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Captain Blain, of Oregon Dry
dock Adopts Novel Method
to Repair Shoshone.
Tiny Stream Trickling Aft Shook
fat of CrafVa Trouble After Be
ing Ovrrhaulr. Other Pc
pair. Will lie Made.
Local marine circles are ado over
tha latest venture of Captain Blatn,
Kf the Oregon dry dock. who. to ascer
tain tha whereabouts of a mysterious
lak la tha hull of tha itwumr Sho
annaa. yesterday ordered tha hold filled
fwtth water. By tha time the flow
(Teached almost to the grallna; In tha
tftreroom. a tiny stream poured from a
Itum alongside t ha . sternpost.
.N'orembir 1 tha bhoshone pounded
cm the Urars Harbor bar. The follow
er day the craft sought refuse In tha
Columbia. aa given a eedy examina
tion and ordered Into drydock at St.
Uohns. There her Injuries were soru
itinlsed and the vesael towed to
!tha tregrn dw-k. The moet bother
worn part of her repalra wan centered
fin the leak dlacorered yesterday. When
Jfloated Monday, after having a portion
Uf her keel renewal aft. and It was
(thought she was tlitht a a drum.
!aoun.llng ehowed that he waa taking
rwater at the rate of three and a half
Knche an hour. An examination wu
Irnade In the bold and nothing wa
around. N(es were compared amonir
'thoee watching the work and they
irould not recollect that any portion
cf tha vessels planking exhibited
hflrns of a leak.
When tha veasel wa being lifted for
ft he second time Tuesday morning. ha
'vlnred a capricious aplrlt and slid
ftnto tha water, the stern having puahed
,eer the keel blocks. Not eren the
faint on the hull waa scratched and
the dock was not damaaed. Yesterday
imornlng. when hlah and dry again, a
minute examination waa completed of hull, ttrn to the seams above the
jwaterllne. but no trare wa found of
'tha source through which the water
'trained such headway. It waa then ir
.ranged thai tha afternoon should ba
vlevote to filling her hold with water,
'jlose was run Into the hatch from tha
Idock and a steady stream waa kept
'flowing, until the seam at tha stern
jpost was shown to ba the baal of
all the trouble.
Captain Crowe, surveyor for the Fan
7ranrlsno underwriter, said last night
Ithat a portion of tha Shoshone's shoe
would be taken off beneath the heel
to ascertain If all was tight there.
Then with a small amount of addi
tional caulking and tha cementing of
earns, the craft will he In shlpsbapa
and probably be floated today to con
tinue to til. Helens to load lumber for
Elan Francisco.
International I'nlon to Continue
Compart Inuring; 1911.
It has been decided by executive of
the Falling- Uhlp Owners' International
I'nlon to continue that organisation dur
ing 111 and not to chance the minimum
freight rate, which Is TTa d from Port
land and Puget Sound on wheat to the
X nlted Kingdom. Notice have been re
ceived that tha executive committee met
In London early laat month and that
arrangements were made tor another
Catherine at Paris In April.
Tha present season changed the aspect
f the tonnage combination for tha bat
her, aa many shlpa secured above the
union rate, a few getting s d. while
vn recharterlns; there waa a wider tnar-te-ln.
Thera has been a good demand for
pot ships and those due to arrive early,
so that most of the tonnage was cleared
tip and mora bad to be taken for Janu
ary and February loading- The com
bined rain capacity la port la X1.I3S tons,
and 11 vessels on the way have an aggre
gate tonnage of 417S2. but at the rata
with which wheat 1 bclnc brought to
tidewater there la every reason to be
lieve the Beet will be augmented mate
rially. Already thi week approximately
cars have been delivered at rraln
dork, aaainst 4 cars for last week.
Taa French ship Marechal de Csetrl".
wnl.'h has been on the wsy from Dublin
for 1M day, was yesterday reported as
having sailed from Reef Harbor Novem
ber and she will Join tha grain neat
early In the year. The vessel la con
signed to Balfour. Outhrle St Co. An
other vessel that will assist In swelling
the IVcemher exports to the Orient la
the Brttl.'h tramp Quito, which arrived
at Ban Francisco Tuesday and will
toad flour, wheat and lumber her for
she Frank Waterhouae line.
ilnapextor Tjonrrale Captain KMs
ton, Imt Ue I R-Ile-red.
PUN rRA!"1V. Pec T-Iecl el tms
esonerartng from all blama the captain
aaf tha vaaawla Involved In recant coUI
sttona between the et mere Beaver and
Stella. In which tha latter waa aunk. and
the tug 8ea Irlnce and swanar Grey
toke Oastle. resulting In tha sinking of
tha tug with the Ice of four live were
rendered today bv United States Inspec
tors Bo!!ea and Bulger.
The Beaver salted for TVirrt.-ind today
In charge of Captain A. Nelson. Captain
"William Kldston having bean temporarily
relieved of her command.
Captain Nelson la no etrmrsr In Port
land, aa ha commanded the a; earner City
cf Panama when ahe was operated be
tween Port la r. J and San Francisco, and
aa bean her master on the route along
tha southern coaat. News, of Contain
'carton's temporary suspension surprised
local steamship men. who ax strong. y in-
-l!ned to the opinion that ha waa In no
way at fault for the sinking of tha S-lJe,
4wa was alo tha view of the local tn-
wnect.-n-a. Tha fact R. P. Schwertn. vlce-
aresidrnt and general manager of the Pa-
m-Jle Mall and fan r-raacisco at r-on-
land Steamship Company, arrived from
rthe Orient tur.dav. la taken to Indicate
that he ha Inaugurated an Independent
Investigation of tha disaster and that
sTaptaJn KWston haa b en held thera for
hat pu rpe. The Beaver la due her
Wriday. e
rriiei iinee Poll for the Far East
aa her cargo waa worth IJOT.MO. She
sailed at 1 o'clock and had aboard S.
12 barrel of flour, valued at 16.6&4;
4.:04 bushel of wheat, worth Ul.iOi.
and ttO.Oi-O feet of lumber, valued at
130.000. while general cargo awelled the
The French hlp Thler cleared for
Queenatown or Falmouth for order with
115.S07 bushels of wheat valued at 10.
30. The Waterhouse liner Kumerto
took on flour yesterday at the Alblna
dock of tha OR. N.. and th tramp
Strathflllan. taking cargo that wa In
tended for the lost Selja. loaded from At
hens dock and at the same tlma took
on lumber from the stream. She Is due
to sail December IS. With tha Quito
leaving the latter part of the month, tha
outlook Is excellent for Portland to make
tha greatest showing of the season In
Orleatal cargoee.
Waterfront Property May Be KentdJ
Until BrlAge Is Built.
Acting on Instructions from Mayor
Simon and on the advice of City At
torney Urant. Harbormaster Speler yes
terday took possession of a portion of
Albers Bro." dock, recently condemned
by the city for the west approach to
tha Broadway bridge. Harbormaater
Spaler orved notice on th former
owner and ordered tha removal at
once of all cargo there.
What disposition will be made of th
property pending It utlllxatlon for
sTKAXia i.vrriJJGENf K.
In port
In port
Iec. IO
In port
. Pec.
Dec 11
!-. 14
l-e. 1
Due te Arrive.
Name. from,
gtrathfinan. . . . Houckong.
KeeeClir p" I'ertee..
ue H. Ulnar.. Tlilninl ..
Go:da Oate.. Tl lirnoek...
Alliance Eureka. ....
....r ... i r.lro..
Koanoke lun rxr....
rrewaer....f"roa Hit
Falcon Sas Franclsca
bar in felr. ...
Gift w. rtw. i fedre....
rhednled le IM-part.
Kama Wr. Pata
Clol.i Clt.. Tn.roi ... IW- J
)to ilii. rora. ... lec
AHlaace C'Jt.ka l"c. in
Put t. K.more. 1 ii.ain-"it. ... lec. 1J
(.rrakaeter. . . Coo. J"ar J
.aer. .......- Pl - . . . tc. 13
ro.Tw- ....San Peln. . . Ic. 14
PtrafhflUaa. . .-llonrk"rg .. I'ee. 1J
Faicea. ...... .in Franclacel'eo. 1
Cee. W. Ciaer. .aaa PJej lec
Ir.jrja and Thiers Clear. Glenhoim
Finiahcs, Tramp Starts.
Carroes aggraratlng 31.;T0 were
cleared yesterrtay at th Costom-Houe
and another will ba recorded today, when
tha manifest of the British shtp C.len
holra. wheat -laden for tha I'nlted King
dom. Is filed. Tha bulk of yesterday
tualcea waa due to tha clearance of th
bridge purposes has not been deter
mined. Tha Albers Interests may con
fer today with Mayor Simon, and It la
thought arrangement will be made
whereby the dock may ha occupied on a
rental basla Wltn th Stark - atraet
slip and tl:a City Levee the City of
Portland baa three pieces of water
front property that may ha used by
tha public. Albere Br a. are building
a new dock In front of their
mill under construction. It wa re
ported recently that Alher dock. No.
1. owned by th O. R. St N.. would be
taken over shortly and Joined with a
new dock being built between thera
and at Alnsworth dock for th us of
th Harrlman steamers.
Small Leave Harbor Patrol.
Policeman Small, of the Harbor Pa
trol force, will resign December 11 and
ove to California. Harbormaater
Speler la conaMerlng ellglbles for tha
vacancy. Sergeant Carlson has proven
valuable on the, waterfront because or
his sea experience and knowledge of
vessels, and policeman LIUIs Is well
drilled on maritime matter. The skip
per will probably select a man who at
least knows stays from malnyard.
Selaa Lifeboat Found.
Two email boats from the sunken
Oriental liner fielja were picked up by
tha ateamer Alcatrax. which delivered
on at San Francisco and the other at
Greenwood. Tha boats were picked up
within an hour after tha Eelja wa
struck off Point Reyes, November Xt.
and were found fully equipped and
provlaioned. Both boat will b hold
by th Custom offtctala.
Steamer Arcadia Missing.
LONDON, Deo. 7. Tha American
steamer Arcadia, from New Orleans
October 11 for San Juan, has been post
ed at Lloyd' aa missing.
Marine Notes.
Captain Smith I master of th
steamer Nestor, which tow on th
Lower Columbia, vice Captain Peck.
River condition having Improved,
th dredge Columbia has resumed
operations at th mouth of tha Wil
lamette. Captain Btidgett. of tha ateamer
Asuncion, yesterday telegraphed from
Ban Francisco that a new arrival had
bn reported In bla home, the stork
preeentlcg him with an heir.
It la expected that th schooner L. TK
Foater will leave Westport Friday with
a lumbar cargo loaded for New Zealand.
which la being dispatched by tha
American Trading Company.
It waa yesterday reported from San
Francisco that the British ship Korf sc
an Ire, which arrived there December t
from Antwerp, had been fixed to load
wheat here In January.
Trackmen of tha O. R. St N. ara tear
ing up a switch leading from th Steel
bridge to wrat approach to provide
room for tha oonatruotlon of eteps lead
ing from tha upper bride to Alnawortn
Order have been Issued for a toar
Hoat to ba alongside tha barge Amy
Turner at Bt. Helena Saturday morning,
when the barge will have tha laat of it
lumber cargo aboard for Baa Francisco.
Oregon prunes are to ba Quoted in
the New Tork market, aa a consign
ment of 1S tons waa shipped on tha
steamer Faloon of tha American
Hawaiian Una, which put to sea at
noon yeeterday.
At this afternoon's eeaston of tha
Port of Portland Commission bid will
ba opened for equipping tha dredge
Portland with a feed-water beater.
Other bids win ba passed on for sup
plying; butter and eggs to- tha dredge
and steamer orewe.
To begin loading; wheat tha French
barg Cannebtorre waa shifted yester
day from th North Bank dock to
Montgomery Dock. No. . It la ald
that careening of th vessel Tuesday,
when the oraft almost fell on the North
Bank dock, waa due to tha faot th
skipper had ordered loosening; of a Una
and chain that held ballast logs. Tha
veaael now ha tOO-ton log alongside.
Meveaarata of Teaaela.
PORTLAND. Dec t. Arrived Rteamer
Goid.a oate. tttou '
Morweclaa steajnrr RrsJa. tor Hnnskong
and war porta; i.un.r tleo. Vt. lder, for
Sea Pi so and war porta
aetorta. ro, - londition at toe mown
of tae river at B P. M.. emootb wlad eouth
eaet 1 ml lea. weather clear. Arrived doana
at 4 and eel led at 10:13 A. M. Bteamar
Snr Cam T4 k V Arrival at
and left up at S:S0 A. U. Steamer Golden
Gate, from Tillamook. Failed at a- h.
taamer K'.iaore. for TtOaraook. eetltd
aa noon Ptaemer FeJeon. for Baa Fran
alaeo. Arrived down at 13. SO and ealled at
a p. at. -Norwagtaa ateamer i J orn.tjcm.
BJorneen. for St. Vincent, for erdara.
Baa Francisco. Dec T. Sailed at 10 A.
sraamer Toaemlte, for Baa Pedro. Hal lad
at 1 P. at. steamer Baavar. for Portland.
Arrived at P. at. Steamer A oral Vs. from
Columbia River.
Coca Hay. Iec. T. Arrived Steamer Al
liance, from Portland.
Reef Harbor. Nov. 5 Balled French
ship Marechal de caatrlae. from Dublin, for
San Pedro. Tec. T. Arrived yesterday
auamers Coaster and Kama City, from Fort-
The diagnosis of disease is the first and really most important step
In the successful treatment of any trouble. In other words, first find
the source or cause, and then use the remedy most naturally and
scientifically suited to the condition.
We do not believe there is any disease in which Improper treat
ment is more often used than in Catarrh. So many persons treat
the symptoms without giving thought to the causes which produce
these symptoms, and the result is that Catarrh is considered incurable
by a great many, simply because local treatment has failed to accom
plish the desired result.
Every symptom of Catarrh points to impure blood; we are sure a
short analysis of the disease and its symptoms will convince any one
that this statement is true. First we have irritated and inflamed
mucous membranes of the head, nose, and throat, from which there is
a constant and copious discharge of watery matter. This comes from
inflammation of these mucous surfaces and is caused by catarrhal mat
ters and impurities in the circulation. Nature intends that these mem
branes shall air be nourished by the blood, and so long as this vital
fluid is pure it satisfactorily performs this necessary work, but waste
matters and impurities deposited into these delicate parts sets up
Inflammation, and the discharge is a natural result When this secre
tion begins to dry it assumes thicker proportions and becomes sticky;
then it adheres to the throat and upper back portion of the mouth,
a ill I . II I
causing tne nawsing anu
straining so troublesome to Ca
tarrh sufferers.
Other ordinary symptoms
of the disease are headaches,
pains above the cheek bones,
roaring sounds in the ears, etc.
These symptoms too point di
rectly to diseased blood, and are
caused by congestion of the cir
culation. The impurities and
catarrhal matters in the blood
stream interfere with its easy
and natural flow, and it becomes
feverish and thus affects the del
icate fibres and membranes of
the throat and head.
S. S. S. cures Catarrh by
cleansing the blood of all impure
catarrhal matter, and at the same
aJ V...:ls-I.a. a Vl as. v f ? rTI Klf
its unequalled tonic effects. It goes down into the circulation, and
removes every trace of impurity or foreign matter. In other words
S. S. S. cures Catarrh by purifying the blood so that the mucous sur
faces and linings of the body are supplied with healthy blood instead of
being constantly irritated and diseased from the saturation of catarrhal
impurities. Thn the inflamed membranes heal, the discharge is
checked, the head noises all cease, the stomach toned up, the throat
is no longer clogged with phlegm, but every annJ""3PtpirJ
Catarrh is corrected. There Is but one way to cure Catarrh purify
the blood, and there is but one absolutely safe and sure blood purifier
S S.S We have a special book on Catarrh; we will send this
book, and also any medical advice desired free to all whownte.
Gentlemen: I wrote you sometime
ago giving yon an account of my suf
ferings with an awfnl case of Catarrh.
I had all the symptoms that accom
pany Uiis disease, such aa mnens drop
ping back Into the throat, a constant
desire to hawk and spit, feeling of
dryness in the throat, cough and spit
ting upon rising in the morning, scabs
forming in the nose, which required
much effort to blow out, sometimes
causing the nose to bleed and leaving
me with a sick headache. I had thus
suffered for five years. As soon as I
heard from you I commenced to take
S. S. S. aa you advised, and after I had
taken several bottles, I noticed a
change for the better. Thus .encour
aged, I continued to take it and in a
short while was entirely cored.
11 W. 10th Street, Manchester, Va.
land. Balled Steamers Roanoke and Kla
math, for Portland.
San FTanclero. Dec. 1. Arrived Steamers
Berak. from Hamburg: Kajin Smith, from
Coos Fay: Tamplco. from Seattle; Norwood,
from Oravs Harbor. Sailed Bleamera I Ity
ef Puehla. for Vlotorla: Lairllne. for Hono
lulu Mayfalr. for Wllla; aobooner A. .
Johnaon, for Portland.
Yokohama. Dec. I. Arrived prevloualy
Steamer Seattle Mara, from Tacoma.
Honskotig. Deo. t. Arrived preTloaaly
Honjkon Maro, from Honolulu.
Ni Tork. Deo. T. Sailed Cajnpanle. for
. i i . i.t ,v fn. Southampton: cu-
ropa, for Naplaa; Raglna d'ltalla.
Southampton, Deo.
from New York.
Copenhagen, Dee.
New Tork.
Ueaoe. Deo. T. Sailed Mendoaa, for New
T8.ettle. Deo. T. Arrived Steamer CHIfago
Mara, from Teooma; ateamer Bee. from
i , mtmmmr Alameda, from val-
dee- ateamer cnariaa r,eiroo,
Pranrleoo: 1'. B. Tahoma. from
Tnwneend: French BMP Admiral
nailer, from Taceme.
Buckmaa Queen and
Francleoo; Steamers
Tacoma. . - k-.,.
Avon mo at n. uec ' ."IT
from Comox ana Ban ptuic"
don. . . ..rwnie
RnuthamDlon. uej. i. " " "
trom New Tork.
81. inceni. ieo.
Mary, from Clyde, for Vancouver.
I J, Anselea Deo. T. Arrived Steamer
, enm Haattie: aiaon. irom fl
attie: Hoquaim, rrom v.
Raymond, from 'Wlllapa Harbor
. . rt-v- veaneaa xrom
Rlvr- Flr Oak", from Grays Harbor. Sailed
Steamera Lackme. from Eureka; Helen P-
vwew. from amnwooaj uraca troiia.
AlMoc: eanta Barbara,
iv Mr, aaama
c. nun- Routh Coast, from Cupar: Sae-1'
new. from fan rrsncieco; evivu, ia
tumble Kiver.
Tiroml. Pee.
for Na-
T. Arrived Chlcaso.
S. Ballad Raeala. for
8ailad ("team era
Maverick, for Baa
Bee and Alameda, for
: BanJon.
from A bard
and Kaaasl. from
T. Arrived PTewmer Pee.
from Ban Frar.rlaco. Balled Japaneee
ateamer (h lea CO Maru. from Seattle; French
bark Admiral de CorauUar. from Seattle.
Tldee at Astoria Thursday.
Hlah. Ixw. .
M 6 9 feetll::o A. M 4.0 feet
M SB fert 11:89 P. M 1.0 feet
1:40 A
4:49 P.
When a Baby Hair All Came Out
Alwajrs Scratching Mother
Got Cvticura and He was Cured
After 3 Years of Disease.
"My son waa about four months old
whan ha was taken with dread til ecze
ma. I had fowr different
doctors but they could
not help him. The hair
all came out and bis face
was totally covered. His
eyes were shut and wa
thought he would go
blind. His limbs and body
were also affected. Ha was
alwava scratching; I had
to keep hia little hands
tied down and he seemed
to have a great deal of
pain. We did not know what to do. I
used to got sick handling him, from the
way the corruption was always running.
But I got soma Cuticura Soap and
Cutirora Ointment and in a week or
ten days I could see the eruption drying
up and before long he was cured, after
about three rears of the terrible disease.
Now he Is nineteen years old and has
Cot a sign of the old trouble. Tou see
1 learned to save three-quarters of the
doctors' bills by using Cuticura Boap
and Ointment and I will recommend
either to any one and advise thera ao
use them and receive a safe, ppeedr
cure. Mra. Catharine Mocklin. Dock
St.. Royalton. Pa., Feb. 21, 1910."
Cuticura is the most economical treat
ment for torturing, disfiguring affections
of the skin of Infanta, children and adults.
A single cake of Cuticura Soap and box
of Cuuoura Ointment ara often sufficient.
Cwtlcnra Boap ftSe.). Olnrsient (SOc.). Resolvent
CSOe . ao4 Cboeolate Coated Ptm 3Ac.. aa ao4d
throashoet tee world. Potter Druf A Cheat Cava
Sole Props . 1S7 Columeue Ave.. Rtanon.
kirri rrr m-l-in oaiaa
ISole Pr
Timber Man's Leg.
MEDFORD, Or.. Te.. T. (Special.)
foe m
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tive brain, congenial make-up and physical development show
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syBtem, that no mental, moral or physical debility s making
his life a miserable failure.
I do not treat symptoms. I treat and cure the ailment be
hind the symptoms. If the case presents even the slightest
feature upon which I have a doubt, or if I recognize incurable
. complications, I positively refuse treatment. I would rather
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believe cures. I have devoted years of earnest and conscien
tious endeavor to the unravelment of some of the most perplex
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Bean I A. M. tt 8 P. M. atuadaya rrera M ta 13.
Consultation and eotantlnatlonjlf
you cannot call, write for free
self-examination blank and book.
Many cases cured at home.
23013 Yamhill St
J. R. Andersen, president and manager
of tha Rog-ue River Valley Gas Com
pany, was seriously Injured this morn
Ins; when a heavy timber fell on his
leg-, breaking his leg in two places and
crushing his foot so badly that ampu
tation was necessary. The accident
occurred on his return from the freight
depot. The timber was being taken
down from a signpost, and It fell Just
as he emersred from behind the car.
saaaasj "
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methods are quick, certain and permanent. I cure blood ailments with
harmless blood-cleans'ng remedies that drive out the ailment never to
return. I have a direct treatment for bladder and kidney ailments, and
piles, which completely relieves and la aa certain as it is sure. I have'
every mechanical therapeutic aid. and my offices are the very best
equipped of any on the Coast.
The Leading- Specialist.
The Tendercst Skin Is Benefited
It has a delicate, velvety touch and con
foln lnHt the elements necessary to
thoroughly cleanse, invigorate,
and clear the skin.
All Grocera and Drngtlata
I Am the Man
that weak, allinat men harve rnt va com-
suit after they have lauea xa ivcw m
care elaewhere.
This ChlotM doctor and pharmaceutist, of W&l Jlng Chi
li Herb Root Medicine Company, la American bora and
a citizen. When 4 years of as ha went to China with his
parents and cot a rood education In the schools of that land.
Ob tain lev th honors of Doctor of Medicine, he was permit
ted to practice In tbe Canton Medical College and to study
th eminent physicians' prescriptions of centuries.
For six yara In New Tork City h was president of the
Oriental Hospital. whr h had such wonderful succse with
his medication. Whll there In New Yorlt City h met Beld
Back. Jr.. of Portland, and was Induced to com to Portland
and open an office. Any man, woman or child with any In
ternal, external or eruptive disease who will com to my
fflc can secure fro consultation and examination.
If you can't sail, write and set diagnosis and remedies.
IWA First, near Columbia. '
Pay When Cured
We have every known remedy ao
pliance lor XMi.ATlAU YOU. Our ex
perience la sa arreat and varied tnat aa
am ol the allaaeata ot Men la mew ta sa
bcaeral UcbtUly, Weak Kervfa, Ia
aesauia tesulia ol exposure, overwork
and other Violations ot nature's laws,
ii la eases ol aiiaUiier ana tvloaeys. Vast,
asse Vclaa, ulukly aaa paraustailr
area at assail expeaaa and ua Celea
uon from business.
SFlSCIAa, A1LHENT1 Newly con
tracted and cnronlo cases cured. Alt
tuning, ltcblng and Inflammation
topped In 14 hours. Cures effected La
seven days. Consultation free. If ua
able to call, write for list of question.
Office Hours X la to I m K
Sundays. 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
Cetnea rinrt.
5.O0 AND 10.00 IS OIK FEE.
Diseases of Men and Women
We make no mis
leading statements
or deceptive prop
ositions to th af
flicted, neither do
w promts to cure
them In a few
day In order to se
cure their patron
ase, but wa guar
antee a CUJl
without leaving In
Jurloua after ef
f.cta In the aya
tam, and tha low
est coat possible
Acute, Chronic and Nervoua Diseases,
Blood Poison, Nerve-Vital Troubles, Stomacli
Troubles, All Forma of Skin IMaeasee, Ca
tarrh of all forma 85.00 per month; Ec
sema. Plies cured without the knife; Swollen
Glanda, Nervonaneaa, Debility, aricoaed
Veins. Bladder and Prostatic and Contracted
Troubles and all Acute and Chronic Dleeaeee
of Men and Women. Skin Diaeaaea a bpe-
"aTf toflay for free X-ray examination. If
you cannot call, write your aymptoma. Many
casea cured by our home treatment. Call at
once and ba cured.
itu. Wnahtnrton St.. Portland. Or., 4th floor
Kothchild Building. 407. 408, 40B.
Take ala-
The telegraph companies of thle country
employ about SO.000 persona. This does
not Includs tne railroad servlca
I positively cure Varicose Veins,
Rupture, Obstruction, Special Allmenta
of Men, Kidney, Bladder and Blood Ail
ments and Nervous Weakness.
If you want a perfect cure, cure to
stay cured, treat with the old reliable
firm. Don't waste your money with
cheap and unskilled specialists. Get
the best always. The best Is none too
good for you and always the cheapest
In the end. ,
Remember, we treat only caaes we
can cure. Cure or no pay Is our motto.
What more can you ask?
We will cure you of your trouble
never to return If we tell you so. Re
member this.
We are specialists in our line, not
cure-alls. , .
Call at once and let a true specialist
examine you today, not tomorrow.
Stop suffering; get strong and vigor
ous What more to be desired than
health? Nothing.
Coma and consult ns ires of all
Tbe Old Reliable Specialist.
Corner Alder and Second atreeta. En
trance 128V4 Second street, Portland,
Or. Office hours 9 A. E to 1 P. .
Sundays, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.
. TEE .
Our guarantee No S ?W
Moner Reouired Un
til Satlafied la your
abaolute protection.
Consultation, exami
nation and mediclnea
free. Our specialty Is
All Ailments of Men.
whftt yon want la a
cure. Come to ua and
gat It. Honre dally, 8
to 5. Evenlnga, 7 to
8. Sundays, 10 to 1
S62 Washington St., Portland, Or.
L. T.
Yee ft Son's Medicine Co. epent
lifetime atudy of herbs and re
search In China: waa granted
diploma by the Emperor: guar
anteea cure all allmenta of
men and women when otnere
fall. If you Buffer, call or
write to YEE SON'S MEDI
CINE CO.. 14JV4 First, Cor.
YB Alder, Portland. Or.
ajsjgSasWSaaaaaawM isiaaaaaaasj