Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 02, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

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Go-Between for Juror in Ros
enheimer Case Offers to '
Plead Guilty. . .
Poor Are Ilnlarjrrd So Rich Mer
chant's Car and CarrUs, n
Wlilch Oirl Was Kilk-d Wnn
Col Union Cim Can Enter.
NTTW TORE. No. l.-Dalbrt Tla
Biradorfcr. accused of tylos; th ro-b-tween
In strain a bribe of CWO 'or
dears W. Yeandle. wJio u drawn as
Juror In the - of Edward T. Rossn
arlrncr. a wralthjr merchant charred with
murd-T. offered to plead irullty to an In
dictment returned against tlm lata to-
Aa Tlemendorfcr as not represented
by counsel when arraljmed. District At
torney Whitman asked Justlco C Gorman
rot to accept his rlea. Tlemeadorfer and
Teacdle. who also was Indicted, were
then held In CS. bail each for exami
nation tomorrow. Teaadlo entered a
file of not guilty.
Tha arre.t of Yeandla ana Tlemendor
fr halted temporarily tha trial of Koeen-helm-'r.
who Is accuned of cauMnr; th
death of Oraco HuKh when his automo
bile ran down a carriage In which ah
was rlutns-
Auto to Be Taken to Court.
Both Kornhelmer" car and the dam
ask carrlaue are to be exhibit In th
trial Workmen were put to work today
remotirr tha casement of th doors of
the criminal court bulUilnic. so than tli
lare tourlns; car can be taken Into tha
courtroom for th inspection tha Jury.
Yeandla la charged with havlm so
licited and accepted a bribe of 10
brine In a yrdlct ncquitllns; Rosenhei
roer. The t It la chanted, formed a
part of $3000 which was asked and was
paid by on of Rosen hrfmera attorneys
on th adlc of Jusrto COorman. who
had been adrlsed of til aliened brlba de
mand. Tlemendorfcr Approaches' lawyer.
According to James W. Osborne, chief
of Roeenhelmer-a attorneys. Tlemendor
fcr yUUed him In hl ofllc yesterday
afternoon after tha Rosenhelmer Jury
had been selected and mode tha proposi
tion that for I3UC0 Teandlo would Tola for
Rosenhelmer acquittal, bo matter what
the evidence tnifht be.
To prove Teandla'a value, Mr. Osboro
ta)k Tie men dorter told him that Yean
dle had been on of tha Jarora in tha
first Nan Patterson murder trlaU and had
"nuns th Jury after holijlne out against
a verdict of guilty for 11 hours.
Oa borne asked for time o think th
proportion or. II then laid tha mat
ter before Justice COorman. who ad
vised that a trap b for tha Juror. A
meeting for thla TDorTdns; waa arranged
through Ttemendorfer. Mr. Osborne said,
and Oeodge A. Knobiock. of tha Osborne
law nrm. kept tha appointment.
Money raid In Street.
'Th money. rX "on account." was
paid over at a street corner on Madison
venue. Both Yeandle and Tlemendorfer
war there, tha actual payment, tha at
torney declared, being made to Tlemen
dorfer. whom YeaniU motioned to taka
the roll of bills.
Yeandl protested to Magistrate Mur
phy, before whom b was arraigned, that
tha whole matter waa a mystery to htm.
Tha examination waa set for Thursday.
Another Juror was selected in Yeandle'a
plac and Rosenhelmer's trial for tha
murder of Miss Grace Hough, who was
run down by tha manufacturer's automo
bile, was resumetL
I .cm Angeles Times Owner and Edi
tor Arrested on Libel Charge.
IjOS ASiTEI.ES. Nor. 1. Oeneral It.
O Otis and" Hurry Chandler, publisher
and business manager respectively of
the toe Angelea Times, were arrested
for the second time today on a war
rant sworn to In Saa Francisco, charg
ing criminal Ubel.
The char grows out of an article
to which labor leaders hav taken ex
ception. General Otla and Mr. Chand
ler wer arrested a few weeks ago.
but the charge idka dlsmlsaed on a
technical error aa no crime was speci
fied. The second chartta was sworn to
by Andrew Gallagher, of San Fran
cisco. As soon as th men wr arrested
habeas corpus proceedings wera Insti
tuted, and General Otis and Mr. Chand
ler were released from custody until
November 11. when ther will b a
Valla Walla Fruit In Slump; Or
chard IMS Expect Klse.
.WALX-A WALLA. Wash.. Nov. 1.
Special.) Prices of apples dropped
today, some falling as much as ti
cents a box. Kan Spltienbercs, a
riua apple, and Ren Paris and Inferior
varieties wer hardest hit. each being
dropped a quarter of a dollar. Other
varieties suffered slumps of lesser six.
Fin weather in tha MMdle West and
th heavy offerings are considered tha
cause of tha drop In th apple market,
and at th reduced prices the orchard
tsta are holding Unlit. They bellev
t!it befor th car shortage Is relieved
tha prices will go up again and will
nt sell until that time.'
Jegree of Doctor of Laws Is Con
(erred at Hartford.
HARTFORD. Conn.. Nov. 1. Th de
gree of doctor ef laws was today con
ferred upa Bishop H. l Paddock, of
tha dlocea of Kastera Oregon of th
Protestant F.placopal Church, tn con
nection with th exercises held at
Trinity College In observation of
Founders' day.
A la tor tn Trouble 0er Gordon
IVennett Cop itaocs.
NEV YORK. Nov. 1 The board of
governors of ten Aero .Club of America,
fclowms a nwt: loclst. Issued a
. iliiimT"! lbs. c&aifAw fcad feces, tr
T innaifMv rirexel. tha
aviator, and that sending the disposition
of these cnargea nis r.inais
. S l K A A m I WMlld DM D
Accepted. "Until the charges' hav beeej
drawn and presented in proper form the
. , kit. ft..,, thla
C1UD W'.ii not maae 1 uc ill puui,
statement was Issued regarding them:
"Charges hare been preferred against
J. Armstrong Drexel In connection with
bis conduct prior to starting In the Gor
don Bennett thternatlocal aviation cup
race as a. representative of tha Aero Club
of America, aa well aa bl conduct In
withdrawing from th race when, having
mpleted les than one-quarter of th u well as th statements em-
.1 ' him mnA AnneaTlnaf In tO-
day's aewspapers attacking the good
faith aod nonor 01 m
and c 21 cere of th club."
w a tha eonunttiea can throw
I'ght on th nature of tha charges, al
though It waa intlrraieo ua iur
of a serious character. Tha charge will
be acted on by tha board of governors,
probably at tha next regular mealing, oa
November is.
w Tk...r. is, a Mtlrnlllfln. mad
puWlo by him last night. In which h at
tacks the ruling or tne viation imn-
, . . ... rinK 1 ,h Statue of
Liberty flight, waa. severely arraigned by
. . v i..w . I .. V..
nenueni 01 t, ...........
ncoRors campaign.
nuslneag Men Told That Effort to
Win Business Will Succeed If
Backed by Determination.
Tnii. relations with Alaska, amounting
v millions of riollara annually, no longer
will be monopolised by Seattle, If th
Alaska Club of Portland Is succanrui in
carrying out Its plans.
At -a meet inr of the club last night in
the Railway Exchange building a cam
paign was started to put Portland busi
ness interests In touch with Alsska ship
pers!. Several addresses were maae ana
every speaker declared that Portland
. . 1 .1 m i.,m nnrt of the Akutkan
trade if the business men would simply
ronke up tneir minus 10 mi vuu.
f f ftinnman m ana t7f T of th TJUD-
llclty committee, and K. W. Raymond.
manager of th industrial oureau 01 me
.1 r-Mr.m-rv.ial rMuh were amour
. .M.b.n Rnth aasurSd tha Alaska
Club that the 1600 members of th Com
mercial Club would re nenina in move
ment to attract trade1 to Portland from
the Northern territory.
F. J. Burlchter, manager 01 in zuaon
Transportation Company, a recent ar--1
tn Tnf-tiMr.ri evnreitaed annrovai of
the enterprise of th Alaska Club to in
crease Portland' export business. He
said there was no reason why this city
should not secur a great port of the
trade with Alaska. It was declared that
supplies for Alaska could be secureo H-r- than at Seattle and
all that waa necessary to do waa to Im
press this facfstrongiy upon uie peopio
or Alaska.
W. H. Bard and E. J. .Ehoupe wer
appointed delegates to represent the
Alaska Club at th grand camp of th
. ... vj-ajk Hfw4 which convenes at
AtVlV uvw.. .-
Vancouver, B. C, November 8. They will
go to Vancouver with Instructions to se
cure for Portland the next meeting place
Of th ATCUO uroincruuvo.
Arctic Brotherhood Convention la
Likely to Come ITere.
elal.) Portland. Or, seems to b In th
lead for th nexi convennon v
le Rrotherhood.
now In session here. Victoria. Seattle,
Tacoma and otner toaai cute, wm,
. . . o...tnr hut the Portland
IUD Rri B .... . ..-c. ;
n ra.1 eonfldent they will win when
th rsult Is known tomorrow.
Tb most importani ousineaa on io-
- will b the Tft-
morrww . y. . -
port of th committee appointed to dis
cuss th proposal 01 me iaw,t ,wrw
that th order b turned Into a bene
ficiary on. Th present convention
, . . . 1 . V. .
Will COnCIUO IlllinutJ u -' '"
Pltlfburg and w York Win In
Three-Cnshlon Billiard League.
PITTSBURO. Nor. 1 A. D. Strasser.
of this city, carried away th second
game from Kansas City tonight In tha
turnament of the National Amateur
Three-Cushion Billiard LeaguQ, when
he defeated Richard Norgrove. of the
Western city. '
Strasser a average was .08 and isor
grove's .SS. the latter being- able to
run up but 14 caroms against Straaser's
string of 15.
BOSTON. Nov. L William Blumen
thal. of New Tork. again defeated Al
len Mason, of Boston. In the National
Amateur Billiard I-eague match here
tonight 50 to Zi. Blumenthal took tha
flrst gam Ust night. Blumenthal had
a high run of 6 and secured an aver
age of .49. whll Mason mad a run of
1 and had an average of .SL
Th final game will b played to
morrow night.
Fraternal Insurance Men Escape on
Technical Grounds.
ROCK ISLAND, HI, Nov. 1. Indict
ments against K. M. Whltham. Aledo,
111.: Dr. A. L. Cral. and K. T. Hat
field, of Chicago; S. H. Mcllvalne. of
Auburn. 111.: Thomas W. Wilson. M. B.
Carber. C. H. Walters and Oeorge W.
Kenyon. of Springfield, charging em
bezzlement and conspiracy In connec
tion with alleged fraternal Insurance
frauds, wer quashed by Judge Uest in
the Circuit Court today on technical
Those named In th Indictment wer
connected with th Fraternal Tribunes
and American Home Circle merger of
two years ago. which was followed by
the alleged looting of the Tribunes" re
serve funds of 165.000. Quaihlng of the
Indictment leaves only a few charges
against Individuals playing minor parts
in th alleged fraud.
Poisoned Wife Is Charge.
GRKENBURO. Km.. Nov. 1. Dr. O.
1L Buck waa arrested at Pratt. Kas,
last night charged with poisoning his
wife In this city. Mrs. Buck died two
weeks ago. The physician waa re
leased on liono bond and his prelimi
nary hearing set tor November 14.
Cowboy Preacher Due at Vancouver.
VANCOUVER. Wash, Nov. 1. (Spe
cial. Th cowboy prechr.' Rev. bam
Bettls. who has Just conducted a series
of meetings In rattle for th Salvation
Army. a scheduled to appear her
everr nfrht this week at the Salvation
Army halL
.Franco's Cabinet Indk-tcd.
LISBON. Nov. 1. All Hitmyrt of ex
Premier Franco's cabinet hav been la'
dieted Jointly, wlta J'lanco.
Major Charles' De Rudio Dies
After Career Marked by
Pardon Comes a Plotter Against
Napoleon III Smokes 'rarelessly
at Guillotine Civil 'and In
dian War Record Brillant.
LOS ANGELES. November. 1. Ma
jor Charles De Rudio. U. S. A, retired,
a noted soldier of fortune, one an
aide on tha staff of Garibaldi, and one
of the nine men sentenced to death
for the attempt upon th llf of Na
poleon III, and pardoned by Empress
Eugenie, died at his home her today of
heart disease at the age of 78.
Educated for his chosen callng In a
military school of Austria. De Rudio
wss an aide on the staff of Garibaldi
before he had arrived at his ZOth year.
At barely 25 he was one of tha nine
chosen by the Ill-fated Felice Oralnl.
for the revoultlonary coup planned
against the life of Napoleon III. In
Paris, June 18, 185S.
His comrades guillotined, and himself
under sentence of death, young . De
Rudio calmly smoked a clfear and pa
tiently awaited the executioner. At th
last moment a messenger arrived post
haste with a royal pardon from the
hand of the Empress Eugenie herself,
moved to clemency by the Intercession
of no less a person than Queen Victoria
of England.
Civil War Attracts. ,
Six years later, called by the world
resoindlng din of civil strife. In this
cour.try, le Rudlo came to the United
States, where he enlisted In the Union
Army, a private In Company A. of the
Seventy-ninth New York infantry.
Although th four-years' struggle
was nearly over, the recruit was a con
spicuous figure In the engagements of
th armies of Sheridan and Grant dur
ing the closing months of the war. His
bravery was so manifest that ha was
chosen from th ranks to execute mis
sions of the most hazardous character,
and was finally commissioned a Sec
ond Lieutenant by General Grant.
In comand of a detachment of Sec
ond Infantry he served through the re
construction period of the South and
later was with the Seventh Cavalry at
Fort Lincoln, during- the Indian upris
ing in Dakota.
Bravery Shown In Custer ePrll.
As a First Lieutenant, he took part In
the campaign of Custer against Sitting
Bull, and. when General Custer and his
bandvwere wiped out In the famous
massacre of Little Big Horn, he com
manded a part of the left wing of the
troops under General Reno. In savins;
tb company's flag from capture by th
Indiana, he became separated from his
men and, after days of perilous adven
ture, narrowly escaped with his life.
De Rudlo was made a Captain in 1882,
and marched with the Seventh Calvary
from Fort Yates, In North Dakota, to
Fort Sill, Okla, and later saw service
at Fort Riley, Fort Sam Houston, and
finally retired at Byard, N. M, In 1898.
He removed to this city In 1898.
When the Spanish War broke out, he
asked to be re-asslgned to active serv
ice, but this was denied .although he
was breveted a Major.
' Besides the widow and three daugh
ters, thre grandchildren and two sisters
survive him. The latter live in Italy.
Wall-Street Names Are Found on
Republican Appeal.
ri'Ai i ..I' v. i.vj, . . . --'-
7. I. twm ,n.Uh h.M tnlllffht
tj. rtlKCI ! " t,'ii - n
called attention to Colonel Roosevelt's
discovery ot an anenea tm" "c
tween Jklr. Dlx and Wall street, and
said that the only evidence the Colonel
had pretenaea io-anauce wi a
lar asking for funds Issued by tha
chairman of th finance 'committee of
Tammany Hall. ,
"I hold that circular m my nana, ne
PSIU. auu iw bii""' ,.
by the Republican committee and the
le m ocratlc ritate innnnuitn. i"
appeala therein for funds they do not
differ In substance, but there are
marked differences in th reasons as
signed for the need of tha funds, as
well aa In th affiliations of th men
who sign their names.
"I cannot help feeling the Democratic
appeal is more impressive than that of
tha Republican. They speak of the peo
ple who will be benefited by this election,
whereas th dominant Republican thought
appears to be of their party and what
may or may not happen to It hereafter.
"The Republicans evidently are having
a hard time In impressing the merits
of their causa and their candidate upon
th average business man of New Tork
this year. They approach him with a
false representation in their opening
sentence: 'This is not a circular, they
say. but an appeal "to your patriotism.'
"I don't find on tha Democratic cir
cular the names of many Wall street
men who are supposed to have substan
tial Influence with the Wall street
brethren, but I doi find a great volume
and variety of Wall street Interests rep
resented among the signers of th Re
publican circular."
Tha speaker then mentioned "for In
stance, the names of Cornelius Vander
bllt, Ogden U Mills, Otto Tt Bannard.
B. A. Sands. Cornelius N. Bliss and other
men aa directors of corporatlona, finan
cial Institutions." etc, as being on the
Republican circular. '
Taft and Roosevelt Already Chosen
aa Leaders of Movement, Says
Ohio Candidate.
CINCINNATI, Nov. L "I speak to you
tonight as a progressive' Republican. It
may be unfortunate, perhaps, that any
member of my party should feel called
upon to explain or qualify his- Repub
licanism, but If It has become necessary
to distinguish between progress" and re
action, I avow myself a "progressive." If
it has become necessary to stand by or
to repudiate the general policies that
have distinguished the past and present
administrations, I stand by them."
These words constituted the opening
declaration in an address by Representa
tive Longworth, who spoke tonight at a
rally , In this city at which Warren G.
Harding, Republican nominee for Gov
ernor, also spoke.
After declaring that. In his opinion, to
follow the leadership of the so-called re
actionaries Is to walk into inevitable dis
aster, Mr. Longworth continued:
"We cannot afford to accept the leader
ship of men of either the extreme reac
tionary or the extreme radical type. We
make no attempt to read those distin
guished men of either type out of the
party. We say to them simply. 'We want
you ea comrades in arms, but not as
leaders.' . '
"There are three classes into which the
Republican party can with Justice be
divided reactionaries, progressives and
ultra-radicals. There is no lack of lead
ership among the 'progressives' of the
Republican party. We have already
chosen our leaders. Two great men have
been selected as commanders in chief.
W'e are following and will continue to
follow the leadership of the present
President and th former President of
the United States. William H. Taft and
Theodore Roosevelt."
V ;!'.' i1
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Genuine Signature
stop the shipment of liquor Into Ore
gon from other states and that Its
adoption would result in upbuilding
Vancouver. Wash., and consumption ol
Intoxicants In this state.
Expect to Hear Dry Orator, but Wet
Speech Comes.
STATION, Or., Nov. 1. (Special.)
Local prohibitionists tonight flocked to
the opera-house to hear ex-Senator
John Q. Crltchlow, who Is touring the
state under the auspices of the Greater
Oregon Home Rule Aasooiatlon. Evi
dently the drys thought they were go
ing to hear an address by Walter E.
Crltchlow, secretary of the State Pro
hibition organisation, who has been
speaking in this vicinity, and half an
hour before the meeting opened the
front seats were occupied by local pas
tors and their wives and th most
prominent and radical of the drys in
this section.
J. P. Kerns, a prominent local busi
ness man, who entertains liberal views
on the liquor question, acted as chair
man and could not understand the un
usual attendance of prohibitionists and
thought he had been bad the victim of
a Jok until Mr. Crltchlow began a vig
orous attack upon the proposed state
wide prohibition amendment.
The drys appeared utterly astonished
and bewildered. They recovered quick
ly, however, and began to fire ques
tions at the speaker.
Mr. Crltchlow made the "point that
th proposed amendment would not
Government's Suit Against 16 Defend
ants at Pittsburg Brings
Out Revelation.
PITTSBURG, Nov. 1. Further agree
ments among manufacturers of enameled
ironware as to the selling conditions of
their wares, were brought out today in
the Government's investigation of the so
called "bathtub trust," Edwin L. Wey
man continued the narrative of his
activity in getting me various uiiuituoi
. v. tniiBtrv to work toeether.
Weyman told of a "bluebook"' which
contained the names or piumDing; ewppiy
jobbers eligible to make contracts with
.u- mannrafttiiTArt who a.rB defendants
in this action, and also identified a copy
of the price list usea oy iuo
He said that he had made 95 per cent of
. v. v.-..,a that nnnenred in the list
since June 1. 1910. Thes prices were
what the Jobbers were to quote to their
i aiDn tnlri nt a mnetlns at the
Hotel Astor, New Tork, March 29 and 30
of thla year, at wnicn ne aeciarea i
per cent of the enameled Ironware pro
auction was represented and voted favor
ably on the agreement between th
various manufacturers.
Weyman proved an unwilling witness
at times, but it waa finally brought out
that IT JobDers purcnaaeu n
manufacturers not in the combination,
i. i . n ,nror nr WAVIXl&n
C1U1CI ,,,&Mw. . 'I
might cancel the contract. The witness
also admitted tnax neitner pneea. ma
counts, nor differentials could be changed
without the consent or me price auu
schedule commigsdon.
Veteran Policeman Resigns.
With the record of having reported
"absent" only 10 aays ounng nis j
years' of confinuous service as a pa
trolman on the local police force
i .. v.nahi. rKl-ned vesterday.
uniioa .fc...M.w " - -
Accompanied by .his wife, he will leave
for. California wun meir luuiuis cor m
a few days. On their return Venable
will engage in -the realestate business.
He owns several valuable pieces of
city property.
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