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Vernon Wins Ten-Inning Game
3 to 2, Carson Pitching
Fine Ball.
Fan la Southland Bet on Portland
Winning Flc nd Yet Hate
to Root Against Hogan's
TMlvdafl Jl
Ysraea i. Portland -
aa Francisco -S. OeJslaod
Buruunta s. Los Aaselee -KaaMllas;
W the Caaba.
- i
i 5
Port! a I IS 14' 3 11
Oaal'4 :' I 23; 2 I'i KM.:
S. r. .. IT 14 24, 1 11
V.rnoa !:i it! ts' l 111!
Wo .( 1, IB IS) 21 i ! M
' i
I XXI t2 V 104 I'M 1 13 Wt
Won. Lost. P. r
Pot-liana MS .TT.
Oeklsed 12
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 4. (Special.)-
Happy Hoaan'a Villagers, celebrating
their manager! continued absence,
took another full out of the Beavers,
wtnnlnic by a score of to 3 In a 10
Innlng game. The Vernon outplayed
the visitors at every staite of the gams
and Carson, although he went up In the
air, fora short distance once, demon
strated that, today at least, he Is a bet
ter man in the delivery business than
Beaton. The Beavers used two pitchers
but V-er unable to atop the lllaa-ers,
although there was nothing In the way
of a runaway In the match.
The local fans are In an amusing
predicament. They are loyal to their
home teams, but they have all their
money bet on Portland for the pennant
and are anxious for Portland to win
enough game., or for Oakland to lose
enough to make the pennant tha Beav
ers' trophy. The result Is that the
Beavers are getting better treatment
from tha fans than usually fans to in
lot of the visiting players. And today
when San Francisco's victory over Oak
land In the first game was displayed on
the bulletin board, the xana yetieu
- theraselvea hoarse.
Hood Portland Weather.
umra rwi -....--. -
the fans this afternoon when they were
gathering for the game. The sky was
overcast, there was a tingle In the air
that threatened rain and the visitors
warming up were In fine fettle. The
lllagere were eomewhat hilarious over
ttieir two aticaia v iw -
t here was considerable horseplay on
me grounaa.
. j .. t w In th
first Inning and that period was soon
over. Three more Beavers fell In suc
cession In tha second. But R. Brasbear
broke the hoodoo with a single in tha
second half of this Inning. He took
second on rtapps juagie "j
. j A nili.r RruhHr'l
one and icvn va. . . . -
single to second. Coy. however, was
caught trying to make third on the
play. Ryan to Sheehan. Lindsay was
out. Sheehan to Kappa, and Hasty
Carson fanned Ort and Peaton In the
-. . . A - -h. .. m Kl a tn reach
inirq ana aaaian -
first. Then Senton fsnned Carson. Car
lisle Tew to ivrueger aim vnaa ......
Burrell out at Iirst.
Carson Balloons; Flslicr Hits.
It bad been pretty even playing up to
thie point but at tliU stage Carson took
hie little aeronautlo excursion, and. tn
the next Inning, romana ewo -" '"
tm. - mrttv ainrle to center.
.. kl. fVann nn th. llM. nil It ill Z
Ryan on' second. Krueser hit a hot one
to Carson, who threw to tfurreu iai mi-
. . . .... ii i (t, Jk,n
i;ran at inira dui ruiicu a e ..
by a mile.
The bases were full and Carson was
hallooning. Fisher stepped Into the
. i . w a mirfvr fnclne the llrtfla.
and took Carbon's breath away by swing.
Ing at the flrat ball i-hd- He caught
the ball on the nose fr two bases and
t . ...a MfML K niprnr was
t-n third but was unable to reach home
when Carlisle raugnl rmeeaan s runn iiy
tn center. Casey walked, again filling
tha bases. Ort hit to Carson, forcing
Kriiesrr st the plate and Kappa grounded
out ta flr.t. It was ne-two-three for
Ve-non ahen tneir turn came.
I. I l.ni4 a .mala In the
fifth, but It did no good and Vernon
ssain retires in in. qui-ei piui.
ooler. But In the sixth Carlisle tied the
ore on his double sna a single oy cur-
Seaton ltr (rwn Came.
The seventh saw some pretty rocky
P'.sMng by both sides but no scores.
From this point on the game was snappy
and clan. In the last half of the tenth
Lindsay dropped a Texas Leaguer over
PMeehan's head. Hasty fouied to Fisher.
Carson bunted and was safe when Sea
ton threw wild to Rapps. Cereon going
to second and t.lndsar to third. Car
lisle was welked Intentionally. Wllletts
vai put on third to run for Lindsay and
a moment laier on me romping boms on
Btirrell s single.
The score:
rarli. e. rf . .. . .
Rrrr:. 3d
H. r. If
K Bra. hear. Sb
". rf
N B' lb
I. lnd.Aj. sa
liartT. e
lareoa. 9 ......
.. ft
Total 33 3 II 30 1 3
AB R 11 PO A E
B.TSB. cf i 1 J O 1 1
olS"n. as ............ 4 1 1 3
Kru.eer. If 5 1 c 4 1 11 1 S
la-hin. Itt 4 1 1 1 1
Casey 3 t S 1
o-t. rt t a e o
Mer.sor. rf .......... I e e 1 S e
Kappa, lb 4 t 0 IS I
eaioo. p .w 3
kleea. p 3 1 0 3 3
Tntal '
one oat whea
ft : ii
stnalns rwn waa scored.
r.-n.a iseeil 3
H ts s o i s i ; io sejtsese 2
Hue a SSJlJlltO t
If.ta--nff Sealon . and ? rone. T" tie
B:;s r:tir. t."ar:uia , bacrulcs hits .V
Braabear. Carsen. Stolen base Coy: la
tliH pitched By Beaton I Baees on
b:.. Off Carson 1. off Steen 1. Struck out
By Carsoa 4. by Beaton 4. by Bteen X. Hit
by pitched ball Olson. Mnsor. Umpires
McOreevy end Irwlo. Time of game X
bour 4S mlautea
San Francisco Takes First Game
and Commuters Second.
BAN FRAXCISCO. Nov. .-S peels 1.t
Oakland and 8an Francisco broke even
today In the first of a series of three
doub'.e-hcaders that will wind up the
Coast League season. Portland met an
other defeat at the hands of Vernon and
still the pennant isn't cinched.
Four gamnr remain for each of the
leading teams In the fight. If Hosan fol
lows out nis piau ox njoiui
the Beavers In a double-header in the
a . 1- AH.HHV.W Am- nne of those CSineS
BVUUl I""", iv".
ran mark the end and give Portland the
victory. ,
hviiI,, umIim In which
1 line ek w um ijpu.v.
the Seals won In the ninth by a 2-to-l
score, and anotner ;n wm iui "
Innlnra. Th! Commuters took this lat
ter engsgem.-nt Into tbflr own ramp. 3 to
2. althoucn the Mais tnreicna
enal occasions and caused so much trou
ble that Harklna had to b benched In
favor of Moser. who really won for his
Browning worked Into and out of some
tight holes before he Anally won his own
game by driving In one run In the eighth
and aiding In another in the ninth.
The Oaka" ene run came In tha sixth.
Maggart singled to second snd rre
sacrificed. Hogan's out put him on third
and when Oameron bit to right he tallied.
Mohlcr scored both runs In the seventh.
with two down. ua "'
walked, stola second and scored when
. a - 4 4it mrar Caraer-
on'a head Into right field. In tha ninth.
when I be re were wo m
Mohler waa hit, advanced to third on
Browning's single end scored when Shaw
hit safely to center.
Tt.. n.w. than,, to iratieva wildness.
practlcaly won the second game at tha
stmt. Mnggart and Wki were walked
and sacrillM along by Hoptn. Cameron
singled, scoring Magart and'Cutshaw
worked the squetse play to send Wares
around. ,
The Seals found Harkins in tne iotu
i ...a. I. . lurkv thing for Wol-
verton that he yanked tht slabster out-
.... . m 1 f V I . I.
McArdle. iieicnoir ira " -
-1- aa . , vArln.. With WeCond
llin, i:ie m BinwiHm ."w-
and third occuplod. Moser was sent In
and he did good wotk, laiuiaos; ai....
and Vltt snd gtvtrg one to Berry that
was Uelded by Wares.
Wars ad led to the Ouklund score In
tha sixth on a single, a bad throw by
McArdle to first and Cameron's single to
center. Even with the score J to .
sgalnst them, the Beais rauiea
close. Madden, substituted for Eastley,
singled to third and beat the throw.
Shaw's out advanced Madden and he was
scored by McArdle'a single. Melchior
forced McArdle and Bodle retired the
aide. Tha scores:
First Caase.
Q O 2 0
0 0 0 4 "
0 100
o a is o o
O 0 2 2 0
0 I 1 o O
II 1 3 1
O O 1 o
0 0 0 2 0
1 1 1 0 0
"I "t 2 H 1
O 1 4 0 1
0 116 3
O 1 " n
O 1 S 0
o o "ia i o
0 0 11
o o a
X 1
1 1 27 11
Carroll. If 9
Warns, as . .
Hoazsn. cf
I'ameron. lb ..
Culshsw, 2b ..
Swsndsr. rt ...
Wolverton. 3b .
Thnmaa S ....
Nclsoo. n -...
Sl.n, aa.
Totals 83
Shaw, cf
McArdle. as 4
Meicceir. rf
Bodle. If -
Tenaant. lb 4
Vltt, b -
Berry, c f
Ttfoliler. 7b J
Browaina. a e
Two oat when winning run scored.
ItV -::::::::::8 ? S ? ? 3 ? S S5
fca,ff.:::::::::S S S S S S 1 S J.
Two-bae" hit Browning. Sacrifice hit
Warea Stolen Ussee M-Ardle 1 Mohler U
Hmwnlns r. rtrst base on called balls
Off Nelson 4. off Bro.alng 2. Struck out
Br Nelson 2. by Bre-nlnar a. Hit by
Ditcher Mohler. nouble play Mohler to
ficirdlT Passed ball Thomaa Wild pltrh
Flrowntng. Time of name 1:33. tmplrss
lilldcbrand and Toman.
aeeoad came. 1
Ms.s.rt. If
V'arasal sSee..eeaee. J - I l
r.m.ron. lb J j J g
Cutenaw. 2b S J f '
H:;;; I 5 ; : L I
U&n j 111
Totsls 31 11 1
AB R 11 PO A E
n.w. cf 1 ? i ? 1 ?
VcArdl. as 1 i ? 1 i 0
nsn.f i. ::::::::: 1 i ; ;
VI,. ,K 0 S a "
mv.'so 3 3 1
Kastley. ? ? 1 i 0
Mevld.o 1 1 1 w v
T 31
Batted for East ley In seventh.
vi.nn 2 a 0 1 08
B.rtraac.; ....-...-... 10
.N, run. 4 hits off Harklna taken oat
In third, with Be outa and two bases.
Sacrifice hits lloean. Cutshsw ."t,",,,
a,--- haw. t'lr.t base en called balls
. f Hsrklns 1. off F.atl7 4. Ktrnck out
iw ll.rklns 2. br Hii-rl by rsstley 2. Hit
Ii riu-he Bodle. b Hark'.n.: Swand'r.
V. t . - ha ! r.
unas.lsted. T'nie of m
I'm pin
Hildebnaad and Tonaaa.
Nacle Is nit Safely 15 Times and
Fielders) Loaf on .Jobs.
SACRAMENTO. Nov. 4. Sacramento
took another loosely-played game from
Loa Angeles this afternon. by a score of
S to tv Nsgla was hit safely IS times,
extra bases being gained on drives to
the outdeld through the loafing tactics
of the fielders. The members of both
teams played ragged, helping one an
other to fatten batting averages. Score:
K. H. B." R- K- E
Los Angeles 1 1. Sacramento .3 14 1
Batteries Nagle and OrendorfT; Wha
len. Herster and IaLonge. Umpires
Van Haltren and Finney.
Clasoes at Agricultural College Play
No-Score Game.
Cprvallls. Or.. Nov. 4. (Special.) Tha
games played yesterday between the
seniors and Sophomore to decide the In
terclass championship, resulted In a tie.
neither team scoring. The seniors had
tha better of the contest during the en
tire game but tha sophomores were
really weakened by tha absence of
"Toots" Richardson, tha classy back
fielder, who Is working with the varsity.
Rube" Williams, the sophomore cap
tvin and fullback, played a fast game.
He made a number of big gains In yard
age and seemed to get his man every
time. Being unsupported he could not
show so much class as Olson.
The tie will be plsyed off Novemher
11. the day before the game with trie
University of Oregon-
High School Triumphant Over
Portland Academy Eleven,
24 to 0.
Xevr Plays Not Seen in Annual Foot
ball Contest Plunges and End
Runs In Evidence Rooters
Are Ont in Force.
Portland Academy was unable to
check tha fierce onslaughts of the
heavy Lincoln High School team yes
terday afternoon at Recreation Park,
th Lincoln boys scoring four touch
downs and kicking four goals for a to
tal of 1 points. Portland Academy
could not make yardage at all against
tha Lincoln team and kicked on every
second down.
Lincoln's goal was never seriously
threatened at any time for all the play
was In Portland Academy'a territory.
No score was made as a result of end
..n- nlthmiarh lha Pnrll.flll AcademV
ends were run with good success several
limes. Ail scores earns avs a. rraun "
old-fashioned straight linebucks. each
one oi tne Dacaneia men ecwi i
Lincoln High School rooters were
Jubilant over the victory yesterday be
cause it was the Drst time In years
that Lincoln, more generally known as
tha Portland High. School, haa tri
umphed over Portland Academy in aucb
a pronounced manner. The game be
tween the teams of these two schools
have always been regarded as the most
spirited In the lnterscholastic League.
That there waa plenty of rivalry be
tween the Institutions was shown by
the rooting done by the -two sections,
each trying to outdo the other, with
the result that many yells were heard
and much noise was made. The High
School Band was present to help In the
noise, along with the largest crowd of
the season.
Light Line Hammered.
Portland Academy won the toss and
hn n IrtnV ntf Lincoln Hlfrh SchOOl.
after receiving th ball, commenced a
march for the goal and scored a touch
down in short order. The light Acad
emy line seemed unable to stop the fast
Lincoln backfleld. Jack Pay made sev
eral long end runs. In the second
quarter Trine was sent over the line
for th second touchdown. Oswald Day
and Jack Day each scored a touchdown
In the latter pare, of the game. Clay
ton Patterson, who was reported before
the game to be unable to play, was In
tha game and was much In evidence
throughout, gaining considerable yard
age and scoring th first touchdown.
Jack Day kicked all four goals.
Portland Academy, although beaten
from the nrst ana outpiayea. was Baa.
to tha finish and fought Lincoln hard
all the time, but Lincoln's excellent
team work was too much for them to
overcome. In th punting department,
where both teams wore thought to be
about even. Jack Day. for Lincoln,
proved the better, although Small mad
some wonderful punts, his spirals sail
ing far beyond the reach of the Lincoln
safety men on two occasions. Patter
son ran the punts back In good ahape.
Open Play Not Seen.
Trick plays and open Held work were
nsed but little. Lincoln being content
with hammering th Una for -good
gains. Lincoln presented on of the
best teams, from center to fullback,
that has ever represented that institu
tion. It played well as a unit, no in
dividuals standing out above the others
to any great extent. Had Lincoln been
possessed of the same team that played
yesterday in Its game with Washington
High School Its supporters believe that
the East Side Institution would have
been beaten.
jack Day, at quarterback, his brother
Oswald. Patterson, Trlre, Shearer and
O'Neel played the best gam for the
visitors. For Portland Academy Cobb.
Small. Soden. Edwards. Miller and
TUerklesen distinguished themselves.
Maston. a slender fellow, weighing not
more than 130 pounds, played at center
and distinguished himself by recover
ing several fumbles and Intercepting
several forward passes. He was .also
down under punts In good shape, in
Tyson (Capt
Muck. Tuerck .
..C. .
. I T.
Portland Acad.
...Maurhek. Frlx
.Small, C. Buntard
... (Carl.) Hoden
Wilson, fmsll
, Miller
Tooroey . . .
J. Dsy
Patterson -
Q ..
O. Dsr
rteferee iiorarniM-i ... .........
rld Judavhmld. -Head ""j-".
Umpire Clarke.
find Academy and ' Cochran ot Uncn,n
inch School. I-ens-in of quarters li rnln
itV? Touchdowns Patterson. Trine. O. Day
.nri J Iay. Ooala from touchdown J.
t?m 4. sire-Xincoln High School 34.
Portland Academy .
Lincoln Students Parade Streets
Shouting "Rahs" of Victory.
Celebrating their J4-to-0 victory over
the Portland Academy footbalj team.
Lincoln High School rooters led by. the
Lincoln High Ewiiool brsss band of 13
Pieces, paraded and did the "serpentine
through the city last night to th
strains of "Boola Boola" and -There II
Re a Hot Time In the Old Town To
night." After marching down Morri
son street to Third, thence to Washing
ton and up to Sixth, th Jubilant youtha
proceeded to give their "war dance
nearby a Socialist meeting. This man
euver temporarily dispersed the So
cialists and It required the efforts of
several policemen to make them move
Thev then marched to Sixth and
Alder "and with the band playing the
"Grlxxly Bear" they proceeded to dance
that waits.' "Rahs" for every man on
the team were given and the march up
Alder street was continued.
On Third street a group of evange
lists of tha Salvation Army were con
ducting services and the boys showed
a deal f respect by silencing their
band and yells and doffing their hats
until after the block waa passed. When
the business district was left the stu
dents gave the report that they were
going to serenade th Portland Acad
emy and tell it th score.
SiJeh demonstrations as last night's
were common occurrences In tha days
when Portland Academy hsd such
strong athletic teams. This was about
six years ago when the Lincoln High
School, at that time the Portland High
School, and Portland Academy always
fought hard for any kind of honor. Us
ually Portland Academy had triumphed.
It Is because of that fact and tha sound
whipping administered that the Lincoln
students held their jubilee last night.
Oregon May Be Crippled In Today's
Game With First-Tear "Aggies."
Or.. Nov. 4. (Special.) Th strict
measures resorted to by the faculty to
raise tha standard of scholarship may
place the freshmen football eleven In a
a;rlous predicament for th game with
the Aggie" babes on Klncald Field to
morrow afternoon. Eight of the mem
bers of the team have been posted In
their studies during the past week and
will not be allowed to practice or play
until their deficient work is made up.
With one or two exceptions, the low
marks will have been lifted by the time
the referee's whistle blows Saturday.
Interruptions In the regular practice
have crippled the smooth team work de
veloped by Hie first year men and as a
further handicap Trainer Hayward. who
attends to the sprains and bruises, is
confined to the hospital with tonsllitls.
However, under the assistant coaches.
the freshmen have developed a wonderful
little team. In a spirited 30-mlnute
game with the varsity one j night this
week, the youngsters managed to score
two touchdowns on the only college team
In the Northwest which haa not bad its
goal line crossed by a rival team this
season. The "Oregon Babies" are going
Into the gam prepared for a hard con
test. As an incentive to the new men. Man
ager Watson announces that the mem
bers of the eleven will receive regula
tion football sweaters at the dose of th
Corvallls. Or, Nov. 4. (Special.) On th
noon train today 18 husky freshman foot
ball men left for Eugene, where they
will meet the University of Oregon
freshmen tomorrow.- For the past week
Captain King and the coaches have been
putting the men through some strenuous
stunts, but last night a. short run around
the field was substituted for th heavy
work, and the players are taking It easy
now until the hpur of the contest. The
boys expect having to work hard to win.
As the varsity will play wnuman on
the day of the game. It is not expected
that many will go to Eugene from here.
Coach Doble Not Predicting Victory
From Cnlversity of Idaho.
attle, Nov. 4. (Special.) In all probabil
ity the University of Washington will
have the hardest time In many years to
win the gam here tomorrow with the
University of Idaho. Coach Dob'e's team
Is badly crippled. The Grimm brothers
and Warren and Huber, two of the most
dependable men in th Washington squad,
are out of the game.
Captain Huber Grimm will be out on
account of a badly bruised knee, while
Ift-end Warren Grimm dislocated his
thumb yesterday In scrimmage, wnicn
will compel him to remain out of the
game for at least a week. Doble looks
at the forthcoming game very gloomily.
The Washington players have prac
n..a niarhtlv on signal work. Th neces
sity of speed is seen by all of the men
on the team, ana since t.apiain unmm
haa been injured, the team will lose its
heaviest man and best yard gainer. In
losing Warren Grimm th Washington
team loses Its most dependable man on
the forward pass. Doble will have to
substitute Inexperienced and lighter men.
"Pink" Griffiths came to Seattle today
with a made-over Idaho team and an
unusually fast one. It Is said by foot
ball men they excel th Whitman squad
which Washington had such a hard tlan
beating two weeks ago. They are con
fident that they will win tomorrow.
Team Practicing- Diligently for
Game With Willamette "TJ."
The Multnomah Amateur Athletic
Club football squad Is scheduled to play
another hard game Tuesday afternoon.
This time Its opponents will be the
husky young warriors from Willamette
University, the team which gave the
Oregon Aggies a hard run for th
honors In a recent game.
Under the direction of Professor
Sweetland, the Willamette University
players have developed Into a strong
and cleveV aggregation, and they glad
ly welcome this game with Multnomah,
for the "W" players are confident that
they will win and gain considerable
proficiency in teamwork by the con
test, i t
The winged "M" team has been prac
ticing faithfully, and Its recent re
verse has not dimmed its spirit In the
least. All of Manager Latourette's men
are working with a vim, and. realizing
that they lost through costly filmbles
the only game they have played, the
Multnomah men are trying hard to
diminish the possiDiiity oi iosiue 8m
through similar errors. All of the
players havs been regular attendants
at practice, and Manager Latourette ex
presses himself as highly pleased with
the result.
McLaughlin Club and Brooklyn
Team to Meet Snnday.
n . i I aavnipaa nf amatenr football
will have an opportunity of seeing two
Of Portland S Dest teams comuaaa nil aa,n
East Twelfth and Davis-street gridiron
Sunday afternoon, when the McLaughlin
club will meet the Brooklyn eleven. Con
siderable, rivalry exists between th
n-u- u.T.ii.iiiin Cluh team Is recog
nised as one of the fastest teams id the
city, and Brooklyn naa tne saino retv.
a ,,,... - .rriv halfback last year.
and Capta'ln Strelblg. who has been out
of the gam for several weeu nu a...
. i.i. nrill atiiima nlaces behind
injurcu aai " "
the lino for the McLaughlin team. Tb
gam will be called at I o cioca.
Team Practices on Vancouver Fieia
tor Game at Corvallls.
VANCOUVER, Wash, Nov. 4. (Spe
cial.) Sixteen members of th Whit
man College football team and Coach
W-S-.- nnnlWAt thlS ITlOniilllt f TOIIl
Walla Walla en route to Corvall a,
where they play th Agricultural Col
lege team tomorrow afternoon.
Two of the players, Edson Johnson,
- i f..111..Hl. AM'
son of OI jonnson, ano annua...-.
. -n William O'Neill, tackls.
live in Vancouver, and they visited
their relatives during their stay.
Tha team practiced on the Vancouver
itii. athietin field, and lim
bered up for the gam. They had a
long ride last nignt, ana a run us mo
field today did them gooa.
American Team Runs 20 Miles In
1 Hour S9 Minutes 4T Seconds.
NEW TORK, Nov. 4. The American
-a ri u.1-1.. 1 nnA William
team oi xiu """" -. :
Queal won the 20-mile international
foot race tontgnt ai ine
Square Garden in the world's record
time of one hour 29 minutes 47 seconds:
four minutes 33 4-6 seconds better than
the previous mark. Th Canadian team
- n. a a, i... anrf Ahhia Woods
was second and the Swedish team of
Gustav J. Lundstrom ana jonu
borg was third.
i : .. . .. , ...... ....... v , ,
. .?" S;:, -;;:,-::.;;- ;;.. , ,1
The Pioneer School for Training-Teachers.
Take this out of Politics. Look on your Ballot and
Vote No. 318 x Yes
Give your Children the Benefit of Trained Teachers.
The Cost is Four Cents on a Valuation of $1000.
Subscriptions for Portland'-AU-Star
Contest Now $984, WTlth More
Coming In Every Day.
Tnfsnna in the comlu benefit to be
tendered the victorious Portland Beav
ers on week from tomorrow is undi
minished, and yesterday the fund was
increased by the addition of 60. This
now bring the total amount. iu.i...
to 1964. . , ,
Tha tickets thus far purcnaseu Uiu
. , , al, Hnwll.tflWIl
represent too ota.acs m .
districts, and the out-of-town subscrib
ers will likely add greatly to the fund.
Yesterday, Joe Wilson, an apple
king" f Hood River, cam to Portland
and Immediately asserted an interest in
the coming benefit game. As a starter.
Wilson declared tnai ne wouiv. . r,
for a special train of Hood River en
thusiasts to come to Portland for the
game, and immediately enlisted his
services to sell tickets for the game
... a. 1 oHa O Flit With t lift
w ii son receuuj 'uouu .
Portland players by presenting, the
... 1 InaHW ASS O TX f
club witn severaj ZdVl
which were keenly reuoiiou .
Th subscription net to iue
fund is as follows:
acknowledged 90i'2Vl
J. D. Duback.... j00
McCllntOCK urovcaauaa
y. F. Olltruer i oft
vHha A McDonald -
Cash . . ""!"" "loo
AI Moffatt ., 00
A. W. Shannon , 0
W. S. Lalan j 00
Cash j oo
H. E. Plummer ,m
Fargo r-aloon - on
H. H. Brlgham J""
r a rharrinffton ................
W. S. Stock J'n
Jno. R. Duaiey 0
Olass & prudhomme ;
Dunning McEntee
H. J. Frank i'gjj
A. C. Stublltig "
Mrs. B. Keith
B. Keith J'JS
Sam Newman (box) Z'M
Max Donahue i,
Ben Rebbe Too
L. W. Salem J ""
H. Gist. Yamhill
Jack Pesrson S XX
W. Darling tnn
P. E. Froelich
Mrs. Henry Thompson n
C. E. Reinhart
F. A. Bundschu
S 60.00
Total '0-
R..pectlful.y mltted jg TnwI
Officers Elected and Plans Made for
Active Season.
With Dr. J. C. Levengood as president;
Robert Lee Ringer, as vice-president;
Clifford C. Harrison, secretary and P.
W Lee treasurer, the Columbia Hard
ware Company Basketball League has
been launched and from all prospects
more than a doxen teams will compete
for a handsome silver trophy.
Although teams have not made entries
yet. there Is every prospect of having th
following-named quintets In the league:
Spartans, of the Y. M. C. A.; Bunnysid
Athletic Club; Intermediates, of the
Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club;
Christian Brothers' Business College;
Hawthorn Presbyterians; Mlzpah Pres
byterians: Vancouver Barracks; Jewish
Young Men's Club; Alblna Boys' Brigade;
Sellwood Y. M. C. A.; educational depart
ment of the Y. M. C. A, and the Behnke
Walker Business College.
At the meeting recently held an age
limit of 25 years was established to
prevent "ringers" from participating in
th games. The season will begin De
cember 1 and will continue until March
I. The season's schedule will be mad
out a aeon as data regarding the num
ber of teams entered and the number of
floors available Is In the hands of th
officers. The games will not be run
for revenue, but a small admission fe
msy be charged to make th leagu self
Portland Hunt Club Members to
-Join in Vancouver Event.
a rcinaHal The flrat .socle event
iau. tuyvv-
of the Vancouver Barracks Hunt and
Polo Club, recently organizea. wm do
held Sunday afternoon at S o'clock, when
. a - tl .laaaa nanar chfljln will be
B. autaa-aaaiao - a r . .
held here. Members of the Portland Hunt
Club have been invited to atmno. rm
lowing the chase. In which a number of
. . nn nrtll tnlfB nsrt. tlH Will bft
L I in wuaaavaa -. w- ' -
served In the quarters of Major John
Contain. Second neia arnnery-
Th chase, which waa laid out today
by Lieutenant A. T. Bishop, is four miles,
and will wind through the post, out into
open country east of the garrison, and
end on the polo grounds. Prizes for the
winners will be awarded, and a suitable
prise for the women will also be given.
At least 30. or more, will make the start
An informal military hop waa given
by the officers and women of the post
this evening In the post gymnasium. A
number of Portland society people were
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present, returning on the last car. Music
was furnianea oy w " ""."f'
Oregon Bowling Association Teams
Begin Playing Monday.
The Oregon Bowling Association will
commence Its regular season at the Al
gar & Venator alleys in the Medical
building Monday night when the first
games in the regular Winter tourney
will be played.
Th bowling championships will be
d-vided between two leagues. Class A
and Class B, which is expected to
equalize the strength of the different
teams competing.
The Class A League, which will
probably be called the City League,
opens on Monday night and a good fea
ture of the schedule is that all teams
roll on th one evening, using six al
leys, leaving tha balance of the week
for Class B, the Commercial League,
and for special match games and bowl
ing parties.
The schedula calls for twenty series
of three games each, all teams meet
ing their opponents four times. AH
games to be rolled on Monday even-
'ns?s- '. ' .
Following is the personnel of the
teams in the City League: Chester
fields, C J. Kxuse, captain, J. H. Bar
bour, George Henry. P. G. Kneyse, W.
B. Hanson, B. W. Schachtmayer and W.
E. Slater; Sichel's Monroes, Fred Ray
mond, captain, Nichols, Anient,- Bey
land, Oberg, Baker and Kalke; B. O.
Case & Co, C. . H. Ball, captain, (ler
soni. Case, Arena. Fleig, Head and
Loomis: NeuBtadter Brothers. L. J.
What the Home Rule Bill
(328) Really Is
It gives cities and towns the right to have saloons or no
saloons. It gives the peoplfi who live in cities the right to vot
on and decide this question themselves. It puts the control of
the liquor traffic into thehands of the voters of each precinct,
so that every residential district in a city or town Is protected.
It means real local option. All state criminal laws are main
tained. Under It the farmer has the same protection he now
enjoys. It is a law fitted to local conditions as they actually
exist in every section of the state. It gives absolute control of
the liquor traffic, particularly in towns and cities, where 4t Is
most needed. It will prevent the county from wiping out : tha
city vote on city measures. It is a law which makes prohibi
tion possible where wanted, and impossible where not wanted.
It means regulation which regulates.
It Means that the City Council Can NOT License
a Saloon in a District that Votes DRY
"This amendment would not exempt cities br towns from th
operation of the constitution and criminal laws of Oregon. It
gives the people of the municipality th right to vote local op
tion within the municipality at any time they please, and when
the legal voters of the incorporation shall vote local option,
then the power of the City Council to erant licenses Is sus
pended during th tlm that prohibition s In force within th
(Signed) "A. M. CRAWFORD,
"Attorney-General for Oregon."
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Candidate for Congress from the Second District. H is No. 14 on
the ballot: Has lived in Oregon for 20 years and was District Attor
ney of Multnomah County for seven years. He knows the needs of
Oregon and will make good at Washington. Declai-es the cost of living
is too high and will fight to bust the trusts that make high prices.
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Ambs, captain. E. W. Kees, Ira 1"J,er'
L. a,. Bishop. E. W. Capen and F. Mc
Monles: Paragons, B. M. Morltr, Oeorsre
Shannon, Otto Jasman, F. W. Wascher,
Charles Pembroke and George Smith,
Evening Stars, Algar, captain, Harring
ton. Keese, White. Salle and Ayres.
Schedule for Monday night Is: Even
ing Stars vs. Neustadter Brothers:
Chesterfields vs. Sichel's Monroes; and
B. O. Case & Co. vs. Paragons.
Cavill's Pupils Iijoy Swim.
Multnomah's regular weekly .social
swim took place at the Portland Swimming-
Baths last night and more than 40
members of the clasaes of Instructor Ca
vlll took advantage of the occasion to
indulge in aquatic games. Diving,
fancy swimming and other exercises
taught by the Australian swimmer,
were indulged in. With Cavill as leader,
the swimming pupils, both men and women,-
followed the instructor through the
various exercises. Many of th swim
mers present last night announced their
Intention of participating in the coming
Christmas flay swim.
Wenatcbee Defeat Queen Anne.
WENATCHEE, Wash., Nov. 4-We-natchee
High School, 15; Queen Anne
High School, 14. This is the score of
the football game here today.
Nesmith County
would take only 140 square miles from
two counties, whose Joint area is one
seventh of the area of- the ix New
England States, and greater by 4o5
square miles than tan other Oregon
counties. -
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