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Europeans and Japan Would
Defeat Open-Door Policy
in China.
.trr Ten Yfarn Spent in I'nrlc
Sam's ront-ul Srrtlcc. Orrjjon
Pkner Conclndrn That Crcat
Britain I Afraid of I". S.
Tat Crest Prltain. France. nrirny
and Japan sre bami'd ti.Kcthrr polit
ically end financially to defeat the
American Oovernmnt's r"5lrV nt th
open l""r wlt'i rf'fl to trade rela
tions with fhlna anl JUnchurla. and
that Japan. by reason of th romplex
international political situation. I the
rhlef benfi'liry of a'.IInnre. I
the statement of it H M.!r. a visitor
tndav at the home of Ma brother-in-law.
A II. Tanr.i-r. on Fourteenth street
North. Mr. Mi"er pent l' y In
China. Japn and M-n- liurla In the con
sular servn e of the I'r.Ucd states.
Mr. Miller wa sent to S.innei'ai
ronsu-",eneral In !! The f .; lowtna
year he was transf.-rred to t'e Constil
f;enera!hl; of Manchuria with head
quarters at New I'hanK. In I9n4 he
went to Yokohama as Cnnaiil-tSeneral
for the I'nlted states in Japan, fome
wht over a ver ao he. at his own
r-qjent. was sent to Belfast t'nltrd
States Consul, believing that the
change would benefit his health, which
bad shown U-n of f.itlina;- lie las
now retired and hereafter he will make
Ms home permanently In Orecon. Mo
whlrh state he came In 1 T3 He had
been enEapred In business at various
time In Portland. Kucene. Salem. Ash
land and Albany. Mr. Miller has been
a close stjdent of International poli
tic. ;reat Britain Japan's- Hanker.
TJreat Pr'taln I. the b.mker for
Japan. ic- l the banker for Rus-sl.'-
said Mr .Miller. -It was the fin
ancial men of i ; re t Britain and Franc
who. In mv opinion, were responsible
for the agreement between Japan and
Iviissla by which Mm htiria was di
vided Into tun aone. Russian Influence
domlnatlic In tl-e northern fortion and
Japanese influence In the southern part.
Creat Britain ts afrall of C,."mny.
That courtry. through t alliance with
Austria-Hungary and Turkey Is en
croaching on the Balkan country and
threatens to Invade Hrltlsh sphere of
Influence In Persia and India.
"To r-olrj the friendship of Japan and
taj he n a better position to resist
t;ermn encroachments In the R.tlkan
and Persia. Oreat P.rttaln t. sacrificing
to Japan. Japanese industries are br
im built up with British capital, and
the latter country Is rapidly enptur
In the trade of t!ie Chinese Kwpire
and Manchuria, llr'at Britain an.l the
I nlfed States are the principal suffer
er by this trade aggressiveness on the
part of the Japanese, but tirrat Hrlt
taln. controlling; Japan financially a
she does, la more willing that Japan
should control the trade of the Orient
than that the I'nlted i-late should con
trol ft. The simple reason Is that the
British iroverament Is afraid of the fin
ancial strength of the I'nlted State.
Itnssla Watches ticrmany.
"Russia Is also anxiously watching
Oerman arcresslon In the Balkans.
That Is the bond of union between
t.reat Britain and Russia. In (treat
I'rltaln it ta taken as a foregone con
clusion that there ome day must be
a irreat war with Germany, but my
own opinion Is that It will never occur
as Germany Is forging- rapidly to the
front commercially and a war would
be the worst thing In which that coun
try could engage. (
Germany is outstripping Brit
ain in every way. The productivity
of the German laborer is greater than
that of the British laborer for the rea
son that he consider himself an atom
of a huge machine which I working:
to make Germany the greatest country
on earth, and he trusts hia govern
ment. The British laborer has no faith
In hi government. He Is the 'underdog-
and ran see no chance of Improving-
.his position. There Is uni
versal class bitterness In Great .Brit
ain. In Germany the Government I
irreat deal mora paternal la Its pol
icy. "Alarmed by Germany's rapid ad
vance commercially the British Gov
ernment sent several commissions to
Germany to study conditions. Without
exception they returns report showing-
that the German laborer I better
educated, i better fed and clothed, ha
more and better enjoyments and a
healthier outlook upon life. The Ger
man laborer Is more satisfied than the
British laborer. The former throw
himself Into the work with a Tim.
The latter doe as little as possible.
The German laborer sweats at his
work. The British laborer seldom. If
ever, sweats.
House of Lords Power to Go.
The preent agitation In Great Brit
ain may result in the curtailment, or
abolition, of the power of the House
of Lord, bnt I personally do not be
lieve that there will be any great
Immediate beneficial effect If the move
I successful. It will be a step for
ward, of eoure. but only one of many
which must be taken to adjust the In
ternal affair of the country to lessen
class feeling- and stimulate produc
tion y."
Mr. Miller la an ardent admirer of
the statesmen who conduct the affairs
of Japan- He characterizes them a
exceedingly shrewd and give them fha
credit of outstripping all competition
In the matter of foresight.
"Japan population is increasing at
the rate of "00.000 a year. The coun
try la not rich In natural resources and
Iter statesmen long- ago realized the
necessity of having under political
dominance a territory which Is. ITcnie
the programme. Including the war
with Russia, which resulted In the con
trol cf Corea and Manchuria, territory
Immensely rich In natural resource of
all kind.- said Mr.
"The Government la also rapidly
building; up Industrie of every charac
ter. A merchant marine ha been
built up which practically control the
thtna Sea and the trade of China and
Manchuria ha been taken away from
tha I'nlted states and other countries.
Japan I today, everything taken Into
consideration, the most wonderfully
progressive country In the world. It
I impossible for an American to real
ise t" Immense strides forward which
are being made unless he is In touch
with the situation."
- Celebration Is Planned.
The Tortland social Turn Vereln. a
Carman org satiation, held Its regular i
monthly meeting Saturday night, when It
was decided to celebrate each year
the birthday of Thomas Paine, who is
the author of "Common Sense" and
"Rights of Man." The anniversary
come on January 19. and it is planned
to Invite Mayor Simon. Rev. V O.
Knot. Jr.. of the Unitarian Church, and
Rev. J. I. Corby, of the Unlversallst
Church, to speak. The programme will
also Include reading and music. -
Plan for the building of a new hall
hy the organization was presented by
one of the member. E. Lucke. which
have been approved by the Mayor. It
Is Intended to erect an eight-story
building at Fourth and Yamhill erects,
where their present headquarter are
located, and It will be arranged o the
fire department can occupy it a they
do the building now on that site.
It was also decided to take rart In
the dedication of the building being
erected by the Swiss society on invl-
! w. ij
s ) :
I l 1 1 Mia m a.i i n , J I
F.x-r'oaanl II. Ttf. Miller, Who Be
lieves Kurnpeaa I'ovaere Wool
nefeat America's Opea lor
I'ollry la t kloa.
tat Ion from that organlxatlon to the
German society.
lan Hr-presentlng ProspectUe Pur
chasers of Yetoel Is Pelayed.
Kxrected arrival yesterday of an
agent for a prospective purchaser of
the steamer Alliance did not materlal
lie. but he Is expected to be hers to
day. Gray Holt, the owner of tha
steamer, living at San Francisco, wired
Charle G. Stlmpson. their local agent.
Saturday, that a man was due to ar
rive here yesterday to look over the
Alliance with a view to determining
her value. It la possible that he ar
rived, however, on a late train last
night and w-lll make his presence
known today to Mr. Stlmpson.
The Alliance Is fitted for carrying
botn fretgut and passengers and la
considered 0 considerable value as a
smail st-amcr for ocean use. For a
lone time she operated between Port
land and Coos Bay In opposition to
the steamer Itreakwatcr. but early last
Spring her owner announced that It
was a losing business to attempt to
compete with another vessel where
there was not more business, and thus
the Alliance was taken off the run snd
tied up at the Jefferson-street dock,
where she Is now.
The Identity of the prospective pur
chasers Is not known here.
Marine Notes.
From Coos Bay. the steamer Break
water arrived late last night, with pas
sengers and freight.
E. TV. Wright, of the Merchants' Ex
change, waa confined at hia horn yea
terday by alrknesa.
When the steam schooner Casco ar
rived yesterday from San Francisco,
her captain. R. A. Ahlin. reported hav
ing a hard time In getting across tha
Columbia River bar early Saturday
morning. The sea repeatedly broke
over the decks, but no damage was
done to the vessel or her cargo.- Tha
Casco brought 300 tons of cement and
the same amount of general cargo.
The ateamer Sue If. Elmore Is bar
bound at Tillamook. She waa due to
Lave arrived In Portland yesterday.
The American barkentlne Jane L.
Stanford was removed from the Oregon
drydock yesterday, where she ha been
undergoing repair, to the Port of
Portland drydock. where she will re
place the lumber ahe discharged In or
der to be repaired. The Stanford,
which was Injured at Grays Harbor,
will take l.:oo,ooo feet of lumber to
Owners Seeking- Officers.
In the Commercial New of San
Francisco, under the date of November
IT, appeara the following concerning
the probable (election of officers for
the new steamers Tale and Harvard
that will operate on this coast:
"That the owners of tha swift At
lantic -liners Yale and Harvard, now
en route to the Pacific Coast, are en
deavoring to obtain the services of the
best officers of the Pacific Coaat Steam
ship Company's service to man the
speedy craft Is the rumor prevailing
around the water-front- Among those
. uu, 1 k . a u. k u . .k.iitu 1
on ins matter are iapiain xc. jepsen.
Governor: Captain N. E. Cousins, Presi
dent; Captain Ttiomaa Rellly. Umatilla;
First Officer Dahlgren. President; First
Officer Hall and Second Officer Ollboy,
Governor; Purer Frank J. O'Connor.
Governor, and Purser William B. Duff,
Movements of Vessels.
PORTUNP. Nov. 20. Arrived Steamer
Breakaaisr. from Coos Hay.
Ast.'ria. Nov. SO. t'ap line down; no bar
report. Arrived down at 9 A. M.
H -hmner Mabel Gala. Arrived at 10-3O A.
M. and left up at 4:10 P. L l.aroer
pr-akrater. from -oos Bay.
San Francisco, Nov. fi. Arrived Steam
ers Jim Butler, from Taeoroa: Cttv of tid
n.y. from I'anama: F. 11. t'hanslor. f rora
A.toria: rwia, from Raymond: president,
from Seaitlr. Hailed Steamer Marlon.
CMIrott. for Honolulu; Noma City, tor As
turia: Mavtalr. for WlWap Harbor.
Near York. Nov. JO. Arrived Baltic, from
Liverpool; l.e Touralne, from Havre; Ham
bur, from Genoa.
Ta'-oma. Nov. to. Arrived Japanese
steamer Mexico Maru, from Seattle; steamer
Waantenaw. from eaa Francisco. Departed ilmrr Bankdale. for San Francis-:
stra.-ner Queen, for bound ports; Brlt
Is.i stemer Penryta Castle, for Seattle.
lieattle. Nov. , I". Arrived tjteamer
Prince Rupert, from Prince Rupert. Sailed
steamer Iolphln. for hkaay; steamer
Prince P.upert. for Portland Canal; steamer
Mexico Maru. for Tacoma.
k--s Aceles, Nov. 20. Arrived Steamer
Norwood, iron Oras Harbor: W. H- Smith,
frm Tacoma. Salied Steamer Beaver, for
Tide a Asterta Mowday.
High. I-ow.
41 A. M T O feet lO OT A. M l. .3 feet
S P. M feet 11 .M p. M.. . feet
rive Ask Saloon Llcenhes at Klgin.
EIX3IN. Or.. Nov. :o. t Special.)
Since the county of Union waa voted
wet on November 8. five application
for license to run saloons her have been
filed wltb the city clerk.
SOO Kohler & Chase Pianos
and Piayer Pianos in SOO
of the . Best Homes
The construction, tone and wearing qualities of our Pianos are what you
will find in Pianos that sell for $100 more than Ave ask.
. You don't know and can't appreciate this statement unless you see and hear
them. "We invite comparison. You can convince yourself.
Prices $275 and up. "We have taken in as part payment on our
lodem Case.
And many others. Purchase terms to suit you. Music rolls for all Player Pianos.
Kohler Ctiase
375 Washington St..' Corner West Park Ninth St.
Cupboard of Jap Liner Used to
Hide Stowaways.
rian Exists to Bring Brown Men to
Seattle From Yokohama by
Mealtrs Harbor Tolice Iake
Search and Find Man.
VICTORIA. F. C Nov. "0. (Special.)
A plot for the omiicgtlns; of Japanese
across the Pacific as stowaways on
board the steamer Inaba Slaru of the
Nippon Yusen Kalsha. now loading at
Poattle. preparing to sail for the orient
next Tuesday, was discovered when the
steamer was about to leave Yokohama
for this side by the arrest of laomamu
Klkurht and two other seamen by the
Yokohama harbor police.
It seems that when the inaoa aiani
was lvlna- at Monsaon; iasi vuyna. ..
kuchi bad a secret cupboard designed
In his sleeplns; quartera and emit ny
Chinese carpenters he bad smuggled on
board. This cupboard was built as a
hiding- place for stowaways, Klkucht
having entered Into an arrangement
with Japanese residents at Seattle to
smuggle stowaways, lie reeeivea remu
neration from the Seattle Japanese and
the stowsways. -Shortly
before the Inaha Maru left
Yokohama the cupboard waa discovered
by the police and a Japanese stowaway
hiding In it. Ho was arrested, as were
the seamen. A Yokohama paper says
Klkuchl baa been enraged in smuggling
stowaways from Japan to some Japan
ese at Seattle, receiving remuneration
from both parties.
Car Expected to Be Running Over
Hawthorne Bridge In Week.
Machinery All Tested.
The Hawthorne bridge draw I to be
floated into place next Thursday. Thanks
giving dsy. If the workmen do tneir
work rapidly enough the draw may be
In shape to float In Wednesday, but
Thursday was the day given out by
Drake C. O'Reilly, one of the engineers,
yesterday. Three or four days afterward,
or about next Monday. It Is expected
that cars will be running over the new
Tha falsework on the barges which
are to support the draw span while it
U being floated Into place was completed
this afternoon," said Mr. O'Reilly yemer
day. "V shall sink one barge under
each end of the draw, and pump the
water out o a to lift the draw from
the falsework upon which It now rests.
Then we shall place a third barge under
tha center of the span and tow the draw
Into place.
The deck of the draw will be S3 feet
above the water when we float it In. and
at this stage of the river there will be
47 feet of clearance under the draw after
the barges are removed. It will not take
long to remove enough of the falsework
and of the barges to allow the river
boats to pas through. But it will prob
ably be two or three days before we
shall be able to lift, the draw to the top.
Bad weather, of course, will delay ua
"The machinery for the operation of
tha' draw is all in place, and has been
tested. Except for about ten feet on
each end of the approaches to the draw
span the decking Is in place. On the
West Bide, howevor. we had a fire, and
scorched some of the creosoted timber
which was not burned. This we will
probably be obliged to remove. That
causes further delay, of course.
"The street railway company has all
it guy wires placed, ready for stringing
the trolley wires. This will not take
Langendorff Concert Tomorrow
Night Arouses Interest.
The Langendorff concert, to be given
at the Masonic Temple. West Park and
Yamhill streets, tomorrow night, is at
tracting much attention, particularly
among the musically Inclined. Madam
Langendorff'a debut bera la a matter
New Case Design.
of unusual Interest, for she comes West
after only one season In New York.
Cr'tlcs throughout Europe, where she
Is an operatic favorite, heaped her with
encomiums which have been equalled
and- surpassed by American critics.
Following: is the programme to be
Slvi i by Mme I.angendorff and her
ajslMlnpr artists, Ouy Callow, violinist,
and Kurt Wanleck, pianist:
a Intermezzo Op. lift. No. 4 Brahma
b Klnale from p. "2 Saint-Saens
Mr. Wanleck.
a Aufenthalt Schuhert
b Her Toil iind da Maedchen Schubert
c LotesMume Schumann
d Du Meine e1e Schumann
Mme. Langendorff.
Concerto Mendelssohn
Mr. Callow.
Arie from "Samson and Delilah". Falnt-Saen
Mme. Irtngendorff.
a Sonetto del Perarcha, No. 104 Llast
b Mephlsto Waltz Liszt
Mr. Wanleck.
Faust, Fantaiile Wieniawtkl
Mr. Callow.
a The rma Ware
b The Danza Chadwlck
e rharlfv MacDermld
d The cry of Rachel....' Salter
Mme. lagendorff.
Palestine sheep have talla which are solid
faf and weigh Irom six to eighteen pounds
orrllnarily. In Lebanon they often reach
40 pounds each.
For Benefit of Women who
Suffer from Female Ills
Minneapolis, Minn. "I was a great
Sufferer from female troubles vhica
caused a we&Kness
and broken down
condition of tha
system. I read so
much of what Lvdia
E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
had done for other
sufferino: women x
felt sure it would
help me, and I must
say it did help me
wonderfully. My
' pains all left me, I
frew stronger, and within three months
was a perfectly well woman.
"I want this letter made public to
6how the beneht women may derive
from Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. Mrs. John (. mold an,
2115 Second St, North, Minneapolis,
Thousands of unsolicited and genu
ine testimonials like the above prove
the efficiency of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, which is made
exclusively from roots and herbs.
Women who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex should
not lose sight of these facts or doubt
the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
health. n
If you want special advice write
to Mrs. Pinkbam, at Lynn, Mas.
confidential. For 20 years she
lias been helping- sick women in
this way, free of charge. .Don't
Jucsita to write at once.
A physician In this city Is making- a
national reputation. l has cured
thousands of cases of Brlght's Disease
and his treatment differs from the
usual only In one small respect.
When called in to a case of Brlffhfs
following the practice he reduces the
blood pressure or stimulates the heart
as the case may require, promotes nu
trition. Increases the diuresis when
necessary, keeps the skin active and
attacks the dropsy, etc., etc., after the
usual methods.
This treatment he supplements by
giving Fulton's Henal Compound to re
lax the kidney.
In a word he gives the Renal Com
pound to reduce the Inflammation of
the kidney tissues and treats symptoms
We make this unqualified statement
-the physician who will adopt this
simple procedure win positively save
a majority ot cases 01 cnronic urigncs
Disease In which the profession com
monly fall.
The Renal compound is so mua mat
a child can take It and there Is now
no necessity for permitting all patlenta
to dla who have auaney dis
New Mahogany
MTASlt 1 JLt JL V 7th and Taylor
Phones Main 1 and A 1123.
Tonight Every Night This Week.
Matinees Thursday-Saturday.
Brilliant Musical Pl&y Success
Excellent cast Comrlete Production.
Frlc ! 11.50. .$1.00. 73c, 80c. 35c, 23c.
i-Jl- XV MJ XV Morrison and Eleventh
Main 2, K 8360. GEO. L. BAKER. Man.
rteorgamzea issuer biuch iuijuj.
Tonight, all week. Mats. Wed.. Thurs., Sat.,
' 111 HIO IICUIHUI ytoj
as played with (Treat success by Nat Good
win ana Max. no cnum.
On of the most superb of stock offerings.
-v-m - .a o - rrw m. Gar Kr UtV
CU. .ll. .Ot", a 11 U 1 B. cl'V "-
Evenings 25c, r.Oc. Next week, "Forty-fl
Minutes From Broadway."
Geo. t. Baker, Manaa-er.
Every nleht this week. Thanksgiving; Day
Mat. inursaay; regular .-wi. . -
. . i . . ., ... nrnma
Four Acts. By Wm. Gray. Rich in coined
Deauurul singins vmces, itn.-iu...jj
2Sc. 50e, 75c. si. Matinees, 23c. 60c Isext
weeK, " ut vt ireieee.
MAIN 9. A 102a
THEATES 1S-!5-vM5l
.. . . .. . . . 1 .n. n.i m bA imn-
lin. nrnmiw "Wuble Flsy" Henry Korton
and to. In -fnele Lent's Dilemma, ' teo"
and Lorens. Richard Nadraae.. Mildred Oro
ver 6ehedn. Kajtyam. pictures, orchest ra.
Harry Leonhard'a
Pantomime Com
pany, presenting
Matinee Kvery Di
Evening- Performan
.Week of Not. 21
A Muelral Fantaey
In One Act.
The Heine Children
Holleu A Fuller
( mm Thelrm
Tfaoe. Fotter IHinn
2:80; any Beat, 15c.
Balcony lac: Lower
Floor 23c; Box Seats SOc
Special. Week Commencing- Monday Matinee,
Lyric Mti ileal Comedy Company Presenting
DILLON AND KINO. Portland's Popular
Comedians. MAID ROCKWELL, Prima
Donna, in
New faces, new costumes, new music, new
scenery. Two performances nightly. 7:46
ftnri O llt P. M. Matinees daily. 2:46 P. M.
Special performances Thanksgiving day -
Frlaay nlgnt. inorus uin contesu
TCES., 'OV. 23, at Maaoale Temple.
' TICKETS $1.00.
At "vrilson'a auction house, corner Second
and Yamhill. Sale at 10 A. M. J. T. Wilson,
At Oilman's. No. 128 Second street, near
Washington. 8. L. J... oilman, auctioneer.
IDLER In Ror. N. M.. Mrs. D. Adler. be
loved mother of Mrs. L. Krause. ot this
city, and airs. H. Goodman, Mrs. M.
Karlsruher. William and Joe Adler, of
Roy, N. M.
8CHIELD In this city, at his late resi
dence. 1368 Macadam street. John 6chleld,
aged To years. Funeral notice hereafter.
PETERSiON November 19, at 529 Prescott
street. Vivian W. Peterson, aged 1 years
4 months 1 day. beloved daughter ef Mr.
and Mrs. Axel Peterson. Funeral services
will be held at the above family residence,
Tuesday, November 22. at 1:30 P. M.
Friends respectfully invited to attend. In
terment Rose City Cemetery.
ADLER Mrs. D. Adler. beloved mother of
Mrs. I Krause. of this city, Mrs. H. Good
man Mrs. M. Karlsruher, William and
Joe 'Adler, of Roy, N. M-, died Nov. lrt,
at Roy N. M. Funeral will be held from
Holman's Undertaking Parlors. Tuesday.
10 A. M.
HALL In this city, November 10. at her
late home, 12 East 78th at., Mrs. Hattle
A HaJI, aged 40 years 7 months 15 days.
Funeral services will be held at the above
residence Tuesday, Nevember ti. 10 A. H.
Friends respectfully invited. Interment
Multnomah Cemetery.
HALL William Bradford Hall, died No
vember 20, at 3:30 P. M. Funeral at
home Tuesday afternoon. November 22. at
2 p. M. Interment Rose City Cemetery.
Pheneat Main MO A llOt.
Dsonlna Alcfciiiee tune Director
Tib and Tine. Phone Main 480. Lady ae
siataxtl. Ottice 01 temu vrr.
"BDWABD HOLMAN CO., Funeral Dtrect
rs t0 8d St. Lady aaelstant. Phone M. 07.
V FINLEY SON, Sd aad Madiaeav
attendant. Phone Mala , A 1AM.
KANT bIDE Poaeral Directors, snot
so F. S. Dunning. Inc. K. Bi, a oz.
fcRIOON CO. Cndertakers lady assist.
ant. 4 US Aider., si. ems, a iiso,
SB 4 WiUlams ave-i both phones; lady asst.
i .FRt'H. inosnaaer, ew. aim mmm
aw baat 3L B loo. Lady seals! anl.
K. P. Hall. 11th and Alder
streets, the first and third Mon
days or eacn montn. at r.
F. H. Noltner. secretary, care Cribben A
BCXlOa V.U.. lim euu Lvauui .iiw-.
A. F. AND A. M. Special commu
nication this (Monday! evening.
7:30. Esst 8th and Burnslde. F.
C. degree. Visitors welcome. By
order W. M.
F. AND A. M. Special communi
cation this (Mondayi evening at
7:30 o'clock. Work In the F. C.
degree. Visitors are cordially in
vlfed. W. M. DE LIN. Sec.
E. 6. Stated communication . this
(Monday) evening, at 1 o'clock.
Masonic Temple. By order of
W. M.
Quarter Block, Third Street
Improved, Fine Revenue
Quarter Block With Brick Bldg.
Third Street. Revenue
Corner Brick Building
Fine Revenue Producer
Price $55,000
Corner Lot
With 3-Story BuUding, on Third
Street, Near New Railroad
Bridge; Pays 10 Net
Price $55,000
Goldsmith & Co.
103 Sherlock Building;, Third and Oak.
Correspondence solicited.
"Des Moines Addition"
These choice half-acre tracts are
one-third of a mile due north of Bell
Station, on the Gresham or Estacada
carline. Lie high and sightly and ad
join "Brentwood," one mile south
from Tremont Station, on Mt. Scott
line, one mile southeast of 'Wood
stock. The price at this time is only
$500 $25 cash and $10 per month,
which is very reasonable.
J. W. Ogilbee
Room 11, 145Va First Street,
Portland, Or.
Lot 89x75, facing on Killingsworth,
near Vancouver. Price and terms by
Lot 40x128, on Elliott avenue near
Hawthorne avenue. Very desirable
location. Price and terms by inter
S. W. Cor. 6th and Washington Sts.
Must Sell
This fine apartment site (100x100 ft.).
the N. W. cor. of 10th and Harrison sts.,
with S houses. 5 minutes' walk to P. O.
and Olds, "Wortman & Kins; Department
store. This property has been placed
In our hands to sell. The one who buya
this property will make no mistake.
For price and terms see -
638 Chamber of Commerce Bids;.
Ladd Addition
Vew strirtlv modern 9-room house
with all latest improvements, furnace.
fireplace, den, sieepins-porcn, oreaK
fast room, built-in bookcases and buf
fot In turt nnthlns- mlssins: which
makes a complete home, on an 80-foot
street, with all street improvements in
and Dald. nrlce only $6750, about 12300
cash, balance terms.
81T Board of Trade Blilg., 4th and Oak.
Block 35
Portsmouth Addition.' Make us an offer.
S. W. cor. th and Washington sts.
dersijtned. as President of ARLINGTON
BI II.IlINO ASSOCIATION, in pursuance ol
resolution of th directors of said corpora
tion, will on Wednesdav. the 7th day of De
cember. 1010. at 2 o'clock F. M.. at the front
door of the building upon the premises here
in described, sell at auction to the highest
and best bidder for cash the quarter block
situated on the northwest corner of Alder
and West Park Streets, more particularly
described as Lots three and four, in Block
two hundred and sixteen, in the City of
Portland. Orecon, together with the build
ings thereon.
A , certified check In the sum of ten
thousand dollars tSW.OOO) drawn upon a
Portland bank, payable, to the order of the
Arlington Building Association, must be
deposited with tha undersigned at the time
of sale, the balance of the purchase" prico
to be paid In cash upon the tender of a
deed of bargain and sale.
Abstract of title will be furnished to the
purchaser, who will be allowed nve (5) days
within which to examine and approve tha
Should the purchaser fall to pay the bal
ance of the purchaso price after the expira
tion of tne period allowed to examine the
abstract of title, the certified check deposit
ed with the rresident will be retained by
the Association as liquidated dumaces. but
the purchaser will not be cc-mpelled to com
plete his purchase.
Pated at Portland. Oregon. November 17.
191 o. n. T. COX,
President Arlington Building Association.
104 acres, all in hlch state of culti
vation except 5 Rcres good timber; soil
deep, rich and free from rock, stumps
or pravol; eleprant house and barn; 2
teams, worth $1500; personal property
and crops worth $5000 go with this fine
farm, located 1 mile from Canby, on a
pood auto road. 20 miles from Port
land. Price, including livestock, crops,
everything. $i0,PO; reasonable terms.
317. Board ut Trade Bldg., 4th and Oak.
Home, beautifully situated in Holla
dav A.ldition. two carlines, elegant de
sign, superior oak finish, best work and
hullt In city, 5 large bedrooms, kitchen,
pantry, reception hall, library, dining,
livlnfT-rooms, tastily decorated, base
mentTand bentini? plant; home fit for a
king. AV. II. Herdman, C 1S66; East 273.
Beck. William G.. Slil Falling bid.
Blrrell A. H. 4 Co., 202-3 McKay bid. Real
estate.. Insurance, mortgages, loans, eta.
Brubakor A Benedict, 602 McKay bids. M,
Chanln Herlow, S.U Chamber Cornmw .
Cook. B. B. Co., SOS Corbatt bide.
Jennings A Co.. Main 18S. SOS Oregeniaa.
clal Club bidg.
Bchalk. Geo. D.. 223 Etark St. Vain 89,
A 2383.
The Oregon Real Estate Co., Orand are. aad
Multnomah st. (Kolladay Addition.)
M. E. Thompson Co.. cor. 4th and Oak eta.
For hale Lots.
78x105 ON Mallnda ave. (West Side), $3500.
Hi-autiful panoiamic view of city and
mountains. ,.risA
lodxioo. E. 2ith and Sandy road. $4jOO.
00x100. cor., Irvington Park, $500.
toxliio. University Park; SNAP. SO
40x100. Lents business property. $o500,
33x100. Shaver St. Bungalow. $3M0
Deshon & Hawk. 47 Lumbermens Bank
Mrtg.. .Vh st. Main 2Q18.
This is a beauty and a bargain.
Room 2. Lunibormens Bldg. A 2488.
p 8 Also at sacrifice, same district,
near Ladd's Add.. 60x100, all street im
provements in and paid for. Only $00;
only 125 cash.
OBLIGED to let go of one of the most de
sirable homesltes In beautiful parked resi
dence addition, having stringent bulldlns
restrictions. Asphalt streets, concrete
walks and curbs, sewer and all under
ground works in place. Prepared to sacri
fice big portion of my $S00 eoultl. AL 531,
Oregontan. .
OWNER must sell at once West Side lot
61x130: walking distance of main post
office; close to three carlines; $1400:
terms. Price includes hard surface
streets, cement walk and curb, sewer, gas
and underground wires. R 042. Oregon-
lan. f
Lot 50x80.
Vicinity E. 20th and Broadway.
Terms $300 down.
Real Estato, Rentals. Notary Public
Cor. Grand Ave. and E. Ankeny.
Have an equity of $542 in a very choice
lot. N. W. quarter, that I will sell for
I3.',0; balance due $MSS. Improvements
all In and only 1 block to carline- This
Is a bargain, sure, n urogumwi.
YOU can buy a lot near Rose City Park
for $425 graded streets, cement side
walks and curbs. Bull Run water, elec
tricity, telephone, building restrictions.
Provldont lnv. Trustee Co., 624,-OJts
Board of Trade bldg.
13.700 sq. ft. frontage. 2 drives; maf.
nltlcent view. Owner been asking $.1500.
but says get offer. It's up to you. Fred
W. German, 8-'9 Burnwlde. M. T7B.
Corner 100x100. close to car. $850; 1480
cash, balane to suit.
400 Henry bldg.. 4th and Oak sts.
Need money and will take n0 for my
equity in as i elegant lot. 50x100. balance
monthly: a big bargain; no agents.
C 64'i. uregomiin.
$4',0 terms, takes beautiful 50x100 lot
near Ladd's Addition: must be sold.
Room 2, Lumbermens Bldg. A 24S8.
LOTS in city limits on Rose llty carline,
175 $17 00 cash, balance $3.B0 per month.
U0, -l- BROWiNr & STAYER.
tJ14 coucn .pius-
8 LOTS 6-lxlOO, MONT A VILLA, $1800.
This is $ '25 per lot and absolutely the
-rt.,t bargain in city. Fred W. Ger
man. 329 Buinslde St. Main 2,78.
" . ....-.uTa ODilBPHTV.
Homes, lots, quarter blocks, tracts and
acreage: all part, of height, all view, and
prices, lornt bargain-!. Main 3551, A SS1.
$700. '
50x100. Commercial street. In Central
di.I'i'VW Tt. LENT. 417 Corbett Bldg.
rBFiT SACRIFICE Lots 1. 2, and 20.
SS?" iddre- PostoSIc. B 7. 8le.
t have two choice lots that I can sell
for $:o each if sold by Nov. 23rd. L. 530;
- " . . . i mn iicT fiTR fc'.v.Tfl
Fight lots. 60x100 each: $1300 cash will
. handle; price $6000. Goodsell Bros.. 433
Worcester bldg.
it-27'. CLINTON St.. 4 block, 100x100. cor
nr: termsT Goodsell Bros., 433 Wor-
cest'er bldg.
TtFAIJTIFUL East View lot. near Reed Uni-
verslty; $100 down; snap. O 631, Ore-
liuO DOWN; E. corner Botliwick and
Alnsworth. close Catholic, high and public
schools. Owner, 572 Pekum bldg.
HKAlITlb'L'L $600 lot, $300 cash; warranty
deed and clear abstract. AH 632, Orego
nian. IKVINGTON lots, near Stanton St.. $120.
A Backus. 619 Board of Trade bldg.
trvingTON bargain; east front, lot im-
provements all In. Phone Main 72M0.
MARSHFIELD. COOS Bay. lots $1.10; must
sell: part caBh. AD C41, Oregonlan.
- for Bale Houses.
FOR SALE On Ankeny carline. not far
out neat little house of five rooms; snap
at $1700; $S00 cash, required. Phone East
0 ROOMS $825 1.-. CASH.
Practically new lot 40xlu0, Tremont.
This Is indeed hard to beat. Fred W.
German. .120 Burnside. M. 277H.
FOR sale by owner, modern 6-room bun
galow, Waverlelgn Heights. Price $2500;
terms; no agoun.
Io-jO 7 ROOMS, modern, near isortn Al-
blna; building alone cost $2000; your
own terms. Phone Woodlawn 1.M0.
FOR SALE lOOxlOo, modern 8 -room Uous.
East Couch St., Montavllla; terms. Ap
ply Lauo-Davls Durg Co.
$10 DOWN. $l per month. 6-room unfin
ished house, 4 blocks from school, 1ft
blocks from car. Phone Woodlawn 2674.
$250 CASH buys a modern 6-room house in
Jonosmore; all modern conveniences; 2
blocks from carline. Phone Marshall 2164. .
7 AND 8 rooms, madern, terms. 460 Mag
noils. Woodlawn,