Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 13, 1910, Page 11, Image 11

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mllnf rooti Vala T"TO
City elreala'len ata T"TO
xr:i editor Main Tro
Sunrlar rditor T"TO
ritnptMlitf.raftai ........Maim T"7e
upt. bui. llrt Main T'T
HRUi) THEATER (S.rnth Slid Tslnr
riTn' HrT snd Thurlow pergen IB
"Tha Ntgswr." TDlghl at IS ocWx-a.
Bivoirmv THEATtH (Twelfth ed
UrrlMQ) "A iroo IdoL" TooAsht
HAKF.R TtlFATEIl I Elersnth aad
r.r lh fl.kf rtrw a enmnanr in 'The
Moeor of th family. Tonl?u at ftTlS.
OfrHKl'w THK ITER ( rrlon. Vl
8apt Osts Baxx at Tat Ranrly Is
to havw a bank. A bulldios; is to be
erected! on the property of Casper Junker,
which will he occupied by the bank and
. by the Mount Hood Land Company. Ti-.e
A anos I ""' bank "1U b reaaollj-hed by the
3 M , Italian-American Bank or Portland with
A nl ile Meyer, of that InetltuiN.n aa cashier.
A "vi riforts rave bttu msde for the past six
"" J month to st a bank at 8andy. but a
A " aultable tulldli could not b had. It Is
announced that ti.e Mount Hood Railroad
will run wttf-.ln. two Mocks of Ma!n street
of tha town.
New Bills Open at the
. Vaudeville Houses
, ton. of Tacome, will speal
1 teaching of Christian Science.
y,.. ' T-rnple. Went Park and Yum
CnnisnA Bctewb Itri Herb.
Nex-t Saindar at 1 and P. M.. Clarence C.
ton. of Tacoms, will speak ooon the
at Masonic
nmhlll streets.
under the auspices of First and Second
1.ur-h of flirts. 8-lentVt. of this c!iy.
Mr. Eaton ha for several rears been
Mr.n m, sevenths VaudeYiiie. Tola oft- a member or tne onnro or itriun-wiip 01
t.iii at I is and at Vli. tha Fint Church of Christ. Scientist. In
ORAM) THEATKK i Par and washi- J Boston and ta an able and convincing
n nuo'iiii". inn iiirawni m. . rt,aKr. T! tai lecture is rrea ana no coi
nlsht . T i sad - 1 ,.k,
Hie. This afternoon
I.TR1C IHFATER-iHniilli aad AWlfl
l.rt- )lui'l Comedy i"ompnt. in "la
H roce-K" TMe afteraoos at 3-JU. tonight
at T - and a.
TAR THKATITi Par and Wsahington
Mill'n piriurea. Continuous, from l:iO
to to.r.o p. M.
Rviironn CaanB Euai Orrcaa
At the annual election of the officers for
lurkwood Oran. F. H. Crana was re-
cr-ose" master, the new term belrs; his I , n a sightly location, overlooking tha
I .or Pouo roa . H. N. Northup yes
terday sold to K. D. Wllllna- lot 6, block O,
Oreenway Addition. Portland Hihtex
The price was - and the transfer
made thronah the acency of D. Parker
Krvcn Co. The lot Is of irtansjular
simp with ITS feet facink on tha Paiton
Road. IS teet on tha rear road and 1
feet on the third aide of the trtanale. Th
lot contains about a quarter block ana
sever th year. Th other officer are:
versecr. Mrs. O. B. Stockton: lecturer.
Mrs. Cora KoNertsun: aeMKan steward.
Jowph Muttfiauf: chaplain. tort Stock
ton: treasurer. Martin Malthauf: secre
tary. "Vr V. " 1. lyrrelare: tekeeper.
Hester Quleerihtiry; cernt. Goldie Ilok;
flora. Carrie H'k: nnn asslMsnt
a-.ewsrd. Mn. Ruth M.'ller: executive
committee. Martin M'llitijuf. Sr Ueraa
pn'ar.d and J. ff. Rhjimond: finance roin
rirtee. E. L. Thorie. John Mnller and
Thomsa Rowan: muelcinn. Me:er
Thorpe. Rx-kwood Orarke Is eliftit rears
Kxt.ifcrra Kijm-t Orrf-iu.-At t' Uet
meetirc of Ivanhite IotiKe. No. 1. Knlchta
of P thins, tiie following- ortlcera were
elect. -d ffr the ensnlnc term: chancellor
tommaril-r. J. N. James: rice-chancellor,
Pavld N. Moss-jsjohn: prelate. A. Preston:
manter-at-arnai. C. Woclcock; master of
Work, r mine K. Powlirf: keeper of
re..nla ar 1 seal. H M. Ijincc; maatcr of
finance. A. H. Ouylord; master of ex
chequer. Charles O. l:c'.tn: Inner kuard,
J. R. Hurhes; outer riard. D. H Nelson;
trustee l for three years K Joeeph iupp!e.
At the List mtlcc of Samaritan Ixv!e,
No. 2. tHJ'tfei:oe the fnliowlPB Officers
were el-. t.-d: Noble krand. C. J. McNeil;
v. e rrand. Pnrid N. M3e'ohn: secre
tary. R, (wolJ: treasurer. C. E Hand.
lmorciirr Disr4-r Foaxkp The
Frern Improrement dltrl-t In Vernon
ra leen fornJ with the followlnk
sirreti: Uieron from Kant Thirty-third
to rif Tl irtT-eventh; Webster, between
t'jt-t Tvlrty-tMrd and Kaat Thirtr-sev-enth;
liunibolilt. between Kuat Thlrty-C-'rl
and Caat TMrty-seventu: Prescott.
between Hiet Thirty-third and Kast
Thlrly-aeventh; K Thirty-fourth, be
tween Campaign to Willamette lleiKhiit:
Maranente avenu. from CixmpatKn exreet
to nrth line of WUUniette Addition:
nt TMrty-eth between Carr.palkn
street to Willamette Addition. Tliese
streets will be sjrad-d and aidewalks laid.
Th rsJrratea coet of tl.e illatrux Ira
prererprnt la
JI Vothi ccka Bin to RocKrrt-B-
Jiv after fr...U.rir a fcrtn of seven
months at Kelly liutte for p.usink bnd
cheks. Alvlri McCarthy, of a respected
fim.iy rf this cfr. app.-ared In Munic
ipal Cburt yentciMay to answer for new
nrerewa of ti e sunie klnil. He waa ac
c sed of paja n threw check for con-
Mlerabl ainourts. upon Taubenhelmer A
Sichmeer. the Moyer ctothlns; Company
and the Frank I- Smith Company. All
the checks purported to have born s!r.rd
by hi mother, lie admitted tho offenee
and pleaded (uiity to a rh.iree of 4mpl
larcenr. He waa sentenced to a years
Im prisonment at the county rockplla.
ItiitjiCAD Omniij IVimiho. R. M.
Calkins, traffic manager, and Ueorce W.
. Ilibbard. a-aistajit seneral panser
ae.nt. of the "Mcjto, Milwaukee A
l-uaet Sound Hallway, with office In
Seattle are expected to arrive In Portland
totUy on a btaaness They will re
main for a few days. While In the cliy.
the Keattie men will ln.pect the new
quarter In the Itallway bulld
Inc that will be occupied by the local
office Pf the Milwaukee after the first
of th year. KVHowlnr their return Jamea
R. Velteh. reneral akent In this -lty. will
o to ft. Paul and Ohlcasn on business.
Road FIwkijii 8TEirr-A Tracks.
The Portland Hallway. Usht A: Power
Company l ruwhlnc work on It double
tracks on Milwaukie street, between Clin
ton and Powell, riien working there day
and nliCht. The condition of Milwaukle
tree between these two points Is) such
as practically to close, the street. Resi
dent and business men are hopeful that
tl.e prement of Mllwauk'e street can
be completed here in order to give ac
cess to the district aouth.
N. Iteveex wlille Intoxicated Sunday
right, accosted Hertha llclsid. an Indigent
woman who peddles newinupera at
Fourth and Stark street, ami ii.e-ilted
her. lie was ohserved by Patrolman
Shaffer and Special Officer 4illiA. who
placed under arree.. R-eves. In Mu
nicipal Ctjurt yesterday, had no recollec
tion of th affront. He waa allowed to
go frea upon promise of good behavior.
A Mii.n KxpUASATtox In SK Slrbel A
Co. advert emet of "Ml llopar"
llaana r.iare which appeared In The
oregonian Mordiy morning, the first line
read "A mild acceptable Chrtatmaa gift,'"
It should have read "A moit acceptable
chrwtmaa rtift." Slchcl A Co. carry
full I're cf th' excellent Havana cigar
r inning from the rery mild to the strong
est amke that It to possible to accuxe In
tKraJ'at Havana tobacco.
Bar AssortATic. to Meet. A neclaj
n'ectlng of the Multnomah Associa
tlon will be held In department No. J.
at the Courthouae at t o'clock tomorrow
night. The advisability cf Increaeang the
rumber of Judge on the Circuit Uencb
from five to seven wilt be considered,
other meaeurea which It in deemed ad
visable to preeent to the Legislature will
also be considered.
penea Pouas Frjr&AAL Iltift-The
funeral of Jeter Doiau. who died De
cember 21. wa. held ytUrday frora St.
Mary Church. William) avenue and
Stanton streets. lie waa a widower and
had lived In Portland for S yeara. He
was an Iron moulder by trade.
A Timclt fcoosTtox. Ladles and chil
dren will find Christina ahopng easier
and will escape crowd on car at rush
hour If they w'll arrange to do tbeir
hopping so that they may return to
thair homes not later than a o'clock each
Rrv. Ma. FottKE to LrcTcnm. At l l
P. it. today rr. William H. FOuIke will
deliver an ad.ireas upon the Kdmburgli
Corf.rence. before tc Women M'
stonary Society of th First Presbyterian
a "h urea. All fiieotl are cordially In
vited. C fXaioRB GRors for Christmas Photo.
Tou are not too late. With our modern
equipment w will be able to finish ail
sittings made up to Pec. loth, for
CHrlstmaa. .Jit Washington St.
Enai. Brao.
Th family health beer. Phon Mala TO.
A Portland Brewing Company.
CMRikTaiA Books. "McLoughUn and Old
Oregon." "lUUttoaid of Oragoo." "The
Watch x. rtAitoKPs. Jittlat-W. h.
UeeVi. fita floor Drkuo bldg.. open eve
ainga. Dr. F. M. Brooks, physician and sur
geon. Orefonian blcig. Both phones.
DiAAtoxra. C Christewn. second floor
Corbett building Take elevator.
Kodaia-Colvmbian Optical company.
Ij llils street.
WoorrCR't day and night tor.
Valley, to th northeast.
Civil. War VetkraK Dibs- Martin
Foster, veteran of the Civil War. died
at hi home. Ml Missouri avenue. Sun
day at the age of e years and 4 month
He nerved In the war four yeara and wa
a member of the Fourth Iowa Infantry,
The funeral will be held today at 11
M. under tlie rtirplces of IJncoln-rtarflerd
Poie; n. A. IL srd the burial will be made
In Hose City Ometery.
New Yob a tas to Meet. The New York
State Eknleur of Oregon will hold
regular monthly meeting this evening In
the ration of the Olendora, Hotel. Nine
teenth eireet. between Washington an
Couch. A short programme will be given
and light refreshment served. A cordial
welcome has been extended to all New
York people.
nox. HL Shelley Morgan, formerly ecre-
tarr of the Travelers Protective Associa
tlon and well known In bueiine.-" circles.
waa operated on for aopendlcitie. at St.
Vincent's Horpltal yetserday. He la re
ported to be doing well ahd hla recovery
I confidently expected
Mrs. Viola Lambert's Kt'xrRAt. Hkt-d.
The funeral of Mrs. Viola Ivunbert, who
died December 10. was held yeeterda
from the family residence. 64 East Taylor
street, and burial wa made In Hose t ity
Cemetery. Mm. Laimbert wa the wife
of Frank TV. Lambert and waa O year
of ago.
iwvrhnlorv dcDartment will meet In th
Woman's nubr-vim. at 1 P. M. today. All
club member should make an effort t
atterd. Profeisor Kdwln Tauacli I Usder,
The art dot-artment will meet at S P. M-
Mr Wc'wter leader.
The Tni-xo Mex's Cur of St. Patrick';
parish will hold another of their succc
fill whist partle tonight In the church
hall, at Nineteenth and FAVIer streets.
A lorg? crowd Is expected.
AnvkRTisixa PRoroemox. - Including
mntroli'-T Interest and state right for
sale. In.'eetmtnt IXUk. R Ore hoc lan
Rexew your magazine subscription a
Oill's. Third and Alder. Splendid Mm
Bazaar. Mothers' club of th People'
Instlfi', trasy (Tuesday), afterni ar.d
Xmaj Cirr Antique Shop. S3 Wash.
S3 ACn:S. VALVE f 23.00,840.
Clerk Fields' Figure Do Not In
clude Ae.mcnt rtn Ilallwaj
and Other Corporations.
County Clerk Fields and hia staff of
deputies have completed th summary
of the assessment roll of Multnomah
County for 110. showing th total
value of real estate and porsonal prop
erty In the county to be l;:77.0!9.!5.
Thhs 1 several hundred thousand dol
lars less than the estimate furnished to
school districts, but as the total runs
Into the millions. It will make little
difference aa to the amount secured
from the levy.
I.and In Multnomah County has an
average value of $125.13 an acre, ac
cording to Assessor Slgler' assessment.
There are 1M.5C5 acres in the county,
valued at 1:3.090.840. Improvements on
out-of-town land are valued at
000. Town lota are valued at $153,930.
fo. Improvements on town lots are
worth $a.3vl.:70, according; to assess
Ther ar 17.71 miles of logging road
In Multnomah County, valued at $US.-
030. Steamboats, sailboats, stationary
engine and machinery are valued at
.340.900: merchandise. 11k.. 69.330:
farming Implements, wsgons and car
nages. ll.04.1i; notes and accounts,
IS. 99. 490: stock. I.3n3.9.".0: household
furniture, watches and Jewelry, $7.03.1.
810: homes. $7:.4SO; cattle. $234,031;
sheep and goats. ISSl'S: swlno. $1.670:
doK. $11,410; $396,000.
These sums do not Include the assess
ment placed on railroads and other
public service corporations by the State
Tax Commission.
Beautiful Una of dwlnty Ir!h crochet,
cluny. filet. Duchess laces and fine
Madeira embroideries. A big assortment
of delicate novelties wilted for Chrtanmas
trade, horpens of discernment cannot
afford to mm them. Doilies. SSc and up
Jubots. J1.50 and up: Handkerchief. Wc to
IL'.jO. centerpieces, scarvea. oaoy areaseex
etc. We can afford to give you lowest
price, as we Import direct. Atiyeh Bros.
Oriental Rug Store, corner Tenth and
Washington. '
All the delleacle of th aoa at ia
Portland Restaurant. Fin private apar
taenia for ladies, tot Wash-, near su St.
Ptctura taken at Aune. Columbia bsJg,
between now and Christinas, will b
finished promptly regardless of weather.
Olvea all repairing. Walter A. Lord
Co.. Ill Sixth st.. near Washington.
Before purchasing see
Wallace. T01 Couch bulldln
Th family of A. M. Sptckelmler wish
to thank their friends for the svmpathy
shown during their recent bereave
ment. Back Itnin Coat,
The best house coal. Liberty Coal A
Jce Co, excluaive agents, li North
Fourteenth atreeu Main lit: A SU.
Plant Sibson rosea Phon Bellwood $60.
MNT good, entertaining- acts com
bine to make the Orpheum bill this
week most attractive to trie amusement-seeker.
Honor for first place go easily to
Charles Leonard Fletcher and com
pany for an exceptionally excellent
playlet railed "His Nerve." It's a real
gem. of the Kohlnoor quality; an ab
sorbing and delightful story centered
about the uprising and down-sittings
of a burglar of the Raffles type. Th
lines and situations. while keenly
humorous, are at all times consistent
and even at Junctures quite thrilling.
The gentlemanly crook and the com
mon house-breaker meet, by accident.
In the apartments of the man whom
they have planned to rob. The burg
lar in evening dress takes the oppor
tunity to deliver several homilies on
the etiquette of thievery for the edu
cation of the burclar of the common; or
garden variety.
The owner of the apartments returns,
and by an exceedingly clever ruse,
the Chesterfleldlan thief proves his
theory that plenty of gray matter or
plain nerve, will accomplish anything,
calmly proceeding to save both hi
skin and that of his companion, aa
well as landing the real owner of the
house In she clutches of the law as
the burglar.
Mr. Fletcher's handling of the Raffles
role is In the highest degree artistic
and Judicious, and his support Is admir
able. Lew Gordon Is the policeman, a really
clever bit of characterization, while
the other principal role. In the sup
port, that of the housebreaker. Is capa
bly handled by William Stafford.
One of the big hits on the bill Is
the comedy skit, "Dying to Act," pre
sented by Wellington Cross and Lots
Josephine. It's a discriminating bunch
of real' comedy, with song and dance
trimmings, and coated all over with
thick slathers of radiating personality.
How that' pretty pink and white Lois
does dance, and certainly Wellington
has some nice big rolce. The mere
fact that their act hasn't been changed,
only a hobble 'on the sklit of Lois In
the scrub-lady act. does not In any
sense lessen its value as an enter
tainment of the best sort- Their bur
lesque on the mellerdramer Is a distinct
A charming novelty offering la that
of Joseph Hart s "Bathing Girls," fea
turing Olenwood White, who sings
delightfully, and Albertlne Benson, who
can't sing at all. The revue, very glrly
glrly. Is elaborately staged; the songs
and specialties are new. and the cos
tumes are eye-delights. V mighty
fetching flnr.le Is afforded In a surf
scene, whcieln Is depicted by aid of
the moving picture machine, an effect
ive animated picture of modern mer
maids splashing In the breakers.
A comedy concoction labeled "The
cirrus Girl," Is offered by Marie and
Billy Hart, which serves as a vehicle
for the display of an unusual wire
balancing act by the girl, and gives
Billy opportunities to get several new
Jokes out of his system.
Lew Wells gives a saxaphone num
ber and Insists on "monologlng" on
the side. The music, really tuneful,
unusual melodies he plays, are of th
A No. 1 variety; tha monologue is Inex
cusably ancient.
Then there's the Quigley Brothers,
ho dance well, and "dialogue" with
an Irish atmosphere.
The Marlo-Aldo Trio, two men and
a woman, open the bill with an un
usually meritorious caatlng-acrobatlo
act. The orchestra, as always. Is one
of the features of the entertainment.
Reverse the order of things,
and Instead of enriching some
body else this Christmas, make
a Christmas present to your
self. Put a few dollars in real
estate In th New York of the
.Pacific, the best city In the
country the safest to buy In.
A Judicious buy say In Irv
Ington Park will as surely
make you a large profit as the
waters of the Willamette are
to flow to the sea. Buy now
while the prices are low, and
tha Increase, the "unearned
Increment" therefrom, will In
the course of a few years en
able you, to make many pres
ents, both to your family and
F. B. H0LBR00K CO.
Room 214 Lumber Exchange.
IN 1910
First Presbyterian Church,
Alder and Twelfth Streets,
Rev. Wm. Hiram Foulkes, D.D.
Illustrated by Many Beautiful
Stereoptlcon Slides.
Tuesday, Dec. 13, at 8 P. M.
Ticket 23 cents on sale at First
Church, 1-30 to 2:30 P. Jl., Y. M. C.
A. and 450 Sherlock Bldg.
i r
Just Received Two More
Carloads of
IT v i -e i
.M feye. .iiijs J ffTf .iJuaiMA1 .W'Mi'We'.t:
From the J. H. Diets Factory,
Makers of the Best Desk on
the Market Today Bar None
Thorough in Construction and Finish,
Dull Brass Trimmings and
Brass Leg Sockets
land next 'year on assignment to the
Oregon Naval Reserve, she will either
be berthed at the City Levee or the O.
W. P. dock. Ofllcers of the organization
hope to induce the Council to amend an
ordinance recently passed, through which
vessels making fast to the levee . are
charged according to tonnage, and if
that is not successful a request will be
made to use the O. W. P. dock.
Th Government provides six blue
Jackets to care for the ship when out
of commission, so the reserve will be free
of such responsibilities. George 3.
Shepherd has returned from Puget Sound,
where he inspected the Boston and
talked with the Navy officials, but he
was Informed that definite orders had
not been received regarding the disposi
tion of the Boston and Concord, though
they probably will be forwarded this
Printers, Lithographers,
Blank Book Manufacturers,
Loose Leaf Systems,
Catalogues and High-class Booklet
Work a Specialty.
87-91 PARK ST.
Have Your
Contracts, Quotations,
Prospects and Papers
You Can Find Them
Large or Small.
With Your Business.
Catalogue on Request.
' if Mr
Nl'BUAL, at any show house Is a
continual run week after week of
good shows and this Is exactly what the
Grand has had to offer for more than a
month. Topllned by th George Bon-
hair troupe, th performance this week
Is of the best. Feminine Impersonations
by "Huntress" Is th opening act. A
dressing-room Is his first scene, after
which he characterises a bit, and then
executes some extremely graceful dances.
A Jolly trio with a breezy sweep of
laugh and song. Interspersed with danc
ing, are the Knight brothers and Saw-
telle, who convulse their audience with
their merry chatter.
Following these numbers comes Pat
Rellly, Uie Irlah comedian, who la mak
ing his debut In vaudeville, so he says.
He Is assisted by Flo Wells In a military
playlet which they call "In the Days of
61. The stage setting of this act Is
particularly good, displaying an old sol-
diera' hospital In the background and
In the foreground a pitched tent, a float
ing American flag and a large copper
I've Lost My Girl," is the woeful bass
solo sung by the heavy man In Daly's
country choir, while tne remainder of
the quartet jeer at him tn unsympathetio
but harmonious chorus. Th muslo
which this country-clad team gives is all
that th advance notice promised and
they charm the listener with tunes old
and new.
Forty-two years an ex-Judge" is only
one of the many honors of which Rube
Dickinson may right well boast. With
out exception he Is about as funny a
rube impersonator as one wonld wish
to see. To look at him Is to laugh and
that nntll the tears come. Then comes
th act which "Rube" Dickinson rivals
for the feature, the George Bonhalr
troupe, with marvelous power of relax -
tlon combining unusual physical
strength, tumble and climb about tha
stag In a bewildering manner.
The cigar of quality. A cigar that de
lights the discriminating smoker. A great
Cnristmas gift. Slg. Slchel & Co., 92
Third or Third and Washington.
Mrs. Annie Iriter Dead.
ORBrtON CITY. Or., Dec. Ii. fSpeclal.)
Home for Cruiser, Assigned to Ore-
con Naval Reserve, Is Sought.
When the cruiser Boston reaches Port-
Our customers say
we have the best se
lected and cleanest
stock of any jeweler in
the Nortlm;est. The lat
est addition to our selec
tions are real Oriental
pearl necklaces, the best
one is $8000.00. s
We carry the finest
stock of unset diamonds
and can supply designs
and make up anything
you wish at short no
tice. Our price is rea
sonable and you get the
article you purchase
and the value of your
money every time.
The L C. Henrichsen Co.,
2S4 IVaahlnartoa St.
California Metal Plating Works
A. Methlvler. prop.
Metal Coloring a Specialty.
Main 71S Portland. Oregon
1 UK 5
tor Amas
Orders placed-for Furs or Fur Garments given Special Per
sonal Attention. .
No Eastern inferior hurried shop-made Furs. Our Furs
are manufactured right here on the Premises in Port
land, Oregon.
Tour inspection of our elegant assortment of Fur Neck
pieces, Muffs, Fur and Fur-lined Coats will convince you
as to the superior grade. Cost less and are guaranteed.
H. Liebes Sc Co.
J. P. Plagemann, Mgr.
288 Morrison St. Corbett Building.
Mrs. Annie Pflster died yesterday even
ing at the home of her son. J. PHster, in
New Era. She was a native of Germany,
and was 73 years of age. The funeral
services will be held tomorrow at New
now by opening an account
with Ashley & Rumelin,
bankers. It will make Christ
mas merrier and enable you
to make your friends happier
by remembering them with
suitable Christmas gifts.
4 Interest Paid
On Savings Accounts. '
Accounts of $1.00 and up
Portland, Oregon
Open 8 A. M. until 5:30 P.
Saturdays until 8 P. M.
You have a standing invitation to inspect the Olympia
Brewery, near Tumwater Falls. We want you to
Examine into all the details of our modem brewing
and bottling metbods methods that give our beer a
the Water" distinct reputation i.or putuj, wuujeouiucucBa nun uc-
' liciousness.
Drink Olympia Beer the epitome of beverage flavor.
Phone Main 671, or Ind. A 2467.
Olympia Beer Agency
H PUl'ft A T
?a A Am Int 4-rnlft rf vrn mrsrtirniS
1 up-to-date coaches', smoking
car. dining-car and pancr-oiv
servation car.
U 4 lOpi Sesttle U S.OOpi
U S.iOm Tacoma U 3 tom
U 7.02s Centralis - Ur 1.50sa
l 7.15s, Chehali. L l AOrt
U 9 55siVancouv'rWsthLirl0.45as
AtlO.JOj- 'Portland UlO.lOia
Northern Pacific Ry
Ticktts: Ponlani. 255 MorrixmSl.: p
1st Am. out ttUr Way. IS ?f
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Collegiate School
The Lord Bishop of Columbia.
Excellent accommodation for boarders
- Spacious school buildings
Gymnasium Cadet Corps
Sound education, Careful supervision
For Prospectus, apply Headmaster.'
. For Sale in Large and Small Tracts by
Owners of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Wagon Road
Land Grant.
E. L. MARVIN, Western Agent,
268 Stark Street, Railway Exchange Building, Portland, Oregon,
Oriental Xmas Gifts
Chinese Fancy Goods, silk Kimonos, all
kinds of Embroidered 611k Handkerchiefs.
Brassware. Sandalwood Carved Boxes, m
hroidered Table Covers. Mandarin Coats, Silk
Shawls, Shirt Waist Patterns. Linen Oolites
and Chinese Teakwood Furniture.
69 North Fourth St.. ' near Davis.
CompareOur Prices
Neth & Company
Collectors Established In 1900.
How about those old accounts?
5SS Worcester Bids:, Portland, Or.
The largest assortment of Mechan
ical Toys on the Coast. We are crowded
for room; must close out the entire
stock &t
6Sc ON the: dollar.
144 Second St, Bet. Alder and Morrison.
Desirous of Curing the Drink
- W are honestly desirous of curing
all who are adicted to drink, and if
you are Interested In any one needing
Orrine we invite you to write us. Our
correspondence 1b confidential and our
replies are sent In plain sealed envel
opes. Orrine No. 1, is the secret treat
ment and N'o. Z. for those who wish the
voluntary treatment. (1 per box. Write
for free booklet on "How to Cure
Drunkenness." The Orrina Co.. 7.10
Orrine Building-, Washington. D. C. The
leading druggists endorse Orrlnn, gold
in this city by Skidmore Drng Co., 161
Third SU and 372-371 Morrison St.
With those Ton hare bsen In the hsbtt of paring,
and rou will nee that offer joa s abattntiai lav
ing on all work and yon cannot get better painless
work aajwhere, no matter how much you pay.
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3 bridge work for oat
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i Painl esa extraction.
II re wudu iJiatbesj lit
bridge work is order
ed CouulUtion fret,
MoltfCrowro $5.03
22k Bridge TMtb 4. GO
QoldFiilinct 1.00
Erumti Fillings X U J
4 HubtMT
I d Plates
L i 1 Plat. i
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ML W. A. WISE, rtenniMMiun Painfott Extr Hon .0(1
it tub otuusui rwum beat mkthods
All work fully tianuitoed for fifteen yon.
Wise Dental Co.,in&
"Painless Dentists
rimrw Bnlldlng; Third and Wsstiintton. PORTLAND. ORE,
OlIiMHraro: SA.K.teS. U. lu&Ur.Sto
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