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Bcmb - Throwing Important
Feature of Airship Meet
at Baltimore.
FoMmasIrr-tienrral and Army Men
Enjoy niehln. Which Include
Target-Snooting and Thriillnj
Aerial Gymnastics.
BALTIMOBR Nov. 11 Sunbeam
slvot tt raindrops harrowed the en
thusiast? at the aviation fllI today. To
day'a flights differed In many reapecU
from anything aeen here hltheiio. Tliey
included bomb - throwing and target
hootlng from speeding airships: aerial
gymnartic and trips aloft made by
Government official folloaed by official
expressions a to the fnndone ex
perienced and u to the merits of aero
planes of different drslgna.
PostoidStcr-Ueneral lUtchcoclt, after a
flight with Court Jaoqueei de Lesseps.
i so pleased that he asked Archibald
lloxwy fo.- a higher flight In the Wright
biplane. But Hoxsey had found the
uppr air too gutty to make passenger
rarrylns altogether ear and he asked
the Poetmaster-tJeneral to wait until
tomorrow. Mr. Hitchcock expressed him
self as delighted wilh hla experience In
the air.
General Allen Makes Trip.
General James Allen, chief of 8ignal
Corps. V. 8. A.. a given a flight In
. Count de Leeps' iO- horse power Blerlot.
la the party from Washington with
him and the Prwtm Aster-General were
f-cretary of War Dickinson. General
William Withers poo n. president of the
Army War College: Thomas Nelson
Tage and sever. I others, together with
a number of women.
The first or the flyers to take whig
was James Hadley shortly after 3
o'clock, be belnr followed Immediately
by Hubert Latham In hte Antoinette.
Both descended after brW flights.
A little later Count de Uesseps. In
his mhorsepower Blerlot took aloft for
rifle practice Captain John P. Douw of
the mate ordnance corps. After a trip
around the course to give the marks
man his beanngn Captain Douw fired
twice at the "C" target. U. 8. A. email
arms practice, but Die best of the shots
missed the mark by four feet.
Latham Better with ReTohrer.
T-atham then tried with a revolver.
Covering the target In the circumfer
ence of a circle of small diameter, from
his Antoinette he twice fired four shots.
Of thee, two were hits, one scoring two
nd the other three point Cbunt de
Lesseps then took up a passenger. Lieu
tenant Dupuy. of the Signal Corps of
the State of New Tork.
Just before 4 o'clock. J. Armstrong
Drexel began a try for altitude, the
wind at the time blowing nine miles an
hour. In about ten minutes he had
floated out of eight In the direction of
the city. H" returned after a trip sof
about a quarter of an hour, reporting
the mind too fluky for high flight. Hla
barograph recorded U feet, though the
manner of hla flight gave the Impres
sion of much greater altitude.
E3y. in a Curtiss biplane, went into
the air Intending to try for the Commo
dore Barry bomb-throwing trophy, but
descended before completing a lap for
the purpose of making readjustments to
his biplane.
I .at ham made a score of 16 points with
six bombs. One of these dropped Into
the funnel of a battleship and It there
fore counted as a bulleeye. Under the
rules governing the Barry trophy eon
test, bombs mitfl be thrown from a
height of not less than It feet. Some
of Latham's fell from more than double
that altitude, aod against a rising wind.
Drexel's Score eNot So Good, i
DrexeL from his Blerlot. dropped six
of the missiles upon the outline repre
senting the deck of a battleship, but ss
none of them struck a vital spot, his
score was only sis..
While he was preparing to drop his
second bomb. Hoxaey in a big Wright
biplane, flew tcroe-! the grandstand
from the railroad station at Halethorpe.
where Ms machine bad been assembled
In record-breaking time. He circled the
course many times, performing brilliant
evolutions and dividing the Interest of
the sudien.w with Drexel. who continued
his bomb-dropping.
Hoxsey flew his Wright In almost
every conceivable manner, now In tapcr
Ing longitudinal spirals, now gracefully
gliding from great heights, then literal
ly gliding over the surface of the earth
only to rise again into the upper air. He
made three flights In all during the
Shortly after 4 o'clock angry clouds In
the west spoiled serious efforts and leas
than a quarter of 'an hour later cams
the rain. Then the trio of bombs
signalled the official close of the day.
rropietiTe Buyer of Swamp Tract
Contends for $5 Hate.
SALEM. Or.. Nov. . (Special.) E. B.
Watson, of Portland, submitted h's brief
today to the State Land Board In the ap
plication for Warner Valley swamp
lands, which include about 23,000 acres
that the state recovered from the Warner
Valley Land Comnny.
Watson and others desire to secure this
land at the rate of fi an acre, but appar
ently the board Is desirous of securing a
higher price. Watson contended that It
haa bern tbe custom to charge ti an acre
and that It now has no right to Increase
the prce of the Warner Valley lands.
The subject has been taken under ad
Tisment. The Board authorised a deed of cor
rection 1'T B. B. Bekman, the deed cov
ering land sold to C C. Reekman In
Langella Valley, Klamath County.
- .
(Conttnod yrTn First Page.
standing that the former hours and
rates of wages shall continue In effect
until December 1 next, and that any
changes mutually agreed upon shall then
become effective."
To this offer the representatives of the
strikers assented as follows:
Knd fctrtae Is Advised.
The undersigned hereby receive ths
terms of the said letter In settlement of
the strike and advUe tkesald employes
to resume work thereon at once and
end the strike. We proposed these same
laxma Hixuuai lb AUipr last ilidax
at his report and adhere to them now at
his request,"
Before the agreement was signed ths
day had been turbulent, confused and
full ot statements and counter-statements.
There was mors rioting than at any
other time during the strike. John
Williams, ths State Commissioner of
Labor, threatened an official Investi
gation If matters did not end. to which
IL S. Juller. general manager of the
American Express Company, replied
that his company would welcome all
the publicity possible.
City Must bhomr Cause.
Counsel for Adams, ths United
States and the Wella-Fargo Companies
obtained an order from Judge Cox in
the United States Circuit Court; direct
ing the city to show cause tomorrow
why it should not be restrained from
enforcing the ordinance which requires
carriers of Interstate express matter to
take out city licenses. .
Two hundred applications for li
censes were filed this afternoon.
It was directly due to Mayor Gay
nor's attitude that ths agreement was
drawn up and signed.
The worst of the trouble today came
not from the express employes, but
from ahe striking taxicab chauffeurs
who went out with them in sympathy.
They mobbed taxlcabs driven by non
union men and squabbled with the po
lice until It was necessary to threaten
them with drawn revoivera and with
swinging night-sticks. Bottles, stones,
bricks and looae ends of Iron flew
thick. There were many broken heads,
but only five arrests.
The hundred chauffeurs who struck In
sympathy with the expressmen and went
back to work a week ago when their
demands were granted were directed to
strike again because the company would
not permit them to wear the union
It was ordered that all garages still
hostile to the union bo picketed to
morrow. The tone of the meeting was quietly
A committee representing the employ
ers not the union, which has organ
ised and conducted the striks and the
executive officers of the companies met
the agreement for presentation at the
mass meeting.
We Built the Pianos Shipped
Them to Wrong Place Won't
Ship Them Back iot to Sell.
If you are at all Interested in the
plsno even remotely so and could but
realise the enormous difference between
the retail price of a piano In the West,
and the factory wholesale cost of a piano
at Its factory In the East, and could
then on top of that realise that the
"Cote" Piano Manufacturing Company,
of Fail River, Mass.. were by error In
shipping directions caught hers with a
large shipment of pianos from their own
factory, that had to be quickly disposed
of, and ' that were actually being sold
retail to private parties here In Port
land at their exact wholesale prices to
dealers, at their Fall River factory
regardless of our having paid over CO
each for freight here I'm sure you
wouldn't wait two minutes longer
than you could grab your bat and get
to thla store, at the corner of Park
and Morrison, select tbe piano, and set
tle that matter now.
These conditions are at hand right
now right here In Portland.
The difference between the retail pries
and the factory wholesale price la more
than half; and the freight Is paid, and
lost and ws don't Intend to tack It on
to the factory wholesale price not at
all The factory wholesale price at Fall
River. Massachusetts, will set any style
of our Cote" piano In your bouse In
Portland, and we allow no man to build
a better piano.
Tbe "Cote" piano Is built upon honor,
snd Is being sold here upon honor, and
we want your, confidence; It will not
d misplaced. I assure you.
Ws will give you a better piano for
ri than you can buy anywhere else
In Portland for 40u. Thie piano sells
for HOO retail In New York and Boston,
and pianos are sold at least 150 higher
here In Portland than they are In the
What we state here are facts, and It
will be realised by all who enter here.
Our terms - are SCS down and (10 a
month, or t per cent leas for all cash.
Store open day and night and well
lighted for evening Inspection.
A. A. Fisher. Manager. 361 Morrison.
Exhibition Contest by Champion
Beavers Will Be Held When tbe
Weather Shows Improvement.
Because of the deluge of rain In
Portland and vicinity during; the past
few days, the committee In charge of
the baaeball benefit fund being sub
scribed by the Portland fans in token
of their appreciation of the champion
ship won by ths Beavers, yesterday de
cided to postpone the benefit game,
scheduled for Sunday, November IS. to
a date to be named later.
Rain has so flooded the bail park at
Twenty-fourth and Vaughn streets,
that It would be absolutely Impossible
to play there Sunday, and the players
themselves, unanimously announced
that they wanted to give the fans a
run for their money and suggested the
postponement and expressed a willing
ness to remain in Portland for a week
or ten days longer In order to accom
modate the patrons of the game who
have so nobly demonstrated their ap
proval of the champions.
The action yesterday means that the
benefit game will be played as soon
as the weather settles, and will prob
ably be one week from Sunday, or
November 20. The enthusiasm In the
giving of the Beavers a big sendoff
Is unabated, though the wet weather
has dampened the enthusiasm of the
committee selling tickets, and no sales
have been reported since Monday. How
ever, telephone notices from the com
mittee to Treasurer Bortxmeyer Indi
cate that the fund is growing rapidly
but ths solicitors have been too busy
to report at the Merchant's. Savings
Trust bank In person.
Josephine Close on Rome Rule.
GRANTS PASS. Or, Nov. 10. Spe
clal.) Returns taken from ths three
large city precincts snd two country
precincts give the following results
on Initiative and referendum measures
In Josephine County: For woman suf
frage 410. against 451: for Home Rule
600. against SOI; for employers' lia
bility law S70. against S0: for Mon
mouth Normal 114. against 7; for
Weston Normal 4.14. against for
AaUand Normal 407. asaisst 271,
Majority for Suffrage Amend
ment Over 15,000.
Showing of Washington as Stead
fast Republican State A counted
for by Insurgents' Victory
at Primaries. .
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 10. Tl)e ma
jority for the woman suffrage amend
ment to the state constitution, on an es
timated basis of returns already . re
ceived, will exceed 15,000. The vote was
about two to one for the amendment.
The plurality of W. E. Humphrey. Rep
resentative In the First, or Seattle dis
trict. Is presumably TWO, showing that he
was voted for by moat of the Insurgents
of the district, although he was formerly
a close friend of Speaker Cannon.
The Democrats gained a few seats In
the Legislature, but otherwise made a
poor showing. Washington appears as
the most steadfast Republican state In
the Union, but this is accounted for by
the upheaval in the September primaries,
which put the "progressive" Republicans
in control of the party.
The Socialist vote in the Mate Is esti
mated at 4300.
MndVSllaging Campaign at Olympia
Did Not Hurt Republicans.
OLYMPIA. Wash., Nov. 10. (Special.)
Complete returns, from the City of
Olympia and from IS of the 20 outside
precincts show that the entire Repub
lican ticket was successful In Thurston
County at the election Tuesday. Every
county candidate was elected; the Re
publican candidate for Congress ran
more than 400 ahead of the Democrat In
the Second District and tbe present Su
preme Court Judges were given a hand
some indorsement.
The campaign waged by the women
who want to vote showed Its effects dur
ing the day and the returns indicate that
woman's suffrage has carried In Thurs
ton County by almost two to one, al
though some of tbe precincts failed to
make any return on this question.
Thurston County has witnessed some
bitter campaigns in tbe past, but tbe one
just brought to a close was marked by
mud-sllnglng of the worst nature. The
factions in the Republican party split
wide apart, but the efforts to knife the
ticket in places failed, as every man on
It went Into office and the Democrats
have little solace. P. M. Troy, the Dem-ocratlc-nonpartisaa
candidate for the Su
preme Court, ran more than 600 behind
the loweat Republican judge and this, is
Troy's home county.
The new Thurston County officers are:
Sheriff. George Gaston; Clerk, D. G. Par
ker; Auditor. C A. Burr; Treasurer,
Robert Marr; Prosecuting Attorney, John
M. Wilson: Assessor, S. T. Bennett; Su
perintendent of Schools. -L. A. Klbbe;
ommlssloner. First District, T. J. Mc
Kratney; Commissioner, Second District,
A. M. Rowe; Coroner, El M. McCllntlc.
On the constitutional amendments ths
returns show: Woman's suffrage, for 719,
against 493: succession to office of Gov
ernor, for HI. against SSI. and on town
ship organization, for 70S, against 376.
The Republicans even carried the mi
nor office. Councilman Walter Crosby
being elected Justice ot the Peace and
j. M. Newsom winning out for Consta
Welfare League Hopes for Voles in
Ousting Mayor Gill.
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 10. The Public
Welfare League, which Is In charge of
the recall movement against Mayor
Hiram C. Gill, Is counting on the newly
enfranchised women voting In the recall
election. The women will be qualified
voters as soon as Governor Hay an
nounces the result of the vote as certi
fied to him by the Secretary of State.
The Welfare League's plan la to have
the election lata In December. Under
the law, ten days will be provided for
registration of new voters, and the
women may then place their names on
ths roll. The league thinks that a
moral Issue such as is presented by the
effort to suppress vice snd gambling
will cause large numbers of women to
vote for the league's candidate.
Mayor Gill. Chief of Police Charles W.
Wappenstetn. and the proprietors of
houses In the old vice district now
closed, cannot be proceeded against for
contempt of court until proceedings are
Come Down
to Gill's and see their
display of strictly high
grade Shears
for bankers' and general
office' use shears that
will "cut" jour papers
accurately and smoothly
every time dependable
shears of quality sold at
reasonable prices. A
large variety awaiting
your inspection now.
Cosaneerctal Matloaera.
For one hundred thirty;
years, this wfai&ky has stood
the continual test among
men of more than ordinary
good taste.
Bottled in Bond Born with the
Republic "The Standard by
Which All Other Whisky is
James E.
Distributers to the Drug Trsds
Portland, Or.
brought by the Welfare League after a
court has ordered the district closed, ac
cording to a decision rendered today by
Judge Mitchell Gilliam in the Superior
Vote la Woodland Close on Cowliti
' County Seat Question.
WOODLAND. Wash.. Nov. 10. (Spe
cial.) Practically complete returns
from Cowllts County Indicate the elec
tion of the complete Republican County
ticket. The Republican aspirant for
Congress. Stanton Warburton, received
a heavy vote. The county seat removal
question, which was to remove the
county seat from Kalama to Kelso, is
defeated but by only a small margin.
The only Democratic candidate that
till seems to have a chance Is W. I
Whittle, for Sheriff, who is running the
present Incumbent. Carnlne, a very
close race.
The vote for Representative In Con
gress In this precinct was: Stanton War
burton. Republican. 100; Maurice Lang-
V .... Tv mnrat f. 1 The VOtO hCTS Oil
county seat removal was 67 for removal
and 114 against. It requires a uirra
fifths vote to remove the county seat.
Injured Man Carried Over Mountain
on Others' Backs.
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho. Nov. 10.
rsneriiLi.) To carry Louis Krueger, a
badly Injured logger, two crews of four
men each were detailed and they trans
ported him on their shoulders 16 miles,
part of the trail leadlnjf over a high
K"raerer was injured at the camp of
if c Mann & Nelson, 16 miles from Wolf
Thrive, which Is a bay on Lake Loeur
d'Alene, about nine miles from Coeur
d'Alene City. While they were uio
ding logs, another log rolled over on
K-merer. breaking his left leg above
the knee and Injuring him Internally.
With no physician nearer than 25 miles
nil the lnlured man being In grave
peril, the only thing to do was to carry
him to a doctor Instead of taking a aoc
tor to Krueger.
Krueeer may recover if the Internal
Injuries are not too serious.
Wallowa Gamblers Fined.
miTTAtPl O. Mat. 10 CP rwf-WU.1
Three arrests for gambling were made
here Monday night. Testerday morning
the prisoners pleaded guilty before Re
corder Balrd and were fined $50 each.
By Stewart Edward White
Author of "The Blazed TraiP'
i TV. npw forest novel of romance and
M. "V . .
adventure, amid
the Luiomia Sierras.
Illustrated in
sntm '
See 3t in Our 3tsplay fflrt6otts I5o6ay
THE J.' K.
Miller ' broke Into the Pipes cigar store
and secured damaging evidence. This Is
the first arrest for gambling made here
for several years.
Expert Swimming Saves Seaside Man
-When. Boat Is Swamped.
8KASIDE, Or., Nov. 10. SpeceO.)
While returning from his Ashing grounds
at the mouth of the Necanlcum River
with a launchload of salmon last night,
George H. Smith was only saved from
drowning by hto expert swimming, when
the launch swsmped and sank In the
middle of the river.
The swells were rolling high on account
of the heavy wind and the boat was un
able to ride them with the shifting cargo
of salmon, with which she was loaded
to her capacity. All of the salmon were
lost, but the boat was floating on the
high tide this afternoon.
George R. Baker Sues on Notes.
T n.v.r im Mill Tic T. C. Ham-
mer, George C Mourer, H. G. Luker
and H. G. Sonnemann in the Circuit
. V. Anvair r.r IgilASE 0 1-
uriu iv ..."
leged to be owing on two notes. He
. ,
the great pines ot
a coarMrr.
seCw. HeaTeet
We have just received an
other express shipment of
those much wanted RAIN
COATS. All sizes now. The
assortment will not last
long. We advise patrons to
call early.
also' demands $275 attorney's fees. The
complaint was filed yesterday.
Eugene Man Baves.
EUGENE, Or.," Nov. 10.(Special.)
John Bros, employed in a local shoe
shop, yesterday afternoon startled his
fellow employes by declaring mildly
For the Newest
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that he was fighting the Japanese and
that they were trying to kill him. The
man was arrested and will be examined
as to his sanity. He says he came from
Effrpfs land is for the most part dlvid.d
up into small holdings of from half an acre
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