Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 03, 1911, Page 13, Image 13

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Rental Department and Equipment Bureau on 3d Floor-Manicuring and Hair dressing, 2d Floor-Tea Room, 4tH Floor
See the Wild Coyote Cubs Playing in Our Morrison-Street Window-Agents for "Vtidor'MPorcH hadejlammgcKs
Display and Sale
Bird Houses
Built by Boys in tHe
Manual Training
Classes of Schools
The Bird Houses which have been brought in up to the
present time would do credit to the old-fashioned Ger
man woodworkers. The styles are unique and original,
worth ( a long way to see. Exhibition will be
under the direction of W. L. Finley, president of the
Andubon Society. -Come and encourage the boys, and
see for yonrselves some of the good work being done in
this department of our public schools. Boys' names
will be published later.
Special 25c Lunch-11 A. M. to 2 fe
ill. uasciuciii vjiui
Cream Chipped Beef on Toast.
Hot Boiled Potatoes
Bread and Butter
Rhubarb Pie or Vanilla Ice Cream
Tea, Coffee or Milk
25c, special, reduced for today to only 15f
$3.50 Gloves at $1.29
LOT 1 Anniversary Sale of women's 16-but-ton
Silk Gloves the famous Kayser make;
beautifully embroidered in pleasing designs ; a
good variety of colors. Regular t- OQ
$3.50 values, special at, the pair, Y1''
LOT 3 Women's fine imported Kid
Gloves, 2-clasp, overseam ana pique
styles; all colors and 21 OC; $1.75 values, spec'l. P "
Rental Dept.
TKird Floor
ii 1 1 tf a
mmmwmt Shoe dinning
J- zz -
In Dasement
Under muslins
$2.25 Gowns Spec'l $1.79
$1.75 Drawers Only 98c
Women's Nightgowns, made of good quality crepe cloth,
styled with deep yokes, trimmed with lace and insertion,
puff sleeves, composed of rows of insertion C 1 7Q
and lace; regular values to $2.25, special at P f
CORSET COVERS, made of longcloth, lawn, cambric,
and crossbar dimity, trimmed with various kinds of
"lace, insertion and-embroidery ; values in tnis f9c
lot are up to and include $1.00, special at only v-r-WOMEN'S
GOWNS, made of nainsook, muslin or
longcloth; slipover styles .with deep yokes of finest lace
and embroidery, in every conceivable design; insets
of lace and medallions, or embroiderd ffl QQ
vokes; excellent values to $3.00, special at Pt
WOMEN'S DRAWERS Wide, circular, butterfly and
regular styles, open or closed; made of longcloth or
cambric; trimmed in many diferent designs, of Swiss
embroidery; some have deep flounces of lace QO.
and insertion; best regular $1.75 values, pair,"-''
d Jiafoilee Sales
Reg'. $2 House Dresses Only $1.29
Reg. $1Q Dress SRirts Only $5.95
A new shipment of attractive,' well made
House Dresses, consisting of ginghams and
percales in dots, checks, stripes and many
beautiful patterns, styled with Dutch necks
and short sleeves with plain skirts. OQ
Women's Dress Skirts of mohair or serge ma
terials, in gray, navy or black, mannish mix
tures and black and white shepherd checks.
The plain 3-piece styles, trimmed with buttons
of same material; nly 100 skirts PC QC
in this lot. Values to $10, each VJ'i'J
an exceptional line of values to $'
Sale ofWomen's Waists
$5 Vals. $1.79
In the Ready-fo-Wear Garment Store on the Second
Floor, a sale of women's Lingerie and Tailored
Waists In the very latest styles, trimmed with Val
enciennes laces, hand embroidered or ruffled ef-
fects, some are trimmed with colored embroidery,
others plain tailored with colored collars and cuffs.
High or Patch necKs, long or short
sleeves Regular values op to $5.00 for
Fine SilK
at V2
Anniversary sale of another active lot of
Silk Kimonos, in floral patterns, empire or
loose effects or shirred in at the waist;
kimono or fitted sleeves, light or dark colors,
a good range of sizes, all at half reg. price.
110.00 Kimonos, reduced to only $ 5.00
f 12.50 Kimonos, reduced to nly $ 6.25
f 15.00 Kimonos, reduced to only 8 7.5Q
$20.00 Kimonos, reduced to only 310.0O
Suit Cases
$2 Values $1.39
S2.50 Vals. $1.79
In the trunk and bag store, fourth floor, a
sale of good, strong matting Suit Cases,
with good handles, brass locks and catches,
steel frames and cloth lined; fljl OQ
regular $2.00 values, special at P . ,OZJ
LOT 3 Matting eases with steel frames,
brass lock and catchs, 2 straps all round,
cloth lined; these are regular. ?Q
12.50 values, special at only
Anniversary Sale of
Boys'NewWash Suits
$1 Vals.59c $4 Vals. $2.98
A big' purchase of 2000 pretty little Tub Suits at
nearly half regular prices, bought especially for
this great 60th Anniversary Sale A great collec
tion of styles and patterns TaKe advantage.
Middy Suits, Buster Brown and
Russian blouse styles, hand
somely trimmed and made of
such good, materials as Hyde
grade Galatea, Mercerized Pop
lins, Piques, Ginghams, Linens,
Ducks, Reps, etc. All well
made and neat fitting. Ages
2 to 10 years. $1 val-CQp
ues specially priced at'
A better line and a few more
patterns to choose from. QO
Regular- $2 values for10
And a high grade line of val
ues up to $4, spe- CJO QQ
cially reduced to P"7
Agents for Boys
Hercules Suits
SIO Howd Corsets Special at $3.74
$6 Bon Tori Corsets Special, $3.29
The popular, well-known "Howd" Corsets,
the best front-lace; corset on the market ; made
of fine coutil and batiste and trimmed with
fanev embroidery; regular values PO 'J A
to $10.00. On special sale at only
Ostrich Plumes
$5Q Vals, $32.98
$5 Values $3.49
Anniversary sale of high-grade Ostrich Plumes,
hand-tied willows and beautiful French plumes
in the broad effects-or Amazon curl. Every
one is positively guaranteed to be the finest
grade male stock. Come in black, white and
all colors. Following are some of the prices:
$ 5 values S 3.49 $20
$ 6 values S 3.98 $25
$ 8 values $ 5.49 30
$ 9 values 5.98 $35
$10 values S 6.98 $40
$12 values S 7.98 $45
$15 values $ 9.98 $50
Bon Ton Corsets in four popular models, made
of the best materials, trimmed in good quality
lace, with 4 to 6 hose supporters; these are
regular values up to $6, reduced flJO OQ
specially for this sale, the pair ?'''
Trimmed oats
$11. OQ Values for $7.95
$22.5Q Values for $15.95
A peep into our Millinery Salon on the second
floor will impress you with the fac that no other
store will even make an attempt to give such
great values as we offer. The values are genu
ine and prices reliable. Honest reductions on all
our Fplendid hats. Positively no inflated values.
Anniversary Sale $11 Hats for $7.95
Anniversary Sale $13.50 Hats $9.95
Anniversary Sale $17.50 Hats $12.95
Anniversary Sale $22.50 Hats $15.95
Anniversary Sale $37.50 Hats $19.95
'I $24.95
Anniversary sale, Hats
worth to $50.00, spec'
s . : i - .i .i
Trimmed Hats, only in the house two days; large.
medium and small shapes; some are trimmed in
flowers alone, others in flowers and ribbons or in
ribbons alone. Worth double the price rc ff
asked. Your choice for today at only PJ.J
Paris Hats at Varice
A great sale of finest Parisian Pattern Hats Made by the
world's greatest Modistes-Imported direct by us Also bean
tifnl pictnre hats, made in New YorK, correct copies of hats
which sell at four times the price we asK. j p
Your choice from all $50 to $187.50 hats at 3 IrlCe
Great Mill Sale
K SilRs
Enough Silks in this great lot to supply all the
' present needs of the whole Northwest. The most
bona fide sale ever conducted in the West. Read
the entire list of kinds and prices read every word:
18-inch Chiffon Taffeta, 75c grade, the yd. 38
264nch Chiffon Taffeta, 85c gradethejrdg
36-inch Chiffon Taffeta, $1.25 grade, the yd., 72f
35- inch Buckskin Finish, $1.25 grade, the yd., 79d
36- inch Peau-de-Soie, best $1.00 grade, the yd., 69
S6-inch Pean-de-Soie, best $1.25 grade, the yd., 87
36-inch Buckskin Feau de Soie,
$1.50 grade, special at only
36-inch Buckskin Peau-de-Soie,
$1.75 grade, the yard
36-inch Buckskin Feau-de-Soie,
$2.00 grade, the yard
36-inch Buckskin Fean-de-Soie,
$2.50 grade, the yard
23-inch French Faile Silks,
regular $1.00 grade the yard,
35- in. French Faile Silks, on
regular $2.00 grade, yard J7
75c Moire Silk, the yard only38
$1.00 Moire Silk, the yard, only 63
27-inch Black Moire Silks, no
$1.50 grade, special, the yard,
36- inch $1.25 Messaline, yard, 89
36-inch $P5 Messaline, ydj $1.09"
36-lnch $1.25 Diagonal, the yard 59
23- inch $1.50 Grosgrain, yard 98
24- inch $L75rosgrain1y(L$1.19
36-inch $2T00 Duchess, yard, $1.29
Sale Men's
$4.5Q Grades $2.35
$3.5Q Grades $1.89
ITow can you live without Pajamas 1 Some
men simply can't sleep at all without them.
Ilere's very good grade silk and linen,
woven madras and soisette materials, well
made, nicely trimmed; plain colors, stripes
and figures; regular $4.50 val- DO Of
ues, special Anniversary sale at p
ANOTHER LOT, made of percales and
materials, in stripes and figured
; all well made and $ "1 QQ
devalues to $3.50, suit, VA"
b SocRs at 17c
$2,25 Scrim Curtaiiis $1.29
$7.50 Irish Points at $3.89
300 pairs of Scrim Curtains, plain centers
with neat hemstitched borders, also insertions
and edges; very desirable curtains. Scrims are
in great demand this season and r1 OQ
are used in any room. S2J25 values P
500 pairs in this lot, and every pair a prize.
Real imported Curtains in Irish points, Brus
sels and Arabians. Curtains in this lot to
please most anv taste. Regular (JO QQ
stock values at $6 to $7.50 pair, at JJOi
S14.5Q Reading Chair $11.5Q
W $3.00 CHair $1.68
A sale of high-grade American Fiber and Willow Furniture.
The best of the kind to be found on the taarket. Here's 4
specials in chairs, which are featured for this great sale:
High back, English style wing reading Chair, finished in
silver gray, as illustrated; our regular $14.50 CI 1 CH
values; made a special bargain for this sale at P
Extra special, a quaint, well made, comfortable Rocker for
a lady. This is our regular $3 value, offered tfjl CQ
during this sale at. the special low price of P.DO
$12.00 Chair at Only $8.75
Broad back easy Chair, finished in silver gray, 4JO
made of best selected willow; $12 value, special PO '
$10 Chair Now for $7.68
Lady's Rocker, made of best Michigan fiber;
lasting, comfortable and artistic; $10 value, only
Anniversary Sale of
Reliable Groceries
ROTJND-UF is for use on pots,
kettles, enamelware, dishes, lino
leum, tiling, marble, bathtubs,
sinks, copper, brass, iron, steel,
etc., etc. Let us show you.
NULAC keeps things new. Use
it on your furniture, pianos,
hardwood floors, chandeliers,
brass beds, linoleum, woodwork,
autos or any varnished surface.
25c pacKage Pearline. offered special for only 19c
Best TillamooK Cheese, special, per lb., only 17c
Powered Borax, in one-pound sifter cans, 2 for 25c
"Boraxo," small cartons for 8c, large cartons at 18c
10c bottle Blueing, special 66
10c bottle Ammonia for only 6
Eagle Brand Lye special at 76
20c Washing Tablets only 10
The best Eastern sugar- ! C
cured, in medium sizes, lb.
Very choice English sty'e5f)f
special for, pound, only'"'
100 CAKES SOAP FOR $3.50
O. W. K. Laundry Soap, our best
grade, put up in box
es of 100 bars, onl
y $350
Best cane sugar. Lay in a sup
ply for the preserv- dC A(
ing season. The sack
Men's fine quality
with cuffs attached.
percales, madras and
newest patterns; son
lot. All were selectt
Values up to $2.50,-
during this sale at lo
K Hose at 37c
sary Sale of men's pure silk Half
th reinforced lisle thread heels and
ich doubles the wearing value. Men
e fine hose should lay in a0 7r
pply. Thiuk of it, the pair,
lER LOT Ilere's where you realize
istantial saving. A great sale of
ine cotton and lisle Socks, in plain
y colors. All sizes in the lot, and
t remarkable offerings, reg- CQ.
J ami 33c the pair; 3 pr.,
50c Ties 25c
big lot of those beautiful Four-in-ies.
All who saw them yesterday
ced them the best they had ever
KVide, open end or narrow styles,
? popular knitted kind; plain or
olors in the best quality necktie
Actually worth 50c each, Of.
for this sale, priced at only-'
ts lor JM.ctt
Only 95c
white Pleated Shirts, just received,
idid garments come in coat styles
attached. Materials are extra good;
d every wanted sleeve length in the
If you want white plaited shirts,
now. Actual $1.50 values, QtSf
icial during this great sale at
en's Union Suits
$1.25 Values at 65c
The famous Cooper Underwear in fine quality lisle, for Sum
mer wear. This is something that will interest every man
and make him realize that we are giving most exceptional
values in this 6ale. These are the finest mercerized QQ.
lisle shirts and drawers, in all sizes; best $1.50 vals.70
A most extraordinary offering of men's Union Suits, the,
long sleeve and ankle length styles, in ecru or gray; extra
fine jersey-ribbed, well made and perfect fitting garments in
a full line of sizes. Much better than you will expect CC
at the price. Regular $125 values, special at only"'
rear q
8c" M