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Workers From 100 Districts
Put Finishing Touches on
Big Oregon Show.
Double Penalties to lie txactod if
rry Tier Iiors Not Kqual One
on Top Vic Halting t'onlcl
lo lc Feature.
Vir thn quarter of a m.lilon Oregon
ppi of high rolor will he thrown open
to the cup of the people this rrom'.nff
at l- o clock in the .UJestie Theater
bulUir.r. Fifth and Washington streets.
I'y th Ponlund Apple Show in Its sec
er.d annual exhibition.
No more beautiful sight can be four.d
than the illpUy of th-se pollshi-d
to a remarkable ilfRrce. of splendid size
and prrf--t-t contour, and arranired in
artlstl.- color schemes. workers
from the l' orrhard district of the state
worked yenterdiiy In the preparation of
t-ielr displays, Packers from Hood Klver.
Dufur. M.wler. ijic nc. Albany and other
well-known sections were rnt.iscJ In
maklnc an ar:l.tlc display. Thry bud
In hand the brilliant r.-.l of the Spitsen-ber-
in contract with the bright yellow
of ti e Ortiey. while the Arkaia llla.-k.
the .Nt.n. tlie Jonathan and the Red
Cheeked IMppln jtlve splendid material
for a picture of what nature can do n
coloring t;i apple under the brilliant
un of the Parirlc Coast.
The liood River schema Is what Is
termed as the "checker board" among
the packers, t'p in one corner the yel
low Ortley Is plcel: next- comes the
red Spltaenberg. then the yellow New
town, a shade duller than the Ortley.
and so It goes, alternating the red with
the yellow and here ar.d there to relieve
the uniformity a dark red Arkansas
mark with a Red fheeked Tippln hav
ing green for Its main color, with a dash
ef red upon the cheek of the apple.
The effect of the display of some 6u or
) boxes Is appealing.
Honr-t Pack InlMrd On.
It. E. Van Deman. of Washington.
XX I., who Is to Ju.Ice the awards and
w ill pass upon U e various displays, spent
aM of yesterday watching the packers
and the exhibitors as they placed their
boxes upon the rack. lie kept a close
eye out for the apple beneath the top
layer, and announced time after time
that the parking must hare honesty for
Its watchword. He said that penalties
would be charged against all of the boxes
found to be packed deceptively.
"If you have high color on top." said
lie. "and another shade beneath I shall
double the penalty for color. So will It
be for shape and sixe. I propose to In
a:st upon an honest count and an honest
park. It is worth more to the I'acillc
Coast o have an honest pack than to
hare Van Demsn for Judge."
The Lann County display la under the
direction and ownership of II. O. I turn -baugh.
who lives four cities from Albany,
on top of kills, where he has a slope In
all directions. He has 4i boxes In tlie
how. They are Italdwlns. Ppltxenbergs.
Northern ipys. Kings, lilark Twls. Van
drpools. ageners and Hen Davis. The
Vanderpool Is a new apple closely re
late. to the Spttenberg. but of better
flavor and not quite so large, making It
of a desirable commercial size. Mr. Hum
baugh raised on his acres between M
nd boxes the past season, all find
ing ready sale at U.S. He has been on
Ms ranch only four years, and la one
of the most enthusiastic apple-growers
In the state.
The Dalles Scuds Displays..
The l;iea apple-growers have In the
show ii boxes under the supervision of
K Kurtx. C. W. Chcesebro and James
I'tnley. The display Is from the com
mercial orchards in that r-gion. and con
sists of Spltxenbergs. Yellow .Newtown.
Winter liananaa. Ked Cheeked Pippins
and Jonathans. They are entered in
the "S-box contest."
A. 1 Cordley. of Corrallls. arrived yes
terday In company with II. F. Wilson,
of the Iepartment of Kntomology. and
r. I- Grldln. of the Ivpartmert of I'lant
Tathology of the Oregon Agricultural
College. Tliey have began to Install spe
cimens of Insects and fungus growths
which aftect the fruit trees and will give
demonstrations of the effect of sprays
upon the- enemies of the fruitgrower.
Hundred of telephone calls were re
ceived by Secretary Power, of the Apple
Plow, yesterday with regard to the 110
In prises offered for the best apple pie.
It Is evident that a high 'merest IS be
ing taken In this contest. The secretary
has decided that the recipe for making
the apple pie must be attached to the
exhibit when entered. There Is no entry
Charxe and anone cm compete. Mer
chants will also contrihute prises to
trake the contest all the more Interest
ing. The p'es may be entered any time
tip to Thursday night, the decision be
ing announced Friday.
Practical Topic In I lei Discussed.
The programme for the B:ate Horti
cultural Society meelng. which opens
rolnrldentally with the apple show, pro
vides for a business session and the
reports and election of officers at :
this morning In the Moose Hall, on the
third floor of the same building occupied
hy the exhibitors. In. It- N. Ha mm. of
2-ortland. will read a paper on "Eastern
aVprles from a Westerner's Standpoint.-
Should Howard KJltott. president of
.he Northern Pacific, find time to stop
I or on his return from a!em lie wi.l
sieliver a brief address, which will be
followed by a paper on "Work of the
Horticultural Kxperlmen t Stations In
Oregon." by Professor Iewls. of the
Oregon Agricultural College at Cor
rallls. Papers will be read In the afternoon
en the followirg subjects: "Practical
Management of Orchard Lands." by Pro
fessor T timber, of the Washington State
College, pul'man. "Cold -storage. Pre
coclmg and Sh'pplng lerMuou Fruits."
by A. M. Stiibenrauch. Irpartment of
Agriculture. W sshlnaton. l. C: "How tJ
Market Our Apples." by C. We Wll
xnemth. manager of Hocue River Fruit
ar-ta -ton. Medford: "What the Kugene
Fruit O rowers' Association Has Done."
Dy Ir. H. F. McCormack. president of
tKe Fajgene Fruit Growers' Assoc at Lion;
Turrpean Markets for Oregon Kru'""
with a "Chapter on 1-esrs." by H. I
Miller. ex-Consul at Ueltas. now of
IMg Trixca Offered.
There are tsro prises In which the ex-l-.isltors
are more Interested than In
any other. Those are the Slot grand
prise for the best S boxes, and the
sweepstake prise, which may carry wltn
It fi JJ being contributed by Iuls
W. HHL of the (Sreat Northern, and ri
cy" the Oregon Horticultural Society. The
sveepstske provides that iJ shall
given to the largest and best ap-e ex
hibits made by any district west of the
;ncky Mountains. Including Oregin.
i Washington. Idaho, Montana. Colorado
t tail and Ftrttlsh Columbia. Fur the
'first prtte - U1 be given, second Ti
I entries In this clSAS. iheSO beln
ii.Uwi f . .. ivMnctnn County, th
T li i ii . Ttavnlnnmont l.enffue and Th
i. i. r,.,r,.i for ;hc wlnne
of the sweepstakes to win the !-"- rail
road rrlzes of I- W. HUU whl?h pro
vides that the apples be tin- largeii'anJ
best exhibit grown in the territory tribu
tary to the Great Northern or the
Northern Pacific.
For the grand prlxe of TOO the entries
un to last nisht were F. P. Friday. Hood
Klver: N. C. Jorgcnson. Salem: I-a-rence
4 Smith. Hood Hiver: P. H- Mohr.
llond Hiver: George Armstrong. . or
vnllls: J. A. Fpplng. Hood Klver: U A.
Herman. H"od Kivcr. and the Lane Hor-tl-ultural
The m-xt rrixe in vnlue Is for the best
five boxes. $ for the best of all. !
for the best Spltxenbergs. and SM tor tne
best Newtowns. The three-box contest
carries jr. for PpUxenbcrss. JJ for Ort
leys. f for Wageners. li'. tr,1
Mosler and 13) for bett In the Wi.lamette
Bot Contests Arranged.
The two-box contests provide for the
best west of the Cascades and the best
In the Hogue Hiver district.
The one-box contest has prlxes for tne
best In Willamette Valley. In Eastern
Oregon and best In Ppitxenberg. e.Iow
Newtown. Jonnthan. lialdwln. Hen Davis.
rkansas HUck. Grimes Golden. Hyde s
King. Northern Spy. Delicious. Gano.
King, r.ed Cheeked Pippin. Rome Beautv.
Swaar. Vanderpool Hed and V.'lnesap.
Competition for county prizes is pro
vided for with prizes of IK for the
be In Henton. I for best In Clackamas.
J!i for best In Coos. :o In Hood Hiver.
Ill In I-ane County. 1 In Mnn County.
Ji in Marlon County. Additional prlxes
are nfr.-red for p-nrs. displays on plates,
dried berries, dried vecetables. grapes,
canned fruits and special displays.
The rules governing tno awards pro
vide that the judging shall be made
upon the following basis: Quality SO.
color S- six. 10: unlformitv. 10; freedom
from blemishes. ?; pack. -V: total. W.
Hood Hiver Is prominent In Ue show.
Its dli-play o.-cupies two large racks run
ning the full width of the exhibition
rooms, a. H. Custner Is In charge, and
In company with him ore a doxen or
more of the prominent npplo growers or
the district. The exhibit has splendid
samples, of Newtowns. Ark.insns lllncka,
Hildwlr.s. Delaware Heds. Northern tpys
Wlntr Hananas. Hvdes King and Hed
Cheeked 1'lppins. The arrangement and
color scheme are extremely artistic.
The Hood Klver apples were taken
from the follow ing orchards: Apple Lana
Orchard Company. 45 boxes; A. 1.
Mason. 1: C. K. Henton. 1. J. R. Nuna
maker lo- lr. Itroslua. 1: J- I Carter.
71- m'm Hill. Homo Orchard Com
pany 40.' Hood Itlver Land & Apple
r-omp-ny. : N- W Hone. 11; J'-o:
Twredlnc-Crocker. IK: I E. Clark. U.
Maxwelton Orchard. 31: Wilson
William Khrk. : I-awrence
1- l'eter Mohr, : W. Sherman. ..
J A .Mohr. rr: Frank winroan,
bert Kablcs. K-: Kggemont. 14: Shadow
;,.- ti w.'.lace. 3: H. O. Pelverk-
nrff ? Dlrkerson Peck. I; A. Hukorlll
Wll'llam iwvldson. i: O. A. McCurdy. :
T. G. Smith. 6; C. E. Ncsbit. 1; Sar
gent. S. . . .
H. fttewnrt. r. i. rin -
Fstburn. all of Albany, were ousy yes
terday getting ineir oieiowy --
Prominent Clinrch and Keller Corp
Worker Succumbs
Mr. E. II. Thompson, aged 3. wife of
F H. Thompson, of the Hrldal Veil Lum
ber Company, died inai hibui. -at
the home of her daughter. Mrs. J. E.
Werleln. 723 East Madison street. Death
came as a resujt of heart trouble.
For several yeara prior to her death
Mr. Thompson had been an Invalid, al
though mentally she was very active,
being a prominent worker In the First
Methodist F.plscopnl Church and the
George Wright Kellef Corp. She was
married to Mr. Thompson In Jefferson-
vllle. Ind.. May 14. 1S6. Two children.
Mrs P. U Svkes. of Fargo. N. and
Mrs. J. K Werleln. of Portland, surviv
ing tUolr mother.
Mrm. Sykes has been apprised of her
mothera death and will leave today for
Tortland. Until her arrival the funeral
arrangements will not be made.
For 27 years Mrs. I nompson naa wen
a resident of Oregon, coming nere iroin
Rockford, HL
Visit the Apple Show during; the noon
hour and take luncheon In the apple
Apple I.sseheoa.
Apple Consomme 10
Apple Kalad 13
Roast Apple. Hot Sauce IO
naked An-le With Cream u
innU rvumnltne with cream 1 -J
Apple Cobbler With Cream 15
Apnie Tie With Whipped Cream 10
Apple 1-le With IS
Apple Tle a la Mode IS
Hot Mine Pie 1 Pumpkin Pie 10
Ham Sandlc 1 Chicken dandwlrh 50
TODSue saodwlch IS Cheese P.ndwlrh 10
Coff'. S Chocolate IO
Butt.rrrllk S atilk ft
Vanilla lee Cream 10
?.rvel br
Ttt n7ri.vvonn
SfcS-lx Via.hlnstoo St. "
and third iii So far there are only
.- - v . v !We. v.; . J. :: f On' AK. kli -.1
ttte Monyixo oregoxiax, WEDXEsuAr, ypvianrisK w, iip
Horticultural Society Presi
dent Sees No Danger of
Suecesr-ful Methods Developed by
California's Kwhango Arc lie
scribed Growers Cliould
Combat Adverse Laws.
In his address before the State Horti
cultural Society today It. C. Atwell.
president, will scout the possibility
of over-production of apples, on the
ground that the apple has become a
staple. Hence the market is growing
larger from year to year, bo will say.
Mr. Atwell will point out the ne
cessity now of a-comprehcnslve selling
svstem o that as the many new-orchards
come Into bearing the market
- -
' W"F-e"V
If. K- Til Drmln, of i.bltd,
1. '., Writer awd Aatbortty nsi
llorticoltare, W bo W 111 Judge
Apple skow Exhibits.
will grow rapidly enough to take care
of the production. Referring; to this
feature, he will say:
"I believe a well-nigh perfect model
for such organization la presented In
the California Fruitgrowers' Kxchange.
to which 1 have often alluded on this
floor and elsewhere. Opportunity was
afforded me. during a visit in California
last Winter, to study Its operations in
some detail. The California Fruit
growers Kxchange ships about SO per
cent of the citrus fruits of California.
Growers whose fruit it handles number
about 4001. and are scattered over ter
ritory jOO miles long. It has sold S1J.
000.000 worth of fruit, in a year, with
out losing a penny in collections. It
spends JJO.000 a year for advertising
California fruits, pays its manager
$8000 a year, and haa several Eastern
representatives, at annual salaries of
tSOOO. It has secured reduction in
freight rates east, and increase of tariff
on lemons. All this it has accomplished
at an expense to growers never reach
ing 3 per cent of gross sales. These
results are apparently so remarkable
that I trust you will allow me to re
fer to some details of their system.
Jxx-a! Asoclatlon Is Unit.
"The unit of organization of Cali
fornia citrus fruit-growers Is the lo
cal, co-operative associations, of which
there are about The local asso
ciation picks and packs its members'
fruit and labels It with its Individual
association brand.
"Above the local associations are 13
Incorporated district exchanges, each
having a capital of only $1. and each com
posed of representatives of local associa
tions within a certain district. Etch of
the U dlfctrlct exchanges electa a delegate
to the general exchange, t.-.e corporation
known as) California Fruitgrowers Ex
change. The only stockholders the latter
haj are 'bese 13 delegates' trom district
exchanges, and these 13 constitute Its
board of t.'irectors.
"Thus It will bo seen that the organiza
tion which accomi'l'sli ng the vast re-
. , . T t - - -i
e-ultsj I have mentioned Is r.ot a private
company, but a co-operative machine,
controlled by representatives chosen by
the great body of Individual growers,
acting in local asf-ocUtions. It charges
no conunlrf-icn. makes no profit, and does
the buotness of 4000 growers at actual
cost. Cars packed by local association-",
whether In San Diego or Sacramento, are
shlpped on order by telephone from office
of general exchange, arc cont'isned to
latter at a point where It has a repre
sentative, and proceeds ot s.ilea are
rendered direct to the shipping o.-soela-tion.
"In'this system, advantages1 of superior
fruit and pack and ufj of local brand,
ire preserved to local a.:ocla!ions. Ad
vertising and marKctin; ra centralized
In a body that cn-i oomip.-.r.d euiTU-lent
funds and brains to secure greatest effi
ciency and widest knowledge of market
"Is there any pec l'orlty in climate of
California that lunkes such business or
ganization impossible to ap-j'.cgm f r of
Pacific Northwest? 1 should like to e e
action taken, at this ntcet:nff, looking
toward organization of such system hero.
Adverse Legislation Threatened.
"Applegrowers of the throe Pacific
Coast states, as well on those of Idaho
and Colorado, are vitally concerned In
preventing legislation -adverse to the
system of packing and labeling, on which
prosperity of our apple Industry rests.
It is a matter in which every asfmcla
tlon engaged In Interstate shipment of
apples should take a wide-twake lnt-rest.
I liould be glad to see ;. ou take some
action, at this session, tending to bring
together nil such assoclati ir into mili
tant tjignmcnt against such adverse legis
lation. "I thii.k It would be a wWe and grace
ful act to invUe our neighbors) of Soutli-wes-.
Washington and the district along
north bank of the Columbia to partici
pate In our meetings and shows. Their
accensibMity to, and close commercial
relations with Portland would. I think,
make such participation agreeable to
them. 3 s well a- to ourselves and would
tend to strengthen those relations.
'Tha outlook Is bright. The future
holdi promlfie of lurgo things. Com
pletion of Panama Canil will cheapen
freight rates '.o tie Kiot. extend our
shipping waso.:, and distribute upon our
bores some of the thousands of Kuro
p;an agriculturar laborers who seek op
porunhy In America. F-'-Tnaiient road
hjildirig will als- decrease many items
of expense on tha fruitgrowers' ledger.
It will make tho fruitgrower's life, in
reality.' what It has long been In theory
the ideal existence for sane humanity. I
tha-ik you for your Indulgence."
Xon - Complianee AVIIli Terms
Charged Use of Streets for Rail
way Not Authorized.
Failure on the part of the Mount
Hood Railway & Tower Company to
comply with the provisions of tho fran
chise granted it In 190 for a light,
heat and power system In Portland has
made the franchise Invalid, according
to an opinion given yesterday by City
Attorney Grant, who also calls the at
tention of the Council to the efforts of
the company to build an electric line
Into the city without first having se
cured a franchise for It.
It Is provided in the franchise grant
ed the company for light, heat and
niiwfr that work on the plant should
Pcgln within one year and be complet
ed to tho extent of making available
at least 10.000 horsepower within the
city limits within two years. In this
the company has failed. The company
also failed to provide a bond for $50,000
to insure its faithful observance of the
terms of the franchise.
If any of the provisions of the fran
chise are violated by the company to
whom it was granted, then the fran
chise should become annulled, the City
Attorney ' says. The feature of the
franiilse providing for the payment to
the city of 2 per cent of the gross
earnings of the company also has been
overlooked, ' according to Mr. Grant's
Concerning the right of the company
to construct a railroad within the city,
Sir. Grant says:
"I find, after a personal Investiga
tion In company with City Engineer
Morris that the Mount Hood Railway
& Power Company has begun the con
struction of an electric railway with
in the limits of the City of Portland
and that it proposes to cross several
streets in the city and has no fran
chise from the city for such a right. I
have communicated with said company
and Informed them that they must not
trespass upon any of the city's streets
without first procuring a franchise
and have been Informed by their at
torney that they will Immediately ap
ply for such franchise and will not
attempt unlawfully to usurp any rights
within the City of Portland."
Tax Ictx Soon to Be Fixed.
A' recapitulation of the tax assessment
for lnil is being made by County Clerk
Agents Stetson Hats for Men-Men s-Boys' $3 Cheshire Hats
Bovs Hercvtles Suits Dr. Deimel's Linen Mesh Underwear
ater Qlds.Wortman &
. rat
50c-75c-$l V alxies 23c
rv nprKwear
J M. A - -
This offer for
by our superior purchasing power lane ad
Fields and his deputies. This will be
the basis of tho assessment in the 60
school districts of Multnomah County,
and the levy of the Port of Portland.
County Clerk Fields expects to have the
recapitulation complete by Christmas
and the levy of the school districts will
bo fixed in January. Tho Port of Port
land levy for expenses of the harbor will
be made about the same time. City and
state officials will also receive reports
of the assessment upon which they will
v,o. their levies. - '
Office Boy's Love Costs
"Central" Job
"Fluffy" I.tkea Snows Too Well,
and Substitute for Once Falls to
- Make Good."
f.p LUFFY"
I tor In i
was a telephone opera-
a. busv newspaper oint;.
A suitor who longed to be recognized in
society as "her steady" cuitivatea i"
habit of talking to her over the tele
phone when all the trunks were not busy
to the extent of asking her to go with
him to the theater. "Fluffy" liked his
voice, she liked his manners and she
also liked theaters. The night was dark
and stormy and she could not desert her
post. As she expressed her regrets into
the telephone and allowed an impatient
reporter to rave and swear until he got
over his hurry, and pictured the foot
lights and the villain pursuing the beau
tiful lady across the stage with ms
husky voice, a thought struck her.
A substltutel ........
Why had she not thought of it before.
"Fluffy" knew a girl who had seen
a telephone exchange at a distance. She
called her up and offered her the night s
pay to take the Doard while she went to
the theater. The oDiiging m.s -"
on hand, and while she was undoing her
wraps, "Fluffy" was busy donning hers
and explaining the simplicity of the ex
changes. "Fluffy" told the substitute
the names of everyone connected with
tho newspaper in about a minute, showed
her all the 40 connections In another
minute and was on her way, saying
over her shoulder:
"You'll get along all right, dear. Don t
worry." . .
The substitute sat down before the
en s
A Sensational sale of Men's 4-in-Hands
A very special purchase
from a lare jobber, all new snappy
styles in -wide-end and French fold
styles, also the narrow tie for the
close-fitting collar In this great
assortment you will find ties to meet
your every requirement for the
Holidays as well as your present
needs We invite comparison of
the values which are superior to
soecials offered
today is made
vantage Lay in a supply
Reaular 50c, 75c and $1.00
special for this
switch boards and looked at the rows
of holes and little bulbs. One bulb be
gan to blink, then another and soon there
were streaks of blinks that ran together
In pairs and clusters. She grasped a
handful of plugs and it was not long un
til the managing editor was telling the
foreman of the eterotyping-room to send
him the reporter who nearly got the
paper Into a libel suit; tho foreman of
the composing-room was tolling the of
fice boy that a bis "ad;' had come In and
to cut the space two columns: the police
reporter was fighting with some unknown
person who had been roused out of bed;
and the fire department was telling the
pressroom that the last box pulled was
a false alarm.
In the meantime, "Fluffy" was applaud
ing the leading lady when she spurned
wealth for tlie man she really loved.
While the second act was on. showing
the hero getting in bad at every turn,
the trouble departments from both tele-,
phone companies were rushing assistance
to the crippled newspaper office. The
substitute was helpless, tears were roll
ing down her cheeks as she explained to
the managing editor the circumstances.
The managing editor smiled and walked
away, the reporters grinned, the trou
ble men swore under their fcreath as
they unraveled the tangle.
And all the time "Fluffy" was enjoy
ing the show. And she Is now at lib
erty to enjoy other shows.
A sleuth was placed on the trail of
"Fluffy" to fix the responsibility for
the turmoil caused by Substitute. The
sleuth was not long- In striking the
trail. One of the office boys, who had
been frequently hanging; over the
switchboard, talking to "Fluffy," had
that particular night off and had plead
ed for over an hour with the city edi
tor for two theater tickets. The tick
ets were finally given htm and he dis
appeared. "Fluffy" disappeared simul
taneously with the office boy and
Governor Releases Pair So They Be
Tried In Seattle as Burglars.
Pardoned by Acting Governor Bow
erman of the crime of larceny from
th neraon. in order that they may be
t.ken hsrlr to Seattle to answer for
burglary, James Ahern and James H.
Dplton were brought In from the Linn-
tr.. i-ncitnll vesterday afternoon and
are being held at the City Jail awaiting-
the arrival of officers from Se
attle. The pardons was issued by Governor
Bowerman simultaneously with, the
granting- of extradition papers, in order
that there might be no slip by which
the men would escape Justice.
Ahern and Dalton were arrested by
Detectives Mallett and Craddock Oc
tober 13. for "rolling" a drunken man.
In the North End district. They were
convicted and were sentenced to 60
days imprisonment at Llnnton.
Recently the Seattle burglary was
traced to them and application was
made by the Seattle police for the sur
render of the men. This c-uld not be
done unless they were given a pardon.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Nov. 28. (Spe
cial.) Ahern and Dalton are suspected
of having robbed the Wonder millin
ery establishment in this city of $5000
worth of ostrich plumes on the night
of October 6. With two accomplices,
they are supposed to have entered the
store bv a rear window. Later, two
trunks filled with the cheaper feathers
were recovered in a vacant house here.
A Food
That Agrees
with the weakest di
gestive organs, and
makes them strong
"There's a Reason"
King' Store
11 ' - -
in the city
possible only
sale at
but the costlier plumes had been dis
posed of.
Welsh anthracite Is economical be
causo one ton goes as far as two tons
of cheap coal. E 303: C 2303.
One Million Dollars
for a Good Stomach
This Offer Should Be a Warn
ing to Every Man and
The newspapers and medical Journals
have had much to say relative to a
famous millionaire's offer of a million
dollars for a new stomach.
This great multi-millionaire was too
busy to worry about the condition of
his stomach. ' He allowed hie dyspepsia
to run from bad to worse until In the
end it became incurable. His misfor
tune should servo as a warning to
others. Everyone who suffers with
dyspepsia for a few years will give
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- Dyspepsia is caused by an abnormal
state of the gastric Juices. There is
one element missing Pepsin. The ab
sence of this destroys the function of
the gastric fluids. They lost their
power to digest food.
We are now able to supply the
pepsin In a form nlmost Identical to
that naturally created by the system
when in normal health, so that it re
stores to the gastric Juices their diges
tive power, and thus makes the stomach
strong and well.
We want everyone troubled with In
digestion and dyspepsia to come to our
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pepsia Tablets. They contain Bismuth
Subnltrate and Pepsin prepared by a
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power to overcome digestive disturb
ance. Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets are very
pleasant to take. They soothe the
irritable, weak stomach, strengthen
and invigorate the digestive organs,
relieve nausea and indigestion, pro
mote nutrition and bring about a feel
ing of comfort.
if you give Rexall Dyspepsia Tab
lets a reasonable trial we will return
your money if you are not satisfied
with the result. Three sizes, 25 cents,
60 cents and $1.00. Remember you can
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