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    FRIDAY, JANUARY 27. 1911.
Taft Sends Agreement With
Canada to Congress and
Asks Action.
t.umtx-r. Wood Iolp and Paper Put
on IVr- 1.1st by Itolh Cop n trie
and Large Reductions Mad
on Other Commodities.
WASHINGTON. Jan. SC. Within loss
than ton months after the Initiation by
iTaaidant Tall of negotiations with the
Tanadian Government, there was laid
imuKaneouMy before the American
Conirress and the Canadian Parliament
today a reciprocity arranKement. which.
If apf-rorej. will do much. In the
opinion of the neftotlatora. to enlarge
trade between tn two countries.
The arrannementa do not take the
form of a treaty, and considerable time
will be eared In the consummation of
the agreement, which can be made ef-fM-Mre
by a simple majority rote In
rach of the two Legislatures.
Cost of Living Iledorrd.
The animating purpose of Secretary
Knox appears to have been to procure
a reduction of the "high cost of living;"
by greatly enlarging the free list, so
fir as It relates to foodstuffs coming
trom Canada.
On the other hand, he procured a not
able abatement of duties on a number
of American products consumed In Can
ada. Prominent among these Is bitum
inous coal, which Is now exported to
i ana-la to the value of several million
dollars annually. There Is also a much
better cpenlnjc for American farm ma
chinery and Implements. No less than
M per cent of the Canadian goods im
ported Into the Cnlted States will bene
it by considerable reduction of duties.
I. u rubor Admitted Free.
Both countries put lumber on the
fre list.
The intention of the commissioners
. i 1 ,a,,.i.a .n nrlntlnflr nsner
and wood pulp was effected, as far as
the romlnlon government couia u
outside the limitations existing In the
laws of the Canadian irunmuu
lnsnniigr AYnnft dutV Ofl
riuuicuw ... ,1 . r.
wood cut on crown lands In Canada,
w... . i a . n h ntv will 11m only on
the comparatively small proportion of
t anadian du D or wwu vui ,......
crown lands.
must be shaped as a law amendatory of
the existing tariff acts in the United
States and Canada, and It will require
sharp work to accomplish this In the
brief time remaining In the present
session of Congress.
Taft t"rge Prompt Action.
V. vvH-m-i. n . . Mr ri f reel.
procity treaty between the Cnlted States
-I .-. . V tlH.lil.nt rv V Mill tA
nu r www m .vuvu. j w- --
Congress a special message acoompan'ed
Or tile Bgrtcmiiu luuaini u
-Identity of Interests of the two peo-
jn-s. tinned ii'nciurr uj j c
. 1 1 l l.t. ,..f nna m nA nnrTHiihlril
proximity." the President gives as the
thief reasons for such reciprocity as he
n .4 - TV TirMMfnt iivm he feele
It at tiw -wish of tho American people
that tela country enter into m ipwi
t' and corJIal relationship with
Uherallty of view In dealing with the
rt-nsA4. t r i r v l recommended.
"We have reached a stage In our de
velopment that callei for a statesman
like and broad view of our future trade
. . ....nlNm..!. h anM
nmus iiu .........., --
While equivalency should be sought In
an arrangement of this character, an
exact balance of financial gain la ne'ther
imperative nor ,i4iuui i.w j- ..
Canada's Products Needed.
rk. a. mnllv. Is aeaktn ad i uvtmtnt
of trade r:atln bttwto two counties
tnta:a.l KroxrmpriU-allr ahouul be to clve
plar t- prvdurtlve forf-ra as far ms practi
cable, rrsarui.-s vi -
We ha drawn upon our natural resources
In aurh a way as ta Invite attention to their
tii-warr limit. Thla hM properly aroua t
-rf'rt to rontrrvl thm. to iw:d their waste
arid to restrict thtr ue to vjr neceaaltlea.
w- k... - i int-rvaail In rx.Dulatton and ao-- .,f t.-o-i Droduna un.' we
mtrl!I lnraae nir production we cao
before ua a chanse In our economic
D?9lT10n ITPUl ' ' - i
world natural producta fr.nn the farm ara
for-t to one conuming and Importlnc them.
KK-ludlnc cotton, whli-h la rtceptlonal.
s radK-aJ tXani l alr-a-lr rhown In our
ep..rta. In the falllne etf In the amoua-. of
our aarlcultural pnvducts nt abroad and
rorr.iond.nly markal Inrrea In our
manulicturn exp-wtrd. A far-ihted ncllcy
reriulrta that. If we can enlarge our auiply
of natural resources, and ep.-lnly of lood
orxlu-ta and the nce.ltlea of life, without
,i-.anllal Injury to any of our produ.:ln
aed inanufa. turine claasea we ahou.d take
atc;s to do n now.
Protection Primlple fpheld.
Xtr. Taft holds that a commer-lal
sgreement with Canada. "Uy which we
shall have direct acves to her gnat
supply of natural products without an
obstructing or prohibitory tariff Is lot
a violation of the protective principle,
a has been authoritatively n
nounced by those who uphold 1U becatse principle does not call for a ta-iff
between thin country and one whose cm.
dltlons as to productions, population ind
wages la so Kite ours, and when tur
common boundary line of X miles In
Itae'.t mit make a radical dkstlncton
aetween our commercial treatment of
-arada ard of any other country."
Tbe President aaye that the Canadians
"soon must declJe whether they are to
regard thtmselvts as Isolated penra
nently from our market j by a perpettal
wall or wh-tlier we are to be commir
cial friends- He saya:
Effect oi Food Price Gradual.
If give them reason to take the f.r
m iaw we complain If they-adupt meti
ods denying rce to certain natural -l):rrtt
azcepi oa conditlona quit unfavir
hle to ua. . notable Instance of such a
' poa.lhMlty ma be seen In the condition
arrars-.lng the supply of pulp wood and tie
wanufacture 4 print paper for which ve
have made conditional proruloa In tke
aremcnt. elil to be equltahla. Shoud
not no. before their Polly
has be con too e-jtallled and fixed fr
manse. eet there In a spirit of real con
,lon acllltate csmmeree betweoa the to
countn an l thus rreatly Increase tbe sat
vral raourca ayalable to our people?
A,to the effect the treaty would have
the cost of living; In the United
if.tea. the President says:
I do aot wish to bold out the prospect
nat tn unrestrlctea intercoange ox -xooa
products will greatly and at once reduce
yortvr. the recent small amount of Ca-
eaIlaa surplus iot expon. as pimpw wna
tmt of cur own production and coneump-
Fxcludlng the element of transportation, tha
prlra of atapTa food products, especially of
i - r- a la. la much tut aame m worm ovar.
and the recent lncras la price has been
in. cvani. . ....... . u .
Jiat a source of supply as aear as Canada
would certainly help to prevent u'l'
.n,r and -Void pep. ri! ".ffVet of a
farthaa wort IsareaM la the prise eg lead-
Inc commodities entering Into tbs cost of
II ring, if that be available.
PadfV) Ceaat Meneflta.
-if in miklni a reciprocal trade
agreement with Canada has been not only
to obtain one tnal wouki oa i..u. -j -
vantazeous to both countries, but one which
...!. h. mi. Kailnnal la Its scope, as
applied to or own country, and would be
of benefit to an sectiooa. . - "
business ana tna vi
that would be established forward and baca
arro.a the border csnnot but Inure to the
benefit of the boundary states.
. ... h. tiaaded but
pome reaajuaiuiww.- -
In a very ahort period the adantae of free
.... n communities
commercial r( w
separated only by short distances will strta
Ingly manifest Itself. That the "dfn'""
of the sources of food supplies; that the
opening o, the timber resource, .
minion to our neeu. - -- ,,
the supply of raw materials will be limited
'on, Particular section, does nou require
demonstration. .
Tha same observation apples to tba mar
kets which the Dominion offers us In ex
change A. It baa been:
found pocwiDit w- -
nd for fre.h fruit, and y1
mattr of w?cii m " Thiir prod-
uct. In their season. ac.Mrlly I
. Kf p.v " w " j Y: .r7. on the cost
be cnietiy rominni " -
of living, to food and forest products. The
cost of living, affected by the duty on raw
material, so much moo. -s no. within the
scope of sn arwcoj.o -...
cause she ral.s comparat.vely few wool
.heap and her textile manufactures are
This trad, asreament. If entered I Into, will
eement tne iricnoii fi.
minion which bav. resulted in a satis sctory
settlement of tne conn--;"'- ",.
lasted or a century ' u
cood r?iirnf Deis .aiasv.. - -whT
extend th. market for numerous prod
ucts of the inlted States among the In
habitant, c? a proaperln. "'ZTlX
try with sn 'ncrean population and an
increas.n, Prrn.,., pv. --- -
mov.ment and distribution of these lood-
in,l.i h s message
1 fit I irsitir-u, . .
by calling Canada "our good neighbor.
Lumber Admitted lc.
. rnartment gave out a
summary of the tariff changes pro
vided for aa follows:
"Tho basts of tne Krcc.iir.
... i... taadina- food croa-
v,..t and other graina.
UCIS. Bl'l I a " '" . j .
dairy products, fresh fruits and vege
. .. ui. .i. ' f and
tables; Iisn "i an -
poultry; cattle, aheep and other me
1ma" . i . nmmnditlu now free
Aiso "ilu ; , . .
In one country are to be made free by
..i i. . . cottonseed oil by
tne uiper, v - . . , . .
Canada and rough lumber by the
United States. ...
Tin and tlnnlatea. now dutiable, are
made mutually free.
"Barbed wire fencing, now ""i"'
. t.. f-anada. Is also exempted
by the United States. Some Taw
rlals. su h aa nnca anu a.,-. - -enter
Into numeroua Industries, are to
be made free by the United States.
AH Paper and Pulp Duties Go.
. i . ta a become free
on the removal of all restrictions on
the exportation oi puip w.
"Mutually reduced Identical rates on
secondary food product, such as fresh
. i bacon and hams
meata, nw'i'c,i .
and lard and lard compounds, canned
vegetables, flour, cereai yrcy-.-v.
and other foodstuffs, partly manufac-
tureo. ...
Mutually" reducea rates wn
. 1 .nrnmnHitlPl. WtllCh IU-
eludes motor vehicles, cutlery, docks
and watches, sanitary inmi,
. i..ii,.f mods, nlate glass.
una iuini . , .
brass band Instruments, printing Inic
and miscellaneous ariicieo.
, i i na anch as nlows. ncr-
turai i inti ic ..... t - ,
vesters. threshing machines and At lUa
are reduced by tnw
States rates. ...
.. . i. .i . aticiaa is made ste
A Small linv v. " .-.
.i.i . .ch country. Canada reduces
coalto 45 cents a ton and cement to 11
cents a hundred pounos. im w
lowers the rate on aluminum producU
and on dressed lumoer.
"Total amount of duties to be remit
. . .CTti.i..j St.8SO.000.
tea uy n.o
-Total amount of duties to be remit
ted by Canada. 12.560.000.
-Value of articles now dutiable which
the United Statea proposes to make
free t39.811.000 equal to 76.4 per cent.
.(..HuMa, artlclea on which
m .I., nroncises to reduce
duties, :.5:i.000 equal to 14.4 per cent.
"Value of articles imported Into the
United States which are affected by the
reciprocal agreement. 47.3SJ.0OO-equal
to 91 per cent. ... ...
Value of articles remaining dutiable
at full rates, J4.771.000 equal to nine
"Value of articles now dutiable which
Canada proposes to maxe tree, -.i.i..
..a ...i A tit K nar cent.
VUV CUUa - r
... ..... itntlahlA articles on which
Csnsda proposes to reduce duties. itS.-
S70 000 equal to i.e
"Value of articles imported Into Can
. , ... .fiMi hv the reel
aoa vnii.n i - -
procity agreement. 147.818.000 equal to
""ValuVof articles remaining dutiable,
- r la. r..A Miiai to C4 Tier cent.
..'.'.. nr rfntv remitted by the
AUlVUii. " J
United Statea on leading Canadian ar
"Sawed lumber. $1,191,000; fish. $464.-enft-
hav. $386,000: flaxseed and llnaeed.
. .. -aa. miiti nve am
L.TI V-TCOftn- veaetables. $257,000;
! .". tioiin- nala $142,000:
. innuui. Hnlrv nroducts. $105,000
mica, . . . . 1 i , , .
rvnsum. xiin.uuv; rani . -. i
posts, etc.. t9,000; wheat. Tour. $7.000.
-Amount of duty remitted by Can
ada on leading articiea xrom tne ..mi
"Coal, bituminous. $455,000; fresh
fruits. $262,000: fresh vegetables. $242.-
,. - . . ..t nil live ani
mals. $142,000: papers. $141,000; meal.
luw'" fish of all kinds. $100,000; meat
a - Aitn Bgriruiiuni imuiruicutoi
products. $91,000: motor vehicles, $91.-
000. " ,
Provision Made for Free Paper
The text of tha print paper paragraph
. .ha agreement follows:
Pulp of wood, raechsnlcariy ground: pulp
. . j .k..i..n. Kl Ar unhlaadnad:
ot wooo, cHwiiii-H ; , - -
news print paper and other paper and pa-
m. tKiaro. maiiuia.uw .." ..-
wood pulp or from chemical wood pulp of
. . ...i. i. . MmMii.Rl malarial
wnicn iuim - 7 T .
of chief value, colored In the pulp or not
coloreu. ana . in." ... -
crnts per pound, not Including printed or
aecorsira 1 ' k . - - M M
Provided, that such paper and board,
valued at 4 cents per pound or leaa and
wood pulp, belns the products of Canada,
when Imported therefrom directly Into the
lolled tit a tea. shall be admitted free of
duty on the precedent thct no port duty,
export license fee or ether export charge
f any kind whatsoever (whether In the
form of additional charge or license fee
or otherwise) or any prohibition or restric
tion In way of the exportation (whether by
law order, regulation, contractual relation
or "otherwise, directly or Indirectly) shall
have been Imposed upon such paper, board
or wood pulp, or the wood ueed In tha man
ufacture of such pai-r. board or wood puip
or the wood pulp used In the manufacture
of such paper or board.
Provided also that such wood pulp, paper
or board, belnc ths projects of the United
titates. ah all only be admitted free ot duty
Into Canada from the United Htates when
such pulp, paper or board, being the prod
ucts of Canada, are admitted from all parts
of Canada free of duty into the United
Accountants Want State Head.
STATE CAPITOL. Salem. Or., Jan.
(Special.) J. W. Ferguson. John T. Rich
ardson. K. H. Collls, Arthur Berr'dge and
Alex C. Rae. public accountants of Port
land, are at the Capitol and will have
Introduced a bill calculated to place their
business on a professional basis. Their
bill rails for a State Board of Public
Accountancy to consist of five experi
enced accountants to be appointed by
the Governor. This board will conduct
examinations of all persona professing to
ow KlvuniaiiK n asuua v.
I tnoM successfully passing the test All
I .uocessful applicants will pay a fee of
be accountants anu issue cnum.w "
. ii- , . 1 .... XII
. The bill can-lea no appropriation,
the board to be eelf-sustalalog.
Handwriting Expert Explains
in Turnbull Trial.
Kytke Says Forjrery of All Purported
Epistles of Woman Not Possible.
. Woman Can't Recall Receiv
ing Money From Pope.
LOS ANGELKS. Jan. 26 Two wit
nesses. Theodore Kytka, a handwriting
expert, and Mrs. Lillian Ashley Turn
bull, occupied the stand today In the
contest of Miss Featrlce Anita Baldwin
Turnbull for a daughter's share In the
estate of "Lucky" Baldwin.
Kytka ass given Into the hand Of the
plaintiff's attorneys for cross-examination.
He gave an Interesting exposition
of the best, means to commit forgeries,
which, contrary to common belief, 's not
by diligently copying anotner s nana-
writlrtg. but by turning a sample of It
upside down and then simply drawing It,
as one would any other object.
Kvtka declared that even an expert
could not forge all of the letters alleged
to have been written by Mrs. Turnbull.
The defense recalled Mrs. Turnbull to
the stand for further cross-examination.
A series of letters said to have been
itten to her bv William A. Reddln, a
New Tork lawyer In the employ of
Colonel Albert Pope, of Boston, was read
to her. They contained reference!, to
money which waa sent to her by Pope
through Reddln. and one referred to' $400
which she Is alleged to have received af
ter she thought she waa Mrs. Baldwin.
This amount was sent to purcnase pass
age to Australia.
She could not remember having re
ceived the letters and declared that any
money she received alter her alleged
contract marriage was returned to Pope,
as she believed herself Mrs. Baldwin and
could not accept any further sums from
tho Boston millionaire.
The Countr Recorder's book then were
resorted to In order to show the trafwfer
to Mrs. Turnbull on November 24, 1893,
of Pasadena tiroperty valued at $20u0,
hlch Is alleged to have been bought by
Colonel Pope. The marriage with Bald
win. Mrs. Turnbull asserts, occurred
March J. 1S93.
The caae was adjourned until next
Dealers Are Unit In Desire for Ef
fective Organization.
Few In number but strong in the de
termination for effective organization,
the monument dealers arrived In the
city yeaterday to attend the annual
meeting of the Northwestern Monument
Dealers' Association.
President Thaver. of Seattle, will ar.
rive this morning. H. J. Blaeslng, of
Portland, occupied the president's chair
during the afternoon session, ana
Frank Weeks, of Portland, acted as
secretary. The convention today will
hear the annual address of President
Thaver and discuss the conditions of tne
trade. The annual banquet win be neia
The members witnessed the perform
ance at the Orpheum last night. Those
who attended were: F. H. Watts, The
Dalles: E. C. Lake. Eugene; J. F. Will
lams, San Francisco: Chas. G. Simpson,
Nelson. B. C: H. P. Scheel. Tenlno,
Wash.: T. P.-Soules. Woodburn. Or.: C,
P. Nell. W. A. Wylle, Philip Neu, Otto
Re-human. Frank D. Weeks, N. A. Sena
nen, John Dorcas, J. M. Newell, J. H.
Imhoff. H. A. Heppner and M. J. Biae'
sing, Portland.
Patient Runs From Hospital Think
ing; Police and Doctors .Ire Foes.
Fancying that a physician and a po
ti .....InJ Inat hla dnmeatl
a.n.i.v Uaraav Vormim an 1 II V a 1 1 '1
caused ' the police to be appealed to
twice to prevail upon mm to no v i
vtn,.ni'i Hnatiftnl for- treatment
r.rniim i a eonsumntlve and beiran
-i i . i, i k.vilv TA'Adnacdnv afternoon.
ga treatment for nis anmenu icen re
went to his home at $11 Oak street, and
frightened his wife, who appealed to
the police.
Patrolman Kllngel found that Far
num had resisted efforts of his phys:
slan to send him to the hospital. He
i n. tm with the uollceman.
but had been at the hospital but a
short time when he managed to secure
. rlnthaa. alln out of tne bulld-
ine: and return to his home. Again
I artolman Kllngel was called upon to
...i,. . . nt him. on the wav to tne
hospital with the policeman Farnuin
said he had left the hospital because he
suspected Kllngel and the do:or were
trying to get mm out ot inc w.
Mayor May Veto Ordinance Increas
ing Pay of City Kniployes.
i I . a . In .alflHM for eltv
employes, aai provided by the Council, are
. ...I... 4n mil . . u Vivnr
DDi m it i iBiui . . J
Simon Is having prepared lists of salaries
In tne various aepuruneiita i
. e .L.1 m ml r h tha nronosed ln-
y&BU vi I."'" " - .-
creaaea. After he has satisfied himself
regarding the Justice In the various
cases, he will determine if he will ap
prove or veto the ordinance granting
tnem. ....
Two things the Mayor has in view In
I...I.. ih. llata nf eslarles. One
1WIKIIIB " -'" -
i j..n.inA it iinritia preference or
a i .. ,
unjust favoritism is being shown in the
matter, ana tne omer is v -co
creases are, justified under the present
low revenue of the general fund. The
salaries suggested for increase were rec
ommended by the heads of departments,
i . i. i . raaiino- amons: many who
have been left out that partiality has
been shown.
Mount Angel Students May Present
Irish Drama at Salem.
Angel. Or,, Jan. 26. (Special.) "More
Einned Against Than Sinning." a fa
mous old Irish drama. Is under prepar
ation by the dramatic club of the col
lege, and will be offered within the
next three weeks. The play Is being
" : i K V-llllan and Is the
siagea u y o v o -. ... -
heaviest that haa been attempted at
the college for aeverai years, it ac..
with Ireland In the days of persecu
tion and proscription, and has several
very strong cnaraciere.
T i c a m-lll asauma the lead
Inc role and John Costello will take
the heavy vUlain a part. Provided the
How Any Meal Can Be Thoroughly En-
. . . kin n. n
Coats Yob Nothing to Try Sloan s wye-
pepsla Tablets.
u.n a a rule, are first discovered
by their enemies. Their antagonists
turn on the searchlight, and the proof
of merit will lie In being able to stard
he flash.
i was onlv in this way that Mr.
wkita ver knew that dyspepsia was
nn. nf Mr. Black's worst enemies. Sit
ting face to face at a iwo-mr-ii
table, he handed his afflicted friend the
bill of fare:
Oyster Cocktail. siutiea unv.
Boston Clam Chowder.
Strained Gumbo.
Sirloin Steak with Mushrooms.
Roast Beef Hash.
Boiled Ox Tongue with Sauerkraut
Lobster a la Newberg.
Baked Pork and Beans.
Combination Crab Salad.
Hot Mince Pie.
Pineapple Fritters.
Mr. White ordered a "little of each."
Mr. Dyspepsia Black ordered crackers
and a glass of mllic "i naa sucn a
big breakfast this morning," he sail.
that 1 11 Just taice a one to Keep you
company. But air. vt nite couia not
be deceived: "I am afraid you can t
stand the gleam. Mr. Black. Why don't
1-on iit vou have dyspepsia and be
done with It? You'll always have that
hungry look anyhow as long as you
have dyspepsia. Now listen. My stom
ach was In Just as bad condition as
yours at one time. But now I can eat
anything, at any timo. For Instance,
this clam chowder or sirloin steak or
even the lobster would be Just as wel
come to my stomach as your crackers
and milk. Tou don t realize how tms
dyspepsia business is robbing you of
your spirit, of your energy and ability
to think, quickly. I can't help notice
It. You haven't the cheer and socia
bility -vou had three months ago. Now
I'll tell you what to do," and thereat
the cheerful Mr. White took a v:ai from
his pocket and extracted a wee tablet.
"There, there is a tablet that contains
an Ingredient, one grain of which dl-
s-ests 3000 grains of fooa. for even
the worst dyspeptic It's the only thing
that really gives reiier. u ne reason is
it relieves the stomach of nearly all
the work It has to uo, digests every
thing In the stomach and stimulates
the gastric Juice. I can't get along
without them. They aro Stuart's Dys
pepsla Tablets. You can get them any
where on eartn tor ouc a pacKage.
Yes. it is true, Stuart s uyspepsli
Tablets absolutely stop heartburn, nau
sea. Indigestion, dyspepsia of the worst
type, sour stomacn. Dioaty teenng ana
all erucations and Irritation, and
freshen and Invigorate tne stomach.
They cheer you up, and make you get
all the good there is in your food. You
will forget you ever had a Btomacn to
worry you.
Send us your name ana address to
day and we will at once send you by
all a sample package, free. Address
F. A. Stuart Co., 150 btuart Bldg., Mar
shall. Mich.
lawmakers at Salem do not abbrevaite
their schedule and take their departure,
the students will take their play to the
capital city, with a view to offering It
for the gratification of the solons' crit
ical tastes.
Double Programme Promised In
Alumnae Entertainment Course.
The fourth number of the Alumnae
Entertainment Course will be given to
nleht at Masonic Temple and will be one
of the most entertaining of all the
courses. It is a double entertainment.
helne a lecture and song recital as well
W. I Hubbard, for many years muslo
I.ti. a Hid r-hlfuirn TrihunS. h H an
International reputation for his insight
Into things musical ana since ne nas en
tered the lecture field nas provea nim-
if aa hriiiinnt a --Sneaker as a writer.
He is assisted by Alfred Bergen, a
young baritone who recently creaicu
furore in Denver, and by Mrs. Campbell
a nlnnlat of renntatlon.
These two Illustrate for Mr. Hubbard,
giving a real recital.
Mao Wlio Wants to Start Anew Must
Serve One Year,
xTor-rv TCavmnnd. ex-convlct and pro
fessional burglar, was eentenced by
Circuit . Judge McGinn yesterday to a
year on the County rockplle at hard
i.knr Pnvmnnd nleaded guilty and said
he wanted to start over again. The
Court said his record was against mm
because of four previous convictions, but
a minimum sentence was imposed.
r-.v Ttnaenstrom. .alter admitting;
h- himm two worthless checks for
a total of $13. was given a chance to
start over again. Judge mcuinn let nim
go on probation.
Newspaperman Is on Long Walk
-r.tnK r WirfhlnriAn. who has un-
.i . -r r. u . . rt wallc from Buffalo. N. Y..
to Portland and return by June 15, 1911.
in Purr and a rew aavs aco. tun
i ... . i. mnmfnff on the return trip.
Worthlngton arrived in Seattle from Buf
falo in November, ana remainea at ocai-
tle until January 11. wnen ne
DAlanil TL'AlklnS &S he 1AV fit. On
the return trip he will pass through
Spokane. jNorinern lumw.
North Dakota and on to Buffalo by way
.11 , .wii i - f-hlraen and Cleveland.
Ho Is confident that he will be able to
complete the Journey oy ine epeciucu
aaif). nuimiu6w" -
paper man employed on the Buffalo Ex
tTnllgltted Auto Causes Arrest.
E. E. Cohen, manager of an automo
.rr..t.n earlv ves
Due compHu-i " , - .
. a mnminr at Fourteenth and
- . . Paimtniflll PrBV
Washington Vi, ,iv.,,r
for driving his automobile "ut
lights The otneer reported mav
. . . ii . . ih. inmm when called
reiusea iw -1 -
upon to do so. He was released upon
his recognisance and failed to appear
. ...j.u mnrninff wban thO
In COUri rmriuu.. o
case was called. A bench warrant was
Issued for him, but ne arnvru """
The case went over.
Bottled by
Pheae Mala 380, A 4S4L
O. I. G.
Th dtas IF fth weA h
fthe clos IF Ab Qreaft
Sdllninig Cleaffaimce Sal
They were $35; now $24.50
They were $30; now $21.50
They were $25; now $17.85
They were $15; now $11.85
Similar Reduction on Rain
coats and Overcoats.
The $7.50 ones; now.. $5.95
The $6.00 ones; now.. $4.95
-The $5.00 ones; now.. $3.95
The $4.00 ones; now.. $3.25
The $3.50 ones; now.. $2.65
The $3.00 ones; now.. $2.25
!And Other Genuine Bargains in Every Department.
Ease Accompanies the WeU-Dressed Man Men Who Wear BEN
SELLING Clothes Are .Well Dressed.
Scarcity of Equities May Cause De
lay in Establishment or Three
New Companies.
. . . . . uvaa n.w fl r"A en-
pine companies will probably be de
r . ., i- v, nf havlne
laved mrguKii - -
horses for the engines and at present
Chief Campbell has been unable to una
any suitable animals for this work
Twelve or fifteen new horses are needed
by the city for this work, but as the
demand Is for thoae weighing between
?250 and 1600 pounds and between the
ages of five and seven years, much
trouble is being found in looting ani
mals which win mi i" -Campbell
said yef terday that the city
had been aaveru...s ------ -
some time but none had been pur
chased. . m-
W J. Wood, a naval arcnucci "t v,...-
i w i i, fli-a committee
cafco was seiecwu j - . .
of ,he executive board at Its meeting
"meThTngTo other player will do. REMEMBER the APOLLO
the original S8-note player and the ONLY one that plays ALL 88
note music, as veil as 65-note music. If thinking player piano, and
want the best, see the others and then see and hear the APOLLO and
we think it will be easy for you to decide.
Ivers & Pond Pianos
We are exclusive agents on the Coast for the renowned Ivers & Pond
pianos, of which there are none better. A full line m stock, includ
ing the matchless Princess grands. In fact, if you are m the market
for a piano we can supply you with a god piano for less than can
be obtained elsewhere. Try us and see.
106 Fifth St, Next to Perkins Hotel
They were $15; now $11.85
They were $10.00 ; now $7.85
They were $ 7.50 ; now $5.35
They were $ 5.00 ; now $3.95
They were $ 3.95 ; now $2.95
Similar Reductions in Boys'
The $2.50 ones; now.. $1.85
The $2.00 ones; now.. $1.45
The $1.50 ones; now 98
'The $1.00 ones; now 73
The 75c ones; now ....49?
Quoting "VALUES" is quoting nothing at all
I quote Original Prices and Reductions.
yesterday afternoon to prepare plans
lor i'oruana s new mo va.v, ,.
to be built at a cost of about $125,000.
The committee has been considering
the selection of an architect for a long
time, but the members could not at
ii man whn WAS aCCeDtablO tO
all tha members and the Mayor.
For the nre boat ana ine auiinau
water mains for the fire department by
which It is planned to aid In, fighting
fire in the business district, the city
has authorized the sale of $275,000
. v. i.r..iD Th. mains will be
laid from the river back as far as Sixth
street, and through tnem we uro uu
will pump water from the river when
a serious connagration gets started.
Physical tests for candidates for the
positions of firemen should have been
made more than a week ago, but the
muddy grounds at the fields where the
tests have to be made has caused the
trials to be postponed.
Overdrafts Made Felony.
STATE CAPITOL Sa.em, Or., Jan.
26. (Special.) The Issuance of a cheek
by any person on a bank in which he
has no funds to his credit will consti
tute a felony punishable by Imprison
ment In the penitentiary if a bill intro
duced today by Representative Bryant
Wind River Logging Company Closes
HT'STJM. Wash., Jan. ' 2fi. (Special. )
Logging camp No. 5 of the Wind River
Lumber Company, seven miles up the
White Salmon River from here, has
suspended operations until March 1.
About 40 men are employed In this
camp. The company's dam a few miles
below here that went out last week.
It Is stated will not be rebuilt.
Night and Day
Your money is accumulat
ing at interest when you
have an account with Ash
ley & Rumelin, Bankers.
Put your surplus funds to
work now. Your account
is cordially invited.
On Savings Accounts
Accounts of $1.00 and Up
Open 5t30 P. M.
Saturdays Until S P. M.
If we would come out in
print and tell you just how '
good Mendota is you might
think we were stretching the
truth. So we make only
modest claims. It is a satis
factory coal.
Phones: A 3887; Marshall 2635
Order From Your
Dealer Today