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Joseph Dawson Takes Savan
nan Challenge Trophy, Beat
ing Mile Minute.
Time Made on Soft Track by
Many Entries Knlpper Easily
Carries Off Tied cm an
Trophy Event.
SAVANNAH. Ga.. Nov. 11. Neither
Oath nor Injury of drh or mechani
cian marred the first day of the Savan
rah Automobile Club race held tinder
the auspices of the Automobile Club of
America which opened In tnls city toaaj.
The day did not paes. however, with
out levying tta possible toll of life, but
the caauallty was Incidental. William
Ttran. 1J years old. watching the races,
had his ukull crushed by a falllns aign
rxL. lie ! reoorted dying.
The contest for the Savannah challenge
trophy over a con rue of 1 lapa of 17.33
milea each or a total or :. muea re
sulted as follows:
First Joseph Dawson (Mirtnon). 4
hours 23 minutes. 19. M seconds; second.
W. A. Mornllng. Jr.. (Mercer). 4:35: :5;
third. Iluahle Hughes (Falcar). 4:36:11V
The shortrr race, the Tledeman trophy
rent, of 11 lnps or a total of 190.3 miles,
resulted ss follows:
First Billy Knlpper (Lancia). S:15:IJ
-7: second. F. A. Witt (E. M. F.).
:2:34.22: third. Thomas Coatello (Max
well). S 39:19.06.
I la errs Start Together.
Promptly at 10 o'clock the six start
ers In the Savannah challenge race and
the eight In the Tledeman trophy race
were railed to the mark by Starter
Fred Wagner at the same time. First
on the line was Hughle Hughes In his
Fslcar. At Jo-second Intervals the en
trants for both races were off. First to
how at the end of the first lap was
Ijou llelnnemann In his Marmon. Start
Ins; second, he passed Hughes. In
oulck order they came, with Dawson
bowing; the fastest time. It minutes
and 30 seconds for the first lap. The
tart he got In that lap waa never lost,
maintaining his advantage to the end
of t."ie race.
Soon It was clear that the trophy,
harrlng accident, would fall to Dawson.
Frank Gelnaw In his Falcar. or Roeb
Jlng In his Mercer.
The ninth lap saw the elimination of
Gelnaw. Ills steering gear went bad
on a turn, he lost control and his car
went at tremendoua speed on the soft
ground at the edge of the road, plow
ing through one bank, leaping another,
and came to a atop only when It had
been battered almost to pieces. He and
1:1s mechanician escaped Injury.
Koebllng Persists After Smashnp.
Gelnaw's mishap left Roebllng aa
Dawson's chief competitor. Roebllnff
lost nearly a minute by a stop for fuel
and was going strong until the last
Is p. when his car skidded, crashing
Into a tree and damaging the gear and
control. Undaunted, he sent the crip
jlrd car on. finishing second after be
ing reported out of the race.
When Hughea finished third. Helne
mann was on the back stretch of the
15th lap. The race was then declared
Another contestant. W. H. Fearce. In
a Falcar. had broken an axle in the
rrinlh lap. after some spectacular speed
ing. At about J:25 o'clock the winner of
the Savannah trophy finished.
Nearly an hour before. Knlpper had
finished tn front of his competitors In
the Tledeman race. From the first lap
he had kept a lead, and without stopping
once for trouble of any kind, finished
with a margin he might have made much
wider, had he cared. Witt, in his little
-E. M. F," was going good, but never
had Knlpper uneay. The best he could
do was second, with a good lead over
Coatello In a Maxwell. Only seconds
separated Costello and his teammate,
Wright, alto driving a Maxwell.
High Speed Attained.
Knlpper averaged 5S.44 miles an hour
and could have done better. Two years
a'ro a Lancia of the same power, on this
course, showed only 5C-59 miles an hour.
In the Savannah race, with higher
power cars than In the Tledeman race.
IMwson showed average speed -of 62.6.?,
which was considerably more than It
was thought would be shown by any car
In the race.
When the races were over, the winners
drove before the grandstand, where they
were presented with bouquets by Gov
ernor Brown, of Georgia.
With fair weather, though a bit cooler
than today, predicted for tomorrow, the
grand prise Is expected to prove of
thrilling Interest. Scratches have re
duced the starters to 13. but among them
are some of the most famous cars and
drivers of the world.
The race la to start promptly at
o'clock. The distance is 415.! miles.
Famous Company G to Celebrate Its
CTUi Anniversary.
The twenty-seventh anniversary of
Con-parr G. First Infantry, Oregon Na
tional Guard, will be held next Tuesday
at P. M.. at the Hotel Norton I a.
Members ar to assemble at the Armory
between 7:3o and s o'clock, marching
thence to the place of reunion.
It is desired that all members who have
rot yet sent In their response to the com
mittee of arrangements shall do so Im
mediately. It being necessary to know
definitely, not later than Wednesday, the
number that will be present.
Captain Farra- will arrive from Sacra
mento Friday morning at 7:X It la ex
pected that many of the members will
be In Tortland from out of the city, the
occasion being an event looked forward
to eagerly by the members of that fam
ous military company.
tnske River Valley Irrigated Dis
trict Shows Bountiful Crops.
TTASHLNGTON. Oct. i The substantial
successes of the farmers on the Mini
doka irrigation project in Idaho this
yesr pier this region well tn the front
among the irrigated districts of the
Snake Klver vailey. Throughout the
project there is evidence of a verr
hopeful optlmlsTi indicating the end of
the nloneer stage With bountiful crops
the settlers sre looking forward to an
stended period of material progress
srd prosperity.
Idaho continues t occupy a very
prominent place la the minds of home-
seekers from all parts of the country.
Its many and varied attractions in cli
mate, soil and crop possibilities, as well
aa the numerous opportunities afforded
by its large areas yet undeveloped, are
drawing to the state thousands of home
seekers. The Snake River Valley In
Southern Idaho, which a few years ago
was a desolate and uninhabitable des
ert, has undergone a wonderful trans
formation. An area as . large aa the
cultivated area of Rhode Island and
Delaware is today producing good crops,
and a cosmopolitan population of prob
ably not less than 30.0u0 people is now
residing In this once arid waste.
Agricultural development now well
underway la being supplemented by
manufacturing through the aid of cheap
electric power. The cities and towns re
flecting the prosperity of the farmers
are making substantial growth.
A recent act of Congress permitting
settlers to subdivide their holdings is
furnishing additional opportunities to
bomeseekers to acquire land. Many of
the settlers found their homesteads too
large. It has been demonstrated all
over this valley that 40 acres properly
cultivated Is ample for the support of
a family and ss a result many farms
are being subdivided, in another year
the Minidoka project will become one
of the most compactly developed areas
In the West as well as one of the most
Rev. O. S. Huntington and Kev. B.
T. Anderson to Condnct Two
12 -Day Revivals.
To preside over the two 13-day mis
sions to be neld by tne uraer or ine
Holy Cross. Father James O. 8. Hunting
ton, founder of the order, and Father
Roger B. T. Anderson arrived in Port
land yesterday, from West Park. N. Y.
The first mission will commence tomor
row and will be held in 9t- Stephen's
Pro-Cathedral. The second will com
mence Sunday. December 4, In St. Mark's
tip I sco pal Church.
The first mission will be opened with
a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at
A. M. Sunday morning, and another
at 8 o'clock, followed by morning prayer
and Holy Eucharist at 11 o'clock. There
will be a children's mission at 1 P. M.,
end at 7.30 o'clock a mission sa"vlce.
Week das the celebrations will be at
C o'clock and at 7 A. M.; instruction at
9:30 o'clock: an addreew to women at 3
P. M. each day: service for children at
4 o'clock, followed by an 8 o'clock mis
Bishop Scaddlng and Father Hunting
ton will conduct services at Trinity
Church Thanksgiving day. Special serv
ices will also be held by the fathers at
Trinity Church. November 27. 19 and 8a
Flans for noon-day services at the
theaters are also being made, dates of
which will be announced ' later.
To revive the spirituality of church
members and to arouse Interest of those
not in the church is tlie object of the
missions. To explain the object of the
missions. Father Huntington and Father
Anderson have Issued the following:
The blihop and the clergy whose parishes
we exoect to visit have asked us to come
to Portland. Kealdea other services and
meetlnss tn Trinity and elsewhere, ws ex
pect to conduct two missions, one at iiw
pro-cathedral and the other at St. Mark's
Church. The list or the mission services
win be found In all the parish churches ana
the dallr nswsDSDsrSL
Will too let us explain to you what a
mission means for those who coma to It.
and why we feel It worth while to cross
the continent to conduct these missions 7 in
your vast State of Oreogn. with, its unreck
oned possibilities of wealth and power, in
dividual and social enterprise and energy are
not wanting. Tou are a very busy and
hard-working people. Ton do not noea us
to travel 4Ou0 miles to tell you that.
But In the midst of all the strenuous ef'
fort, the ouestlons must sometimes come.
"What Is It all fort Do we live only to
keep on living, or has Hie Itself a goal? Are
we part of a machine, or can ws choose and
must we choose? Is there an eternal value
to what say and tblnk and do? Are we
orphans, or have we a FatherT Is there a
remedy tor sin, and can a life wrecked by
follv and self-will be recovered and re
stored? Is there a source of courage and
hope and strength on which we can draw?
What are the conditions of gaining such re
newal of all that makes life worth living?"
These are some of the questions which are
faced and answered In a mission. Are they
not personal and practical? Of course, they
could be faced by any one of you. at any
time. But. when tne oars are so ruir aa
vours are. "any time" falls off Into "no
time- The needs of the body win not
brook delay. The needs of the soul can be
Ignored for a while. In a mission many
persons sgree together to "Stop." "Look"
end "Usten." The more there are who do
o. at the same time, the easier it Is for
esch- Most of you hsve found the advan
.,. of acting together in the affairs of
ihn nresent life. A mission uses the same
power of combination for the affairs of tbe
life that lasts forever.
Then, asaln. because we are social beings.
we rise up to tbe fullness oi our nature
when we unite in common praise ana
prayer. And ood can oo most ior ua wn
h to him. not aa solitary Individuals.
but In the fellowship of christian faith and
Here are some reasons for tbe mission. The
opportunity It sffords comes only a lew
times to anyone. It may mean much It
may mean everything to ' you. We hope
you wllr-tiot miss It.
Removal of Dead From Delagua Is
Delayed by Walkout 71 Taken
Out and Ten Yet Remain.
TRINIDAD. Colo.. Nov. 11. Negro
miners who have been engaged In carry
ing the bodies of the men killed In the
Drlsgua mine explosion from the wreck
ed workings fstrurk today.
Thev declared they would no longer
work for -. a day. complaining that
the stench from dead mules and from
the bodies themselves was overpower
ing. The strike delayed the removal of
bodies from the mine, and but two were
removed today, bringing the total num
ber taken from the mine to 71. Ac
cording to Deputy Coroner Pipe, there
are ten more bodies in the mine ready
for removal. 1
It Is thought not improbable that the
total number of victims of the explosion
will reach SS. 8Iow progress was made
todav In removing the fallen rock from
the main slope, where Superintendent
William lwie and four others, whom he
had led tnto the mine Just after the
explosion took place, met their death.
Another carload of bodies was brought
here tonight and will be burled tomor
row. Oddfellows to Be at Camas.
VANCOT.-VER.Wa8h.. Nov. 11 4fpe
elal. Oddfellows from the fourteen
lodges In Clark County will assemble In
Camas tomorrow for the semi-annual con
vention. After the day's session there
will be a banquet. The delegation from
here will not return home until Sunday
morning The grand secretary of the or
der, of Tacnrr.a.' representing the grand
master of the Oddfellows of Washing
ton, arrived here tonight and he will
be present at the convention tomorrow.
There "are only 11 periodic eometa ef
chub the return naa Dees ooeerveo.
Monmouth Normal Alone Is
Indorsed Majority Against
"Drys" Grows to 16,000.
Multnomah's Majority of 6500 for
I This Measure Is Overcome by
Results In Outside Coun
ties All Tax Bills Lost.
(Continued From First Page.)
lty, and the Weston and Ashland bills
are defeated 'by several thousand votes
each. A canvass of 67.000 votes, rep
resenting nearly all counties, gives the
Monmouth bill a majority of "208 and
there are probably not more than 13.000
more votes to hear from. It would re
quire a vote of more than three to one
against the bill In the remainder of the
canvass to defeat the measure.
Out of 65,000 votes counted on the Ash
land Normal School bill, the majority
against the measure la 9349, but this
dors not Include the vote from Jackson
County which will be strongly favorable
to the bill. The remaining vote, how
ever, cannot pull the measure through.
In a count of 64.000 votes cast for the
Weston Normal bill, the vote against the
measure leads by 6774, the count includ
ing Umatilla County.
Tax Amendments All Lose.
All three of the proposed tax amend
ments) to the constitution have been de
feated, according to the Incomplete re
turns. The Initiative amendment giving
each county the right to regulate taxa
tion within its borders received a larger
vote than did either of the amendments
proposed by the Legislature. The coun
ty tax measure Is behind about 2000 votes
In a total of 68,000. The first tax amend
ment on the ballot list (308. yes; 300, no)
Is behind 200 in' a total of 63,000; and
the second tax amendment (313, yes; 313,
no) la behind 7400 In a total of 60.000.
The good roads amendment has re
ceived a handsome majority. The fav
orable vote now exceeds the negative
vote on the amendment by about nearly
7000 in a total of 0,000 counted. It Is in
dicated that the amendment has carried
by about 10.000 majority.
The county bill, providing a local
method for creating new counties Is de
feated. The majority against the bill is
3100 In a total of 63.000 votes counted.
This vote indicates that the total ma
jority against the bill will be about 46u0.
Home Rnle Leads by S000.
The home rule liquor amendment Is
nearly 3000 to the good in a total count
of 89,000 votes. The vote on this meas
ure and on the prohibition amendment
will probably run up to a total of 95,
000 to 100,000. On the home rule
bill, therefore, approximately nlne-
.tenths of the vote Is represented In the
figures that give the present majority
of 3000. This majority will probably
not be far different when the full count
is completed.
In making estimates of the majori
ties on other measures It has been sup
posed that the total vote cast on each
will average about 80.000. The total
vote cast In Multnomah County was 83
per cent of the registration, and It Is
believed that this percentage was main
tained generally throughout the state.
Nearly every voter who expressed him
self on officers also voted on the pro
hibition and home rule measures, but
the returns so far reported Indicate
that the vote cast on other bills will
fall below that recorded on bills affect
ing the liquor traffic
How State Has Toted.
The following are the incomplete
state totals on several of the Impor
tant measures:
Tes. No.
Tax amendment 2S.49T S7.63S
Majority against, 2137.
Tax amendment 31.305 23.706
Majority against. 7404.
Tax amendment 28.210 80.151
Majority against. 1041.
Monmouth Normal bill 87,164 29,946
Majority for. 71tl8.
Weston Normal bill .M.Sl'T 85.601
Majority against. 6774.
Ashland Normal bill 28.076 37,423
Majority asalnst. 9340.
Home Rule amendment 46.0S3 43.S04
Majority for. 2l)9.
Prohibition amendment 83.774 47.2.10
Majority against. 13.4.VJ. ,.,.
Gccd roads amendment. 28.458 21.516
Majority for. BK13.
County boundary bill 25,232 2S.S70
Majority against. B138.
Presidential primaries 28,233 1 1.709
Majority for. 6-'7.
Official Gazette bill 29.033 S4.S30
Majority against. 4S98.
Jury smenrtment 27.371 2S.07
Majority for 1804.
Six Dry Counties Go Wet.
Official returns show that two more
dry counties voted wet under the local
option law last Tuesday, making seven
In all lost this year by the dry column.
The counties reporting on this ques
tion yesterday were Gilliam and Tilla
mook. Gilliam Is wet by a vote of 433
to 316 and Tillamook has gone yet by
more than 300.
Confirmation was received on tne re
port that the dry side has gained Coos
County, but in addition to Tillamook
and Gilliam It has lost Eplk. Morrow,
Klamath, Umatilla and Malheur.
Normal School Bills Are AH Given
Adverse Vote.
PAT. EM. Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Complete figures on the home rule and
prohibition amendments in Marion
County give the following vote: Home
rule, yes 3385. no 3250; prohibition
amendment, yes 2739. no 3604.
Partial returns have been counted on
the following measures: Monmouth,
ves 924. no 1S06: Weston, yes 657, no
1993: Ashland, yes 608. no 1981." tax
amendment (80S), yes 398. no 656: tax
amendment (312). yea 336. no 799; tax
amendment (326). yes 558. no 621:
county division, yes 4S7, no 783; good
roads, yes 633. no 643: primary bill,
yes 607. no 72S: official gaxette. yes
806, no 926: Judiciary amendment, yes
607, no SS.
Josephine Dry by 1 J Votes Result
Brings On Bifter Fight.
nr 1 VTfl Dioa rt Voir. 11 fSn.
cial.) -Josephine County went dry by
the narrow margin oi 12 votes, ine
county option election will be con
stri however, on the basis that one
precinct. Wllderville. which went dry.
Is reported as Irregular.
It the contest is atiowea tne entire
Mobilists The most delightful and satis
factory NIGHT DRIVE now af
forded automobilists by Portland
paved roads is the one to
0 .The Addition with Character
The Cluster Street-Lighting Sys
tem rnay now be seen in its most
brilliant effects within the great
and beautiful park of Laurelhurst.
Go east on E. Burnside to E.
29th, turn left on E. 20th one block
to E. Couch ; turn right, go 2 blocks
to E. 31st; turn left on E. Glisan
st., and on, through the Btone
arches, into Laurelhurst the rest
of the way is plain.
P. S. Never was so good a time
to buy in Laurelhurst as NOW.
Messrs. Mead & Mnrphy
Sales Agents,
Laurelhurst Co., 522-6 Corbett Bldg.
ballot of this precinct will be thrown
out and the county will be wet-
Lane Opposes Home Rnle.
EUGENE. Or., Nov. 11. (Special.)
The vote In Lane County as far as re
ported on the measures is as follows:
Tax amendment 308 Yes 1426. no 1843.
Tax amendment 312 Yes 1302, no 1664.
Monmouth Normal Yes 2535. no 1439.
Tax amendment 226 Yes 1806, no 1999.
Home rule Yes 1712. no 1628. Weston
Normal Yes - 2247, no 1633. Ashland
Normal Yes 2257. no 1702. prohibi
tion amendment Yes 2341. no 2090.
County boundary bill, 352 Yes 1456, no
2307. Good roads amendment Yes
2346. no 1473. Primary bill Yes 1688.
no 2054. Official gazette Yes 1083. no
2493. Judiciary amendment Yes 1824,
no 1920.
Yamhill Opposes Normals.
M'MTNNVILLE. Or.. Nov. 11. (Spe
cial.) Yamhill County's vote on the
various amendments was: For tax
amendment 869. against 1101; for tax
amendments (312 and 313) 790. against
11377 for Monmouth Normal School
1206, against 1536; for tax amendments
(326 and 327) 1232, against 1373; for
home rule 1346, against 1873; for Wes
ton Normal 1121, against 1614; for Ash
land Normal 840. against 1877; for state
prohibition 1620, against 1673; for
county division bill 1104. against 1629;
for good roads amendment 1140, against
1591; for primary bill 1256, against
1824: for official gazette 724, against
1668:, for Judicial amendment 1319,
against 1157.
Clackamas for Prohibition.
OREGON CITY, Nov. 11. (Special.)
Clackamas County's vote on initiative
measures is: Tax amendment 308, yes
1735, no 1785; tax amendment 312, yes
1424, no 1771; Monmouth Normal, yes
1922, no 1855; tax amendment 326, yes
1934, no 1676; home rule, yes 2043, no
2332; Weston Normal, yes 1086, no
2235; Ashland Normal, yes 1105, no
2488; prohibition amendment 342,' yes
2161, no 2769; county division bill 352,
yes 1647, no 1667; good roads, yes 1744,
no 1667; primary bill, yes 1808, no
1745; official gazette, yes 1151, no 2287;
judiciary amendment, yes 1797, no
Tax Measures Opposed.
ASTORIA, Or., Nov. 1L (Special.) Un
official returns in Clatsop County give
the vote on Initiative measures as fol
lows: Tax amendment. 80S, yes, 620; no,
622. Tax amendment, 312, yes, 498; no,
550. Monmouth Normal, yes. 357; no,. 301.
Tax amendment. 326. yes, 582; no, 339.
Home rule, yes, 1202; no, 727. Weston
Normal, yes, 613; no, 432. Ashland Nor
mal, yes, 601; no, 490. Prohibition amend
ment, 342, yes. 659; no. 1282. County di
vision. 352, yes, 470; no, 458. Good roads,
yes. 619; no, 312. Primary bill, yes. 617;
no, 453. Official gazette, yes. 412; no, 611.
Judiciary amendment, yes, 623; no, 46L
Malheur County Goes Wet.
ONTARIO. Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Complete returns are not all in but re
sult will not change as only a few
small precincts remain to be heard
from. Ontario voted wet by 33 major
ity. Malheur County has gone wet by
a fair majority. Danker Foot, Demo
crat, has defeated Robert Odell, Re
publican, for Sheriff, and Frank Mor
fltt now has a lead over Thomson,
Democrat, for Clerk. County Treasurer
is yet in doubt. Dillon Biggs, Demo
crat, has defeated George E. Davis for
Circuit Judge by 400. The result
throughout the state is generally satis
factory, though Bowerman and West
ran almost a tie in Ontario.
Tax Amendments Opposed.
HILL.SBORO, Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
The official count fn 18 precincts out
of 21 give the following totals on the
Initiative measures: Tax amendment
No. 308. yes 909, no 1376; tax amend
ment No. 312, yes 758, no 1276; Mon
mouth Normal School. yes 1088, no
1488; tax amendment No. 326. yes 1311,
no 1358: home ruler for 1574, against
1525: Ashland Normal. yes 613. no
1981; prohibition amendment, yes 1204,
no 1829; county boundary, yes 1013. no
1397; good roads amendment, yes 1382,
no 1185: Presidential primary bill, yes
1094, no 1464: official gazette, yes 631,
no 1827; judiciary amendment, for 1151,
against 1344.
Roseburg Opposes Home Rule.
ROSEBURG, Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Incomplete returns from the 36 pre
cincts In Douglas County show the fol
lowing results: Home rule, yes 1530,
no 2155; grange tax, yes 1235, no 2150;
grange tax, yes 2015; Monmouth
Normal, yes 1450. no 1335; labor tax,
yes 1635, no 155D: Weston Normal, yes
1235, no 1720; Ashland Normal, yes
1665, no 1320; prohibiton, yes 1650, no
1910: county boundary, yes 1515, no
14LJ: good roads, yes 1615, n 1470:
Presidential primaries, yes 1850, no
1835; official gazette, yes 1510. no
2175; judiciary amendment, yes 1455, no
County Division Opposed.
PENDLETON. Or, Nov. 11. (Spe
cial.) The complete official count In
Umatilla County shows the following
results: Tax amendment, yes 1222: no
1698; tax amendment yes 975, no 1855;
. V- . , 1 "1(1 n n Ittti
MonmoHin J a v. .
tax amendment, yes 1581, no 1653; home 1
rule, yes 2028, no 1826; Weston Normal.
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yes 2405, no 1153; Ashland Normal,
1642 no 1638: prohibition amendment,
yes 1488, no 2344; county division, yes
137A no 1624; good roads, yes 1639, no
1444: primary bill, yes 1597, no 1534;
official gazette, yes 1044. np 2022: judi
ciary amendment, yes 1453, no 151-.
Benton Favors Monmouth.
nnnviTTia fir Nov. 11. (Special.)
Complete returns' In Benton County, Ore-
gon. pnow xne wiiuwma .
following measures: Tax amendment
308. yes 6i, no '; aiucuujcui.
yes 462, no 752; Monmouth normal, yes
9" no 781; Ashland normal, -yes 5S8, no
1044- home rule, yes 656, no 1203; Weston
normal, yes 704. no 944; prohibition
amendment, yes 875, no 862; county divi
sion bill, yes 685, no 752; good roads, yes
881, no 674; primary bill, yes 670. no 893;
official gazette, yes 403. no 1077; Judiciary,
yes 796. no 726.
Normal School Favored.
GRANTS PAS3. Or.. Nov. ll.-(Spe-clal.)-Jooephine
County"s vote on Initia
tive measures: Grange tax amendment,
yes 343, no 327; uniform tax. yes 314, no
326- Monmouth normal, yes 614. no 367;
labor tax law. yes 369. no 442; home rule,
yes 500. no 502; Weston normal, yes 436,
no 3S0: Ashland normal, yes 607, no 377;
prohibition, yes 497, no 529; county
boundary bill, yes 384. no 393; good
road yes 6S2. no 257; Presidential
primaries.' yes 396, no 387; official gazette,
yes 292. no 444; judicial amendment, yes
450. no 359.
Hamilton Carries Douglas.
ROSEBURG. Or.. Nov. 1L (Special.)
Incomplete returns from the 36 precincts
in Douglas County tend to show that J.
W. Hamilton (Dem.) has carried the
. t -c. Tniui (Rpti 1 fnr Olr-
counry over s. V' " "
cult Judge, by a majority of 35 votea.
The vote Is: Hamilton 1S05, Jones 177a
Cities Hope jo Remain Wet Under
Home Rule Provisions.
MARSHFIELD, Or., Nov. 11. (Spe
t tw. final votA ghows that Coos
County has gone dry by 23 votes. It
Is the first time in ine msiury i
county or settlement on Coos Bay that
the county went dry.
The cities of Marshfield and North
Bend both voted wet. Inasmuch as
home rule carried In the state, it is be-
i a .v. xitioit will remain wet. The
dry faction claim that this matter must
be derided oy tne court, n i ,
possible that the wet faction wlU con
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trol the local option election on the
grounds that the petition was not prop
erly presented.
Official Count Is Made on State Of
ficers in County.
SALEM, Or., Nov. 11. (Special.) Com
plete official returns for Marlon County
on some state offices have been can
vassed as follows:
Governor West, 3751; Bowerman, 2795.
West's lead. 962.
Representative In Congress Hawley.
3754; Smith, 2380.
Secretary of State Benson. 3973; Oliver,
Treasurer Kay, 5346.
Justice Supreme Court (four years)
Bean, 4039; McBride, 4317; Slater, 2393.
justice Supreme Court (six years)
Burnett 4S03; King, 2860; Moore, 4048.
Attorney -General Crawford. 5614.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Alderman. 3911; Horner, 1873.
State . Printer Dunlway, 3676; Godfrey,
Labor Commissioner Hoff, 4261.
Railroad Commissioner McLaln, 2268;
Miller. 4142.
Curry County Goes Wet.
MARSHFIELD, Or., Nov. 11. (Spe
cial.) Curry County Is believed to
have gone wet by 60 votes.
300 Going From Portland.
The passenger department of the O.
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Chapman Eleven Champions.
The Chapman Grammar School foot
ball team yesterday defeated the Shat
tuck Grammar School team In a well
played game by the- score of 6 to 2. ,
This victory gives the Chapman team
the championship In the first section
of the Grammar School League.
A law has been enacted by tb Chilean
Congress authorizing the coinage of 5.000.
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