Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 26, 1910, Page 9, Image 9

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- - u.r....-v vnTrmrnrw "rr i atn
roif rTT
ri;r lrcj.n. Mala TTO A
fci ' T to. A
'.'.Vim A
ami prir.sTS.
HKII.I'J THFATKR irvnt! er.d Taylor
T.ns iliiui tsl Hrr Harmon l tre
r.. ... -T-. K' in, r.irl fixrlal
uiiint i. . a.'irna t 2.11 o u. Ov it.
Toiii.M ft li.
Bi s.; r TMEATM T:rh end
tlondn-'Tlo ..lnt-r "riMUl."
Mating at I.Ij ni l-nlht at Bill.
IlaKKH THST:K tK'lll "1 Mor
f..u. r ,krr - t'tTupir in
t.'Ti .r Tn,-ll. iiillnte
i a it n4 in.iti at ri.ia.
-t'S.l U T II KATKR M-.rrt.oB.
huta a4 iioMthi Vu1l'.;. Tiia ef
mbook al t li ana t"lsM at 1:11.
eASl) THKATKU rrmrk end Wasfcfs
tnl Viuilm Th'e afternoon at Z.iX
taaigkl al t .SO Bad ft.
1.1 FTC THFATER rVeh Bd alder'
I trio il "omlT rnmOBny In "0t
fci-h i. k Th:i aTtarnooa at 1.J1. to
K.tfht al 1.11 and ft.
TAH THEATER (far and Whtntii
-Um!o pleurae, Cuatlnuoua, from 1:19
W 16 AO P. 11.
lawriiMiinii lateatdad f f ft Ctty
la Brief aalasaas la aday aa.
nut a haaded la Ta On 'aaalaa
The Shfc lr"Tn"Ht of t!' Wo
irtn'v CTub :!! Tro't t: !s evr!nf at i
ve!o.-k. !n rooms It ard 2. TMrJ
'ret. T.:e evrn're- be rlvrn ! a
set. h cf ! pjirt of Krrl:nh Mtnrr
tuarkrl hr i -nk-p,r"a Uf: tn a 1'
urir'lm f M" aariv h n and ir
r"un.l Inrlu'lir OxfnH. I.or."trn. tha
--it-j i. K r.'l-'or:h antl ",'u'k nl
.- an a m rtt f f the cmxlit'ora ar-l ovrta
t: at ir,:n t'l Wk.-prtf rlnrx-IT
rii! l.'l Mm trto th aorM of l.-ttra.
Th-re m 11 , a pf'o cn FurtUnJ tli -t-r
and t!ivn Tl.a rai!!opt!ron will b
tid to show pli-turra of r.-raora and
r!n'n of Interest.
A. W. Mm-Pt FI-nkhal. ICrun. Tha
ir ral .,f A. V. Mou.b-. tx had l'.v.-J -
In TortUmt fr the p-t i y nri.
t-.rlA m-.erdxr and tdo lnt.-r-mar.t
ma.ia In Multnomah Omtery.
Mr. ri'ly itii M wana of a. and a
a f.tml'.Ur flcura In Kat IMrtl ind fr
Ji!lf a rctury. Mr. Moutlr came acr-
t'ia p!atn In Ho wa coiu:i!itJ one
cf tne moil nowrrful nifr. In tha Hate
and a mknun of r.t At t.a
r.irlr SJ- T(:r.k!ivirif turk. y hot
Mou-ly u-iially carried on." ni' of Die
turk-ya- 11a a knun to all the old
Itala Ca AoaiX IX TROfPUC Ona
more ralrnlty wii ad!ed to the already
on lLt of Daniel uegcnheliTTa lv0
irala automobile y trday N-n H. I
Kralry. Itja preafnt owner. w-a taken Into
I'ull-e tvun to anawer to a rharfe of
apeedine In It. at the rate of 30 ml!c
an hour. Krahy waa timid by I'atrolni-n
Hlnva cf tha motorryile uad, on Wnto
a'reet. ThurmJay afternoon. He and other
wltnr ! tlkuputrd the officer'! flire
and the cae was dlsrr.lw d. Fraly had
prevlot-Iy that be Intended to
Rt r'cl of the car brcauie of lt alnaaler
jiu.mi Wnj. SrcA. fieorara 1 Drr.
a Iravelmc aalraman. alU be tha apeaker
at the b mrtlr. fur m- In the Young
Jltoi fliri.Htlan .Vjaiorlation auditorium
timrrow aftrrnoon at 1 o-rbrk. Hla
aubjwt will ba Warned A Man." Ttie
ftrat half hour of the meetlnc will be
tukrn up by a com-ert by tha Y. M. t. A.
Orel stra. and w- before the addre .
Milton Kimyoa will atnir a aolo. There
will be IllMe cla-!a from 4:.f to 1:
0 clock, and a fllowUp aupper from
1 w to o'clock. The meetlnf Wj open
to all m-n.
Kx-Niw York KcaurcT to Mut.
Tlie New York Stale Society of Oregon
at a rnetlnc tnylpht will celehrata
acJAtlon Amr with a efon at Otld
fellowa' ball. Kaj Kxlli and Kit Alder
a:reeta Henry n M.xJlnn will tledver the
a'tdrrsa. and a tine mnral and literary
pros rail una will be given, and r-frewh-nients
e-rved. New York ate people,
either by birth or realdnee. and either
riitor or realdenta of this city or atata
are cordially lnvlteL
RiKTCiDH Aiti a to or Ilouvl.-Tom
P'ark. bart'-nder In tha Steamboat
Pa:oon. a North Knd reaort. and two
mn abow namea are tmknown. were ac
cused yatrrftay mornlna" by Nell Green
of IioMlr Mm up and robbing Mm. Tha
a t la !le?ed to have occurred In tha
tkxm. the two atrncrr-ni plvina: !ren
tie " trong-arni" and robbing Mm while
Sack looked on. G-n aaye be was
relieved of J'.3 In cnah and certitkatea
of depuelt for Hi.
R. U. BcM.vrn's Fl-Nr.HAU lgt.o. The
f'ineral of Hubert I Henner. who died
at M homo. 771 But S.ith atreet North.
was held yctaterday. and the Interment
waa malo in treenwooii .i'iiieierj . no
was yeara of ace and a member of
Orient l.iRe, I. O. O. and Court Co
l'imb'a No. S. i"oreater9 of America.
i.-mtera of both ordera attended tha
funeral acrvlcee.
Atcirr la ARBPTDk Henry Volter
berr waa arrested by Tatrolman Sher
wood, at Kaat Water and Morraon
atreeia. reje;erday afternon on a rharsa
of violating the traffic ordinance by drlv
Irg Ms automobllo between the curb and
a car which we dlac'narcing paanengera.
Volurrberp la a'ao charsol with operat
, h e an automobula not h'a own. without
a llcenar.
Charity Baiaab to Hi Oivkk Todat.
Tl.ere will a b-xar this afternoon from
; to 6 o'clock, at the residence of Ralph
IV. Hoyt. Main and 81. Clair streets,
tha proceedei to go to a needy Ka. I Side
family. All the articles on aula bava
been mad by the following named
children: Winifred and Hlxabeth Huber,
Katharine Hoyt. "harlotte Bregmaa.
Amy Robinson and Katharine Wheeler.
Teamster Is John Hawkins,
a teamater employed by the &tantiard Oil
Company, waa thrown from a delivery
wagoa yesterday morning, at East Four
teentn and Belmont streets, and severely
Injured. The horse were frightened by
an auto truck and started to run. when
Hawkln waa thrown to the aidewalk. Ha
waa taken to St. Vincent s Hospital.
Ntw KvAXttELjCAX. Pastor ARites.
Re. 8. 8. Murnmey. of Wllllamsport, Pa..
newty appointed piuKor of Uie Klrat
Inlted KcanseHcal Church, arrived
Thursday night on tha Oregon It Wash
ington expreaa with hla family and will
take up hla work at once.
Christ i ths Midst or thi Ixcra
arua" and 'The Tide of life." by Ir.
W. H. KoulXca, at I-lrat Preabyterlan
Church. Alder and Twelfth. Morning
worship. 10:50; evening. 7:i. Come.
CtoMMtscLxo Sunday. November 17. 1910.
tha Portland Heights cars will turn south
at Fifth and Washington sta., making
their city terminal at Fifth and Morrlsua
at., opposite Postofflca.
Missionary to Spbak. Miss Ellen Klnsv
V-y. lor several ytara missionary in
Porto Rico, will speak Id Penlel Mission,
ZA Madison atreet, next Sunday at I
and 1 P. M.
Tn Meibr tc Fhaww EeroRaa raqulra
ISO aml5people for afternoons only. Ap
ply today, between 1 and 10 A. M-, to
auperlnterdent, sixth floor, annex.
JIoxTHLt Fraisi. Skjivjcb. by the choir,
in the First Congregational Church to
morrow at ;:5 P. M. Dr. Dyott preachea
ttUA.ll and 7:li P. M.
"Edei. Eac."
The family health beer. Phone Main TOfc
A f Portland Brewing Company.
Rmc City Park Chcrch. Et 4ath and
JUncock ata. Boudinot Seeley will preach
tomorrow at 11 A. il. and 1:46 P. M.
Foa Sum or will lease for a long term
of years. Kxl00. X. E. cor. Id and M1IL
,W"ooaTU' tot aac dwlcfcee iua Wmo.
ji . . . n . ... n MatAmiflrlllV
vmt nAvioa vin i. j. -
considered, all worid'a records for the
blgKeat aqutah. pumpkin ar.d turnip
wars '"beatan to a fraxile" yesterday
when T. W. Swain, of the Hardavrabhle
farm In Washington County. Just serosa
the line from Multnomah, presented Sec
retary Glltner, of the Chamber of Com
merce, with a table delicacy aa a token of
his esteem. In the shape of a 21-pound
radh. "A a-pound radish." fa'd 'c
retary Glltner. "la going aome. It ft
blRKer than the average weight of the
Oregon boy when born. It la as large
a many of the Kansas pumpkins with
which the United Btatva department of
Agriculture history is to replete."
Ti'RKETS 30C and Chictceki 1U At
tractive prices, aren't they? At Smith's
bis mark"! that rurwa front SM Alder t.
right through to ls "rst c you can buy
tixlay freh dressed. Oregon turkeys t
3c nnd li-. Oregon chu-kena prepared
fresh for today's trade at lio and lac;
fresh Oregon butter Is 7o per aquore;
freeih eggs are 1 a doxen; roasts of beef
are 10c. lie and U'tc. and extra choice
Is tfc; legs of liuiib are li-; alioulucra of
lamb are iw: roasts of pork are
and SX:: alrloln and tenderloin be.f
steak ore lie; round ateok Is Wia and
Jic; bolltng beef as 8o and 10c. In groc
eries you gH two loaves) of g. nulne.y
fresh, sweet bread for 6c; 1 poiml of
atiKar. II: po"""!-' of r!cP- 'c'' fol,r
pounds of mail white benn. f"r of roarnroni for Si" four pounda
of Sultana rairMiB for f ; !x bars of
Fel.a Naptha soap are Jf-c; fix cans of
Pioneer or Carnation milk for Kc; ten
pounds of hard w heJt flour for ISc:
svreet, ripe bananas. 10c and 3c per dox.
Ciiah.ied Raiu SlirCK Horse. While
coming out of the Monxavilla 1. very
barn, at Eightieth and East Stark street
vt-sterdav. a hor dilven by C M. Ule
man wm shocked and thrown heavily to
tie ground by stepping on a streetcar
track .l.ich U said to be highly charged.
The animal quickly recovered and suf
fered 1 o permanent Injury. It la aald
that several horses lave been s venly
shocked in She pn few days and that
p.-ron have alo come In contact with
the rail with tlnpleaiiit effecta.
Lxw-roR &mnr.s An. "Qi-ack!." Prug
lea chircpi.ti.ic. liea'.ins. kiroiathlc, elec
tric spiritual, magnetic and painle-
".luarka" were given a scoring In an ad
dress liefore 3 men and women In the
V. M. C A. latt nigirt by Pr. Alan Welch
Sxnlrh. president of the State B-uird of
Health He explained the proposed medi
cal law which will be a suhntuute for the
present Ineffectual pleasure which, ra
Kiya. now servea the State of Oregon foa
the regulation of tho niedU-Kl practi
tioner. I'kmvbb I.vvite PORTLAND. Denver la
analoua to have Portland represented at
the dedication of ita new Oiamber of
Commerce building. January 17. li'll. ac
cording to a leiur received yesterday
nt the office of tha secretary of Porl
1 a k. .. ... n arnmmTt'r'. It WAS
UIIU IMMIlur va .-
eated that d. lesate will be present rep
resenting San r rar.ciaco. Dim"".
Juia Kansas City. Chicago. Boston and
New York. Tha buiULng coat HM.V.
Toueroi Meuokiaj. MBEnaa Srrr. A
m-morial mooting for lco Tolatoi Is
announced by the People'a Forum Sim
ilar evening, at Selling-Hirsch Hall,
Tenth ami Washington streets. Rabbi
Wiaw will ablreas tha Forum. He will
be followed by F. E. Coulter. C. E. A
Wood and perhaps other rpeakers. All
are InvlleiL
mii.iixo Oi 8KATTLE.
Contractors Agree to Have Structure
Ready for Occupancy by August
I Plans Sllnlitly Changed.
PKATTIJ?. Wash.. Nor. IS. (Special )
Actual work on the new Metropolitan
Theater, which the Eastern producers
will erect at the corner of Fourth ave
nue and University street, began shortly
after o'clock thla morning when Stone
4l Webster, who will have charge of the
construction of. Seattle a new playhouse,
drove the first stakes preliminary to the
excavation work. A atart was imide the
first of tha week to clear the aite of
tha lumber and rubbish which had cov
ered It for months, and thla morning,
after having asked tenders on the work
of excavation. Stone Webster began
making ready for the operation of the
According to the present boundaries,
the site nas a frontage on University
street of S6 feet and a depth of 135 feet.
Thla means the main entrance to tho
Metropolitan will be on Tnlverslty street,
A grant has been made to the Metropoli
tan Building Company, whereby the lat
ter thoroughfare will be widened In front
of the theater building, that Klaw &
Erlanger'a proposed arcade may be ac
commodated. The orlmial plans for the theater were
received by the local offices of Howells
It Stokes. November 1. Three days later
A. H. Albertson. the New York, archi
tects' local representative, presented them
for the approval of Francis W. Grant,
Building Inspector. The Inspector sug
gested changes affecting the balcony
ataircases andha plans, with these sug
gestions, were sent back to New York
to be revised.
Meanwhile, the contracts for building
were let to Stone Webster, which
firm agreed to have the theater ready
for occupancy by August 1. East Tues
day Stone It Webster asked for tenders
on the excavation work. Several bad
been received this morning and it is ex
pected the remainder will bo la before
tomorrow nleht.
AutomobllUt Uho . Starts Trouble
Speeds oa Ills Way.
An automobile of the Portland Railway.
Eight ax power Company ran over tha
pet dog of Edward Flora, the little son
of George R. Flora, 470 East Bumslda
street, Thursday morning, on East Burn
aide, near East Eighth street.
Grieving at his pet's misfortune, tha
boy rushed forth and picked up the dog.
whereupon the pain-maddened animal
bit him severely In tha hand and arm.
The boy's screams and the dog's yelp
brought a crowd of people rushing to the
scene and much excitement ensued fos
a short time. The automobile driver,
meanwhile, after having looked back to
observe the situation, sped away in his
car without waiting to make Inquiries
or offer assistance.
The tremendous Closing-Out Sale of
the Brownsville Woolen Mill Store's
women's Suit Department. Third and
Morrison streets, continues with added
reductions In fores dally.
Women's 120 Suits for ft.tS; flO one
piece Dresses $9 85; 17.60 Silk Waists
for $1 75; $10 Long Coats (or l.6; 20
Long Coats for 110.
Many other enormous offerings on
sale! '
All the delicacies of the season at lbs
Portland Restaurant. Fine private apart
menu for ladles, lot Wash-, star eta U
Creeping. Crawling; Creatures with
a. powerful pulL"
Plait saaon rose. Ftono ScJJwootl K&
Sliding. of Quicksand Wrecks
One Side of Garage.
Contractor In Digging Foundation
for Building Aro Overivhclnicd
by Mima of Sand From Un
der Adjoining; Structure.
Through the shifting of an almost bot
tomless bod of quicksand tn the exca
vation for tho garage of the Covey Mo
tor Car Company, at Twenty-first and
Washington streets, half of the east
wall of the garage of Neate McCarthy,
next door, toppled over Into the exca
vation yesterday morning, the building
being damaged about -"1 A gang of
men was at work In the pit at tho time,
but was well out of the way when the
mu5s of brick and mortar slid down.
Thu damaged garage is a new one
story' building at the southenst corner of
Twenty-second and Washington streets.
Adjoining It on the east the I'nlted En
gineering & Construction Company has
Just completed the footings for the
Covey garage. Tiie ground Is of quick
sand to a great deptli. and in order to
Irain the excavation, the contractors
hud to dig a trench all around tho site
14 feet lower than tho concrete foot
iiiya. Even then much difficulty was
experienced with the shifting sand, and
It was neceasnry to station a watchman
on the Walilugton street side a few
weeks ago to warn pedestrians away
from the edge of the street. On the
south side of the pit a larire cave-in
occurred recently and was shored up
with strong timbers.
on account of the tricky character
of the ground, the owner of the adjoin
ing building secured a contract from the
engineers, guaranteeing him indemnity,
and an Immense amount of timber hud
been used. Despite these precautions,
the ground underneath the garage caved
In for several feet, causing a section of
the wall about 8u feet square to slide
into tho pit. The roof sagged danger
ously, but new shores were quickly
placed under the wreckage and further
damage waa prevented.
Many Articles Aro Stolen nnd
rorfc-er May lie Abroad.
Activities of petty criminals showed
decided increase for the moment yes
terday, burglars, confidence men and
pickpockets being complained of by
various citizens. Sabin & Co.. quar
tered In the old Arlington Club build
in?, reported that someone broke Into
their store and Btole about $60 w-orth
of ribbon used in millinery work.
There Is no clew.
A. E. Jackson. Sll East Sixtieth
street, was robbed oi a revolver and
overcoat and 14 by a burglar who cut
the screen and broke the glass in the
kitchen door.
The room of E. O. Wayne In tho Ho
tel Acme was entered and clothing, a
revolver and a raxor were stolen,
Mrs. William Brady, of SST Yamhill
atreet. reported that her husband,
while "out for a good time" Thursday
nlcht. fell In with a woman at the
New Scott Hotel, was escorted home
later by two boys and discovered yes
terday morning that lie had lost a
watch and 150. Brady has a cloudy
recolleotion of the nlKht before, but
thinks he lost his valuables In a sa
loon. J. & Lucas lost a coat and Mrs. Rea
der several articles of Jewelry at lill
Eleventh street.
The National Wlno Company, Fifth
and Stark streets, reported that a well
dressed young man entered their place
and asked permission to use their check
protector. While doing so he took two
stamped checas from their book and
tuey suspect that he Intends to forgo
Theodore Kruso to Build on East
Bank of Willamette.
As a site for a handsome country home,
Theodora Kruse, a Portland restaurant
man, has bought 17 acres situated on
the east bank of the Willamette River,
two miles south of Milwaukle and half a
mile north of Jennings Ixdge. Tho prop
erty was bought from Otto Neaf for $18.
000. The sale was conducted through
tha offices of Walter G. Cox and Gold
schmldt's Agency.
This property has a frontage on tho
river bank and, being situated on a high
bluff, commands a fine view. There are
14 acres of the tract covered with native
Oregon trees. Mr. Kruse plans to build
a fine suburban home In tho Spring.
$100,000 Worth of Mann & Mout
gomery Securities) Bought In East.
The first timber bonding- deal closed
sines the election was completed yes
terday when the McGrath & Neuhausen
Company purchased for Eastern clients
$100,000 worth or oonas executed Dy
Lewis Montgomery, of the Mann &
Montgomery Company, heavy timber
operators of Oregon and Washington.
The Mann & Montgomery Company has
large timber holdings In Clark County,
Washington, on the Lewis River, and In
Lincoln County, Oregon, owning alto
gether about 200.000,000 feet of timber.
The concern operates several sawmills
and logging railways. It is understood
that the proceeds of the bond sale will
be used In the purchase of more timber
and extending the logging roads.
"The closing of the bond deal Indi
cates that there will be a brisk move
ment In the business during the com
ing year." said J. S. McGrath. of the
McGrath & Neuhausen Company. "The
timber and lumbering Industries are
looking up. and with Eastern and for
eign capital available for operators I
look for a material expansion in tha
business. Timber bond sales means
that a great amount of actual money
will be brought to the Northwest. Sev
eral other large deals may be expected
to be closed within a abort time."
Committee. Named to Raise Funds
In Tuberculosis Fight.
Committees have been appointed to
take charge of,the sale of the Red Cross
seal campaign, which will be held from
December 6 to January 1 by the Visit
ing Nurse Association. A percentage of
the proceeds will go to the Red Cross
Association, under whose direction tho
Nurse Association works, while the re
mainder will be added to the tubercular
fund of the Nurse Association.
The appointments were as follows
General chairman. Mrs. W. B. Ayer;
chairman of committee on stores, Mrs.
H. li. Talbot: postoffico, Mrs. E. J.
Ijibhe: booths In office buildings, Mrs.
R. J. Marsh; candy stores and theaters,
Mrs. George Mcbride; hotels, Mrs. John
Stewart: press, Mrs. L. H. Tarpley;
wholesale houses, Mrs. E. B. Colwell;
organization, Mrs. Millie R. Trumbull;
church bazaars, Mrs. R. B. Lamson;
schools. Mrs. James Laidlaw; business.
Miss Mabel Weidler. Executive commit
tee: Mrs. W. B. Ayer. Mrs. Trumbull,
Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Lamson, Mrs. Biles
and Mrs. Tarpley.
The Stale Federation of Women's
Clubs will have charge of the campaign
outside the city, under the direction of
Mrs. Sadie Dunbar.
At the moving picture houses con
trolled by the People's Amusement Com
pany, a picture of the seal will 4 be
thrown on the screen each night during
the campaign. The seals will also be
sold at the ticket windows of these
Question of Detective's Right to
"Shadow" Mrs. Walker t"p.
Stoddard Westfall, the detective whoso
sensational chase of Mrs. Althea Walker
of Salt Lake ended with his arrest In
this city last Sunday, was called Into
police court yesterday morning, but
Judga Tax well announced that he was
not yet prepared to make a decision in
the case.
The Issues in the trial Involve the
question of the right of a detective to
"shadow" his quarry. Mrs, Walker, who
had fled the Jurisdiction of the Utah
courts to avoid court action upon the
claims of other heirs to the property of
her late husband, amounting to $1,000,
C00 in securities, declared that the close
pursuit of the detective had brought
her to the verge of nervous prostration.
He was arrested on a charge of "injur
ing the person and property of Mrs.
Walker and defying public morals and1
The trial showed that Westfall's only
offense in this Jurisdiction waa to watch
exits at which Mrs. Walker must pass,
and gather Information aa to her move
ments. He at no time addressed her.
Deputy District Attorney Collier has
been requested by Judge Taxwell to pre
sent authorities to show that Westfall's
conduct comes under the statute.
Emplacement to Be Sunday If River
Stays at Present Lfvel.
Drake C. O'Reilly npw namea tomor
row as the day when the Hawthorne
bridge draw may be expected to be put
In place. Yesterday the water li the
river fell enough to permit two scows
being placed under the ends of the
draw. The scows were pumped out
and the draw lifted from the false work
.ki..k it von eonatructed. The false
work in the middle will be torn out
today and a scow substituted.
Loaded on the scows, the draw Is now
at the proper elevation ao its floor will
be on a level with the floor of the
remainder of the bridge when it Is
haulod Into position. Should the water
rise before Sunday it will be necessary
to pump water Into the scows and sink
them correspondingly, but should It go
down to. any extent It will be necessary
to hold the draws on the scows waiting
for another rise.
City Liquor Laws to Be Given
Thorough Revision.
Revision of the liquor laws of Portland
will begin early next week, when the
special committee appointed to prepare
new legislation on the matter will hold
its first meet'ng. Gay Lombard, a mem
ber of the special Council committee,
was collecting data at the City Hall yes
terday for the use of the committee.
The numbes of liquor licenses now In
effect in the city, according to the in
formation obtained by Mr. Lombard, is
divided up as follows: Ordinary sa
loons, which pay $00 a year each for
licenses. 419: restaurants, which pay $300
a year each for licenses, 40; grocery
If You Care
. to Be Healthy
Read the little book
"The Road to Wellville"
In packages of
The food pays in good digestion and the rich
Bed Blood that makes for rosy health.
"There's a Reason"
Ppstum Cereal Company, Ltd.. Battle Creek. Mich, i
Thanksgiving I
If ever Oregon had a
"proclamation" to be
thankful for, it was the an
nouncement made in The
Oregonlan Thank sgiving
morning, anent to consoli
dation of the North Coast
and O. R. & N. lines. Gee!
of all the news we ever
had, none can beat that! A
road east and west through
the Interior, extension o f
the Deschutes road to
Lakeview! It Is almost too
good to believe. Think
what it means a greater
Portland, and come in and
let us talk to you about
Irvington Park.
I F. B. H0LBR00K CO. a
Room 214 Lumber Exchange.
JXjlKHfiHillMI I
stores, paying a license each of $300 a
year, 10; combined wholesale and restau
rant licenses, $bo0 a year each, 10; malt
liquor manufacturers, paying $400 a
year each, 4.
Whether the? city shall Increase the
price of saloon licenses, as provided In
an ordinance recently prepared by Coun
cilman Wallace, Is a question left for
the special committee to work out. The
ordinance prepared by Mr. Wallace has
been referred to this committee, as have
also all other suggestions that have
been presented to the Council from in
terested organizations.
An effort will probably be made to
put an end to the powers of attorney
held by breweries, and which give the
latter the right to remove saloonmen
under their control and present their
licenses to others. There are 116 licenses
at present controlled by the breweries
in that way.
Shoshone to Float Next Week.
Material for two beams to cover 170
feet of the deck length of the steamer
Shoshone, which Is on the Oregon Dry
dock, will be brought from the St.
Helens mill of the Charles McCormlck
Company, which owns the vessel. Tim
bers were yesterday delivered for her
garboard strake, which is to bo re
placed, and more for the rudder parts,
which have to be fashioned. It is im
probable that the steamer -Bill be
floated until Tuesday.
Rock Springs Coal.
The best house coal. Liberty Coal &
Ice Co., exclusive agents, 25 North
Fourteenth street. Main 1662; A 8136.
The silk of the spider Is lighter and
stronirer than that from tbs silkworm.
In Portland
the Ideal Surroundings,
the Perfect Conditions
for the Beautiful Home
Are Found in
The Addition with Clwrocter
Laurelhurst is sit
uated a mile and a
half due east from
Burnside - street
bridge a mere 15
minute ride on aMon
ta villa, Rose City
Park or a Sunnyide
car from the "shop
ping center."
Messrs. Mead & Murphy,
Sales Agents,
E22-6 Corbett Bldg.
One of tho largest best equipped plants
In Portland offers you unexcelled servlos
at prices exceedingly low. When you want
U will bs to your advantage to ponsult us.
Our facilities guarantee best results. Our
samples will convince you ot our quality.
Phones: k 22S1, Main 6201, 388 Taylor Street
Bootless coal
Is now due.
Weli ngton,
A u s t r a Han,
Rock Springs,
M e n d o t a,
Han n a f o rd,
Beaver Hill.
New Castle
and Welsh
A n t b raclte. a
of which a new cargo
For prompt delivery of
coal and wood phone East S03
or C
;3u3. See samples at Meier 4b
Edlefsen Fuel Co., Inc.
Largest and Best Bqnlpped Coal Deal
era oa tho East Side
Olds. Wortman & King's
Special Announcement
to Our Credit Customers
All Merchandise purchased
on Credit Today and the
Remainder of the Month Will
Be Charged on December Bill
TaRe Advantage-Do Your
Christmas Shopping Early
lOSl On Your I
j East I
Enjoy all the pleasures such a trip affords by using
The Oriental Limited
the magnificent electrio lighted through train to Minneapolis,
6t. Paul and Chicago. Cpmpartment Observation Car, super
ior Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars, Day Coaches and Din
ing Car in through sendee on this train. The Vacuum Cleaner
System, Four o'Clock Tea, News Bulletin and Telephone Ser
vice are among its new features. Leaves Portland 7:00 P. M.
daily. Try it on your next trip to Spokane, Minneapolis, St,
Paul, Chicago and East.
122 3d St. and at Hoyt-St Station, 11th and Hoyt
City Pass'r At. A. G. F. & P. A.
61 fiW-ii-ri
If?:: J f? I KJl
l( il' si
4f i&h trv 1iia&&
Quality or- more" perf ec tpurity
lthan;ypulwill find in
fThe Standard
- mi i 1
Rye wjiisKcy
iof America.
:Snd for a lr copy!
'of " Making the.
Standard Rye'
(Whiskey ofAmeri?
ca." "
VDiJtiMers. Pittsburg.
Since 1857"'
Winter Schedule Effective October 30, 1910.
Steamships 'Prince Rupert' and 'Prince Georp'
Victoria, Vancouver and Prince Rupert. Connect
ing at Prince Rupert with "S. S. Prince Albert"
for Stewart and Queen Charlotte Islands.
T,.nda7at t 00 P. it Every Monday at 11:00 P. M. Northbound.
Every rf anSi r" Every Saturday at 2:00 P. M. Southbound.
., k ,,ifi- coast Commercial Excursion" to Hawaiian Islands and
Return oi TS? V. Prfne Roperf February 8, 1911. Rate 1225.00.
For Tickets and Reservations Apply to Local Railway Tlck.t Ag;ent Of
i. H. Bursts, Sen'l Agent, First Ave. and Yealer Way, Seattle, Wash.
CalifomiaHetal Plating Works
A. Methlvler, prop.
Metal Coloring: a Specialty,
Mala 721 Portland. Oregon
Established ltOO.
Let us take charge of your collec
tions. We can aava you money. Mai a
1796: A 128S.
B33 Worcester Bids Portland, Or.