Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 03, 1910, Page 15, Image 15

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Tea Room. FourtH Floor Try Our Soecial 25c Dairy LtincH in the Basement
loyal Worcester and Bon Ton Corsets Warner, Redfern, Nemo, Helene, Marquise, Marietta and Rengo Belt Corsets
reader Oldls, WortmaE , I&ii Store
Tomorrow Friday Sturprise Sales in ah Depts.
Order Your Holiday Pictures Framed Now Custom Shade and Drapery WorK a Specialty
Custom Tailoring Women's Suits, Coats, SKirts, Gowns, Capes, Evening Wraps, Etc., to Order
$1'.50 Pure SilK. Hose 95c
Women's $2.25 Vests 95c
Tomorrow, 1st floor, wom
en " par thrd silk booo.
with lisle garter tops, lisle
soles, heels and toes; black
and colors; $10QCr
Tilon, special at
35e Black Cotton Hom S5e
Ladies ' black cotton hoee,
full fashioned, guaranteed
fast dye; the very beat 35e
values ; bargainized OC.
for this aale at, pairJ
Ladies' fine Swiss ribbed'
silk and Hale vesta; high
neck. Ions; sleeves, medium
weight; pink and bine col
on only; regular QC.
value. $225; jwJC
Sale Women's Kid Gloves
$2;OQ Vals.
At 98c Fair
Of course yon will be surprised at this sensa
tional price, but it's a caae of sorting np which
offers an opportunity to choose from; many
one and two-clasp styles in black and all
wanted colors; values to $2.00; very
special tomorrow at only, the pair
Free CooKing School
Today at 3 P. M.
Miss Tracy's cooking school will meet
today at 3 P. L, fourth floor. All
women are invited. Menu Swedish
Tea Rintr, German Coffee Cake, Dutch
Apple Cake. Bring spoon and fork to
sample foods at close of the lesson.
Household Needs
90c Mail Box 69c
Heavy Japanned mail boxes, with two
keys. Our regular 90c values. CQ
Bargainized for tomorrow, only
Ash Cans Heavy galvanized, with tight
fitting cover and drop aide CO 1 tf
handle. $2.75 raluea, for P
Brooms Rice fiber floor brooms, "f Q
reeular 40c values; special at V
Salt Boxes The best porcelain OC
our regular 50c values; special at JJC
Sweeping Compound for carpets OQ
floors; 35 value; special for "fC
Wash Boilers Extra large size, heavy
wash boilers ,with cold riveted handles,
seamleaa cover, heavy copper (1 Cfi
bottom; 125 values; for
Tomorrow, economy day for men. Yon
can select from a lot of right-up-to-the-minute
lasts in men's shoes, Bl other
styles, gnnmetal and box ealf, medium
weight and double soles. H CO QC
values. Special surprise sale v'
Men's 15c SocKs 9c
Tomorrow we offer 500 dozen men 'a cot
ton socks, plain black, tan and navy,
double solea, high spliced heels, fast Q
color. Regular 15e quality; special C
Bohemian Butter 78c
In the grocery department, on the fourth
floor. The best butter on the market.
TEA Spider Leg, our regular A Q
60c grade, on sale at only, pound C
BUTTER. 72c A good quality, same as
others sell for the best. On sale "70
tn the basement at only, square aiC
$6.00 Handbag's at $3.98
$1.75 Handbag's at 98c Ea.
Tomorrow we offer 1000 extra grade seal
Hand Bags in black, tan and .brown;
leather lined, leather covered frames and
German silver frames; each one fitted
with eoin parse. .Values to ICO QO
18.00; special surprise price PJ0
2500 Hand Bags in this lot, all good
quality of seal; black and colors; leather
lined; several sizes and shapes to select
from. The regular values run as high
as $L75; specially priced for thisQO
great surprise sale at, each, only'0'
ThanRsgivingE Dinner Set
$20.00 Values for $14.95
$30.00 Values for $24-00
Surprise Sale prices prevail on oar entire stock of Dinner Sets.
Only a few are here mentioned. A visit to the dept. is advised.
100-piece German China Dinner Seta with
spray decoration, with gold handles; our
regular $20.00 values; spe- fi?"1 A QC
rial surprise price, the sft 9 -
English Semi-Porcelain Dinner Sets with
pretty green and gold border decoration;
can be bought in pieces to suit; 50
pieee set, special surprise price, 37.00
60-piec set, regular $11.20 value, $9.00
100-piece set, $16.20 value, for $13.00
100-piece. Haviland China Dinner Seta
with pretty violet decorations; a very
attractive $30.00 value; CtOA Of)
surprise ale sale special VJVJ
English Semi-Porcelain Dinner Sets with
pink border decorations and gold edge;
50-piece set; specially priced at 6.70
60-piece set, special surprise price SS.90
100-piece set, special sale price S13.40
112-piece set, special sale" price $17.55
Women's 9Qc Aprons 69c
$2.00 Lace Veils for 98c
Tomorrow, second floor,
women's coverall aprons,
large size, made kimono
style of the best grade of
gingham. Regular (ZQn
90a values special
$1.50 Antoveils for 78c
5000 chiffon anto veils,
hemstitched all around ;
size 1x1 yards; every
wanted shade; $150 'Jflf
values, special at Ov
Lace veils in all the latest
styles, all wanted colors;
full sizes in many neat de
signs; worth to $2.00 each;
very special for this QO.
sale at, only, each 1
Sale of Five Hundred
$4.5Q Values $1.95
Tomorrow, in the big Garment Store, second
floor, we offer 600 new style Tailored and Lin
gerie Waists; many styles tailored, embroid
ered, plaited and tucked. . Dainty lingerie
materials, trimmed in lace and embroidery;
all sates; values to $150, specially
priced for this sale at only, each
Tailored Suits
$28.5Q Values
Special $1495
You've no time to lose if you're to have
the picK of this lot for TharK giving
There's only 15Q in lot so early choos
ing is advised Come in Serges, Wide
Wales, Diagonals and Broadcloths; Eng
lish and Scotch mixtures also shown
The styles are short seml-fltting Coats,
with plain tailored Collars SKirts are
plaited or banded according to the latest
vogue A complete line of colors to
choose from Values up to j
$26.5Q special tomorrow S J
SilK. Petticoats
$7.5Q Values
Special $3.45
A happy surprise for lovers of fine SilK
UndenKlrts-A great assortment of rich
lustrous finish Taffetas in blacKnnd all
wanted colors Regular $7.50
values, specially priced each
A T i, . 'I : .: " r a . v. nu
AwAaS ill
fill ' ' ' i jfh
-vrj 'in s r i ' ' f
Special $19,75
Tomorrow we offer a lot of 2QO New Fall
Coats in many styles which you have
not seen Semi or loose fitting models
with plain and fancy collars, some are
trimmed with large fancy buttons
Materials are Serges, Broadclothes and
Novelty Worsteds RemarKable values
$3 Dressed Doll $1.69
$1.25 Dressed Doll at 89c
When you come to the big doll show don't fail to look over the
many bargains offered for tomorrow. Big dressed dolls 20 inches
lone, dressed in satin, with lace hat, shoes, stockings, fQ
sleeping eyes with lashes. Our regular $3.00 value for V
Dolls' Aparrel, wigs in all shades, shoes, stockings, furs, jewelry, ki
monos, auto eoats and a full lin of doll fixings in general. See them.
Dolls of good size with sleeping eyes and curly locks, very QQ.
stylishly dressed; our best regular $1-25 values, special, each V
Sale of Dress Hat Shapes
Regular $1Q Values $2.98
Tomorrow, in the beautiful millinery salon, second floor, a great sale
of Dress Hat Shapes. The newest models, which, with a little trim
ming, can be transformed into beautiful, creations ready to don.
Beavers, felts, velvets, satin, silk and velvet and hatters' plush shapes.
Our best regular values up to $10.00 each, bargainiied for tO QO
tomorrow's surprise sale at the low price of only, each V"'J
to $35 bargainized for to
morrow's Surprise Sale at
Regular 85c Venise Bands for 37c
Regular 35c Embroideries at 17c
Fully 10,000 yards of embroidery, good
quality of cambric in the much-wanted
patterns; widths to 17 inches, edges and
insertions, in a broad range for 1 7
worth to Sjc yard, special, yard J choosing; vals. to 35e, special, yd
Annual Sale Dress Goods
Tomorrow, a surprise sale of many
pieces of vtoUe bands in white, cream
and eeru, widths 13 to 3' inches, in a
broad variety of neat desyrns;07
$2.5Q Suitings $1.98
K tale of tmnioal importance and interest to all
thrifty women, embracing our entire stock of
novelty writings, broadcloths, etc Military
cloths, tweeds, bannocklmms, English wonted a,
Cheviots, hop sackings, as well a many others.
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard,
to only, yard.
$2.25 Bed Pillows Now at $1.65
$7.00 Bed Pillows Now at $5.95
Tomorrow, in the big bedding store, third
floor, w. will sell good quality feather
filled pillows, covered with art ticking.
Our regular $"--2o values. 0 1 ?C
Special for tomorrow, the pair V
Finest quality of bed pillows, best qual
ity A. C A. ticking, size 21x23, filled with
live geese feathers. Strictly sanitary
steam sterilized. Our regular C QC
f7.00 vals. Special, the pair f
10,000 Pairs of Shears on Sale
$1.00 Values Reduced to 39c
Scissors and Shears in
Sizes, S Year Guarantee
. ... . xctiv tBfB t I -TXMTHa7.aaariS
WSS SmZ m . . - - L , i exeoeoKTBOLuco v Iff
Silvered Steel
Tomorrow we offer 10,000 pairs of the popular
Hamilton tension spring self-sharpening Scissors
and Shears in three sizes Finely polished steel
Silvered Each pair is guaranteed for five yearsP
We will replace any pair that should become de
fective or breaK through fault of material The
sharpening device assures you a good sharp edge
on your scissors all the, time A very special pur
chase of lO.OQO pairs enables us to offer
regular gl.OO values tomorrow at, each
Men's $2.5Q Golf SKirts at $1.69
Tomorrow, in the men's store, first floor, we will
place on sale 5Q dozen very high-grade shirts,
made with soft French cuffs -The materials are
Anderson madras, Russian cords, imported per
cales, etc., in a splendid range of pat- J (Ci
terns and colors Values to $2.5Q for P1,V '
Men's G owns
$1 Values 79c
A lot of about 1000 men's outing flannel
night shirts. The heavyweight, full-cut
kind, V-necks or military collars. "7Q
Regular $1.00 values. Special for
Underwear Silk and wool, for men,
shirts, drawers and union suits. Button'
front or sweater neck shirts ; perfect fit
ting, blue or pink mottled. CO OC
Eeg. $5; special, the suit, for P00
$5 Rtigs $3.75
$3.75 Rugs $3.25
Surprise sale of a choice line of patterns
in rich floral and Oriental effects, in
rugs. The very best quality of Axmin
ster, made by the best mill in the coun
try, size 24x48, reg. $3.75 vai tO 7C
for $35; reg. $5 value for
White Blankets
$7 Values $4.95
$1Q Values $6.95
Surprise sale of slightly soiled white
blankets, with blue and pink borders.
Regular $7.00 values for $4.95. Regular
$10.00 ' values for $6.95. dC QC
Regular $&50 values, special
Vienna Blankets Splendid grade of
$5.00 values, special, pair, (to QC
$3.25; $6.00 vals special P JW
$14 Mattress $9.5Q
Tomorrow we offer silk floss mattresses,
covered with plain stripe or art tick
ing. Regular $14.00 values. JQ Cf)
Special surprise sale, each P
$3 Curls at 98c
Marie Curls, that go alf around the head.
A pretty, becoming style for old QQ.
and young; $3 string, special tJO
Women's $2.5Q Gowns for $1.71
$6.QO Combinations for $3.98
Tomorrow, second floor, a sale of wom
en's gowns of long cloth or cambric, slip
over, high or low neck styles. 1 j
Regular $2.50 values. Special P
Enit Skirts, in all plain colors, 1 QO
also, stripes. Reg. $20 vals. Pi70
Women's French hand made combinations ;
corset covers and drawers combined.
Beautifully trimmed. Regular 9 QO
$6.00 values. Special for
. hand-made:
beautifully trimmed; $3.75 vaL
Sale ThanRsgTving Linen
Entire StocK Redtxced
$45 Sets at $345Q
Three very remarkable values in linen gets of
the finest grade hemstitched satin damask.
Richardson's finest imported quality.
Greatly reduced as the prices will show:
Buse 10 x 12 cloth, $46.00 set for $34.50
Size 9 x 10 cloth, $42.50 set for $33.00
Size 10 x 10 doth, $40.00 get for $31.00
Richardson 's high-grade table cloths, - in the
most pleasing patterns; all pure linen; entire
stock reduced. Come and inspect the full as
sortment Will be on sale all day tomorrow.
rize 10x12 cloths, $22.50 values; special $17.00
Size 10x10 cloths, $20.00 values; special $15.00
Size 9x10 cloths, $16.50 values; special $12.50
$2.75 Comforts Reduced to $2.15
In the bedding store, third floor, tomor
row, we will place on sale a lot of silko
line covered comforters, filled with good
quality white cotton. Asplen--JO " C
did comfort for $2.75; special P" "
Extra grade cotton blankets, fine fleeced
finish; extra large double size for double
beds. Pink, bine and brown borders.
Our best regular $2.00 values, flj 1 C C
Special tomorrow, the pair P - J