Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 19, 1910, Page 11, Image 11

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omrcoxiAr nurnoxis.
Psetflo Kt'. Hw.
rwnUTif.pwm Main 7"T A tv
rnr nrcu:tmn Tnr a "m
Viic Fdttor Main 7"-o a ntm
jnd; Tdlior Mela 7oru A
t r-wra Mam 7-TO A "
aupL bui.aicaa Main Jul A
MFT!.M T7CEATKB iSent r" TaylorJ
Je Ir,.li -! feri.-... 'amern. in tha
mural c-ml-. T.-e rrl:n- f pln."
ir-. -tal nviiir'4 ih' &ftrrn-xn. 3 15
o c Totij ir at li.
B "NOl)W THEATER Tw!f!h niwl
Kttiii "Jta. Wises of tri. Cabbage
r-etrh Trlc"il at 15 o'clock.
PAKTR T'l EATER Er!ri an Mr-
r.aon Pv:..a anl M.rJHn. imparl.:
t,.:tn jinrTi. Matlnr at S 15 axdt
t" : c . t a: 13.
Mstri and F.veothi Vaudeville. This at-
rncoo at 1.1a aad toaicat at
CRAND THEATER (Park and WasMnr-
tea Vaudev-uiei Thla arteraooa at s.10.
tecls-ht at 1.30 and ft.
s.TFHr THKATKR Vrwnth an A1er
Armstrong Xu''el CnniMtr Company la
"IWbr I-ar TMe afternoon at 2.A. to-
B:M at 1 i ami a.
TAR THEATER Park and Washing"""
-n pi-"'j.-a. Continuous), from 1 :
to 10 AO P. M.
AdTrtlaraaaita lilnM for City
Xmi la Brief rati si ana la Saadafa law
tat aaeat a aaaaeal ta Ta Orvgtoataa
kmalaaaa alfkt '. T ''clack a tarsias
fKmcti Covvc.vTtoic rr.AVNcn TT
corrun!t:e appo'r.t'd by mt boar.! of
tie t'hr' Ohur.-M- ot t!. Y. M.
C A. nn-t at tfce I'orUuiid Commercial
Iub jrertay aftTnn to lct"in;lr.
plana tr V:- X.imrtal "!;ri.-tan fhiirt-h
rnvnii'a to re h. -i i In t!it nty ni-xt
Summer. TT rfrtornilne.l !;ut JT-
mnat be f-r iLe entrrtiilnrnerit of
the rnnVfnt;on. An arrarKTrent com
rtvtte was arrj!nr.l. Rev. W. K. B'asor.
of tf-.e First Christian Church. wa elected
Ijirraan. l:-v. Thom.ut ii. ri. l.m. of tM
liixIr.y-VfTtiie 'hiirh. fi nur'. ani
t.arlca H. n.ajrbru. Ontral O.rUtlan
fliurrh. tr-amirr. Tbr other mombra of
tie comm;tt.' were: R. H Urltow and
1! M. H!r. of the Hr! riir'jaiian
Ourrh: IW.a Montcomerv. of ttie n T.ritlan Chun-h. an-1 R. AV. Ray
mond. nian.tKiT of tl-.o ronventWm bureau
of tli PortUir.'J Club.
Pr;TAl. STATION to BD CosaouPATEn.
Tl Sur.nv:.V and Mount Taror p'm:I
ta'ioni r to N ronolulat't at a cen
tral on the north nl-ly of Rrl
tnont ret. between TJ.irty -ninth
anrt r.- Fortieth atreet llairh 1. Anton
Knuon basi leased to the Government
apace for t:.e new centr.U pontal atatiun
In a bull. Unit yet to be built. K.g!.t car
rlenn are employed at the ,mnjnle
tion and four at Mount Tabor. SlatloneJ
be malntait-d In thirny.-a.Ie and ai
Mount Tabor for aaie of axanipa. Sec
retary Walker, of the Sunr.ysldo Pueli
Tuh. jtaid yeeniay that he regretted
flat 8unny!de wa to lone its pueCal
ntatlon luJt tt'al nothins xu!d be done to
prevent the removal. lners of property
on Belmont nxreet. he aid. had dct'Hned
to cormtrui-t a cultabla buildinB when
reqiK'JWed to do In.
Max Keep Ri-o Moxrt Jark Klyim
had theatri'.-al anplrations. IMyn Stan
feid. aJt Inellnins toward the stace.
tf'ouitht that Flynn had a (rood voire.
Klynn aald he had an opening with a
conitc opera company at Iv.e Anceles. and
needed yy to pay his expends thither.
J'IIyn. entru.ntcd to Mm her valuable
::mond rlrir. with the undena'andtnu.
she alleKen, that he was t pawn It for
rtot more than JOO and deliver the ticket
to her. ?he now complains that he se
cured a loan of f:C5 on the ring, and
regained the ticket. The woman ewore
to a complaint before the Pistrict At
torney yesterday afternoon.
Fvrrier Is Fcwkp. For exposdnic In
Y'a whop window a (crehe fkln marked
tZ, S. Sltverfleld. a furrier, was fined .")
In Jufli'e IV'ili court, yesterday, lie
gave notice of appeal, tt Is unlawful in
this state to kill or have in poswssion for
sale, a irrebe akin, and tV. I. Flnley.
president of the Audubon Society, caueed
sir. Sllverfietd's arrext. The defense of
fered was that the skin had been sent
tire from California for making up, and
that a clerk, by mtotake. placed tt In
the window with a price mark upon It.
J CRT iw Milk Caib msAonxc. Guilty
knowledge of the proprietor of an ertab
tllshment st-llinc impure milk Is not a
neeesfairy element to convii-tion. held
Judge T as well. In a Jury trial yesterday
afternoon. The defendant wa O. H. Wat
eon, president of tlie Baltimore Dairy
l.unrh Company, who mi acrimed by
City iVmK Smith cf selling milk which
contained S.S4 per cent solids not fat.
Instead of s.5 p-'r tent, m required by
city ordinance. The Jury was unable to
agree, and was discharged.
CofwemeASt Prru-t on Liuvt-Councilman
Devlin, formerly City Auditor of
1'ortland, will leave today for Missouri.
hi boyhood home, and after remaining
there for a few weeks will go to Cali
fornia for hla health. Mr. Devlin will be
absent from the city for tao or three
months, the length of time depending
largely rpon how quickly he can re
cover his health. A leave of atience
from the city will be granted him by
the Council at Its session next week.
New Ferrt PRopoetav A new ferry I
to be established by the County Court
over the Willamette Slough to Sauvle's
lland. Plana and tpeciilc-aiiona were
submitted for the Inspection of tin" court
yesterday, and by them referred to Mat
Welch. He will give the court his
opinion about the plans, before they are
accepted or rejected.
Two Freb Lbcttris Announced. Dr.
X. J. Baxter will "peek. t 491 Alder
Mreet. Tuesday at 8 P. M., on "Food In
Relation to Health," and Professor G.
Morris will speak at the same place
"Wednesday night on "Child Culture
Phrenologlcally Considered." Both lec
tures will be free.
Au.rr.Eo Rioter Asks Jl'RT Trial.
Richard Damltlo, accused of riotous
conduct on a 8t- Johns car. and of as
saulting the conductor, was called in
Municipal Court yewterdny morning. The
defendant demanded a Jury trial and the
ctw was continued until November S3.
The Latest Belioiocs Movement"
and 'The Modern Puritan." Sunday ser
mon themes of Dr. William Hiram
Foulkes. at F)rst Preatby terlan Church.
Alder and Twelfth. Public cordially
The Feycnolcar Club will meet today at
J1S o'clock, in the artroom of Public
library. Mis Josephine Locke will aid
In the organization.
Automobile Owners.
If yoa want your automobile repaired or
overhauled without cost phone Y. M. C
A., educational director, A S1 or Private
Ex. .
For Rint. Two Inside well-lighted
office room a on second floor of Mohawk
bldg. Land department. Portland Rail
way. Licht Jfc Power Company.
Calvary Press ttcrjaj Chvrch. Rev.
Thomas Holmes Walker will preach to
morrow on What I That to Me?" and
The Power of Habit."
Epel Brac."
The family health beer. Phone Main T'18,
A 533. Portland Brewing Company.
Ross CtTT Park Chvrch. East 4Sth and
Hancock its. Boudlnot Seeley will preach
tomorrow at 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M.
TriAKKeoivtNO Dimmer will be served at
Hotel Moore, sseasade. Or., at 1 P. M. and
P. M. Write for reservations.
Caitvas Back Drews, alligator pears,
prrawberrlea. Bealy . Itwell Company.
Phones: Main TJA A S1S1.
Ki.-gler'e dauclng prty Woodcraft hall,
mth and Taylor, every Tuesday and it
Foa 8alb or will lease for long term of
years. Mxl" northeaet cor. 3d and Mill.
Father Hcnttnotoj will preach at
St. Marthew's. Sunday morning.
Woostia'i great fruit store, jt Wash. t
conditions Insanitary Is Report.
At a committee meeting In the offices of
the Assoc. a ted Charities yesterday after
noon, resolutions were drawn up In re
gard to the alleged Ineanltary condition
of moving-picture e-how houses of Port
land which resolution will be presented
at a joint meetlnc of various organiza
tions Tuesday afternoon. The associa
tions to be represented at the meeting
are; Associated Charities. People's In
stitute. Council of Jewish Women. Wo
man's Cl'ib, State Congress of Mothers.
Young Women's) Christian Asnoclatlon
and Catholic Woman a I vague. After the
resolutions have been accepted by these
organisation they will be presented to
the Mayor. Chief of Police and Health
Catholic Cw Klects DiRE-roR. The
Cathclir Young Men s Club of ft. Mary's
pnrlsh In Alblna. elected B. Morits. T. J.
Murphy. A Irian Ward and O. AllehofT.
iireetors for three years at Its annusj
meeting. There are 15 director. For
the ensuing ear the following will make
up Lie board: A. F. Velguth, H. Alle
hofT. D. J. McLsurhlln. F. W. Wascher,
D. W. Ward, A. W. Ward. B. Morits. O.
AllehofT. James Manning Joseph Meyer.
T. J. Murphy, Tom Kyan, Dan Duff and
Rav Kenedy. The club has made good
progress the past year under the direc
tion of President Velguth. Professor
Munson la the physical director and prob
ably will be retained by the new board
of control.
Crt-t.TER Will ijw-rrRB- "Annexation
of tin gin by Canada'' is the suoject of
n a.l.lres that will be delivered oeiore
the People's Forum Sunday right, by F.
O. niter, of Ontario. Canada. He has
toured that great commonwealth telling
how It can be done, and baa everywhere
been received with welcome. He eihortly
will make another lecture trip In Canada.
The lecture will be in the S-lIlng-Hlrsch Tenth and Washington streets.
No admittance charge Is made.
Mrs. KvMEt.'a Fiteral Help. The
funeral of Mrw. Mary Ann fitimel. who
died at her home. In Milwaukee. Novem
ber 17. was held yesterday afternoon irom
the Jvangeltrn Church. Interment will
be mu. If tomorrow at Mlddieton. Or. She
a as M) years old and was the mother of
J. C Unmcl. of M lwaukle. and C C.
Kmmel. of sjcholls Ferry.
Delta Tpsilon Clvb to Lunch. The
Portland Delta t"plon Club, of local
college men, will meet thin noon at the
University Cub for luncheon.
TitAKotvi. Sermons and mcwlc In
the First Congresattonal hurch, tomorrow-
at U A. M. and 7:45 P. M. Dr.
Dyutt, the pafctor. preachea
Crusade Against Tuberculosis
Discussed at Y. M. C. A.
Tromlse That Liquor Traffic Would
lie llrgulatrd Will Be Kept,
Says Mr. McAIHs-ter.
Mayors and officials of several citiea
In the state have already written to
H..C. McAllister, general manager of
the Greater Oregon Home Rule As
sociation, for copies of the model
liquor license ordinance, which attor
neys for the association are now pre
paring to submit to the Portland Coun
cil for adoption. The ordinance will
probably be finished today and sub
mitted to the advisory board of the
Home Rule Association. As confer
ences between the advisory board and
attorneys have been freqeent since the
election It la considered a foregone
conclusion that the bill will need no
remodeling when It Is submitted to the
board before Its presentation to the
City Council.
"I want It understood that the Great
er Oregon Home Rule Association 1
preparing thU model liquor license
ordinance and no one else." said Mr.
McAllister yesterday. "We promised
the voters ot uregon tni "
regulate the liquor traffic If they
voted our amendment Into the consti
tution, and we are going to take the
first atep In keeping faith with the
people by writing those promises into
the model liquor license ordinance. I
think there will be no trouble about
having the ordinance adopted by the
Council of Portland, and all City Coun
cils In the state, for that mstter.
"It would be difficult to find a man
who Is not In favor of regulating the
liquor traffic, and. as we are nearly
all of the same mind, there should be
little or no opposition to the reform
messages we propose-"
rrlctitl of Francis Rlthtcr Will
Hear Splendid Programme.
The Francis Rlchter benefit recital
Is creating especial Interest, and Mr.
Richter'e friends will turn out en masse
on Sunday afternoon to hear him in a
splendid programme. He will play the
Si human "Ktudes Symphonlqucs." and
the Beethoven Waldsteln Sonata, be
sides other Interesting numbers, show
ing not only his tremendous technical
equipment, but also the wonderful de
velopment that has pome to him
throusrh his study and associations
The funds received from the benefit
will be used to further his career, and
will be In the hands of a committee
consisting of Judge C If. Carey. Mrs.
Julia Marquam and Mrs. IV. E. Thomas.
SEDRO-WOOLET. Wash, June 15.
mo. "At our annual Rose Show yes
terday, 1 secured four first prizes,
three second prizes, and the grand
sweepstakes prize, all on Slbsons
We have many similar unsolicited
testimonials on file.
It Is no use talking, other roses are
not "Just as good." Buy direct as we
employ- no agents or solicitors.
Now Is the time to order.
11S0 Mllwaukle Ave- Portland. Or.
Four big redactions for today In our
men's and women's departments.
Brownsville Woolen Mill Store, 3d and
Women's IIS Suits for 115
Women's 3S Suits for $15
Men's $25 Black Suits 115
Men's 130 Overcoats at $15
Best location for quick action. Size
50x100: limited period: principals only.
Address by letter, Mr. Lundberg, 527
Chamber of Commerce, city. "
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Restaurant. Fine private apart
ments for ladles. 10S WaalL. near 6 La (.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, and
may be taken with perfect safety by
the most delicate woman or the young
est child. The old and feeble will also
find them a most suitable remedy for
aiding snd strengthening their weak-
bowels, for gale by all dealers. 1
Member of Mate Hoard of Health
Illustrates Dlft-otirse With Pic
tures Showing CauM-s of PIs
eaej and What to Do.
First of the five lectures to be given
( under the auspices of the physical de
partment of the T. M. C. A. on heaitn
topics was delivered last night by Dr.
E. A. Pierce, a member of the Ftate
Board of Health. Dr. Pierce's subject
was "The I'rueaie Against Tubercu
losis." and his talk proved Instructive
and Interesting to the crowd wntcti
packed the auditorium.
Dr. Pierce told of what was being
done, what should be done, and what
ran be done in the fight against the
"white plague."
His address was Illustrated by
stereoptlcon views showing the varioiw
means by which the dixease In spread;
how It Is contracted; how to treat It,
and depicting some pathetic cases.
In opening his address the speaker
took up In brief the history of the
dleense and the fight Rgalnat It.
"In lsu." he said, "Brehmer estnb
llshed a sanitarium in Prussian Silesia,
which later became the largest private
sanitarium In the world. It was in
1RTJ that Dr. Enard Traldeau. of New
York, contracted tuberculosis, and in
1S74 he went to the Adirondack Moun
tains, where he lived for many years,
following all the hygienic rules for
health, and consequently he lived to be
very useful."
Cures Prove Failures.
Dr. Pierce cited the different medical
discoveries which have on trial proved
failures In the cure of tuberculosis.
"And this leads inn to the state
ment." said the speaker, "that, not
withstanding all of the claims set forth,
we have no cure for the disease, and
the most valuable remedy is In apply
ing the principle of correct living.
With these principles applied In the
early stages and judicious use of a
proper serum, much valuable aid can he
Following this introduction. Dr.
Pierce xhowed slides. These pictures
Illustrated how the lungs look when
healthy: how the disease first effects
the organ and the late stages of the
disease. In connection with thbs the
speaker said:
"Consumption causes the death of
J.'.OO persons In Chicago each year.
Nearly all of these deaths occur In
youth or middle life, when the loss to
family Is most keenly felt. The sick
ness is Ions and costly.
Disease Can Be Prevented.
"Yet consumption can be prevented.
Tt is caused by taking Into the body,
particularly Into the lungs, the very
small living germs that are coughed up
and spit out by consumptives. If the
patient spits around carelessly on
floors or sidewalks, the eputum dries
and Is scattered in dust. To breathe
this dust or to eat food soiled with It
causes consumption. If the consump
tive destroys everything he spits up. he
will not spread the disease to others."
Specific rules to follow were out
lined by the speaker, telling of reme
dies that will alleviate the trouble. The
danger of colds was also discussed,
with advice how to keep from contract
ing them, giving a treatment to follow
In order to prevent them from running
into something worse.
Dr. Pierce laid special stress on the
mode of living which all should follow,
whether or not there exist eymptoms
of tuberculosis. In order to be in con
dition to throw off all diseases and
retain good health.
N. I- Guy, of Dallas, Is at the Perkins.
Claude Howard, of Mullne, Is at the
Daniel J. Frye. of Salem, Is at the
Oregon. ,
N. K. Hall, of La Grande. Is at the
C. H. Williams, of Condon. Is at the
C. E. Prlgmore. of Chehalls. Wash., Is
at the Perkins.
J. H. Gavett, of Shanlko, is registered
at the Perkins.
Mrs. J. M. Pipes, of Eugene, Is staying
at the Oregon.
Dick Krlger, a hopgrower of Corvallis,
is at the Imperial.
8. R. Harstnck, of Corvallis, Is regis
tered at the Oregon.
C. J. Bright, of The Dalles. Is regis
tered at the Imperial.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shultz, of Independ
ence, are at the Lenox.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Thompson, of
Eugene, are at the Portland.
A. Q. Brlnkerhoff and family, of Carl
ton, are staying at the Cornelius.
Aaron Fox, a merchant of Troutdale,
and Mrs. Fox are at the Cornelius.
Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Bailey, of Washou
gal. Wash., are staying at the Portland.
F. M. Cummlngs. special agent for the
St. Francis Hotel, of San Francisco, is at
the Imperial.
Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Morrison, of
Trinity Bpiacopal Church, this city, have
returned from the East.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Heaton, Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Nye and Mrs. W. Snank. of
Camas. Wash., are staying at the Lenox.
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Bromberger made Samuel Bromberger,
a local real estate man, grandfather last
P. W. Lee. assistant physical director
of the Portland Young Men's Christian
Association, is at the Oregon Sani
tarium, seriously 111 with pneumonia.
If. W. Stone, general secretary of the
Portland Young Men's Christian Asso-
One of the largest best equipped plants
In Portland offers you unexcelled service
at prices exceedingly low. When you want
It will be to your advantage to consult us.
Our facilities guarantee best results. Our
samples will convince you of our quality.
Phonec A 2281, Mii'b 6201. 388 Tijlor Street
elation, yesterday went to Spokane,
where he will speak today before the
Washington Y. M. C. A. convention.
CHICAGO, Nov. 18. (Special.)
1'ortland people registered at Chicago
hotels today are: At the Congress
I.eroy Park. B. F. Laughlin. Harry C.
Hunter; at the Auditorium A. P.
Clark: at the Lasalle John M. Pratt.
SAN FRANCISCO.' Nov. 18. (Spe
cial.) Portland arrivals at the Palace
Hotel. San Francisco, today are: L. H.
Parker, M. F. Henderson. Charles
HofTlng. H. F. Wheeler and wife, E. R.
NEW YORK. Nov. 18. (9pe(-lal The
following persons from the Paclflo
Northwest are registered at New York
From Portland J. C. Dickinson, at the
St. Denis: J. W. Ladd, Mrs. J. W.
Ladd. at the Holland.
Wnlla Walla Mr. and Mrs. H. G.
Thompson, at the Imperial.
Spokane J. Shavelear. at the Grand
I'nlon: Mr. and Mrs. M. Oppenhclmer.
Miss H. Slegel, at the Hotel Astor; F.
M. Peck, at the I'nlon Square.
Seattle A. K. Wilson. K. Eisner, at
the Longacre: R. Rabbek. at the Cosmo
politan; J. Crow, Mis N. Crow, at the
Tacoma Miss M. E. Hess. Mrs. A. G.
Albertson. at the Murray Hill.
i:mery A. OlmMearl Accepts Posi
tion AVlth Portland Trust Co.
Emery A. Olmstead, at present as
sistant cashier of the National Bank
of Commerce at Seattle, has been ap
pointed vice-president and manager
of the Portland Trust Company and
will assume his new duties Decem
ber 10.
He has resigned his present po
sition, which he has held for a period
of three years.
Thief Takes Enough Weapons From
Armory to Kquip Company.
Forty revolvers were stolen from the
arm rack in the quarters of Battery A,
at the Armory, Thursday night and no
trace was left by the thief, who car
ried off more than 100 pounds of
weapons. The weapons were all .38
callber Colts of the Army model.
The thief broke in the door of the
battery quarters 'with a crowbar. The
theft was discovered yesterday and the
detectives were notified.
Hood River's Fame Sent Abroad.
Telegraphic advice that the Hood River
apples won first prize at the National
Apple Show at Spokane yesterday was
sent to the officers of the National Land
and Fruit Show which opens at Chi
cago today, and a display of this fact
will be made at the Oregon exhibit at
Chicago. William McMurray. general
passenger agent of the O. R. & N. Com
pany, who will be In Chicago to take
part In the "Oregon and Washington
Every article in the shop re
duced today; only contract
goods excepted.
$1.25 Women's Union
Suits 85c-
$1.50 Women's Wool
Vests 98-?
75c Jabots, special 48c
35c Collars, special 39c
$1.25 Dent's Kid Gloves,
special 9S
White and Colors.
4 pairs Guaranteed Hose SI:
Guaranteed to last four
months without darning.
F. P. Young
290 Mprrison, between 4th and
5th, Corbett Building.
We will know In a few days
just what the population of
Portland is to be, the official
count and we will have to
base our figures on It for the
the coming decade. Aside
from Mr. Beach, no one In
Portland knowajust what the
figures are to be perhaps he
does not, for the authorities at
Washington may have changed
their minds and figures
elnce he left them a week ago.
Well, we all know one thing
Portland Is more of a city
than many "burgs" counted
above the 300.000 mark, and
we are growing faster than
any of them, with a healthier
growth. We have fewer "to
let" signs displayed than any
city over 100.000 In the coun
try and the town is getting
better every day. Now is the
time there never was so good
a time to buy real estate as
now, right now. Come In and
let us tell you about the best
buy on the market Irvlngton
Room 214 Lumber Exchange.
2 J?ic sH.tlH.
I:-i22s2 limited mSiMm
y' im gis.ii B.-SL saw mi v'-" '.'I
On Your
day" exercises November 30, has advised
agents of the road there to advertise the
Hood River premium apples.
Plant Slbson roeWs. Phone Sellwood K0.
Enjoy all the pleasures such a trip affords by using
The Oriental Limited
the magnificent electric lighted through train to Minneapolis,
St. Paul and Chicago. Compartment Observation Car, super
ior Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars, Day Coaches and Din
ing Car in through service on this train. The Vacuum Cleaner
System, Four o 'Clock Tea, News Bulletin and Telephone Ser
vice are among its new features. Leaves Portland 7:00 P. M.
daily. Try it on your next trip to Spokane, Minneapolis, St.
Paul, Chicago and East.
122 3d St. and at Hoyt-St. Station, 11th and Hoyt.
City Pass'r Agt. A. G. F. & P. A.
Shetect ifctMci!
Gat the Origlncl and Genuine
MALTED ail Lit
The Food-drlak far All Ae$.
For Infants, Invalid, and Growing chiklren.
Pure Nutrition, up building the whoiebody.
Invigorates the nursing mother and the aged.
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form,
A quick lunch prepared In a minute.
Take no substitute. Ask for HORUCK'S.
in llo Combine or Trust
Full act ot teeth
enlr 16.00
Biidfa work or
teatb without
Dlataa..S.6 to 5
Had rubber platea
Good rub bar platea
Oold or porcelain
crowna..$!.M to f5
Gold or porcelain
fllllnsa l np
Silver fllllnga only
soo to ft
Palnleaa extraction
only Sua
rna whan platea
aro ordered.
Our Work Caarantead Perfoct
Ho batter work dona anywhere. Mod
ern equipment, perfeot aervloa, every
cuatomer pleaeed. Out-of-town patron
may make appointments and have work
finished in one day. Erery operator a
Hoars. 8 A. M. to S P. M.
Nundaya. A. M. to 1 P. M.
Tair Attfntlant. N-E. Cor, 4th-Morr1iion.
California Metal Plating Works
A. Methlvler, prop.
Metal Coloring: a Specialty.
348 second Street.
Main 7218 Portland. Oregron
The Greater Meier & Frank Store
Saturday, November 19, 1910
Thanksgiving Dinner
Served from 5 to 8 P. M.
Toke Points Half Shell
Consomme Deslignae
Cream of Fresh Artichoke, Souffle Crouton
'Olives Celery Salted Pecans
Fillet de Sole, Sauce Marguery
Pommes Victoria
Patties of Crab Flake
' Apple Fritters Glace au Cognac
Roman Punch
Rhode Island Turkey, Stuffed with Chestnuts, Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Croquettes Supar Corn
Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding
Mashed Potatoes Sifted Peas
Asparagus Tips, en Mayonnaise
English Plum Pudding, Hard and Brandy Sauce
New England Pumpkin Pie
Pistachio Ice Cream
Petit Four Assortie
Rouquet Cheese ,
The Greater Meier & Frank Store
By the Author of
Selina Lue wu delightful, as thousands
of readers bore happy witness. More
delightful still is her new novel The Road
to Providence. The motherly heroine is
Gyide, Philosopher and Friend to a whole
Tennessee village full of quaint,true-hcarted
men and women and comical children.
Sentiment, piety, worldly wisdom, humor,
practicality and coquetry are about equally
blended in her, with the result that life
seen through the compound is a beautiful.
dignified, useful, serious, happy thing.
By Maria Thompson Daviess
BnkstiLn The BOBBS-MERRTLL COMPANY, Publishers !ZJ2Ziii
t . 7 !! -iUNI i(I -. a IHaMtwiAji
I'i'irf " . I U..' -.1, J.v 1
II I'S . 1BF-.?A . XLf VI ATi I S VWSS" t".v.
IUMM-B3iBrt7J6 jailer. mi i:"V"re fefr
THE TELEPHONE is the coal
man's best salesman.
Many of his customers he never sees, for their
orders come by wire and their checks by mail.
If you move into a new house or have an unex
pected need of fuel, you can often save a day's
time by telephoning your order.
In the minng and shipping of coal, the Bell
Telephone has become an important factor. The
wholesale markets and sources of supply are
kept in constant touch with the Bell Long Dis
tance Sendee and. the danger of a coal famine
greatly reduced.
The Pacific Telephone &
Telegraph Co.
Every Bell Telephone I the Center of
the System.
Start The Day Right,
Feel Keen, Spirited-FIT
It rives Your skin an exhilarating tingle-
makes every pore respond. It revives
, i-.s t- . nTnvsra
CirCUi&tlOO mviguratca linn i kuju.
All Grocers ajid Druggists
EstaDllabed 1900.
Let ua take charge of your colleo
tlona. We can save you money. Main
1796: A 1285.
633 Worcester Bid., Portland. Or.
Compare Our Prices
With thoee tot heTe been In the habit of parlB.
and yoa will Ma that e offer yoa a substantial
inaon all work and yoa cannot ffet better pamiees
work anTwhera. na matter how mach 70a pay.
st'u.pim"1 inj ij We flnicb. plate sn4
is.. . v"
0L W. . W1SI, rnaom us Muutu
SB mat snmaiu rssiuas
4ot.towa nacvons la
one day 11 desired.
Fainlesa oxtrectioa,
free when platee or
bridge work Is order,
ed. CootullAtifls (res.
MolvCravnt $5.00
22k Bridge T.th4. 00
Qsld Filling! 1.00
Entnel Fillings tOO
Silver Filings . .50
Good Rubber
Platss 5.00
Btt Red Rubber
Piste ..Oil
Painless Ertr'tlos .Oil
AU work luUy ruaxanteed for fifteen years.
Wise Dental Co., Inc.
Painless Dentists
Fantnr Building, Third and Washington. PORTLAND, ORf.
. OUiceSeut: A. at. ta r. at. eu4ejt,twi