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: Legislature, It Is Believed,
Must Pass Tax Legisla-
tion to People.
Central Law fnt Pacil to Make
Amendment Operative Before
People- Can Ilcpulat Taxcf,
Sa Crawford.
SALEM. Or.. Nov. SI. (Special)
i The State Tax. Commission Is at sea be
' :ui of what now mms to be a tax
muddle for the Legislature, following
adoption by the people of a ccnstltu
tt"nal amendment providing, a the
ballot title nyj, f.r the people of each
;ouotv to regulate taxation and ex
tmptlons wlt.iln the county, regardless
. of constitutional restrictions of state
Tax Commissioners pay the provision
vtthtn the new amendment providing
:"-.t the amendment shall become ope
rattve only undr a general law has
JevHopei a peculiar phase, which may
possibly result In numerous restric
tions on the Legislature. The Cnra
m I. Ion era wre not ready this after
noon to off.-r any decisive or final
ta:ements In regard t- the new
amendment. Inasmuch as they were la
bonne under the Impression for some
time tiiat it had been defeated and had
aol irtvea the matter much thought.
(olIowinK the election.
In communications which they had
received prior to the election from
leading tu authorities in the United
States, the amendment was practically
universally condemned, as It would
evidently throw the whole system of
taxation Into a chaotic state.
Must Lrgl!ature liefer?
one of the principal stumbling blocks
teems to be found In the question as
to Jut what extent It will restrict the
power of the Legtxlature. It Is prac
tically certain to the Commissioners,
from a cursory reading of the law. that
there ran be no general tax legislation
enacted by the comma- Legislature and
that there can be no system of taxa
tion established by the counties until
uch time as a general law may make
the amendment operative, and such
central law probably cannot be passed
until the election two years from now.
B.:t whether this amendment mill af
fect Ir sir la tion covering collection of
pedal revenues Is also a moot point.
Hecommendatlons will be submitted to
the Lesislaturo from various sources
asking- fr amendment of the Inheri
tance tax law. There will also prob
ably be legislation enacted concerning
:he office of Insurance Commissioner
ind various other departments throuuh
which special revenue Is derived. An
Investigation will be made to ascertain
vhether tl.e hands of the legislators
will be bound by the amendment to
the constitution or whether tha
amendment will have no effect relative
:o this class of legislation.
People Will He Vole.
"WMle I have rot had sufficient time
to make any searching Investigation
Into Just what the measure will
cover." stated Tax Commissioner Gallo
way today, "nevertheless It appears on
the face of It that t will restrict the
Legislature In amending any taxation
laws now In force or creating new
ones. 'Any measure of taxation' Is the
language of the amendment, and while
It may not have been meant to be so
f ar-reachtng. It appears to me that any
kind of a tax of any nature Imposed
In this state, must be Imposed purely
and simply by a vote of the people. The
. Legislature may Introduce and pass
laws relative to taxation, but they can
b of no force until after being voted
."uTon favorabty by the peopla at the
following general election.
"In a general way It Is probably safe
to say that tax legislation must remain
In just the form that It Is now until
such time as the people see fit to pass
a general law covering the subject."
General I -aw Is Xcextod.
Attorney-General Crawford Is also of'
the opinion that It will he necessary to
pass a general law to make the tax
amendment operative before the coun
ties or the people will have power to
regulate exemptions and other tax
"I have not examined Into the tax
amendment thoroughly." stated the Attorney-General,
"believing- It had failed
ef passage and Just started today to
look Into the question, hut I am of
the opinion at this time there must be
a general law passed before the amend
ment would be effective.
"Just how extensively this amend
ment will strike at the tax power of
the Legislature I am unable to state,
but I am of the opinion now that any
act which the Legislature may pass
coverlna; taxation In the future must
be referred to the people and passed by
them before It becomes effective."
The Attorney-General expresses him
self as practically assured that County
Commissioners now have no power to
make exemptions or establish any local
tax legislation, nor will they have un
til a general law la placed In effect,
and there seems to be some doubt as to
whether there can be any legislation
ef this nature unlets It comes entirely
from a vote of the people.
Is mrrs of Amendment Say Each
County Must Take1 Vote-.
rrohahly Intended as the entering
"edge for the application of the land
tax theorr of raising revenues for the
support of municipal, state and county
governments, the amendment to Article
IX of the Oregon constitution, knoa-n
as Sect'on la. will not become effective
until IMS. It t too it f,r the Grange,
the Oregon State Federation of Labor
and the r'ort'and Labor Council to enact
Initiative legislation changing the pres
ent method nf taxation. Members of the
People's Power League, who aided In
Jramlng the amendment, yesterday con
ceded that counties cannot place the
amendment In effect until taxation laws
shall be adopted under the Initiative by
the peop'e of each countv In 111. and
to become effective In ISIS.
Ben Selling. Colonel C. E. S. Wood.
W. S. V Ren. Will Daly. H. J. Parkison
and other friends of the amendment,
characterise it as an experiment and hope
to demonstrate Its practicability In Mult
nomah County, other counties may drop
Into line alorg the same lines of demon
stration If the voters se fit. but It Is
the plsn of the promoter of the "man
agement of your own pocketbook Idea'" to
experiment In a few counties until the
plan Is worked out.
The new amendment deprives the Leg
islature ef making a law which shall de
tSere what- property may be assessed In
the state. That power la now vested In
the people of each county. The Legisla
ture may cause the stale to certify the
number of mills which shall be levied
for the support of the state government,
but at that point Its control ceases.
County Commissioners may decide how
much revenue is needed to run the coun
ty for which they are acting, but they
must collect the sum In such manner as
may be devised by the voters of a
county. Briefly, the new amendment re
peals the poll, or head tax. on citizens.
No scheme regulating; taxation or ex
emptions throughout the state can be
come a law until approved by the people.
The restrictions of the constitution are
removed as to prohibiting a county from
collecting taxes In any manner it may
see fit. It removes from the Supreme
Court the right to say that the people
have not the right to tax or exempt any
class of property.
The newtax law Is said to have been
originated by the Stnte Grange, and
after the Idea was whipped Into shape
at a meeting of the representative mem
bers of the People's Power League it
was adopted by labor organisations.
It operation Is proposed to be tested
by different methods of taxation In a
few selected counties, and from the
whole is expected to emerge a satlsfac-
7 1
, i - ; -
: . . . .
. r'- ii
I - t ? ti.. '? T
1 1
jesrss Broes, 77 Yeara Old Plo
a per Jarkaoavtlle Mlaer. Wk
Died Heceally.
tory system of collecting the money
necessary for the administration of gov
ernmental affairs.
"It Is probable that the amendment will
result In a land tax. and an effort to
make land monopolists bear the large
burden of the expense of government."
said an advocate and sponsor for the
bill yesterday. "I had little to do with
framing the amendment, but. knowing
the temper of those who were behind
It. I believe that to be true.
"Friends of the amendment hope that
in the months which will Intervene be
fore the people of Multnomah County
are called upon to vote on an Initiative
bill changing the method of taxation.
they may become familiar with the idea
that only a redistribution of the burden
Is intended. We hope that owners of
machinery and surface Improvements
tnny come to understand that they are
bearing an unjust proportion of the cost
of government, and that they will aid In
trying the change In the largest assess
able county In the state."
Aged Eagle Point Merchant Is Sur
vived by Ten Children Vener
able Frlenda Pallbearers.
MEDKORD. Or, Nor. SI. (Special.)
George Brown, a well-known pioneer
of the Rogue River Valley, who par
ticipated largely in the development
of this part of the state, died her
Saturday. November IS.
Mr. Brown was born In Yorkshire.
England. June 5, 1833. and when a
child came with his parents to Wis
consin, where he grew to manhood.
After his marriage In 1S5S to Miss Mary
J. Tinker, he crossed the plains to Ore
gon and settled in the Jacksonville
mining district, where he followed min
ing until 184. Then he and his son
took over the business of R. H. Brown,
at Eagle Point.
Mr. Brown waa noted for his Interest
In public affairs. While he held office
but once, serving as County Commis
sioner for four years, his term ending
In ISO, be was active In school and
county affairs.
lie la survived by 10 children. One
danghter. Mrs. Sarah B. Ouerin. re
sides at s5 East Burnalde street. Port
land. All the other sons and daugh
ters make their homes In Jackson
County, the oldest son. R. O. Brown,
having recently taken over his fath
er's Interest In the mercantile business
at Eagle Point, removing from Port
land for that purpose.
The funeral was held Monday after
noon and Interment was made In-
Jacksonvllle Cemetery. where rest
the remains of Mrs. Brown, who
died two years ago. The pallbearers
were old-time friends of Mr. Brown In
Jacksonville and Included two ploneera
older than the deceased. Theodore
Cameron and Oliver Harbaugh. several
others of the older cltlsens of pioneer
days being too feeble to assist.
Actor at Brownsville Accused of
Shooting Within City.
BROWNSVILI.E. Or, Nov. Jl. (Spe
rall Two members of the Mamie
Haslam Stock Company. playing a
three-night engagement In this city,
were arrested in the performance last
night on the charge of shooting fire
arms within the city limits.
Several members of the company en
gaged In target-practice with a rifle
back of the opera-house, using a build
ing owned by a business man as a
target. Prosecution for malicious de
structlon of private property will also
be charged against the' actors. It Is
Sledford Firmer .Now Fugitive.
MEDFORD. Or, Nov. 11. Cleveland
Wilson, a farmer residing near Central
Point, was bound over by Justice Jones
of that place on Saturday to appear be
fore the grand Jury to answer an ac
cusation by Eva Stallsworth. IS years
of age. Miss Stallsworth has been mar
ried since and her husband la having
Wilson prosecuted. Constable Holmes
took Wilson In charge and started on
the train for Jacksonville. Shortly
after leaving Medford the prisoner
quietly left the officer and Jumped from
the moving train. Pursuit waa Imme
diately started by the officer and a
few passengers but Wilson has not.
been caught.
"Creeping, Crawling Creatures with
a powerful pulL"
Supreme Tribunal Decision on
Broadway Bridge Called
. Non-Judicial.
Attorney Cites Justice McBrlde's
Opinion as "Illogical," and Sajs
Bench Didn't Perform
DutyClosing Courteous.
SALEM, Or.. Nov. 21. (Special.)
AssalllnK the constitutionality of the
initiative and referendum, criticising
the Oregon Supreme Court for offering
reasoning In an opinion that "Is not at
all educating nor convincing and say
ing the case of Frank Klernan versus
the City of Portland Involves import
ant constitutional questions under tha
state and Federal constitutions. Attor
ney Ralph Dunlway today filed a peti
tion for rehearing on the Broadway
bridge bonds.
With tha petition he sent copies of
an address delivered by Frederick B.
Hoi man before the State Bar Associa
tion, In which Mr. Holman spoke of
the initiative and referendum. Mr.
Dunlway refers to this address in his
Referring; to references to the con
stitutional principles mentioned by
Justices McBrlde and King In their
opinions and mention made in the
brief of counsel, the petition for re
hearing says:
Logic Is Attacked.
The opinion of the Supreme Court of
Oregon is very decisive ot tnrse constitu
tional questions, but its reasoning thereon
Is not at all educating nor convincing. It
should be.
Therefore, appellant respectfully urges the
court to grsnt a reargumertt and rehearing
of this esse to the end that the court may be
(ulitrd by counsel In deciding these vital
constitutional questions, and that they may
be decided by the court in an opinion
whl b will be a landmark In our Jurispru
dence, and will show thst these vital consti
tutional questions have been fully considered
by the court, before being decided by the
court, and which opinion of the Supreme
Court of Oregon will settle these Important
constitutional questions, not only, tor this
esse, but for all cases.
Mr. Dunlway then goes on to point
out what he considers has been over
looked by the Supreme Court. He says:
Prohibition upon the power cf the Legis
lature should be stated In the opinion and
Its constitutionality determined.
Let It ever be kept in mind that this sp
pellsnt is contending that under the state
constitution of Oregon, and under the Con
stitution of the I'nited States of America,
the people of this state have no power to
deprive the Leglslsture of the sovereign
power to enact, amend or repeal any charier
or act of Incorporation, for any municipality,
city or town, and the attempt of the people
of this stat to do so by that constitutional
amendment Is beyond their power and is
Let It ever b kept In mind that this ques
tion has never before been presented to the
Supreme v'ourt of Oregon, nor any other
court In these United tltates.
No Citations Made.
Appellant respectfully urges upon the Su
preme Court that for inch a revolutionary
constitutions! amendment to be upheld upon
the opinion of the Buprerae Court filed In
this cosa. without eny discussion of the
principles of constitutional law, without any
citation or autnonty, is simpiy i"r m, niok
vital, nsw and revolutionary questions to be
disposed of in the dark, without reasoning.
and without eiuciaaiion.
The Supreme Court of Oregon owes it to
Its members, to the people of this state, and
to th. neonle of the I'nited States, to write
a clear, accurate and full discussion and con
sideration of these Important and new con
stitutional questions, which have never be
fore coaie before a Supreme Court fof
decision, and which will henceforth come
before not only the supreme court oi tnis
late but the Sunrenie Courts of other
states, and the Supreme Court of the T'nlled
States for adjudication, and the tendency
abroad In our land to attempt to enact these
revolutionary constitutional provisions must
be met and decided. 0 There Is a duty upon
the Supreme Court of Oregon, and It has
not been fully performed. -
"Referring to the decision of Justice
Late Louis Mssslsg,
HILLSBORO. Or.. Nov. Jl.
(Special.) Louis Manning, a pio
neer stockman, died at bis home
a mile north of Hlllsboro Satur
day, after an illness of eeveral
Mr. Manning; was born 'n
Washington County. New York.
In 1J. and when 1J years old
was thrown on his own resources.
In 18S3 he moved to Ohio and In
1HSS to Kansas. He went to
Pike's Peak In 1 K9. In a rsld at
Pike's Peak he lost ITO00 worth
of horses, stolen by the Indians.
In 1M4 h went to Idaho, where'
he prospected for a year. Then
he went to Portland, where he
ensras-ed In buildlna; flatbbats.
and later conducted a stock and
dairy ranch on Sauvies Island.
Later he engaged In raising
horses, and for many years bred
both standard trotting stock and
draft animals.' In 172 ha mar
ried Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox, a pio
neer of 145 and a daughter of
Woodsen Scoggln. In 1SSI they
moved to Hlllsboro and bought
S20 acres north of this city. This '
was cultivated and sold, except
a small tract where Mr. Manning
spent his declining years. In the
'70s he was widely known by
horsemen all over the Coast. He
Is survived by his widow.
The funeral waa held today
from the family residence. Inter
ment was -made In the Masonic
1 S,V;
This Minnesota Woman Was in a
Serious Condition with Rheu
matism but Was Cured by
Home Treatment
Mrs. J. P. Christoffersen, of Dodge.
Center, Minn., where she has lived fot
thirty years, gives sufferers from rheuma
tism the benefit of her experience with Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, as follows:
"A few years ago I was severely afflict
ed with rheumatism which waa Drought
on by exposure to cold. The pains were
in my arms and legs. My right hand wae
crippled so that I could not use it and my
elbow was affected also. My shoulders
were so sore that I could hardly touch
them. The joints of my feet were so
swollen and painful that Tcould just hob
ble around. There was a numbness in
my hand and it seemed as though it was
dead. I could put it in hot water without
feeling it. I felt miserable all over. My
back ached continually. I could not rest
at night without taking drugs to deaden
the pain.
"I was treated by a doctor for a time
but could not see that his medicine help
ed me. My sister wrote me about Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and I began rising
them after I had been sick for over a
year. I felt that tliey were helping me
after a short trial. The numbness gradu
ally left my hand and I "began to use it.
I conld see that my blood was in better
condition and I was able to get around
without effort. In a few weeks! was able
to do my housework again and have never
had the rheumatism since."
The tonic treatment with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills by building up the blood
so that it can nourish and strengthen the
weakened system has made hundreds of
cures in the most severe disorders. This
record of cures should merit a trial for
the remedy which is guaranteed free from
opiates and is entirely harmless.
rend today for a ropy of the new edition
of our free book, "Diseaoex of the Blood. "
ft shows the symptoms, and recommends
treatment for mort dieeams caused by in
sufficient or impure blood and also illus
trates what the tonic treatment has ac
complished in such cases. Sending for
the booklet does not put you under the
alighteet obligation to try the treatment.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists, or sent by mail, postpaid,
on receipt of price, 50 cents per box ; six
boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectad;-, JT. Y.
King, Mr. Dunlway declares that such a
decision by the courts is merely the
court abdicating and relinquishing lta
power and constitutional duty to pro
tect the individual In his right. He
declares such a decision leaves the In
dividual only what protection may be
offered htm by the people of the state
In enacting and recalling constitutional
Port Xot Concerned.
As a second reason for asking re
hearing Mr. Dunlway calls attention to
those portions of the Supreme Court
opinions referring to the Port of Port
land Commission and In this connection
he says the Supreme Court rendered an
opinion "most Illogical and non-judicial."
He declares the Port of Portland
Commission Is not a party to this suit
and never was and that It "Is mani
festly only a dictum for the Supreme
Court of Oregon to dee'd that appel
lant cannot raise this question and then
for the Supreme Court of Oregon to
decide this question agalnet the Port
of Portland and the -State of Oregon.
who are not parties to this suit."
Further he says: Appellant sug
gests that this erroneous dictum should
cause the Supremo Court. to realize that
its consideration of this cause hae been
hasty and Is unsound." '
In closing Attorney Dunlway ex
presses himself as wishing to appear In
no way discourteous to the court or to
stand as in the light of criticising the
San Francisco Market Prices Range
as High as 35 Cents Per
Pound Dressed of Best.
SAX FRANCISCO. Nov. 21. (Spe
cial.) In something over 400 crates
and boxes, the Thanksgiving turkey
made his bow to the stalls and racks
of the San Francisco markets and
butcher shops today.
The great American bljd came all the
way from Oregon, the Northern fowl
this year, it l.i said by commission men,
exceeding the California brother In
Although the retailers assert that the
quality of the bird Is tp to standard
some of the wholesalers have been com
plaining. The reason Is said to be lack
of rain in the northern part of the
Prices this year are about the same
as last. The householder will pay 35
cents a pound dressed for the best
grade, and from that down to 32 cents
In proportion to quality,. The price to
the wholesalers today ranged from 27
to 30 rents per. pound. Uve turkeys
sre selling wholesale at from 22 to 25
While the California and Oregon sup
ply is larger than last year, the d
rrsnd Is far above the normal and
there Ir no indication of any drop In
Oregon Turkeys Go to Employes All
Over TTnltrd States.
Following its long-established cus
tom, the Wells-Fargo Company this
year will distribute Thanksgiving tur
keys among its numerous employes
throughout the country, and recognis
ing that Oregon -produces the best tur
keys in the United States, the vast
supply for the entire Western division
has been purchased from the farmers
near Koseburg and Oakland. These
will be sent to the men In Oregon,
Washington, Idaho. California,. Ari
zona and 'ew Mexico.
The local supply, consisting of 13
birds, arrived In Portland yesterday
and will remain in one of the com
pany's refrigerators until Wednesday
morning, when every man in the em
ploy of the company, from the manager
to the elevator boys In the Wella
Fargo building, will be remembered.
Desert Land Board Acts on Central
Oregon Irrigation Project.
SALEM. Or.. Nov. 21. (Special.) At a
meeting of the Desert lani Board todar
Sale Fine Medicinal
Wines and Liquors
Try Doles Pineapple Juice
It's Delicious.
mwk m
200 bottles of Munro's White Label and Fox & Hepburn's House of
Lords; regular price $1.25, special for Thanksgiving Sale at $1.04
Regular $1.50 3-Star Imported Cognac, during the sale only SI. 18
Regular $1.50 genuine Geneva Gin, during the sale at only 81.18
$1.00 Gordon Dry Gin, offered during Thanksgiving Sale for S9
Regular $1.25 Best English Old Tom Gin, on special sale at 98?
75c quarter-size bottles of the highest grade French Cordials Creme
de Menthe, Creme de Rose, Creme de Cacao, Creme de Violette, Ani
sette, Prunella, Maraschino, Abricotine, Curaco, Apricot Liqueur,
Peach Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur. Special during sale for only 59c
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$1.00 Apricot Cordial, very fine, during this sale for only 79
Regular $1.00 Peach Cordial, during the Thanksgiving Sale for 79
$2.25 Cusenier Liqueur d'Apricot; the best, special price only $1.69
$1.00 six brands of imported French and Italian Vermouth at 59
$1.00 Cockburn Oporto Port, rich and fruity, special price only 59
$1.00 Duff Gordon Spanish Sherry, during the sale priced only 59c
75c Virginia Dare, the ladies' wine, offered during sale for 69
75c pints California Sparkling Wines and Champagnes, 44c; six for.
$2.50; with basket, during Thanksgiving sale at low price of $3.50
500 bottles of imported Wines, including Oporto Ports, Spanish Sher
ries, Rhine Wines, Moselle, French Burgundies, Hungarian Tokays, all
bottled in the Old Country. Worth from $1.40 to $2, special at 9S?
Call, Phone or Write at Once.
Free Delivery to All City Points.
The Walsh Window Tent
of a Sleeping Porch or Tent. Come in and examine
them today.
The. New Electric Toaster
set it on the breakfast
table, attach the plug and
make your toast; crisp,
brown and hot, just as
you want it. See it in ths
Sundry Section, First
OPtN A MjIVIHLY acou.m
several new moves were made toward
pushing the work of the Central Oregon
Irrigation Company, which has taken
over the Deschutes Irrigation & Power
Company. Extension of time until Feb
ruary. 1913, waa granted as to segrega
tion 6 and to October 1". 1!U5. as to seg
regation 19. Time waa extended as to
the Benham Falls canal until January 1,
1912. In order to g-lve time for the com
pletion of a topographic survey. -
One Important ruling was also allowed
by the board at the request of the com
pany, this belnu that rales shall be al
lowed In advance of approval by the
board, the nc"ts of the settlers1 on uch
sales- to be deposited with the board to a
certain percentage and to be returned to
the Irrigation company when the ditches
have been constructed to the land so sold.
The notes are to be released by the board
on complete reclamation.
Arrangements have also bein made
whereby the stats is now assured, fully
SO cents an acre from the pettlers for the
benefit of the reclamation fund.
Walla Walla Girl Snfers With Dread
Infantile Disease.
TVLLA WALLA. Wash.. Nov. 21.
(Special.) Making the flfth case In the
epldemlo of infantile paralysis that has
started In this city. Luclle Hanger, the
12-year-old daughter of T. M. Hanger,
one of the prominent business men of
the city, was stricken today. It is
doubtful if she will recover from the
paralytic stroke.
The other lour cases mat were re
ported are making satisfactory prog
apfnrHinff to the DhvHlclanfl in
charge, and It Is thought he epidemic
will not prove senoua, aiinougn mere
was considerable alarm at first. All
ih. . are renorted ImDrovlnz. al
though none have entirely recovered.
. Linn County Teachers Sleet.
ALBANT, Or., Nov. 21. (Special.)
The annual Teachers' Institute of Linn
County opened today for a three days'
session, with about 100 teachers from
different parts of Linn County in at
Cut Prices
1000 full quarts of Rye and
Bourbon Whiskies, bottled in
bond, including America's
best brands, such as Gucken
heimer Rye, Old Oscar Pep
per, Cloverdale, Overholt, Old
Taylor, etc., worth regularly
$1.24 to $1.50, Thanksgiving
sale price, at only 9SC"
500 5's, bottled in bond Rye
and Bourbon, Clarkes Bros.,
Atherton, Guckenheimer, etc.,
worth $1.00 to $1.25, at 75c
500 bottles Scotch Whisky.
The highest grade of Old
Scotch, such as Haig & Haig,
Clan Mackenzie, Crawford's,
Dawson's Perfection, Mack
ie's White Horse Cellar,
Simpson's Blue Seal, De
war's Special Liqueur, worth
1 7 S2.00. nnlv SI .Sff
Solves the Problem
MliqFor Consumption,
Catarrh Trouble,
General Debility, and
many other serious ail-,
ments. Takes the place
25c EACH
tendance. County School Superintend
ent TV. L. Jackson presiding. Talks
were given by Professor Sheldon, of
the XTnlverslty of Oregon; Professor J.
TV. Livingston, of the Albany schools,
and Superintendent Robinson, of Port
To all who are suffering from Ec
zema and other skin diseases it Is worth
life itself to know that a simple wash of
Oil of Wlntergreen, Thymol and other
carefully -compounded Ingredients gives
Instant and positive relief to that awful
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worth living.
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Drug Co.
Epileptic Fits
There is nothing more frightful In a
happy home than to have one of Its
members instantly seized with a dread
ful attack of Epilepsy or Fits. The
manyi grateful letters from such homes,
after the use of Koslne, the remark
able remedy for this dread ailment,
testify to the real merit of the prep
aration. It is a meritorious article and Is sold
on a guarantee plan that deserves your
confidence. The price, $1.50. will be
refunded by Skidmore Drug Co. if not
fully satisfied after using a bottle.
Mail orders filled by the Koslne Co.,
Washington. D. C., or Skidmore Drug
Co., 151 Third st. and 372-371 Morri
son at.
Jas. E.
W h i s k y
Born with
the Republic"
is known and
recognized as
"The Standard by
which all other
whisky is Jud-
Traits Supplied lp
Drug Co.
Distributor to
Kmc Trade.
I had been given
up to. die by three
of our best doctors,
I could not stand it to be on my
feet and I was so swelled in the
abdomen I could hardly breathe.
But thanks to Dr. Miles' Heart
Remedy and Nervine I am able to
be about the streets, a walking ad
vertisement of the curative qual
ities of your remedies, although I
am 70 years old." "
John R. Cochran,.
Lewistown, El.'
Better than any statement we
could make regarding the value of
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy
are these words of Mr. Cochran.
He speaks from experience, the
highest possible source of knowl
edge. If you have any of the
signs of a weak heart, s'uch" s
pain in the left shoulder or arm,
fainting and hungry spells, short
ness of breath, smothering spells,
fluttering or palpitation of the heart,
you need
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy
which for over - twenty years has
been recognized as the best prepa
ration of its kind to be had.
Sold under a guarantee assuring tha
return of the price of the flrst bottle If It
fails to beneft. AT ALL DRUGGISTS.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
No Doubt About Pnslam'a Povrer to
Kill Germ Life.
In any bacterial Infection of the skin
poslain, the new skin remedy, show 'ts
power to annihilate germ life by stop
ping the Itching at once and causiaj?
tha trouble to quickly disappear. Pos
lam acts in this manner in any surface
skin disease, including all eczemas,
salt rheum, skin scale, seven-year Itch,
psoriasis, barbers' Itch arid similar
troubles. Every day brhiRs records of
remarkable cures excceilln!? all claims
made for it. "Kor sixteen months I
suffered with eczema." writes Mr.- W.
Norman, Elmira. Ont.. "spent two
months In a hospital, tried everything
known, with little or no effect. On De
cember 29 I procured poslam. and am
happv to say that on January 7tli (9
days later) I am perfectly healed; my
skin Is as clear as a baby's."
In minor skin affections, such as
pimples, red noses, complexion blem
ishes, rash, scalp scales, itching feet,
etc., a small quantity of poslam will do
the work, results being seen overnight.
Poslam is sold in two sizes (trial. f9
cents; regular Jars. $2) by all drug
gists, particularly the Owl Drug Co.
For a free sample write to the Emer
gency Laboratories. 32 West Twenty
fifth street. New York City.
Drunkenness Curable
Drunkenness is no longer considered
a crime: eminent sclenci-sts and physi
cians have agreed that' it is a disease
and must be treated as such.
The home treatment that has been
used for a number of years, and is
highly successful, is Orrine. It is sold
under a positive guarantee that if it
does not effect a cure your money will
be refunded. When desiring to give
secretly purchase Orrine No. 1, and If
patient will take treatment. Orrine No.
" should be given. Orrine costs but
$1 per box. Mailed on receipt or price.
Write for free booklet on "Drunken
ness " The Orrine Co., 730 Orrine
Building. Washington. P. C. Pold In
this citv bv Fkidmore Dr.;g Co., 151
Third Ft. and 372-37 Morrison St.
Vim, Energy And
A Keen Exhilaration
In hot weather it revives voiir energies
and stimulates the skin to healthy action.
"The Bath Refreshing"
ill Grocers and Druggists
vL For Health and jf
Economy jgp