Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 22, 1910, Page 12, Image 12

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Agents for Stetson Hats for Men Cheshire $3.00 Hats for Men and Boys Hercules $5.00 Suits for Boys Onyx Hosiery
Order Your Christmas Picture Framing Now-Official Tour Books of the Portland Automobile Club Are Nov on Sale
WGre&teir Olds, Wortman Store
ale 10,000 Me3m9s Fouir-in-Hand
e.50c airadl 75c
5 Vals. ;
ii mm s
Positively the greatest sale of Men's Stylish ronr-in-IIand
Ties ever held in Portland. It affords an unusual opportu
nity for men to supply their present needs, and for women to
select their Christmas gifts. Thrifty people will h o o s e a
pood assortment. The values are exceptionally good
at .()( and 7.c. Special for this sale, low price, each
TaKe Lunch in Our Tea Room 4tH Floor
5.OO Off
Of All Men's aim
10,000 Ties A very special purchase from one of New
York's leading manufacturers. All the latest patterns and
designs. French fold and wide-end styles; all colors and full
length. Also plain colored narrow ties, the proper kind for
the close-fitting collars. Your unrestricted choice of
the regular 50c and 75c values, now on sale at only
BaRery and Delicatessen on Fourth Floor
(nulla r
Yowling M
i! Up-to-Date Suaits arad Overcoat
t' r : 'ft . 1 ts A
ellinL for
O.OO or More
A remarkable Thanksgiving sale of Clothing for men and young men. It includes our entire stock of high-grade suits
and overcoats which sell regularly at $20.00 and up.. As we do not confine our purchases to any particular lines but go
into the market and choose the best from all lines, we are able to offer a better and broader range of styles and pat
terns. And as wc do not handle "Advertised lines," which in an indirect way, compels dealers to pay for thousands
of dollars' worth of magazine advertising, we are able to undersell the dealer who .handles special advertised cloth
ing. As this is our first season in the clothing business, customers are assured that every suit or coat which Ave show-
is the very latest style. We positively guarantee our clothing to give
perfect satisfaction in every respect. Take advantage of this liberal
offer. Buy a Suit or Coat today or tomorrow fmd you will save $5.
5 CM
ale Womeii's Apparel JSir&flire StocK. -Redtaace
$5 OW
Undermu s 1 i n s
Reg. $4.25 Gowns at $2.39
Regular $3 Gowns at $1.98
?)0.5U Lombinati ns it.Vo
Women's Gowns, male of fine nainsook and
lungcloth, trim 'J in Valenciennes lace with
Irish crochet medallions and beading; reg
ular values up to $4-Jo, on spe- CO QQ
rial sale at low price of only, ca.
LOT 2 Women's Gowns, made of cambric
or longrloth, trimmed in Yal. lace and Tine
embroidery and beading; all sizes; regular
values up to $3.01) each, on spe- CJ 1 QQ
eial sale at low prioc of only, ea. P A .70
LOT 3 Women's Combinations, made of
fine nainsook; corset cover and skirt, corset
cover and drawers; best rerular XtA QQ
$8.50 values, on social sale at V'fO
$2.00 Combinations' 9Sc
S3.5Q Chemise for Sl.98
LOT 4 Women's Combinations, in cambric
and lonircloth, trimmed in laces, embroider
ies, beading and ribbons; our bet QQ.
rrcular $2.00 values, wial at only
LOT 5 Women's Gowns niade of fine cam
bric, trimmed in Val. and Torchon lace;
Empire styles with wide ribbon beading;
regular values to $"2.25; on spe- fc 1 A Q
eial sale at the low price of, ea. V
LOT 6 Women's Drawers, of fine nainsook
or lontrcloth, umbrella or circular styles.
ith fitted waiMs; beautifully CO 1 O
trimmed; aetual values to $3-50
Women's Chemise f fine quality nainsook;
rare novelties trimmed in lace, embroidery
and medallions; made with fit- Cf QQ
ted backs; values to $3.50 for Pi.0
ThanKs giving
Kitchen Needs
Everything: to make kitchen work easy and
to assure pood results in cooking can be
found in the 4th floor kitchen goods store.
Boilers, for milk or rice; blue and white
enameled ware, seamless; regular f?
55c values, special for this sale, only O C
Blue and white enameled Sauce Pan, OC
4-uart size, rejrular 47e value, only
Blue and white enameled covered CC
Sauce Pan, 3-ouart size, 70c value'"'
BJue and white enameled ware Pud- 1 Q
ding Pan, 2-qt. size, 27c value, for 17C
Gravy strainers in blue and white Of.
enameled ware: resrular 45c values'''
2V large size Pie Plates, each, only 15
9.c Aluminum bauce Pan. special for 4 .C
35c Self-Basting Steel Roaster, only 27t
$14.00 Mattress at $9.50
$6.50 Mattress for $4.85
All pnre silk floss Mattress,' covered with
fancr art ticking, rolled edge. CQ EZfl
Regular $14.00 values, special at ?) U
Combination Mattress, with excelsior cen
ter and white cotton on all sides; made with
rolled edge and covered with C!A QC
art ticking. A $6.30 value for pT.OiJ
Women's Suits
$32.50 Values
Special $16.95
Every garment in our big second floor cloak
and suit salon is on sale for this week at
greatly reduced prices. Here's a line of suits
which Ave are especially proud to offer. These
suits arc to be sold at $16.95. If there is
a better line for the price west of Chicago or
even in that great city or inail the country, we'd
like to see it. They have all the style and fine
points of workmanship that could possibly be
put into suits at $.'$2.50. The materials em
ployed in their construction arc diayrtgials.
Uroadcloths,. Cheviots, Serges and mixtures of
ail kinds. The late style semi-fitting; jackets
appeal to all women who study the style books.
Just leave the fitting; part to us. No sale is con
sidered complete in this store until the cus
tomer is satisfied. The sizes range from 31 to
41. IJegniar values to $32.50 are
priced for this Thanksgiving; sale
Women's 3.5Q Sweater 2.19
"Women's fine All-Wool Sweaters in pray and white colors;
V-neck and high collars. The best values, neatest styles you
ever saw for "Ihe price. Do not fail to inspect these.
r r m ) ' ' JMt It ! S
0 4 frr
v til ll I
III h I' : ntftly
ttyrll tLV-M
omen s
402 Values
Great Sale of
Special $23.65
This November month finds the cloak room
making the most extensive display of novelties
that has ever been shown by the Q.f W. K.
Store. The very new double-faced materials
J and Polo Cloths are in . great favor. Today
we will feature a splendid assortment of styles
.in the heavy plaid back materials with turn-
v imviv vmin tiiiit infill
Plain coats and
tbelted styles, cape effects, braided coats, coats
:M with hoods, nolo and auto stvlos mid nonulnr-
''i :': a
- p; styled street coats. In fact all the late styles
i i S s.'V nf Iin-tnlq4a nnqtc noli lw fon.wl 1. i.. c.ln
I .' 'wrr7 I " ' '
I a.,- T!l
' jpi? did assortment. The mannish effects and
; Scotch mixed goods are especially attractive.
jffeli1011' fail tQ soe them- To" art
at pJJiJ
day values to $10. Bargains
$8.5Q Dress SKirts at $4.98
Women's Dress Skirts in Panama, serge and Venetian ma
terials. Plaited and banded effects ; the very newest styles,
and all the good staple colors. Be sure and see this line.
$35 Scarf for $26.25
$25 Muff at $18.75
Austrian Chinrhilla Scarfs,' made with
insets of corded silk bonds; a Very new
and attractive parment; best rejrular
$3.3.00 values, special at tfOC OCJ
the low price of only, each
Muff to match, very fine fljl Q 7E
f2o.00 value, special -only P O
$95 Scarf at $71.25
$90 Muff at$67.50
Large Black Lynx Scarf with two heads
and four tails; a rich, handsome neck
piece; our regular $03.00 C71
value; special, only, each P l.O
Muff, large pillow style, to match; very
fine $90 value; on special flJ?7 Efi
sale at the low price ofPO.3v
Sale, of Women's Dresses
$38.50 Values Now $18.95
We could devote an entire page to the description of this as-
sortment of women's dresses and then not tell it all. The
values are really astonishing. This is not a lot of left-overs,
or last ones of various lines. They arc the very best offer
ings of the season. All new, right up to the minute styles.
Just the smart thingsjhat are being worn right now. The
materials are voiles, peau-de-cygnes, plain and fancy aeo-
lines, French serges, etc. Braided and lace-trimmed effects,
self-trimmed styles, etc., values to $38.50 for
the special low price for this sale, at, only, ea
Sale Rvtg Muffs
$100 Values $75
$175 Scarf $131.25
Very choice grade of natural Mink, se
lected skins, made up in the rug style,
trimmed with heads and tails; regular
$100.00 values; specially J "7 C ff
priced for this sale at P
Scarfs in the natural mink with long
tabs, cape effect, trimmed, with heads
and tails; our regular lj 1 Q 1 9
$175 values, special only V "
$2QOMuff at $150
$200 Scarf $150
High-grade natural Mink Scarfs, with
long tabs, trimmed with heads, tails and
claws; a regular $200.00 value, $150.00.
Plain pillow muff tofljl Cf ff
match; $200.00 value at P V. UU
SOc Values at 18c
60c Values at 39c
$1.50 Values 98c
Don't go to the football game without a
Pennant. Our entire stock reduced for the
holidays. All our 30c School Pen- "J Q
iiants are reduced to low price, ea.
M. A. A. C. PENNANTS, the very best
quality and best finished; regular OQ
00c values, on sale at low price of
U. OF O. PENNANTS, or any athletic club
or secret society pennant worth 7oc CQp
can be bought today at only, each
HANDSOME PENNANTS, very well made,
in ten different colors; some have painted
emblems. Best regular $1.25 and QO
AT .SO vnlnps; on KnflpinI s.ilfi at. each Ov
, i i
'Wood to Burn
35c Letter Box 24c
60c Tabourettes 49c
Letter Boxes with two compartments, very
neat designs. Regular 35c values,
on special sale at low price of, each
Tabourettes with round or square tops, 15
inches high, in new designs; rogu- yjQ
lar 60c values, special price only, ea. T'fC
Plaques, Shaving Pards, etc., in 1 f
unique designs, just received, only vC
ThanKs g i vi n g
Sale Pictures
40c Pictures at 27c
$3.50 Pictures $2.50
A line of new colored prints, sizes 4x14,
framed in l-inch gold frames; good sub
jects, landscapes, etc.; regular 40c 0 7
values; very special at only, each C
Reproductions of paintings by famous ar
tists, such. as Le Brun, Grueze, Reynolds,
Corot, etc.; regular $3.50 val- Cp EZf
lies; very special at only, each PiJJ