Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 04, 1910, Page 8, Image 8

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'When Cat's Away Mice Will
Play" Holds Good With
Villagers. .
Krapp Pitches Good Ball, but Olson
la Only Man Who X(in Home
Plat Ryan Starts Things,
Though Ti Poor Ball Day.
rcinc c oast i-eagih.
Yeeteratay'e steaulta:
Yeraea L Portland a.
Baa rraaetscs 4. das. land i
Lh aoialM 11. Sacramentao a..
Standi aay at the CI aba.
i ' 3 5 p
clubs. 5 a j a ? 3 : :
: , S : :
: 1 : : i i f : :
l-l '-I ' I f 1 ( '
p-ti-n d I jn; 2 i HI S4IM: .5s
Okrid ;! f 22, 20 Si tl .313
H Fran, IT M I Zi 1!. Ill
Vrnnn II 1 IS I III n I KM ..V
I.. Angel" -'r ST 1' I SI !
Far m I .o li 11 IS i"l I "
I I I ( ' 1 1 1
t.nat ! 9 103 tl ! W.t
Won. loat. P.c
Portland 11.1 . ."TT.a.
Oakland ., lia M .SHU
LOS ANliELES, Nov. 3. (Special.)
Hiin waa away today and perhaps
that was the mion. Anyway. Ms
Villagers, tha moat erratic tram In the
leajrue. Put up a artltedaed frame at
Chutes Fark and won from the Beavers
1 to .
It was a poor baseball day and the
work of tha two teams was lltMe short
of wonderful, for the ball waa alippery
at times and a drizzling mist swept
over tha field throughout almost the
entire frame.
Mi-Oredie left his batting order aa It
was yesterday, when the Beavers ad
ministered such a terrific walloping to
the Villagers, and the only change In
the Vernon batttnfr list was In left
fteld. where Jiosp replaced Ross, who
rra-ed the bench. The work of the
Beavers was consistent and they out
batted the locals, tallying; six hits dur
ing tha nine perloda. but they couldn't
seem to get them together so they
would count.
Ryan Starts OfT Nicely.
Ttvan opened the game with a nice
single to short renter, but Olson, at
tempting to sacrifice, forced Kyan at
N-ond- Olson stole second and went
to third on Krneger'a blngle to Bur
rell. who got the ball to first just in
lime. It looked like a run for a min
ute, but Fteher fouled to Burrell and
Olaon loat bta chance.
The one run of the game was won
by the Villagers In their halt of the
first inning, when, after Krapp had
fooled Carlisle. Burrell singled to left
and took second when Krapp threw
wide to first in an effort to catch him.
The neit ball pitched slipped- through
Klsher's mitt and Burrell was safe
en third. Hosp drove a high one to
renter which Kyan handled all right,
but Burrell scored on the throw-in. R.
Brashesr and Coy walked but N. Bra
shear dropped a fly into Ryan'a bands
and tha acorlng was over for the game.
In the second. Ort got as far aa
IMrd, after being hit by one of Ra
leigh's benders and stealing second, on
Ttappa single infield. But he was
caught off the station when Rappa un
dertook to steal second by a quick
throw, Hasty to Burrell.
Krapp Steadies Down.
Krapp steadied down at this stage
rf the game and struck out Hasty and
Raleigh In succession. Krapp drove
the ball to the scoreboard opening the
.'hlrd. but Hosp made a spectacular run
and catch. Hosp managed to get a
two-bagger over in the second hslf of
this period, but R. Rrashear fanned, and
Carlisle and Burrell bad been retired
In the fourth tha Beavers looked
like a score again and lost tha chance
by luck. Fisher drove through the
pitcher's box for a single and stole
second. 8'ierhar. drove a hot one to
Burrell. who touched Fisher on his way.
OWon reached first on the sixth on
fturrell's Juggle of a bot drive but was
taught an instant later trying to steal
t.ilrd. He was the second out. and
Krueger. who knocked out a two
earker. could make nothing of It, as
Isher fanned. That waa tha last time
but one that any batter reached sec
ond. X. Brashear managing to make
the middle station la tha seventh, for
moment only. The score: .
.4 0
Carlisle, eff ....
Purrell. 3b
Hasp If
rt. Hraahear. .b
y rf
N. Brashaar. lb
1-indsaj. aa ...
Hiiir. c
Raleigh.- p .....
Ttan. rf ....
(len. as . . . . If
'lr.r. C ...
fheeheo. 3b
i"t. 2b ..
rt. rf
fum lb ..
Kr.PO. P ....
0 1
l a
o a
10 o
O 3
Tt'e si o ri is s
-M-naor batted for fisher la the ninth
Vernoe 1 S O ft 9 S 1
H ie 1 a 1 0 V 0 0 1 . I
po-tiand e a e n e e n n o
Hua 1 1 1 a i i o 1
Twe-oaee hue Heap. Kra.f.r. Sacrifice
hi: H'p. Buh oa Sails off Krapp. 3; oft
Kalelcn. 1. DtriK-k ett! Br Krapp, a, by
ftAletath. 1. I'euaia plar Llnttaay to R.
Jiraanear to N. Hraahear. Wild pitch
Krapp. HU by pitched ball rt. I'mplree
lr .a and alcGraary. Tlime of game 1.2s.
I'lghting, but Slim, Is Chance; San
Francisco Wins. 4-1.
SAN" FRANCISCO. Nov. 1. (Special.)
Backed up against tha wall to the
last Inch the pennant-chasing Oaks still
bave a "fighting chance" to carry off
the bunting, but it s such a slim one
that even the most faithful of the Oak
land home brigade have about given up
Tha hop of the Oak, however. Ilea
in a number of "Ifa." for If the Beav
ers lose every one of the remaining
mmea to be played, and if the Oaks
win every one of their remaining four
gamea well, the Oaks will win out by
a two-point margin. But will they do
It? It's not very likely. Judging from
the war the Seals are playing them
theae days.
If the Portland fans could only sea
to what extent these Seals are exert
ing themselves to down the Oaks with
nothing at all at stake, they would
surely agree that the Coast League race
Is being played and won on its merits.
After annexing the first game and
playing 11 innings to a tie in the sec
ond the Seals went after the Oaks ham
mer and tongs today and larruped out
another victory. 4 to I. It was a mighty
helpful move la favor of the leaders,
too, for Vernon succeeded In defeating
Portland, and a win for Oakland would
have made a different aspect to at
faira all around.
All tha moguls of the league were on
hand. Judge Y. W. McCredle. of Port
land: Hen Berry, of Loa Angelea: Hap
py Horan. of Vernon: Ed Walters, of
Oakland, and CjU Kwlng and Panny
Long, of Fan Francisco, were seated In
the private box under the grandstand,
and they made as much noise as did
the bleacherltee in rooting for their
The Seal supporters finally had the
entire apace to themselves, aa Jack
Lively, the hero of many a victory on
the Oakland mound, fell from grace
badly and waa led out of tha box in tha
beginning of the fourth Inning with his
opponents three runs to the good and in
position to score many more. It waa
aomewhat of a touching scene to sea
this Idol of the Oakland populace given
such a larruping after going through
the entire season without meeting such
an experience before his home guard.
It was not all Jack a fault either,
for five large errors by his teammates
figured materially In the acors sheet
Tha score:
Maggart. If 4 S 1 S
w ares, ea 4 S 1
Ilogan. cf 4 t . 1 1
Cameron, lb 4 I 1 11 SO
Cut.haw. 2b 4 S 1 t 1
twander. rf J 1 S 1
Woivartoa. lb i t 1 1
Pierce, a 1 0 1 1 0
Lively, p I S S S 3 1
Cbriatlan. p 1 t t S 4
Total 11 2 4 14 14 i
8ha. ef ...'. 4 1 1 2 . 0
McArdle. aa 1 Q 0 ' 2 4
Melchlur. rf 4 1 1 4
Bodlf. If 4 0 1 0
Trnnant. lb J 1 2 T t S
Vltt. lb 1 2 S 1
Berry, c 2 1 1
Mohler. 2b 2 4 1 0
llenley. P 1 0 S S 1
Total .2S 4 27 t 1
Oakland .
6an Krancleco
Three runs and alx hits off Lively, taken
out in fourth InnlDC with bo out. Sac
rifice (!v Henley. Sacrifice hlta Vltt 2.
rlrry. McArule. First base on called balls
Off Henley I. oft I'hrletlan 1. Struck out
By Henley 2. by Cbriatlan 1. Hit by pitcher
Swandar. Double plays Cutahaw to
Cameron. Wild pitch Henley. Time of
game 1 hour 18 minutes. L'mplraa To
man and Hildebranu.
Sacramento Gets Only Five Huns
Out of 17 Hits..
SACRAMENTO. Nov. . In one of tha
most farcical gamea ever played on the
local diamond. Ixa Angeles defeated
Sacramento today. 11 to 6. Thirty-five
hits were made during the game. In
cluding three triplea and seven doubles.
Fitzgerald waa hit safely IS times and
Castletnn. who pitched for Loa Angeles,
waa touched for IT safeties.
Players loafed on hits In order to fat
ten the batting averages of their op
ponents aad the base running was
laughable. Score:
R. II. E.' R- H. E.
Loa Ang's 11 U J.Sacramento t 17 7
Batteries Caatlelon . and Orendorf;
Fitzgerald and LaLonge. Umplrea Fin.
ney and Van Haltren.
Oaks and Seals to Play Double
Headers Today and Saturday.
8AX FRANCISCO. Nov. J. (Special.)
It was decided tonight that San Fran
cisco and Oakland will play off the two
tie games, which calls for a double
header tomorrow and Saturday, and
gives the Oaks more opportunity to cut
down the Beavers' lead In the pennant
THK Beavers, despite the defeat of
yesterday, still hare much the bet
ter of the hwscball argument, for now
they only have to win one game to put
Oakland out of the running.
a a
Harry Wolverton aent his star pitch
er. Jack Lively, against the b'eals yes
terday, and. like the happening to Vean
Uregg on Tuesday, Lively got bumped
good and plenty. It shows that star
pitchers sometimes fail down In the
a a a
Southpaw Raleigh did the honors for
Vernon yesterday, and he held McCre-
dle's huskies to two measly lilts during
the fracas. Naturally, with two hlta a
team cannot hope to score hiany runs.
and yesterdays results Indicate how
many runs to stblch Portland was enti
tled. see
Pitcher Jack Lively, of the Oakland
club, who lost to the Seals yesterday.
has the distinction of having beaten
the Vernon club every time he has ap
peared against that aggregation this
season. To be exact. Lively haa pitched
li gamea against Vernon and Oakland
has been returned victorious every
a a a
The California scribes are hoping
that McCredle wins the pennant with
out any further trouble, and are ex
tremely anxious that tha Herllng de
cision will have no bearing on the re
sult. At the same time they uphold the
decision. If the decision is right, why
this snxlety?
a a
The pennant race is not yet over.
though It Is now incumbent upon the
Portland team to win but one game,
unless the Oaks play five games with
San Francisco and win them all. for If
they win four and Portland wins only
one. the flag is ours.
a a
The Seals have certainly shown some
class In this series valth the Oaks, for
that team has riven the Commuters a
terrific Jolt in the slats aa far aa the
championship is concerned. Portland
now has to win but one gams to cinch
the pennanL
All of the baseball enthusiasts of
Portland are rooting strong for tha
Beavers to win that one game, and it
does not look as though tbey have a
chance to lose, for if Oakland loses an
other game Portland can then lose all
the balance and be safe.
Water Amendment Is Debated.
The proposed water amendment was
discussed last night before the Fast
Side Buslnesi Men's Club. E. U Mills
and S. M. Mills, representing the Civic
Council and the Seventh Ward League,
defended the amendment, and S. B.
Cobb and H. J. Parklson. the latter
repreeenttng the labor unions, spoke
against 1L The new constitution was
Directors Decide to Send. Evi
dence in Hetling Case to
National Commission.
C'al Kwlng Favors Importation of
Eastern Man to Hold Ofrice In
Pariric Coast Organisation.
Sale of Men Restricted.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2. It was de
cided tonight by the board of directors
of tha Pacific Coast Baseb..'! League.
In annual session here that the season
for 1911 will be two weeks shorter
than the one played thla year, the pen
nant chasers to have but SO weeka of
activity, a rule prohibiting tha sale
of a player after September 1 of a
baseball year was adopted and provis
ion waa made that players can be
loaned with the sanction of the presi
dent of the league. Another rule
adopted will give the teams 20 minutes
additional batting practice before the
opening of each game.
Such questions aa tho election of offi
cers, the double-umpire system and the
problem of whether Oakland is to be
granted more fcames on the home
grounds, were not even taken up but
will be settled tomorrow evening, ac
cording to arrangements.
The one question of Importance that
was decldod wan that of shortei ing the
season from 32 irecka, as has been the
case this year, to 30 weeks. The objec
tlon to the 33-week schedule was that It
did not permit of each club playing an
even number of games with the other
team. Under the 30-week schedule, each
team will play rfx series with each other
A schedule committee consisting of the
six directors was appointed. This com
mittee will go into passion at 10 o'clock
tomorrow morning and endeavor to ar
range a schedule of games for 1911 that
will be satisfactory to all concerned .
A reejolutlon was adopted prohibiting
any club In the league from selling any
player to any other club In the league
between September 1 and the close of the
season. Upon authorization of the presi
dent, however, any club can lend any
other club a player whose services are
not deemed necessary for the time being.
Secretary D. w. Long was lndtruoted
by the league to take an appeal to the
National Commission in the Hetling cane,
in order that the rights of Judge Slc-
C re die to thla player may be legally
determined. ,
In addition to the usual team practice
of IS minutes, each club will hereafter
be allowed 15 minutes batting practice,
This is In accoi dance with usages in the
East. Heretofore the home team has
monopolised all of the batting practice,
prior to the regular batting practice.
It ka underatood that at tomorrow
night's meeting Oakland will renew Its
request that tha Oakland club be allowed
more games on Its home grounds, but
what action will be taken is hard to
The election of officers is one of the
subjects that will demand attention to
morrow night. Report has It that Grey
Oliver, a Los An g clew newspaper man. Is
a candidate for the position of secretary.
"I do not know what will be done,"
said Cal Ewlng late tonight, "but If a
change should be made in the present
officials, 1 would favor an outsider who
Is In no way Interested for the com
bined office of president and secre
tary." Those present tonight were: President
Judge Thomas F. Graham, Secretary D.
W. Long. Directors J. Cal Ewlng and
Frank M. Ish, of San Francisco: Repre
sentative W. W. McOredie. of Portland;
Henry Berry, of Loa Angeles: Charles
Graham, of Sacramento; Happy riogan.
of Vernon, and Ed Walker, of Oakland.
Tha session will be taken up again to
morrow night. -
Writer In San Francisco Papsr
Takes Occasion to Belittle Ben
efit Game for Beaver.
As a sample of the justice of the
California scribes, who pick up tha
slightest little thing, whether authent
ic or not, as a means to roast Port
land, tha following from the San Fran
cisco Bulletin referring to the benefit
to be tendered the Beavers Is a sam
ple: When the "motion wsa made that we ralae
a fund to present the Ducka aa an appre
ciation of gallant services rendered." the
Portland fans were very enthus'.aatlc It
was roughly eatlmated that $10,000 wouid ba
collected. Ten thousand dollars la a heap
of money to collect In small amounts Yet
the fans fait that thla (mure was within
their reach. After two weeks o' painstak
ing effort leas than SSOO haa been collected.
Of course, a benefit Rama la on The carpet
and no doubt this will be a money maker,
but hardly to the extent to bring the total
up to the original figure promised. If the
Portland fans rsise a fund of $3000 they
will be doing very well Indeed.
As far as tha reported Intention of
raising $10,000 Is concerned, if such
was published It waa dona by the ir
responsible parties who are Inclined to
exaggerate everything. However,
whether aame waa published or not.
tha idea of impugning the motives of
the Portland fans only adds to the al
ready evident dissatisfaction with the
"hog all" Californlans. and Portland
will show this same crowd how to ap
preciate a championship team much
more fittingly than haa ever been done
in that part of the circuit. San Fran
cisco. Oakland and Los Angeles have
won pennants in the Pacific Coast or
California State Leagues, yet none of
the teams have ever been remembered.
The Portland team won the pennant
In 190C and each member of that team
received a handsome watch-fob suit
ably engraved, and Walter McCredle,
the only member of that squad now on
the Coast, still wears the emblem,
which la demonstrative that it waa
Tfie fund being raised by the fans of
Portland, while it la never expected to
reach J10.000. will, at any rate, eclipse
any of the puny efforts of ths Califor
nia sports by ten to one.
Tha ticket sale for the baseball ben
efit as registered yesterday la aa fol
lows: Prevlouly acknowledsed ,..$8fSOo
Today's subacrlpilon for Baseball Benefit
(lame :
J. at. Freilinser 2 on
Ren F. cirern l.OO
TV. A. Elliott 2 00
Portland Agent Rexall
tmr C'lirtMtmaa. All
roods bOUKltt BOW
will b held here.
If r Hkr, mmd
delivered mmy time
70 a wish before
Christ KiM. e
will held mmy
rllele y Bit Hie
a m o parmeMt of
tvnall erne at.
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Washington-Multnomah Anti
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The purchaser of Eleetropodes is grant
ed the privilege of returning them within
SO dara. and the purchase price (1L0O) ia
to be refunded upon the following condi
tions: Ther are to be worn according to
directiono for at leaat 25 eonaecntire days,
and then if not satisfactory, to be returned
in original box.
Druggist's Signature.
At druggists: or by mail, post
paid. If your druggist cannot fur
nish Electropodes, send us $1.00,
and we will see that you are sup
plied immediately. State whether
for man or woman.
Western Electropode Co.
251 Los Angeles SL, Los Angeles, CaL