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    f . . ,. THE JIORyiyG OREGOyiAN, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1910. v
Xcunse! for Lee O'Neill Browne
Indicted on Evidence
Given by Juror.
Me a Who lUucrcd Into Deal Ex
jvcrKtl $2000 Each and Political
jobs Di.-tpolatrd, They
Make CI ran BreaM.
CHlCAOrx Nov. t-Tharls E. Erbsteln.
of counsel for O'Neill Browne who
wu recrully acquitted of -a charge of
bribing a State Ri-preeentativ to vote
or William Ixirimer for United State
iVrrator. was Indicted today, charged
with corrupting a member of the Jury
tliat cleared Browne.
The juror la question. Grant Mc
Cutchen. and Henry T. ttacy. alleged go
between, according to their stories told
to State's Attorney Wayman. received
VIA, which they divided equally between
themselves for McCutchen'a vote on the
The first trial of Browne resulted In a
disagreement: the second. In which the
alleged bribery la said to have figured.
In a verdict of not guilty. Among the
witnesses for the stale were three State
Representatives who confessed on the
stand to being paid 1100S each for their
vote for Lorlmer.
la Haff Men Le-t Out Sex-Tret.
Immediately after the case went
against him. Mr. Wayman began an In
vestigation of numerous rumors concern
ing attempts at tampering with venire
men. A week ago he secured a clew
which led to McCutchen. The latter and
.' Stacr. It ts said, disgruntled at the small
1 sum which they say they received, re-
I solved to tell.
Stacy, la particular, waa angry. He
bad. be said, expected to receive a large
' sum of money for his work as well as
, a political Job. He was working on a
small salary, be said, and the rumor that
. plenty of money was being spent la
UroWne's behalf was a temptation that
, he could not resist when be found oppor
tunity In the form of bis friend Uo
Outchen. on the Jury, knocking at his
According to bis confession, he sought
out State Representative - rlckson and
asked bow be could market McCutcben's
vote. Ericsson. Stacy said, replied that
he was not particularly Interested In the
case, but would put blm In touch with
someone who waa.
Signal Work Successfully.
Soon, afterward. Stacy narrated, be was
Introduced to Krbstein. Meanwhile he
had communicated with McCutchen. The
jury was closely guarded, but Stacy man
aged to arrange a code by which the
iuror would know whether the nnanciai
euranarementa with Erbsteln had been
roasummatrd. The "high sign" was one
of these signals, and another waa the
word stick. '
McCutchen received the signal and.
according to li's own story, became a
partisan of Browne's at once. He voted
for acuuittai on toe nrst bsuioc ana ar
gued with others to bring them to bis
side. In fact, be la alleged to cava been
quite enthusiastic as a proaelyter.
When the time came to realise on Mo
Cntcben's alleged perfidy, the latter and
Stacy went to Erbstein's oltlee. they de
clare. They thought there would be at
least tU'O In cash and easy jobs in it.
according to Stacy, and they could
scarcely believe" their eyea whea the law
yer gave them only Liter, tney
aiate. he gave them tlcO more.
Promised Jobs Fall to Sbow.
Stacy teattflod before the grand jury
that he made nearly SO visits to the
lawyer's otBc-e looking for money and the
jobs. Sometimes, be said. Erbsteln was
"nut. sometimes he waa told that
"thing haven't been fixed up. or some
other excuse waa given.
He was given 1-3 to take a trip to
Springfield to see a certain person about
a noeltlon. No success. There was talk
about a place In the county building, but
this also came to naught.
rlnally Stacy was told that the CS0
waa all there was in It for them. He
waa wrora. McCutchen demurred to
taking the story to the State a Attorney,
but Stacy said he would go alone. Mc
Cutchen then agreed to act witn nun.
The srand Jury began hearing wit
nesses nearly a week ago. One piece of
, wtlrnony was that M or the Jurors,
shortly after the verdict was delivered,
ware wined and dined sumptuously.
Story Is Corroborated.
. They "chipped In" to pay the bills.
: write h were heavy.
Two witnesses today are said to have
I nor-ro ho rated Stacy In par. The latter
stated that after receiving the first In
' at all in ot of the alleged bribe, be booarht
j hunseif a suit of clothe at a West Side
I store. Two clerks from this store were
1 board today and are said to have Iden
I tided Stacy and the garments be waa
i wearing.
The Indictment was not unexpected by
isVtastsln. He declared that Wayman had
Been trying to "get him" for years, and
that the Indictment was merely an Inci
dent of persecution by the State's At-
1 Jwdjte Brngeraeyer. In holding the de-
tacdant to the grand jury, declared the
bad been sufficient to prove a
-This esse should, la the opinion of
' thli court. l deemed deserving of aa
mmedaue judgment.' he declared. "But.
a the ultimate finding would be adverse
to the defendants and aa they would be
transferred to another tribunal, the court
flnde It difficult to make a stsrtement-
"The court believe that the offense
charged exists; that It baa existed: that
H was committed, and It is the belief of
the court that theae three defendant
wera parties to this offense.
(Oontlnwl rmtm T1rvt fags.)
against Aldrlch three times and was
absent T9 time a
-Third, ifr. Bourne permitted other
states to secure IT.S00.00v of the Irri
gation fund that waa due to this state,
and then allowed the law to be eo
amended that Oregon caa never have
this money returned.
''Fourth, when the tariff bill was
under discussion. Mr. Bourne stated In
a speech, aa shown by the Congree
s local record, that be knew nothing of
tariff matters. boT that he had full
tonfldence In Senator Aldrlch and
would vote aa Aid rich did.
-Fifth. Senator Bourne voted against
the Employers Liability Act. which
was recommended by President Roose
velt. -Sixth. Senator Bourne claims to be
a resident of Portland. Oregon, but
be has been here only two times In
the last four years: he para taxes la
this county to the extent of only IL7,
ad favors us with, big freaa oaljr
when ha has some political deal to put
Money Spent In Election.
-Seventh, be ia now doing; as be has
alwaya done In the past, spending
large sums of money for the purpose
of Influencing; the (election In this
-Mr. Bourne baa repudiated the pri
mary law and the wUl of the people
as expressed at the recent election.
1 belleva the , Governor of this stats
should be responsible solely and exclu
sively to the people of the state, and
that It is not In the Interest of good
government or pure politics to allow
Mr. Bourne or any other man or set
of men to control In any way the high
office) of Governor.
-Mr. Bourne voluntarily made him
self an Issue In this campaign by Is
suing a mandate to the voters of the
state demanding that they sbonid re
pudiate myself and a large number of
other candidates nominated under the
primary law. . Bourne and the news
papers be owns and controls are wag
ing a bitter personal campaign against
me and In favor of Mr. West. I do
not have the financial backing of any
one and cannot conduct a campaign
like Mr. Bourne la conducting.
Bowerman's Itecord Clear.
"In answer to all the vicious and un
truthful charge made against me by
Bourne and hi t-apera, I respectfully call
your attention to the fact that I have
lived In Condon since I waa 13 year of
age and my record, official and personal.
Is an open book and known to' every
voter in that part of the state. In Ul
llsm County, where I live, and the sur
rounding counties of Sherman. Wheeler
and Morrow, where 1 am well acquainted.
In the recent primary election I received
approximately nine vote out of every
ten cast.
-Thl un trammeled expreeston of con
fidence of the farmers, stockmen and
other cltlsen residing in that part of the
state should, it seems to me, have great
er weight than the untruthful statements
made In the purchased columns of
Bourne's newspapers.
"A a member of the Senate during the
last six year 1 bars consistently and at
all time opposed any change in tb law
adopted by the people, and. If I am elect
ed. I sc. ail use all the Influence of that
office. Including the veto power, to pre
vent any amendment, change or repeal
of the direct primary IV. S'.atement No.
1 or any other law aJ. ted by the peo
ple or which may be adopted by the peo
pie. "I bare alway favored the direct pri
mary law and ths direct election of
United State Senator. Aa a member of
the State Senate I have on all occasions
voted for that person for United Slates
Senator who ws chosen by my con
stituent. In 1907 I voted for Senator
Bourne, because be was the choice of the
people In my Senatorial dlaoiot. In 190
I voted for Mr. Cak for tb name rea
son." ,
H E.
la Three Aets, by Hearlk
A Play
rreseated at the Helllg
Tiiarwald Helmer.... Brandon Trnaa
Doctor Rank Orlando Daly T
Nils Krosstsd Wiluam Bassoa J
Mrs. Llndea Gertrude Berkeley 4
Anna ,..Mra Jacques Martin t
El lea Marie Allen
lear Oeorge Tobln
Emmy Vivian Tobla
Nora Helmer Mme-Naslmova
THERE are few character In th
literature of the stage mora ap
pealing and essentially human
than Nora Helmer In Henrtk Ib
sen's revolutionizing drama "A Doll'
House." Tet. despite Its obviously
human qualltle It has long been a con
tention that a consistent stag presen
tation of the character is impossible.
Naximova's Nora, a given at the Helllg
yesterday, and again last evening, ab
solutely and forever disprove such a
commonplace. By presenting the char
acter simply and . untheatrlcaJly
throughout, thereby preserving Its In
tegral glrllsbness. thl gifted young
Russian artist has kept the thread of
character consistency unbroken to the
She makes clear the primal idea of
the play, that Nora's Immaturity, not a
natural but an Imposed Immaturity 1
the moral problem to be grappled. Her
Nora of th earlier scene ia a veri
table child-wife bringing to mind the
Dora of Dickens a laughing Irresponsi
ble kittenish little glrL Ignorant as a
baby and aa heedless. With only half
formulated Ideas of right end wrong
she has become wife and mother while
yet retaining the tricks and guile of
her nursery days. Her whole-souled
adoration of ber husband. Thorwald
Helmer, Is tb one serious element In
ber character, end even this baa It
origin In ber Ignorance. Of the world's
wisdom she know nothing. Treated
as a child by her husband, ber father
and ber children, she baa played ber
child's part m her doll'a house, at times
questioning- life with a startling direct
ness, and for all her inconsequences,
catching with an austere grasp at
fundamental responsibilities with clear
Naximova give us Nora as an anoma
ly of mingled cleverness and childlike
simplicity, great virtues. of. petty
faults, deep searching lo;U and per
sonal passions and prejudices, warm af
fection and cold Indifference, boastful
mendacity and rich sincerity, all rec
ognisable trait In human nature, and
which, combined aa they are In Nora's
temperament, make a type familial" to
many, despite the abnormal conditions
under which It la shown.
The awakening of Nora cornea when
ehe I forced to match her truth
agalnet th world truth: to pit ber
Ideal of love against aa Ideal that Is
wholly self-centered; her sense of right
and wrong against a law. that takes no
reckoning of motives; her spirituality
against the materiality of the conven
tional life Into which she steps from
her doll s house. And after this awak
ening haa come; when she realises her
husband Is not capable of the Ideal life
sua baa Imagined for htm; that he Is
not capable of the self-sacrificing af
fection she has believed bim capable of
feeling, the Nora of Naximova make
th difficult transit from th "singing
lark" and happy little "squirrel" stag
to the human stage with no sense of
changed Individuality.
Naalmova's treatment of the final
scene with Helmer is admirable In Its
utter simplicity, and its quiet misery
of heart-breaking disillusion. She give
ua no scenes of violent emotion, no
familiar pose of sorrow, no thrills or
hock In her portrayal. When shs
roes from Helmer's horn it is don
naturally, quietly, with neither anger
nor grief.
Tb problem of educating her chil
dren, sh says In tb dosing scene, la
beyond ber, trier 1 another to be
solved first.
"I must try to educate myself, sh
tell Helmer. Tou ax not th man to
help me. I must set about It alone. And
that Is why I am leaving you."
To re-read the play alter seeing Na
ximova s performance Is to realise that
she has missed not a single Intellectual
triumph. Her Nora attains an artlstlo
perfection of detail that completely per
suades ua of the human truths In the
character she Impersonates. f
Haa4-p1nla hats are a mllltn-ry aev
itr foe weme wbe are opposed to the
detrucUen 4 felru for vheu; auerwsvik
Further Checking Not Thought
Necessary and Beach Will
Get Clean Bill, Report.
But Three or Four Enumerators
Will Be Prosecuted for Padding-.
Director Will Give Return
, His Personal Attention.
ington. Nov. 2. After a cursory exami
nation of th report of Special Agent
Hester upon the work of the enumera
tors in Portland, received at the Cen
sus Bureau today. Director Durand 1
of the opinion that no further recount
will be necessary or demanded by th
people of Portland.
The substance of this report will bs
embodied In a statement, which Mr.
Durand will Issue when he makes pub
llo Portland'a population. This an
nouncement, however, will not be made
until Hester's report and corrected
tabulations are examined by experts of
the Census Bureau to see that no Injus
tice has been done.
Few Prosecutions Likely.
Although, as a result of Mr. Hester'
work, several thousand names have
been stricken from Portland's list, not
to exceed four enumerator are liable
to prosecution for vrlllful pad'Ung, aald
the special agent In discussing hi re
port tonight. H said he thought Su
pervisor Beach, who had charge of the
taking of Portland'a census, used every
reasonable caution and he will be
given a clean bill by Mr. Durand.
In his report. Mr. Hester goes Into
details aa to bow Portland's census waa
padded. However, hia. correction will
not necessarily stand as the true popu
lation of th city; it U liable to change
If bis report does not In every Instance
bear out bla conclusions. Mr. Durand
will give bla personal attention to th
final revision.
Hunt Will Not Be Called.
Should It develop upon careful, ex
amination, that any of Mr. Hester's
conclusions are of questionable correct
ness. Statistician Hunt, now at Ta
coma. will be asked to visit Portland
for a further checking up. Mr. Du
rand aald, however, that he did not
think this would be found necessary.
Contractor are responsible in a
measure lor th name to which Mr.
Hester maintains Portland la not en
titled. He declares that one Portland
contractor furnished an enumerator
vith a list of 300 men employed by
bim. who, be held, should be Included
In the city's population. These work
men were found to have been employed
outside of Portland and none of -them
resided in th city wben th census
was taken. Therefore, all of the 100
names were eliminated.
Montana Crew Counted.
Other contractor made similar re
ports to enumerators, one man giving
to an enumerator name of members
of a crew employed by blm In Mon-
An enumerator In th business dis
trict, according to Mr. Hester, copied
the payroll of tbe Standard OH Com
pany in alphabetical order and returned
the names of ail employe aa residents
of the business block occupied by that
In several instance boarding-bouse
keeper made false reports to enumer
ators, giving the name of fictitious
person as their boarders. Mr. Hester
found apartment-houses In Portland
having two atreet entrances, the occu
pant of which were enumerated twice.
One enumerator, a woman, counted the
DeoDle on both sides of a street form
ing the boundary of ber district, wben
she should have counted but one.
One example of Portland's mistakes
furnished by Mr. Hester Is that of an
enumerator who, after bla canvass was
concluded, was banded a bunch of slips
supposed to contain names be over
looked la going bis rounds. He was
surprised to find his own name on five
separate slips.
In making his revision of Portland's
figures. Mr. Hester struck from th
original returns approximately 100
names for every one he added. Indicat
ing that the enumerators overlooked
very few bona fide residents. He says
he discovered no concerted effort on
th part of enumerators to pad their
returns and very few enumerators
were found to have willfully falsified
their report. Of the Inaccuracies at
tributed to Intentional padding, most
were found to have been In the Chinese
and other foreign sections of the city.
. Misunderstanding Blamed.
Most of the Inaccuracies Mr. Hester
sttribiites to misunderstandings of In
structions and failure on th part of the
enumerators to verify the correctness of
names turned In on slips, after the house-to-house
canvass waa completed.
Mr. Durand la satisfied front Mr. Hes
ter's report that Mr. Beach was thor
oughly conscientious In directing the enu
meration of Portland, and In bla state
ment" will glv hlra a clean bill.
Mr. Beach used every reasonable pre
caution to prevent Inaccuracies, and it
is believed that, considering tbe short
time at bis disposal and conditions under
which be worked, he displayed as great
efficiency as oould be expected of any
man. He rejected a great number of
names turned in for counting when be
discovered that the names were already
on the lists, and be permitted no addi
tions to enumerators reports unless con
vinced they were justified.
More Than 100 Residents of Glad
stone Wan to Establish Town.
OREOON CITY. Or Nov. I. (Spe
ciaL) More than 100 residents of the
suburb of Oladstone, one mile north of
Oregon City, have filed a petition with
the County Court asking; for the Incor
poration of the town. Ths County
Court will take action on tb petition
at the December term of court, and as
there Is practically no opposition to the
plan. It la probable that an election will
be ordered. v
The people of Oladstone have been
talking about Incorporating for several
years, and have finally eliminated op
position by curtailing the proposed
boundaries and leaving out tb princi
pal objoctora.
There la approximately too acres em
braced In the boundaries of the pro
posed incorporation. An Imperative de
mand exists there for a water -system,
sewer and fixed sidewalk grades, as
the population on .the west side of the
Portland Railway, Light Power Com-,
pany s tracks ts becoming congested
and th sanitary coodiUons need lm-
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Coroner's Jury Requests That Grand
Jury Make Further Investiga
tion of Casej
Tb action of th grand jury in exon
erating Charles E. Pottage, the con
tractor, from any censure for shooting
and killing Frank Porter, a steam shovel
engineer at East Tenth and Brase
streets Tuesday morning, was tbe
source of much criticism by the rela
tives of tbe deceased and members of
the Coroner's jury, which sat at an in
quest on the body of the slain man last
. The verdict of the Coroner' jury Is:
"It Is the decision of this jury that
Frank A. Porter came to bis death from
a gunshot wound in the head, inflicted
by Charles E. Pottage. We, the jury,
would recommend that the grand Jury
make a further Investigation Into the
Following the verdict, several mem
bers of the jury declared that the basty
action of District Attorney and the
grand jury, by which Pottage bad been
permitted to go free Intimidated their ef
forts in reaching a more concise ver-yj
Pottage surrendered himself to ths au
thorities after the shooting. In less than
eight hours from the time he had snuffed
out Porter's life with a bullet from a
revolver, be was telling the incidents
of tbe tragedy to the grand Jury. Pot
tage based his defense that he was com
pelled to kin Porter at the cost of hi
own life.
"I will sift this thing to the bottom,"
declared E. F. Porter, a brother of the
deceased last night. "The action of the
grand jury was uncalled for at the time
It took the preliminary steps to release
my brother's slayer from custody. It Is
an Injustice to myself and all the mem
bers of our family, to say nothing as
to the laws of the land, to Jet a man
killer escape in the manner in which
Pottage has apparently succeeded. It
looks crooked, but I am determined to
go through with It and bring about Jus
tice, If there is such a thing to be ob
The body of the victim will be shipped
this morning to Broad acres. Or., for
Stock Company- on Tour While
Playhouse Is Altered.
The Baker Theater will be dark for
a week or longer. Manager Baker ts.
not satisfied with the accoustics of the
new playhouse, and announced jester
day that radical changes wile be may In
tbe walls and ceiling. Angles and cor
ners will be reduced by making th
celling dome-shaped. It will require
considerable expenditure to make tbe
Improvements, but Manager Baker is
seeking results and expects that the
changes will accomplish the effects de
The Baker Stock Company will pro
duce Its local hit, "Texas." in some of
ths neighboring; cities while tbe Baker
In undergoing repairs. Tonight and to
morrow night tbe company will present
tbe bill at Vancouver.
Tbe new theater at Vancouver baa a
seating capacity of about 800 and Is
considered one of tbe attractive small
playhouses In tbe country. Tbe people
of Vancouver and tbe officers of Van
couver Barracks have expressed appre
ciation to Manager Baker for giving
them an opportunity to witness ?exas
in their home town, adn it Is expected
that tbe appearance of the company to
night will be tbe occasion 'of a note
worthy society event for tbe military
people across the border.
Con tinned From First Para.)
Is not unlikely that be bad as much
as 87500 wltb blm wben he set out
from uere this afternoon for tbe borne
of bis brother. M. W. Roberts, at'
Attorney Was Consulted.
Roberts visited an attorney yesterday
and mads preparation to clean, up this
debt and aald he - Intended to buy con
siderable more property In thai vicinity
and the attorney Is of th opinion he
may have been carrying even more
Officer expressed themselves late to
night aa satisfied, that ' tbe men who
turned ths trick are residents of Salem
and famiUar with the habits of Roberta.
They believe through tbe medium of the
revolvor that they will be able to locate
the guilty persona.
All Trace of Robbers Ixtst.
It is the belief of Gardner that the
highwaymen were under tbe bridge when
b drove up, but as bs could not see
vualwt tie ooveriai wfclls Ili TM driving
along the road, the men would have had
ample, tune to get away without bis dis
covering their presence. Sheriff Harry
P. Mtnto and a band of deputies hurried
to the scene In automobiles, but owing
to tbe darkness which bad settled, over
the country they found their quest fruit
less and there was absolutely notrace
which might lead to the robbers.
Roberts was 65 years old and la sur
vived by a daughter and Ave sons. He
resided at Capital and Union streets In
this city "with his daughter, who la the
wife of Professor Dodson. Harry and
Frank B. Roberts, sons, also live In this
city. The dead man was formerly a
farmer near Marion and was prosperous.
HI body was removed to the undertaking
parlors of Coroner Clougb.
This Is tbe sixth violent death on the
same bridge,, some of them being caused
la the same manner.
Iron Worker Jumps to Catch Cable
butails to Hold It.
Escaping death after a fall of six
stories at the Selling building. Sixth
and Alder streets, yesterday morning,
Oeorge Belchey, a structural Ironwork
er, lies at St- Vincent's Hospital with
a fracture at the base of tbe skull,
but Dr. McDanlel thinks that he will
Belchey started to descend from the
seventh floor of ths building by leap
ing out and catching one of the cables,
of tbe hoisting apparatus. He bad de
scended on floor, when he lost his bold
and fell to tb street, striking; on his
head. Aside from tbe one fracture, he
escaped any but minor Injuries. He
Is unmarried and lives at 292 East
Stark street.
Nurses WUl Hold Clinic.
A tuberculosis clinic of the Visiting
Nurses' Association will be bold tonight
from 7:30 to 8:30 o'clock at th People's
Institute, Fourth end Burnslde.
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Sixth Floor Oregonian Bldg.
Best Grade Lump Coal
v. . - :
$6.00 Per Ton
Delhrered jo .Any Address Within the Cty Limits of Portland
The Pacific Coal & Gas Company wish to announce to tbe nubile tbat
they have sold the 00 tons of coal which they advertised they would
sell at 15.60 per ton, and the Company has decided to offer an addi
tional 500 tons at SS.OO per ton on the same basis as that sold at J5.6S
per ton, which waa only two tons to each customer at this price and
no orders will be accepted unless accompanied by the cash or check.
We are making deliveries of our coal to those who have ordered, and
we are printing for your information some of the letters that have been
' written to us by those who are now using the coal. We have many more
on file In our office and would be pleased to show them to you that you
may know the kind of coal this is.
This order will positively cease as soon as the BOO tons have been
sold and the price will then be advanced to S7.50 per ton, which price
will remain in force for the balance of the Winter. -
If you wish to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to save
several dollars per ton on your coal, you will have to act at once as
this 600 tons wlU be sold very rapidly.
The following la a copy of aome of tbe letters:
3. 2. Folea.
- tot Merchants Trust Building.
i fortland, Oregon. , ,.
. Phone Main 407S. '
' Portland, Or., Oct. 7, 191.
Pacific Coal A Gas Co., 118-19 Commercial Club Bids., Portland, Or.
Gentlemen: I am very particular about the coal I use, alwaya buying
the highest grades. A friend told me about your offer of two tons at
a low price aa a test. I am very glad I availed myself of that offer
and secured some of your coal. It Is as good as any high-grade coal j
have ever used. It Is clean, soot lees, leaves little ash, fires quickly aad
holds heat well. I consider that you have done me a great favor In
the service you have rendered. I will moat certainly want more ot It,
You ar at liberty to use this latter as a sincere testimonial. .
Tours very truly,
(Signed.) " J- FOLBM.
Portland. Or, Oct. 8. 191.
Pacific Coal & Gas Co, Portland, Or.
Gentlemen: In reply to yours of ths 9th wlU say that after trying
your coal that It Is a pleasure to me to recommend the same.
It burns well and does not clinker and leaves little ash.
It is th best coal that I have used in Oregon and I can cheerfully; .
, recommend It- Sincerely yours. JAS. P. HAGADONB.
Portland, Orl, 9-19-1910.
This ts to certify that the undersigned lias purchased two tons ot
coal from the Pacific Coal & Gas Co. of Portland and have tested It
In our kitchen range, aad find It to be Just as recommended, first-class
.nol n, a mnft coal.'
Main 1944.
Pacific Coal & Gas Company
Boom 218, Commercial Club Building.
Phone, Marshall 258L Portland, Oregon.
Is a brand name. It Is a certain coal It all comes
from the same mine. The ton yon buy next time
will be the same as the ton yon bought last time.
That's the reason folks like Mendota. Call
A S887, Marshall 2635, or
Order f rorri yourde&ter to-day
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