Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 09, 1910, Third Edition, Page 13, Image 13

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    the 3ronyiy& ore GoyiAy. wedxesday, yovEMBER 9, 1910. 13
- v;- Howd and La Bean Front Lace Corsets
ggg-g SahUn WaUtManlc Second Floor
$1 Box of Choice
Bohemian Butter
2-lb. Sq. at77c
Bohemian Batter la alwayi fresh. Wot
Eastern cu goods. Look: on opt "Bo
hemian" Batter, it doe not iayTub
Bntter" on wrapper. Special all day To
dayfor a two -pound square at 77
Weal3Q handle Bntterine and Eastern
Bntter such as other stores call their best.
At The
Prunes at 93c
All day today we are selling extra
quality large prunes, packed in wood
boxes ready to ship to your Eastern
friends; use in place of confections.
Regular $1.00 box, for this sale, at 93?
Cross and Blackwell's Lucca Oil, at 7G
Warner itusi rruui vuiac" -.. - - -
1 ii
. 1 V. J I a . m J 1 ' " ' n I r a. a waw
Wilbur's Juvenile Menagerie - Continued This Week With New Attractions
Mince and Pumpkin Pies. 4th-Floor BaKery-Sale ThanKsgiving Linens, Etc.
From 9 to lO A. M.
25c Massage Towels for 5c
9 to Id A. M. today in basement
underprice store, 20 dozen Turkish
Massage Towels, 40 inches Ion? fin
ished with loop at ends, made
of Turkish Toweling, 25e rals.
75c Fancy Neckwear at 25c
9 to 10 A. M. today, first floor,
many odds and ends in Ladies' Col
lars, in Teniae Ura stocks, wash linen
stocks in lace and lawn tf-HJ
feets; rallies to 75e, choice dO C
35c Drawers, 6 Pair $1.00
9 to 10 A. IX. today, 2d floor,
Women's Drawers, the plain styles,
with tacks, eat fall, made of fine
longeloth; regular 33e J ff
pair, one hoar, 6 pairs J) X J J
Y2Ac Toilet Paper for 6c
9 to 10 A. M. today, 1st floor, a
ale of 1000 rolls of Toilet Paper.
Finest quality tissue, extra strong,
1000 sheet to roll; our regn
lar 12y3e grade, special at only J C
Regular 95c Saucepans 50c
9 to 10 A. IL today, 3d floor. A
one-hoar sale of Aluminum Sanee
Pans, 2-quart size; the best and most
serviceable ware for cook- ff
ing utensils; 95o ralne, spL Ovf C
Boys' 25c Scroll Saws 17c
9 to 10 A. IL today, 4th floor.
Let the boy make his own Christmas
presents. A dandy Serell Saw out
fit; saw frame, saws and 1 "7
pattern; Tegalar 25e ralne, X I C
From 2 to 3 P. M.
Women's $7.00 Waists $3.45
2 to 3 P. M. today, 2d floor, 200
prettiest of Wash Waists, made of
lawns, mulls, batistes and erepes,
1 a e e or embroidery tf O A J?
trimmed: $7.00 rallies p3TrJ
$3.00 Cotton Blankets $2.03
2 to 3 P. M. today, 3d floor, ex
tra heavy Cotton Blankets, doable
size, heavy fleece; pink, blue and
brown borders; regu- (J O AQ
lar $3.00 rahies, pair J) ad e J O
$3Marqnise Corsets $1.95
2 to 3 P. M. today, 2d floor, the
Marquise Corset is as perfect a model
a yoa will find for either medium,
light, heavy or slender fl Q C
form; $3.00 value at4X7J
Girls' $1.75 Dresses for 93c
2 to 3 P. It. today, basesaeat
onderpriee store, choice of girls' gala
tea Dresses, pretty black and whit
checks; trimmed in red ofQQ
bhtt; ages 6-14; $1.75 nLOC
$25 Anto Scarfs at $1.49
j to 3 P. M. today, first floor. A
complete lis of the season's beautiful
Dresden Searfs or Anto Throws, in
fancy patterns; ell - A Q
regularly at $25, spL sj) X 4TCiJ
Reg. 20c Handkerchiefs 9c
2 to 3 P. M. today. A one-hour
sale of Ladies' pare linen Handker
chiefs; handsome embroidered initials,
all letters, regular 20e values, Q
ppeeial at the low price of only J C
75c Comfort Slippers at 29c
2 te 3 P. M- today in the basement
sho store, a big assortment f com
fort SI inner for men, women and
children; regular 75e OQ
ue. special at, the pirC
60c Wood to Burn for 39c
2 to 3 P. M. today, fourth floor. A
sale of wood Necktie Racks, large
sizes, neat patterns, ready to burn,
onr regular 60e values, onQQ
special sale at low price of 0 J C
U specials n
Women's $1.50 Comb't'ns 71c
10 to 11 A. M- today, second floor. A
beautiful line of Women's Combination
Corset Covers and Drawers, also Skirts.
Corset Covers trimmed in lace and in
sertion and allover embroid- 7 1
eries. Special for one hour at X C
Men's $2.50 Gloves for 98c
10 to 11 A. M. today, first floor. A
sale of 500 Men's Cape Gloves, mocha
and suede, all the popular shades, all
sizes out seam styles; regular $2.50 val
ues, on special sale for one QQ
hour at low price of only, pair tOC
Reg. 75c Back Combs for 23c
10 to 11 A. M. today, first floor. Splen
did assortment of odds and ends in Back
Combs and Barrettes, plain, carved
in inlaid gold effects, come in shell and
amber. Regular values to 75e O Q
each, all are on special sale at d3 C
1 I
Regular $2.50 Hatpins for 89c
12 to 1 P. M. today, first floor. 5000
handsome rhinestone and novelty Hat
Pins, in every imaginable shape, a real
opportunity to buy holiday gift. Good
v slues to $20, very special QQp
for one hour only, at, each O 7
Men's $2.50 Union Suits $1.89
12 to 1 P. M. today, first floor. Your
ehoiee of men's Winter weight cotton
ribbed Union Suits; perfect fitting, ex
tra good quality. A ready seller at
f2.50, very special for 1 ftQ
hour only at low price of p X eO7
$3.00 House Dresses for $1.49
1 to 2 P. M. today, second floor. 100 1
pieee Dresses, suitable for house or street
wear; these well-made, perfect-fitting
Dresses eom in stripes and checks, light
or dark, all sise in the tf " y Q
lot, $3.00 vals. for 1 hour 4 X e1"
Reg. 85c Union Suits for 50c
1 to 2 P. M. today, first floor. A one
hour sale of Women's White Union
Suits, high neck, long sleeves, ankle
length, fleece lined; our regular Sac
values. Take ivanigt r-ii
this low price, special, each
Reg. $6.50 Rain Capes $4.95
j to 4 P. M. today, basement under
price tore, 100 new Rain Capes for
Women and Misses, all sizes, hood at
tached; -navy blue, rain-Jyf QC
proof; $6.50 values, spel P'T7J
$2.50 Cotton Comforts at $1.89
3 to 4 P. M. today, third floor. The
big bedding store offers a seasonable
sale of white cotton-filled Comforts,
ailkoline covered, double J ft Q
bed size, $20 values, f or 3 X eO7
Men's 20c Sox, 2 Pair, for 25c
3 to 4 P. M. today, first floor. A real
opportunity to buy extra good quality
of Men's Merino Sox, both light and
dark shades of gray, spliced
heel and toe, 20e values, 2 prs. ad J C
Reg. 75c Fancy Veiling at 43c
3 to 4 P. M. today, first floor. A
choice stock OX modioli aesign ior xaii
wear in Mesh Veilings, plain or novelty.
Come in every wanted shade;
43 c
ami Tri vrrta. HTVtrmL TdL
I '" T -1 r r
$2.50 Tailored Waists for 89c
4 to 6 P. iL today, in the basement
underpric store. Women's Tailored
Waists In plaited, tucked or embroid
ered style; broken line, but all sizes
in the lot. Value to SftQ-,
special for this hoar only at O 7 C
$3.50 Bed Pillows for $2.45
4 to 5 P. M. today, third floor. A sale
of good feather-filled Pillows, covered
with heavy stripe ticking; size 21x23,
our regular $3.50 value, rery special
for this on hoar enly at j O A f
low price of, the pair 4?d
Regular $2.00 Handbags $L19
4 to P. M. today, first floor. We
offer aa extra grade seal Bag, leather
lined, with coin purse, gilt and gunmltal
vnmmingm. maao in iwu
service; $2.00 values for
I t , , I
Reg. $7.50 Taf
feta Petticoats,
Special at $2.95
10 to 11 A. M. to
day, 2d floor. 500 Taf
feta Silk Petticoats,
eut full in the body,
styled with deep
flounce, trimmed in
bands, tucks, plaits etc
Black and colors, Vals.
to$7.50 f0 QC
special D ad e 7 9
$1.50 Undressed D0II3 at 98c
10 to 11 A. M. today, fourth floor. A
sale of undressed Dolls, 22 inches long,
sleeping eyes, sewed wig, full jointed,
jointed hands; regular $1.50 values.
This entire lot offered on spe- QQ
eiel sale for one hour at, ea. j O C
lar $1.85
gowns, Sp'l 94c
12 to 1 P. M. today,
3d floor. A splendid as
sortment of women's
dainty Nightgowns in
slip-over styles, high,
low and square neck;
short and long sleeves,
trimmed in embroidery,
good $1-85 CkAr
als., special iV'TV
Women's Regn
lar $2.25 Petti-
coats, Special 98c
1 to 2 P. IL, 2d floor.
Be among the busy buy
ers who shop by the
clock. Here is a show
ing of women's Petti
coats, with wide tucked
flounce or flounces of
embroidery. Regular
$2.23 aluesCQr
special, each OC
Women's $6.50
Combinations at
Sp'l Price $3.98
3 to 4 P. M. today,
2d floor. French hand
made combination Cor
set Cover and Skirt, al
so Drawers and Corset
Cover, daintily em
broidered in floral and
eonventionel d e s igns ;
Vals. to QQ
$6.50 at j0e7O
Children's Reg. 20c Hose 11c
3 to 4 P. M. today, first floor. Com
plete stock of children's black ribbed
Cotton Stockings, seamless foot, good
Winter weight, fast dye; 20e 1 1
values, for one hour, special. X X C
Men's Reg. $4.00 Shoes $2.95
3 to 4 P. M. today, first floor, a one
hour sale of Men's Box Calf and Gun
metal Shoes, rery stylish, and seasonable
$4.00 values, special for J O QC
this hour only for, pr. y 4 S J
Andirons, Regu:
lar $3.50 Values,
Sp'l Price $2.75
4 to 5 P. M. today,
3d floor home furnish
ing department, a 1
hour sale of Andirons,
in black finish. 14
inches high, splendid
$3.50 values, special for
this hourly sale at the
rery low O 7 C
srica of Pd O
Regular 65c Union Suits 39c
4 to 5 P. M. today, first floor, chil
dren' fleeced Union Suits, gray or
ecru, full Winter weight, all sizes; regu
lar 65c values; very special to-QA
day for this hour only at J J C
3 to 4p.m. Y
N i m
Self -Basting Tur
key Roaster, 60c
Value, Each 40c
10 ,to 11 A. M. to
day, 3d floor. Thanks
giving sale of large
oover.ed self-basting'
Turkey Roasters. One
of the handiest and
best made. A regular
60c seller, special for
one hour at A f
only, esehfvC
Reg. 15c Witch Hazel Soap 6c
10 to 11 A. M. today, first floor. Dr.
Munyon's Witch Hazel Soap for chapped
hands and all skin diseases. Will im
prove any complexion. Puro6t and best
of toilet soaps; regular 15o the
cake, special for this one hour
Dinner Sets, $5
Value for $3.49
$9.95 Value $6.95
12 to 1 P. M. today,
3d floor. A sale of
semi Porcelain open
stock Dinner Sets. Blue
border, full gold line;
special at these prices:
50-pe. $5.00 set, $3.49
60-pc $6.40 set, $4.68
100-pc $9.95 set, ?6.95
Women's Regn-
lar $1.50 Corsets
at This Price 75c
1 to 2 P. It today
in the basement under
price store, white cou
tU Corsets, long hip
models, neatly trim'd
in lace and embroid
ery, 2 pair of hose sup
porters, regular values
to $L50, ttfye
only, each QC
Children's $13.50
Coats at Very
Sp'l Price $6.87
3 to 4 P. M. today.
A timely sale of Chil
dren's Wool Coats, 2d
floor. All wanted col
ors in a good range of
patterns and materials
for school wear. Regu
lar values to $13.50. On
tor one tf Q 7
hoar atj)0O
50c Dress Goods at 25c
3 to 4 P. M. today, basement under
price store, we offer a good range of
colors in plain and fancy stripes, heavy,
serviceable material many in
short lengths, 50c values, yd. d 3 C
$1.00 Wrinkle Lotion for 69c
3 to 4 P. M. today, second floor, Mme.
Hudson's Wrinkle Lotion, positively not
injurious, leaves the skin soft and good
complexion. Will remove wrin- Q
kles; always $1.00, special atOcC
Women's $3.50
Petticoats at the
Sp'l Price $1.89
4 to 5 P. M. today,
2d floor. We offer a
handsome line of wom
en's white Petticoats,
made of fine longcloth.
They are styled in deep
flounces, lace and em
broid 'y trim'd, cut full.
A$30 (1 QQ
val. atPXeO7
Men's 25c and 35c Ties 124c
4 to 8 P. M. today in our basement
onderpriee store, your choice of 20 dozen
men's new Four-in-Hand Ties, all colors
and designs; good quality - Ql
silk, full length, 25c, 35c val. X ad 21
Regular 10c Hair Nets for 3c
10 to 11 A. M. today in the basement
underprice store, finest quality of In
visible Hair Nets, extra large size, all
shades, tied ends; our regular 10c val
ues, placed on sale for one hour O
only at the low price pf, each at J C
Children's $1.50 Sweaters 87c
10 to 11 A. M. today, second floor, your
choice of Children's Sweaters, daintily
trimmed in contrasting colors. Just what
babies need for morning wear. Ages 1
to 5 years, regular $1.50 val- y
ues, for one hour's selling at O C
75c Dress Patterns for 58c
10 to 11 A. M. today, basement store.
A splendid assortment of Percale Suit
ings; 10 yards each, patterns in light,
medium and dark colors; regular 75c
values, very special for one Q
hour's selling at this low price QOC
- i
50c Chocolate Creams for 25c
12 to 1 P. M. today in the basement
candy department. A one-hour sale of
those delicious Belmont Chocolate
Creams. Our regular 50c quality, on
special sale for one hour only QH
special, the pound, only faOC
Reg. $1.25 Centerpieces at 72c
12 to 1 P. M. today, second floor. Your
choice of 36-inch Centerpieces, stamped
on good quality white linen, conventional
designs; values from $1.00 to $1.25;
free lessons every afternoon CTQ
from 1 to 5, special for 1 hour CC
18c Fancy Flannels for 12c
1 to 2 P. M. today, first floor, 18.000
yards of pretty Flannels for waists
wrappers and house dresses. Just right
weight for these cool days. Regular 18c
value, but you may buy all " Ql
you wish at only, the yd. X su2C
Reg. 19c Waste Basket3 12c
1 to 2 P. M. today, in the basement
underprice store, a sale of Waste Paper
Baskets, made of cardboard, neatly cut
and decorated; collapsible; regular Val
ues 19c, on sale for one hour y
only at the low price of, each X ad C
Children's Reg. 35c Hose 5c
3 to 4 P. M. today in the basement
store, Children's Hose, in cotton' or cash
mere. These are broken lines, not all
sizes in each line, but all sizes in
each lot; values to 35c the pair, at O C
$2.50 Hot Water Bottle at 99c
3 to 4 P. M. today, first floor. Large
2-qt. size Hot Water Bottles, of finest
pure red gum rubber, reinforced edge
and mouth, warranted for two A A
years ; reg. $2.50 values for J J C
Reg. $6.85 Dinner Sets $4.85
3 to 4 P. M. today, third floor. A sale
of Semi-porcelain, open stock Dinner
Sets; gold border and line, fancy shapes,
100-pc set, $13.50 raL, Jv Q -$9.45;
50-pcs. $6.85 vaLtpHteOeJ
Women's $1.25 Brassieres 79c
3 to 4 P. M. today, second floor. Wom
en's Brassieres in a variety of styles, in
cluding combination corset cover and
bust supporter, short or long TA
models, values to $3-25, spec'l XJ C
Children's $1.25 Sleepers 67c
4 to 5 P. M. today in the basement'
underprice store, a fine assortment of
children's sleepers, made of good grade
of canton flannel; ages to 3?7
years; $1.25 values, special tQ C
Reg. 30c Stick Candy for 15e
4 to 5 P. M. today in the basement
candy store, a one-hour sale of dainty
Stick Candy. The kind that sells regu
larly at 30c a pound, but you may buy
all you want here during this 1
one hour at the special price IDC
Reg. 5c Coat Hangers, 2 for 5c
4 to 5 P. M. today in the basement
underprice store, Wire Coat Hangers,
heavily tinned, for making fancy Christ
mas hangers ; regular 5c value
special for one hour, 2 for only J
From 11 A. M. to 12
Women's $1.75 Drawers 98c
11 A. M. to 12 today, second floor.
Choice of women's circular - shape
Drawers, open or closed, with fitted
waists, trimmed in lace and Q Q
embroidery, $1.75 values at J7 O C
Boys' $1.50 Shirts for 89c
11 A. M. to 12 noon, 1st floor, a com
plete line to select from; Boys' Negli
gee Shirts, collar attached; fine
French flannel, light and rt A
medium shades; 12 to 14, at O C
$5.00 Mesh Bags for $3.67
11 A. M. to 12 today, first floor.
150 Mesh Bags, best German silver
shirred tops; small mesh, white kid
lined; useful, dainty, t0 CI "7
gift; $5.00 value for4e3eO I
25c Tooth Powder, Box 12c
11 A. M. to 12 today, first floor.
Lyon's Tooth Powder, one of the best
and oldest powders on the market;
keeps teeth clean, white and 1 O
healthy; 25o box for only X ad C
Women's 75c Silk Hose 39c
11 A. M. to 12 today, first floor.
Women's All-silk Stockings, with gar
ter tops and lisle heels and toes; ex
ceptional 65c to 75e value, QQ
special for one hour only at O C
$1.50 Colored Pictures 98c
11 A. M. to 12 today, fourth floor.
The Campbell art line of colored re
productions of famous paintings; all
good subjects;, regular $1.50 Q ft
values, special for 1 hour 17 O w
From 5 to P. M.
$2.25 Combinations at $1.29
5 to 6 P. M. today, second floor.
Pretty Combination Corset Cover and
Drawers, also Corset Cover and Skirt,
of cambric and long- d 1 OQ
lace and em'dy trim'd J) X eadaV
$2.50 Pl'n'tte Kimonos $1.29
5 to 6 P. M. today, in the base
ment underprice store. Women's long
Flannelette Kimonos in loose-fitting
styles, all sizes, beau- O Q
tiful patterns, $2-50 val. ij) X ead7
Men's $1.00-$1.25 Shirts 35c
5 to 6 P. M. today in basement
underprice store, lot of Men's plain
or pleated bosom Shirts; good quality
cambric, sizes 16 to 17 ;QH
regular $1 to $1-25 values at c3 O C
Reg. 5c Sewing Silk for 2c
5 to 6 P. M. today in base
ment underprice store, sublime qual
ity Sewing Silk for hand or machine,
high-grade black and all colors, ty
regular 5c spool, spec'l at only d C
Reg. 75c Centerpieces 43c
5 to 6 P. M. today, second floor. A
one-hour sale of 27-inch Centerpieces,
stamped on good quality of white
linen in conventional de- A O
signs, 75c values, special at frO C
Boys' $3.00 Shoes for $1.98
5 to 6 P. M. today, basement
underprice store, a splendid lot of big
and little boys' Shoes for dress or
school ; all sizes, regu- (J Oft
lar $3.00 values, spl P X 70
20c Dress Ginghams 12 c
5 to 6 P. M. today, first floor, do
mestic aisle for one hour, choice Dress
Ginghams, all new Fall stock, light or
dark colors, regular 20c 1 Ol
values, very special, yd. X ad 2 C
60c Roosevelt Game for 47c
5 to 6 P. M. today, fourth floor. Mr.
Roosevelt in Africa, the newest game,
showing the route he traveled and the
animals he killed; a regular
60c gsme for 1 hour only at T" f C
( I 5 to 6rm. A
1 m
' ' ....... . .