Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 18, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

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I C. H. Sproat's Exhibit at Na-
tional Show Takes Grand
- Sweepstakes.
fart that the rat-
exhibtt of last year
Bljf Delegation of nuslD Men
Hatr High Pri-c for KshihIUoa
at Spokane Howard Elliott
lionor Gart at I.onch.
FTC KANE. Wuh, Nov. IT. Pr
; rial.) C. If. Sproat. of Hood River.
Or.. Is th winner of the errand sweep
J. stakes prize of the third National Ap
'r pie Show.
The, winning exhibit, a carload of
r, Fpltxenberics. Is given a ratine; of SJ.7J
' by the Judges, who announced tha re-
suit of tha contest late this afternoon.
The sweepstakes prise constats of
1100 In cuh and a a-old medal banner.
For the second year In succesitlon
" the most coveted prise of the show
- a;ns to an Orea-on exhibitor, the
l sweepstake last year havlna- been won
i bv Troueon Guthrie, of Kale Point.
1 Or., in the Koaue River Valley. M.
' Horan. of Wenatchee. was the winner
i- at the first show.
The superiority of the exhibits
year Is shown by the
" Ins; of the winning
wu srss.
Three other carload lots were close
contestants for the arand sweepstakes
prise. These were the exhibits of Avery
' Kros.. of the Hood River Eermont Or
, eharrts. who are showing a carload of
TelJow Newtowns: A. I). Helms, of the
Rnciie Rlver-Ashland district, who Is
ehowtna Yellow Newtowns. and Bur
aeolse A Kerchell. of Zillah. In the Vak-
" I ma Valley, wbo are showing Spltscn
' berits.
It wan necessary for the Judges to go
ever the exhibits a second time after the
' storecards had been completed to de
cide the winner.
The Walla Walla Commercial Cluh
' won the gold medallion banner and 400
apple trees for the best Irrigated
trirt dlspUy. Cashmere. Wash
The two and two contest waa award-
. ed to the Ellensburg Chamber of Com
meree. The prise carries' $100. a gold
medal banner and the J. T. Pearson
trophy cup. R. H. Fortune, of Salmon
Arm. B. O- was second, winning 1100
and a silver medal banner.
Sunnjslde Man Winner.
The S2S0 prlxe and gold medal ban
tier for the best full car display of
' Jonathans will tbls year go to J. T.
Balrd. the only competitor of Sunny
aide. Wash.
The two and two contest consists
of two boxes of apples, two pyramids,
two baskets, two plates and two Jars.
Portland's big delegation of repre
j eentatlve business men saw the Apple
Show today and was duly Impressed
by the magnitude of the affair and
the excellence of the exhibits. To
night they are a little chesty, and
pardonably so. for a Hood River ex
hibit won the grand prlxe for tha
pest carload of commercial applea la
the world.
Portland Men Praise 6how.
waa sec-
It Interests Everyone Who Has
Dyspepsia, Indigestion or
Any Form of Stom
ach Trouble.
Some) sufferers from stomach tremble
have no appetite and even the sight of
food is distasteful to them. Others have
a ravenous appetite. Tha last condition
is worse than the first for the continual
overloading of the stomach farther weak
ens that or ,fan, the lood lira undirestea,
gas forms and the body becomes bloated.
The hlood, instead of obtaining nourish
ment from the digestive system, is poison
ed by it and pains spread to trie Dar,
the head and other portions of the body.
Like the other organs the stomach calls
upon the blood for strength and nonnan
ment to sustain it in its daily work. It
now fereives a supply loaded with poi
sons, or "toxins, as they are called.
Thus the) stomach poisons Itself, a pro
cess known by phvsiciana as "auto-intoxication,"
or sell-poisoning.
When this eondiuon is reached there is
one way to remedy it and that is to free
the blood Irom tnese poisons ana teen,
by a rich, pure supply of blood, to build
op the strength of the weakened stomach
and bowels to do the work required of
them. Dr. Williams' Fink. Fills combat
the poisons in the blood and enable it to
restore trie digestive organs to neaita ana
tremrth. The best proof is cure like
the following:
"About air rears aeo." says. Mr. R.
A. Bryan, of Nevada. Mo., '1 began to
imTer with stomach trouble. it
brought on by overwork and perhaps by
over-eating. There were severe pains in
my stomach. I had a ravenous appetite
but the food I ate did not dignat. My
stomach was bloated at times and was
very sore. My hack was weak and there
waa a dull aching pain across H.
"I took the doctor's medicine for sey-
ral months but it did not help me. Then
I betran Using Dr. Williamsr Fink Fills,
had not taken them many days before
I noticed a change for the better. 1 took
the pills until I was entirely cured. My
general health is irood and I have not
been sick sine. 1 can recommend Dr.
Williams Iink Pills very highly."
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills are sold
by all drUKjpsts or direct by mail, post
paid, on receipt of price, 60c. per box;
x boxes, S 2. oO. A diet book will be
ent free, by the Dr. Williams Medicine
rnnpant. S.-nenertadv. i". Y.
I. O. Lively, genera manager of the
t'nlon Stork yards at Portland, who has
seen other National apple shows, says
this is the largest he has witnessed,
and voices the sentiments of other
Portland visitors when he praises the
management and attractions.
The Portland special train arrived on
time this morning.
C. C. Chapman, manager of the Port
land Commercial Club, te with the dele
gation. A. D. Charlton, assistant gen
eral passenger agent of tha Northern
Pacific at Portland, was in personal
charge of the trip.
Tbe Portland men proceeded imme
diately to tbe Spokane Hotel, where
they were welcomed by R. H. Hughes,
assistant secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce, and officials of the apple
show. Later they visited the big ex
position. .
Honor Luncheon Given.
Two hundred and fifty visitors to
the apple show were entertained at
luncheon tn the Cnamber of Commerce
today. These Included 0 representa
tives of tha Portland Commercial Club
and delegates and growers from prac
tically every apple district la the
President C. M. Fessett. of the
Chamber of Commerce, presided and
Howard Elliott, president of the spple
show and of the Northern Pacific Rail
way, was a guest of toonor.
"I believe that the National Apple
Fhow is doing a great work and that
Spokane is to be its permanent home."
be said.
iC-ntlnqed From Tirwt Para.)
.Coast and dwelt upon the necessity
-of a mobile army concentrated along
-the coasts.
Coast Open to Attack.
He said that tbe United States Is only
. lltUe better prepared for war at this
'time than when war with Spain waa
'declared. He pointed to the unpre-
larednea of the Army as regards tbe
Pacific Coast and said that It would be
possible for an enemy to invade these
'Shores at points not more than IS
miles removed from the centers of
xost defense. As a note of warning,
tha speaker said that no one could tell
where the first blow would be struck
In the event of a clash suddenly pre
The session was called to order by
Frank B. Anderson, president of the
!erchant Marine League, with C. C.
Hemon acting as secretary. Vpon the
'motion of James Rolph. Jr.. Governor
"Olllett was chosen chairman of the
congress. The Governor said In part:
"There la nothing, it seems to me.
pf so much importance to tbe Pacific
Coast as a merchant marine. If 'here
Is one thing more than another needed
"on the Pacific Coast, it Is to build up
our commerce with the Orient. Now
that tha Panama Canal is Hearing com
pletion. It seems to me that the time
oaa arrived for Congress to strengthen
our hands. Unless something Is done
we shall be greeted by the spectacle
of a great waterway built at an ex
pense of S400.O0O.SOO for the benefit of
foreign ships and not used by Ameri
can vessels.
"An ambitions nation fares us on
the other side of the Pacific Shall Tt
be tha flac of tha Rising Sun or the
iars and Stripes that shall float at
the mastheads of the Pacific- Shall
Japan carry our mails ?
"The Pacific Coast la In need of prop
er defense. There must be adequate
defense for the commerce of Los Ange
les. San Francisco. Portland, Seattle
and Taroma with their great growing
communities and their greater growing
trade. They are In need of protection
and It la necessary that they should get
that protection.
General Morton said In part:
"We. as a people, knowing our enorm
oua resources. In men and material.
think we are perfectly safe and that
could resist the attarks of any nation.
Perhaps we could In time, but It takes
time. No nation, no combination of na
tions, will attack us when we are pre
pared. They will attack only when they
are fully prepared and when they know
that we are not prepared. But it takes
time to prepare.
War Comes Each Generation.
In the history of our country, we
have had a war every generation. Un
less there la some great change in our
civilisation, we will again have war.
Therefore we must prepare for war.
Preparation does not He In latent re
sources of men and material. China la
an Illustration of thla fact. There you
find 400,000.000 men and abundant re
sources. But what la China today but
the football among natlona.
"So I say, we are not sale. If any
nation wr combination of nations, I
repeat. Intends to attack us. they will
do tt when they are fully prepared and
are unprepared.
a- B. Manley, of Portland, was also
The following committees were ap
pointed by Governor Olllett:
Committee on permanent organli
tlon. Robert P. Troy, of San Francisco;
Senator Newlands, of Nevada: General
Charles E. Morton, Seattle: Governor-
elect T. t. Oddle. Nevada; Rufus
Choate. San Diego; Fred P. Smith.
Portland: Andrew Carrlgan. J. H. Mc
Gregor. D. E. Skinner, W. H. Martson.
n r ranclsco; Theodore Gler, Oak'
land; W. F. Jensen. Salt Lake; Homer
Lea. California; W. H. Corbett, Port
land! and Judge J. F. Ellison.
Committee on constitution, J. W.
Dickie, San Francisco: Frank C. Sav
age, Portland; E. F. Coburn, Utah; W.
H. Andrews, New Mexico: Joseph T.
Scott, Los Angeles; M. H. Robblns. Jr.,
and James Rolph, Jr.. San Francisco.
Committee on resolutions Fred P.
Smith. Portland: Representatives Mae-
Lachlan and Lea. Los Angeles; D. E,
Skinner. Andrew Carrlgan. R. B. Hale,
San Francisco; Fred Georgeaon. Eu
Many Delegates Prominent.
Among the prominent delegates were
Rear-Admiral Phelps, Jr.. Secretary
Mott-Smlth. representing Governor
Frear. of Hawaii; President Wheeler,
of the University of California; Homer
Lea. formerly an officer In the Chinese
Army, and a writer upon military af
fairs: Senator Newlands. Congressman
George A. Bartlett and Governor-elect
Oddle of Nevada. Senator Perkins of
Oakland. Judge E. F. Cnlburn and
Colonel I. A. Benton of Utah. W. H.
Andrews of Albuquerque, delegate In
Congress from New Mexico. Governor
Hay. of Washington, sent a delegation
of ten prominent men and a like num
ber were in attendance as the repre
sentatives of Acting.Governor Bower-
man.- of Oregon.
The first day of the Congress ended
with a orilllant reception and ball In
the Palace Hotel, which was attended
by the delegates, prominent citlsens
of San Francisco, and guests from the
Army and Navy.
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lyn today. .
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