Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 17, 1910, Page 21, Image 21

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Coffee Market Advances as
Valorization In Flrazil and a Short
Crop Cane Value to Climb.
Fffrct on the? IUall
Th. prr.n.tio:u or is. in..!', jr mad rr
bnll la th c-tf mrkt n rsM'r coming-
traa. A tnon:b aao thre w a sllcht
la. I In tha market and pnera twlM from
quarter to a ha'f rant, due mostly to
dartlna ta sxchaa-. Tan aetka t ths
markat atitfrod up :n and wnt to
the hlshrst point it h rarhd durln thi
lung asasoa. ani a -k mmo an '
a mad m ali srad.s from Hraxll anl
ftalloasd l ail mhr market V Pr
pound, and ao aothlr.; bo tourta-l at
1m this 1 rent pr pound er th prlr-a
ruilac tan days aax
Evan yal many of tha roatre har am
cornparatlsslr low priced coffars lft and
hiM pot adraaesd thslr prices to whre
they should bate be-a tea days aro. but
tko adranc now tbllhcj will roaka tar
tker advaacse eompulory and tnay ara aura
to come.
Cmp prospect t-r nt year hare not
much rommentod on until of late, and they
ara laid now to t- rather poor. Thnae
beat poatod on tha crf--a market predu t
farther sdvsncrs of full ;c per pound be
fora January 1. Thia rosans a total ad
vance In tha tot of roasted corree of oc
par pouikI. Tha retail trade, aa a ell as
tha cooaumer. may confident; count on
pavtaa much mora for coffee than they
ara now.
Valorisation of c-ff-e by Traill and a
abort crop tli:a year h c-rt.iuly not In
tra ent and tha world alii contribute mora
larsjrajr than t-T li years to the aelfare of
tha coffee growers of Traill.
Oaly Traeaartlon rteportrd la 1 hie Wate.
KaglKb Market Weak.
Opratooa In tha loial Imp market ara
restrained be the p.or demand. Tha sals
of an MV-baje lot at Klrkraal at l-l cent
w tba only trar.sst Ila reported from tha
Country. The opinion irealla that ll'tle
busm. can be ewted before the Uet
vtk of tha month.
Yes.erJ y cab.ea reported aeaknaaa In
the Kusllsu market.
rnnilitt.ini In N York are irlven by tha
Waiarrllla Tlmta, of .Voifluler It. aa fol
low a.
Thera la an a. -tire demand tor cbolca
hopa. anil In their abaeuce. for tha me
dium to low grade, mora buyera than
sellers belnc preaent oa our market today.
About 4' ba:ea of medium t low grails
bea hava been sold on thia market elnce
Tueaday at price ruimi from IT to It
renta ' f tha few cboh-a bop bald here
I'rfl bale hata been boucht at from 30
to 2't cent, tha Pavta-Reod lot of Utoek-
ell belnc among "tba Su-cont aala. and
standing offers of 21 cents bava ban mad
oa on or two extra cholc growths.
One of oar dealer hera aaya that more
than threa-fourtha ef tha 1HI0 hopa srown
In Madlsoa and onetda counttea ar out of
first handa. and ronaerrativa dealers
eeU:aie that aen-sihths of tha Madison
and Onetda County growths ha been dis
posed of.
Bayeea Quota Ciak at 1 Cents ad Bin
stem at It feats.
Wheat prVrea wr advanced one ta two
caata by torsi buyers yesterday, who quoted
club st 79 cants s&d btucstem st 1 cents.
With little wheat selling; snd tha forelsn
demand mora actlea. tha local market
hew ..1 more firmness than It has for sev
er a I waeka. A few sellers a era disposed
to take advents ire of the advance, but tha
balk ef th holders wers strong tn their
views. If any conaiderable quantity of
wheat wars turned loose. It Is a question
whether tb ndvsnc would bold. In some
qTtsrter tt wan declared that on tha pre
vious daelln tha market went too low and
that tn preaent advanca waa too rapid.
Loral receipts, in cxre, were reported by
tha Merchants Exrhance ss follows:
Wheat. Flarley. Floor. Oats. Hav.
Mondir lot 1 T J
Itednrsday ... S-H Z . i It
Tear : -
heaaoa to d.!.l':i n " '"l
aar aso ZL,2 ;J ruT f .t
Market tlrsn S4 IJ aad ti Cents IJt
e real try la Ilmisiid.
Ther wss no chsnss In th turksr sit
natlon yesterdav. The receipts were tba
tsrxest of tha week and th shippln de
mand took cars ef all of them. "boles
stark went at 3S and ; cents. LoesJ bor
ers wilt not be rn t be market before Satur
day. Arrivals of lira poultry war vary
benry. but everything clesned ap at firm
Tbera war no new developments tn th
ere market. Ail sradea wer ra demand.
flutter wss active and waa quoted steady.
CTteesa waa tinchanred.
Dresard pork has been comlns; In very
freel7 for savermt days and tb market yes
terdsy wss decidedly weak with 12 rents
tb top prlr on fancy. Veal was steady.
Shtpmewt Arrives lYasn Iloria. Most of It
la Bad Order.
Amon. yeterdars fruit receipts was a
shipment of strawberries from Florin. Moat
f tha lot was In bsd order. Th best crate.
sukl at $2 ii. Six cars of bananas ar du
this sfternooa or tomorrow mom In s-
Two cars of celery ara rolllns; from Cali
fornia and du tontsot. There ta still plenty
of local celery cm the market, llotbouss let
toc Is overpleatlfuL Th bulk of Front
street's trsd yesterdsy waa ta vesetablea.
of which a full aeeortment waa offered.
fat. Sac par pound: cos n try stor butte
O per pound.
Hlfltft Full rntn, twins.
per pound; youcf Amrlca. HollSC.
pi'.K Finer, l sl'X pT ijund.
VEAL Fancy. ta l: pounds. l:Ss
lie per pound.
Treatable and fruit
Arri.KS Km:. o u per bos. Wolf
River. T.V-fJI. exn. 0c -i $ 1 : Ualdwln.
T.Vull "; .ortllern Sp), T.-;i ll.'Ji; Snow.
M I'jg'Un, Spilkenberi. 11. -s;. Winter
Bar.ano. 1 1 .75 .f 3. .
HACK VtJETAHLEf Carrota iff l. J J
bunured; parsnips. lul2i: turnips, el.
(IKF.liN I'KI'ITI Hears. ll.Uu: per box:
(ret-. 1 J.".. I lit" PT box ; cran
berries. '.iot;p per barrel; quince.
fltl-' p r b--x. huckleberries. el
per Tiir.d. perimmonn. II . per box-
VK:HTAI.I.K-i H- in. lo ., tic per p"und: 4 u lc per pound: caulilloer.
aiif.rms, rer cri:te; celery. 4Htt:'"-
p r di'S : Corn. per do,: cucumbers. $-
ef lox. 41l.-- uer e.e . e.
InnlJc per !.; prren onions. l.c per flux ;
Vepuera oc per yun.l,.. llSl Per
I:, radienie. liario per ausea. aprouta
ttc; equaeh. 1 u 1 c per lb.; tomstoes.
el.-' Pr box. ,
IHOIH-Al. FKl'ITS Prtnrn. nv".'."
.v:;, per box; Valencia. t 3
len.una. tinT.Ju. Florida -rai-efruit. i j..;
baneuex. . i : per pou"'1 : pmcapi-les. 0c per
pour..:. p..::i. cranatee. W er bos.
1'uTATOr.a uretoji. l.Siillln per hun
dred: keeel putatuiS. per pound.
OMO.Na bKtuS. iirlce. (l.lw pr
Crorerlr, Dried Fruit. Eta.
EK1EU rKLiI-Apples, loe par awsaa;
csrrania. UaaflJc: apricot, llsjlec; dales,
-c per pounu. na, bulk, wmta or blaok. by
ack. IfKl I.Mwl.T3; 12-12. He;
l.-s lo-l. bic; bmyrna, 18c.
,iLko. (.olumuia K.ver. 1-pound talss
per doxen. 2-pound talla, i.Va; l
pound Hat. -ii; Aiaaka pink. I -pound
tails. II; red. 1-pound taiu. tl-ai; socksy.
1-Vjiinl talis, ti.
lyl r'KH alucha. Java, ordinary,
llfciuc; tosia lilca, rxnej. IB-'oc: good,
laoisc; er Uluary. Ukull.: per pounu.
o Waiuula. Hwloc per pound. Bra
sll nuts. Hlic. filberts. llJc; almonda
liSlK. pecans. llK. covoanuia. Uucwll par
uuaen. chestnuts, leo per pound.
HALT lirsnulated. li per ton; hair
around, loos. iO per ton; ius. 14 per too.
HtxSb tenia. 1 wuita. 6c; laie white.
ac Lima. i c; pu.. T c; red alexltaa.
BIOK No. 1 Japan. e; cheaper radaa.
li-ug l.jj. toulhrn kead. ixlflc.
Uu.yl Cnolca. 41 is per case, strained.
I-c per puuuu.
btUAR-":) granulated, fruit and berry,
litto Oeeu i4". extra C. JilO: golden ...
15 yellow 1) . IV.o. cubes ibrrtii. a ao:
powdered. I4.l:. 1 erms ud rennttancea with
in lo oas. deduct ac per pouod. If later
t rise li and within So das. Ueauct par
pouud. Map' mxr. low lac Per pound.
HAVS 10 to li pounds. 19c: 13 to It
poui-Us. lsvc; It to pounds. lc;
Irt to 20. WulTSc: kilined. 1st, picnics.
13Sc. cottage roll, lie
HaCu.v sncy, oJc; saundard.
choice. 21 nc; rinslUb. 22c
MIOKrlU UtAl? feef tongues. Tec;
dried beef eels. 22c; outside, none; In
side., llr.. kuuekisa. 21c
liKT SALT CL.KK1J ltegulr hort clears.
dry olt. lo!ec: smoked. 17c: back, light,
alt. li'jc. s.nolceu. lie: back, hea.y. salt.
1.A-. lo-,c; export bellies, salt.
Idivc. smoked. IHc.
I.RI 1".. kettle rendered. lw.c: stsnd
srd purs, litsc: choice. Uc; suorteniag.
I.INSKKll till. I'ure raw In bnrrel. $ 1.07 ;
keM... I.iii.d. in barrels. l.irt; raw. In cases.
11 12. kettle boiled. In esses, XI 14. Lots of
Msil our. v.i.. IvOe lisilon.
TlKlLNTINs-U csees. 11; la wood
barn;. s'Sc
BK.N'ZINL; lnloa benxlna In Iron drums
sr barre.a. loVac; anion benxlna In cases.
S-o. .3ic; umon sluts distil. at la Iron
drums. 7c
COaL OIL pesrl oil la case. ISo: head
light. In cases. 1KV: eocene, in cases. 2io;
Elalna, la case. 2c: extra star, la case.
21c; water wi.ile. iron barrvla. lOVb; bead
Ught. troa barrels. 12isc: special W. wolll,
Iron barrels. 1 4c-
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of th Northwestern cities
yesterday war aa follows:
Cleartnrs. Palsnces.
Portland l.21i;. 2..: xj
-.ttle rwjl.lrjl 1.72
Titonu .......... i - .' i'.i.."iltf
bpoaana - ou.2ol
Crala. Floor. Feed. Ktav
WHET Track prloea: Blueatem, He;
club. 7 IK : red Kusslan. 75c ; Valley, bvc:
SO-told. K-.
BAULKY read. I2O.&O021 per ton.
klLL-rl'lKa Bran. ii per ton; mid
dling. faurt. (27; relied barley, lit
i'LOCR Patent IS.1S per barrl;
sirs gnts. 14 lii4 .: exports. 1.1 54); Vslley.
IS ii. graham, .; who. wheat, quar
ters. i
B A 1 Track prlca: Timothy. WUlsmett
Vs.i.y. l0JO per too: stestsra Orsgea,
llltjla; :ial. bsw, 413 0 1; grsia bay.
CORV trbolx. lit: cracked, lit par tsa.
OATS White. 27g?s par ton.
Dairy aad Cowatry Fred oca.
POCLTRT Hen. 17c: Springs. l.t01-;
docka. whl:e. lv: geese. lie: tur-
kea uva. :ew22c; areaaau. .ipja., squaos.
; per dosen.
;,; Oregon ranch, candled. 40Q43V,e;
Fastem. Aprils. Zui:c per dogen; feast
am fre.'i. Uulisi per dosen.
atCTTER -"Ity creamery. aolld peek.
a per pound; prints, 27 017V.C par posed;
ae-tald creamery. Uf M par pua. baues
lions. Wool. Hides. F.e.
HOPS luiu crop. 12 ,1 13 'sc; lw9 crop. 6c;
olu. nomlnni.
WHOI. K tstern Oregon. 13v17c pound;
Valiev. 17iil'.H per pouml.
lullAIII-'h:r. -12 ii .Uc per pound.
ASi AKA HAltK I jc per pound.
to 1 1 1 . i . . v. i.i. i. r.-r wionif '
salted calf. 14c; salted kip. He: salted stags.
tic. greetfa hides, lc less; ury niuee, iv
17r: dry calf. 17wlsc: dry atscs. Ilia 12c
t r.l. 1 a fry. iw-c, --,n--u, w . v ..-
take-off, 4U-I ,"oc; Spring lambs. 2J 0 4 ..c.
Urtal Markets.
NKW TO It K. Nov. 16. Htandard copper
quiet; spot. la.4oWlS.ooc: Novembar. 13.iOJ
12-e;-.c: December. 12.ooUlo.ooc: January,
12.feit 12.70c; Februar. l'2.65t lx.7.',c;
March. 12.IO l-kS'ic. London dull: jKt. t.'.f
la Sd. Futurea, to to. Arrivala- reported
at New Tork today. 326 ton. Cueiom-Houe
returns ahow ex;iort of 12.74 tons so for
this month. Local te-ilere report a firm
market. lathe 13 1 1.1 2"r; electroI tic.
12eTHIfI3c; casting. 1 2. V4f 12.75c.
Tin firm; spot. So.7i1t 117: Novsmber.
9't 7U tr 1 leeember. 3d. 7 0 att. hoc : Jsn-
uary. Sa5 tf -Id-Poc: February. .'ii-.o04s.l7o.
I.ondoa strong; spot. 117 7s ad; futures,
iltiT "s d-
I.esd quiet, 4.4094.M1C New Tork. 4 2S ff
4.aie Fast M. lxuis. lirdim, pot 113 oa 0L
Mpelter nominal. 6.mer 5.05c New York.
B-SUue-VO East sL Louis. London spot,
424 2a Cd.
Iron, Kvelsnd aarrsnts. 49 od In Loa
don. Locally Iron wss steady; No. 1 foun
dry Northern. So, 1 foundry Southern and
No. 1 foundry Southern ao:t, 9 12-75 St ltt.2o;
No. 3 foundry Northern, 41a-50ii1a.
4 aaidittoa of tha Treasury.
WASHIN'BTOX, Nov. 1 At tha begin
ning of business today the condition of th
United ritatea Treasury wss:
Working bajsnce in Tressury office of
lis.717. S54: In banks and Flitllpvtnea
Treasury. I -4. 311.222: the totsl bslsncs in
tb general fund was 4v1.79S.K4.
ordinary receipts yesterdsy were 2.IS,
er3. with ordinary disbursements of $1.0lT.
a7. Ths deficit to dsts for this frscal year 1
fl2A4l.ool. aa against t23.110.U4s at this
time laat year.
Theso figures exclude Panama Canal and
public debt transactions.
CosTeo aad Rug ax.
NKW TORK. Nov. la. L-o!fee futurea
dosed stesdy at a net advsncs of 1 1 to 20
points, bales a ere reported of los.Cutf bags.
Closing bids follow.
November. December. 9Coc; January.
7c; February. 9 '9c; March. It 7c; April.
sir: May and J una O.IKK-. July. V.w7c:
August. : September. Kc; October,
p Uiie. ftpot coffee, firm: No. 7 Itlo. 121c;
hen to No. 4. 13 Sc. Mild coffee. Iirm; Cor
dova. 11V.V18C
Kaw sugar, firm; Muscovado. 8f tert.
ieoc: centrifugal. I6 tt-nt. 3.4IK-; molancs
sugar. 89 tost. S 13c Refined, quiet.
lyrlrc Fralt at Now York,
NEW TORK. Nov. Id. Evaporated apples
steady for old crop prime; new crop nomi
nal; prim. iVUs'sc; common to fair, Qr,
Frunes steadv. Fair jobbing demand.
Quotations tJWIOHe for California up to
3W-4KS and tti"ie for oregons from
Peaches dull, barely steady. Choice. 7 0
7Sc; extra cholc. fcbse; fancy . S "a t
y New Tork Cot torn Market.
NKW TORK. Nov. 1. Cotton Spot
closed qnlet, points hither. Mid-uplands,
l.Oc: do gulf. 14 boC No sales.
Futures closed firm. 9 to 14 points higher.
November. 14.34c; liecetnber, 14.41c; Janut
ary. It-TSc: February, 14.44c; March. 14.51c;
April. 14. ode; May. 14.04c; June, 14.5'Jc;
July. 14:ooc; August. 14.43c.
rhiraga Dairy Produce-.
CHIfAOO. Nov. in. Hutter Steady;
creameries. 2431)4C: d,tlrles. 23tt27c,
Kegs Mteady: recelpia. 27,4 roaes: at.
mars, caaea Included. llHH22(tc; . firsts.
2!,-: prime firsts. 2c '
heeee Firm, daisies. 15S t lo c: twlna
14lVI4Sc. Young Americas. lo 4loc;
long horns. 1516c
Co tow Grades Not (hanged.
NEW TORK. Nov. 19. No changes wr
mad la tb differences between grades ss
applied to dollveriee on contract at tha
meeting of tb division of th New Tork
Cotton Exchange today.
Waal at St. Lool.
PT. IsSrlS. Nov. Id. Wool Unchanged:
territory and Western mediums. 22S2tisc;
Do msiuuaii, 2vw21c; one, 12vloc
Dvlath FUx II ark r.
DltAjrH. Nov. 16. Flag on trnck. $2.09ui:
to arrfve. fx24j; Noamber. 2.S bid;
IMCaaubar. IXs-'v.: May. 42.60's asked.
Hope at New York.
NEW TORK. Nov. 14. Hope stesdy.
Local Market Drops Another
Flax seed No. 1 Fouth-western. IJ.40; No.
1 Northwestern, $2.73.
Timothy seed
Clover $14.30.
Pork Mess, per barrel, 11 7.84 9 17.76.
Lard far 1" pounds, lit. 80.
Slinrt ribs Side (looeer. $.50!f 10.64.
side Short, clear (boxed. $10 810.t5.
Grain statistics:
Totsl clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to ss.OUO bushels. Primary receipts
were 5lS.fioO bushels, compared with 827.
Oi'O bushels the corresponding day a year
ago. Estimated receipts for tomorrow:
Wheat. -1 curs: com. 133 cars; oats. 111
cars; hoga. 21.004 bead.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrel S7.S00 41.90
Wheat, bushels S8.4O0 46.S00
Corn, bashels 134. 8
Oats, bushels 221. 000
. l i O lu.A A f.rtrt
GROWERS ARE UNLOADING b-h.i.'::::::::: 2o.,Uo
F.uropran Grain .Market.
LONDON, Nov. 10. Cargoes firmer on
Amerkan advice buyers show- mori dispo
sition to operate. Walla Walla for ship
ment 3d higher. Bos Hd.
Kngllsh country market, steady.
French country market, firm.
Th public school system of Panama Is di
vided Into primary, secondary. Industrial
and professional, and Is under the direction
of a superintendent of public Instruction of
iaa a- aovarsunsat.
Br-jit Sale? Mntle THirln the Pay at
tlif Nor Hi I'ortlnnd Yards Is at
. $. I 5 Other I.lncs Are
S toady.
Another good-sized bunch of hog cam
In yesterdsy. and following th tendency
thsl the msrket he shown for somo ttma
pt. tallies went off about a quarter all
around. 1.1 1 tie was received In other line
and prices wer nomlnslly steady.
The top prtra paid during tha day for
hogs was $.1.. a small lot averaging 193
pounds bringing that figure. Several loada
went tot i.3 and li and medium grade
quoted down to as. e.
. IsS 9.13
. 237 9.0
. 2i S.tMl
. 2?o 9. OS
. :Ni9 8.93
. 8.73
A few mixed lambs and yearling o!d at
13.23. No catlta sales were reported.
Receipts jesterday wer S cattle, 64
sheep and 439 bogs, ,
Shippers of ths stock wer C. 9. Walker,
of Kcho. J cars of cattle; C. II. Vshri
Son. of I-ebanon. 1 car of hogs: MeFaddsn
A JiarcluV. of CorvalUs, 1 ear of ehep and
hog; Frank Farmer, of McCoy. 1 car of
hogs; M. M. Hochter. of Ooldendal. Wash..
I cars of hogs, and R. 8. Stone At Bro., of
Roosevelt. Wash.. 1 car of hogs.
Tiie dar'i sales wr as follows:
Weight. Trice.
t Ismbs and yearlings 7S $".JS
4 7 hot
i:.l hoi
:. h..g .......
Hi boss
ts ho,.-
-I - . . . . .
4 hog. '
Price current oa ths vsrlous classes or
jtock at th Fortland Lnlon stockyards were
a follow: .
Heef teers, good to choice $3.2.,i 16.05
Ke. f atccr. fair to medium.... 4 ..Mi f 5 00
Choice spayed heifers 4 73 5-j
c,,,od to choice beef cows 4.5'. 4. in
Medium to good lef cow 8 .5 4.D0
i jn.mon beef cow a.oo 8W
Hull 3.r.0(J 4.00
S:sk. good to cholcs 4.0ov 4.60
C alve, light 7.xt 7-bO
Calves. heavy 4o.i. 0.2S
Hogs, top I J'tf
Hog, fair to medium 8."3f 9.00
Sheep, best Valley wether 23'- S oO
Sheep, fair to good wethers 3 on : 3.-3
Sheep, best yearling wether.... 4.23 4. 10
Sliejp. b, at valley ewes U.l'iOS 4 0O
Lanitis. cholo mountain B.2." 5.i5
Lambs, cholc Valley 4-76'! 5.00
Kaatern Livestock Mark.
CHICAflO. Nov. 1. Close: Cattle Re
ceipts. 2t.,: market, slow and weak.
Heeves. $4.4" ii .&o i Texas steers, $4&.3o;
Western steer. 44. 1 0 lti. 00 ; stockers snd
feeii.-rs. $3..'tO'tf o.t'i; cows and heifers. $2.20
ti20; calves. $7.oO' 111.50.
Hok ltccelpt. 2M.OOO; market, mors ac
tive and steady. Light. $7.o. V7.S&; mlxsd.
97 2OU7 0O; heavy, 47.10't7.30; ons load at
$7' 06: rough. 7.10 u 7.3i: good to choice
huavy. 7.o' 7.6i; pigs, $tl.7oV7.50; bulk of
sales, $7.3rt7.oO.
Sheep Receipts. 4S.000: market. lOo to
2r.c lower than yesterda,s close. Native.
42 23U4 10: Western. 2.o" 4. lo , yearlings,
$4i 3.25; lamb, nativo. $4.2o'a.30; West
ern, 4. 30 o. -U'.
Tlireatenetl Proatli In Argentina Is
reexported to . lie Broken.
Flour Trade Flat.
CHICAGO. Nov. 1. Ths finish Id wheat
was at almost th low point of th day and
followed a strong and hlghar opening. Ksrly
rabies told of dry but weather In -Argentina
at th most critical period of th crop. Ac
cordingly, shorts covered In rather a fre
manner and longs took profits on ths swell.
I' re wire from short seller and others as
well was already weakening th market
when news arrived Telling or the breaking
of the threatened drouth. A further bearish
Influence, was the total abaenc of export
business. Cash aheat here, moreover, wss
a dead load and Minneapolis reported th
flour business flat. Ths May option, which
bad ranged during tha day from 94H4 to
Kc rloaed weak at 88 t v US H c. a act loss
of Ho.
Th corn market dropped with wheat.
Maly fluctuated between 47o and 4Rc.
nosing easy at 47 Sc. a decline of HOSo
from th figures current 24 hours previously.
Cah corn waa firm. No. 2 ysllow closed at
SI 4a asso
ciate price followed wheat and corn. May
touched as extremes Stic and 34 Sc. with
the last sales tHo off. at JlV,lltSt
ltuyer of provision wer flnrkward. Tha
end of th session left pork 12sc leas costly.
lard off 12vc to 3oc and ribs down 6l7So
10 4iic.
The'leadlne; futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Close.
rw. $: S t s
May '. -8li
July.... K -iS i
rec 4S .S -454i .45'i
May 4tS .8S .47J. .47'i
July 49 .44', . .4's .44
Iec. I -SIV IU -'l1"
May 34-, .3S .34 .94 H
July I4, .lis 441
Jan 1T 44 1T 4S 17.1S4, 17.32 hi
Msy 14-20 14-24 14.16 14.14
Nov 10 S 1 90 10 4" 10.44
Jan 2O.20 10.J0 10.10 10.14
May 4.71 H 9.74 9.44 4.44
Jnn :2i, 9.:s 4.m S.17ii
May S 92S 197 H 4 1.94
Cash quotations were aa follows:
Flour Steady.
Kve No. t. 74c
Karley Feed or mixing. 40f70c: fair ts
eh. ice malting. SSef'r'o.c.
LIVERPOOI. Nov. IS. Wheat De
cember. 7s; March. 7s ld; May, 7s ld
Weather, cold.
Minneapolis Wheat Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 14. Wheat
Kecember. I1.V2 H t? 1.02S : May. $l.i'iilif
1.M1;,. Casu. No. I hard. Il.4 ; No. 1
Northern. $1.0o 'i Q l.Oti: No. 2 Nortliern,
41 01 f l.oH,; No. 3 wheat, 9 Vi if hi-
Grain at Saa Fraoclsc.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. It. Wheat and
barley Firm.
Snot quotation
Wheat shipping. $1.40914$ per cental.
Barley Feed. l.4l tr 1.03 per cental;
brewing. $l.05tr I.07H per cental.
Cats Ked. $1.12 ti 1.2 per cental:
white. $1.4.- l.ii per cental; black, 11.20
2 1 45 per cental.
Call board gale
Wheat No trading.
Barley lieeember, $1.05 per cental; May,
91.04 per centai.
Crala Market of tba Northwest.
TACOMA. Nov. 1. Wheat Milling:
Bluestem, 79v club. 76c: red Ruaslsn, 74c
Kxport: Blueem. 7Hc; forty-fold. 7tc; club.
75c; red Russian. 73-. Hecelpt Wheat. 4J
cars; corn. 2 cars: oats. 2 cars; hay 3 car.
SEATTLE. Nov. 18. Milling quotation
Bluenem. He; forty-fo'.d. He; club, bUc;
life. K0c: red Russian 7sic. Kximrt wheat
lllunstem. hoc; forty-fold, 7c: ilub. ?7c; tlfe.
77c; red Russian. 7.1c Yeslerdav's car re
ceipts Wheat. 7 cars. corn. 1 car. barley. 1
car; oats, 4 cars; hay. 6 car.
Prices Advan?ed Sharply at Seattle.
Fresh Eastern Egs Ke?elved
by Express.
6EATTI.E. Nov. 10. (Special.) Wheat
Jumped sharply today. Bluestem went to SO
cents snd club snd fife to 78- The demand
waa quit active. Report from the Interior
stated that considerable quantities of wheat
are changing hands. Oats dropped back to
$27. Barley was unchanged.
A leading egg jobber is bringing In fresh
Eastern eggs by express. Eggs from th
Middle West can be laid down in Seattle In
fresher condition than many of those that
ar brought In from nearby points. Th
express eggs ar selling at 43 cents.
Considerable Inquiry for turkeys from
butchers developed today. Receipts were
moderate and cleaned op at 30 cents for
Butter was steady at the new price.
Ther 1 a sentiment In some quarters that
creamery men will have difficulty In making
th 3S-cent price stick.
Following a decline of 50 cents per box
in California, th pric of lemons was cut
to $d.o0. A fresh supply of Imported Ma
laga grapes will be on th street next week.
A first-class demand for walnuts and al
monds wss reported. California grapes were
prices Paid for Produce la tae Bay City
eSAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 14. The follow
ing prices were current In the produce mar
ket today:
Butter Fancy creamery. ISO.
CKecs Young America. 141.
Fgg Ktore. fancy ranch. 5oc
Vegetables -Cucumbers, CO73c; garlic.
I'vtlic; green pea. 6m7c; string beans, 5 0
4c; tomatoes. SSfciOt; eggplant, 406ic
Hi) Wheat, tVa 14; wheat and oats, 19
44 11.10; alfalfa. $7tfl3.
Potatoea Oregon Burbank. $1.4041.S0;
Salinas Burbanka. $1.03t1.0o; sweets. $2
Onions S3cCl.
Fruits Apples, cholc. 65c: common, 40c;
Mexican limes. $61r4: lemon, choice, $4;
lemon a common. $2; pineapples. $l.i4
2 7.",; navel oranges, $2t3.
Mlllstuffs Bran, $2730; middlings, $31
O 14.
Receipt Flour, J14S sarjes: wheat. 1160
cental: barley. 14. whs centals; oat. 200O
centals: potatoes, isli eacks; hay. 434 tons.
III Health Compels II. B. Miller, of
Oregon, to Quit Service.
Leaving the consular service of the
United States on account of 111 health.
H. B. Miller, a pioneer of Oregon who
made his home near Eugene In 187.1.
like good
Submitted to the Comptroller of the Currency
NOVEMBER 10, 1910
Loans and discounts.) $.787,85!. 10
United States bonds at
par 1,064.100.00
Municipal and railway
bonds 1.0J1.1 S9
Bank building; 125.000.00
Cash and exchange...
- $18. 496. 160. 61
Undivided profits
.$ 1,000.000.00
. 11.370.338.57
Attest Correct:
J. C. AINS WORTH, Fr-eeident.
At the close of business November 10th, 1910.
Loans ancL Discounts 1 .$2,211,091.85
Overdrafts 2,(523.64
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation. , 250,000.00
Other bonds and premiums..... 210,475.57
Real estate oc 800.00
Furniture and Fixtures 26,106.23
Customers' Liability under letters of credit 152.00
Due from U. S. Treasury $12,500.00
Due from Banks 409,388.14
Cash on hand 688,119.01
Total $3,811,256.46
Canital $500,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 64,278.74
Reserve for Taxes . - . .. 3,883.31
Circulation 250,000.00
Drafts accepted under letters of credit 152.00
Dividends unpaid 105.00
Deposits , 2,992,837.41
" Total $3,811,256.46
has returned to Portland from Belfast.
t i-.. .-, .. ,i ic o-iipat of his broth
er-in-law. A. H. Tanner, at 409 Eart
Fourteenth street north. flir.
.,- tn fiv ve.ars in Japan and the
same length of time in China
He was transferred to the Consul
Generalship at Belfast, Ireland, in 1909.
He will spend several months In I ort
land. and may make his permanent
home in this city. While abroad. Mr.
Miller studied politics closely and is
regarded as an authority on Chinese.
Japanese and Irish Questions.
II. Guilford Accused of Deceit In
Sale of Business.
uarH fjmlford. who was convicted
recently of an attempt to bribe a Juror
i .h- v rnnner Morris case, appeared
In Justice Bell's court yesterday after-
n . defendant in a civil action xxe
was esrorted by Deputy Sheriff Hun
ter, and was accompanied by his wife
and child.
Guilford is sued by rrea zanm. u
complains that Guilford made misrep
resentations in selling him a milk: and
butter business. Zinls says the value
. m . ....... 1.- ann Pdlllnttl t'Tlt Wtt3 Set
at 275 when It did not exceed J12o,
and that the good win was som i"
at $325, when its value was not more
than 1. He says Guniora ioiu unu
there was a net pront oi i.v
all of which, he asserts, was false and
He paid 10d on account, with the
understanding that it would be re
turned if everything was not as rep
resented. He says this pledge was not
River Ixw at CorvalliB.
CORVALUS Or., Nov. 16. (Special.)
The Willamette River at Corvallis is
only one foot above low water mark.
If the river keeps on falling ttie boats
will be unable to continue their run to
CorvalUs Gets New Building.
CORVALLIS. Or.. Nov. 18. (Special.)
Corvallis is to have another concrete
building on Second street. Hathaway
Brothers are to begin at once a con
crete building 50 by 100 feet, with glass
front. N. R- Adams is the architect.
worth while, excelling all others for ftraiid
ur. beauty and plea.ure. And nU .plendid
trip cuo be In two weeks j and .
from Ban Francisco by aJJlnsj on tha S. it
S1KRRA UO.lMXI tons displacement). Tna
Volcano of Kilauea. ths larsest in ths
world! I tremendously actlvo Just now. and
a few uulck dlatch trip have been ar
ransi. Never before ba. It ben possible
""tke this desirable trip with such speed
and comlort, ar.d tha price Is low. 110
nrst-claa. 8sn Francisco to Honolulu and
bk. tnd tor .Ids trip from Honolulu
io volcano, lncludlns rail and auto to KIN
iuea: hot.l at H.lo. also V?'"no .us
No other trip corn oar es with this. Bo sure
io visit th Islands and DO IT NOW wh a
tSe volcano Is activa. a S. SIERRA sails
ri. 3. lec. 24. Jan. 14. Write or wire.
73 Market Street. San Iranctsco.
eaun Paekei
The Royal Mail B'
t. nil w aw .n
rrjba West Indira Fanama Bermada
MiVKSTS' VKAK1' Kxperlence In
the West Indies Passn;r Trade
R. M. S. P. ScVA- "AVON" "a?.
Jun tl (17 days) 140 up I"rb. IS
uaya)-SIS up March ti (1 days)
XJ & HP.
The onlr Htramer rnisinK In the West
ladies specially rmsmtrwled for seraivs
In the Tropir.
Weekly salllns from w Pier 42. N.
Bermuda-Gc Da-Jamaica Indlrs-Asores
On Alternate Baturdays by West India
Mail Steamers and Intervening Satur
dys by the c
Sanderson A SB. tl-2 State St.. K. V.
Alaska dock. Portland. S P. M., October 11.
IS. 2S. Not. L 8. 15. 22, 29 and every
Tuesday nlirht. Freight received at Alaska
Dock until 8 s. M- dally. Passenger fare,
Srat-claa. (lo; aacond-class. J.. Includln
- O. R. & N.
AHtorla Ronte.
Larrs Portland dally except Saturday at
8 00 P. M. Makes all way landings. Arrives
at Astoria at 8:00 A. M. Leaves Astoria
dally, except Sunday, at 7:00 A. M. Arrtvos
Portland at :0O P. M. Makes direct con
nection with steamer Nahcotta for Megler.
Ilwaco. Lkjus BeacU and all points on ths
llwaco Rnllroad.
San Francisco Los Angeles an J
San Diego Direct
North Pacific S. S. Co.-s S. a Rosaok.
and 8 S. Klder sail every Wednesday
Iltsrnatsly at P. M. Ticket offlo 111
T.ilrd t near Alder.
sLAHTLN i. BJOLET, Fassenrer AaBa
W. H. SLLB.-LK, Freight Agent.
Pbonea al. 1S14. A 1.14.
New service to Los Angeles via San Fran
cisco every five days.
From Alneworth dock. Portland. 4 P. St.:
gg. Bear, Nov. 18; Rose City, 23; Beaver, 28.
From San Francisco, northbound. 12 M-:
PS. Rose t'lty, Nov. 17; Beaver, 22; Bear, tl.
From San Pedro, northbound:
SS. Reaver, Nov. 20; Bear, 23; Rose City, 30.
H. O. Smith. C. T. A.. 142 Third St.
J W Rsdmih, Agent, Alnsworth Dock.
" Phonrs; Main 4Q2. 2S; A 1402.
Canadian Pacific Empress line ef staaraera,
sailing weakly between Montreal and Liver
pool. Wireless on all steamers Ask aby
Uckst scant or write T. R. JebJisvn. O, A
143 Third at Portland
Banking Department
At Close of Business, November 10, 1910
Loans and Discounts
Stocks and Bonds
Real Estate
Furniture and. Fixtures
Cash on Hand and Due from Banks..
Surplus and Undivided Profits
. 115,232.00
., 11.69SJ29
. 91,140.49
. 28,686.75
. 286,398.56
Condensed Report of
Close of Busineajs November 10, 1910.
Loans and discounts. $1,574,224.69
U. S. bonds to secure
circulation 250,000.00
D. S. bonds to secure
Government de
posits 150.000.00
Stocks and warrants 98,223.53
U. S. and other bonds 696,069.36
Furniture and fix
tures 8,000.00
Cash and due from
banks 925,783.14
Capital stock $ 250,000.00
Surplus and undi
vided profits
National bank cotes
outstanding .....
Dividends unpaid.
Accounts of corporations, firms and individuals solicited.
Collections a specialty. -
Ladd & Tilton Bank
Established 1859.
Capital $1,000,000
W. M. Ladd, President. H. . Howard, Jr., Aaat Cashier.
Edw. Cosklncksn, .Vice-President. J. W. Ladd, Assistant Cashier.
W. U. IXiackley, Caehler. WaJter M. Cook. Asa't Cashier.
First National Banfc
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus 750,000
Oldest National Bank West of ths
Rocky Mountains
8 WOV Z& sJAN 7 UAN 2K FEB IB tvrARIt.
Iron PARTicuLaea aspiv to our "V? '
sicw Toai.7 aoaToa. cwicaoo. wniiopoil. eH'ti,r".'Jt .?T-.VSll
(is rusitfeo. TohoaTo. siitihi aaa siaateta o teeat "T