Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 11, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

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Vote Now Stands at 35,401
for Measure and 32,066
Liability Law Submitted by Labor
Bod Ira Can-tea by BlR Vote.
Proportional Representation
Loses by Small Margin.
- f rentlnad From Tlrt Pas.
of 1LX in favor of the bill. The total
tat vot at the Bam ratio would give
the measure about 16.000 majority.
Proportional representation ha run
better In Multnomr i County than In
nearly all other portion of the state.
Multnomah rave It a majority of 1100.
but when thl i Included In the return
- received from IS other counties the ma
jority 1 turned to the other aid to the
extant of 2250. The amendment It la in
dicated, ha teen defeated by about 3M0
majority. The vote a reported stands:
For X.1S3. against 22.443.
Many Measures Voted Iown.
The following- measures have been
(efeated by decisive majorities, ac
cording to the partial returns re
wived: Constitutional convention
measure, railroad district amendment.
Baker County Judgeship bill, all county
division bills: amendment providing
for aeparate districts for members of
the Legislature.
The three tax amendments are In
doubt, with indication favoring th
.approval of the Grange amendment
that appeared first on the ballot and
th defeat of the other Grange amend
ment and the amendment giving coun
ties the right to - regulate, taxation
within their border.
The bill providing for a commission
to draft an employes' Indemnity bill
has been defeated by a heavy vote.
Outside of Multnomah County the of
ficial gasette bill received generally an
adverse vote, but sufficient figures are
not available to determine whether
thla vote will offset the majority of
500 given the measure in Multnomah
County. While the Presidential pri
mary bill met with lea favor In Mult
nomah County, receiving a yiajoiity of
' about 1300, It gained more favor than
the gasette bill In other .portions of
- the state. The bill is probably defeat
ed. Th amendment changing the Judi
cial system and providing for a ver
dict by three-fourth of the Jurors In
civil case, etc, received a majority
of about 10 in Multnomah County,
but scattering returns Indicate that the
bill ran well In the state outside. Th
result Is uncertain.
Good Roads Measure Carries.
Th good road) amendment aeema to
hav carried by a aubstantial major
. ity. Th Rogu River flah bill carried.
and th bill providing a method for re
forming county boundaries, it is indi
cated, has failed.
Prohibition baa been defeated, ac
cording to late returns, by upwards of
4004. This figure may be greatly In
creased by th final totals, but esti
mates ax now based on the theory
that the unreported predncla, which
are la th rural districts, will cut down
th heavy lead existing against the bill
la th early reports.
Instead (Jive Them a Safe Tonic
Which Will Strengthen the
Weak Nerves and Prevent
an Attack of St. Vitus'
Many chilA bas been called awkward,
has been punished in school for not keep
ing stm or for dropping things, when
the trouble was really chorea, or 6k
Vitus' dance, a it is popularly called.
So common is this nervous disease in
childhood that in some schools one-fifth
of ail the pupils have been found suffer
ing from it in one form or another.
Before the presence of the disease it
betrayed there is usuaDva disturbance of
the general health. The child shows
lie-Uessnens and inattention. Then it
becomes restless, and twitching of the
muscles and jerking of the limbs and
body follow.
Often the patient loses flesh and be
comes pale and bloodless. A remedy that
rures, fcw Vitus' dance, and enn it so
thoroughly that no trace of the disease
remains, is Ir. Williams' Pink 1
A typical caw of St. Vitus' dance is
described by Mrs. Fred Martin, of Yates
Center, KanBao. Her cure by Dr. Wil
liams' Fink Pills makes her statement
particularly valuable to parents, whose
children are miflering with this common
direaxe of children.
"When I was nine years old," she
says, "I was afflicted with St. Vitus
dance. It eras broiurbt on by too close
attention to my studies. There was a
constant twitching of the muscles of my
entire body. My limbs were affected at
first and later my head began to jerk.
My tongue seemed thick and for a long
time I could not speak distinctly. I was
confined to the bed for most ot the time
during the two years I was sick and be
came go weak that I could hardly move.
"I was treated by several doctors, who
pronounced my ca.-e St. Vitus' dance in
us worst form. They were unable to
lielp me and each one gave up my case.
Then my parents gave Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills a trial. 1 had taken the pills
only a short time when there was a
change for the' better in my condition.
I gave the pills a good trial and was en
tirely cured. I returned to school a well
girl and have been in the best of health
Dr. Williams' Pink Pill are sold by all
druggists, or will be sent, postpaid, on
receipt of price, 60 cents per box; six
boxes for 2.50, by the Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, 2. Y.
Home Role Loe In County by S3 7
Votes; West's Majority C8.
M'MINWILLE. Or, Nov. to -(Special.)
A completed canvass of th vote of this
county give Hawlry's plurality over
gratia at SI. The maximum vote. 35iO,
was cast for Governor, dlvtded as fol
low: West ISM. Bowerman tX. Eaton
art. Richards is.
With th exception of Governor th
Republican state ticket won by Iarse
pluralities. For county representative
Roy Graves and Timothy BrownhlU. both
Republicans, are successful, the latter
wtnntng by on vot over George Brled
well. Democrat.
All the proposed county division bills
vert defeated. as were the greater num
ber of the measure pruosd by the In
itiative. The majority axtlnst the offi
cial state magaxlne was Kit.
Following 1 the total vote on the more
important measures: Fw woman suffrage
1:34. against 1; for branch nsylum
lilt. against 1T: for Monmouth Normal
!?, against 15J6; for Wesson Normal
ll-l. against 1614; for Ashland Normal
. against 13TT; for home rule l.K
against 1S73: for employers' liability bill
IMi. against UK; for projHirtloiwl repre
sentation 3. against 1440; for state nmg
astne against 16&S: for prohibition
10. against liTJ; for prohibition regula
tion Iti-i. against 1477.
I niaUlla County Piles l'p Rig Ma
jority for Weston .Normal.
PENDLETON". Or, Nov. 1. (Spe
cial.) Complete returns from out
of 40 precinct In Umatilla County give
home rule s. against 991.
Complete returns from IS precincts
glv Eastern Oregon Normal -I4.
against 35. Complete return from
three Pendleton precincts and I'matllla
precinct give employers' liability act
41. against 2S2: for proportional rep
resentation 261. against ; for smta
'suffrage 235. against 547.; for Mon
mouth Normal 37. against 31!; for
Ashland Normal 356. against 333.
rule 111, against 1565. For liability
law 1241. against 1430. For Increasing
Initiative power $41. against 1730. For
woman suffrage 861. against 1810. Fof
Monmouth Normal 1031. against 1S40.
For Weston Normal 861. against 1710.
For Ashland Normal 1110. agatnst 1561.
All county division amendment are lost
by large majorities In Douglaa County.
Vote Stands 204s for and 1752
Against In County.
SALEM. Or- Nov. 10. (Special.)
.Returns complete from SO out of 41
precincts In Marlon County give th
following vote: For home rule 2049,
agatnst 1752.
From 12 precincts the returns show
a vote for woman suffrage 432. against
1034; for Monmouth Normal 604, against
9S6; for Weston Normal 317, against
10S3; for Ashland Normal 274. against
1071; for liability law 687. against 666;
for proportional representation 411,
against 817.
Clackamas Votes Against Prohibi
tion and Home Rale, Too.
OREGON CITY, Or.. Nov. 10. (Special.)
Returns from 21 out of 42 precincts
give th following:
Woman suffrage, yes 1472. no 2323: con
stitutional convention, yea 649, no 2516;
Clackaxnna-Muitnocnah annexation, yes
1674. no TT14: home rule, yes IMS. no 2047;
statewide prohibition, yes 1S30, no 2521.
West's Lead in Polk 494.
DALLAS. Or.. Nov. 10. (Special.)
Official count In Polk County gives Bow.
erman 1083. West 1577. The official
count on measures. Home rule Tes
1234. no 1326. Liability lis-Yes 1274.
no 8SS9. Woman sufffrage Yes 75, no
19. Monmouth Normal Tes 1758. no
745. Weston Normal Yes 966. no 1339.
Ashland Normal Yes 828. no 1476. Re
turns Indicate all other measures bad
ly defeated.
sllome Rule Wins In Klamath.
(Special.) Incomplete returns from
Klamath County give home rule 987
yes, 676 no: employers' liability. 174
yes, 247 no: proportional representation.
441 yes, 2 17 no: woman suffrage, 4:6
yesj 470 no; Monmouth Normal. 627
yes. 431 no; Weston Normal. 602 yes.
491 no; Ashland Normal, 829 ye. 237
Douglas Votes to Be Dry.
ROSEBURQ. Or., Nov. 10. (Special.)
Incomplete returns received from 34 of
the 36 precincts tn Douglas County up
to C o'clock this evening show that
local option has carried in Douglas Coun
ty by a majority of 96 votes as fol
lows: For county option 1231. against
county option 1126. The figures
are considered accurate by leader . of
both the dry and wet factions.
ounty Swamps Measure by Vole of
947 to 137.
EUGENE. Or.. Nov. is. (Special.)
With 42 out of 67 precincts In Lane
County counted the vote stands:
For home rule 1437. against 2478: for
woman's suffrage 1507. against 2"2:
for employers' liability 1492. against
974; for proportional representation
85. against 1224:- for Ashland Normal
2043, against 1651; for Monmouth Nor
mal 2056. against 1587.
Home Rule I-oc In Douglas. 439.
ROSETBURG. Or.. Nov. 10 (Special.)
Incomplete returns received from 34
ot th 16 precinct In Dougla Connty
, show th following realula. For hum
Vole Close In Lincoln.
NEWPORT. Or.. Nov. . (Special.)
Owing to a sever storm which has cut
off telephone communications throughout
Lincoln County, election returns are de
layed. So far as obtainable West I still
in the lead, while the rest of the Repub
lican ticket is safe. Prohibition is de
feated. Vote ef county ticket is very
close. It will take the full count to de
cide any election.
Row erman Leads in Coos.
CCKJUILLE. Or.. Nov. , Ml (Special.)
Tweniy-nlne precincts out of 16 in Coos
County glv Bo war man 1192 and West
1142. The Mini precincts give Hawley
1J72. 8ml th TfC. Prohibition was voted
down. "02 to KH5.
J ill lam Wet by 59 Votes.'
CONDON. Or- Nov. 19. Gilliam Coun
ty went wet by 64 majority. Home
rule carried. Woman's, suffrage was
defeated. '
Morrow County Stays Wet.
HEPFNER. Or.. Nov. 10. (Special.
Correct vote of Morrow County on coun
ty local option Is 410 for, 618 against.
Home Rule Loses In Linn.
A LB A NT. Or., Nov. 10. 4 Special. )
Eleven complete precincts out of 32 in
Linn County give: For home rule. 661.
against 86. For liability taw 694. against
619. For increase ot initiative sower
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This erives the Democrats twn ormntv
officials. R. B. Beatle for Judge and
Ernst Mass for Sheriff.
444, saint T61. For woman suffrage
4S4 against 907. For Monmouth Nor
mal ol. aalnst 711. For Weston Nor
mal S91. sa-ainst 939. For Ashland Nor
mal 141, against 1008.
Jackson Against Home Knle.
MEDFORD, Or., Nov. 10. (Special.)
With four out of 34 precincts miss
Inn the vote In Jsckion County stands:
For home rule against 1&03; for
prohibition 1382, against 1373.
W9t Holds Lead In Union.
LA GRANDE, Or., Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) In Vnion County incomplete re
turns rive Bowerman 7 votes and
West luSl, with three precincts to
hear from.
Benton Against Home Rule 2 to 1.
CORVALL1S. Or.. Nov. ,10. (Special.)
Latest returns In Benton County on
home rule are as follows: Tes 636. no
Home Rnle Carries Baker. .
BAKER CI TV, Or.. Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) The complete returns from 29
out of 37 precincts In the county show
the following: rote on initiative meas
ures: For Jiome rule 792. against 70:
for employers' liability 93. aeralnst 4I:
lot woman suffrage 610, against SOS;
for fonmouth. Normal 792, against 480;
for .Weston normal smui. ,
for Ashland Normal 643, against 574;
far increase of initiative power 720,
against 4i.
Astoria Piles Cp Heavy Vote Against
Prohibition Measure.
ASTORIA. Or., Nov. 10-(Speeial.)
Complete returns from the entire city
and 16 of the 21 country precincts In
Clatsop County give the following vote:
For home rule 1202, against 727; for
prohibition 669. against 1282.
Unofficial returns from five city and
16 county precincts give: For woman
suffrage 350. against 769; for Mon
mouth Normal 701. against 357; for lia
bility law 828. against 439;, for Wes
ton Normal 432. agalnat 612: for Ash
land Normal 490, against 501; for pro
portionate representation 481, against
Home Rule Wins at The Dalles.
THE DALLES. Or Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) Available figures from five of
the city precincts and ten of the coun
ty precincts on the seven measures fol
lowing are: For home rule 848. against
33: employers' liability, for 723,
aa-ainst 666; for proportional- xepresen-
i.iin. ! rnlnst 89: for woman
suffrage 459, against 789: for Mon
mouth Normal 595. against . 555; for
Weston Normal 630, against 690; for
Ashland Normal 419, against 779.
Home Rale Loses Colombia bj 70.
ST. HECENS, Or., Nov. 10. (Special.)
Complete returns from al except two
precincts, with about 150 votes, give the
following results In Columbia County:
For home rule 693. against 767; for lia
bility law 742, against 396; for Increase
of initiative power" 43S, against 675; for
woman suffrage 392, against 749; for Mon
mouth Normal 676, against 432; for Wes
ton Normal 486, against '605; for Ashland
Normal 457; against 642.
Clackamas to Have Saloons.
OREGON CITY, Or., Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) Incomplete returns on county
prohibition are: Tes, 2080; no, 2260.
The remainder of the count will not
change the result.
- Official Count From Dallas.
DALLAS, Or., Nov. 10. (Special)
Official count on local option vote In
Polk: County gives for county prohibi
tion 1287, against county prohibition
150L The county voted dry by 263 ma
pority in 1908.
Myers Loses Early Lead.
OEEGON. CITY. Or., Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) Additional returns received here
today indicate the election of Dr.
Thomas J. Fox, Republican, for Coro
ner, over Tom J. Myers. The early re
turns gave Myers a substantial lead
and his election was conceded, but out
side precincts went heavily for Fox.
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