Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 11, 1910, Page 8, Image 8

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384 Washington Street
ileart or ..the
384 Waahington Street t
Son of Professor Young Held
Responsible When Police
Chief Makes Threats.
easoe aaie
ir?et of Fngcnr Lighted hy Glar
ing Torchen off fJrrrn Ftre Great
Intrret In Game Safnrdajr
When Team Meet Angles.
' vxnERsrrr of oregox. Eugene,
Nr, lV Special, frndua anxiety to
prnrlde matari&l for the monster hoc Are
mhich wif prepared to celabrate the de
parture of the football team for CervaJ
. 1 on Saturday led a band of unlrerslty
freshmen Into a?rtou troubia laat night
when they trespassed upoa the private
premlDea of Joseph Delay, of 407 East
Thirteenth street, and appropriated three
dry mod boxes, some lumber and a larga
Ioc of knotty wood.
Arm''! with Delay's complaint. Chief
of Police Farrlrurton appeared uron te
campus this morning and thrfv liie
arrt of the a-uUty partler. Delay at
nrm oemanief notntna- snore or iiv
hl cnmpcnwtton, but after a conference
with in frrnhnvn committee he consent-
e.i to aorfpt St as a fair return. The en
rai'-d i':tzn alljred that the students
pnriinHy destroyed some coetly palms
durme their maneuvers.
Ptuir Dollars to Settle Matter.
A a consequence of Chief Farrlnirton's
tIj- t Harold Younf. a son of Professor
Ytvirs. head of tlte economic depart
nif i i In the university, who has acted as
jreneral rhitrman of the freshmen bon
fire commitjff. is being; kpt In surveil
lance and will be held responsible for the
cry merit of the l-
Despite all this one of the greatest rsl-
lls in iue hitry of the unlverrtty w
lruucuratril tonight in the nature of a
bnrtre enditfP t the team.
Te street of Kugi-ne were lighted
from on- end to tti ot hr by glaring
. tori-he j of green Are. Fireworks and
pot-makers were distributed among the
hi arU ni roiters. a ho were led by the
student band In a serpentine march to
Kin. Bid Field, mhere a rousing rally took
Dig Bonfire Rums.
I'ndT the direction of Cheer I-eader
Tinhin the freshmen preirel the
ls.rre honflre in the history of Oregfn.
It way 110 feet In circumference at the
Km', s ft high and si oped to a cir-
currfVrenre of ft feet at the top. Several
cMs of wood, scores of dry goods boxes
and 1'io gnllona of kerosene were used to
tilii;n;rte th hld for tho rally demon
ttrt-tnn and the sDeechmaking which
c-m-li;drd the procrantme.
The thoughts of rvrrv student sre cen-
ter-d ijnfln the coming game with the Ag
r?riltura .follrge. The biftc!t football
exfsjrstnn in th history of the college
ill leave here early Saturday morning
. In 1? special cam Karri elas will be
- allotted spArate cars, which are to be
Th- proiipcis for an Oregon victory are
brighter t'ia they were earlier m the
Keek, but an anxiety IU prevails on
lvt; Fides. Trainer 'Bill' ilaward is
raek in the harness wgaln. after a week'n
litm. and all ft the delinquent student
on tne rouad nave removed tneir low
rjrint and will be eligible to enter the
bade Saturday.
No Suspensions Kxpected.
Kur"n'r relief was given tonight when
a faculty report routed the rumor which
ha- been persistent during the past week
t!ia: m of the star football men were
t he M!!oendd from the siuad,' on the
imrg- of proft'nionalisni.
The accusation had been made that
rerraf n members of the tiud were re
c'vlns s!ary- However, the fnculty
advisory committee, composed of Presi
dent i'smpell ar.d PYofeors Young,
Srratih and Sk"tffer, conducted a
thorough !nve?tiration and their finding
1 t'n-At the char- are without founda
tion. A second charge Is still pending and
a til I passed upon later, but the pre
vailing opinion Is hai it will prove
ei"ailv vagne and unfounded.
Secret practice has been the order of
the wek aid Coach Warner has sub
jected his men to severe drtl! In strategy
m well r a in ord nary tem discipline.
:very effort possible is being exerted to
STngthen tne righting qualities of the
varsity eleven, for the coaches ft-el toat
enuurante will be a large factor in the
bitter struggle whU-h Is predicted by all
Keek May Sate Pay.
M"!th an averse of 174 poumls to tha
m.i. the unve--snty team will be the
h-a:er. but Oron fears the great de
fT. und t!ie Kirktlcld sp-ed which have
hcei ierfM'titi by Coach Schlldmtller.
And. In addition. It is conceded that Keck
wiil outpunt Fen ton and Latourette.
r- ron will not suffer for want of sub
siitm. as the authorities derided to de
fray the expenses of the entire squad of
cu'idui.iif to fnrvl!s as a reward fir
liielr f thf ti tralnlrg.
rcarson Academy Take Game In
Driving Kaln, to 5.
XV ALUA WA1.U. Wash.. Nov. 10.
(fpectat.) In a game, fiercely contest
ed from whistle to whistle, and in
which 22 mm struggled for 40 minutes
In a driving tain. Pearsons Academy
won from WaMa Walla High School to
d to S. The game was the biggest
In terse holaatic even of the season
here and. despite the rain which fell
steadilv, a bg crowd a itnessed the
Pearsons bad a bit the better of the
argument in the first half and scored
m touchdown and goaL In the last
ha!f the tllght thovl reversed the order
and made a touchdown, falling at goal
because the man holding the ball al
lowed U to touch the ground, and the
Pearsons men aai!ed It instantly.
Pearsons con tea ted the touchdown,
and the official were at a loas whether
to tall It that or a tourhback, but
finally decided to let It go with no
i?or scoring. Pearsons won anyway,
and jo will let It stan4.
For P-a rsons, O'Neill, Waage and
1-ange were stars, while for the High
tcLool. Sherrod. Cowan and Burns
w ere the best men. The teams were
sboat even tn weight.
he Schools of Valley Will Play
1'nder Amateur Ttole.
Cr Nov. . i Special, t Pacific I'nl
versity has again entered the basket
ball arena after a year of rest on ac
frttmt of poor gymnasium facilities. A
five-school league baa been Xornud by
- ' -
McMinnville College. Chemawt, Dallas
Collefte, Philomath College and Pacific
University. Thla league will play un
der the AmerUan Athletic Union rules.
Pacific would desire negotationa with
Willamette and Oregon Agricultural
College, but these schools will play
under Intercollegiate rules. Coach
Convill denounces basketball as played
under these rules, so has entered thla
McMinnville. Dallas and Philomath
Colleges will have games at once, but
pacific and Chemawa will not schedule
games before January, since they are
the only teams In the league which are
playing football. Pacific will play four
games at home and one with each of
the league teams on Its own floor. The
first game will be at Chemawa Jan
uary 13.
Pacific University's new "gym" Is an
Ideal home for the ball tossers. It will
be necessary to develop several new
men. but with Charles Ward, captain of
last year's team, and D. J. Taylor as
experienced guards, the field is encour
aging, considering further that Homer
Shaver, a freshman from Portland and
captain last year of Allen Preparatory
team, registered here last week. Other
promising men who will try for the
team are: Bryant. Williams, Living
stone. Anthony, Ferrin, Mills and He
InferocholaMIc League's Rivalry to
Be Witnessed Today.
The tallend championship of the In-
terschnlastlc Ieague will be decided to
day with a came of football between the
JotTerson High School and the Portland
Academy teams at Recreation Park. The
game will begin at 3:15. Keen rivalry
each haw a lizht team which has soon
reversals nearly all season. t
A comparison of the merits of each
would warrant a dose game today. Port
land Acarlemy hcM Columbia University
to a no-score game, while Jefferson beat
Vancouver. , Columbia beat Jefferson
end Vancouver beat Portland Academy
Burr Wood, an x-Portland Academy
player, who starred at Cornell, has been
stlng Loach Jordan in whipping tne
boys Into stiape for the game today.
Edwards. Cobb, Korea. Staler and the
puntirg of Small for Portland Academy
are calculated to onset the speed of Cole,
Morgan. McAllen. Vosper. Blbe and tha
kicking ot Campion, of Jefferson.
Sclicd u led Oceanic and Multnomah
Contests Will Be) Flared.
Kaln has not dampened tha enthusi
asm of the "soccer" football players.
and the regular league games sched
uled for Saturday and Sunday will be
played as planned. The Multnomah
football field has been covered with a
layer of sawdust and the association
football teams will Una up In their
regular games.
Multnomah and tha Oceanlca arc
scheduled to meet tomorrow afternoon.
while on Sunday the Cricketers and tha
Nationals will meet. . Both games are
scheduled to start at 3 o'clock each
Western League to Fight.
CHICAGO. Nov. 10. Western League
clubowners promise a fight to keep
their circuit in Class A society at the
next meeting of the National Associa-
t'on of Professional Leagues.
In event the Western League is re
duced to Class R. It would mean that
the major league clubs could draft "as
many men each year as they wish. At
present, -only one man can be taken
from anv Western league club by
draft The fear that the National As
sociation may hand down a ruling
detrimental to the interests of the
league, owing to the new census fig
ures, has aroused every magnate
around the circuit and a lively time is
The meeting wtll bring together rep
resentatives of 4 J leagues, consisting
of ITS clubs.
AMoria Visited by Gale Which, De-
.. lay Several Vessels.
ASTORIA. Or, Nov. 1ft. (Special.) The
rstnfa!t during the 24 hours ending at s
o'clock UW evening was S.O Inches, and
during the night the gale reached its
height snit the wind at times attained a
rate of over 70 miles an hour.
So far a reported no damage of note
was done, although the departure of a
few vessels was delayed.
1'larkantas Votes Wet.
ORKOON CITY, Or.." Nov. lo. Speclal.
Returns from SI out pi 43 precincts
now lactcamas t ounry ni. vote-i wet
on local option. The cwunty prohibition
ute stands a.M for and 33iu against.
S 'J
Promoter Opens Headquar
ters in New York.
Already D. A. Fletcher Has Secured
Fine Ball Park In Pittsburg and
Negotiates for Grounds in
Six Other Cities.
COLUMBUS. O., Nov. 10. (Special.)
D. A. Kletcber. who is promoting the
third major baseball league, will open
general headquarters In New York
next week and promises lively develop
ments Immediately thereafter.
He holds contracts with 63 of the
crack players of the country, has pur
chased a fine park at Pittsburg, and Is
looking for parks in six other cities.
Contractors have assured him grand
stands can be completed before the
opening of the season.
While the magnates of the major
leagues are disposed to Jeer at Fletch
er's plans, and the sporting editors,
many of whom are subsidized, are ridi
culing the Idea, the ballplayers admit
that a third league must come, if not
this season or next, then eventually.
The shameful abuse of power dis
played at the recent world series shows
the actual need of another league and
It is certain the best players will quit
the old organisations as soon as
" frrr
ftiiti sort V5i?3
cumitl gevv J
I' Ml, T l M
1 h, hi
M'. Mk Mm k
. m tlli
. i -
Just When You Need It
Fletcher, or anybody else can show
that the scheme is financially sound.
The general opinion is that Fletcher
wtll not he able to project his league
next season, but that it will not be
delayed much longer. There Is no
doubt he has the contracts, for he
displays them and the players admit
pinging them. They also say they will
go with him as soon as he is 'n
position to start the third league.
Grewsome Election Move, However,
Fallto Win for Prohibition.
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 10. (Special.)
Two dead men. both victims' of drink.
Worrell's Sample
Cloak and Suit House
.Has Purchased
H. B. Litt's Cloak and
Suit Stock
for Announcement in Daily
Clothing of Established Merit s
Just When You Need It
Following" the plan of our Successful Mid
Season Sale of last November, for 12 days
Starting Saturday, November 12
Values to Match
384 Washington Street V
Between West Park and Tenth
were propped up in their coffins In the
window of an undertaking establishment
at Auburn yesterday, in laln sight of
the voting booth, where the liquor ques
tion was the absorbing local Issue.
The exhibit was made by H. T. Con
nell, who, beside being en undertaker. Is
Deputy Coroner. He wej an advocate
of prohibition. The drys had, appeared
to be in the lead, but the tide had turned
and Connell set up the bodies as an ln
tondod warning of the evils of drinking.
Auburn went "wet." however.
"There was no desecration of the dead."
said Connell tonight. "These men were
without friends and .they might just as
well have been put to some good use."
The owner of department stores in New
York and Philadelphia has installed wlr
loss telegraph apparatus In both, so that
pstrons on vessels approaching port can
do th'ir shopping before they land.
in Hats and Furnishings
To Corvallis
V " for the
U. of O. vs.'O. A. C. Football Game
Saturday, November 12, 1910
Will Run a Special Excursion Train
To leave Portland Union Depot at 8:00 A. M. Arrive
Corvallis 12:30 P. M. Leave Corvallis 6:00 P. M.
Arrive Portland 10:30 P. M.
$2.60 Round Trip Fare $2.60
This is the great annual game between the rival
institutions, and will be the most exciting event of
the football season. Ample accommodations will be
provided for all. Special will return after the game.
Purchase tickets at our City Ticket Office, Third
and Washington streets, or Union Depot.
WM. McMURRAY, General Passenger Agent.
The Famous JI
The Lamp with Diffused Light
should always he. used where several
people sit, because It does not strain the
eyes of those sitting far from it.
The Rayo Lamp is constructed to give
the maximum diffused white light. Every
detail that increases its light-giving value
has been included.
Tho Rayo is low-priced lamp. You may
pay $5, $10 or even $20 for other lamps and get
a more expensive container but you cannot get
a better light than the Rayo givea.
This season's Rayo has a new and strength
ened burner. A strong, durable shade-holder
keeps the shade on firm and true. Easy to keep
polished, as it is made of solid brass, finished
in nickel.
Once a Rayo User, Always One.
Dealtr Bwyvhcrt tf not at yours,
meartst egtncy
'Jgptf Standard Oil Company
Jf V Incorporated)
Just When You Need It
writt for 4cripti
of the
&t irf