Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 25, 1910, Page 3, Image 3

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No Groceries
No Liquors
Fiee Manicure With Eclipse Manicure Articles
Agents for Forsythe Tailored Waists
No Bakery
No Restaurant
Ribbon Bows Tied Free by Experts
Picture Framing at Lowest Prices
CB. Corsets
W. B. Corsets
ueen of Fall Fashions
' Vr-rb Vte i i-Wm'M J
.11 Ihe U
iAf Five Amazingly Low Dress Specials
-One-pice dress of Jine quality velvet in black, navy, 1 C CA
fO'JMm&' " 'i' oo?7, green With lace yoke, gauntlet sleeves. New cutf skirt W I J.JU
W JiW Velvet dresses of extra qua My, made in om-pUce style. In black,
W' 1 'fettO Ift i 'JTvOali nat; irou;n or 7713 ras WcZf 'o" 1 7 R
iM I T V ' fflp'y A 'liT r77"ed' pJe trrVA ant sma AuZons . . . 4 I .VJJ
r I U i ! v4 ' fI' -'Wf One-piece dress of fine quality Velvet in black, navy, brown, wine and
kJJ-; I'SJiiits Ail IrPTy Plum- Madc with lace yke and siik TV&'- DoubIe ilft 7
i Kif'ilJ Vf!1 M $mM! gauntlet sleeves. Trimmed with satin cord and velvet buttons $IO.J
li. i' i i li I'll I . h I: l It I
Velvet Suits and Dresses Sale of Pretty Holiday Aprons 59c
One-piece dress of extra qualiiy vzivit in black, navy or brown. This
c f I ' r
ferijLiL dress is made with V shaped yole of Jim lace. I hes.eevis, ())
jBtf iM:nI win:. Low neck, trimmed and piped with satin and buttons JJ
belt and yoke are embroidered
I T Hii' One-piece dras of fine vzlvet in black, navy, brown or
SUIT Five Styles in Tailored Velvet and Corduroy
SPECIALS Suits, $50.00, $40, $37.50 $35, $27.50
Short white lawn or Swiss tea serving aprons.
Trimmed with lace insertion, embroidery edge
and insertions.
Also long aprons for maid, nurse, and waitress,
made with deep hemstitched hem, cluster tucks
and embroidery edge or insertion. Rever bib
or band styles.
Flannelette Gowns at $1.39
$1.50 and $1.75 Style
Ladies' fleeced flannelette gowns, made of ex
tra quality materials, in stripes or plain white.
Trimmed with braid. Made with yoke, Bishop,
plaited front, round neck or Japanese styles.
Either turn down or military collars. Tailored
Art Linens for Christinas at $1.00
18 by 54-inch Japanese hand-drawn linen bureau scarfs, bordered .
with Battenberg lace. 30 by 30-inch Battenberg squares to match.
18 by 54-inch German linen scarfs, with four rows of Cluny inser
tion, also a deep border of Cluny lace. 30 by 30-inch squares to match.
18 by 54-inch elaborate Japanese hand-drawn linen scarfs, in very
choice designs. 30 by 30-inch squares to match.
"t LIS"
Scintillating, Sparkling, Brilliant
Cut Glass Now on Sale
Admirable cut glass from America's foremost cut
ter. With one or two except ons the output of this
maker is sold exclusively to fine Jewelry stores. He
uses none but ihe finest blanks which are cut by ex
perts only in registered pet
terns which he controls. You
can see at a glance how deep
ly and perfectly each piece is
cut. The polishing is done by
hand with fire hard wood shav
ings insuring a permanent
brilliancy. We wish to im
press 1SDELIDLY the fact that at REGULAR PRICES we are a quarter lower than any
other store in Portland. Add to this the decided reductions effe-ed on every piece of cut
glass in this sale and you can readily figure what a SUBSTANTIAL SA VING you secure
in this holL ay offering.
mmm. k
WATER PITCHER, pin wheel pat. . .$4.47
FIVE-INCH Nappies, with or without han
dles. SPECIAL 840
NAPPIES, G-inch, with or without handles,
BOWL, 8 inches, pin wheel pattern. . .$3.62
BOWL. 8 inches, in Chrysanthemum, patterns,
FERN DISH, 8 inches, with silver tray, spe
cial $4.05
FERN DISH. 7 inches. SPECIAL. . . . S4.4S
SUGAR AND CREAM set. special. . .S3.40
SPOON TRAYS, special S1.50
CELERY dishes. SPECIAL $3.20
8-INCH bowl, in Chrysanthemum patterns.
TUMBLERS, half dozen set S3.0G
MAYONNAISE SET, in pin wheel pattern,
ICE CREAM Trays, pin wheel pattern, SPE
CIAL $4.47
OLIVE DISHES, special $2.77
CAKE PLATE. 10-inch, pin wheel pattern.
special $3.62
BUTTER DISHES, pin wheel pattern. SPE
CIAL $4.90
TUMBLERS, set of six, SPECIAL. . .$4.25
SUGAR AND CREAM Sets, special. .$3.83
COLOGNE BOTTLES, special $3.20
OVAL FERN Dish, special $8.93
10-INCH Vases, cut very deep, special. $4.47
9-inch BOWLS, in two different patterns,
SALAD BOWLS, Bpecial $4.47
SUGAR AND Cream Sets, SPECIAL. $2.98
9-inch BOWLS, special $7.02
Japanese Bronze Reed
Fruit and flower baskets, with
heavy twisted handles. In three
sizes. The popularity of these
baskets for table decoration in
duced us to import them direct,
in order that we could sell them
at more attractive prices than
heretofore possible.
11-inch, special 950
16-inch, special $1.48
18-inch, special $2.23
Shopping Bags
In Many New Models
Seal and walrus grain, 7 to 10
inches, over-lapping leather
frames. Leather lined. Fitted
with change purse. Round or
broken bottom. Strap handles.
Rogers' Silver Plated Table Ware
The name Rogers is a household name throughout America.
TheArgyle pattern is the latest Rogers triumph. Do not how
ever contuse OUR ROGERS' TABLE WARE with CHEAP
SINGLE PLATED WARE sold under the name of Rogers as
, ft-., a subterfuge tor the real bona fie Rogers' ware.
.' -- As shown in the illustration the Argyle pattern is rein-
Wttrt forced on every point where the wear is the greatest by addi-
?zs?r Uonal extra platings.
r m .4 i t 1-
jv? -r rrra- eiow we auoie zne ine lowesz vrices ever namea on in is su
f---- t j
Set of Six
Medium hollow handle knives,
it $3.89
Medium hollow handle forks,
it $3.89
Medium flat handle knives, at
jnly $1.63
Medium flat handle forks, at
3nly .......$1.62
Medium size satin finish knives
and forks $3.00
Dessert forks $1.49
Table spoons $1.62
Soup spoons $1.62
Dessert spoons $1.49
Tea spoons 840
Boullion spoons $1.62
Satin finish table spoons, for
only $1.49
Satin finish tea spoons. . .690
Coffee spoons 840
Individual butter spreaders, at
only $1.49
Individual salad forks. $1.67
Oyster forks $1.12
Berry spoons ,. .690
Gravy ladle .530
Cream ladle 390
Butter knife 360
Sugar shell 360
Salad forks 350
Long pickle forks 350
Pie lifter $1.05
Food spoon 250
Cold meat forks 430
Sugar shell and butter knife,
set 640
Child's set S90
Economy Friday
$1.25 and $1.50 New
Shirts, Special 89c
Madras and percale plaited coat
shirts, in a large variety of patterns to
select from. Fast color. Best pearl
buttons. In fancy figures and stripes.
75c Night Shirts 59c
Made of fancy colors and striped
flannel, with military and turn-down
collars. Full size and length.
$L60 WOOL and Merino underwear, in natural gray,
and drawers in medium weight. Special garment . . .
BATH AND LOUNGING ROBES, and house coats, with slippers to
match the bath robes. A very large assortment to make your selection
from. In brown, light blue, tan, green, navy blue, gray and (ft Q CC
plain and figured designs. Heavy cord and tasseL $3.75 to tf) O.vJU
Concerning a Lot of Mirrors on Sale
Ebony, rosewood and mahogany
mirrors, with long handle, round
bevel edge glass. 6 inches in diame
ter $1.25
Same style, 7 inches $1.50
Ring handle, bevel edge, French
plate mirror, in ebony or rosewood.
7 1-2 inch $1.95
The 81-2 inch size $2.25
Natural ebony, extra long handle,
round bevel glass, 5 inches in diame- ,
ter S1.95
Same style, 6 inches $2.75
Genuine Ebony, 5-inch French
plate mirror S2.75
The 7-inch size $3.50
Birdseye maple mirror, bevel edge,
51-2 inch glass S1.25
61-2 inch size glass S1.50
71-2 inch size glass $1.75
Birdseye maple mirror, large oval
shape, French plate $2.75
-50c German silver pocket mirrors,
only 390
Triplicate mirrors, oak frame, 6 1-2
by 71-2 $3.50
Small size for $2.25
Ebony or rosewood triplicate mir
rors, round, 81-2 inch $5.95
Stand shaving glass, finest French
plate, bevel edge, glass 41-2 inch.
only $1.35
51-2 inch size $1.75
61-2 inch size $2.25
Stand shaving mirror, double
glass, one glass magnifying, 51-2
inch size S3.95
6 1-2 inch size .$4.50
5000 Fountain Pens $3 to $6 Each
Holiday Sale Special 98c i
Today we start the last sale of the year as we'
have the assurance from the manufacturer that'
POSITIVELY NO MORE cf these pens are procur. s
able before January.
Until last year you had to pay from THREE
TO SIX DOLLARS for the identical pens- Re
member there are no patents on THESE fountair
pens, nor do you pay for extensive advertising or
the maker s name.
Today we inaugurate this sale of STERLING
SILVER and GOLD FILLED fountain pens fitted
with 14-KARAT GOLD PENS. Also mother of
pearl and sterling, mother of pearl and gold filled
They come in coarse, medium and fine points,
also fine, medium and coarse stubs- See window
Holiday Sale Special -98c
i3 y
warm winter sweaters ror vains ana poys
Here's a Girls New Model at $ 1.45
White, gray or cardinal fancy stitched coat sweaters, with pockets. In
a very desirable weight and unusually good quality.
The Kind Boys Like, $1.75 each"
Heavy weight ribbed wool coat sweaters, with pockets; in oxford, gray,
cardinal or navy blue. Well made and finished. Extra well made button
holes and buttons that are put on to stay.
The Nobbiest Girl's Sweater at $2.25
Pure wool fancy stitched coat sweaters. Heavy and warm. Side pockets
and fancy stitched turn-over cuffs. Exceptionally well made and finished.
Wear M aggioni Kid Gloves
Ribbons for Your Holiday Needs
Fancy Persians at 35c TafTeta Ribbon at 1 9c
Beautiful Dresden and fancy Per
sian patterns, of floral designs, in
delicate shades of light blue, cardi
nal, navy, pink, yellow and other
light and dark color combinations.
A fine quality of silk, with strong
finished edge. 4 1-2 to 5 inches wide.
Also beautiful Roman stripe rib
bons, red and green, black, yellow
and green and many other Roman
combinations of bright colorings, in
messaline finish.
Narrow Satin Ribbons
Ribbons suitable for tying gifts,
of a good quality, all silk. In a full
assortment of colors, including plen
ty of holly, red and green.
1-4 inch bolt of 10 yards 90
1-4 inch bolt, special 150
3-8 inch bolt, special 180
1-2 inch bolt, special 190
A better quality all silk satin taffeta.
I- 2 inch, per yard 5c, bolt . . ,
1 inch, per yard 8c, bolt. . . .
I I- 4 inch, per yard 10c, bolt.
1 1-2 inch, per yard 13c, bolt.
2 inch, per yard 15c, bolt
2 1-2 inch, per yard 18c, bolt.
4 inch, per yard 25c, bolt
With a fine quality silk metaltique
finish, both plain and moire. In a
large assortment of colors, includ
ing pink, light blue, champagne,
lilac, brown and cardinal. Width
5 1-2 inches. This ribbon is a regu
lar 25c value. Also the same ribbon
4 inches wide, at 14c a yard, regular.
17c value.
Lingerie Ribbons
Block pattern, zig-zag pattern,
and plain weaves, all silk, of good
quality, used so much for dainty
pieces cf fancy work. This ribbon
is put up in 5-yard bolts. All colors.
1-4 inch, special bolt 60
3-8 inch, special bolt . . . . 80
1-2 inch, special bolt.... 120
Christmas Ribbons
Holly or Christmas ribbons, of the
dainty winding patterns of holly
leaves and berries. Good satin fin
ish. 1-4 inch, 10-yard bolt 150
1-2 inch, 3c yard, bolt 250
1-2 inch, 5c yard, bolt 450
1 inch, 6c yard, bolt 550
2 inch, 10c yard, bolt 900
5 inch, special yard 350
5 inch, special yard 250
The Best Quality Plain TafTeta Ribbon
1-4 inch, 3c yard, bolt 270
3-8 inch, 5c yard, bolt 450
I- 2 inch, 6c yard, bolt 550
3-4 inch, 7c yard, bolt 650
1 inch, 8c yard, bolt '.750
I I- 4 inch, 10c yard, bolt 950
50c DOWN 50c WEEK
1 1-2 inch, 12 l-2c yard, bolt. $1.20
2 inch, 17c yard-, bolt $1.60
21-2 inch, 20c yard, bolt $1.90
3 inch, 23c yard, bolt $2.20
31-2 inch, 30c yard, bolt $2.90
4 inch, 38c yard, bolt $3.70
5 inch, 45c yard, bolt $4.40