Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 12, 1910, Page 16, Image 16

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    Today-Christmas Trees to Be Delivered m City-Oiir Price 49c5thPB.
" xmu. ' If - 1 -
Our Restaurant
OnSeventh Floor
The fame of our Restaurant is
rraitinff thick and fa-t anion'.' the
Invent of firt-elas! service and un
excelled rui.-ine. Mum? every day
fpm 12 to 2 by the Weill? Theater
Orchestra. Sjeeinl elevator pen
ire. Moderate prices. 7th floor.
Red Cross Stamps
Red t'n?s Stamps lend a real
Christ reasy" air t your pift
packages. On unle in the booth,
main aisle, firt floor. Booth in
rhaixe of. Miss Maixarct Baschke,
Mis Winifred tirindstaff. MU
liladys Wimller and Miss Ouey
Barrett. Tome make a purchase.
See Our Big
New Ri
Advertisements in Sunday -Papers ---These in Addition
fton Annex on Secn
?3 TTTl
d floor
Crowd-Bringing Values for Today Only
Xo. 1 10-yard piece
No. l' .j lU-yd piece 14
N (. 10-yd piece 12 y2 f
Xo. Ill 10-yd piece 17g
.n2-ftKvanl pjece 2 ljr
Xo. 3 10-yard piece 29
3- inch plain taffeta and moire Q
Ribbons, all colors; 15c value for-
4- inch plain taffeta and moire ip.
Ribbons, all colors; 20c value, -CiU
3 to 5-in. print warp, plaid, lr
checked Ribbons ; 25c grade at
6-in. plain and fancy Ribbons iq
in Dresdens, stripes, 35c vals. 1
5 and 6-in. plain, fancy Rib-' od.
Vicne oil nnnr9' tn ROe values
UUliDf viviv.w ww www
6-in extra heavy hairbow Rib
bon, all colors; 50c grade, yard
5 to 7-inch Fancy warp print
and Dresden Ribbons; to 75c,
5-in. soft all-silk messalme i a
Ribbons, all colors; 25c grade
Wash Ribbons
No.. 1 5-yard, piece. 7
Xo. lo 5-yard piece 9
Xo. 2 5-yard piece at 12
Xo. 3 5-yard piece at 191
Xo. 5 5-yard piece at 25
Buy Merchandise
or Glove Bonds
A Merchandise or Glove Bond for
Christmas is sure to please the re
eipient. Issued in any amount de
sired, and redeemable in any part
of the store. Ask the floor man
ager or salespeople about them.
Shop Thru Our
Mail Order Dep't
Our efficient mail order depart
ment is in the hands of experts
who shop for you just as you would
do ia person. All orders filled the
same day as received. If yon live
out of town, order your Christmas
purchases by mail. Order early.
y on
. T?
uin Jeweirv a
ltd Lea
r- '
titer uoois
Keal tiennau Oliver ,ucsn xas, laigc di.-, oi
tratiou. with prettilv-fiuished frame, solid C0 AO
metal links and Iour chain. Reg .$6, .today for pJ-Ttv
$1 Beautiful Rhinestone Hat Pins, special today at 59
$2.50 adjustable bracelets, in today's sale special, $1.49
75c Pearl Cuff Links in individual boxes, the pair for 49
25c Rolled Gold Beauty Pins, special today for only 16
See Page 8
$7 Seal Handbags $4g
Genuine Seal Leather Hand Bags, in large useful size,
similar to illustration. The woman who gets one ot
these bags for Christmas is bound to hi QQ
delighted. Regular $7.50 bags today at
$2 Genuine Leather Music Rolls, today for only $1.39
$5 New Velvet Hand Bags, extra special at only $2.98
$3.50 to $15.00 New Paisley Hand Bag at just Half.
$7.50 Genuine Alligator Hand Bag, special for $J.4J
$2.50 Cuff Links in Leather Cases, special today. 1.49
60c "Pearl "and" Coral Cuff Lmks,sperial, the PJSSc
25c Beauty iPinSetsTin holly boxes, specialat only 10
50c Strand" f or-clasncBarettesXjhe lopriceof 29
$2.50" Fancy" Mounted Combs,npexialsaleatS 4 1 ?
SLOO 14 -karatgold"inlaicl Burettes, Lspeciaat only 59';
$f.09 boxesof Gift Stationery priced today at only G3fr
$1.50 Triplicate and Hand Mirrors maedtodayat98(
$15bceTof-GiftStationery pricedtodayat only 83c
3.06jMther-covered Post Card AlbumB fqronIy$l .98
$D30 fancyPostCardbumsj)iicetod
$26Writing Desk Novelties marked fortoday$l .69
$1.50 Library and Desk Pieces markeforJodayat98c
$iT50uaranteedFountain Pens today for only, ea. 98
Regular 50c Sachet Powders, special today at only 39r
35cEastman's Christmas Perfumes selling today at 19c
$1.00 Perfume Atomizers, specially priced today at 69?
75c RiverasJPerfume all odors, selling at, ounce 5Sd
$1.50 Celluloid Collar and Cuff Boxes for only, each98
"jLSiO-Ebonoid Military Brushes selling todayat98(
$l700dizedWhisk Brooms, specially priced at 59
$1.00 Travelinff Cases, marked special today at 49
$1.50 Pocket Dressing Cases priced today at only 98
$1.50 Coat Hanger Sets, special price today at $1.19
$2.50 Nickeled Shaving Sets selling today at only $1.98
$1.00 Shaving Pad3, leather covered, good value at 59
$1.00 Collar Bags, in all colors, priced today at only 59fr
$2.00 All-Leather Handbogs specially marked at $1.19
75c Combination Sets 5Qc
Jts a splendid Christmas special in Men s Wear today. New
Combination Set., consisting of a fine Silk Handkerchief and
Four-in-JIand Tie to match, in the latest shades kxcel- CQC
1-nt 75c values, marked for today's selling at this price
Men's Pamous President Suspender and Garter Sets for only 75g
M'sHoUday Suspenders in fancy Christmas boxes, for 69
"TYFfnTsilFjj IgradandSusnender Sets at only $1-39
Men's' Smcking jackets.complete line, from $4.50 to $25.00
Mgnj Fancy Silk Lounging Rjbpedaj$g5IC0 to $50.00
Men's 3Ianket and Dressingobespriced at $4.00 to $18.00
Bargain Square
Woman's Sample Neckw'ar
All 35c to 50c Values for Only 17c
All 75c to $1.00 Values at Only 37c
$1.25 to $2.00 Values for Only 53c
$2.50 to $4.00 Values for Only 98c
Women's and
n S Children's
$ 1.75 and $2 Grades $ 1 .39
Here's a stirring Christmas special that will send hundreds to
the Shoe Department today. Four thousand pairs of Men's and
Women's House Slippers, worth $1.75 and $2. The Women's "Slip
pers are of mercerized cotton, with fleeced-lined soles; the Men's
Slippers of vici kid and seal leathers, in opera Everett a -i oq
and Romeo style. All sizes. Today are priced, pair pi.J'
heavy, warm fleeced eiderdown, in pink, blue, gray, red; in lancy girt dox, pr:
Men's Slippers, 6 to 11, the pair, 75c
Women's Slippers, 3 to 7, pair, 65
Misses' Slippers, 11 to 2, pair, 60'
Children's Slippers, 6 to 11, pr., 501
Here's a Great Christmas. Sale f Fine China DinnerWare
Reductions for 3 Days Only
SETS Our own direct importation from L
moirrs. Franco. Bountiful, thin quality, in
handsome pol.l-cncruste.l border pattern for:
60-piece Sets, spciaUyjprkej $79.00
100-piece Sets, special price $118.50
SETS Thin, dainty quality, in attractive pold
l.and decoration, with nent gold linos, special:
S54.00 Sets. 60-pieces, for only $43.20
SSO.OO Sets, 100 piece, for only $04.00
SETS What housewife wouldn't be delighted
with one of these sets for Christmast Fine
quality very pretty floral decorations, spl:
$41.00 Sets, 50 pieces for only $32.90
S60.00 Sets, 100 pieces, for only $48.00
SETS Very pretty sets indeed, of thin, dainty
china, in charminjr pink floral design, with
cilt knobs and handles; very attractice, the set:
60-Diece Sets, specially priced $25.00
100-piece Sets, specially priced $36.00
o w iPisplay
n j1
cellent quality, thin white china in neat raised
border design very attractive." Our regular
open stock pattern-Take advantage of this:
60-piece Sets, specially priced at $875
iOO-piece Sets, specially priced $12.95
This is an open stock pattern, which means
that any broken pieces may be replaced. Pretty
pink floral decorations. Very special values:
60-piece Sets, special for this sale $11
100-piece Sets, special at this sale $16
Our own direct importation, with all middle
men's profits saved. Very attractive red rose
border patterns, gold edged, at these prices:
30-piece Sets, special for this sale at $12
100-piece Sets, special at this sale $17
SETS Very thin, beautiful sets, specially ap
propriate for Christmas presents. Artistic de
signs in blue, with blue line on edge. Prices:
60-piece Sets, special this sale $25.50
100-piece Sets, special this sale $38.50
S80.00 bets, 1UU piece, ioruLLiy xw-cww -r - - , r
TterTSToa-HPtoner Sets at Big Savings That Are Not Qnoted-If You Live Out of Townerjy Madjit the Sale Prices
0 A Big Disposal of Curtains
Odd Pairs at One-Half Price
This is the wonderful Lacs Curtain Sale we hold every
year a quick clean-op on all odd pairs at exactly one-
half price. In the big lot on sale today are about 2500
paii. including fine Battenberg, Clany. Irish point.
Marie Antoinettand many other kinds. Odd fo
piirg po twoldlke. Be early. Your choice Just
$5.00 BEAUTIFUL LACE CURTAINS 1200 pairt on
sale this morninsr. including jrrat assortment of
scrims, fancy weaves, Irish point in allover desiens, etc.
2U Tards lonr and 45 inches wide; white or dJO
Offorr.1 Hnrin!- sale todav. the pair V -'-'-'
Here Is Some Good News of
Big Savings on Wool Blankets
Doubtless there are many homes in which this news of actual reductions on our fine
Wool Blankets will be gladly received. Remember, every pair is of the reliable
Meier & Frank quality, fuU-sized; at regular prices they are really splendid values.
$13.00 fine white all-wool Blankets, on speeial sale today at low price of S13.69
$12.50 fine white Ohio Wool Blankets, on special sale today at only, pair 5l-o
$10.50 special Meier & Frank Wool Blankets, on sale today at only, the pr., SS.b
$8.50 fine warm Eastern Wool Blankets, special today at low price, pair 7.b
$7.50 fiae California Wool Blankets, offered today at the low price of, pr., $b.9
$6.50 heavy Oregon Fleeced Blankets, special during today s sale at, pair 3o.U
Some Specials in Gift Furniture
$9.00 Morris Chair for $6.29
Just 35 of these splendid, substantial Morris Chairs, slmUarJo
illustration, built of sturdy oak, with reversible cusmons, in
choice of three shades. Regular $9.00
Chairs, on special sale today at, each
to please the man who smokes. Regular $5 0 QQ
rri 1 pmiinql coin trAav of. unlv each
FINE MOB.EIS CHAIES Very substantially built
and fitted with reversible cushions. Regu- T29
-lar $11.00 Chairs, on sale today at only V -EARLY
and artistic. Regular $5.75 Racks, today, each, $3.98
u m
a Ml '3 VI
- 11 . if-hm