body. Chehatis. Centralis,
Aberdeen and Hoqulam have Intervened.
While Portland has not Intervened In
that case, this city Is Interested for the
reason that If the commission grants
the reduction to the Western Washing
ton cities similar reductions must be
made out of Portland.
Archibald Gray. assistant general
freleht and pa.senger agent of the Great
Northern, and Harvey E. Lounsbury.
assistant general freight agent for the
O.-W. R. Ac N. Co.. have gone from Port
land to Tacoma to reypresent their re
spective roals at the -hearing. W. W.
Cotton, general attorney for the O.-W.
R. A X. Co.. will ap;ar for that line.
The railroads are asking the Washing
ton commissioners to reserve judgment
In the cu until after the Interstate
Commission makes Its decision In the
Spokane case, which It now has under
a-trlsemect. The two casvs are so close
ly Interwoven, it Is pointed out. that a
decision In the one cannot be made
without complicating the other.
Milwaukee Representative Has
Great Faith In Northwest.
"Others who visited the Coast have
retarnM with wonderful stories of the
splendid advantages of this country. -and
I always tbought the enthusiasm aroused
by travel made thsm little bit over
sealous In their description, but now I
find that they have not told half
enough." declared W. H. Dodsworth.
general aent at Milwaukee, for the
Chicago. Milwaukee Pua-et Sound Rail
way, upon his first visit to Portland yes
terday. ,
Mr. nodsworth. who waa a member of
a special party of Eastern officials of
the Milwaukee road on a tour of the
Coast, arrived In Portland yesterday
aione. lie explained, that Wis other
members of the party have scattered to
various portions of the Northwest. It
was their intention to come to Portland,
in their private cars, immediately follow
ing the close of festivities at Seattle and
Tacoma. which were arranged in their
honor. A message from the borne office
yesterday advised some of them to return
to Chicago and the party disbanded.
The trip waa made primarily to allow
the Eastern men to see the Puget Sound
extension of the Milwaukee road and to
afford them an opportunity of becoming
acquainted in the territory which will be
opened op by the Inauguration of
through service, the latter part of the
present month. Mr. Dodsworth is a
veteran in the service of the Milwaukee,
having been associated with A. J. Ear
ling, the president, when both were work
ing their way toward the top ranks.
Block System to Bo Explained to
Admen by Expert. ' .
A- H. McKeen. engineer in charge of
the signal system in use on the O.-W.
R. N. lines, has accepted an invita
tion to apeak before the Portland Ad
Club at the regular dinner to be given
by that organization on Wednesday,
June 7. '
Mr. JtcKeen haa charge of the block
signals in use on the system and baa
made a thorough study of this modern
device for the operation of trains and
the prevention of the loss of life. Under
his direction- several valuable improve
ments upon the ordinary block signal ar
rangement have been made.
It la llkelv that he will set up a
miniature block signal system to HJua
trate bla lecture before the Admen.
Veitcb Called to Seattle.
Called to Seattle by advices from the
general offices of the Chicago, Mil
waukee Sc Puaet Sound Railway, J. R.
Veitcb.-district freight agent for that
line, left Portland yesterday to arrange
for the final transfer of the local busi
ness of the Chicago, Milwaukee Sc St.
Paul road into his .hands and for the
combination of the affairs of the two
systems bis office. Mr. eltch con
sequently may be given a higher posi
tion with the Western road, inasmucb
as his responsibilities will be greatly
Increased. All the duties formerly ful
filled by E H. Rowe. retiring general
agent for the- old road, will be con
solidated with those of the new otlice.
Mr. Veltch. who formerly had Jurisdic
tion in the freight department only,
probably will be given charge of the
passenger business also.
Railroad Personals.
W. C. McBrlde. general agent for the
Denver St Rio Grande system, has
gone to Los Angeles otr business..
E. F. Balrd. city ticket agent for the?
Burlington, accompanied by Mrs. Balrd.
has gone to Chicago and New York.
R. Blaisdeli. auditor of the O.-W. R.
Sc X. Co. and the Southern Pacific lines
in Oregon, is In Chicago on business.
B. H. Turnbull. general agent for the
Illinois Central in this city, has re
turned from a business trip to Califor
nia. J. B. Spellman. of Ban Francisco, as
sistant chief engineer for the Western
Pacific was a Portland visitor yester
day. W. O. Roberts," contracting freight
agent for the Great Northern, is visiting
in St. Paul and other points In the Mid
dle West. a
Frank R. Johnson, general agent of
the passenger department of the Cana
dian Pacific, has returned from a busi
ness trip to California.
James Hughes, of Tacoma. assistant
superintendent of the sleeping and din-Ing'-car
department of the Chicago, Mil
waukee St Puget Sound Railway, waa in
Portland on business yesterday.
O. L. Dickeson. former special Inspec
tor for the transportation department of
the Burlington system, has been ap
pointed assistant to the vice-president of
the White Pass St Yukon Railroad, ac
cording to advice recently received here.
Portland longshoremen Loaded
Ships Tears Ago In Less Time.
Portland stevedores refuse to concede
Tacoma's claim that it holds the Paclflo
Coast record for loading vessels, because
longshoremen stowed 1000 tons aboard
the American-Hawaiian liner Alaskan In
nine hours and 4& minutes. It Is said
that each longshoreman averaged 2.6C
tons an hour against the former record
of 2S tons an hour.
Local stevedores say that in 1898 a ves
sel was loaded with 22.0tO sacks of wheat
at the old Victoria dock in nine hours
and the gang numbered but 14 men. while
with the same sized crew another carrier
was given ZMTC0 aacks of wheat at Irving
dock in nine hours, the following year,
the grain approximating 14 tons. At
present the dally average ia fM tons with
no effort being made to lower tne time
and In every Instance the crew numbers
less than the Tacoma contingent. Lately
no rapid work haa been done for an en
tire day because In most Instances wheat
carriers have shifted often to complete
Kellogg Interests Xow Have Extra
Set of Machinery on Hand. -When
the steamer Joseph Kellogg is
stripped of her boiler, shaft and piping.
In ad.aUon to smaller gear that will be
necessary to prepare the way for the
installation of a boiler with heavier
steam pressure, a larger shaft and new
piping, the Kellogg Transportation Com
pany will be In possession of an extra
set of machinery for a sternwheel steam
er and there Is in contemplation the
construction of a llghtdraft carrier to
care for business of the Cowlitz River
basin, much of which Is drawn by Ta
coma firms but should come to port
land. The Kellogg made her last trip yester
day and on ber arrival the work of
stripping her of the boiler was begun.
In a few days she will be towea to sup
ple' a yards for an overhauling and it is
thought she will be ready tor service in
a month. The steamer Sarah Dixon has
been chartered for the Cowllts River
route temporarily. Captain Kellogg said
he engines and other parts- were storea
.t Cat. in and that the Kellogg's boiler
and shaft would be taken there and
housed until the llghtdraft vessel was
nlanned. Practically half the cost ot
con structlon will be saved through hav
ing the machinery on hand. All of it la
serviceable, but has been removed from
the Kellogg to make way for steam
equipment of greater power tnat ia be
ing counted on to reduce tuei expenses.
Omega's Voyage Fast.
. ,,. .fflu nf the. Pacific ElDOrt
Lumber Company satisfaction is being
xperlenced over tne raci me utrau
hip Omega, the last lumber carrier in
the 110 fleet to clear, has reacnea
Hamburg after a passage of 120 days.
hile members of the firm reckon 135
i iii - mnd nAssase to that har
bor. The Omega carried 1.850.S5I feet
of lumber and it waa the prize cargo
being of selected material and a large
portion made up 01 vertical grain need
ing for the Hamburg-American line,
which is constructing a new steamer.
State Revenue Increases. .
OLYMPIA. May 2. (Special. The
Ptate Tax Commission has collected
ill.117.S7 durlrg the month of April, of
which amount II3IS represents liquor
license money.' A year ago the liquor
license money totaled but IJ350."
Shingle Business With East
Goes to Gray's Harbor.
Washington Manufacturers Also
Find Opportunity to Push Their
I-umber Ontpnt Into
Eastern Markets.
Columbia River shingle manufactur
ers are taking:' second place as com
pared with operators of plants on Grays
Harbor in securing business on the At
lantic Cn fne oft the occasion of the
steamer Riverside being loaded there
last month she carried 6.000,000
shingles and on her return in June she
will take at least 4,000,000 more, space
for which has been reserved. The
steamer Stanley Dollar has sailed from
Ban Franolsco for Grays Harbor and
will get away next wek with lumber
and shingles for the r-ast. I
Grays Harbor millmen evidently have
grasped the opportunity of regular
shipments and not content with dlspos
Doe to Arrive,
Kama, From. . Date
Henrlk Ibsen. .Hongkong. ...In port
Bear. ......... San Pedro.... In port
Roanoke. ......San Pedro.. ..In port
RoseCttr San Pedro... .May 3
Oolden Gate... Tillamook.. ..May 4
Breakwater. .. .Coos Bar May S
Cue H. Elmore Tillamook.... May 0
Geo. W. Elder.. San Pedro.. ..May T
Alliance Eureka May T
Falcon., an Frsnelsco May 8
Beaver San Pedro. . . . Msy 8
Anvil .....Bandon...... May 10
Klverslds Balboa June 8
: Schedule U Depart.
Kama. For. Date.
Hoanoke. ... ...San Pedro. ... May S
Boar Ban Pedro. ... Msy S
Henrlk Ibsen.. Honskons. . . . May G
Golden Gate.. .Tillamook.... May 5
Breakwater.... Coos Bsy May 6
Rom City San Pedro. ...May .
Eus H. ElmorsTlllamook... May ' S
Antane Eureka May 0
Geo. TV. Elder. . Kan Pedro. . . May 10
Falcon San Francisco May 11
AdII. ...Bandon. .... May 12
Beaver San Pedro. ... May 13
Riverside Balboa June 13
ing of thtlr shingle output they have
Impressed Eastern firms with the best
qualities of lumber and large amounts
win be moved during the season.
Bates St Chesebrough Inaugurated
the California St Atlantic Steamship
'Vmpany'a service there with the visit
of the Riverside and while the mala
fleet will come north with Inward
cargo for Portland. It begins to appear
as though the northern harbor will be
principally depended upon for south
bound business.
Shingles in the Northwest territory
originate north of the Columbia River,
several large plants being on the Wash
ington side of the stream and there
seems no reason why they should not
compete with the Grays Harbor mills
and reach the Atlantlo market. In
which event arrangements could be
mads for the California St Atlantic
steamers to load on the way to sea.
J. Ernest Laid law. agent for the line
here, yesterday announced a schedule
covering the arrival of steamers until
September as follows: June 8, steam
er Riverside: July 9, steamer Geo. W.
Fenwlck: August 9. steamer Stanley
Dollar or steamer Riverside, and Sep
tember 9. steamer Leelanaw. The of
fice of the company is being moved
from the Lumbermen's building to room
420 in the Railway Exchange building
and business is such that with local
offerings and those obtalnable-on Grays
Harbor vessels are assured good car
goes until after the July sailings.
A traffic agreement has been signed
between the company and transporta
tion lntereats plying on the Mississippi
River north from New Orleans and dur
ing the coming season, when consider
able barley will move, rates will be
quoted for handling the grain to Middle
West districts, all of which has moved
by rail during the past year. From
San Francisco the company has' trans
ported quantities of barley this season,
but it Was destined for New York and
Three Coasting Steamers to Adopt
Sew Submarine Safeguards.
First of the lines operating out of
Portland to adopt a modern nautical
safeguard, the submarine signal bell,
will be the San Francisco & Portland
Steamship Company, which has closed a
contract with the Submarine Signal Com
pany for Installing the apparatus on the
steamers Beaver. Bear and Rose City.
In addition, the Pacific Mall Steamship
Company will equip seven of Its vessels
In the trans-Paclflo trade.
The bell indicates to masters or offi
cers on watch when the vessels are with
in a certain range of a llghtvessel or
other station where the shore apparatus
Is maintained and for that reason Is
valued during foggy- or stormy condi
tions, when objects near land are diffi
cult to distinguish. Llghtvessel No. 88,
stationed off the Columbia River, and
others of the coast stations, have the
bell signal gear, which is submerged in
deepwater and is operated by a mechan
ism similar to clockwork, so that at
regular Intervals the bell sounlds, each
station having a separate system of
strokes so they can be distinguished.
Steamers having the bell system are
equipped with dlaphrams, one on each
side of the keel and the same distance
from the bow, which are connected with
the pilothouse by a telephone that haa
two receivers. On approaching a light
vessel the operator fits the receivers to
his ears and by the sounding of the bell,
which has been distinguished a distance
of 14 miles, it can be ascertained whether
the vessel is heading directly tor the
station or to port or starboard, the sound
in one ear being more pronounoed thad
in the other. ' When the vessel is head
ing directly for the station, the compass
is consulted to learn the definite course.
Harklns Loses One Wheel, Breaks
Another and Orders Third.
More trouble was yesterday experi
enced on the steamer Jessie Harklns
through the loss of a blade of her pro
peller, which necessitated her stern be
ing raised and another blade ordered cut
off so as to eliminate the jar caused by
the absence of one fluke. Last week she
lost a wheel near La Camas, and was
towed to the Willamette Iron St Steel
Works to have 'it replaced and reeumed
operations Sunday.
Arrangements were yesterday made
with Fred De Rock, a local diver, to go
to La Camas and endeavor to locate the
lost wheel. A- third one is being cast for
Immediate use. but as they cost over
S1k) it is desired to regain the old one
for emergencies. Because of blgjier
water more than the usual amount of
drift Is running and it is presumed that
damage to propellers is due to striking
submerged logs or drift. The Harklns is
not out of commission and at the first
opportunity the new wheel will be
Marine Notes.
Under orders to load at Raymond
for the Golden Gate the steamer Carlos
left the harbor yesterday afternoon.
Heading for London with lumber the
German ahlp Wllhelmlne is due to leave
the harbor this morning in tow of the
steamer Ocklabama.
In tow of the steamer Ocklahama the
schooner Lottie Bennett was delivered
at Rainier yesterday, where she will
load lumber for San Francisco.
Longshoremen will work wheat into
the hold of the British ship Vincent at
Irving dock today, as she shifted there
yesterday afternoon from Montgomery
dock No. Z.
Castings have arrived for the Gov
ernment dredge Chinook and if condl
ttons are fuvorable she is expected to
start working at the entrance to the
Columbia River tomorrow.
Repairs to Taylor-street dock, made
necessary because of a recent jar sus
tained when the steamer Lurllne was
docking, were completed yesterday
when, a demolished flue was replaced.
Joseph Supple has been awarded a
contract for repairs ana general work
on tha Government steamer Major Guy
Howard, which is due from Astoria this
week and wlIT be on the ways two or
three weeks.
Outward manifests of the steamer
Bear.. "which sails today for San Fran
cisco and San Pedro, and the gasoline
schooner Anvil, sailing last night for
Bandon, were filed yesterday at the
Reports that the gasoline schooner
Condor, from Waldport, has been de
layed on the present voyage are denied
by I. W. W. Brown, agent of Couch
street dock, who says the vessel will
Bail tomorrow. . ;
Major Mclhdoe, Corps of Engineers.
IT. S. A, spent yesterday at Fort
Stevens in connection with Important
work under "Way on fortifications and
in Installing new equipment in the way
of electrical appliances.
Last of the Japanese oak cargo of
the Oriental liner Henrlk Ibsen will
be ashore today and she will go over
to the flour mills to begin working
outward cargo. The vessel will have a
full load.
Captain' E. H. Berry, of the steamer
Sarah Dixon, was transfered yesterday
to the steamer No Wonder, as Captain
Whltcomb, of the steamer Joseph Kel
logg, will navigate the Dixon while
she Is on the Cowlitz River run.
Four times the steamer Sarah Dixon
signaled for the Morrison-street draw
yesterday afternoon, the last whistle
being sounded at 2:50 o'clock, and it
was not until then that the bridge
tender rang the bell for the draw to
be cleared.
Orders have been issued by Harry
Campion, superintendent of the towage
and pilotage service of the Port of
Portland, for the pilot schooner Joseph
Pulitzer to head inside today to re
plenish ber stores and the tug Oneonta
will patrol outside. When the schooner
resumes her station the tug Wallula
will be ordered out of commission for
a month.
In the Olson & Mahony' fleet the
steamer Westerner sailed from San
Francisco Monday, the Shna Yak was
due to leave yesterday, the Yellow
stone tomorrow, Jim Butler Saturday
and the barges Amy Turner and Gerard
C. Tobey are loading, all with cement.
On the next voyage of the steamer
Francis H. Leggett it will come to
Portland Instead of discharging at
Astoria, and la to unload 1800 tons of
cement at Supple's dock.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, May 4. Arrived Steamer
Kl&math. from San Francisco; steamer J. A.
Cbanalor, from San Francisco. Sailed
Steamer Sue H. Elmore, for Tillamook;
steamer Carlos, for Raymond.
Astoria. May Z. Condition at the mouth
of the river at S P.- M., moderate; wind
south 42 miles; weather cloudy. Left up
at 2 A. M Schooner Lottie Bennett. Sailed
at 6 A. M. Steamer Olson Mahony. for
Puset Sound. Arrived at 6 and left up at
8:30 A. M. Samer Klamath, from San
Francisco. Sailed at 8:15 A. M. Steamer
Saslnaw. for South Bead. Sailed at 8:30
A. M- Steamer Golden Gate, for Tillamook.
Arrived at 3:30 P. M. and left up Steamer
J. A. Chanslor. from San Francisco.
6aa Francisco, xay x. eauea mi i
noon Steamer Beaver, for Ban Pedro. Ar
rived at 2 P, M. Steamer F. 6. Loop,
from Portland. Arrived at 12 noon Steam-
g-b Imn from Portland. Sailed last nlsht
Steamers westerner and J. B. Stetson, for
,-ooa Rrv. Mav 2. Arrived at 8 A. M-
Steamer Breakwater, from Portland.
Avonmouth. April" 3a Arrived French
ship Vlncennes. from Portland.
Liverpool, .May 2. Sailed Ivernla, for
Boston. '
Hongkong. April zy. saneo impress oi
India, for Vancouver.
Seattle. Mar 2. Arrived Steamers 'Wst-
son. Bee. from Eureka- Rosecrana. from
San Francisco; steamer Tucatan. from Vlc
torta. Ffllled Ptewmers Queen. AtlRa. tow-
My Terms Treatment
within the reach of all. I will not acoept your case If I cannot cure
' yoo. I will give you an absolute guarantee to care you or not charge
you one cent for my services.
The reason hundreds of men today
are discouraged is because they have
given no care to whom they entrust
ed their case, their precious health.
They do not consider the ability,
professional standing and reputa
tion of the physician or specialist
of whom they took treatment, but
have considered far more the fact
that by not going to a specialist of
ability thay could get cheaper treat
ment. Such is not the case, because
It requires ability and skill to cure
any one of the ailments to which I
devote my full time and attention.
- and the specialist who possesses the
ability to cur's, gets all the business
he can attend to. If you are today
discouraged because you have not
been cured It is your own fault.
You have no one else to blame but
yourself. If you have sought treat
ment and are not cured, it is simply
because of the fact that you have
not thought enough of your health,
your life, to pay the pr'ce of a com
petent, reliable specialist, who pos
sesses the ability necaaaary to cure
The one thing for any man to
consider is simply this: 'Tt want to
get cured. I must get the ailment
conquered before it conquers me."
If you look at this matter from this
Standpoint, valuing as you must do
your future health and happiness,
vou will consult at ones the. BEHT
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manently and long-established reputation to be the best, and if your case
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LASTLY, REMEMBER, there is no man who really desires to be
eared who cannot place his ease with me. BECAUSE I always arrange
friv terms so that any man can receive expert attention and car at my
in sTrijunoN,
"Tle Aflsmls, Wetvens Deellae. Kldstey Bladder Allaneats, Varies
etu mm Ail AUsMBta reonllsur t Mask
Men make no mistake when they com to me. I give you the results of '
long ezperlenc. honest, conscientious work, and the best service that
money can bay. If yoa are ailing ooneult me. Medicines furnished In or
private laboratory from 11.60 to $.6 a course.
If yon cannot call, write for self-examination blank. Hours t A. M. t
t P. M. dally. Sundays, to II only.
n ? jlr ! 1 ft 230! Yamhill St
ji. Louis Medical to. p
At the age of about 40 years, I was at
tacked with hemorrhage of the kidneys
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years without a check. I finally took
advantage of your generous offer and
procured a sample bottle of Swamp
Root. Believing 'it helped me, I pur
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I feel as if I owe my life to you for
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was. You have my permission to pub
llsh this letter and if any person doubts
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Yours very truly,
Rocky, Ark.
Personally appeared before me this
lst day of August, 1909, airs. i. c.
i.eina whn suhscribed the above state
ment and made oath that the same is
true in substance and in iaci.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer A Co
Blnghamton, Y.
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for sale at all drug etores.
ins barce 93. for San Francisco : steamer
JT.J"e .reamer President, for
Everett: .schooner Ed ware .
.UUI1, v-w. .
Australia; scnoouer . A.
Tacoma.' May s. oi..-.
mlral Sampson, from Alaska: steamer Pres
m,,ra.1 i.. rnMKo: steamer Maver-
Booer .teamer Admiral Samp-
OU, m .J-" ...
Xlcloa at Astoria Wednesday.
. T
man. ....
. . a tH0:49 A. M. . 0.8 Tee
5:30. PT teetho? P. M....3.9 feet
Vancouver Wedding; Rendezvous.
it a itf i-tit-vf!R Wash.. May 2. (Spe
claD Virgil B. Day, 19 years old, son
of Mrs. Frahkie Stowell, and miss it
rsnnr 17 vfars old. daughter of F. R.
Capper, of Portland, were married here
today. Glen Wells, of Kelso, and fliiss
Dalsv Whitlow, a Vancouver girl, were
married nere toaay.
Are You "All In?"
That's what is
wrong with a
lot of men who
feel gloomy, de
spondent and
unambitious. A
little more
"steam" is all
that such men
need. By "steam"
w e m e a n
strength, stam
ina, vitality. To
put it all in one
word, we will
say electricity.
A few weeks' application Electra
Vita will renew the vim and energy
of any man in this condition. It
pumps new life Into tired bodies and
stores up a reserve force in all the
nerves and organs.
Electra-Vita is a scientific device
for infusing the system with a
glowing stream of electricity while
you sleep. It gives to every weak
or inactive organ the power to do
its work properly as nature intend
ed. Those who have used Electra
Vita say that it is the grapdest ln
vlgorator of the age.
Get This Free
Our big. free book tells all about
Electra-Vita, how it cures and what
It coets. Send us this coupon with
your name and address and receive
a copy by return malL
The Electra-Vita Co.
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Seattle, Wash.
Please send me, prepaid, your
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Cured in
iSf"""-. T
f v
s ! I A
' i i a
. jr :. - : . -a :
. ' a
Dr. A. O. Smith.
I am the only specialist in Port
land vtho does not advertise a fic
titious name or photograph.
I publish my true photograph,
correct name, personally conduct
my office. I am the most success
ful and reliable, as medical cre
dentials and press records prove.
I make this statement so that you
will know yon consult a true spe
cialist, who sees " and treats pa
tients personally. I possess skill
and experience, acquired In such a
aray that no other can share, and
ihonld not be classed with medical
companies. It is impossible for
a medical company to attend col
lege. Companies have no diplomas
or license to practice medicine in
Oregon or any other state. Medi
cal companies usually are named
after a doctor. A portrait, whose
personality and identity are in
definite, is selected and published
as the legitimate specialist of the
office. Hired substitutes, ordinary
doctors with questionable ability,
give consultation, examination
and treatment.
WRITTEN GUARANTEE! Dr. Smith's written guarantee mean ear
or no pay for services. I guarantee to cure certain ailments or reruna
every dollar you have paid me for my services. My services oosL.J;?
nothing unless I cure your Varices Veins. Hernia. Piles, Fistula, Blood
Poison, or any ailment -I guarantee to cure. My terms are reasonable
and no more than you are able and willing to pay for benefits.
Office hours S A. M, to S P. M. Sundays, 10 i. It to 1 ?. It
Dr. A. G. Smith
-I Cure
Fistula and All Diseases of Men
I Advertise What I Do, and Do What I Advertise.
Corner Alder and Se;ond streets. Entrance 128 "4 Second street, Portland.
Or. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.
Our guarantee No
Monry Required Until
Sat.Ktted is your ab
solute protection. Con
sultation, examination
and diagnosis free
Our specialty is All
Ailment or .Mep.
What you want is a
cure. Come to uin
and get it Hours
daily 9 to 5. Even
ings, 7 to 8. Sun
days, 10 to L .
302 Washington St., Portland, Or.
Strowbrldxe bids,
1& 14 First street,
room 11. end 225
Alder st. Chinese
Boot end Hert
Medicines. Cures
Cancer, Rheuma
tism. Consumption.
Dropsy. Catarrh,
otomacn. Lung.
Liver and Kidney
Troubles. All
Chronic aliments
of men ftnd wo
men, examination
free. m-ugtors,
2SS Flanders St.
The O'd. Sellable Chinee
Dsctor spent lifetime study f
ntrbs and research la Chin;
was granted diploma by hs
Emperor: guarantee ears all
ailments of man and woxnea
when others talL If you suf
fer, call or writs to iHH m
First. Cor. Alder, forties i. Or.
m9 c
at f Bomtrtl Golden meal
M J Ctnponnd X
M g A safe sod simple remedy for
fm I Brondbitu, Coon, Hay Fatr
f (C Hi f inflammations. Irritation", nlofrr
I V1 ' f atlons ot ALL. mueoue membranes
I -1. I or llntnjra of the nose, tSroat,
I fTTj I atonaaoh or otber organs.
llOW Whr net curt yourself vmmmwmm
"r--'Treatlew1theaehbottle I
y or mailed on request. 1
X.l tarn denial Ce. J
fcjW' itiv..:, -
Five Days
Varicose Veins,
Hernia, Blood Poison
ISo Detention Fran Occupation,
Family or Home
I invite you to come to my of
fice. I will explain to youmy
treatment for Varicose Veins,
Hernia, Nervous Debility, Blood
Poison, Piles, Fistula. Bladder.
Kidney. Prostatic and all Men's
Ailments, and g;lve you FREE a
physical examination: If necessary
a microscopical and chemical
analysis of secretions, to deter
mine pathological and bacterio
logical conditions. Every person
should take advantage of this op
portunity to learn their true con
dition. A permanent cure la what
you want.
Impair vitality. I dally demon
strate that varicose veins can be
cured in nearly all cases by one
treatment. In such a satisfactory
way that the vital parts are pra
se r v e d and strengthened, pain
ceases, swelling subsides, a
healthy circulation is rapidly re
sstablished. Instead of the depress
ing conditions. I guarantee you a
cure to stay cured or refund the
Disregard of existing hernia ha
cost many lives. The smallest
hernias are the most dangerous
to life, because of the lncreaaed
liability to strangulation. I cure
rupture in selected cases with per
fect safetv and entail no Buffer
ing, and do not detain you from
occupation, under guarantee. Many
cases cured to stay cured In one
I use Professor Ehrllch's won
derful new discovery, ' 0." in
cases of Spscific Blood Poison. It
cures in one treatment, and is the
greatest marvel of medical
scienee. Thle new remedy has
been successfully used in thou
sands of cases. Let me explain it
to you.
234 Morrison Street
Corner Second
Nervous Debility, Blood
and Skin Diseases,
Heart Disease, Diseases of the
Lungs, Liver Disorders, Piles,
Increasing Numbers of People Who
Hear of Wonderful Properties of
the Chinese Herbs.
In gratitude to this wonderful man
many former sick people have sent him
testimonials expressing their apprecia
tion for the benefit they derived from,
the Chinese herbs sold them. These
letters are on file In his office and will
be shown on request.
The ingredients of his preparations
are compounded from Roots, Barks,
Herbs and Buds that are gathered from -the
most remote quarters of the globe,
and dissolved in hot water where they
are readily assimilated when taken into
the system.
If you live out of town and cannot
call, write for symptom blank and cir-.
cular. Inclosing 4 cents in stamps.
1624 First St., cor. Morrison,
rununu, urrguii,
Is Our Fee
tracted and chronic cases cured. All
burning, itching and Inflammation
stopped In 24 hours. Cures effected in
seven days. Consultation free. If un-
able to call, wr'te for list of questions.
Office Hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Sundays, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
Pacific Coast Medical Co,
Corner First, Portland, Or.
I Wo