Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 12, 1910, Page 8, Image 8

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3IONDAT, DECE3IBER 12, 1910. ;
. . tn-: tu nnKAnri,MQ vinri a Pnrtlanci's Creatpst Christmas Store at Verv Lowest Prices
lDOiisanas upon inousanqs 01 lesiragic vjuis me ygijcawwv . r-
Toyland The Entire Fifth Floor Annex and Part of Main Building, Also Toys on the 4th Floor Santa Claus Here for the Children
Meier (& FrankStore
Great Sale of 2000 Corsets All at Cut Prices
Great Cut Price Sale f Corse
Meier (Sb Frank Store
Special for Cut Price Sale
$1.75 Corsets 98c
Today in oar Corset Section, we in
augurate the greatest of all corset
sales an opportunity to buy the de
sirable Kind at special, prices the
$1.75 corsets offered here are the
celebrated LaGrecqne, white only and
are on sale at the special low AO
price, for this sale, at each, only VOL
Special Cut Price Sale
Nemo and LaGrecqtte about 200
Corsets are included in this spe
cial sale. We advise early selec-
tinn. These are new tm-to-date I
models in white only and an exM
cellent onnortunity to save. De-v
MM .
partment on Second
Floor. Priced at only
Mill IN
Special for Cut Price Sale
$3.50 Nemo $1.98
The celebrated Nemo self-reducing
Corsets, made with the relief strap
and hose supporters attached, white
and drab are included in this great
cut-price sale. The Meier & FranK
Store Corset Section prices are always
the lowest On sale now at
the very low price, each
II $1.98
Special Cut Price Sale
iKKValues $3.98
The Celebrated M. F. Special
Estelles, Gossard Lace Front and
Irresistible Lace Front Corsets in
the greatest and best selection.
Every pair fitted and altered free
of charge. In white, pinKs and
blues. Corset Depart
ment, Second Floor. At
500 Brassiers Today
$1.00 Values 59c
Brassiers for confining the bust, made of fine cambric,
trimmed indafatyembroMe Qr
and ribbon. Specially priced for this sale at
$ 1 .50 Brassiers at 98c
An exceptional value, Jrimmeinembrddery and lace
erifriTurs, insertions, beading and ribbon. The no
ialestarts at 8 o'clock this morning. Today at -ou
The Home of the Famous
Warner's "Redfern and
Rustproof Corsets"
The Meier (Sh Frank Store
Some things characteristic of Warner's Corsets. Made
toahigh standard. Tested for shape. Tested for com
fort. Tested for wearing qualities. Come see them.
Long skirt models are decidedly the vogue. C so cor
seting is a necessity, but with slightly curv ing and not
straight lines, the waist nipped in a little and the hips
curving but controlled. Each "Warner style is abso
lutely in accordance with fashion, fitting comfortably
the figure intended. Whatever your size, there is no
reason why von cannot be fashionably corseted. Not
onlv fashionably corseted, but comfortably. It is the
business of the saleswomen at our counter to give
you your corset, because it is in our large stock.
Ko discontinued numbers sold here. The only author
ised department store selling agency in Portland.
"Baby Week" Starts
Today at the Big Store
Just before
2 Xmas this sale
offers special
chances for
savings; not
the small differences
in prices VSl
often quoted elsewhere, but the re-
ductions in prices that maKe this
store's wares so eagerly sought for
whenever announced. Here are
few of the special saving's and you
will find many more when you
visit the store. MaKe early choice.
m. m mm mm m W at9
20 !)oiirmn n Ali Handmade imams
3V0 iteGIICUOil Goods, $3.00 to $50 Each
40c Bootees for Infants 25c dfressfs' skirts' sacqoes'
nightingales, linen crib sheets, pillow cases,
This morning' at 8 o'clocK we place on towels, bedspreads, bibs, shoes, carriage
sale in Infants' Section, 500 pairs of robes and caps all at ONE-FOURTH OFF
hand-crocheted Infants' Bootees in $J00 Kid MoCCaSinS 79c
white with pinK and blue trim- or : 7-:
"1 : i a 77u The Moccasins offered in this special are
ming. On sale today at, the pair L Jt made of soft whlte Kid and trmmed in
$1.15 Crocheted SacqiieS 73c white, pinK or blue ribbon. Baby 7Q
An exceptional value in Infants' Cro- WeeK special price, at only, pair IVL
cheted Sacques the value is nnequaled Infants' CoiTlbs and Brushes
all white or with pinK and blue trim- Reg. $i.00 Sets "Baby Week" Price, 73c
mings. Baby weeK the special HO- Reg. $1.25 Sets "Baby Week" Price, 89c
price on these sacques is only Reg. $ 1 .75 Sets "Baby Week" Price, $ 1 .22
300 Nemo Corsets
$10 Vals. Today 7.50
The story of the savings are told above. These corsets
are designed for the medium and stout figures, made
unusually long over the hips, giving the new and up-to-date
lines for the newest styles in dress. These Nemos
are in white only. Do not fail to avail yourself of this
splendid opportunity to save on the cele- a. tr
brated Nemo. Sale starts this A. M. at 8 y ' OU
The Home of the Famous
adame Irene
Distinctive Spring Models
The Meier (ik Frank Store
Madame Irene's Custom-Made Corsets are the result
of an unequaled experience. The superiority of their
designs is recognized by the most fastidious leaders of
fashion. Through the medium of her exclusive corset
parlors Madame Irene has had exceptional facilities to
study the finest trade in the world and to develop an
abilitv which places her at the very top of her profes
sion. ""With Madame Irene the designing of corsets has
been a study of a lifetime. Her art was recognized at a
very early stage by the foremost exponents of corset
making in Paris, where she served her apprenticeship.
Madame Irene's corsets are above competition. Style,
fit, quality and workmanship combine to produce a
corset of exquisite shape, an article of surpassing
beauty and comfort. The first fitting is usually
satisfactory, and alterations are very rarely required.
They are sold only by the Meier & Frank Store.
Special Demonstration Sale of "Nulife" Braces for Men, Women, Children invaluable Aid to Nature
i" 1 - ..... i. ... i i ,
V ' I I
Oregon Association to Open
Convention This Morning.
rian Will lie Made for Extending
Scope of Organization, Which
1 Now Enjoying: Xew
Lease of Life.
The firm session of the Oregon Good
Roads Ae.oointlon ronvrnt:un will be
gin in Wemmes Hall. Seventh street.
rr Oak. at 10 o'clock IM moralnr.
1 K. Vetxnr aald Inm night that he
eznected a lars attendance of County
Judaea and Commissioners and other In
terested in the building- of food roads
from all rrt of the state.
It 1 Inlendt-d at ttr.e convention to
fully reorganise the aseooiailnn, which
praotli!y went out cf citsterce in
following the failure of the Legislature
to appropriate money to aselst in the
carrying out of suggested plana for road
Improvement, and baa only recently
taken on a new lease of life. It i planned
to extend the organisation, which at
present la confined largely to Multnomah
County, to erery county cf the state and
make it permanent.
It is the intention to first take up for
dacusatcn the five good roads measures
prepared by J u dire Webster. No pro
gramme of apeeches has been arranged.
or will any definite f!aa of procedure
carried out. AH such matters hare
'been left to the. convention to decide
Boad'a Net Income tS8.J.8&.
"J Or, Deo. 11 8peclai .
The ri port of the Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad, as filed with4 the State
Railroad Commission, shows a net cor
porate income of $jS, The ope
rating expenses for the entire line
were $4tS.361.T7. The operating reve
nues were $767,957.39 and for the in
trastate business in Oregon $651,523.33.
Kor interstate business affecting- Ore
gon the revenues were $116.462. U6.
340,000,000 FEET IX CKATKR
Court Allows Wife Scoured Through
"Ad" Xo Money With Divorce.
rT vrpi A- Wash- nee. 11. (Spe
cial.) In modifying- the verdict of the
Whatcom Superior Court In the divorce
action of Laura E. Van Qelder against
Henry Van Gelder. the court says that
to do otherwise would put a premium
upon the wiles of designing women.
The Van Celders met through an ad
vertisement Inserted by Van Gelder in
a Chicago Spiritualist paper for a
"housekeeper." He had $10,000 and ahe
had 12500, so they got married after
she reached Bettnfrham. Then trouble
started and each alleged cruel and In
human treatment. Plie got a divorce.
1250 for attorney' fees and $1000 as
her share of the property.
Henry Van Gelder appealed from the
verdict. The Supreme Court refused
to let the $1000 stand, but permits the
other portion to rest as determined by
the lower court, and neither side re
covers costs.
Klamath Falls Citizens Sllehted.
(Prerlal. Considerable disappointment
was felt here at the announcement that
the Southern Pacific and University of
California demonstration train was not
coming to Klamath Falls, as was an
nounced a few days ago. but would stop
at Iorrle. Cal.. where it would return
on its course the other way again. The
Klamath Chamber of Commerce has ta
ken up the matter, and wired those In
charge to extend their trip to Klamath
Falls, assuring this farmers' college on
wherte a hearty welcome, and It ts
hoped that this wUl cause them to
ehaac taste minds,
Government Includes Green Logs In
Figure; 43 Miles Railroad Must
Be Built to Log It.
MEDPORD. Or., Dec 11. (Special.)
M. L. Ficson. supervisor of the Crater
National forest, announced todny that
the forestry department Is preparing t.o
place S40.0u0.0ii0 feet of timber on the
market. Of this 190.000.000 feet Is classi
fied as burned over, and 150.0W.0U0 feet
as green. The sale price will be In the
neighborhood of "Jl.0w.ou0.
The offering of the green timber along
with the burned over, is to give an added
inducement to buyers. Much of the green
timber is said to be ripe and should be
cut to avoid waste from decay. On She
other hand only a small percentage of
the trees in the fire-swept district are
In order to log the timber to be sold
a total of 45 miles of railroad must be
built, one road of 15 miles from the
south fork of the Rogue River to Butte
Falls, two of 10 miles earh from Clover
Creek to the Klamath River, and from
Elk Creek to Rogue River.
W. M. Rennle, of McSIInnvllle, Or.,
Die In That City.
M'MIWVILLB. Or., Dec. 11. (Spe
cial.) The death of W. r. Rennle. a
pioneer flour mill man of the Pacific
Coast, occurred at his home In this city
today. Ir. Rennie was born Way 24.
183.'. In lsbroath. Scotland, emigrating
to the United States in 1S6 and arriv
ing at San Francisco via the Isthmus.
In 15 he built the Caledonia flouring
mills in that city, engaging In business
there until his mills were burned in
IS. He than brought his family to
Oregon and was for some years a miller
at Salem, and subsequently engaged in
that occupation in various points in the
Willamette Valley.
Mr. Rennie was married in 1S5S, be
fore leaving Scotland, to Miss Jenet
Grant, who, with their five 'sons and
one. daughter, survives him. The chil
dren are: James Rennie. of Enterprise,
Or.: J. W. Rennie and John M. Rennie,
of Walterville, Or.; Alexander Rennie,
of Spokane. Wash.; Frank Rennie, of
Reardon, Wash., and Mrs. Jessie Lind
gren. of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Rennie have been rest
dents of McMinnville for the last 32
years, with the exception of a few
years' residence with their son at Eu
gene. Decedent was affiliated with the Odd
fellows, who will have charge of the
funeral. Interment of the body will be
at Salem.
Downs Loses Councilman's Contest
In Hillsboro Recount.
HILLSBORO, Or., Dec. 11. (Spe
cial.) The City Council met last night
and recounted the ballots cast at the
city election last Monday, in response
to a petition by Joseph Downs, who
was defeated by D. L. Houston for the
Council by a majority of six votes.
Downs' counsel argued that the citi
zens' ticket was an illegal ballot and
asked that it be thrown out of the
Upon vote of the Council, BoscOw,
Hartrampf and Trullinger voted to
count all the ballots, while Helm and
Carlile voted to sustain the objection,
on the grounds that the ticket was
alien, inasmuch as It had not been arisen
to the election board by the City Re
corder, as required by ordinance.
The recount gave Downs a gain of
but one vote and Houston was sworn
in and seated. The contest will doubt
less end here, as the charter amend
ments were also recounted and found to
have carried by a majority of 35 un
der the count of the mass meeting
ticket, the ticket regularly presented
by the City Recorder. "
Welsh Anthracite heats beat and
lasts longest. S. 101, C 3101.
Hood River and Central Part of
State Featured Valuable In
formation Is Given.
How the railroads are aiding in the
advertisement and development of Ore
gon is given ample illustration in the
publication of two booklets which are
now being distributed. The first of
these, "Oregon." was issued by the pas
senger department of the Great Northern
Railway Company, and the other, "Hood
River, Oregon," by the passenger de
partment of the O. K. & N. Co.
The "Oregon" booklet Is the larger of
the two, and in its 32 pages of illustra
tion and descriptive matter covers well
the entire state. The other confines its
attention to the Hood River district, but
is prepared in a more pretentious style.
A feature of the Great Northern's pub
lication are four maps which point out
the way to Oregon and the wonderful
advantages for securing homes in the
state. The map in the front of the book
shows the route of the Great Northern
from St. Paul to Portland. While all the
other states are printed in black and
white, Oregon is tinted to attract spe
cial attention. A colored county map
of the state is also published, showing
the route of the Great Northern, the
North Bank, the Oregon Trunk,
the Oregon Electric, the United
Railways and all the proposed lines
of the Hill system. Including those
to Tillamook and through Central and
Southern Oregon. The dotted lines ex
tend as far as Medford to the south. The
third map is inserted, being in black and
white and also showing the Hill lines.
It is unattached from the book and can
be used for reference.
A smaller but probably the most valu
able map in connection with the adver
tising scheme is one showing the terri
tory in Central Oregon where 320-acre
homesteads may be had. with stars In
dicating the towns where homestead fil-
i Ann ka -Vnat area& in Mai
heur, Harney, Lake, Crook and Klamath
Counties are blocked out. -
The Hood River booklets are being
sent by mail to a selected list of persona
throughout the East who are likely to
become interested in that section. It is
printed in natural colors, the two first
inside pages containing actual size illus
trations of Yellow Newtown and Spitz
enberg apples.
Most of the space is devoted to illus
trations, but adequate and convincing
descriptive matter is carried. All of the
pictures are reproductions of actual
scenes in the Hood River District and
show the remarkable state of advance
ment the apple culture there has at
tained. Golden Drirt Dam Inspected.
GRANTS PASS. Or., Dec. 11. (Spe-
cial.) Ed. Clanton, State Fish war
den, came from Salem yesterday to in
vestigate the Golden Drift Dam, three
miles east of the city, which is being
repaired by private citizens. The work
has not progressed sufficiently for the '
state to put in fish-ladders. As soon
as he can, Mr. Clanton will put on a
crew of men and suitable ladders will
be installed, to permit the fish to pass
up the river at any stage of water.
Eugene Levy 5 1-2 Mills.
EUGENE, Or, Dec. 11. (Special.)
At the annual school meeting Satur
day a 6 H -mill tax was levied, instead
of 6, as was recommended by the '
board. Last year's levy was 8 mills,
but the value of the property in Lane
County has greatly Increased.
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