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Crowds Brave Snow, Sleet
and Cold to Hear Coionel
Indorse "Progressives."
bpcakcr Tells Teacher Indnsrria
Training Should Be Extended to
All Grades of School and
Continued la College.
PTTS MOTXES. T.. Nov. f. Through
ikw. !eet and cold. Colonel Roosevelt
rampalrned over Iowa today In behalf
of the. Republican ticket. Hla recepUon
iraa distinctively cordial. People trudged
throorh the erash In crowd! to see him
and near him apeak In behalf of Charlea
Giilk. of Davenport. Republican candi
date for Congress. They cheered him
with aa much enthusiasm aa could be
mustered on such a day.
Colonel Roosevelt heard last month
that he was belli criticised In thla stats
by persona who believed that he espoused
one set of political doctrines In the West
snd another In the East, but he found a
hearty welcome awaiting blm when he
came here.
Good Word Said for Camming.
The Colonel urged the people of Iowa
In aupport Mr. Grtlk aa a man who stood
with the proeresslve leaders of the
Republican party and In his speech here
tonight he Indorsed Governor Carroll and
the Mate ticket and put in a food word
for Senator Cummlna
Colonel Roosevelt reached Davenport
from Chlrajto in the middle of the night
and remained In his car until mornina.
Tie made his first speech of the day in
Darenport and then cams to Des Moines,
stopping on the way for short speeches
from the platform of his car at West
Liberty. Ia.; Iowa City and Marengo.
The reception of Colonel Roosevelt at
Des Moines was the most striking of the
day.. In. spit of unfavorable weather
conditions, the downtown streets were
lined with crowdn. which cheered con
stantly and kept the Colonel on his feet.
b"wtBK and waving- his hat as he moved
through the rlty, escorted by a troop of
ravalrr- Colooel Roosevelt waa taken
t oar t the Unlvenvty Church of
rhrtat. wbera he spoke to mora than
Va school puptle.
Speech I'd! low Fa vt.
From the church Colonel Roosevelt
went to the Grant Club, where he had
dinner ' the Pea Moines Commercial
Club. Tbrn he went to the Cnllyeura and
made his sdlrr to the teachers and
tcr to the campaign rally at the Audi
After the meeting tia went to Ms car.
lie la due la Chicago at o dock In
the morning and will be reel there by the
members of the Oulo Slate I o mm it lee.
who will take him across Ohio in a
P-rehmakrna trip. He la to h-ave Hit
raa-o at t.3 o'clock and sneak at Toledo
and Cleveland and probably at several
other place Trwn he will return to
Nrr York, arriving titer Sunday morn-
Kvery seat in theColfsenm. which holds
to.eoa persona, waa filled when Colonel
Hnoeevelt addressed the Teachers' Asso
ciation, just before the campaign speech.
School System Criticised.
Colonel Roosevelt told the teachers that
the sv boots of America had not been
aiiapted to present conditions so success
fully as had those of some foreign coun
try, notably Germany and Japan.
"I'nlesa we recognise certain evils that
have grown In our educational system."
he coutlnued. "much of Its value will
He said the schools should train the
bots toward the farm and the shop and
not away from them. He thought It was
a bad thing for a boy to become a poor
clerk when he would have made a good
blacksmith, and said that Industrial
training should be extended to ail grade
of sr-houlV and to the college, so that
every eollrg student should be taught
some trade.
Antidote for Socialism Proposed, He
Sajs In Davenport.
DAVENPORT, la-. Nov. 4. A crowd of
Several thousand persons listened to coi
onel Theodore Rooeeveit her today
when be mad Ms first speech In Iowa.
There was so much loud talking by men
In the crowd that the Colonel could not
nuke himself beard by all.
"After ail the turmoil." aald Colonel
Rooeeveit. "the Republican party la com
ing together on a sane and progreaaiv
platform, while our opponents ar ut
terly dirkled."
The official leadership of the Demo
cratic party. 1'o.onel Roosevelt said, was
either absolutely reactionary, as he as
serted was the cas in New York. Con
necticut. Missouri and many other states,
or else it waa purposelesa and vacillat
ing "If Republlcana do not work "In the
rtsbt spirit." he said, "we'll hunt them
out of public life.
-Were In this fight to a finish. W
don't car whether there ar temporary
checks. I don't think we will b de
feated this year, but If wa axe w will
ficht until Appomatoz succeeds Bull
Run. If w ar beaten this tun w will
win next time."
The Coionel explained hla doctrine of
"New Nationalism." giving his usual
drfinitlon of it. He again expressed his
disagreement with the Supreme Court of
the L'nlted Stales in the "bakeshop
case." and hi criticism of ex-Judgf 8i
ratm Raidwin. Democratic candidate for
Governor or Connecticut. Colonel Rupee
vlt explained that all he sought was aa
euual opportunity for all men.
"My opponents call that socialism,
he said, "but It Is the antidote for so
cialism. The conditions that throw men
tn te scrap heap, which discard them
at W for a life of pauperism, ar wrong."
he continued. Genutn popular rule and
honesty, he asserted, wer necessary to
overcom them.
Koexxrett Saya III Decision Pats
Freight Above Human Life.
NEW TO Rat. Nov. . Another letter,
tb third written by Colonel Roosevelt
la reply to similar communications from
Judge Simon 1- Baldwin. Democratic
caadidate for Governor of Connecticut,
la the recent controversy concerning
Judg Baldwin's attitude toward labor,
was given out her tonight. It la dated
N.ivember S and saya la part:
1a your answer to ray letter you en
tirely tnlmm the point Of the criticisms.
"In the Hoxte cas you bad before you
a dennlt statute anaarted by the Con
gress ef the l'nlted States declaring the
responsibility of th railroads to their
employes for negligence. Section a of
that act provides that 'Any contract, rule
or device whatsoever the purpoa or in
tent of which shall he to enable any com
mon carrier to exempt Itself from any
liability created by thai act shall te that
extent be void.'
"Ia that act Congress declared that
every employe should have certain new
legal right of compensation for Injuries
occasioned by th negligeno of th rail
road Itself.
"In every ease decided by you which I
hare criticised you declared that this
clause was unconstitutional as being In
violation of th fifth amendment to th
Constitution of the United States as end
ing to deprive the parties to such a con
tract of liberty and property wlthou due
process of law.
"Your declsraion speaks for itself. In
aubstanoa h amount to stating that th
employes' right to give up their rights
under the law 1 a thing to be protected
and not their right to receive those bene
fits: that th right to contract to get
killed Is property' of which they cannot
be deprived: that the right to got killed
comes under th head of 'life, liberty and
property.' which the fifth amendment to
the Constitution of the United States
says cannot b taken away without due
process of law.
"Congreas aimed at giving th railroad
employ a substance. You construed the
act as giving him a shadow by solemnly
fr -v- -t : v -v.
. . . 1 - - . . . ; -i
i . .- . , t - -.- t
Y ,. y - - f
X . e'imiawa v
Dr. Rebert Taaaipsoa, Caavlcted
f aeeoad Decree Murder fr
Death f Kra Swsa at Saa
deolartnc that to give Mm the aubstanr
la to take away his property in tn
shadow. .
"1 criticized vour decision because it
is to me an Incredible perversion of the
Constitution of the United Statea. I crit
icised It because It Is not only reaction
ary. hut revolutionary. 1 criticised it
because I am against socialism, and this
decision and every decision Ilka It makes
ror socialism or something worse.
"The result which you attempted to
accomplish In this decision would pro
duce. I am told, a strange anomaly. Th
United dates Supreme Court has held
that public policy would not permit a
railroad company to mak contract witn
shipper of freight that the railroad com
pany shall not be responsible for Its own
negligence In transjmrtlng that freight.
You say that the railroad cannot be for
bidden to contract with its employe
that It shall not b responsible for maim-
Inr ar killlnar them br negligence.
"I protest that there Is no public pol-k-r
which makes freight more Important
than human lives snd I critlclxe your
decision, because you say that the Con
ttltutiun would not permit protection of
the llrca of every employe to the same
extent to which, without a statute, freight
la in the United State protected now.
"My criticism I not. as some of your
supporter endeavor to have the public
believe, a criticism of th Judiciary in
general. It Is simply and solely a criti
cism of you for having given an ex
traordinary and unprecedented con ruc
tion of th fifth amendment to tne cnitea
Stales Constitution, so as to pervert Its
purpose and. by so doing, to nullify and
destroy an essential part ot a mosi im
portant Kodcral statute.
Murder In Second Degree Verdict
Returned After Deliberation of
Hour and SO Minute.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. . "Guilty of
murder In the second degree" was th
verdict returned today against Robert
Thompson, charged with the murder of
Eva Swan, th young stenograpner,
whose mutilated body was unearthed
from Its biding place beneath the ce
ment floor of a vacant house. Tb con
viction followed a trial that lasted for
several days, but the Jury's delib
erations required but an hour and 20
ThomDson or Dr. Grant, as he was
known at th hospital he conducted,
was Involved In th cas by th state
ments of Marl Messerschmldt, ours
In his employ. The nurse testified at
the trial that when th girl died at
th hospital Thompson packed th
body Into a trunk after . cutting off
th feet and carried It to a vacant
house which he had rented. Th body
had bean buried several months when
It was discovered through the con
fession of a youth who aaslsted at th
Malpractice Case Nonsuited.
ground that th evidence adduced did not
nittln rhirM of neslla'ence. Bunerlor
Judge Pturtevant granted today a mo
tion for non-suit in the STO.feM damag
suit filed against Dr. F. W. Vorwlnckel by
rs. Marl MarcuccU a former patient
t th hospital of which he was proprie
tor VI r-a Marcuccl chamd that th
surgeon had bean guilty of negligence la
performing aji operation on ner auuney.
Ex-orrtrera Owe Money to City.
JACKSONVILLK. 111., Nor. 4. Tb
Audit 4k Bond Company of America,
reported to th City Council today that
there waa due to th city SSt.Oti from
former olty officials who were In of
fice during th last 13 years. Th re
nort ears a former City Attorney and
Collector of Special Assessments owes
IJ9.7S4 and Interest, amounting to
Victim Known .at Montcsano.
MONTEFAJfO. Waah-, Nov. 4. (Spe
cial, i I. E. Roberta, who waa mur
dered at Balem Wednesday, was former
her some 1 years ago. and waa owner
OI av imiaMM " ' Mtwu. !
Koberta. his youngest son. Is still a
resiaeni ner ana w diik
rcipt or ia news.
jair 9mszm " " -
on forms of muscular rheumatism.
A few applications of Chamberlain's
Liniment will give relist. er sal by
dealers. .. "
Demand for Union Recogni
tion Will Not Give Way to
Offer of Mediation.
New York Mayor's Action In Effect
Bars Strikebreakers Compan
ies Contend Interstate Com
merce Law Governs.
NEW YORK. Nov. 4. Striking em
ployes of the six trans-continental ex
press companies her indirectly re
ceived assurance from the State Board
ot Mediators today that their griev
ances would be favorably listened to if
they would consent to forego their
cardinal demand for recognition of
their union the International Brother
hood of Teamsters. In a mass meeting
tonight, the men resolved they would
stay out until the union is recognized.
Their action was tha one positive de
velopment of the day. Th only action
taken by the Mayor was to uphold the
city ordinance requiring that all ex
press drivers must b licensed by the
city a requirement that bars th em
ployment ot strikebreakers.
The companies, in a statement issued
tonight, retorted that "the larger num
ber of the wagons, and in the case "f
some of the companies, all the w aeons,
are engaged In Interstate commerce and
as such are not subject to local regu
lation In regard to licenses."
"The situation seems more serious
than for the last two days." said Wil
liam C. Rogers, of the State Board of
Mediation -and Arbitration tonight, "but
we are not without hope ot a speedy
Daniel J. Tobln. president of the
Brotherhood, Intimated, rather than
threatened, that if matters did not
"soon clear Immediately," he might
recommend to the National Executive
Board a general strike of alt team
sters of th country.
"And my recommendations are us
ually made by the board." he added. "In
the event of such a call 170.000 men
would walk out."
E. O. Rader Make Xetr Mark In
Grime Golden Production.
WALLA WALLA. Wash., Nov. 4.
(Special.) On of the record apple yields
of the Vaiicy Is that reported by B. O.
Rader, of tb State Line district, who
ha established what is believed to be
a new mark for Grimes Golden produc
tion, Mr. Rader has 40 trees of this variety
and they average SI boxes to the acre.
These apples are worth $1.26 a box. at
th figure under the present market. Th
estimate of 60 cents a box tor getting
them ready for market leaves him 76
cents a box clear. This mesns $24 a
tree, or nearly $10u0 for th 40.
California Bay Oregon Apples.
CORVALLia Or, Nov, 4. (Special.)
D. W. Humbaug. of North Benton
County, Is loading from his orchard 750
boxes of Baldwin apples, all commercial
ly packed, to be shipped to California.
They ar all fancy quality and will
average over tl per box.
Spanish Senate Paaae Bill Forbid
ding Xew Establishment.
MADRID, Nor. 4. The Senat to
night, by a vote of 149 to 5i. passed
the "padlock" bill, which prohibits the
creation of further religious establish
ments In Spain until the revision of
the concordat with th Vatican has
been completed.
The conciliatory attitude of Premier
Canalejaa toward the ecclesiastical
Senators during th debate led to the
Impression in official circles that a
way would be found to resume nego
tiations between tne government ana
the Vatican for a revision of the con
Is a Ceaatftattoaal Disease.
Whatever organ or passage of tha
body it afreets, and requires a consti
tutional remedy for its permanent cur.
It depend on an Impure, Impover
ished, devitalized condition of th blood.
which keeps the mucous membrane in
a state of inflammation, and causes a
debilitating and generally offensive dis
charge; also headaches, ringing noises,
partial deafness, weak eyes.
-Hood s Sarsaparllla by purifying, en
riching and revitalising th blood, re
moves th cause and effects permanent
cure ef all forms of catarrh.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
I a Coaartttartiewal Remedy.
In usual liquid form or chocolated tab
let known as Barsatab. 100 doses $1.
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The Food Drink for All Aes
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Is tha fat of many a reuse tase.
Is tbe only harmless praparattoa
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Raatnraa hair to Ita natural color.
Sample of hair colored frea. Pri
vacy assured correspondence.
IWPICRIAt. CHK.w. wrti. X, v"
iii H. IM H, Sew kerb.
Because: "
It adds to Multnomah territory she neither re
quires nor desires.
More.than doubles road mileage, which Portland
will be taxed to improve and maintain.
Will confuse court procedure, breed litigation
and cloud real estate transfers.
"Wil so reduce area of "Washington County as to
embarrass county business. -
Bring to a halt permanent road building, and
. throw heavy burden of taxation on portion of county
Annexation means a blow to "Washington and con
fers no benefit upon Multomah.
Washington - Multnomah Anti-Annexation
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Hasty Marriage to John Richardson,
'Wealthy Mining Man, Ends in
Reno's Famous Court.
RENO. Nev., Nov. .(Special.) The
final chapter In the story of the hasty
marriage and brief marital experience
of Kdna McCIure, 'th famous actress
beauty 'and Broadway chorus girl. Inti
mate friend of Evelyn Nesbit and a wit
ness in the Thaw case, but not called
upon to testify, was closed here today
by the granting of a divorce to John
G. Richardson, her husband, upon the
ground of desertion.
Her young husband, whom she had only
met but a month before their wedding,
which was practically an elopement,
wherein the Justice of the Peace of Jer
sey City officiated on December 1. 190S.
Is the son of J. Herbert Richardson, a
wealthy capitalist and clubman of New
Tork now living In Belmont, Mass. He
Is well known in Wall street.. Richard
son has for several years been interested
In mlnipg operations in Tonopah.
A simple charge of desertion was made
in the complaint, but it iB said his beau
tiful wife was quarrelsome and fault
finding and swore at him until he was
compelled to leave the house, that she
Insisted that he support her mother, sis
ters and brother, which he could not af
ford to do, whereupon she declared she
wished she had never married htm, but
bad remained upon the stage and he had
better get out, that if he did not want
her family, he .need not have her.
Victoria Delgado, Wife of Iondoner,
Injnred When Auto Overturn.
LONDON, Nov. 4. Mrs. Thomas Wln
ans, who before her marriage to the
American, waa widely known as Vic
toria ' Delgado, a Spanish dancer, waa
critically Injured in an automobile ac
cident near Guilford today.
The car In which she was driving
with her husband swerved from the
roadway and ramming a stone wall
waa overturned. Mr. Wlnans escaped
with a few cuts on hla face.
What Home Rule Bill Is
Friends Please Carefully Note
It gives cities and towns the right to have saloons. It gives
the people who live in the cities the right to vote on and de
cide this question for themselves, without consulting the rest
of .the taxpayers. Court costs for prosecuting criminals are
charged to the taxpayers of the county and state, not to the
cities. It puts the control of the liquor traffic into the hands
of the voters of each precinct, so that every residential dis
trict in a city or town may have saloons all around them.
Under it the farmer, has the same lack of protection he now
enjoys and the continued privilege of paying his share of the
costs. It gives absolute control of the liquor traffic to towns
and cities where it is least controlled and most iniquitous. It
makes prohibition impossible in any county because only three
men are needed to incorporate a saloon village in every
It Means That the City Council Can License Saloons
and give them the privilege of Sunday opening, wine' rooms,
selling to women, girls and boys, keeping open all night and
locating next to schools. Every village, town and city will be
a law unto Itself, and until the Council acts, there will aot be
law ef say kind governing saloons.
"It reets in the City Council the exclusive power to control
the sale of liquors." That opinion means that the Council
But the Home Rule men are planning to place the power to
f rant licenses In the hands of the courts, contrary to Mr.. L,raw
ord's opinion. This would make the courts the FOOTBALL
Vote 329 X No on this iniquitous scheme.
The Home Rulers are great on promises, but poor on per
formance. Ask the "Quelle." Ask lower Burnstde street. Ask
the brothels. They promise, but it Is only a pre-eleetloa prom,
tee. to take saloons out of politics. Their amendment means
that tbe aalooa power will be fastened tl Oreceat worse than
ever la ita blstary.
Vote 329 X No. Vote 242 X Tes and 244 X Yes.
Take saloon out of politic by prohibiting them anywher
In the state.
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me y
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Store Open Tonight.
Sherman May & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
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Best Grade Lump Coal
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered to Any Address Within tbe Cty limits of Portlanl
The Paclflo Coal Oaa Company wish ta announce to the AubUe that
ther haYij sold the 900 tone ot coal which they advertlaed they would
ell at S.60 per ton, and the Company haa decided to offer an addi
tional 600 tona at 6.00 per ton on the same basis aa that aold at tb a
per ton, which waa only two tons to each cuatomer at this price and
no orders will be accepted nalees accompanied by the caah or check.
We are making deliveries of our coal to those who have ordered, and
ve are printing for your information some of the letters that have been '
written to us by those who are now using the coal. We have many mora ,
on file In our office and would be pleased to show them to yea that yon
may know the kind ot coal this Is. - '
This order will positively oaase as soon as tha KM) tona have been
sold and the price will then be advanced to 7.50 par ton. which price .
will remain In force for the balance of the Winter.
If yon wish to take advantage of thio excellent opportunity to save
aeveral dollars per ton on your coal, you will have to act at oace aa
this 600 tona will be sold very rapidly.
The following la s copy of some ot tha letters:
J. J. Folea.
Ol k. Fltxsimmoaa.
et Merchants Trust Building. ,
Portland. Oregon.
Phone Main 40T.
Portland, Or, Oct. 7, ltld "
Pacific Coal & Gas Co., 118-1 Commercial Club Bids-. Portland. Or.
Gentlemen: I am very particular about the coal I use. always buying
the hlgrhest grades. A friend told me about your offer of two tons at
a low price as a test. I am very glad I availed myself of that offer
and secured some of your coal. It Is aa good as any high-grade coal I
have ever used. It Is clean, sootless. leaves little ash. fires quickly and
holda heat well- I consider that you have done me a great favor in
the service you have rendered. I will most certainly want more ef lb
you are at liberty to use thla letter aa a sincere testimonial.
Xours very truly.
(Signed.) -v FOLEK.
' Portland. Or, Oct. , 111.
Paclflo Coal Gaa Co, Portland, Or.
Gentlemen: In reply to yours of the Sth will say that after trying
your coal that It Is a pleasure to me to recommend the same.
It burns well and does not clinker and leaves little ash.
It Is the best coal that I have used In Oregon and I can cheerfully
recommend It. Sincerely youra. , JAS. P. HAQADONB.
Portland, Or.. t-l-llo.
This la to certify that the undersigned has purchased two tons ot
coal from the Pacific Coal & Gas Co. of Portland and have tested it
In our kitchen range, and find It to be just as recommended, first-class
coal for a aort coai.
Mala m-
41 Fattoa Road. Office phone.
Pacific Coal & Gas Company
Boom 218, Commercial Club Building..
Phone, Marshall 258L
Portland, Oregon.
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