Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 12, 1910, Page 20, Image 20

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Today Extra Salespeople Extra Service to Facilitate Shopping We Urge Early Morning Shopping Between Now ond'the Holidays
frosebrook's Heilig Theater Orchestra in Our Cafe and Restaurant During Luncheon and Evening Table d'Hote Dinner From 5 to 8
RESTAURANT - The Best in
theCity Breakfast to 10:30
Satorday at Ihe Meier , 'Frank Store
Restaurant Excellent Mena
Phone Reservations MUSIC
fjinrheon lTioT2 MUSIC
Open Until 9;30
Open Until 9:30
I Providing Plentifully for Men, Women and Children the Reliable Kind of Merchandise
Children's Hats $4.50 to $9.00
300 Hats All at One-Fonrth Off Regular
A new and complete line of children's Beaver
Hats, trimmed in fine flowered ribbon Charm
ing little bats for dress wear Newest shapes
and styles -Regular va?oes from J A. Off
$6.00 to SI 2.00. specially priced VIl
1 1000 Children's Hats Reduced
t V3 Off on All Felt Hats Today
A fall line of children's and misses' hats in as
sorted styles All the season's wanted styles in
h Int Trimmed in ribbon bows and rosettes
Regular vaTnes from $3.50 to $3. specially priced jL C4f
in the millinery departm't for today's selling only at XII
500 Children's Sturdy School Hats at 75c
$ 1 .50 to $2.50 Hats Included at This Price
Today the popular millinery section offers splendid values In
children's Felt Hats for school wear Sturdy hats that will stand
to be knocked about, but very pretty and neat M llinery 9 C
section. 2d floor, annex Values trom $1.50 to $2.50 at Jv
ucfm mi
' YJ'fV
m. j- mjr r A w I x Of . Fifth
T. ItI. v. Jt. romiry onow Floor
Great Value in Child's Raincapes
400 Needed Capes Priced at $2.50
Today, in the children's section, second floor fi, splendid line of chil
dren's new rain capes is offered. Come in gray, striped and checked
material; all are lined and are made with plaid lined JQ Cf
hoods. Ages 6 to 14 years. Specially priced at, each O.Ovr
Reefer Coats, Just Received
Sizes 2 to 6 Years-$4 and $5
New Reefer Coats, in bright red, with black velvet collar, all lined
throughout; ages 2 to 6 years. All have chevrons on Jr 1111
sleeves. Sold in children's section ,2d floor, at $4.00 v)DUV
Arrivals in Children's Sailor Suits
The Ones You'r e Waiting for $ 6.50
Children's new sailor suits, made of Berge. Colors are blue and "brown. Col
lars and cuffs are trimmed with white braid; full plaited Cfl
skirts. Ages from 6 to 14 years. Specially priced at, each DO.JV
Bring the Childrento See Santa g J CoffmVs Candies
O. A. C Pennants 43c and 89c
Anticipate your Christmas needs
and buy at great savings. There is
nothing more popular as a gift than
a pennant. Today we are offering
our regular stock O. A. C. pennants
at a reduction. 36-inch size. A Q
Sold at 75c Special price r O C
Sie 24-inch, reg. $1.25 value. SOc
$4.50 Coasters at $3.49
This reduction is on the well
known "Gliderole" roller
coaster sled. Has ball-bearing
wheels and is rubber
tired. Workmanship is the
best; well finished; a good substan
tial gift for the boy. Regular $4.50
values. Special today J0 AQk
onlv at low price of DO.T"l7
Boys' Girls' and Infants' Hosiery Reduced
3000 Pairs of Hose at Savings Today
CHILDREN'S WOOL HOSE, with gray heels and toes, 2x1 and lxl O O
ribbed; all sizes; fine quality. On special sale at, the pair, f f iC
BOYS' AND GIRLS' SCHOOL HOSE The "Rushline" Brand. - rU
Can't break through them; strong and durable; all sires, pair X 'C
INFANTS' CASHMERE HOSE In black, white and colors. Made with
silk heel and toe. Soft finish; warm and comfortable. Special OS
in the hosiery section, first floor, today only at low price of, pair JQ
500 German Silver Mesh Bags
Today Only at These Low Prices
S3.50 Values $1.98 $5.00 Values $2.98
For Saturday only we offer $5.00
German silver mesh Bags, made
of fine quality mesh, all kid
lined, with pretty etched frames
and ball trimmings. Size 4, 5
and 0 inch frames. Smaller
sizes sell regularly for $3.50; spe
cial today only in our first floor
jewelry section at the low price of
There is nothing a dainty woman
loves more than the little jewelry
accessories which add so much to
her appearance; these make the
best kind of Christmas presents
because of their beauty and their
value. ' The style is the very pop
ular one. Larger sizes sell regu
larly for $5.00. Special at, each
At Jewelry Section Today Only, 1st Fir.
Saturday Always an Interesting
Day in Our Men's Furnishings
$1 and $1.50 Silk Thread Sox Today 45c
Special sale of Men's Fine Grade Pure Silk Thread Sox, which look and wear as
well as the $1.00 and $1-50 grades sold in other stores. They come in all the sea
son's newest colors, such as cadet blue, myrtle, navy, black, tan, maroon, smoke,
etc., etc. Plain or fancy drop stitch styles. Made with double spliced heels A C
and toes. Come in all sizes. On special sale today at, the pair, only "JC
$ 1.50 Men's Kid Gloves $ 1.15
Men's fine cape tan kid gloves Best quality The celebrated
M. &. F. brand Comes in all the new shades of tan and brown
Medium weight J ast the thing for basiness and dress wear Szes
from 6Y to 10 Rsolar $1.50 grade, placed on 1? 1 1 C
special sale for today only at the very low price of y ! J
$ 1 .50-52 Celebrated Gotham Shirts $1.15
New patterns for Fall and Winter in the celebrated "Gotham Brand"
shirts for men They are made of plain or pleated bosoms Cuff
attached Latest coat style with fine pearl buttons Endless assort
ment of light and dark patterns in striped and figured effects Ma
terials are imported madrat. Percale, cbampray, etc. C 1 1
Sizes 14 op $1.50 and $2 vals., special today only y Itl J
Main Branch Here
Today, in ' Coffman's main
branch, firsf floor, 1000 pounds
of the popular Coffman's But
termilk Chocolates Al- A Q
ways 60c lb. Today at IOC
Coffman's Horehound Drops Regu
larly sold at 25c the pound, i
Special today, the pound IOC
Toy Groceries
Christm's Savings
A splendid toy is
errocerv Btore. with
this toy
real srro-
cenes. Come in four sizes.
Reg. Price 75c, special at 59
Reg. Price $1.25, special at 99
Regular Price $2.50, special at $1.89
Regular Price $6.00, special at $4.98
Canary Birds on Sale Today
HartzMount'n Canaries $ 1 .69
600 genuine Hartz Mountain Canaries direct from
Germany to Portland Imported and selected express
ly for the Meier & Frank store Sweet singing birds
that would regularly sell for $5.0 J each We have just
600 and would suggest that vou come early to make
your selection An expert on canaries will be here to
tell you about the birds and how to care for them We ,
will hold in reserve a limited number to 1 (LQ
fill out'of-town orders Today only, each P
Sale Starts Sharp at 8 o'Clock This A. M.
Six Saturday.- Specials
Corsets, Sleeping Garments, Under-
A Sale of Broken Line Children's Sleeping
Corsets Today at 39c Garments, Special 39c
Today in the Corset Section, second floor, Children's Sleeping Garments with feet;
broken line Corsets, in Urge sizes only; drop seat; white only; regular 75c 9Q.
regular fl.50 and $2.00 values. QQC values. Special today only at, each
TtTJiA'luC Sale Outing Flannel
SaleChildren sShirred Q .
rr : . . s To- Gowns, Special 98c
Underwaists for 19c Chilton, Md J,
Children's Shirred Underwaists, made of Gowns, made of plain white or fancy stripe
cambric and twill; regular, value 1Q. materials, trimmed in braid; regu- QO
25c Special low pries today, only lar values $1.50. Special today at
The Meier & Frank Sheet Music Department
Now on 4th Floor Best Assortment in City
Every song and instrumental piece on our
counters "on sale today at 10c and 15e a
copy. Mail orders are promptly filled.
AT 15c Call Me up' Some Rainy Afternoon,
Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland, Mendels
sohn Tune, Any Little Girl, Iman; vocal
and instrumental; The Antlers March,
Whistle and IH Wait for You, What's the
Matter With Father, Little Puff of Smoke,
Love's Mirrors (new). Under the
AT 10c Let's Pretend, Gee, I'd Like a Girl
Like You; When You Dream, of the Girl
You Love, Why Don't the Band Play Dixie 1
Go on, Gooda Bye; Superstitious Sadie,
Mother, I've Something in My Eye, Vanity
Fair, The Bugler March, Kiss Me, Same
Old Way, Dandelions Intermezzo, " t
Twilight Reverie and many tjthersat
MY PEKHT MO OK, the song hit from the
new opera, My Girl of the U. S. A. Special
15c Ask to hear it plaved at this store.
We carry complete line of Wood Edition.'
Sale of 200 Young Men's Suits
Vals. to $ 1 2 Today Only $4.99
Yoang Men's Snits in neat gray and brown plaids and
mixtures Sizes 12 to 18 years only-They come in
single and doable-breasted style Good, serviceable
materials in gray serges and unfinished worsteds
Coats medium length Regular price (A QQ
$10 to $12 Great special today only 1
Young Men's Suits in dark worsteds, cheviots and
cashmeres Colors, gray and brown effects; also in
black thibet serges and unfinished worsteds Single
and double-breasted styles Sizes 14 to
19 years-
-breasted styles Sizes 14 to 9 QQ
$15 to $22.50 values, today V 0 f
$10.00 to $12.50 Suits at $4.99
$15-$22.50 Young Men's Suits at $7.89
An Exceptional Saturday Special 3d Fl.
BOYS' STRAIGHT KNEE PANTS In ordinary blue serges and
fancy mixtures 3 to 17 years - Regular 50c to $1.50 y
values, offered special for today at the low price of, each avJC
$15 to $22.50 Suits Today Only $7.89
Bring the Children to See Santa Clans
$6 Wagons, $4.49
25c Hoops, 19c
Rolling hoops for children.
They are made with iron
gTiide 'and are 36-in. f Qk
size. Reg. 25c vals. A C
in red or natural finish. Size 18x
24 ; well-made. Regular 75c val
ues. Special for today at JA
the very low price of only OcC
Hardwood wagon, with ball-bearing
steel wheels. The size of the body
is 14x36.
$6.00 values.
Checkerboards and Table Natural
wood; table folding style, with rub
ber tipped legs. Keg.
$3.90 vals. On special
Regular A Q
Special S't.'tl
ble Natural
le, with rub-
Today Women's Hose at Special Prices
Thousands of Good Hose $ 1 .39, 95c, 45c
Extraordinary values in women's hosiery for Saturday; offerings that
should prove attractive to the economical buyer. Carefully note the list.
Women's Black Silk Hose, with lisle tops and soles. They QQ
are regular $2.00 values. Priced very special for today at 91(i
Women's Silk Hose, in black and colors. Serviceable quality. The Qg
regular $1.50 values. Priced very special lor today at, tne pair JJ,
nam a r
Women's Thread Silk Hose, with lisle tops, heels and toes
Hack. Priced very special for today only at, the pair
Boys' & Men's Shoe Sale Today 3d Fir.
$3.50 Val. $2.89 $3.50-$4 Val. $2.95
Boys High-Top Storm Shoes, made of
tan grain or black chrome calf, blucher
cut, bellows tongue and heavy viscoled
soles Sizes 1 to 5 1-2; $3.50
to $3.75 values, for to- d OQ
day a great special at, pr. P mStmO
900 Pair of Men's Shoes, made of box
calf, black vici kid, patent colt and gun
metal Calf leathers, Goodyear welt
soles; medium, narrow or wide toes-
Blucher or regu tar lace styles Regular
$3.50 and $4.00 values, V Q
special today at, the pair P -7 J
Today Great Umbrella Sale
Men's, Women's and Chiidren's Umbrellas
a . '
Any Umbrella from our entire stock at reduced prices for today, the last day of sale.
$1.00 Men's and Women's Um- CjV
b re lias, special at low price of "
$1.25 Men's and "Women's Um- Q Q
brellas, special at low price of SO
fL50 Men's and Women's t 1 1 Q
Umbrellas priced at only, ea. P
$2.00 and $3.00 values special at $1.69
$3.50 and $4.00 values, special at $2.69
$5.00 and $7.50 values, special at $4.29
35c Children's Umbrellas at, each, 25
50c Children's Umbrellas, at each, 43
75c Children's Umbrellas, at each, 57
85c Children's Umbrellas, at each, 68
$1.00 Children's Umbrellas at, ea., 87
Women's, Children's Underwear
WOMEN'S UNION SUITS, in medium weight cotton, low neck, sleeveless or high
neck, long-sleeved style, or with high neck and short sleeves. Ankle or knee length.
One of the most practical and popular garments for Tall and Winter wear in our
entire stock. Regular $1.25 values, we are offering for this special sale at rr
Fleece-lined Shirts and Pants for chil- Fleece-lined Union Suite, made in high
dren, come in white or graj, size OC. ck, long-sleeved style, with ankle-
18 to 28, regular 35c values, at C length drawers, regular $1.50 val- gy
' . . aes, special for this sale at only
Regular 75c Values Reduced to Only 39c yVoo1 Union Suits, high neck, short
Wool mixed Shirts and Pants, medium sieeve or high neck, long sleeve QO
weight, high neck, long-sleeved shirts, style regular $1.75 values, sp'l.
ankle length drawers, regularly OQ- WOMEN'S REGULAR $2.25 UNION
76c values, special at only, ea. SUITS PRICED AT, GARMENT, $1.47
PTTTT.nREN'S FLEECE UNION SUITS Made, of a fabric that is treated so that is
Regular 85c Values Reduced to 57c is as nearly nonshrinkable as a wool gar-Fleece-lined
Union Suits, high neck, long ment can be made. High neck, long
sleeves, white or natural, aged 2 7- sleeved style, ankle length, g A J
to 16 years, 75c and 85c values at C $2.25 values, special at, suit V .
Last Day of Great Special Ribbon Sale