Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 10, 1911, Page 18, Image 18

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    i r - .
Firms All Busy; Only Two Make
Tender to Reconstruct
Hull of Wenona. .
Thompson Stout, of Vancouver,
Gltro Award Proposals .lo
nirrlird by I'ort of Portland
for Stock and Supplies.
Prosperity has ihntrftM contract on
Portland shipbuilding firms with such
generous hand that n:y two tenders:
vrn filed with the Port of Portland
Commission yesterday for rebuilding
tm, hull of the tar Wenona, tender to
trie dr'!ite Portland. When the Com
Intsatoners asrertalr.ed that the couple
of bid repreent'd tho full atrength
of romnetltlon fur the undertaking
there waa genuine eurprtse expressed I
and. aa it trarsplre.i. trie joo waa
awaided to a Vancouver. Wash, firm.
Thompson Jk Sund.
Th!a firm offered to build the hull
and shift the machinery and present
nhlii for a consideration of
while Knutson. Abraham Company,
of IJnnton. made a price of $'0. That
there I not the most mlW rela
tion between the bidders waa made
evident wnen Knutson. on leaving the
Commission chamber, asked to scrutl
nlae the ereel firm lone of Thompson
Found. President Swlsrert asked
Thomp-n If he waa areeal)Ie. and the
latter replied that Knutson had the
am gift of heartnar as himself and he
tiiouxht the first readinsT of the bid
waa sufficient. Knutson contented
himself with rra.llng the total.
Award Not Pinal. ,
Engineer J. B C. tckwood aald that
In view of the fart he M not familiar
wt:h the riant and fictlltles of the
Vancouver concern, the award would
riot be finally until he had
Inspected the plant, but he said he
waa convinced all waa satisfactory.
It waa bid day with the Coir, mis ion.
ts numerous tenders were opened for
urplJ'ng provision to the dredges,
tun and other vessel durlna: March.
April and Mar- For lit Pair" Son
will furnish fruit and vegetable and
the Canyon Meat Market freab and
cured meat for li:ii.ii. t'n butter
and the I .a Grande Creamery
Company waa the only bidder, quoting
egg at II cent a dosen and butter
at 19 centa a pound. Allen lwta
waa given the rrocery contract for
I14SI J and the Northwestern Import
ing Company that for supplying lea.
coffee and spires, of f 1 1 2.20.
Low lllddcr Not Contractor.
Thontb the Nott. Atwater Company
fctd !seS for supplying the Commla-
lon with rubber dreda-e aleevea. the
fact that the wares of the concern
had not been tested here loat for it
the contract, which went to the New
Y"rk Belting Parking Company for
IJS-X) It waa ordered that sufficient
aleeve be purchased from the former
plant o that In the future the wear
f the sleeve would be a guide In pur
chasing. There wa presentej from the office
of Major Mrlndoe. Corp of Knctneers.
V. S A., a lease covering the propoaed
operation of the dredge Columbia by
the Government for about two months,
beginning April 1. aa the steamboat
channel to the wen of Swan Island
will be dredged to a depth or eight
feet. l,ast ifon the engineer were
tampered In the work bcauae the
eight-hour law operated against Gov
ernment dreda-ea. but that ruling has
been abrogated, so the digger can work
day and night with the same crews as
carried under the Port of Portland sys
tem. As C. P. Adams, treasurer of the
Commission, la absent from the city,
he was given t days' vacation.
Steamer Strike In Tillamook Baj
and Is leaking.
Two mlshapa In one visit to Tilla
mook Pay waa yesterdays record by
the ateamer Golden Gate, the first when
she rendered her wheel useless through
resting on the bottom while lying at
Garibaldi dock, and the second when In
tow of the gasoline schooner Oshkosh
he struck on Oxbow Ilend and opened
up at least one seam, causing water to
pour Into the liol'L but her pumps
proved of sufficient capacity to keep
1 cr fairly free.
It la proposed to beach the vessel at
high tide and make what repairs ate
possible and she may have to be docked
on returning here. It I the Inst voy
age of Captain Levi Snyder aa master.
Captain Errlckson. formerly of the
steamer Northland, having been signed
to assume command. Captain Krrlck
aon said yesterday that he would take
the vessel at the first opportunity. Me
ha enjoyed wide experience on the
Coast, and Captain O. W. llnsford. man
actnc owner of the Golden Gate, aaya
that there will be no reason why the
coming season should not be decidedly
successful with the vessel.
Traffic Manager for Date A
Trreb rough Due Soon.
In advance of the ateamer Stanley
iMllar. h:rh U due In Portland Feb
ruary H nllh the first cargo handled
bv the California-Atlantic Steamship
Vmpjy. Traffic M-inearer chapman
will reach the city In a few days to ap
point an ager.t. A permanent schedule
will then be announced covering the ar
rival and departure of vesevl north of
tn Francisco.
The Ptjnlry Dollar left Balboa Febru
ary 1 and ar ranajements have been made
to d.scharae her cargo at Alber dock.
While future d- k ie facilities have not
been determined. It la thought that the villi pitronlie berth at Alberw.
The litest schedule of the Amerlcan
Hawal an Steameihip Compnny, which Is
. tie direct opponent of the Bute
Cheesebrouch line, cover the arrival
and dcp-irture of tt steamer Falcon
her" until November and the sa.iirrn are
every 1" day J'atee A tTieeaebroiigh
will operate on a f.ister schedule to San
v Francies-o and perhaps Portland will be
sj'.ven a service as frequent that of
the Falcon.
Elfrleda XVIII IlnUh Wlwat Today
and Invermay Arrives.
In stowing aboard JJ.o feet of
lumber In a day at lnman-Poulsens
t&rouga loading from both the stream
and Jck and building the plies
matrlal on deck aa well aa In the
hold, the Hrltlsh tramp Queen Alex
andra la making auch headway that
Captain McDonald aaya that If the
Teasel la not wrll on her way to Cnlna
In two weeka he will be diaappolnted.
Through a delay In arrival of the
tramp, due to an accident that neces
sitated repalri being made In the
north, her cargo at Inman-Poulsen a
waa ready, and more to be taken on
at the Portland mill hae been
plied on the dock. o he will not be
detained after shifting acroaa the
tream. It la unusual for camera to
be given auch dtspatrh with lumber.
She will carry about S.SOO.oos feet.
In the grain fleet the Uerman ahlp
Elfrleda la taking on the last of her
wheat and will finish today. The
French bark .llosetiet made two movea
yesterday to load, flrat srotng from the
e'evator to Martina dork and then to
Montgomery dock No. . The lirltlsh
bark Invermay. which crossed Into
fie river Wednesday from Junln. left
up yesterday In tow of the tug Wallula
anl waa transferred to the Steamer
o.klahamn at Westpnrt. r-1e will be
at Llnnton today. The French ahlp
Iavld d'Angers finishes discharging
yesterday and went to I.lnnton to un
load a email lot of bailaat.
Cliostcr Stop Itunning.
Kven the famed lightdraft steamer
Chester in at la been forced off the
Kelo-Cst!e Hoik run by conditions on
the fnwllts River, for the Kellogg Trans
portation Ctompnny yesterday ordered
Doe t Arrive.
Name. From Pate.
Yow-mlie F. a Francisco In port
:wr !a l'euro...ln port
a. .11 Hn.ln Feb. I
Hue II. n:mor. Tillamook Feb.
Hreakaaler iv lsy... r eh.
iex W. Ekler. Can fe.iro. . . Feb.
H. .r fsn I'ed r. .. Feft.
Oil. lea (lat.. . .TllUnii.oa .... Feb.
tlereules H on '
fal.on Sa Francisco feb.
Allsanca Feb.
Hii City hn r.dro... reb.
etrathlvon Honk..n. . Feb.
Koanoks Jaa Pert ro . . . Feb.
Brhedmled te iwvart.
Name. Tor.
Tt.arer fed re F. U
v Kan Vrsnclsco Feb. IS
Ann. hlJ"t reb.
llrekster. . ..' " liar -
?u H. i:!mor. T-llmik. . . . r et.
O .Iden r.le. . . Tdlam-x-k . . . . Feb.
(;. W. Fertro... Feb.
Hereul-s H.nsk"l. .. .".
i.r n l'lro... ffb.
Fslcon ....... Ssn Fraoclsco Fb.
AlUanre Hureka Feb.
Hna. I'liy n I'edro... Feb.
!.nok n fedro... Feb.
fetraiilon Hunson Mar.
her out of .commission to tie up at
Kelso, because the atream stood at but
an Inch above extreme low water. Lst
week the Chester ae unable to reach
Toledo with ease and linaJiy that point
was eliminated from the schedule. The
sanation 1 uniMual at this season and
uniem heavy rains set in. It I feared
that the river district will be without
transportation facilities for some time.
Cold on Middle Columbia.
Captain Krn.e- Kellogg, who yester
day returned with the etemner lloo-lloo
from the Middle Columbia, having gone
within a few mile of the Caesade. aaya
that when he saw the Mils towering
t) feet above the river covered with
enow from the edge of the bank to their
crest, ho marveled at climatic conditions made It pae'.bl for Winter to con
tinue there while Spring weather I being
enjoyed In Portland, les than to mllesi
away. Tuesday night man on the steamer
had to get ateam up three times In order
to keep si arm
Marine Notes.
Cargo for the achooner King Cyru.
which ha reached the river from the
south, will be loaded at ft. Helena.
Pilot Joe Allyn yesterday reported at
the office of the Columbia Piver pilot
that a spar buoy at Knapps had gone
In tow of the steamer Ocklahama.
the schooner Virginia was moved Into
the stream from Westport yesterday,
being lumber-laden for Sun Francisco,
and she was later taken to the lower
harbor by the tug Wallula.
Frank Bollam, passenger agent for
steam schooner owners, and who han
dles tickets on the Independent vessels.
was J T ' J -i- , .
the gasoline achooner Anvil, plying
- i n w r. n r r-. m m t k...
I rem t'oriianu VF V ' I u . . . -
l.ors south to Bandon. She will sail
Captain Buchanan, superintendent of
the Open Illver Transportation Com
pany, yesteraay saia inn me sieauiei
, i would resume one r -
1UI.IIU Itl.iJ'.i w -
atlona February i:. plying between Ce-
UIo and t'aaco. n.ennrsns enu io
1 .1 Tt,. .tanmee Twin CttleS nil V
go Into service again as far as Lewis-
ton March 1.
To load lumber at Everett. Waeh.. for
San Francisco, the steamer Tho. L.
. . - . - .1 1 the I'llSfOm-
House and sailed last night In ballast.
The steamer Kosecrans cicareu lur
i. rh. Wanit entered In sren-
eral cargo and the Kosecrans with 18.-
GOi) barrels ot xuei on. duui uuih u
Golden Gate.
It waa yesterday unofficially learned
by attaches of the Portland A Aslntlo
Steamship Company that the Oriental
liner Hercules had been detained at
San Francisco In quarantine for a time,
her hold being fumigated to kill rats.
The San Francisco authorities have
taken that precaution to prevent an
other outbreak of plasrue, as cases ara
o numerous In the Far East.
Movements of Vessel.
PORTLAND. Fe.. Arrived Steam.r
Ton-mils, from ean Francisco. Sailed
steamer flosecran.. for tn Francisco:
slramsr W. S. Jvrter. for sn Francisco;
llrinir Thos. U Wand, fur Eisrelt.
Aturla, Feb. . Condition at the mouth
of the river at & P. M.. smooth: wind, east
If miles: wesiher. rslnlns. Arrived down
durlcc the niht British ship Oluo Olen.
j-ft Ep at A. M- Hrllinh bark lavermay.
Arrived al T it and left up at :40 A. M.
Meamer Tosemlte. from fcan Francisco.
e'alleJ at A. M 8ieamr Koanok. for
ean rl and way pons. Arrived at 1
A. M. Steamer tienerwl Hubbard, from
Kure'aa. Arrived at A. M. -honsr
King Cyrus, frwm San Tedro. Failed at
1 it P. M Steamer Alliance, for C.oe Bay
nJ Kurrka. Salle.1 at 1 I". M. Steamer W.
8. Porirr. for eaa Francisco.
ian Francisco, Teb. . Arrived at 4 A.
M teamvr Tamalpala. from Portland: at
t A. M. Stesmer Rose Clly. from Portland.
Falied at mldnleht lamer Washlrston.
for Portland. Arrived it 11 A. at. Steamer
Hear, frwm Ran Pedro.
an Francio. F-h. . Arrived Bteamera
F. H. Loop, from Taeome: Tamalpals. from
Astoria: Kose City, from Portland: Presi
dent, from Victoria; Admiral Samison. from
Fealtls: ilaremoBt. from X"lllata: Casco.
from folumbla Klver. Palled Steamer
Asuncion, for Vancouver: i. '. Umlauer.
for ur.ft Harbor; schooner llonolpu. for
Seattle. Feb. . Arrived Steamers Eu
reka, from HumNiltit; bars luaraond Head,
frm ta Francisco, steamer i anfa. from
t'oniox: stearoer Cmatllla. from Pound
t"rii steamer City of S-atTle. from Kasle
Harbor. hailed 8 (earners Watson, OoL. .
L. Iirake. for rlan Francleeo. Feb. - Arrived previously
Pri'tes'.lav. from Tacoma.
I'vnia Arenas. F--b- S- Arrived Ammoa.
from lismburs for 1 acoma.
llonckoK. Feb. Arrived previously
Moncolia. from San Francisco.
Faimouih. Fsb. Sl Arrived Penrith Cas
tle, from Tacoroa.
Tidea at Astoria Friday.
Tlla-h. Xjow.
1: A. M l feet'4:4 A. V 4 4 feet
!i :T p. M -0-7 foot
Work Starts on School.
ELM A. Wash.. Feb. . (Special.)
Work beejan today on the site for the
f 10.000 achvol building, on West Main
Operation of Trains to Newl
Terminus Is Expected
Next Summer.
Two Difficult Fnglneerlng Feats In
volved In Spanning of Willow
and Trout Creeks Further
Work Is rrobablc.
Work on the Deschutes Valley road
of the Hurriman system has progressed
so far that the operation of trains to
Itedmond. the terminus of the line, is
possible early In the coming Summer.
Pails have been laid to the north
bank of Trout Creek. 85 miles south
of the Columbia River. Track laying
Is held up at the point to permit the
construction of the viaduct across
Trout Creek. Grading beyond that
place has been completed and as soon
as the chasm is bridged the crews that
place the steel In position will pro
ceed at the rate of more than a mile a
day. Their next natural barrier will
be Willow Creek. 102 miles south of
the Columbia, where another viaduct
wlil be constructed.
From that point to Culver Junction
construction work will be compara
tively easy. The rond south of Culver
Junction to Redmond, a distance of 20
miles, will be operated Jointly by the
Mill and Hnrrlmnn systems, although It
will be built and owned by the Harrl
man Interests.
Bridges Are Difficult.
Spanning Trout Creek and Willow
Creek entails some difficult engineer
ing work. The first bridge will be &E0
feet long and will be luO feet above the
bed of the stream at nign water.
The Willow Creek viaduct will be
greater In both length and height than
the one over Trout Creek. This struc
ture will be 1050 feet long and ?50 feet
high and will be built of solid steel.
An outfit will be started south from
the present base of operations to start
preliminary work on the approaches
to the bridge next week.
In this construction work methods
somewhat different than those tsed on
some other bridge construction In the
Northwest will be employed. The piers
will be sunk Into the bottom of the
streams and made to project only a
few feet abce the water just high
enough to be above the hlsrh water
mark. The main supports of the su
perstructure, then, will be built of
steel. The material for this work al
ready has been ordered and will be on
the ground within a few weeks. It Is
figured that six weeks will be required
to complete each bridge. Track laying
between the two streams proceeds at
a comparatively rapid rate.
Trnck Used Jointly.
In building south from the Columbia
River the Harrlmnn line occupies the
east side of the Deschutes River, while
the Hill road Is built on the west bank.
At a point "1 tnilea south of the Co
lumbia the Hill system crosses to the
east aide and for ten miles both lines
will operate over a Joint set of rails.
At the ftl-mlla post the two lines
branch out ngaln and run over separate
tracks to Culver Junction. 130 mllea
south of the Columbia. From Culver
Junction to Redmond the grading hns
been completed and track-laying depends
upon the time the bridge acrosa the
Crooked River Is finished. This struc
ture will be put up by the Hill .lnt-?r-eets
and will be of a single arch. 3:10
feet In length and 300 feet above the
bed of the stream. Both systems will
operate their trains across it.
Construction trains alone are now
operating from the O.-W. R. & N. Co.
line to Willow Creek, but as soon as
the road Is completed to Redmond a
regular freight and passenger service
will be placed in effect. It Is yet too
earlv to determine the time when Red
mond will be reached, but Portland Hur
riman officials are confident that they
will be able to operate into that city
early In the Summer.
This will complete the Central Ore
gon project of the Harrlman system as
at present outlined, but It la believed
. v. . . i .iew rtt the heaw appropriations
voted by the Union Pacific directors at
New York last week this is only the be
ginning. Jlcdmond Center of Progress.
Redmond. It Is expected, will be the
center for extensive developments by
this svstem that will reach all parts of
the suite that are now without and in
need of railroad connections. The line
from Redmond to Odell on the Natron
Klnmath cut-off of the Southern Pacific
has been projected and Is Included 'n
the list of improvements authorized by
the Enstern men- last week. That this
will be built within the next few yeap
la th belief of local railroad men.
Accordtng to plans already outlined
In the executive office of the company
the proposed line from Vale. In the east
ern part of tho state, to the Southern
Pacific, also Is expected to connect with
All the work done thus far has been
done under the direction of the com
pany Itself. Even the bridge that have
been built so far have been put up by
Harrlman engineers. The plans for tne
Trout Creek viaduct also provide for
company work. The Williams Creek
span may be given out under contract.
IHrIi School Paper Started.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Feb. . Spe-
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Sundays. 10 A. H. to 1 P. M.
Pay When Cured
We have every known remedy ap
pliance for TREATING VOU. Our ex
perience Is so great and varied that no
one of the ailments of Men i new to ua
General .Debility. Weak Nerves, In
somnia Results of exposure, overwork
and other Violations of Nature's law
Diseases o: ...adder and Kidneys. Vari
cose Veins, quickly and permanently
cured at small expense and no deten
tion from bneiness.
bPKtlAL AILMENTS Newly con
tracted and chronic cases cured. Ail
burning. Itching and inflammation
stopped in 24 hours. Cures effected In
seven days. Consultation free. If un.
able to call, write for list of questions.
Office Hours A. M. to 8 P. M. Sun
days. .10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
Pacific Coast Medical Co
Corner drat.
The Old. Reliable Chines
Doctor spent lifetime study of
herbs and research In China;
waa granted diploma by th
Emperor; guarantees cure all
sllments of men and women
when others fall If you suf
fer, call or write to VEE A
First. Cor. Alder. Portland. Or.
Chinese herb and root
medicine for men and wo
men with any Internal, ex
ternal or eruptive disease.
Our Chinese doctor lately
from New York Oriental Hos
pital also has 30 years ex
perience. If you suffer, when
others fall, we wish you to
call or writs to SOI V4 First
st.. Portland. Or. Fres con
sultation aad examination.
1U IT- "still
You Can Be Cured
Other Men Are
Being Cured
Every Day
v en positively assert that there
doe not exlat a alns;le case of Blood
Dleesise, Nervonaneae, Vartcoae Veins,
Pile, Kidney, Bladder and other Ail
ments of Men that I can not cure
promptly, aafely, permanently if la
reach of medical actence.
Don't Give Up
I am rrtorfiiK aufferlnff men every
day to robust health. Many of them,
no doubt were much weaker In
trength than yon.
Not a Dollar Xeed Be Patd
I'nleas Cured.
I Will Treat You Free
that I can cure vou. T have spent
The Leading Specialist.
Tou should learn and the soon
er the better that what may seem
a trivial case very often has most
serious and far-reaching effects.
The man who tries to be his own
doctor la always the patient that
later comes to the specialist with
the chronic, stubborn, deep-seated
case, which Is the hardest kind to
cure. I cannot hope that all men
will accept my statement that the
quickest, the safest and cheapest
way i bv consulting an expert
specialist in men's ailments at once,
but the Intelligent man will read
ily be convinced of the value of
this advice upon Investigation.
Contracted Ailments
In no other ailment peculiar to
men is a prompt and thorough cure
so essential. Contracted ailments
tend to work backward until the
most vital nerve centers become In
volved in the inflammation. Then
follows a chronic stapre that stub
bornly resists all ordinary treat
ment. Safety demands that every
vestige of Infection be eradicated
at the earliest possible moment..
My treatment is thorough. The
remedies employed have a more
positive action than has ever be
fore been attained, and so perfect
Is my method of application that
even chronic cases yield com
I ofCer not only FREE Consulta
tion and Advice, but of every case
that comes to me I will make a
Careful Examination and Diag
nosis without charge. No ailing
man should neglect this oppor
tunity to get expert opinion about
his trouble.
If you cannot call, write for
Diagnosis Chart. Office hours from
9 A- M. to 8 P. M., and Sundays
from 10 to 1.
Cures Guaranteed for $10
and Special
and Chronic
Cues of
Itching and
In 24 Honrs.
T-jTT TTCi cured without the knife or de
X JXjXjO tentlon from business; consti
pation, stomach, liver, gall stones, kidneys,
bladder, blood poison, ekln ailments, plm
nles. sores, ulcers, anywhere on body, ecze
ma " rheumatism, catarrh, varicose veins,
sciatica, lame back. fits, nervousness, loco
motor ataxia and all chronic diseases. If
away from the city, write for particulars.
Call at once and be cured. Consultation and
S10 X-Ray examination free.
4th floor Rothehild Bids;., rooms 407-408-400,
Take Elevator.
287H Washington St.
Hours to 1, i to 6, 7 to 8 P. Ms