Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 01, 1910, Page 4, Image 4

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Committees Are Named
Present Findings to
Grand Jury.
Commute Xamcd at Ma. Meeting
In -Armory Several WffLj Ago
Mm la Commercial Clob
to Further It Work.
For tha pnrpoa of (olsf mora Iota
rtat!a la Ita IrrrsstlraLion of tba arta
cf tha Port of Portland Cotmrt tartan, tfia
et)rt brlrc maJn!r to prascnt facta for
grand Jury consideration, tba eommlttea
of a. appelated at a mass roaattna; held
In tha Armory a few wka ac last
nlrh l art at tha rooma of tha Portland
Commercial Clob and appointed aoraral
aub-comnalttaea and adutd a lenathy
reply to tba tfefenaa preaanted by tha
Cotnrntsstoa tbrourb tha columns of tha
Portlasd oal'.y newtpapera.
Cbarlea Maaehem, Alfred F. Gmtth and
AJbart fltnr, wera appointed a eommit
taa to del-fa Into tba admlntirtraUon of
tba pabllo drydock. O. M ladle ton. Fred
Kalllo and A- Q. Katill-ht wera "elected
ta Bather data In relation to toatta
;aort NX. Tboraaai H. A- Beppner and
IX I. Poray wera V-legated tiss taak of
Inquiring Into tba Commission's dredr
lna operation Tbraa oomml tt era will
nvaka raporta at tna next meet Ies; of tha
irsnaral enmmtttsa, wbldt will ba bald
la about tan daya
lalaclou la Proposed.
K. R. brook. Job a F. Loran. R. Cit
ron. Baa Klealand. Mai Tin Carter. Seneca
C. and Cbarlaa A. H lire low a era
aalactad to draft a meaeura cfieji ting tba
charter at tha Port of Portland in atuna
manner ao as to tnaks tba Commlemlon
ara alectlra and directly responsible to
tba taxpayers. Tba Information gathered
by tiie drydork. towairo and dredging;
cotnmittM'a. la sjMIUon to being for
Brand Jt:ry consumption, will bo ced In
Salem In erring before tba Legislature
tha passage of tha tneasura to ba pro
posed by tha committee, it la oopea to
secure also a fraud Jury raport'abowlna
tha necessity for a change In tha method
of srlecttr.g Comml talon era.
Prompted by atatcmanta made by sev
eral of thoaa prevent to tha etreec tn.
tha Commission has bean In tha habit
of ban-In a the public from Its meetings.
frequently going Into esecuttYe session
for this purpoae. Oeorca li. Thomas pre
vented a resolution demandlnr that the
lYxnmtMtlon hereafter admit ill tsjipay
rra and reprrsenlatlrea of tha news
papers of ttie el'r to their sessions. Irre
spective of what tha character of auch
aeaalons may ba. Tba motion was unanl-
nouelr carried.
An eaecutlra committee, consisting of
Oeom IK Van V aters. Ueorga 11.
Thomas. J. II. Nolta, ii Versteeg. H. C.
Thompson and 1L H. Prouty. was ap
pointed by Chairman Uunly.
Bidder Slakes Affidavit.
Tn Its reply, prepared by special
commltee eelected at tha laat meeting.
tha committee went Into details, cor
aria mora cloealy tba charges -which
have been made against tha Commls
ston. Tha document was accompanied
by several affidavits, among which
was ona from John F. Cratg. vice- pres
ident and general manager of tha Craig
PalpbulMtng Company, of Long Bearn.
L alleamg teal ne uaa peen ai
criminated agatnat In tha letting of
contracts for tha construction of ve
acta for tha Port of Portland.
Mr. Craig elated tn thla aworn etate-
ment that ha had been .refused tha con
tract tor tha building of a bar tug. da
srlte tha fact that hla bid waa mora
than S70 lower than that of bis near
eat competitor, tha Willamette Iron and
Steel Work, and In face of a recom-
mendatlun from the commission's con
suiting engineer. J. B, C. Lock wood.
that ha be given tha contract, auch
recommendation having been made
after Mr. Lsvkwood had ful'.y Invest!
gated tha capabilities of Mr. Craig's
Tha neat time be bid. bis affidavit
states, bis envelops was returned un
opened. Tba third time he refuaad to
bid. and ba declares that several other
bulldrra also refnuad. believing that
there waa no possibility of receiving
fair treatment. Tha w Illaroette Iron
and Steel Works. In which C F. Swig,
art la alleged to bava been a stock'
holder, received the contracts.
Kales Advajtced la Charge.
Charlea F. Machem. F. Hagemann,
E. W. Spencer. O. W. Hoaford, A. W
Mcintosh. Osborne Mlddleton. Andrew
Hoben and Albert Crowe had signed
an affidavit, marked "Kxhlblt A" and
presented with the reply, declaring that
the recent action of tha Commission In
tampering with tha pnblie drydock
rates had had the effect of ralalng them
from II to per cent. Cnder tha old
rates the steamer Northland could,
tbey inl'1. ba docked for three days
for while under tha new rates
it would cost I34S. an Increase of 21
per rent. It was formerly possible, ac
cording to tba sworn statement, to
dock tha tramp steamer Beach ley for
three days for f ;:. Now It would cost
an Increase of ti per cent. The
business, they declare, has been going
to the Oregon lryTxt Company. In
which tbey allege C F. Bwlgert holds
aa Interest.
In the reply tha committee scores
tha Commission for falling to take
legal action against Robert Wakefield
sr Co.. to secure tha money which tiie
taxpayers, according to a finding of
Judge Clclanu. ware defrauded In tha
drydock contract transaction by col
lusive bidding, and ascribes as the
reason for such failure the fact that
Robert Wakefield and C F. Swlgert are
partners la buslnssa enterprises. Tba
allegation la made that the Commission
paid the O. IL a N. Company an ex
orbitant price for tha tugs Orklahama
and Wallula. despite a report to tha
contrary from Consulting engineer
Lock wood.
and there, occupied seats around
banquet table at tha Commercial, Clnb
last nlgbt In honor of tha Sth anni
versary of the ograalxatloB of tba so
ciety In Portland.
K. K Baxter, president of the society,
was toastnwster. and Dr. W. T. Wil
liamson spoke on "The Land We Live
In." W. J. Burns responded to the
toast. "The Land We Left." W. 1.
Wheelwright spoke on "The Scot
Abroad." and Robert Oray on "St. An
drew and tit. Andrew's Societies.
Telearams from San Francisco. Seat
tie. Victoria. B. C. Philadelphia and
Toronto. Canada, oangratulatlng the
society ware read. Major Mac-Donald
Played tha bag pipe. Quests at the
banquet wars:
' K. K. Baxter. A. O. Brown. A- T. Smith.
C- I-fith. Thomas Boras. Jobs rtaikle. In.
J. V. ImU. a. B. Rlrell. W. J. Burn James J. A. Pick. H. L. IMaald. Andrew
Driver. IX Q Tjuncaa. Bobert Oray. A. T.
Hucrln. D. T. Kerr. 8. o: Kerr. J. B. W.
Uswii. K Lrrlacvloae. Dr. Marshall. A. T.
Mattbeej, XX A. Milne. Joba Latia. William
Comfort, r-aolala B. F- Cameron. Thomas
Mens. WllUem Browa. T. a. Maun. Al W.
Pcott. Alex Mulrbead. W. K. Mackenxie. W.
A- MacTtse. Mr. McCarser. H- Mclnnes. W.
o. Mcrberenn. J. A. i-aterson. IX A. . Pat
tullo. A. li. Bidden. J. R. Bttiait. Jemes
Tbompeon. O. C. TamSull. C. E. . T"
A. M. WrlrhU trr. WlUlemeoa. J. L. Hen
derson. N. F. Hynd. R. W. Mackensie. Will
iam Keed. jack Merkle. R. B. rleai. Robert
Barton. J. H. McDonald, F. T. Crowtber.
Jsme llstoblnsoa. A. R- fsltollo. J. M.
Wallace. IL Matthew. M. Murdock, J. M.
Mukle. B. J. titewart. Alex Hardle. D. IL
Oowsns. w. H. Skene. Cbarlea Cooper. A.
D. H. H. Maekeaxle. B. Blackwood. Will
iam Oedsvr. A. M. Karr, A. T. W. Kerr aad
William Mootoa.
Shippers Contend Securities
Are Still Favored in Fi
nancial Markets.
lows Commissi lonrr-clpx-t Trstlflca
That OTer-Capltallzatlon In I'oar
State Is 9400,000,000 De
velopment Xot Stopped.
John K. Norma a Keac-lira Iam
fples From Seattle.
Ia'S ANGE1.E3. Cal.. Nov. JO (Spe
cial.! John K. Norman reached Loa
Angeles on a bicycle today from Seat
tle via Portland. He left Portland on
July 11 and baa wheeled every foot of
the war. He says he will walk back,
as It Is too tough work on a "bike."
ft. Andrew's Society Celebrates With
Banquet at Commercial Clnb.
tlchty-seven Scotchmen, members of
BX Andrew's bociety. with a guest bare
Captain J. B. Smith. Ousted From
Stsohoralab, Arouses Everett.
MsUady Donned Incurable.
EVERETT. Wash-. Nov. S 9pe
claL) Afflicted wtlh a dual personal
ity and compelled to appear to ba
devil when ba would rather pose as a
saint. Captain J. B. Smith, years ago, a
gambler, but now reformed. Is puxxllr.g
physicians and the authorities of Bno
horn Is h County.
For IS rears Captain Smith has been
nnabla to control hla voice and In a
running conversation. be has been
obliged by tha evil personality to In
ject profane words which have no con
nactloa whatever with the subject Ota-
cussed. The profane words are spoken
la a voles baring an altogether auier
ent key from that In which air. Smith
Today Captain Smith was oroaa-ex-
amlned thoroughly by Prosecutor Bell,
la an effort to ascertain It tha man
could ceass the Involuntary exclama
tions which have proved ao objection
able. Those In the adjoining room
could have imagined a gambling game
waa In progress with Smith aa one of
the most excited players. Throughout
the conversation, he Injected remarks
utterly Irrelevant and objectionable.
Mr. Smith came here from Snoho
mish, where he owned a small cabin.
and where the Chamber of Commerce
had decided at a meeting that means
should ba taken to oust him from the
city. He persisted In talking to women
and children and hla shocking, al'
though. Involuntary exclamations
made him tha terror of tba town. A
complaint charging Inaanity failed and
Smith refused to leave when it was
found that ba waa not Insane but that
hla nervous malady was such that his
presence waa objectionable In Snoho
Mr. Smith arrived In Everett today
and created consternation whereever
he appeared. Just what will ba dona
with him has not been decided at Sno
homish. Ha announced today that he
would return to that city and a warm
conteat la expected. He ssys be Is a
member of a big grocery firm in Se
attle. Tacoma and San Francisco and
carries a letter from a savant saying
that his malady Is Incurable.
Jlen and Women Who Have Been In
Service 90 Years or More Will Be
Cared For In Old Age.
NEW YORK. Nov. 10. Judge Elbert
H. Gary announced today that begin
ning January 1. 111. the United States
Steel Corporation will pay three classes
of old age pensions to those of Its em
ployes who bava served with either
the parent company or Its subsldlarlea
for more than 20 years. The Income
will be derived from the Cnlted States
Steel Corporation and Carnegie Joint
Fund, to which no employes contribute
and will be divided Into jhree classes.
These are:
Flrst Pensions by compulsory re-
tlrement. granted to employes who
have been 10 yeara or longer in tbe
service and have reached tbe age of
years for men. and 0 years for women.
Second Pensions by retirement at
request, granted to employee who have
in 10 years or longer In the sirvlre
and have reached the age of to years
for men and to years for women.
Third pensions for permanent inca
pacity, granted to employes wbo have
been Jo years or more In the service
and have become permanently or total
ly Incapacitated through no fault of
thetr own.
No pension of mors than 11 20 will
be allowed and none of lesa than $12 a
month. Between these extremes. 1 per
nt or the regular monthly pay re
ceived during the last 10 years of
service will be allowed for each year
of total service.
Tha United States Steel Corporation
haa a pension fund of S9. 000.000 and the
Carnegie fund, established In 1901 by
Andrew Carnegie, amounts to f 4.000,000,
so that the Joint principal available
will ba $12,000,000.
WASntNGTON". Nov. 30. Testimony in
the Eastern Trunk Line freight advance
cases was virtually concluded by the In-
terstate Commerce Commission today.
after many witnesses for the shippers
had agreed that the proposed Increases
would localize competition, hurt tbe
Weatern market for Eastern goods and
otherwlsa seriously Interfere with their i
business. '
The period of suspension of tha pro-
rosed advances la until January It and i
In tha meantime, on January 9. argu- j
menu of the counsel will be made. The .
Commission may bo prepared to give Ita
decision by the expiration of the present i
Shippers Well Supported.
There was a steady run of witnesses
today In support of the shippers' pro
testa They Included heads of the West
Inghouse Airbrake Company, of the Rail
way Busineaa Association, of the Ameri
can Locomotive Company, and of shoe
and leather, drug, cotton goods and oth
er enterprlsea
Clifford Thorns, of Washington, Iowa,
State Railway Commissioner-elect, coun
sel for the Corn Belt Meat Producers'
Association and the Farmers and Grain
Dealers' Association, contended that In
four states alone the railroads had been
over capitalised by $400,000,000. Thla was
based on statistical summary of the ac
tual physical valuation of 13S properties
bavtng a combined capitalisation of more
than $1,000,000.
Mr. Thorna contended that railway net
earnings bava been Increasing faster
than their expenses and that the credit
of the roads was good. He urged that
the only proof offered by the railroads to
support their argument of credit Im
pairment waa that they oould not mar
ket 4 per cent bonds at par. an ability
which he regarded as by no means Indi
cative of bad credit.
Kallroad Securities Good.
He said that railroad securities were
more desirable today than five, ten. 15
end 20 yeara ago and command higher i
market prices than those of other pub-
Uo utility or Industrial companies.
Tell your troubles to the Commis
sioner," wss tha only consolation Presi
dent Lawrence, of the Lawrence Com
pany, of Boston and New York, testified
he received from the railroads when he
tried to talk to them about advances
which meant $70,000 Increased cost an
nually to bis cotton-piece goods busi
Edwin F. Forbes, of Boston, candy
manufacturer, contended that candy Is
a necessity and not a luxury. A. D. But
terfleld, for tba New York Central lines,
forced him to ssy that he saw no reason
why sugar, unaffected In the proposed
advance and a big factor In the candy
businesa, should not bear its share of
the Increase.
He said the Increase would take off
half of his quarter of a cent profit on
the and a cents a pound candy and
that In the East, hla candy goods Jobbed
at 15 and 40 centa a pound were sold by
retailers at from 60 cents to $1.S0 a
Cost I teaches Consumers.
It Is tiie Purchasing
Power of Your Dollars
That interests yrm. If the standard makes (and they are
standard makes) of the Shoes we sell are good values at $4.00,
$5X10 and $6.00, they should be a mighty sight better at
$2.00 and $2.50
Should they notT W sell the factory samples of the best
.American Shoes manufactured.
Charles L Swarts. of St. Louis, repre
senting the Natlonnl and Weatern As
sociation of Shoe Wholesalers, testified
that the increased cost would be put
upon the dealers and that It would ulti
mately reach tha cor.suroers on certain
medium and low-grade shoes. He re
ferred to the old rebate "plums" which
tha railroads gave favored shippers until
the Hepburn act stopped these secret
Are any of these rebates still ex
isting?" asked Commissioner Clements.
"I wish they were, under conditions."
Tt la surprising to me." continued
Mr. Clements, "to find now how ex
tensive these rebate practices used to
be when It was so bard than for us to
find them at alL"
George A. Post, of New York, presi
dent of the Railway Business Associa
tion, testified that tba main purpose of
his organization was to promote frlend-
relationa between the railroads and
the public
e have learned." be said, "that con
servative talk la better than vitrlolics.
Ws ars organizing good humor, not
Mr. Post declared the purchases of the
railroads had diminished markedly tn the
lost four or five months.
Development Xot Suspended.
"Do yon know of an Instance where
the railroads bava suspended any work
Our upstairs
rent is one-seventh
of the rent
paid by ground
floor stores. No
fancy fixtures,
no heavy ex
penses, but just
perfect - fitting,
stylish $4 to $3
shoes for ladies
Our upstairs
rent is one-seventh
of the rent
paid by ground
floor stores. No
fancy fixtures,
no heavy ex
penses, but just
perfect - fitting,
stylish $4 to $S
hoes for men.
Portland '
150 Third St,
Bet. Morrison and Alder
Sixth Floor Oregoniaii Bldg. Rooms 600-601-602-603-603.
of development already begun?' asked
Commissioner Prouty.
"Not at this moment," replied the wit
ness. Herman Wee tin gh cruse, vice-president of
the Weatinghouse Airbrake Company, de
clared that airbrakes had a much higher
efficiency than five years ago, that
train could carry 60 per cent more load
down heavy grades, and that he believed
the Increasing price of from 12 to IS per
cent had been made up to the carriers
by the increased efficiency.
W. H. Marshal, president of the Amer
ican Locomotive Company, testified
to the absence of the railroads from that
Railroads were not paying more, he
thought, than heretofore, for freight en
glnes, although passenger equipment was
higher. He thought there had been an
effective improvement In engines
freight carriers, while the price per ton
was about the same ss a decade ago.
then proceed to the National Palace,
where they will receive the consatU'
lations of diplomats, government of
ficials and private delegations
Mexican Dictator Will Take Oath
(or Eighth. Time.
MEXICO CITT Nov. 10, With simple
ceremony. General Diaz will take the
oath of office as President of the Re
public of Mexico for the eighth time.
tomorrow. In view of tbe disturbances
through which the country has recent
ly passed the Inauguration will not bs
marked by the season of festivities that
baa accompanied it in former years, but
will be conducted with the same for
mal dignity and impresslveness.
The ceremonies will take place at
10 o'clock tomorrow morning In tbe
ball of tha Palace of Mines, where the
Chamber of Deputies has been holding
Its sessions pending tha completion of
Its new home. Only the dlplomatlo
corps arid a few other .distinguished
personages, in addition to tha high
Mexican officials, will attend.
Following tbe Induction of President
Diaz, the oath will be administered to
Ramon Corral, re-elected to the vioo-
The President and Vice-President win
Dr. Crippen'a Companion Doesn't
Appear on Steamer List.
NEW TOPJC, Nov. . If Ethel Lsneve.
Dr. Crlppen's erstwhile companion, la on
board the steamer Majestic, which an
chored off Quarantine tonight, she had a
better di'gulss than when she cams to
Canada In boy's clothes abroard the
Montrose. Her name does not appear on
the passenger list and no one like her. of
ficers of the ship said today, had been
It was reported from London that Mlas
Lenev had taken passage second-class)
under the name of "Miss Allen" and
would embark at Southampton, but the
prediction apparently went wrong.
Victoria Feela Earth Shake.
VICTORIA. B. C Nov. 30. Two
slight earthquake shocks were felt hers
st ll:it o'clock tonight. No damage
has been reported.
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