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    tite Morning oregonian, -Tuesday, - November 8, i9io.
Republicans Expect to Elec
Representatives and to
Make Clean Sweep.
Xomlnccs for Supreme Court Judges
Ge Very Little Support Woman
Suffrage Is Hi pert cd to Win,
There Being No Opposition.
SEATTT.E. Wait, Nov. 7. Special
The indications are that a light vote
will b cast tomorrow. The campaign
haa been larking in enthusiasm, save
In one or two contests, and the Repub
lican are . confident of victory. The
ranvafs for the so-called non-partisan
Supreme Court ticket haa failed to re
ceive the support expected by Its pro
moters, and the election of the five Re
publican candidates for the Supreme
Court Bench la reasonably certain.
The Republican state campaign con
mtttea baa not directed a campaign, ba
ins; a standpat body and entirely out
of touch with the insurgent county com
mittee. Betting Is in favor of the K-
Dubllcaa Judiciary ticket.
The moat interesting devtj-pmfnt of the
last hours of tea state campaign is the
atrotur sentiment shown (or the woman
swfrraae amendment to the state constv
tutloo. Not ooa stump speaker for either
party has opposed the amendment and
there haa bean no organised movement
ssralnst it.
Xa tha First Congressional district Rep
resentative William K. Humphrey baa
been conducting a winning fight. The
Republicans predict that ha will ba
etected by the normal party majority
Tim Democrats, wbo have endeavored to
enlVt insurgent Republicans In the causa
of W. W. Black, predict a close vote, but
ssa not hopeful that their candidate will
In the Second Congressional district
JSLenrV-e Lacghorne, lemocrat. has mad
a hard CrfU against Stantoo Werburtoo.
Republican, for Representative In Con
gress. Both sides are claiming victory,
and the result of tomorrow's voting la
m doubt.
In tha third district. William L. La
FoUette, insurgent Republican, is prac
tically unopnosed.
The polls open at t A. M. and close
a I v. M.
In Seattle a feature of tha day will
ba the) special election for a big bond
issue to carry on various Improvements.
Tba total amount of the proposed bond
Issues. Including $1. "SO. 000 (or Improve
ment of harbor facilities; 11.400.000 (or
tba extension of the municipal lighting
Plant, and Sl.uOO.OOO (or a new City
Hall. Is $4,42. 000. The success of the
Republican legislative ticket in King
County la Indicated.
Republicans and Pemocrata Hopeful
on Representative.
TACOMA. Wash, Nov. T. (Special.)
Indlcatlona tonight are that even with
good weather tomorrow Pleros County
will cast only ths usual off-year vote
and that. In ths event of rain, the vote
a ill be very much smaller than usual-
Interest in the campaign centers
wholly In the Congressional fight be
tween Maurice Langhome, Democrat,
and Stanton Warburton. Republican.
both of Tacoma. both ifq are claim'
Injr the county and the district. War'
burton by "Sou to 11.000. and the Lang'
home men by about 3S0O.
Of tha 13 counties In tha district.
Langhome claims Pierre. Thurston,
Lewis, Mason. Clark. Skamania and
Jefferson, with an even break In Che
halls and Pacific. The Congressional
fight has be-n keen and bitter with
union labor taking a prominent part,
end the laboring men claiming to have
Warburton's promise that if he la elect
ed labor may name tha next Post
The Democrats have been doing a
great deal of apeechmaklng. but on
the county ticket ars generally re
warded as having no chance at any
thing. On the Legislative ticket their
chief hops Is of landing Peder Jensen.
of Fern Hill, over H. H. Fat land.
On the Supreme Court ticket, the non-
partisans have not even caused a flurry,
and ths Republican nominees will carry
Pierce easily. On the superior judge
ships. Clifford and Card are likely to
wing. The Democrats have based some
hopes on ex-Mayor Wright (or County
Assessor, but admit privately they havs
few hopes of landing him or anybody
else on the county ticket, but claim
they do believe that In view of War
burtea's record they can overcome ths
large normal Republican majority and
carry Pierce County for Langhorns tomorrow.
Cloae or Campaign Marked by Bit
ter Personalities.
WALLA WALLA. Nov. T. Special. V
(Stpechil.) Mudsilnging characterized tha
lant day of the campaign which closed
be re tonight, and mors bitterness Is be
ing shown than waa ever before known
In th:a county. Th fight ends tonight,
but breaches havs been opened that will
not close for years and ths election will
settle only the question of offices.
Tl:e most bltt.r campaign has been
against Charles Painter. Republican can
didate tor Sheriff. He has been th sub
ject of many anonymous artlclea in
newspapers under tl head of paid ad
vrt:smnnts. and these unsigned artlclea
have created a guod-alxrd tempest In ths
political teapot. Mike Toner is his op
ponent. About to Is wagered on ths
outcome of this) fight.
Lew Lohr. lU'publlcaa candidal for
County iiiRlneer. has also been th ob
ject of attacks through unsigned artlclea
,verett J. fmlth has also been subject
to attack, but his wsa in tha open. Th
streets tonight are crowded with poli
ticians and despite th ram discussions
ars r;fe.
Heavy Kaln. It Is Relieved. Will Aid
Itrpnbliran Ticket.
PPPKANE. Wash.. Nov. 7 (Special.)
Ixw-hanclng clouds with Intermittent
showers today boils 111 for a heavy vote
at the general election tomorrow, and
the Democrata. depending on tha will-o'-the-wisp
country vote, (ear dlrs results.
Sweeping victories for th Republican
nominee In Kastern Washington art
predicted, except In county cases where
personal fights are being waged.
Statements of Spokane leaders tonight
are that the five Republican candidates
for Judire will carry Spokane County
bv 1100, La Kollette. for Congress, by
100, and' for tha Legislature Republi
cans ars expected to win except in the
Fifth Representative district, where Cap
tain John Gray may defeat Guy B.
Graff. Republican, and in the Fifth Sen
atorial district, where Fred Baldwin may
beat Councilman Q. W. Shafer.
Potndexter's election to tha United
States Senate Is practically assuced by
the election of a Republican Legislature,
Heavy rains, in Whitman County mean
Republican victories, for Democrats are
campaigning cn economic platforms and
tha farmers, wbo pay 6a per cent of ths
taxes, are most heavily Interested.
Idaho Panhandle predictions are tha
Brady, for Governor, will be given the
raoa of his life by J. H. Hawley. Sho
shone County, home of Barney O'Nell.
former Gubernatorial candidate. h
shifted to the Democratic camp and only
one picture . of Brady is displayed In
Wallace, th county seat, that being
Republican headquarters, Brady s ma
Jorlty In tha state, which was 8000 last
year, will not ba more than 4o00. Sena
tor Heyburn closed the campaign there
B. L. French, insurgent Republican, for
Congress, will run strong In the north.
leading Bowen. Democrat, by a big ma'
Jority. His strength In South Idaho
a problem. The election of the re
mainder of the Republican state ticket
Is assured. Scratching of tickets is the
Local option elections will be held In
score of towns . in the Inland Empire,
among the cities voting on whisky be
ing Prosser. North Yakima, Deer Park,
Colvllle. Granger. Colfax. Lb. Grange,
Ritxville. Medical Lake. Wenatcnee.
Goldendale. Dayton and Davenport.
Person Thought Mrs. Crippen
Found in Middle West.
Clones Campaign Without Malice,
He Says, and Has Palth That
Voter Will Cboose Him.
Ths final Republican rally of ths cam'
calan was held last night at St. Johns.
where A. W. Lafferty, Grant B. Dimlck
and Lionel R. Webster addressed a large
audience and advocated the election of
the entire Republican ticket. K. C.
Kouch. candidate fob the Legislature.
Mr. Lafferty waa first introduced and
In nn eloauent speech of 40 minutes' dur
ation won the hearty applause or uie
'At th close of this campaign I can
truthfully say that I bold no malic or
1U will toward any man. whether friend
of foe," declared Mr. Lafferty. "Many
things have been said about me that
were not true, but I am happy to know
that he voters have not believed them.
Ton gave me th nomination for Rep
resentative in Congress at the primary
September 31 because I stand for what
von want. You desire tht tariff revised
and you want th powers of the Inter
state Commerce Commission enlarged so
as to enable that body to fix minimum
rates. These things I shall work for
If elected. You have been convinced of
my sincerity from the speeches I have
mad la every county of the district set-
tins; forth the reason for the faitn that
Is In me. T cannot believe that you win
tomorrow abandon your purpose to se
cure tliess laws, which you undertook
when you gave me th nomination. But
whatever tha result may be. I shall be
satisfied, for I feel that I have done all
that was within my power. There is
always a ting of sadness connected with
th utterance of the final word in any
undertaking where men are associated
together tor a time In any work, and to
night I want to thank you, and the otner
people of the district who have so pa
tiently gone over these questions with
roe In th mary meetings I have ad
dressed during this campaign. My heart
l in ths work and I shall keep It up.'
Th anolaus that followed Mr. Laf
ferty .closing words was entbuslasuo
and prolonged.
Judge Dimlck followed Mr. LAfTerty, to
whom he paid a high tribute, speaking
of his remarkable campaign and com
mending him to the audience as a man
who would) do things for Oregon at the
National capital. Judge Dimlck mads a
powerful olea for the election of Gover
nor Bowerman and declared the time had
come to stop electing Democrats to th
highest offices In th gift .of Oregon
Street Orators at Fourth and Wash
ington Unite When One Speak
er Downs Other.
Prohibitionists and Socialists divid
ed a meeting at Fourth and Washlng-
on streets last sight. The biggest
crowd that has congregated on ths
treets of Portland during the cam
paign, stood fui three hours, part of
th time with raises umoreijas, near
Ins th tenets of Socialism and th
caus of prohibition expounded.
Th Socialist meeting at rourtn ana
Alder streets broke up early on account
of a shower. Most of ths crowd moved
down to Washington street. This aus
mented that crowd till It packed th
treat from curb to curb. Then th
Socialists began asking questions and
houtlng, until the prohibition speaker
could not be heard. J. M. Roam, one of
the street-corner orators for the So
cialists mads his way to an automo
bile, climbed In and waving his arms,
TVs ask for th right of free speech:
Ive these men the same right. Let s
hear what they have to aay. Don t
Interrupt them."
A calm spread over the restless au
ence. This so pleased the "drys"
hat Rev. E. H. Mowre. who had been
peaking, announced that they would
ivide the meeting with the socialists.
The announcement was received with
houts by both sides and they assumed
an attentive attitude. Roam then made
speech from th automobile, saying
it waa th first time in his life he had
ever been In one. Mr. Mowre followed.
Is did not speak on Socialism, but hs
flayed M. C BanHeld and W. H. Cor
bett and the officers and members of
the Greater Oregon Horn Rule Associa
tion, saying they are all employers who
re fighting union labor.
Rev. W. F. Reager then took up th
ssme Una or argument and waa fol
lowed by Millard Price. Socialist. He
alked both Socialism and prohibition.
nd when he shouted. "I would like to
see the whole liquor business wiped off
the fac of th earth. there waa great
Rev. Mr. nowre saia. i wisn mis
meeting would last all night." and tntro-
uced Rev. illiam Parsons, who de
livered ths last adJress.
Gallows May Vet Be Cheated
Belle Elmore Lives Woman,
Thought to Be Murdered, Said
to Be in Sanatorium.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 7. That tba
woman supposed to be the wife of Dr.
Hawley Crippen. for the murder of
whom he is under sentence of death In
London, has been under surveillance for
the last five days, somewhere In the
Middle West, was stated by the bead
of a private detective agency here to
He refused to name the place where
he had located her but said she had
been Interviewed and gave the lmpres
sion that she Is being detained in I
-I will be able to tell by Thursday
whether our clew amounts to any'
thing," h said.
The London authorities havs been In'
Man Who Knows Mrs. Crippen Dis
believes Rumors.
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. Bruce Miller,
probably ths only person In Chicago or
vicinity who could positively Identify
Bells Crippen, If she Is alive, said tonight
that he had not been called upon to Iden
tify the woman as Mrs. Crippen. '
Miller returned to Chicago today from
London, where he had been one of ths
principal witnesses in the trial of th
He said hs had heard nothing that
would Indicate that Mrs. Crippen was
alive and expressed disbelief of the ru
mors that she was in hiding In this
Miller was named by Dr. Crippen,
after his arrest, as an Intimate friend
of the actress and said he believed she
had gone to the United States to join
Government Will Not Act.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 7. No action is
anticipated by the State Department re
gardlng reports that Belle Elmore Crip
pen Is alive. After the reports for
warded to Washington are presented to
the Stats Department, it Is declared they
would bs referred to the British Em
bassy or o the English Consul in Phila
delphia, as the case Is considered solely
within the Jurisdiction of the criminal
courts of England.
(Continued From First Page.)
Governor by greatly reduced pluralities
from th Presidential vote of two years
ago and choose a Republican Legis
lature, which will send Representative
Townsend to the United States Senate
in place of Julius Caesar Burrows. There
is a good chance that Edwin Denby will
bs beaten for Congress in the First Dis
trict by Frank L. Doremus, Democrat.
Iowa Situation Doubtful.
The factional difficulties In Iowa
make the situation on the eve of elec
tion interesting, at least- The chances
are that Governor Carroll, Republican,
will be re-elected, although the Demo
crats count on enough defection to de
feat him, and that the Legislature.
which will choose a successor to the
late Senator Dolllver. will be Republi
can. The Republicans are likely to
lose at least two of the seats they
now hold in Congress.
Governor TV. B. Stubbs is slated for
re-election in Kansas by 80.000, and
the Republicans are likely to retain
the seats in Congress they now hold
with on exception, and possibly two.
Fight Close in Nebraska..
Nebraska haa a desperately close con
test on the Governorship and In the last
days of the campaign ths. Legislative
fight, involving the election of a suc
cessor to Senator Burkett. has become
decidedly Interesting, both sides mak
ing claims for victory. The fact that
Bryan la against Dahlman, Democr&tio
candidate for Governor, la believed to
give a shade the. better of It to the Re
publican candidate, ex-Governor Ches
ter H Aldrlch. The sttuatlon also is
badly complicated by the liquor ques
Minnesota will elect A. O. Eberhart,
Republican, Governor, and the Legislat
ure will continue to be strongly Re
publican, insuring the re-election of
United States Senator Clap p. insurgent.
The Republicans may lose one or two.
This completes ths list of states In
which the greatest interest has been
(Continued From First Page. ) "
Mr. Otto Paul. Milwaukee. Wia. says
Foley's Honey and Tar is still mors
than th best. He writes us: "I have
many rails for roieys Money and
Tsr that 1 will hav to write you (or
ome more. All moss tnai oougnt It
htnk It is the bast for coughs snd rplds
hev ever bad and I think it is Still
more than the best- Our baby had a
bad cold and It cured him In on day.
leas acoept I can a a. ecu a aj ail
rug gists.
plans woukl fall tnrough and that their
attractions would be seen In the Heillg
Theater In Portland." continued air.
Heillg. "I was never In doubt but that
Fro b man, Klaw St Erlanger would ap
preciate that we are too firmly en-
renched to fear opposition.
When Mr. Klaw made his recent
tour of the West I think that he real
ized this and advised his partners to
se useless warfare. It was Mr.
K law's first trip West in .years and
ears and he did not realize what w
had out hers Klaw, Erlanger and,
he rest of them have stayed in New
ork or Europe while a vast country
has grown up, and It has proved Itself
enough to demand some voice in
the administration of Its theaters. Now
w theater managers have something
to say about what terms shall be and
what attractions we will offer our pa
trons. It took us a llttl time to im
press Frohman. Klaw St Erlanger as
to this, but now that they admit it,
we are all glad. I am sure.
"This means a greater variety or at
tractions for the theater-goers of
Portland. Undoubtedly this peace pact
takes effect at ones and this present
season will see the advent at the Hei
llg not only of the shows of the Shuberta
and other Independents, but many of
the attractions flying the banners of
Charles Frohman, Klaw St Erlanger,
Henry B. Harris, Frederic Thomoson,
Cohen St Harris and other syndicate
While Mr. Heillg could not say. yes
terday's developments in theatrical
New Tork practically mean that Klaw
St Erlanger will not build a theater of
their own in Portland. They have no
need of one. now that they have mad
their peace wtth John Cort. Mr. Heillg
and thefr associate
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Fred A. Ballin Declares He Will
Give W. H. Corbet t Chance to
Prove Assertion In Court.
'As to Mr. Swigert's ownership of
stock in th. Willamette Iron & 8teel
Works, it Is not a matter open -to specula
tion or discussion by those not connected,
any mors than to reiterate that he is
not a stockholder with us and has not
been for some years, and furthermore
has never shown us any more favor than
other customers who were satisfied with
what they purchased from us;" says W.
B. Corbet t in a letter to The Oregon! an.
I certainly never discussed the mat
ter with Mr. Ballin," the letter contin
ues, "nor made any statements to him
such ss he swears to. The Pacific Coast
Chapter of the Ananias Club has certain
ly overlooked him or he would be hold
ins; down the Job of president-"
9o much for Mr. Corbett's opinion of
Fred A. Ballin, a marine engineer.
Mr. Ballin speaks as follows of Mr.
Corbett in another epistle which arrived
at The Oregonian office yesterday:
Mr. Corbett states I was responsible
for ths downfall of ths Wolf & Zwlcker
Iron Works. This Is a contemptible false
hood on his part. I shall give him a
chance to prove bis assertion in court.
If he believed It, why did he employ my
services in getting- started in shipbuild
ing and have me furnish the plans for
all- ths steel steamers bis arm has built
Lost Winter I had the effrontery to
associate myself with Charles Machem of
the Vulcan Iron Works and J. B. C
Lock-wood of the Marin. Iron Works,
formerly engineer for the Port of Port
land, but ousted by Mr. Swlgert. in bid
ding on the repairs and alterations to
the United States dredge Chinook. After
vain attempts on the part of the Willam
ette . Iron Works to have me sell out
my partners, we got the contract, which
they believed to have fixed for them
selves. I was maruea tor siaugnter.
Not openly, hut assiduously, they set
to work to undermine my reputation. Mr.
Ball cams to my office a few weeks ago
and blamed Mr. Swigert for his Inability
to employ m. on a proposed boat for
Seattle similar to the H. B. Kennedy,
which I designed. t '
"I am not drawing on my Imagination,
as Mr. Corbett puts it, when I stats that
Mr. Swlgert is Interested In the affairs
of the Willamette Iron St Steel Works
On the same day already referred to
that Ball was in my office he wanted
roe to sign a contract giving bis firm the
exclusive right to manufacture and sell
my boiler. I refused. roxt. Mr. Swlgert
was Instructed to bribe my partner, Mr.
Korrlin, and by offering him a salary of
1300 a month they secured his services.
a ions as I waa userui to mem. ana
lined uo with their Interests I was wel
come. Th. grand Jury prooaoiy wia oe
clde whether I have drawn on my lm
ajrinatlon. When called to the stand I
shall be able to prove my statements
bv documentary and other evidence."
Caotaln ueorge rope nas mis to say
In-reply to Mr. Corbett s assertion in at
he was forced to resign nis position
with Lloyds:
I resigned on account Of a dirrer
ence. That dillerenoe was inai i iriea
to protect one of our local shippers.
namelv the firm of Meyer. Wilson
se Co. These people ware swinoiea out
of thousands of dollars. Th. case arose
over the ship Decau. Anyone who has
traced this case knows now i was
born, out by th. facts. For IS years
my contingent resignation was In
Lloyds' hands and when I found I was
not sustained In tne .ueoau case, i re
Mr. Corbett admits in his letter that
he was somewhat hasty in his remarks
n reference t M. O. Munly. Hs says
n explanation:
'I wrote the article sssssrreir to with
my temperature a little above normal.
really have no quarrel wnn judge
Munly or the people who want the
Broadway bridge hunt, although I still
think the project is an unwarranted
one at this time. What I object to Is
the character of the campaign being
waged against the Port of Portland
and the dragging- in of my personal
business relations. I have no apolo
gies whatever to offer for my remarks
In reference to ths "Big Four whose
careers psst and present ware referred
to. and whose affidavits were the meat
of the alleged evidence against th. Port
of Portland Commission.
Referring to the drydock controversy,
Mr. Corbett says that no basis of rental
was arranged for the leaslns; of the
public dock to the Oregon Drydock
Company. He asserts that the tonnage
handled on' docks has increased sines
the Oregon drydock was built, and as
serts that the new rates established
by the Commission are lower than the
old rates, also that Doth docks operate
on them. Further extracts from his
communication are as follows:
"Collusive bidding on the contract
for the Port of Portland drydock is be
yond any knowledge of the writer."
"Mr. Munly says we have never ex
plained why we built the Oregon dry
dock when the public drydock failed
to pay expenses. This is a poser for
us. Sometimes we wonder ourselves,
but we hope In the course of events
to prove to our stockholders that our
confidence In ths growth of the port
was not misplaced." .
Conductor on Condon Branch Re
futes Campaign Charge.
Emphatic refutation of the . charge
that Acting Governor Bowerman, .Re
publican direct primary nominee for
Governor, used a railroad pass and col
lected mileage from the state in 1909,
was made last night by "Pat" Mi-
hnYfov in a.n Adriresn delivered at Sixth
and Washington streets before a large I
Mr. Mahaffey for many years has
been employed as conductor by the
O. R. & N. Company. During the regu
lar and special sessions of the Legisla
ture last year, Mr. Mahaffey was work
ing on the Condon branch of this rail
road system. In his address last night.
Mr. Mahaffey made the positive asser-
tion that every time Mr. Bowerman was
a passenger on his train, he produced
a ticket in payment for his passage.
Mr. Mahaffey - supported his state
ments by quoting definite dates on
which Mr. Bowerman rode on his trains
luring the two sessions of the Legisla
ture last year.
Express Drivers and Employers on
Point of Settlement.
KEW TORK, Nov. 7. Strong res
sure to end th. express strike was
brought to bear upon the transconti
nental companies today by the Mer
chants' Association of New York.
A letter to the companies quoted the
statement of Mayor Oaynor that the
nesrotiatlons for a settlement "failed
on one point only, namely, the com
ponies would not acquiesce in the re-
aueat of the men that none oi inem
abould be discharged because he had
Joined the union," and says this posi
tion is unreasonable.
A strike of 1000 chauffeurs today
brought many employers to headquar
tors to effect settlements, and nearly
half of the men returned to work. At
tacks on taxicabs were frequent and
tires were slashed, windows broken
and engines put out of commission.
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Women's Secrets
, .esiliLM. nil I-.! l i ... ... . ii
. - - ,
There are some things too
awful to contemplate one
Is the giving of alcohol m the
guise of medicine to boys.
We believe
Scott's Emulsion
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linn women, ia a oractice of over 40 years, it is phenomenal,
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specialists in the treatment of women's diseases.
Every sick woman may consult Dr. Pierce by letter, absolutely without
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of sun and air. You can hang up
the wet clothes, light your Perfec
tion Oil Heater, open the damper 1
top, and the heat rises and quickly
dries the clothes.
Do not put off washing to
await a sunny day in order to avoid
mildew. Dry your washing any
day with hot air from a
Absohtely tmokeless and o&oiUst
It gires nst as much heat as you desire. It is safe, odorless
and smokeless.
It has an automatic-locking flame spreader, which
Erevents the wick from being turned high enough to smoke, and
i easy to remove and drop Dack, so the wick can be quickly
cleaned. Burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, . be
cause of a new device in construction, and can always be easily
unscrewed for revicking.
An Indicator shows tbe amount ot oil In the font. Filler-cap does not need
so be screwed down, but is put in like a cork In a bottle, and U attached to the
loot by a chain. Finished in japan or nickel, strong and durable, well-made, built
lor service and yet light and ornamental.. It has a cool handle and a damper top.
Standard Oil Company.