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William McMurray Enthuses
Over Success cf Exposition
in Chicago.
& X
f-oathrrn PHCiflc and O. I
Official Icclrc9 T5.000 Jr
inn Hnrd of Faciric North
KM State's Bodhs Fine.
'Prrna fcis wItM bits alrTtisln
from tha United States Land anl irn
sailrm Exposition Just rlosrd In Chicago
than from anr other motnoa mai
hn att'mntM up to thla time." H
William McMurray. rmrnl passnKr
rnt for tha O. R. N. Co. and tha
riorithetTi Pacific llnea In Orsmn. upon
Ma return from Chicago yesterday morn
-It waa tha ratt land show e
ld" WI.u--l Mr. MrMurray. "and waa
attended by mora people than ever before
vlalted a similar exposition, it is esti
mated that In the two weeks that tha
ahow was m jrorr-ss 150.000 persons
paid admissions to the Coltslum. whero
the exhibits were arranged. Of these.
I am eure that at leaat 7S.000 heard the
lectures on Oregon and Washington given
; iy the agenta of our road. We distributed
I thousands upon thousand of pieces
literature to oeoole who were interested
1 In tho Northwest from a standpoint of
r-robable future Investments. t
People Slake Inquiries,
That people did not take our adver
tising matter for the mere purpose of
looking at the pictures and reading tha
dein-lntve. portions for the entertain
mni thev offered. Is evidenced by the
fact that wherever one went he was sure
to see others eacerly scanning the pages
studying the Illustrations and making In.
The good effecta of tha show will
continue to be felt In this state for many
years. We have already received many
InrjtiirV and expect to hear from Inter
estej Kantern people every day.
"Arrar.gnvnts already are under way
fnr another and even more extensive ex
position next yenr. A committee of Chl
cf cltixens will take It In charge. Tha
horns last Tt-ar and this year were
handled by the Chicago Tribune, but the
affair has outgrown the resources of the
raper to handle It. so they have con
sented, since they have Inaugurated It
as a permanent successful feature, to
allow t!ie public committee to manage
It." .
Orf-gon Has Four Booths.
Oregon this year was represented In
fotir booths. One was the Southern Pa
cific and O. R. X. Co. exhibit, th-j
second wss the Great Northern exhlhlt.
the third the banner exhlhlt of tho Rogue
R ver Valley, and the fourth the prise
winning display of the Hood River apple
prodti'-tnr districts.
J. II. O'NellL assistant general nassen
g'r snt for the Southern Pacific and
I'. P. A N. Itres. waa the advance guard
f-r the Oregon dlsnlar. He was followed
rifely v John M. Scott, who holds a
stmtUr position with the company. The
first day demonstrated to them that tha
show was due to eclipse that of 190.
Hi they wrote to Mr. McMurray and Mr.
McMurray nent East. He aaw at a
glance the situation. The Oregon booths
were lratrd In one of the most fre
ou'ntrd portions of the big Coliseum.
They brought Into display thousands of
Oregon apples and other products. Sur
mounting tbe booths were four panoramic
pictures, the first showing Portland and
the surrounding country, the second
showing I'mpqiia Vall-y. the third a sec
tion of the Willamette Valley and the
fourth the Hood River Valley. The
Khole made a pretty picture that at
tracted aide attention.
Many Westerners at Show.
Among others from this section who at
tended the exposition were: V. K. Ren
ton, of Portland: C. C Kdwaxda and J.
C. Skinner, of Hood River: K. T. Motion
and K. J. Rtcrs. of tirants I'ass: Harry
C. Hunter, of Portland; J. R. McRand. of
Attalia: TVotnas Bod and I M. Brown,
of Waila Walla: H. P. Laughlln. of The
Pallcs; C. M. Stackland and C. O. ftack
lrd. of Cove: L M. Hlmes and O. O.
llerrlfield. of Roseberg.
Mr. McMurray says that all the Ore
gon la n s did great missionary work among
the prospective settlers attending the
1 am perfectly delighted said Mr.
McMurray. "The show was sn educa
tional institution. Oregon will benefit
from tha splendid showing It made. Next
3 ear we slia'tl try to have other Interests
and other districts represent ed.'
f-ubmny Promoters May Float Bonds
on VUlt to tnslanit.
Efforts to float a large bond Issue
from which to obtain funds to con
struct te proposed subway under the
tVlltametfe River ma v he niarie on a
visit to 1-onion on which. Ii li said.
I- Y Keady and A. K. Bcntiey. two of
the Incorporators of tha pewly-formed
Portland Subway Company are pun
ning to start lt'iln the present week.
A. H Hammond, the third of the In
corporators, according to the reported
arrangements, wlil remain In Portland
to prepare further plans and estimates.
That the tuhe will be built with out
e?re capital was the statement of the
incorporators at the time the company
was launched, but It was not known
tst ti'ey wouM draw upon Indon
tor tVe fumis. It was the reported In
trntlon to sell strH-k In the Kast.
Howeer. London capital Is said to
he seeking Investment In the North
west and the subway scheme has been
represented as one of the most likely
of early and reasonably certain results.
As soon as the plans are completed
-d the ririiirr permit for the oper
ation of the system under the river Is
Mailed, the present company, m'hlch
Is declared to he only temporary, will
be superseded by a corporation supplied
w'ta ample funds to carry on the work,
which. It Is calculated. i;i not cost
more than $1 .'. uo. It Is said. It la
also asserted C at Mr. R-ntley and Mr.
Keady. on their way to London, will
stop at Washington to arrange with
t.-.e War Department for permission to
drive the tunnel under the river.
The plans provide for beg:nnlng
rperatlons wlchln the coming year.
usuallv larr titimlwte of vmifha mm
as grownups were present and showed
n"'i'si in ine proceeangs.
The boys used original campaign mctl
ode. but there jaas entire ebsenre
boodle and graft and Mayor Churl
Bvans. a bov of 14. iu elected strict
on his merits and fitness for office. With
Mm thera went Into office a new City
Council and one of the first pieces of
practical business which came before th
found! was an appUcatlon. by the Sell
Comoanv of picture-makers for the ex
c'usive right to take motion, pictures of
rloyvllle. The matter w.ts sunmltieo: ann
discussed Just as a similar matter would
rave been taken up by Mayor Mmon an
the members of the Portland body. The
permit was granted in due form and
signed and sealed by Boyrtlle'a Mayor
and City Clerk.
The picture rapidly presents in pano
ramic fashion the operation of Hoyvl
newspaper, bank, restaurant and street-
cleaning departments and winds up with
sports, in the form of an amateur parad
and circus.
Judge listens, of the Juvenile Court
witnessed an exhibition of the pictures
yeserday and pronounced them elevating
In tone and purpose.
As an encouragement to the hoys snd
girls of this city the Star manacemen
will award a medal to the boy or gir
who writes the bust JiO to XO-a-ord story
or on the pictures. Manuscript left at the box olffce of the
Star "Theater. None will be received
after 11 P. M. the last day of tho exhi
bition of the Boyv'.lle pictures.
The Star's programme contains the
uwnal attractive numbers in addition to
The City of Bnvn"
to Be De-
Shakespeare's Heroines
plcted In Discourse
Sale Already I-arge
Ellen Terry, tha world-famous
Shakespearean actress, will appear at
the He 11 1 a; Theater tomorrow night.
: .
a' --...
Ellea Trrrr. Will Prrwit
Acted Dlacoiire M Miake
rv's ftlerolnrs Trinmp-ait at
th Hrlllaf Tkeatrr T.norrw I
pivlna; an "acted dl scour" on tba
Mrrolni Triumphant of Phakcsprare.
The advance pala la tremendous. In
titcatlnr that ahe m-il! receive tba ova
tion due her. Jamei A. 1-aidlaw, tha
ilrltlsh Conaul. haa ronnenlPd to pre
sent her to the audience, with a few
wor1a of appreciation.
When aha arrives at her hotel Fri
day morn In jr she will find her room
bower of roaes and beautiful blooms.
presented by tha clubwomen of Port-
nd. Mlaa Terry will arrive from the
north at 7 o'clock tomorrow morn tar
accompanied by hrr two maida and .
ravfUug' companion. who is Miss
iortia KniiChl. formerly of Salem.
After the San Kranclsco appearance of
Misa Terry, December 1. the Examiner
"Lovely as ever." That waa the ver
dict heard everywhere at the Columbia
Theater yesterday afternoon. Such a
tde of emotional ecfitany had accum
ulated durlnir the two hours' that the
audience wns under the spell of tha
ru arrant personality of the fcTnflrllsh
actress and stood about sliaktnjr hauda
mutual conRratulationa of the rare
treat Kllen Terry had ffiven them. She
exceeded anticipations and held her
audience spellbound throus-hout."
MUa Terry has selected for portray
al here aome of her favorite heroines.
ncludlns; Portia, Beatrice, Viola and
Hlf Time Planned for Friday, Ilan-
quct Follolnc Cerrn.ony,
With Mllca D. Jameson, presiding, the
nemt-anniuU concatenation: of the Port
land branch of the H-x-Moo mltl be held
nrxt Friday n.Rht at the Arlon Hall,
Seiond- and Oak streets. At that time
more than -5 "kittens' mill be aimbled
o so throuch the mystic rites of the or-
r of "Kats."
Lumbermen from afar will be present.
The. official Initiating; board of officers
nd m.tny other members of ibe Ux-al or
er were present at the National annual
Hoo-Hoo conentlon held In t?.in Krin-
iaco on Heptember I. thereby jralnln
many novel inna m trie art or mnKin
kitten ru!i-iioipei "kat. Theae
tun tit. abetted by many original Ideas
concocted In Portland since the last con-
atenatlon.- will be applied at tha meet-
in c
Followtn th. usual custom of the Hoo-
iot after the trying; ordeal of an Inttlav
lion the kats 'and "kittens will cather
around the banquet board where 'milk"
and other nounhtna; refreshmenta will
be dispensed. The lunch proabably wtli
b held in the initiation hull.
Laffcrty Says Chance Exists;
to Send Third Representa
tive Next Year.
Xo Doubt Exists as to Increased
Hcprosentatlon .after Bill Passes.
Eastt-rn Oregon Sugseted
as Separate District.
Woman Plead for Man After
Krtnrns Her Money.
1 heater Offers Medal for Uett Essar
on Pletore br Ycuih.
Cltltsis ft B--yr1Us t-sld an
: jcsUrdST at toe Elar Tncatrr.
Aa ua-
"I don't know whethrr Burns stole
my monry r not; anyway, he lias paid
It hack." said Miss J.-nnle Rclmer In
Munu-lpal Court yesterday, plsadins;
for ths release of Robert Burns, her
ailrired sweetheart, whom sl.s had ae
cused of stealing H6:. Miss Relmer
said Burns turned over to her S4
rash, a rlnj. a watch and a railroad
ticket, and sha no longer wished to
prosei-ute him.
Judae TasweM was unwllllna; to let
the chart:, pass so lightly, but atlas
Relmer was Insistent. Sha ronseotsd
to pay IIS eosts and her ball of (100.
exacted to Insure her appearance, was
raleaaed. Burns was freed.
Rlecant fitted traveling hags and
caaes at Harris Trunk Co, 132 tlii si.
In the opinion of Representative
elect LarTerty, Oregron Is certain to
get three Representatives In Coneresa
as a result of tha census just an
nounced. He also believes that tha
new apportionment bill will pass Con
gress In time for the Oregon Legisla
ture to act In the matter of redlstrlct-
Ing tha state at the session which meets
at Salem next month.
"That Oregon will elect three Rep
resentatives at the next election la a
foregone conclusion," said Mr. LarT
erty last night. "The new apportion
ment bill will probably pass Congress
In time for tha Oregon Legislature to
re-district the state during the session
which meets in January. Otherwise
the extra Representative we will be
entitled to will be elected at large In
"Tbe last apportionment act was
passed by Congress January 16. 1901,
following the census of 1900. If Con
gress acta as promptly on the census
of 1910, the new apportionment act
should become a law not later than
January It, 1911. The Legislatures of
the various states convene in January
and generally remain In session for
several weeks. If the new apportion
ment act shall be passed by tha middle
of January or thereabouts. It will glva
the Legislatures ample time In which
to re-dlstrlct the states at their ap
proaching sessions. No doubt Congress
will take this fact Into .consideration
nd pass the apportionment bill early
next month.
Itcdlstrlctlngr Is Question.
"No one can foretell Just how our
Legislature will divide up tha state In
order to make the three districts.' One
arrangement will suit me as well as
another, and should X make good ray
first term, and In consequence be a
candidate for re-election In 1912, I
would Just an toon be a candidate at
large as to be a candidate from any
given district.
It is probable, however, that tha
coming Legislature will create three
separate districts. Many favor putting
all of Eastern Oregon into one district.
that Is to say, all the territory lying
east of the summit of the Cascade
Mountains. This would result in de
taching Multnomah, Columbia and
Clatsop counties from the present sec
ond district. It would also necessitate
the cutting of Klamath and Lake coun
ties off from the present first district
and adding them to the Eastern Oregon
district. Should this arrangement be
followed, Multnomah, Columbia and
Clatsop would doubtless form one dis
trict, while the present first district
minus Klamath and Lake counties
would form the other, district. This
would give the Eastern Oregon dis
trict a population of 1-C.SS9: the dis
trict composed of Multnomah, Colum
bia and Clatsop. 252. 9o7. and the pres
ent first district, 76,936.
. Federal Act Flexible.
That this arrangement, or any other
similar division that may be decided
upon by the Legislature, will conform
to the requirements of the Federal Ap
portionment Act, there is no doubt in
my mind. There is no probability that,
the present ratio of apportionment will
ba reduced to such an extent as to de
prive us of a third Congressman. Ap
portionment acts heretofore have sim
ply given to each state a given number
of Representatives. It has always
been further provided that the districts
should be composed of compact and
contiguous territory containing as near
ly as practicable an equal number of
nhabltants. But many of the suites
now have districts where the population
varies to a greater extent than in tha
new districts that are proposed for Ore
gon. The present Eighth Missouri dis-
rtct has. according to the Congres-
lonal directory, only 142.364, while the
Tenth Missouri district has 265,440.
It should be borne in mind that Con
gress has never required that a given
district should contain a given number
of Inhabitants, but In fixing the number
of Representatives that wltl be allowed
to any state a uniform rule Is required
by the Constitution to be followed.
Therefore, each state Is allowed by
Congress a certain number of Represen
tatives, based on a specified number of
Inhabitants, or major fraction of that
number. But It Is left entirely with
he State Legislatures to fix the boun
daries of the districts. Congress only
requires that the distrlcta shall contain
as nearly as practicable an equal num
ber of Inhabitants.
Ratio Kow One to 193,167.
"Ten years ago Congress allowed each
tate one Representative for each 193,- j
17 Inhabitants, or major fraction of
that number. Should that ratio ba de
creased so as to allow only one Repre
sentative for each 260,000 Inhabitants,
Oregon would still get three Congress
men. However, there Is little probabil
ity that the ratio will be decreased at
1L Several Eastern states have not in
creased In population In the past 10
ears, Iowa for example, and no state
ill want to have Its representation
reduced. For these reasons I say thera
Is no chance that Oregon will be left
Ith only two Representatives.
"A Representative from Portland
must always worn zor me interests oz
he entire, state. W Ith the re-dis
tricting of the state the Representa
tive from the district that includes
Multnomah will be largely a helper of
the Representatives from both the
other districts. The prosperity of all
the towns and cities near the mouth
of the Columbia depends upon the
prosperity of Eastern Oregon and
Southern Oregon. The state needs to
have Its irrigation work and river
and harbor improvements pushed sys
tematically for years to come, and
the land grants and public lands
must be opened up to settlers.
"There is also some talk of putting
Multnomah County Into a district by
Itself. There could be no particular
objection to thts, as It haa sllgntly
mora tnan one-third of the population
of the state. Those favoring this plan
advocate putting Clackamas and
Washington Counties in tha Eastern
Oregon district and adding Columbia
and Clatsop Counties to the present
First district. While I should regret
seeing any of the counties at present
In this district detached, I should de
rive some pleasute at seeing Portland
and Multnomah County given the honor
of being made a district. Tbe Leglsla-
West Side Property Thrown Open to the Public
The Carson Estate, through their
trustee Robert T. Piatt, will sell their
holdings in Portland's beautiful
southern heights. This property,
Carson Heights, situated amidst Port
lands chain of scenicboulevards, com
mands the most beautiful of views,
overlooking the city, the river and
the splendid, distant mountains. Two
carlines furnish transportation at the
present time and a third line is as
sured in the near future, which means
service absolutely the best in the city
Immediate Prices $400 to $850
Exclusive Selling Agents. 269 Oak Street, Ground Floor, Lewis Building
ture will no doubt act In this matter
deliberately and for the best inter
ests of the state."
Good Roads Association to Meet.
Dr. Andrew C. Smith, president of the
Oregon Good Roads Association, has
called a meeting at 10 o'clock on next
Monday morning at the Commercial
Club to consider matters of legislation
and other business pertaining to the Ore
aon good roads movement. It Is prob
able that delegates from other counties
will be present. Many matters ot
portance will be up for discussion and It
is urged that all delegates be present. In
all, more than 60 in number are ex
pected. The executive committee, of
which Lionel R. Webster is chairman,
will report Its findings.
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Tor Sale in Large and Small Tracts ty
Owners of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Wagon Road
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